Chicken Little + Baby Travel

Oh hey friends!! Hope you had an awesome Easter/Spring Break weekend! Can we just have a heart to heart about a thing for 5 seconds? Darling bloggers, listen up.

If you are like everyone else that lives in 2016 your instagram feed was absolutely flooded with the TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS images this weekend.

Ok, seriously?!! When did we all join Chicken Little’s squad?

Is Instagram changing their algorithm? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No. Not if what you share is engaging content. But holy crap, by the mass hysteria you’d think that Instagram was out to actually destroy lives. Like there are only 5 spots in people’s feeds for the WHOLE WORLD TO SHARE.

So people see other people, successful people, posting these notification images. Panic ensues because if these successful people are turning on notifications for their stuff then 1. they know something you don’t, or 2. You have to jump on the wagon because if you don’t, yours wont stand a chance.

Lets just take a deep breath and look at this logically. Do we all know what turning on notifications means? It means they get an alert on their phone when you post. Do you really in all actuality want to interrupt people’s lives to show the world your feet on a cute tile floor? I can pretty much promise you that what I have to say is not important enough that I have to stop your life.  In all reality I think people just didn’t stop and think about what that actually means.  Rather quickly you’ll go from being people’s favorite to the top of their sh*t list for interrupting their life.  I guess the whole point of this paragraph is to say stop the madness. That is all. 

You are wonderful. People will still like you if you don’t hound them to death, they’ll see your stuff. Everything is going to be fine.

And in case you were wondering, yes I feel this strongly about herd mentality in your home. You can read all about that here. 😉

Now on to more serious business. The Bremlin and I are travelling cross country tomorrow! We’re flying to FL to tour the HGTV Dream House (pinch me!!) I’ve never travelled with a wee one and would love ALLLLL of your tips and advice. Things like travelling with breast milk, packing, baby gear.  You know, the stuff that I should have been thinking about long before now…  My doc said that he is at the perfect traveling age (almost 3 months. sob!) so I’m not super worried about the actual baby, just all of the stuff that the baby needs! Mamas spill your secrets!

Ok now lets end this post on the highest note possible. Hold on to your ovaries!



  • Lena 29.03.2016 at 12:16

    Don’t worry too much about traveling with the baby, Mandy. It will be fine! He is so young that he only needs your arms to sleep and your breasts to eat. He won’t notice (almost) anything. You’ll have to get up and go to the bathroom to change him and that can be a bit tricky since the airplanes’ bathrooms are really tiny, but it’s doable! Good luck!

  • Kate Hilbert 29.03.2016 at 12:28

    We use to bring our own water from home, but that is difficult if you’re traveling on a plane , so use bottled water!

  • Jenna 29.03.2016 at 12:57

    That’s adorbs! He’s adorbs!

  • Cat Crain 29.03.2016 at 13:51

    BRAVO! WELL SAID MADI!!! Got to love the mass hysteria.

    And yes… my ovaries quivered a bit!!! lol

  • Brianne 29.03.2016 at 13:55

    My biggest tip is to use a baby carrier (and not the Bjorn style–those aren’t great) for the majority of the walking you’ll be doing. Lugging the baby carrier sucks and if you just strap him to you and strap the carrier to your suitcase, life will be infinitely better. Trust me. I flew alone with a 3 week old and a 3 year old with this method.

    • Teresa 29.03.2016 at 19:50

      My favorite carrier for traveling with a wee one was a moby since it packs up tight in any bag, and is super comfortable walking, sitting, whatever.

  • Jessica 29.03.2016 at 13:58

    Oh, baby coos!!!!

  • Colleen 29.03.2016 at 16:02

    I’ve flown more times than I can count with my baby, starting at about 6 weeks. I definitely recommend using a carrier/wrap to make it easier to get through the airport and also to free your hands up on the flight. Second, feed that baby as much as possible at take off and landing. You are at a great age for flying where most likely after feeding at take off, the white noise created by the engines may just lull him to sleep. If all else fails, walk the aisles! Finally – make sure you ask which bathroom has the changing station in it. Typically only one bathroom on the plane has it and you don’t want to wait in line at the wrong one! Good luck! And remember, if he cries, it isn’t the end of the world. You will feel more stress over it than any of your surrounding passengers!

  • Jasmin Saunders 29.03.2016 at 17:12

    Traveling with 3 month old is not bad at all, they sleep and cuddle. It’s a piece of cake … traveling with toddlers is a bit more exhausting lol. What I found out worked great with my minion when we flew to Germany (she was 4 month old than) was to give her the pacifier during departure and arrival and encourage her to suck on it. It helps with the pressure. If your minion is not into paci’s try feeding him when during those times. The flight attendants are super helpful and will be spoiling you and the little one. Ask for help at the airport if you need it. They are usually more than willing to give a mom with a young child a hand and from my experience go above and beyond. Good luck and safe travels :)

  • Callie 29.03.2016 at 17:15

    Quick, order diapers and have them delivered to the hotel where you will be staying!

  • Melody Wittwer 29.03.2016 at 17:26

    When traveling with kids and babies, I always took a medicine and first aid bag.

  • Shaylynn Price 29.03.2016 at 19:42

    I just can’t help but think of all those people who clicked on the three dots and reported people’s profiles. I’d get an alert for Brem 100%

    When I traveled with my baby we took that car from Back to The Future. And then we jumped onto the back of the flying dog from The Never Ending Story. It was super easy. (I can’t even travel by myself I don’t know what i would do with a baby)

  • Samantha P 29.03.2016 at 19:45

    Pack 2-3 changes of clothes for him. Each in its own large ziplock bag. Then you have a bag to put dirty clothes in if he spits up or has a big poopy blowout. Also bring a change for yourself!! Trust me when I say it’s not fun to be covers in poop at 38,000 feet.

  • Molly 29.03.2016 at 19:56

    I’m sitting in my crowded office and said (out loud) “sing it sister” to the IG nonsense and squeeled like a maniac at the video.
    The eyes are staring – I can feel them.

  • Debbi 29.03.2016 at 22:35

    Oh Mandi, he is Adorable!

  • linsey 29.03.2016 at 22:42

    If you will have pumped breast milk, know it is your right to not have it x-rayed. All TSA should know this, but many don’t. There will be confusion and hard looks from men in uniform. Stand your ground–with a smile (and those milky boobs!) and insist, if you’d rather have it hand checked. If so, make sure to arrive at the airport extra early to ensure time for the agents to double check their manual about “human milk.”

    I agree about babe sleeping and cooing; and flight attendants LOVE to walk babies up and down the aisle.

  • Andrea 29.03.2016 at 23:04

    Too young for this tip but for future reference. When he starts to be mobile. Book the bulkhead seats. That gives him a little play area between the seat and the wall.

  • Erin 30.03.2016 at 01:43

    I travelled with my 4 month old recently and it was easy peasy, but my husband was there so that helped a lot. I agree withwhat everyone said about carriers so that you have free hands. Wear easy shoes since you wil be wearing him and have to put them back on. And make sure your breast milk is at the top of your bag. Mine went through the conveyor belt, didn’t know there was anything wrong with it, but they take your bag and have to test the milk. I had a backpack PACKED with baby stuff and my cooler at the bottom. Horrible idea because everything came out and had to sit on the table then be replaced. I brought a couple toys to distract him, an easily accessible bottle (although I just nursed), antibacterial wipes to wipe down anything he or you touch and a pacifier, I think those are the necessities. And a change of clothes for both of you, just in case!! Good luck!

  • Ingrid Taylor 30.03.2016 at 03:22

    What a Doll💕 And that lil smile and Coo👶🏼💞

  • Cindy 30.03.2016 at 03:25

    1. Bring your stroller and baby carrier through security; don’t check them but keep them with you. Most of them will collapse down and go through the machine, and then you can have everything you need while in the airport.

    2. Dress him in PJ’s on the plane. Then you won’t be searching for baby socks.

    3. Bring baby medicine just in case he starts running a fever and/or teething and/or experiencing random baby aches while in Florida. Is there anything worse than an uncomfortable baby and trying to find a drug store in the middle of the night in a strange city? No there is not.

    Good luck! This really is the perfect traveling age. And remember, all those horror stories about people being huffy about crying babies on a plane? Untrue. Everyone I’ve ever experienced is 100 percent sympathetic and helpful. (Kara wrote an awesome story about this.)

  • Linda 30.03.2016 at 12:15

    …travelling with breast milk? Surely the answer is to just keep in in your breasts until you need it? Or am I missing something?

  • Kimberli Simon 30.03.2016 at 19:03

    Enjoy traveling with your little one – it is the best time to fly with a child. All he will need is your boob to be happy. I totally agree that letting him feed on take-off and landing makes for a happy baby, momma, and VERY HAPPY fellow seat mates. I also agree with the commentaries about flying with an extra outfit or two in ziplocs (brilliant) and utilizing a baby carrier to free up your hands. Have a wonderful time and post LOTS of pictures front he HGTV house. I am jealous..

  • Michelle 30.03.2016 at 20:44

    Check for what is and isn’t permissible. Their rules change constantly. Also make a list of what you use this week for him. Figure out what you can and can’t live without for a few days.

  • Eva Burgess 31.03.2016 at 02:27

    Pack a spare shirt for you in your hand luggage. Smelling like baby sick for several hours is icky. And spares for him to ofcourse. And don’t worry, it will be good

  • Melanie 05.04.2016 at 08:47

    Wow, 3 months!? Brem…..ohhh! Babyyyyyy fevvveerrrrr!!! That is too friggin CUTE, so precious, he’s perfect and beyond adorable!!! Hope the trip went well. Brem’s face and voice was fantastic! Thank you for sharing that lil video with us. Be still my heart and ovaries. Great moment captured.


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