Baby Brem’s Birth Story

You guys!!  He’s HERE!  The little boy that we’ve waited our entire lives for finally decided to show up, and I cant even put into words how happy it makes us!  I know not everyone is in love with birthing recaps, so if you’re in that boat feel free to avert your eyes.



Lets start with a little introduction shall we?  Friends, meet Brem Wrigley Gubler.  8 lbs 6 oz. of pure magic.



So his name.

Brem came from my grandma’s maiden name, Brems.  I love that its unique, but still a solid simple name.  I love that it goes back 9 generations, all the way to 1635, and I LOVE that it reminds me of her.  Wrigley is very clearly after Wrigley Field.  Court is a massive Cubs fan and The Boy had to have an epic sports worthy name.  Also Court said that he starts agility training tomorrow.  No pressure there son.  His nickname is The Bremlin and he is the happiest most content baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Ok, on to the birth story! I had a Dr.’s appointment on Tuesday morning, which just so happened to be Dylan’s birthday. Coincidentally her due date was one day before Brem’s so I knew that it was a huge possibility for him to be born on or around her birthday. In fact I told everyone the week before that Tuesday was the day. When I went in that morning I was dilated to a 4.  My Dr. stripped my membranes and told me to keep him posted. I knew that the little guy was coming and I had a TON of stuff to do before I could head in to the hospital. I was contracting every 4 minutes but I mostly labor in my back so it wasn’t horrible I could still get around easily and get my stuff done.  I got all of Dyl’s birthday shopping finished and took balloons and lunch over to the elementary school and ate with her. Then I came home, showered, and decided to head in.  What is it with my irrational fear of being sent home that makes me just want to stay away until the baby’s head is crowning? At this point I was contracting every 2 minutes and decided to just bite the bullet and go in.


I got to the hospital around 1:30 and told the nurses that I was in labor.  I think they thought that I was there prematurely because I was my normal chatty happy self.  Nope. Not off base, dilated to a 6.

So they admitted me. I called everyone to let them know and my amazing photographer was the first to show up.  Next step was the epidural. Not doing this without one.  The anesthesiologist was amazing. I love learning about all the stuff that they are doing and why, and he loved explaining it so it was a match made in heaven!  It didn’t hurt at all (which was a big change from when I had the girls) and he even let my photographer McKenzi take a picture to show me what it looked like before he taped it up.  So cool.



After the epidural everyone started showing up.  By everyone I mean everyone. In fact, I’m surprised that you weren’t there.  Its been a long time since we’ve had a baby on either side the family (7 years!) so I was excited when everyone wanted to be in the room.  Though I must say that I was the most excited that Ivie (our 12 year old) wanted to be there.  I didn’t want to freak her out or traumatize her for life, so we talked about things rather extensively beforehand to prepare her for what would lie ahead.


After a little bit I was at an 8 but the little stinker wouldn’t come down. He was happy hanging out at a –2 station for the next few hours. Even after they broke my water he was just too happy up there. Its a good thing that I brought snacks for the masses because we sat there for a few hours while he debated on if he wanted to come into the world or not.



Finally at just after 6:00 our Dr. decided that it would be a minute so he left for a meeting, our favorite nurse was leaving because of the shift change, Lindsay (Court’s sister) went to get Dylan, and Court went outside to get a Rockstar out of the truck.  Who knew that this was the combo that would get the baby going?!


I transitioned from an 8+ to a 10 in minutes.  I sort of felt dumb saying “Ummmmm, I need to have someone check me because I feel like this baby is coming!!” a few minutes after they’d just checked and I was still at an 8. Its a good thing that I did though cause he was finally ready!  There was a lot of “Don’t push, just breathe” coaching until Brad (our Dr.) came back.  Longest 10 minutes of my life. This pic is when I found out I was ready to push.  I started crying because I was just so happy to meet him!


After lots of pressure and 6 pushes, the little guy was here. Its just pure raw emotion at that point.  You don’t know how you’re going to react seeing this sweet creation for the first time.







Its just the absolute best moment ever….

…Until your newly 7 year old daughter walks into the room mere moments after delivery with the Dr. delivering the placenta and (obviously) starts crying.  That sort of puts a damper on things (but only a little).


Good news though.  The trauma was short lived. Poor girl, we’d talked a lot about what happens when a baby is born but I don’t think anything can prepare them for walking in on that.

I think after a little one on one with the little bro she felt a bit better.





We are just so so in love.  I don’t know how we existed without this little guy!







IMG_0356 IMG_0404 IMG_0379


I think this picture is my favorite one.  There aren’t words to describe how this picture makes me feel as a mom.  Man these guys are just my world.



After our discharge The Bremlin ended up back in the hospital with severe jaundice due to an antibody situation.  His levels got up to 19.6 (20 is considered critical) and it was just horrible. We’re still dealing with it a little (2 weeks later) but hoping that it’ll finish working itself out soon.

Thanks so much for your love and support during this super exciting time in our lives! Love you all!!



  • lesli devito 19.01.2016 at 00:30

    This is my first time here and I sure picked a good one to visit! Congrats! Oh my goodness, Brem is beautiful as are your girls. The photos tell such a beautiful story…I know you know how fast this goes, enjoy those tiny fingers and grunts and squirms. I just dropped my eldest back at College…boy oh boy I would give anything for a baby fix right now. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Jen @ Girl in the Garage 19.01.2016 at 00:42

    Such a beautiful story and how wonderful that you have photos to remember every moment! I just had my third son three months ago and it’s all fresh in my mind. I teared up reading your post. Congratulations to your beautiful family.

  • Jamielyn@iheartnaptime 19.01.2016 at 00:45

    Absolutely beautiful! So happy for you friend! He is adorable!

  • Emily Meier 19.01.2016 at 00:47

    I have followed your blog since back before the days of glazing ALL the furniture and this is definitely my favorite post ever! :) Sooo excited for you and your adorable family. Congrats!

  • Julie Manning 19.01.2016 at 00:52

    Congrats, beautiful story! 💚

  • Jamie Rowe 19.01.2016 at 00:59

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with your readers. My daughter ws jaundiced as well. Having to leave her under the lights instead of holding her was awful.

  • Jill McKee 19.01.2016 at 01:38

    Oh, I LOVED reading this and this probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but I cried all the way through it! The pictures are amazing, and YOU are amazing! Your little family will never be the same. Boys change everything. In such a good way! After the wedding in March, I am coming to see you!!! And give that little Bremlin a squeeze!


  • Beth @ Reality Daydream 19.01.2016 at 01:43

    Good job Mama! He’s adorable! Thanks for sharing these amazing/intimate pictures! Just beautiful.

  • Mindy 19.01.2016 at 01:52

    AWWW!!! Such sweet pictures. I’m so happy for you. May you have a blessed, happy and healthy life with your growing family.

  • Julie @ follow your heart woodworking 19.01.2016 at 02:09

    Just beautiful! How blessed you are.

  • Billie Olson 19.01.2016 at 02:20

    Congratulations to you! He is wonderful! I’m so happy for your sweet family!

  • Wendy 19.01.2016 at 02:22

    Yay for you! Happiness.

  • Laurel 19.01.2016 at 02:31

    Many congratulations to you and your gorgeous family. I love these photos! Wishing you long stretches of sleep mama!

  • AnnW 19.01.2016 at 03:10

    Wonderful! Don’t you just love his guts! Missed you a little, but take your time coming back. He’s a cute one and I’m not just making it up! Rest up. It may be the last you’ll get for decades.

  • Saly 19.01.2016 at 03:58

    Congratulations! He is adorable!!

  • Katie Bower 19.01.2016 at 03:59

    You rocked that girl!
    Your little Brem is such a little handsome dude and that photo is gorgeous!
    CONGRATULATIONS again and again!
    xo – kb

  • Beth @ Home Stories A to Z 19.01.2016 at 04:25

    Tears. I’m so happy for you all and these pictures are amazing! Congrats sweet girl! Baby boys are the best. :)

  • Melissa Yoder 19.01.2016 at 06:14

    Beautiful pictures!!! Can’t believe Brem and Dylan share a birthday! My 4-year old daughter ended up being present for her little brother’s birth as well (NOT planned) and since I waited too long to go to the hospital she got to witness not only the blood and gore but also me screaming my head off. Poor thing, lol. I am so excited for you! So precious to see how much you guys love him by the looks on your faces!

  • Heather Hammel 19.01.2016 at 10:55

    Aw, congrats! This was so beautifully written and I am so happy for you.

  • Corinna - A Designer At Home 19.01.2016 at 13:17

    So beautiful!! I tear up seeing all the joy. He looks like the perfect blend of you and court. Sending love for you and the family!

  • Jessica @ Petal + Ply 19.01.2016 at 15:08

    Congratulations! He is precious.

  • Stephanie McDonnell 19.01.2016 at 15:17

    And here I was looking for pillow tutorials. Who knew you would have such an epic surprise waiting! Congrats to you guys. I’m so excited for you. He looks so healthy and precious!


  • Elaine - visual meringue 19.01.2016 at 16:15

    Congratulations again! He’s so precious. Sorry to hear he had some complications but happy to hear he is on the mend. Enjoy all the snuggles and I hope you are getting a bit of sleep. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Pam Dana 19.01.2016 at 16:15

    Girl… you had tears running down my face!! Your family is just beautiful!! That made smile that Ivie wanted to be in there… I just think that is such an amazing experience for you two!! Love you lots!!

  • Mary 19.01.2016 at 17:11

    Congratulations to the entire family! My second was 5.5 years after the first and I think I forgot everything about infants, so it was like starting over. He was sorta orange when we were in the hospitaland we were calling him Mailbu Baby until someone told us it was jaundice. Smack our heads since we felt so stupid. He is now almost 13 and a pure delight. They are everything you didn’t know you needed. Enjoy every minute.

  • JoDi 19.01.2016 at 18:02

    Beautiful! Congratulations to your whole family! Welcome to the world Brem!

  • Jenn Allen 19.01.2016 at 19:04

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful and love the name.
    Long-time reader but I think this is my first comment ever … I’m really intrigued that your husband is wearing an O’s hat ha ha! That’s my team and I’m on the east coast, very far from you!

  • Shelly 19.01.2016 at 19:30

    Congratulations!!!! He is too adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!! What an awesome surprise to see this post today! I check your blog daily and thought today, “Please don’t let it be that damn dry turkey picture again!”:) Super happy for you and your family!

  • Leslie 19.01.2016 at 21:07

    What beautiful photographs you have to document such a wonderful time in your lives. Congratulations! Having lived through the drama of a jaundice baby, like your situation,not life threatening but still such a small troubling ordeal to go through when all you want to do is hold and love your new baby. It will pass. I remember how hard it was to nurse our son when he was jaundice. So very sleepy! He lost a lot of weight and that was so scary. But it will get better and he’ll grow and get strong very quickly. And before you know it he’ll be off to college. ((Really, he will. Mine did.) I definitely remember the struggles of those first few weeks. Anyway, so very, very happy for you. Take care!

  • Kelly 19.01.2016 at 21:51

    So happy for you all! I remember how our third made our family feel complete at last. Sending blessings and prayers to you all.

  • brittanyMakes 19.01.2016 at 23:45

    TEARS!!!! This is incredible. Congrats to your beautiful family, Brem is so handsome!

  • Andrea 20.01.2016 at 00:43

    YAY! Congrats to you and your family!

  • Charly 20.01.2016 at 01:16

    Phew!! I’ve been checking every day to see if he’d arrived and the lapse after the last post was getting me a little worried. Funny because I don’t really know you, but following your blog for the past two years and watching your life unfold has made me care for you more than I thought. : ) The other two bloggers I follow daily (Emily Henderson and Jenny Komenda) have also had babies in the last year and I wait on baited breath to hear that everyone is alright. A hearty congratulations to you! That’s wonderful that you have such a great team of supporters (not even counting the ones you don’t know!). Enjoy!

  • Shelley Coates 20.01.2016 at 01:17

    Mandi, These pictures… <3 They tell such a beautiful story. Congratulations on that beautiful baby boy. XO

  • Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl 20.01.2016 at 02:30

    Awww, what a sweet boy! I’m so happy for you guys. There is nothing like having a boy in your life. Enjoy.

  • Hayley 20.01.2016 at 14:11

    Wow, what a fantastic journey. Amazing to have the experience captured by a photographer!

    I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I would like to say a massive thank you for sharing your POSITIVE birth story. There are so many negative stories, stories of pain and blood, I’ve even heard the words ‘horror movie’ said.

    To read your positive, happy story, to see you smiling in your photos is so reassuring. I can’t thank you enough. I’m planning on a home birth in a pool. I would like to keep active, keep walking as much as I can.

    I’m going to start the babies furniture and room soon, just ordered the furniture paint today! You can see it here:

    Thank again for your story!

  • Meagan Getz 20.01.2016 at 14:17

    Congratulations! Sweet little Brem. I love birth stories! And you look amazing by the way. 😉

  • Kimberli Simon 20.01.2016 at 15:03

    Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy. Thank your or sharing the story of your pregnancy over the last nine months with us. This post made for the perfect way to start this snowy icy morning. He is a beautiful child and a most perfect addition to your cherished family. Mazel tov.

  • Kayla 20.01.2016 at 15:06

    Congrats congrats congrats! Love the black and white photos too! Enjoy your little bundle!!!

  • Brook 20.01.2016 at 16:07

    Congratulations Family! Love the story, the beautiful pictures and very cool name!

  • Chance 20.01.2016 at 16:57

    Congratulations! I totally cried at the sight of you first holding him and remember that moment with my girls! So sweet!

  • Kaylee 20.01.2016 at 22:17

    Congratulations! And THANK YOU MASSIVELY for not writing a birth post that’s full of worst-case scenarios, pain, drama, feeling like you’re going to die, etc. I’m pregnant with my first and those birth stories terrify me, seriously.

  • Sherri 21.01.2016 at 00:10

    Aww. I teared up when read this. He is a beautiful gift from God. These pictures are the epitome of the love and joy that your family shares for each other. Praying that the jaundice is better in no time. God bless all of you!

  • Lauren @ Oh Hey! I Like That! 21.01.2016 at 20:16

    Congratulations! He is beautiful, and your photographer did a phenomenal job!

  • Betty 22.01.2016 at 05:26

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing such sweet photos of your little one.

  • Savia Jane 22.01.2016 at 07:57

    Zoe too had a severe case of jaundice and the bilirubin levels had hit 22. The doc called me in to tell me that if it touches 25 there’s nothing he can do. But thankfully God’s plan was to keep that baby in my life. :)
    Zoe has no idea how precious she is. Each time she cries it uplifts my souls.

    Congrats on meeting one more someone you can’t ever live without. Love and blessing for your entire family. :)

  • Donna 22.01.2016 at 13:00

    Congratulations! Beautiful baby and mama. Amazing photos!

  • Julie~FurnishMyWay 22.01.2016 at 16:53

    What a beautiful moment you have shared with us! And such a precious baby boy! I love that you gave him a unique yet meaningful name after your grandmother. So sweet. These photos are absolutely stunning. I love that they are black and white. They really capture the emotions from the moments up to and following the birth of your son. Congratulations on his healthy and successful birth!


  • Cody 25.01.2016 at 17:45

    Mandi!!! You are beautiful, this story of Brem’s arrival is beautiful, and so is your family!! The photos are absolutely AMAZING – what a special way to document the day and preserve those special memories forever! Glad his jaundice issues are clearing up and getting better. Hope we can catch up soon! XOXO

  • Molly R 25.01.2016 at 23:44

    Congratulations and welcome to the world, baby Brem!

  • Nancy 27.01.2016 at 19:27

    Yay! A BIG Congratulations to your gorgeous baby Brem!!! So happy for you all!! :)

  • jen E 27.01.2016 at 22:01

    CONGRATULATIONS! Baby Brem now has 2 moms (you and Ivie) and a partner in crime (Dyl)! This, too, is the awesome makeup of my family! So happy for all of you! LOVE THE O’s CAP!!!
    Go Orioles (GO RAVENS)!

  • Diana 28.01.2016 at 03:20

    Congratulations!!! He’s beautiful and what a great name! I had my boy after 2 girls and I felt like I was having my first baby all over again. Boys are such fun! XOXO

  • Reenie 28.01.2016 at 17:16

    OMG… Congrats to you Mandi & Court and the girls! How adorable. Love the look on your face and Court’s when you see Brem for the first time. Your girls look so happy too!!


  • Melanie 05.04.2016 at 08:29

    How beautiful and precious… thank you for sharing your Birth story of Brem, such a darling name and cool purpose behind that choice. Smart lil guy, making his arrival after everybody stepped away then came back for him soon after. Perhaps, a great reminder of never give up/walk away too… soon?! Ivie has begun to have the face of a teenager as she is almost 13, she looks very mature in the photo above. And, very pretty, a miniMandi and Dylan favors Cort so much. I see you in them though. They are both beautiful girls. I see and felt soo much love and joy from these pictures and your birth story, Mandi. Congratulations on your new bundle of abundant love and joy!!! God bless you and baby boy, Brem Wrigley and your family. So happy all went well. Prayers for his little liver and bilirubin to become regulated. Love and hugs to you & Brem. This makes me smile! ☺


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