Kid Friendly Constellation String Art



Do you remember the ipad of the 80’s?  Lacing Cards.

You know the kind right?


Well this project is like that, only its really cute and something that you actually will want to hang on your walls!

To make this project you will need:

Cricut Explore
Cricut Explore Markers (see my alternative option here!)
110# Cardstock
Teeny bit of tape

This is a Make It Now project that I designed for the Cricut Explore which means all you have to do it click the Make It Now button and it automatically sizes and cuts everything exactly the way that I designed it!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 9.07.05 AM
One of the features of the Cricut Explore that I love SO much is the write and cut feature.  It does it all in one pass, so it is perfectly lined up every time!!

Cricut Explore Project

DIY Constellation String Art-3

Just make sure that all of the dotted lines are covered with yarn.  Dylan my 6 year old super loved this project, so it is definitely for smaller kids, as well as older ones.  (Or kids a heart for those of you who are like me and love it as an adult.)

DIY Constellation String Art


You can check out each of the projects on Design Space here:

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Want more info about the Cricut Explore?  You can see all of my posts about it here!  And while you’re already nominated for mom of the year, check out these other kid friendly projects!


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  • Becky @dempsterlogbook 24.01.2015 at 16:30

    Those cards are just too cute! And they would make fabulous party gifts for a little kid party! Thanks so much for sharing this great tutorial!

  • Corinna - For My Love Of 24.01.2015 at 17:47

    Oooh, girl! How fun! My little is a tad too little for this one but I can’t wait to try it with him when he’s old enough not to tear it!

  • Lauren 29.01.2015 at 00:06

    Super cute project!


  • Kristin 29.01.2015 at 02:12

    So cute! I’m new to circuit (bought it because you advertised the sale!) so I”m not sure what I’m doing yet but when I click the links above it takes me to the landing page. How do I find this actual project?


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