Stacked Plywood Bench with Hairpin Legs

Hello my darlings!!

So I have a really fun surprise today,  remember last week when I showed you how to use the MICRO-JIG GRR-RIPPER and built that awesome stacked plywood bench?

DIY Stacked Plywood Bench Tutorial vintagerevivals


I thought it would be fun to team up with MICRO-JIG and run a giveaway for a 3D Pushblock and 4 hairpin legs so that some lucky soul can make their own!!



The legs I used in my bench project were 18” and these ones are 14” so they would be perfection for a coffee table build!

So this is a bit random, but my Brother in Law is the king of cool gadgets.  He always finds these crazy things that no one has ever heard of, and convinces everyone around him how life changing they are.  I just have to say that it felt pretty awesome finally being the one that has an awesome tool to share with him.


DIY Stacked Plywood Bench


Running giveaways is not the norm here on VR, but this tool is seriously a must have for anyone with a table saw.  (Ahem, Christmas is 115 days away…)

To enter for this awesome prize package, all you have to do is enter below!

Love Your Guts



  1. cynthia bunn says:

    You make me want to join FaceBook after all of this time!! I have resisted…this might do it. love you, love your blog, love your style, you MAKE my day!

  2. Umm… yes, please.

  3. Oh my goodness! I have had dreams about that little yellow coolest evah tool! What if I won? Holy complete-my-life amazing-ness!

  4. Jori Maguire says:

    What a great tool. And nice LEGS! :-) I need these in my life. We are adding an office addition to our house and I want a cool seating area–these would be fantastic for a coffee table!

  5. Need this tool to save my mans fingers!

  6. Yay! I would love it to perfectly-cut-pieces…

  7. What a good excuse to finally buy a table saw. Can’t wait to see how you used the GRR-Ripper in the Nugget. Crossing my fingers!

  8. Yes please! I love life changing tools!!

  9. Lemme at those sexy legs! Drooling over this give away! I shared on FB but not sure it counted my entry.. Is it working?

  10. ahhh! both of these items have been on my wish list. I never win anything but i’m crossing my toes and fingers anyway!

  11. Would love this! We’re creating a welcoming space in our entryway and creating this bench would be just the ticket!

  12. Oh my word, I would absolutely freak if I won this! Yes, please!

  13. That little tool looks super cool. Can’t wait to win it and try it out! I’m a super big gadget collector myself.

  14. Brittney k says:

    Your tutorial on this project inspired me to look around and see where I could fit this newest project into our home. Pretty sure it would rock our master!

  15. A giveaway!! Yay! Thanks for the opportunity, I absolutely love these!! Woohoo!

  16. Hey Giiiiirl!

    Love this bench! Just tried to trick my boyfriend into making this for me. Sadly his gadget list is far less spectacular.

    xoxo, love this post!


  17. This would be so great. I love hairpin legs.

  18. Love this project! The GRR-RIPPER would be so awesome to share with my 13 year old DIYer, and would make me feel a lot better about him using our saw!

  19. have been thinking about that tool since your post!!! such a cool project and i adore hairpin legs !!! would love to win – thanks for rockin and being so crazy awesome !!!! love your guts : ) !

  20. Nicola Mansfield says:

    Looks fantastic! It’s US only though, I guess. Sometimes it’s tough to be living in Canada :-(

  21. Living in NYC makes it very hard to store all our power tools, but I think I could make room for this one! :)

  22. Would love this tool, everyone I know would get a bench for Christmas. :)

  23. Oh my GOODNESS, I want those legs! And I would LOVE the push block so that I don’t cut my fingers off!

  24. I entered! Such a great giveaway! These legs are exactly what I’ve been needing for a little diy project I want to do!

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