Modern Openwork Cube Planter DIY

Hello my loves!  So I have a confession.  My house is turning into a jungle.  I am turning into this crazy plant lady.  Its not like I have a green thumb or anything, I just keep buying plants that I love at Home Depot (since I am there 294 times a day ala The Nugget.)

I just cant believe what a huge difference a live plant makes in a space.  If a room in your house is feeling a little ho hum, get your cute butt a plant.  They are a really great inexpensive way to liven things up (literally!)

Every plant needs a planter to spread its roots in.  This is something that we all agree on, but finding one (and one that wont cost you your left trunk) is quite a different story.  Until today.  This Openwork Cube Planter comes in just under $30 and is the easiest thing to build!

DIY Openwork Cube Planter Tutorial

You will need:

(1) 12” Terra Cotta Planter
(6) 1”Square Wooden Dowels that are 36” long (standard length from HD)
Wood Glue
Nailer or Screws
Wood Filler (optional)

 Openwork Cube Planter


Start by cutting (12) 13” pieces.  If you are making this with a different size planter, measure the top (ours was 12”) and add 1”.  This will give you a hole that is 11” (because each wood piece is 1” wide)  If you don’t have access to a saw, you can have these pieces cut for you at Home Depot.

Openwork Cube Planter copy



To assemble them put a small amount of glue on the end of one piece. 

Openwork Cube Planter copy

Openwork Cube Planter copy

Then attach it with your nailer or a screw.

Openwork Cube Planter copy


Wipe the excess glue off and move to the next corner.

Openwork Cube Planter

You will make 2 squares.

Openwork Cube Planter

Glue and nail the other 4 pieces onto the squares you just made.

Fill in nail holes with wood putty.

Let it dry for 24 hours before placing your potted plant in it.

Openwork Cube Planter


Picture how cute this would be on a smaller scale with glass fishbowls or small pots on a book shelf or running down the center of your table!

DIY Openwork Cube Planter copy

Love Your Guts



  1. absolutely love this.

  2. I saw a planter stand just like this on pinterest last week, loved it and even bought all the materials to make it! Love how yours turned out :) and I totally relate to a home looking like a jungle. Somehow i recently went succulent crazy (since I cant keep normal plants alive).

  3. Oh I totally, completely dig this. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit more green into my little house, and this will look AWESOME! Thanks for the idea, lady!

  4. Love this simple DIY!! Just found you today and I am happy I did!

  5. Is this a fiddle leaf fig? So gorgeous!

    • It’s a money tree (Malabar chestnut). Mine has a braided trunk and I got it from Ikea. It was the cheapest I’ve ever found one at $17.99 for quite a large plant. Ikea does carry the fiddle leaf for $13, but my store is always out of them.

  6. What about drainage issues?

    • Such a great question!! I just put a bowl underneath it when I water, so that it can drain out of the bottom!


    • Anna, Sydney says:

      So many of my cuter glazed pots still come with drainage holes so I just put a smaller sized dish inside the pot, rather than a bigger dish outside and underneath. Then it’s also out of sight. I haven’t had a leak yet.

  7. So awesome! My inner crazy plant lady has kicked in as of late too 😉 xo

  8. I love this. I was just thinking to myself this morning (not even kidding), myself: do you know what I love lately… planters where you can see the pot. Then you post this three hours later. It’s magic!

  9. This is so stinking cute!

  10. ummm… this is so flippin’ cute! I love it. You might have talked me into a plant!!

  11. Lovely!

  12. Anna, Sydney says:

    Nothing. Short of. Bloody. Brilliant. LOVES IT!

  13. julie widdowson says:

    Its an umbrella plant aka schefflera plant.

  14. Mandi- I love this project. I might try and make some large and smaller ones for outdoor fall decor. I am a plant killer, so I’m thinking I’ll put some mums in for fall. Thanks for the simple, great idea! -Mon

  15. Fabulous! Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of adding life to a room with a plant. And I’m dying to see a mini version, like you suggested, down the center of a dining table!

  16. Bob Stephens says:
    • Holy cow that looks just like it!! Is it bad to say that I love that one a little more? The bottom of the planter adds so much! Thanks for letting me know about this blog, I can’t wait to follow along!!


  17. I’m the same way in Home Depot! I’m there at least once a week, and I tell myself oh I’ll just go *look* at the plant section…and then I come home with three more plants (…the same thing happens at Ikea). Love this simple, pretty DIY–thanks!

  18. Your planter looks heavier than the glue can carry.

  19. Digging this look Mandi! We love our terra cotta pots so this is perfect :)

  20. Love this project, Mandi! It’s so true…anytime you add a plant to a room it brings life, literally and figuratively 😉

  21. Hi Mandi! Great project! So great that is seems that another blogger or two have jumped on the planter bandwagon and are using your idea….check out today’s remodelaholic post:

    Sad sad that your readers are having to police the internet for you!

  22. Love this idea.. I will do this but smaller and to hold flower vases.. oh, I’m excited already


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