Cold Dead Fingers //7

You guys are seriously blowing me away with your freaking amazing #colddeadfingers posts.  Every new post is just SO good.

I found a pretty great pair of lights on Craigslist last week.  At least I thought they were a pair.  When I called the seller to set up a pick up he told me that he had sold one.  Whyyyyyyy?  If you have a pair of anything, keep it that way, I promise it is worth it!  Lights, chairs, eyes (because who wants just one eye?).  All of the things.  Pairs=Joy

So there was just one light.  Which was fine, it was amazing enough on it’s own.   But there is just something about knowing that there is a mate somewhere out there (sing that like Fievel!)  So if you live in Southern UT and you have the twin, message me.  I will pay you with lots of money and Durangos.

Mid Century Hanging Light

Mid Century Hanging Light-2

Mid Century Hanging Light-3


So today, in memory of my light’s forever lost twin, I thought it would be fun to honor those that still have their life partner.

These chairs.  There is nothing more to say.




Lets just pause for a minute and imagine the insane joy of finding these beauties on Craigslist.




Nightstands?  Yes.  $10 for the pair? $*(&#$*  YES!!




Perfect colors.



It was Shannon’s birthday.  Obviously.


Instagram: http://instagram/shannon_burlapandlace

Make sure you hashtag your amazing furniture scores #colddeadfingers so that we can all be jealous together mmkay?

Love Your Guts



  1. i am wondering what you might do, if anything, to the chain that lamp is hung on? I have a very vintage hanging lamp and it has a similar chain. Not sure i am in love with my own chain but yours looks good. do you plan on leaving the chain as is? thanks

  2. i am jealous of all of these.

  3. Haha! I love love love these posts. Those rattan chairs are amaze…balls. Thanks for including my chairs! I should send you a photo of them now…we unzipped the horrible floral fabric to reveal the original citron velvet fabric underneath. That never happens!

  4. Thanks for sharing my night stands!!!


  5. Jessica Jewkes says:

    I tried buying these a month ago and I could never get the guy to call me, text me, or email me back! You lucky girl, you must have the magic touch….too bad he didn’t keep the pair together:(

  6. Yeah ~ if you advertise two/twins, keep it that way!! :)

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the onesie.


  7. All of the pieces are awesome! You could update them or leave them the way they are…

  8. Generally, I love how vintage is becoming more and more popular. I sometimes wonder why people might be interested in old things. Then, I see how fashionable it can look! For example, your colorful cups or yellow chairs. Amazing!

  9. I had to clean out my Mom’s house and move long-distance in a very short time (like, a weekend). In my haste I sold 1 of my Mom’s nightstands (they were large and a pair). I still kick myself over it. Like, stomach in knots when I read your post. UGH!!

    Love those bamboo chairs.

  10. Oh my goodness, that light. Pair or no pair – it is a standout!

  11. Wow, these are awesome finds! Good things always come in pairs :)

  12. WOW. Those are amazing finds. If only I could have found those nightstands!!! Green with envy over here.

  13. I love the light, pretty simple but interesting to the eye. Like the style.

  14. Such great finds! Thanks for sharing my chairs! They are what dreams are made of!

  15. LOVE the lights and the tea cups! Sometimes Craigslist is really great.

  16. TEA. CUPS. Really, all of them are awesome and I’m sad that you only got one of those lights, but the TEA CUPS. I’m having a moment.

  17. how do I submit something for #colddeadfingers ?

  18. Thanks for showing the cups – I still can’t find any info on them but I love them. Adore both sets of chairs!!


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