Using Windows Live Writer on a Mac

Non-bloggers beware, your eyes might glaze over during this post (or if you are totally not interested come back tomorrow, I am sharing a few cool thrifting finds from the weekend!).  For bloggers who are caught in the turmoil of blogging with Windows Live Writer or using a Mac, you will want to kiss me on the mouth.  Its ok, I will just be prepared next time we see each other.

 How To Use Windows Live Writer on a Mac

Windows Live Writer is HANDS DOWN the best blogging tool that this technology filled world has to offer.  Seriously,  if you are a blogger and have never tried it, it will change your life. 

If you are unfamiliar with the capabilities of WLW, how does auto sizing and watermarking your images sound? (pssst detailed tutorial for that here!)  Maybe auto linking URLs to specific text?  Writing posts offline and being able to save drafts to your computer hard drive?  Those are just a few of my favorite features.

3 years ago the dinosaur desktop that I was using died.  RIP old friend.  I had just discovered the wonderful world of Windows Live Writer (WLW from this point forward)  and had a very small budget for a replacement.  I ended up with an HP that lasted a year and 1/2.  When it died after such a short time, it was December of 2012 & I needed a new computer stat. I KNEW that the blog was quick becoming more than just a hobby, but all of the research that I had done online indicated that there was nothing created for a Mac that was as wonderful as WLW.  I bit the bullet for a few weeks and researched the crap out of using WLW on a Mac.  The info that I found said that theoretically it could be done using Parallels and Windows but no one that I could find had actually tested it.  The unknown was just too much for my feeble heart.  I ultimately decided that WLW was more important.  I bought a Lenovo and spent just over $1,000 on it,  hoping to make it at least to the 2 year mark.

Guess what?  It died.  After a year and 1/2.  Apparently that is the lifespan of a PC in my world.  It was time.  I needed a Mac but WLW is literally the most important thing to Vintage Revivals (after a camera, and soap to wash away the thrift store grime).  Luckily for me in the year and 1/2 that I was swearing my guts out about stupid ugly Windows 8, a few of my blogging friends who were equally as addicted to WLW as I was, decided to test the Parallels/Windows theory.  Guess what?  It works!!

So for all of you bloggers who feel like they are having to choose between the program that makes their blogging lives easier, or the computer that will make their ENTIRE life easier I have great news.  You can have both!!

All you need to do is install Parallels and Windows (I went with Windows 7 because I HATED Windows 8) and had the guys at the Apple store install them for me.

Once they are installed open Windows –> Internet Explorer –> Search Windows Live Writer (or click this link) and download it.

So the question β€œCan you use Windows Live Writer on a Mac?” is answered with a resounding YES!!  And now you know just how to do it!

No inner turmoil, no buying a new computer every time the wind changes.

Love Your Guts



  1. i have never even HEARD of windows live wire! What in the world…how will it change my blogging life?!?

    • Kristin, it’s basically a blog writing tool. You draft your blog in it. Like the editor in WordPress, I think. I mean, that’s all I know about it. But PC people swear by it, and apparently Mandi swears by it too! I have a Mac, and even work at Apple, and still never thought about going to great lengths of installing Parallels just to use it, but now I’m super curious, because I adore Mandi, and if she loves it, well, ya know…. we Mac people will probably love it!

  2. Thank you! My Dell is on its last leg and I’m strongly considering a Mac. Great to hear.

  3. Well that was an unexpected trip down memory lane. I’ve had my Mac for over a year and had completely forgotten about WLW! I remember, now, being so disappointed (like, swallowed the tears) when I learned that I couldn’t continue using the program. And I was fairly new to WLW at the time, too. Wow, I guess with it’s absence I just learned to live without it and I never looked back. You’re truly an angel sent down from blogger heaven. Thank you for sharing this! Virtual mouth kiss, sent! -Misty

  4. First, it is good to finally hear the end of your your computer story….I had been wondering. Second, I have a Mac and have heard about WLW and even thought about doing this method after I researched it, but I was worried it wouldn’t work. I am so happy to know it does! One question, if I install Windows I only have to use if I open it? It doesn’t mess with how my computer works normally? Because really, I don’t have a PC for a good reason on one of those is windows… Thanks Mandi!

  5. Hi love. So ive never actually been able to use WLW because I have always had a Mac, but after hearing SO many amazing things about it, and having issues upon issues of sizing my images now on WP- I want it! Do I have to buy Windows and Parallels? How much are those? Eeekk

  6. Thanks for posting this Mandi. I got a Mac in January and almost took it back because I always used WLW before and was lost without it. I did find a tutorial on line on how to create the Windows app on a Mac, but it was way too technical. I never knew they would help out at the Mac store. I will be calling them tomorrow. I miss WLW so much -it is the best way to write a post!

  7. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!! I need a new laptop and soooo want a MAC but was dreading loosing WLW!! This is beyond awesome. Thanks a million! xo

  8. I was in the same situation as you-I really wanted to go Mac because of all of our PC problems, but I didn’t want to lose my WLW. Luckily my husband understood my insanity!=) We installed VM Ware which is a program like Parrallels and have been able to use WLW on our iMac from the get go. LOVE.IT. So glad we switched but I could keep my blogging buddy Live Writer.

  9. I’ve never heard of this! My Mac is so slow already I’m going to have to clean it up before I try installing windows too. I’m so ridiculously curious to try it out now though

  10. Hi Mandi – Where did you get your copy of Windows 7? Did you migrate it from your PC? It seems it is not available to purchase anymore. I am with you on hating Windows 8. :-)

  11. That’s a great tip but maybe there’s a even easier and better solution. Blogo is now the home for all the WLW users that migrated from Windows to Mac and want to keep using a good blogging app. You mentioned some features that we’re about to add but I’m sure that it will be all covered pretty soon. You can give it a try, we’re on beta and about to launch an official version. See if you like it ;)

  12. That is not really running WLW on mac, it still needs windows OS to run. With this logic you can buy windows laptop, literally put it on top of the Mac laptop, create blog article and call it “running Windows live writer on a mac”.

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