The Hoard Sale is TOMORROW!

So I sort of have this thing that happens when I get stressed.  Even though I feel calm inside, when a big deadline is looming the middle of my back starts to hurt.  Guess what?  My back is hurting.  But for good reason,  the Hoard Sale is TOMORROW!!

I am sending out the email with directions later today, so if you haven’t signed up to receive it yet, you can do that at the end of this post.

Did you hear that Waffle Love is coming all the way down from Provo to share in the festivities!?  I am seriously excited about it.  Rumor has it that the reason that they are so amazing is because there are actual unicorn tears in them,  from the unicorns that cry because they are just so delicious.

Also, have you ever wanted to be my next door neighbor?  Well it is your lucky day!  The house that they have been working on next door is done and it is BEAUTIFUL.  They are hosting an open house during the sale so you can go and check it out while you are here.

I will be posting pictures all day to #hoardsale2014 on Instagram with sneak peeks of some of the goods we are selling.  Like this lady…


I hate to post and run but I have a mountain of things to do!   Cant wait to see you tomorrow!!

Love Your Guts


  • Rachel Rardon 30.05.2014 at 16:47

    It would be so awesome to be your next door neighbor! I’m not even ashamed that that statement could be taken as slightly weird/creepy. Could we have Cricut and macrame parties?!

  • Brittany 30.05.2014 at 17:03

    No. Just NO. That cabinet is all sorts of glorious and you need to ship that beauty to Atlanta. Like now, You can’t sell her!! Ohmygosh Let the thrift hunting begin…. this could be a long process.

  • Amanda (Moming About) 30.05.2014 at 17:52

    Good luck! I would love to attend your sale but, unfortunately, that’s not possible for me. Maybe next year?

  • Carly Dias 30.05.2014 at 18:13

    I may have already given u my email, but I just gotta make sure! :). Thanks! I’m actually a little nervous about tomorrow! I have anxiety about all of the people there trying to steal all of the awesome things I want! I keep practicing my begging and bartering skills in my head! :)

    Ps. I bought my ring from you and came to one of your Mary Kay mtgs! We are practically besties right?!?! Don’t worry, I won’t be offended when you don’t remember me tomorrow! :)

  • Julie 30.05.2014 at 20:30

    I want that card catalog SOOOOO bad! Gorgeous!

  • Bonnie 31.05.2014 at 03:42

    I haven’t gotten an email about location yet! Please send one!!! Please,please,please. Thanks!

    • Mandi 31.05.2014 at 07:32

      Hey Bonnie!
      If you still havent gotten it check the Vintage Revivals FB page! xo

  • angie 31.05.2014 at 05:24

    What is the address for the Hoard sale?

    • Mandi 31.05.2014 at 07:31

      Emails have gone out, you can get the info off of Vintage Revivals facebook page! xo

  • Vinnie 31.05.2014 at 05:38

    I have been looking for a card catalog like that for ages! Any chance you will pre sell it to me?

  • James Mason 04.06.2014 at 11:39

    Great post!


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