Macie’s Boho Bedroom Makeover Reveal

*I will be truncating today’s post because there are approximately one million pictures.  1,000,000 pictures does not equal happy blog loading time.   Make sure to click READ MORE to see the entire reveal!  xo

It’s HERE!!  Today is the day that I FINALLY get to show off Macie’s bedroom overhaul!  I am not good at keeping things secret and this doozie has been eating at me for months.  The special occasion for a room makeover celebration?  Well Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week of course!  Last year I was assigned the color Pink and created Dylan’s Dream Room for my 4 year old daughter.  This year my color was Green and I am pretty obsessed with how it turned out.

Last week I introduced you to my niece Macie.  In short she is fantastic.  Her bedroom?  Um….welp, let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves.


Macie Before 2

Macie Before 3

What we have here is a room that has been transformed multiple times over the years.  From an office, to a bedroom that all 4 of her younger siblings have enjoyed (hence the sharpie on the wall and the sticker residue on the door), to finally a room of her own.

Mace is a great kid and deserves this space to be wonderful.

Here is how it looks now (pssst! isn’t Buster the fluffiest pup you’ve ever seen?)

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Stamped Gold Wall

Upcycled Copper and White Desk 

So much better right!?

Macrame Headboard and Wall Mounted Task Lights  

When I create a space I start with the feeling that I want to evoke when you walk into the room.  The feeling that I repeatedly came back to for Macie’s room was Freedom.   Close your eyes.  Wait that wont work.  Ok, keep your eyes open, but picture a sun-kissed girl at the beach,  she jumps into the back of an old army jeep and rides down a scenic two lane road laughing with her friends as the wind whips her hair around her face.  Full of carefree light and the world at her fingertips.  That kind of freedom.

The visual picture that I had in my mind while I was dreaming about this space was one that most of us have actually gone through.  That moment when you are still at home, living with your parents, in a room that they originally decorated.  Your thirst for new experiences and new thoughts, and finding out what makes you happy is something that pushes you unexplainably forward.

If you notice, the bones of the room have a very iconic 50’s vibe.  The two tone doors, and the gold wood slice wall, even the blush nightstands, are polished and refined.  Then like a wild flower in the middle of a manicured garden, all of the free spirited boho breathes life into it.  I feel like this room visually describes what a teenager whose spirit cannot be contained feels like.  It feels like a place where you can have the courage to hear your own voice.  It feels like freedom.

Gold Removeable Wallpaper

Granted my teenage life was not that poetic, it consisted of expressing myself by singing NSYNC at the top of my lungs and skipping Spanish, but I mean, sort of the same thing…right?

We faced 3 main design culprits in the space.

1.  The darkness.  It was dark ya’ll.  (Can I say ya’ll if I am from Utah?)  The taupe walls were not doing it any favors in that department.  I painted the walls with my favorite white (Sherwin-Williams Ultra White Base with 4 oz of white pigment added for coverage.)

Simple and Inexpensive Shelves


Dilemma #2.  The carpet.  Macie’s carpet is not bad.  It is just a little harder to design around than a bare floor.  Ripping the carpet out was a no-go and when you cant change something, the next best thing is avoidance right?  So to immediately take your eyes off of the floor, I painted the ceiling with Sherwin-Williams Emerald in Secret Garden.  It makes the ceiling look SO tall (it is 9 feet, so tall but not monstrous) and it is hands down my favorite dark olive green.  So moody and perfect.  I also put a really great rug down that I found for $99 on Rugs USA.

DIY Makeover Ideas for Teenage Girl's Bedroom


Macrame Headboard Wool Army Blanket Teenage Girl's Bedroom Makeover


The nightstands are brass and leather campaign hacks on an Ikea Malm dressers (and I mean, of course they have leather,  do you know me at all?)

DIY Campaign Dresser Ikea Hack

Brass Crab and Pink Books    Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover


Can we just pause for a moment to kiss the macramé headboard on the mouth?  It is everything that I dreamed of and totally doable.  I wanted the macramé to be the star, but it needed a little bit of support to pull of such an amazing feat. 

Macrame Headboard and Wall Mounted Task Lights

DIY Macrame Headboard 

Wall Mounted Task Light

Love those wall mounted task lights?  Guess what?  They are SIMPLE.  Like forehead slapping simple.

Mace needed a spot to get ready in the mornings.  I hunted for days (which is a lot like months when you have 8 days to pull a room makeover together.)  Finally I found an old metal desk that had received a not-mandilicious paint job (I will show you soon).  It got a quick overhaul with white and copper spray paint, and fit perfectly in the spot that it needed to live in.

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Upcycled Desk and Chair  Succulent Garland Teenage Girl's Boho Bedroom Makeover

Simple DIY Wall Details

Vintage Shell Chair

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Every room needs an amazing accent wall (can I get an amen?!)

Macie’s room was no exception.  Guess what this wall treatment is made out of?

Hanging Lights Gold Wall Treatment Leather Sling Bench

Wallpaper?  Nope. 

A stencil?  Nada.

Painted by hand?  Puleeze.

A custom stamp that I made with my Cricut Explore?  Ding Ding Ding!

The gold metallic is metallic.  It has so much shine that I had a really hard time capturing it without blowing out my picture.

Macie's Bedroom Makeover-16-2

The Tea Leaves art was inspired by my Gossip Girl binge in December.  It is just so romantic.  Chuck + Blair forever.  I asked Jamie to design something and she came up with this beautiful piece.  That girl is a genius. 

The hanging lights are such a fun way to add a little bit of simple excitement to the corner.  The DIY is really easy too.  It is almost entirely made up from materials that can be sourced locally!

Macie's Bedroom Makeover-101


And of course we have to talk about the leather sling bench that was made from an upcycled leather sofa.  It is just so good in here and solves our 3rd design dilemma.  Having a place for friends to hang out. (Can you see the sheen from the gold paint?)

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover


There are just so many fun details.

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Dipped Succulent Garland

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Simple and Inexpensive Shelves

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

Tomorrow I am posting all of the sources and details, and then the tutorials begin with a HUGE giveaway!  As I was writing this post I realized that aside from a few pillows and the rug,  everything else in this room was DIYed.  I cannot wait to start sharing the projects with you guys!!

Itching for more green in your life?  You have to check out Four Generations One Roof’s new bathroom and Simply Grove’s side table!  Then tomorrow you can get your fill of Red with Thistlewood Farm, I Heart Naptime, and House of Earnest.  There is lots of color inspiration over at, where 14 other bloggers will have their projects up over the course of the next few days.

And just for fun, lets see the before and after again, shall we?


Macie Before  DIY Makeover Ideas for Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Macie Before 3

Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover


Macie Before 2

Stamped Gold Wall



Huge thank you to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post.  As always I am the one in charge here, and all project ideas and opinions are mine.

So what do you think?  Do you love it?


Love Your Guts



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  139. Oh. em. gee. I think this is my favourite thing of anything you’ve done. Ever. It’s so beautiful and free and I am loving everything in that. So so much. I have a pretty plain guest room/future child’s room and this makes me want to basically recreate this room. I wouldn’t because I couldn’t and it’s good to make things your own too, but I just love this so so much. Great work, what a lucky girl!!!

  140. Wow! Absolutely stunning! First, I have just started to learn how to macrame because I have been totally obsessed with some of these great wall hangings and I’m literally in the midst of my first project. You inspired me to learn Himmeli and I’ve since made 10 different Himmeli plant hangers from brass tubing and I looove them. I cannot wait for your Macrame tutorial on the wall hanging because that is EXACTLY what I want to make but haven’t found any type of instructions out there. Second, I have been slightly obsessed with the Aura Light at Ladies and Gentleman but I had no clue or never even though about trying to DIY it. OMG, yours is so amazing. I can’t wait for your instructions. You have the absolute best DIY’s out there of any blog. The most beautiful, classy, stylish looking things that don’t look DIY at all. Everything looks very high end, very expensive. And the color palette even looks expensive. I have seen a lot of Malm pieces turned campaign style but none with leather. Love it! You’re a genius!

  141. I absolutely love this room! Sooooo brilliant!

  142. Truly freeeeeking amazing is all I can say.

  143. This is just incredible! I seriously did not notice the carpet until you pointed it out – so your avoidance tactic worked a charm. Heck, I would love for this to be MY bedroom!

  144. UM OMG This Is AMAZING! I am so in love with the night stands, the green door, the furry throw over the chair, the rug over the carpet, the mini hanging gardens, and the whole free boho vibe!! :)
    xoxo Aimee
    ps. Bows&Beau-ties’ Giveaway going on Right Now!

  145. Beautiful room, but I am curious if it comes with a huge closet complete with dresser inside. No way could my teen daughter cope with so little storage.

  146. I love this room and want to know how I can recreate the gold tree ring wall! Paint color, stamp tutorial? PLEASE :) With cherries on top!

  147. Are the night stands the Ikea Rast hack?

  148. I wanted to comment and let you know how much I enjoyed this room makeover SO BEAUTIFUL!!! but, wow – so many comments!! everybody else loved it too!! thanks for sharing! I really really love it, and I want to copy ALL of the DIY projects!

  149. Trinitee says:

    I love your work! You’re such a talented lady! I can’t wait for the DIY on the circular pendant lights above the leather bench.

  150. Love it! All the details are amazing. She is so lucky to have you. :)

  151. The room looks Fab!
    When will you be posting the tutorial for the bed. I love the simplicity and have been checking back every week to see if it’s up yet.

  152. Dani Lambe says:

    Macramé headboard tutorial, PLEASE! I WANT!!!

  153. I know I’m SO late (I’m a new reader), but this DIY was so incredibly inspiring! I’m currently a senior in college and am dreaming about my first apartment. All of the projects on your blog are getting me so excited…especially this one! Thanks for posting!

  154. I am sobbing inside… this room is GORG!@!!!!@#$&&)^%@#$@#%$ I will follow your blog till the ends of my DAYS!

    Did you go to design school?? I am having trouble starting the design for our new first-time home! HELP!


  155. Hey Lady! Soooo, the pink and gold campaign chests…SICK. So, what is the name and brand of the pink you used? I found a cool brassy-gold bar cart ($7…yea, I know…) with faux metal trays and, well, those trays are gonna be PINK!!! I would like to save several hours of my life perusing every shade of pink out there, and just find THAT PINK. Assistance, por favor?


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