Behind The Scenes of the P&G/Home Depot Shoot

Sometimes I have things come into my life because of this little blog that make me have to pinch myself just to make sure that I am still awake.  This fun experience caused a.lot. of pinching.  I have worked with P&G quite a few times for different campaigns.  Last Nov/Dec. they came to me with an idea.  They wanted to shoot a little video series and a room makeover .  Um YES!!!

In my mind it was me, a camera guy and maybe some sort of director…Imagine my surprise when just a few days before it was set to happen I found out that it was a camera guy, a sound guy, a director, and 3 of my friends from the PR agency.  It hit me then that this is sort of a big deal…

The room that I decided to overhaul in 3 short days was a spare room at my Mother In Law’s.  You remember her living room and kitchen makeovers from last year right? 

This room is rarely used and  was sort of a catch-all for anything that needed a home.  We decided to turn it into an office and to make the closet more functional for the storage that Alicia needs.




Once we cleared everything out of the room we could see how much space we actually had to work with.



It was a great blank slate.

P&G wanted to film as much of the room makeover as possible, so I was pretty much allowed to paint.  Everything else needed to wait.

Here are a few behind the scene pictures. 






It was SUCH an amazing experience.  I cant wait to show you guys everything on Friday!!

Love Your Guts



  1. Annalisa says:

    What an amazing experience!! You are incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see the reveal. I think it will be very interesting to see you in action making your magic. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Congratulations! That is one amazing opportunity. You are very talented. And blessed! Can’t wait to see.

  3. We have to wait until Friday?! Not fair!

  4. Can’t wait to see the reveal! So exciting!

  5. Bernadette says:

    How exciting! Yaaaa for you! Can’t wait till Friday! … BTW, love your blog!

  6. We are soooo beyond excited for you! You have crazy talent and you have the BEST personality ever! Can’t wait to see this on Friday!! XOXO

  7. Girl you are a force to be reckoned with. How do you do it all? I can’t wait to see it all!

  8. I’m so excited for you! I love your energy! You are such an amazingly-talented, beautiful young lady!

  9. You totally deserve it Mandi!! I can’t wait til friday!

  10. Ohmygosh – THAT WALL. !!!!!!!!! That already looks ridiculously amazing, and there’s not even anything else in the room yet! You are crazy talented. Dying to see this room reveal! Also, this Aussie girl wants to know, what is P&G?? I’m gathering they’re kind of a big deal…. just curious! xo

  11. So exciting…it’s been so fun to watch you explode!! You deserve every good thing coming to you…you are so talented! xo

  12. So cool, Mandi. Can’t wait to see the whole thing – no doubt you’re a natural on camera!

  13. Can’t wait to see this! You were born to be in front of the camera, dahling. :)

  14. That wall is SO amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest!


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