Slouchy Leather Sling Planter

I has been quite a while since our last theme week on Vintage Revivals (I think Confessions of a Pillow Addict was the last!)  But you guys, all I want to do is make planters.  Like, I am turning to a cat lady, but with succulents.  Every time I am at Home Depot I find a few little friends that need to come and live at my house.  Sooooooo we are celebrating the hoard with Planter Week!!  Every day this week a new planter idea is coming to you live!


Also? The obsession with leather is not letting up anytime soon.  So just be on the lookout for an old couch to skin so that you can play along,  or if it makes your significant other less stabby, you can buy small leather pieces at JoAnn’s or Michael’s.

This project is simple simple and looks effortlessly amazing.  Like Elsa’s hair, or Snuffulophogus’s eyelashes, or Nate Berkus’s smile.  You know.  The kind of cool that the rest of us just cant live up to.

Its fine.  Acceptance is the first step.  But first, lets make these planters and we are one step ahead of where we were before.  (Yay for small steps!)


You will need:

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY

  • Leather
  • Grommets
  • Brass ring (can be found at Joann’s for $.89)
  • Rope (Mine is 3/8” clothesline from Home Depot)
  • Container to hold your plant


Start by cutting out your favorite shape.  I made a circle, a triangle and a square and I love them all equally.

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY


Mark where you want your grommets to go.  I placed the grommet and then sort of spun it back and forth with the heel of my hand to imprint it into the leather.

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY


If you have a leather punch rock it all day.  If you dont, you are fine.  Just use some scissors and be grateful that the wonk will be covered.  Perfection is overrated.

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY


Place your grommets.  (I did use a grommet tool for this, but you can find some that go on with a small tool that you hammer into place.)

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY


Pull out your ring and rope.  Measure your rope twice the length that you want if you are going to double it up (see the finished picture below)

Find the center point of the rope and place it under the ring, then feed the rope through the loop and tighten

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY

You will do this for as many grommets as you have placed in your leather.

Tie a knot right above the point that you want your leather to sit.  Put on the leather, and tie a knot right underneath it to keep it in place.

Upcycled Leather Sling Planter DIY


You can leave your strings hanging straight down, or knot them together like I did.

Hanging Leather Sling Planter Tutorial


To make a planter that has a single rope I recommend using a shape that can have an even number of grommets.  That way you can knot it on the underside of the leather and loop it through the hanging ring and back down to the other side of the planter.  Ya dig?

Hanging Leather Sling Planter Tutorial


The actual planters can be big or small, gorg or super ug, and it will still look amazing.  The planter that is holding the mint plant is just a basic glass cylinder that was.not.cute.  So I made the leather square a lot bigger to hide it.  It just so happens to be my favorite one.  Its just too much slouchy perfection to handle.

Hanging Leather Sling Planter Tutorial

Hanging Leather Sling Planter Tutorial

Upcycled Hanging Leather Sling Planter Tutorial vintagerevivals

Can you just imaging how cute these would be hanging in a kitchen window or from your favorite sunny corner?

Tomorrow I am turning you all into Macra-Mavens.  I promise you guys.  Macramé is the way.  You’ll want to do it all day.  Hey hey hey.  Remember sometimes I am a little freak-ay?

And now I am done.

Oh wait, I am NOT done!  Round 1 for Creating with the Stars is live and team #ClassyRevivals is in it to win it!  So head on over and vote for your favorite project.  Voting is anonymous so I cant tell you which one is Mallory and Savannah’s, but I can tell you that I am so beyond obsessed with it I almost dont even know myself.  When I saw their final pictures I almost started to cry.  It is just so good!!  So go and vote for your fave!

Also still not done.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still in shock over the support for the Target situation.  I have a call set up with them this week and I will keep you guys updated!  I am really looking forward to talking with them (and a little nervous!)

Ok now I am really done.  Remember I love you the most!

Love Your Guts


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