Remember That One Time Target Copied Me?


I just had someone from Target reach out to me. Thank you everyone for your support and love, it means the world to me! You guys have no idea. Really.


I almost am at a loss for words writing this post.  So lets just start off with my favorite way shall we?


Yesterday afternoon I was working like a mad woman finishing up a few projects before I head out of town.  Out of the blue I started receiving this HUGE influx of emails and messages and tags on Social Media.  They were all saying the same thing.  Target is copying you!

I was like WHAT?  And clicked over to see this image running on all of their social media channels and as ads on Facebook:


I mean.  Wow.  Right?

If you are new to Vintage Revivals, you may have missed my daughter Dylan’s bedroom.  Which looks like this:

Rainbow HoneyComb Wall Little Girls Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals-2

I mean, granted I dont have a cool GIF or anything, (lets be honest…no one wanted to see what that room looked like while it was coming together, it was not a pretty sight.) But that is 100% Vintage Revivals.  Down to the white floors and striped rug.

So here is the thing.

I love what I do.  And I create content so that people are inspired by it.

I also LOVE Target.  Like 4x a week love.  So I’m hoping what yesterday’s post on @Targetstyle’s instagram means, is that they’re as much a fan of mine as I am of theirs.   I think they are an incredibly forward thinking retailer in terms of working with bloggers and giving them a fantastic platform to share their ideas.

I appreciate the outburst of love and support, and while I’m overwhelmed with everyone’s encouragement,  it’s nice to know that brands like @Targetstyle are paying homage to us DIY-ers out there.  Its the best feeling in the world to know that so many people have my back! (Double fist pound.  Explode it.)

Target Copy

Here is what I have to say to my future besties at Target,

The fact that you saw something on Vintage Revivals that inspired your image is the highest form of flattery, but now big red bullseye, let’s turn this into something bigger!  I’m asking you to attribute your image to me, and bring me on board!  I love doing what I do and I would love to do it with you!   This awesome room makeover is just one of many, and I have meeeellions of ideas that I would love to collaborate with you on.

Bloggers are huge supporters of Target, myself included.  Please don’t leave this unfriendly taste in our mouths.  You understand more than most the power behind creative people.  I want to shop at your store. I want to inspire my readers with treasures from Target because I love finding inspiration there.  I want to show the world that they can take something from Threshold and create magic with it.   Target I love you, but we need to do this the right way.

So will you guys help me get their attention?  Share this post, tag them like crazy, lets show them the excitement and power behind Fearless DIY!  Lets make something amazing come from this lemon, are you up for it?!

Love Your Guts



  1. Hey girl! I just went on their FB page and linked to this post and told them “Credit where credit is due!”
    You go girl!! You rock it and deserve to be brought on as a partner with Target.. if they are smart that is 😉

  2. When I saw this posted by Target Style yesterday, I assumed it was a collaboration! Very disappointed they copied and did not give credit where credit is due! Spreading the word and hoping for lemonade!

  3. Wow! Yes Target you need to give credit where credit is due. Mandi good for you for sticking to your guns and I pray Target does the right thing! Supporting you all the way! <3

  4. replied to their tweet of that picture…. it’s an awesome room & you deserve credit for it!

  5. good for you! I saw your project in a magazine (diy maybe? Or one of those home dec magazines). Seems like that magazine would have a beef with target as well.

  6. Done and done! I can’t believe they didn’t contact you whatsoever! Especially after it was JUST in HGTV mag for the whole world to see!

  7. Can I just say how impressed I am with you! You are handling this so gracefully! I would be sooo upset, but your response is perfect. Thanks for being such a great example! Hugs and kuddos to you. And hears to some super tasty (strawberry?) lemonade for you and target!

    • I wanted to let you know the same thing – you have a very graceful way of putting this, very admirable, far better than I’d be able! Hopefully that will help win them over.

    • I was going to say the same thing! It takes a big person to respond in such a way. So I agree with Megan you are graceful, admirable and kudos to you!

  8. So sorry that happened to you, I hope Target gives you credit!!!! On that note, as a handmade wholesaler, I see this happen ALL THE TIME at tradeshows. The “big” guys will come in from Target, Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie, etc and COPY the handmade people ideas, photograph them and have them made overseas. Certainly you noticed, too how Vintage Rose Wraps was copied by Hobby Lobby?? It sucks. Horrible. I hate it. Definitely supporting you and all the other DIY, handmade creatives out in the world. xoxo

  9. Unfortunately not a great day to do a SM blast as they are getting reamed by union-supporters everywhere. Your stuff is getting lost. :(

  10. I,as you, find myself at Target a lot. But this is an OUTRAGE! How can they support some bloggers (ahem Young House Love) and then rip off others (ahem you)?! I love reading both of your blogs and did love shopping at Tar-get (as I usually say in my fancy French accent), but now I’m not so sure. They should totally give you credit for that! Only thing I can think is that the visual merchandiser is the one who follows you and thought they could get away with it and the company must not have know and loved the idea. Ridiculous. I think yours is 100xs better than theirs if that is any consolation (and that is coming from a professional Interior Designer – cherry on top).

  11. There was a post a few weeks ago on Modestics ( how Target blatantly knocked off a high quality design. Unfortunately, it seems Target does this more often than most of us care to admit.

  12. This is so crazy! I can’t believe it! I’m going to make sure to spread the word. I see this happen with my DIY projects on other big name blogs, but in the world of DIY, what can I do? This however, takes it to a whole new level! I hope we can all reach out and do something about it! Good luck! xo

  13. You handled this with style and grace. I am a fan for life. :)

  14. On one side it’s amazing they took notice of something you did and were inspired by it. On the other hand, I feel like they were probably thinking they could get away with it because “no one would notice”… well, they underestimated your fan base! :) Very classy response.

  15. The biggest form of flattery indeed!! Congrats on your project being stolen by one of the biggest stores and one of my favorite places to shop!! I am very disappointed and shocked in them and hope they choose to resolve this the right way!! Loves!

  16. Kathleen says:

    I saw this on Instagram yesterday and immediately went to your blog to compare because for a sec, I thought it was yours! SOOO similar, down to the color choices. I hope you get credit where credit is due.

  17. hi, I read you all the time, I even get your Friday newsletter, but never have commented. You do great creative things. I used your 45 degree masonite plank idea in my very own bedroom – true story. I also bought an old window pane to do my own spin on your light box art. See, I’m inspired! Are you pissed? I would be seeing red, no pun intended, if this was my dilemma. You know Young House Love just got their stuff in Target stores…and I like your style better than theirs. Maybe they could advocate for you from the inside?
    Good luck. I’m kinda pissed on your behalf, here in the homestate of the frenemy, Minnesota.

  18. Oh yeah, I Facebook shame-shamed them, too. And linked to this post!!

  19. You are being incredibly graceful in your response, and I think that speaks volumes about your personal character. But seriously, Target? You’re right, Target understands the power of bloggers, and that’s why they team up with them. It’s not right that they rip you off, and yet team up with other bloggers. How did they decide who to rip off, and who to contact to initiate a partnership? I’m really hoping that this campaign was instigated by a morally gray art director, rather than a decision the company knowingly made. They should do right by you, though. And I personally don’t think giving you credit is enough. They have plenty of money to send some your way for your creative work behind this campaign!

    I was the first person to comment on their Facebook post that “this looks like Mandi’s work from Vintage Revivals,” surprised that nobody else had made the connection, since this was a very popular post of yours. Today I popped back in today to see if anyone else would chime in. It makes me so happy to see links back to this post, and a whole host of supporters behind you! Yay for kindess on the internet!

  20. Marnie Hansen says:

    I prefer Vintage Revivals room far above the Target room… and that’s not flattery, it’s just the truth. Nicely done. And as it was already said, classy response. Cheers!

  21. Handled like a pro! I totally agree what a compliment but where’s the recognition? We love you Target but let’s give credit where it’s due.

  22. Samantha says:

    Holy moly you are such a classy chick, your response was perfect!! It does seem so strange, what with them partnering with YHL & Oh Joy, to then do this… best of luck, I’m sure it will all work itself out in the end!!! :)

  23. way to be diligent!!! I hope target does credit you for inspiring them!

  24. That is one classy response Mandi. Totally disappointed with the way they handled it. Hope it works for the better for everyone.

  25. UGH, that just makes me sick. It’s sooooo frustrating when our hard work gets stolen right out from under us. I hope they do the right thing! You should get your own line at Target like YHL! Your version is WAY better than theirs btw. :)

  26. It looks like Target just keeps digging a deeper hole for themselves, and their fan base is getting slimmer. You’re being a great sport about it, but I think it’s shameful the way Target designers troll the internet for ideas. If they don’t have any ideas of their own, they need to pay and credit the people they are stealing from!

  27. I think you handled this really well. Credit needs to be given where it’s deserved. Also- I love yours more. :)

  28. Well said. Copying creative work so closely without attribution is pretty obnoxious, especially when balanced with the widespread promotion of Target products for free on home decor and improvement blogs. Surely they will respond appropriately! Maybe their creative marketing agency didn’t make them aware of the idea’s source? Someone’s going to be in the suds over this!

  29. Man, you totally stayed classy throughout this:) I can totally imagine that you are upset, but you are definitely taking the high road!

    Target – don’t leave a bad taste in blogger’s mouth. We love supporting YOU, so please support US!

  30. I will just keep it classy and bite my tongue. However, you did it better!

  31. This is crazy. I actually saw this on Target’s Instagram feed and thought they were in collab with you, I didn’t really take a closer look to see that they didn’t give you any credit. Crazy how it’s pretty much the same room and they didn’t even mention you. I love your room and first saw it when Monica posted it as her inspiration on EC2blog.

    I hope you hear from Target and they give you credit.


    Blog assistant at East Coast Creative.

  32. The way you’re handling these speaks volumes about your character! Target would be lucky to have you on board with them! Here’s to hoping they give credit where credit is due :)

  33. Lauren H says:

    Woah! It’s clearly your room, Mandi!

    I wonder, does Target by any chance have some sort of relationship with HGTV (other than advertising on the network)? Cuz that could also be a problem, no?

    • Target and HGTV definitely have a working relationship! Remember Sabrina Soto from that show High Low Project (or something like that).

      It’s sad that Target would flat out steal this chic’s idea (sorry, I forgot your name); however, that’s the business (i.e., no trademark = free to all to copy your ideas).

  34. Mandi I’ve been visiting your blog since 2011 and this is the first time I have left a comment (I’m sorry!) You are amazing. The ideas you come up with never fail to leave me in awe…and apparently Target feels the same way. So congrats for being talented and inspiring enough to have been ripped off by a large corporation! I only hope that they make it right and we can all look forward to seeing your new line on Target shelves in the near future!

  35. Best. Response. Ever.

  36. Holy copyright infringement! That is incredible. I’ve shared on FB and Twitter. Good for you for taking the high road and posting a great response. Awesome. This is why we love you!

  37. Your response to this is amazing. I love target and your blog! I Hope this works out for the best! You deserve it!

  38. Awesome and classy response, Mandi! I’m even more of a fan of yours than I was 3 minutes ago. I hope something great comes out of this for you.

  39. OMG honestly this is enough to make me boycott target! I shop there all the time for all of my clients! This is really disturbing! even us DIYers always give credit whether its a hack or an upgrade. This is sooo not cool!! sorry Mandi i hope they do give you the credit!

  40. Mandi, your positive, enthusiastic response to this is going to get you far.

    I do know a few people who have gone from blogger to Target partnerships, so I just know that you’re next! Have you reached out to Oh, Joy! Her line just went live.

    I’m hoping for the best for you. I hope you keep us updated, and I hope this turns into a fantastic partnership with Target for you, because I would totally buy your stuff!

  41. That was an amazing response. My first thought was to cuss them out. But clearly you’re a classier lady than I, lol. Let’s hope they take notice. I’ve been waiting for Mandi lighting for quite some time.

  42. Ummm…Wow is right!! I can not believe they copied your design and didn’t give you credit! Seriously?! I feel a little sick for you, because that is like DIY plagiarism! Way to go for calling them out, and they would be stupid to not strike a deal, you are Auh-mazing!! Hugs!

  43. Wow. There is no way they can call this a coincidence. I really hope you get some credit!

  44. Kimberly Ben_Haim says:

    Please let us know the follow up. I live in Minneapolis and am glad to know that Target is headquartered here. I hate think they are doing a disservice to DIYer’s.

  45. Too similar to be a coincidence – hopefully they will credit where credit is due! Keep us posted!!

  46. Caroline says:

    ooooooooooh somebody’s in trouuuuuuuble! Tsk, tsk, Target! They’re gonna have to deal with us Mandilicious fans now. Mandi, I do hope their faux pas will land you one quick invitation to their next End Aisle discussions, cause that’s where you belong next. umph…nobody puts Baby in the corner!

  47. Tweeted! I see a collaboration in your future!

  48. Sara Baker says:

    I posted a link to this on Target’s Facebook page asking them to address the issue. You handled the situation very classily, but I think they have acted extremely innappropriately.

  49. I’d encourage you to contact Lisa Congdon perhaps.

    A company was ripping off her designs and then those were being sold in West Elm, Anthro, Nordstrom, etc.

    She – and a band of people who knew/loved her work – and a social media plea had tremendous success in getting it stopped, almost overnight actually.

    Again, on the basis of both honesty, crediting sources, and the independent and small artist and DIY movements.

    Here’s a post about it: (probably the most useful b/c it also mentions who she contacted in the SM world who helped) and more of the process of dealing with it. Another with some additional info, but I think that first is the best.

    Ironically, now in looking for these to post to you, I discovered someone’s accusing HER of using ideas from their work, but…

    Seeing the process, at least, might be helpful for you in deciding if/how you want to proceed (and probably also just in realizing that it could open anything you’ve done to scrutiny – NOT that I’m saying you’ve done anything wrong, just letting you know it attracted A LOT of traffic to her blog and then caused this whole new degree of scrutiny of her work) LC’s account of all of it is no longer on her blog, or not that I can find…I’m guessing because of where it all went post-initial discovery of her work being used, and then the initial resolution.l

    Also, Jezebel I think was one of the other sites that helped Lisa Congdon in the initial, practically hours long campaign against Cody Foster (who has had accusations from all over – before and after this began in October)

    So Jezebel might jump in and assist, too. Just hard to know if the LC fallout later on would make them gunshy at all.

    Hope you get the credit you’re due!

  50. Kate in New Zealand says:

    Here is their tweet with room pic to reply to:

    So rude!

  51. My cousin is a designer and Target ALWAYS copies him. ALWAYS. So annoying.

  52. So disappointing, I love Target, but I love your blog more! I really hope they make it right!

  53. Oh no they did-ent! I think we are all hoping Target will do the right thing. None of us want to shun them, but we have got our girl Mandi’s back! I really love the way you handled this, and I sincerely hope they contact you and right their wrongs.

  54. I just saw this Mandi!! Can’t believe it! On a totally unrelated note, I was just reading this post on my phone and my 3 year old came up and glanced at the screen… She said, “that girl is so pretty! Who is that girl mommy? she’s so beautiful!” I thought that was so cute :) then she made the comment that maybe we would see you at Disneyland. I think you have a new BFF :)

  55. Wow. I’ve seen a local Aussie photographer have a chain store blatantly steal her image and put it on a t-shirt too. Sick of the big companies who are raking in the dough stealing from small mum & dad businesses who work their butts off to pay the bills.
    Target you should be ashamed. Besides you clearly can’t style half as well as Vintage Revival. #fail

  56. It looks like you weren’t the first. From what I’ve heard since sharing this Target has done this numerous times.

  57. Grr, that makes me SO MAD. I commented on their page & tweeted to them. It’s so nice to see all your fans chipping in – we got your back! :)

  58. I saw it on IG early on and tagged you right away. Speechless!

  59. got your back cracker jack, shared, shared and shared.
    Can’t get over it, how identical it looks……

  60. Maggie Fieger says:

    I knew it was similar to yours – although yours is better- they need you to balance the colors! I like your thoughts, and I totally agree with you

  61. Such a gracious reaction Mandi!! Love you and love Target! Hope you end up with your own Target line since someone over there is obviously an admirer. :) I would totally buy some Mandilicious product!!

  62. Me thinks there’s a Target designer out there somewhere who will soon be unemployed… hope this works out for your favor with the ole Tarjhay…

  63. Gemma Hardie says:

    I think the way in which you have handled this is both professional and gracious. Finding the strength to be flattered and proud rather than angry and annoyed is definitely the harder road but also the smartest way to approach it. I am a “maker” and have found myself on both sides of the copying debate it was a horrible experience for me but a huge lesson also. Good luck with Target …you never know they may just surprise us all.

  64. You know you’re good when the big boys copy you! I actually like yours better!

  65. Wow! That’s crazy! Almost identical. I have loved that room since the first time I saw it. i guess they did too! 😉

  66. Heather K says:

    I showed this to my 13 year old daughter and asked her if it looked like your room was copied and she answered with a “Duh, YES!”. Then proceeded to exclaim that she loved the wall.
    It’s certainly heavily “inspired” by yours. The thing is, it’s not Target’s doing. It’s the set designer who worked on the campaign’s doing. Target doesn’t know about details like this, nor do any of the companies making “knock off” items of homemade businesses. It’s way down the chain.
    Best of luck!

    • Just because they don’t literally know about it, does not mean they are not responsible. Vicarious liability.

  67. You are a class act.

  68. wow, yes, total copy. What’s sad is that it is probably one person who copied and took credit for you and now will be mortified and most likely fired for that. I hope you do get the credit and recognition you deserve. xoxo

  69. When I saw it on insta, I thought you were working with them! I was like, oh that is Mandi’s work.

  70. Catalina says:

    Yours is far better than theirs. They didn’t get the point about the harmony of colours you used, from lighter to darker. Yours is calming and beautiful. Theirs is agressive.

  71. It’s true…when I saw targets ad I thought they had contracted you!!! They need to give props and credit!

  72. You are handling this so perfectly! I’ll get them on all the socials I can.

  73. I don’t know what to say. You are very gracious. I believe in the laws of energy. The energy that you have sent out around this issue will come back to multiplied abundantly. We live in a world where this sort of thing happens all the time. It’s not right but it is what happens. Someone who works for Target has stolen you ideas, down to the rug!
    May the grace you have shown return to you three fold. I would contact them and let them see this article. Truth is a powerful tool. May the truth bring you great rewards.

  74. I have to admit, I’m a little confused by this. Don’t you do these projects and blog about them to inspire people? So some Target stylist was inspired by your wall and recreated it as a backdrop for a photo. I don’t understand the problem.

    I now that you want credit, but there are probably at least five other things in that photo that were inspired by things that the same stylist saw on Pinterest or other online sources. Are we going to start requiring that stylists start attaching bibliographies to each and every photo that they post online, print, and use in other media? I mean, where does it end?

    Now if they had actually turned your idea into a PRODUCT that they were selling, that would be another thing. That actually DID happen to me. A retail manufacturer took my most popular DIY project ever, turned it into a product, and sold it on Joss & Main and One King’s Lane for $250 each.

    But in this case, they didn’t steal your photo (which would be copyrighted), and they haven’t turned your idea into a product that they’re selling (which may have been actionable). They just recreated your wall design for a backdrop. Ideas aren’t protected by copyright. In other words, even though this wall design is very much tied to you and your blog, you don’t the idea.

    And really, some of the messages that your fans are leaving on their Facebook and Instagram pages are probably not doing you any favors.

    Just thought I’d offer a different viewpoint, one that I’m sure won’t make me very popoular. But I think if you wanted to address them, or turn this into an opportunity, it should have been handled in a very different (private) way.

    • Kristi, I shop on those sights all the time! What was copied of yours? I’m dying to know! That’s just craziness!

      Also, does anyone else think her response was almost a threat? BRING ME ON OR ELSE? Maybe that’s just me. Idk.

    • Yes, but that backdrop is the focus of the room and is a Mandi original — and there is no doubt that something unique as a honeycomb wall in those same colors was completely copied, even down to the striped rug. Throwing in a few more “original” elements doesn’t make it okay. No bibliography required, but a simple “thank you for the inspiration” tag on their part for the main artistic element in that room would have gone a long way.

      • I like Mandi’s work, but is it really a “Mandi original” ? I mean, let’s get serious here…she did NOT invent honeycomb…

    • Inspire and COPY are different. That’s the EXACT ROOM and even the EXACT angle.

    • Mandi,
      I think you are incredibly talented. While the support from your readers has been wonderful, the lack of tact in some of their comments has certainly not done you any favors. I hope that your end in all of this justifies the means and that you are satisfied. Good Luck and remember that you can’t “un-ring” a bell, especially on the internet. Well said, Kristi.

  75. I always think it’s so interesting how people bash Walmart while praising Target. Target is NOTORIOUS for copying and stealing people’s work. They’ve been sued by Pottery Barn and many others. Artists often find their creations, re-created, without credit or compensation as they wander through the aisles. Today, you’re being ripped off in a minor but nonetheless annoying way. Now imagine if they created a “collection” around your room design and started selling the blantant rip offs? I hope they’ll work with you but they’re not really the kind of organization to do it. Unless the public stands up against their creative piracy, (which I really don’t see happening) they’ll just keep doing it. A shame too because it would be far less expensive for them to work with creative bloggers than celebrities. Pathetic.

  76. My first thought is… WOW, NOT COOL! It always surprises me when big box guys steal the creative talents of us smaller guys and then try to take all the credit for it. You are so very talented and are handling this in a very cool, calm and professional manner… Get em girl!

  77. Yours is so much better! Maybe they thought no one would notice…like bloggers don’t shop at Target.

  78. If the tables were turned, and you used something of theirs and said it was your own, and did not credit them. They could sue you. This is no different. I think it proves that even Target can mess up. And, mess up they did

    • I believe you should get design credit. However, Target (and why we love Target) is a line by line copier of more expensive brands. They bring us what we love for a price we can afford BY COPYING. And we usually are thankful. And the DIY community is loaded with copying designs from the big retailers. Yes, a shout out would be great. But they were just being Target.

  79. Target you were right noticing Mandi’s great design talent. Looking forward to you actually collaborating with Mandi. She’d be a great ambassador for styling your products.

  80. A copy is never as good as the orgional!

  81. Mandi, this is my first time on your blog (it’s BEAUTIFUL, by the way). I found you through Sawdust and Embryos. I just wanted to say that your response was beautifully written and showed a huge amount of character on your part. I hope for your sake you get a response from Target (at the very least). All the best to you!

  82. I seriously can’t believe it. C’mon Target! I thought you were better than that! Mandi, your creations are amazing and you not only deserve credit, but Target would be lucky to have you. Better yet, you should have your own line at Target!
    Sharing it right now!!!

  83. Sad. You deserve the credit. Very disappointed in Target.

  84. So well said, Mandi.

    I remember when Target copied Joy’s floral wallpaper on some girl’s clothing and look where she is now. I hope the same good comes out of this for you!


  85. I don’t know. Yes I think they should have given credit BUT… How many outfits, make up styles, hair styles, or any other decor in your house was inspired by someone else? I am sure you didn’t think of everything. And, how many of those things in your room are from target? Did you take a picture of everything inspired by someone/something else and give credit to the original? I highly doubt it. I think you should just move on. It’s not that huge of a deal.

    • I see your point Tabitha, but there is a big difference. What Target posted wasn’t just inspired by Mandi, it was basically a complete copy of Mandi’s work. We all find inspiration from others, but Target crossed the line from inspiration to plagiarism. Mandi specifically mentions in this post how much she loves Target and how often she shops there. I imagine she has not only been inspired by Target products, but has probably used them in her projects. Even if she doesn’t credit Target in the post (which she probably does), she already properly compensated Target by paying for their product(s) before she left the store. In this case, Target neither asked, credited, nor compensated Mandi for the use of her intellectual property.

  86. Target Corporate Headquarters is about 30 minutes from me, you want me to knock on Mr. Targets door and tell him Mandy sent me?

  87. Candy Day says:

    Whatever “bad” you think this is- it could be turned into good. Don’t really understand why you are so upset. To be copied is the biggest form of flattery.

  88. Just to play devils advocate.

    Isn’t your DIY blog to inspire others to do the things you do? You do list off set by step how to do the project. So what’s wrong with target doing one of your projects? Is it really any different then me doing the project in my kids room?

    Keep up the great work!

    • I think the difference is Target is a for-profit company. If you were to do this same project for your kids room, it would be for your own personal use and enjoyment. This is the whole point of Mandi’s blog. Target, on the other hand, is trying to pass off Mandi’s creativity/intellectual property as their own, for their own monetary gain, without prior approval, credit or compensation. It’s quite a big difference, ethically and legally.

      • Is Target selling the honeycomb wall Mandi created? I think not….and if Target is, my question is: did Mandi “invent” the honeycomb?

    • It’s not right if they’re making money off of her idea. She should have been consulted first at least.

  89. Tacky! Tacky! Tacky!! You should have been contacted before this and given gift certificates or some form on compensation for your awesome ideas. Target just lost points in my book.

  90. Your original room is brighter and prettier. I noticed the photo has been removed from their shop page. I would hate to ne in that stylists shoes…bad stylist! I hope you hear from them soon and isn’t the community of social media grand? I’m new to your site but good golly I love your pink and yellow combo up there! Good luck!

  91. Getting classier by the day Target! You should really consider cleaning up your act. Oh, and hers looks WAY better!

  92. I just can’t even believe it. I mean. What? I saw it and I thought it was yours and I thought ‘go girl, get it.’ And then I heard. It’s like the stolen idea heard round the blogosphere. So lame Target, so lame.

  93. Wow. I can see demanding credit and making it right, even removing the image and an apology– but demanding they work with you? That’s a bit much.

  94. Mandi, I am new to your {most awesome} blog. I just want to say, you’ve handled this matter with grace and class. I’m really sorry you were not contacted about this amazing design but I hope this opens the door for many design collaborations for you going forward! All the best!

  95. Hooray! It looks like Target responded back!

  96. I posted this article on their FB page. They claimed to have reached out to you. Did they?

  97. You are one classy broad. One day you will be bigger than Target, you mark my words.

  98. I just “targeted” Target on Twitter with

  99. With a link to your post and a shaming message. Great space.

  100. Love the way you handled this! Tons of class! I’m super pumped cuz that’s my comment at the top of the screenshot and seeing my tiny thumbnail pic on your blog may be the closest thing to fame that I get 😉
    It would be so fab if this turned into something for you. Best wishes!

  101. As a fellow blogger and DIY’er, I’ve discovered there’s nothing more aggravating than people who steal your photographs, or in your case, designs simply to benefit their own business. It’s one thing to share somebody’s work giving credit where credit is due, but this is stealing and there is no excuse for it. Photographs of my painted furniture are used time and time again by other businesses; it doesn’t seem to matter if I watermark the pictures or not, they’ll crop Shizzle Design off if I place it on the outer edges or cover it up with their own logo just to claim it as their own. This really, really gets under my skin and angers me when it’s done to me or anyone else. Shame on you Target!!

  102. Way to go! You could have been nasty and mean, but instead chose the high road. You are a great example.

  103. What came out of your conversation with them?

  104. I like your room design much better than the Target design – your’s is much cleaner looking. Definitely will be following you from now on.

  105. You are a class act, Mandi! I KNEW that already, but your reaction reinforces it. You handled the situation with grace and humor…and Target would be LUCKY to have you on their team.

    Not only can Target learn a lesson from this, but other bloggers will as well. You rock, girl!

  106. Target has been ripping off Pottery Barn for years. But you know what? There are a lot of bloggers who celebrate that. There are blogs devoted to showing us similar items which we can get a whole lot cheaper than the original. It seems we bloggers talk out of both sides of our mouths sometimes. It’s only when it happens to someone we “know” that we get upset about it. I’m not saying you are wrong in your reaction to this. I would feel the same way. You’ve handled this in a classy manner but there is some major hypocrisy in some of these comments.

  107. Target will do what’s right!!!! They have too! We are women who won’t give up if they don’t!!!!! 😉 xo

  108. Shared on Twitter. I remember that project easily. With this type of creativity, styling and bold color choices, how could you not!! I am a newer blogger and am inspired by your work. Hope you are next for a Target collaboration, ala Oh Joy.

  109. Wow, yes I love Target, too! Great store, really. Truly. It is NOT ok to steal though. I hope Target makes it right. I would feel inflamed over that. I hope some delicious pink and yellow lemonade comes from this! That’s what lemons are for.

  110. I think it’s really uncool that Target blatantly used your daughter’s room as “inspiration” for their design (although it was pretty much straight up copied without many changes). However, to play devil’s advocate (don’t hate me!), I wonder how often companies feel the same way when they see “knock-offs” or PottryBarnRestorationHardwareCrateandBarrelIKEA “inspired” projects that pop up all over the blogosphere every day. I’ve seen some knock-offs on your blog too. Many of those larger bloggers make extra cash from the extra traffic they might receive on those posts with their ad revenue, so I think it could possibly be a bit of a two way street. The bloggers aren’t making as much as a big company might, but it’s still sort of a “pot calling the kettle black” situation from my point of view as a reader. It was **WRONG** (so wrong!) for Target not to credit your image and your blog/post, but let’s not pretend that bloggers don’t use company’s designs all the time for inspiration. I guess the major difference is that (hopefully!) most bloggers credit the source!! Glad to hear that you heard from them and they will hopefully step up and fix things!

    • I think this was well said. I believe Mandi does give credit when she’s inspired to recreate something, like the West Elm rug or the leather bench, so if Target had done the same thing, it would have been much better for everyone. This may be a great opportunity for Mandi, obviously, and her loyal readers have basically shamed Target. Good luck to both Mandi and Target!

  111. I think that you are absolutely allowed to speak your mind on this matter! If you came to my house you would see a LOT of your projects around here but, I am not publishing them and claiming them as my own. In fact every person that comes in my house and asks about my projects- learns about your blog! There is a difference between someone being inspired by your projects so they recreate them – and working for a company and claiming the work as your own. It is dishonest and that is what bothers me the most. Integrity is something lacking in our world today.
    I e-mailed Target myself when I read your post! I’m sorry!

  112. Shared!!!!!

  113. Your work is amazing and unmistakeable. I hope Target does the right and give the credit that you deserve and more!

  114. Hi Mandi, I will take Kristi’s view point of 1:30p.m. ( Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating). It is all extremely flattering for you though, to have such a huge chain admire your work enough to use the concept in their design. If something further is in the future as a collaboration of you and Target, I wish you every success…Regards, Judy of
    JC Redesigns

  115. I joined twitter just to leave Target a comment! It is ridiculous – it is the EXACT same picture!!!!

  116. How blatant. Guess they didn’t count on blogland watching. Hope this turns into a great opportunity for you, Mandy. I had to post a link to this on my blog today. I found it shocking that Target would do such a thing.
    Black mark to them, straight A to you!

  117. How blatant. Guess they didn’t count on blogland watching. Hope this turns into a great opportunity for you, Mandi. I had to post a link to this on my blog today. I found it shocking that Target would do such a thing.
    Black mark to them, straight A to you!

  118. I once had a project of mine show up on a page in Country Living. It was nearly exact. Nearly. And that’s the difference. There really aren’t too many projects that aren’t inspired by others. Some of your ideas are just improved upon ideas, correct? I actually saw a hexagonal wall in a west elm catalog a few years ago. When I saw yours I figured you improved their idea. Doesn’t that really makes up almost everything we buy? The whole point of diy bloggers is to get exposure by showing projects and actually have people recreate them so that you gain readership (and eventually make money of course) Aren’t we constantly shown how to get the look for less and do “knock offs?” I find this rather hypocritical. Forgive me if I’m less than enthusiastic about emailing Target. They knew exactly what they were doing. This is your job and this is the kind of thing you deal with in business. Be professional. And please remember it’s just a wall. There are serious “lemons” out there. This is not one of them.

  119. Seriously Laura? There is quite a difference between being INSPIRED by and COPYING right down to the rug. If it was inspired, then maybe Target would’ve shown this hexagonal wall in a living room, or entryway. They chose a bedroom, same a ‘VR’. They also chose the exact same setup – bed on left w/ nightstand, one large piece of artwork, floor lamp, black and white rug, nearly identical color story, the HEXAGONAL WALL…It’s a copy. And, if as you say ‘the whole point of diy bloggers is to get exposure by showing projects and actually have people recreate them ” – then isn’t that the point? Target copied a design idea and didn’t give the blogger exposure or credit! We aren’t talking about a small mom/pop shop. Target is multi billion dollar company. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for a place I shop at weekly, thanks to the bloggers that continually use their products. And what if they didn’t? What if all those bloggers stopped using Target (which is cheap/affordable for the average joe but with great style) and switched to another retailer? That would be a big hit to their pocket. What Target did isn’t nice. Just because there are jerks everywhere doesn’t excuse the jerks. Good for Mandi for putting their feet to the fire. She has every right to. Maybe you’re just bitter because you didn’t stand up for yourself when Country Living copied you. But don’t begrudge Mandi for defending herself.

    • Not at all bitter. Just a realist who knew I had more important things to worry about. And there was nothing to stand up for. It was a diy project not a cure for illness. I don’t begrudge Mandi at all. I do think the way she went about it is in poor taste, though, especially when you’re trying to build a brand. But she asked her readers to flood Target with emails and I said no. Was I not allowed to have an opposing view?? If you want to take on a serious issue, why don’t you flood Target with emails demanding that they stop using foreign slave labor and political prisoners to make their cheap products? Or how about pay their employees a living wage? Now those are important issues I can get behind.

  120. I genuinely hope this turns into something really good for you. You’re handling it with such maturity and professionalism.

    You’re building such a great brand for yourself. Target would be stupid not to collaborate and put you on their payroll.

  121. Humm, interesting. The Nester had the same issue apparently…..

  122. Glad they reached out to you! Can’t believe they didn’t attribute it to you in the first place. Also, why don’t they write on the post that it is inspired by you?

  123. wow this is all kinds of crazy – you handled it very well. and i’m so glad they reached out to you.. good luck going forward with this! hope you make a gazzillion $$$ :)

  124. Jo Jenson says:

    Wow! What a wonderful design of yours. And shame on Target (we don’t have them in the UK). But great that they have contacted you. I hope you are destined for great things.

  125. Shared on Facebook! I was astounded when I saw it on Instagram. Very disappointed in my favorite store!

  126. Also, I showed my mom and she goes, “Well I like hers better than Target’s anyways.” Nothing beats an original!

  127. Wow! Awesome for you!! I hope Target pulls through for you. I aspire to be a blog that Target copies. :)

  128. a little late to this thread, but just had to comment on how amazingly you handled this situation. equanimity at it’s very best. you deserve so much credit and all good things from what you do!
    love and light

  129. I love DIY blogs and get inspiration from creative sites but demanding Target to give credit is a little too far. They didn’t copy and use Mandi’s photo. There are thousands of similar designs I see on Pinterest. I may be wrong but I don’t see this as an intellectual property issue. Does Mandi own the design? Is she the only one on the face of this earth who has created this type of design? Except for the wall, I’ve seen everything else set up in that bedroom done in various colors and furniture by MANY people. Does this mean every time a photographer uses a similar design set or pose from a blog, they have to give credit? What if they make money off that photo, do they owe royalties to the person who posted the design on their blog? What if a interior design business saw this bedroom and used it as inspiration for a client’s bedroom. Do they owe Mandi credit or a fee? I know I will catch heat over my comments. But if you choose to post ideas on the internet, expect people and other business to copy them in some form. Unless you have a patent or a copyright on something, you can’t expect to receive credit or compensation. Would it be nice to receive credit for inspiring others or a company? Why yes but I think the expectations are running way too high on this. You can’t copyright imagination. I do not mean for my post to sound rude or disrespectful. Mandi appears extremely talented. But you have to be realistic and this is my opinion.

    • Gay

    • Diane. This isn’t something “similar.” This is a straight up copy with different colors. I just searched all over Google and Pinterest and haven’t found anything that really looks like this. I’m interested to know where you found other copies of this design? It’s not about copy writing or making money, it’s about giving people credit for inspiring you.

  130. Your style is so awesome, no wonder target wanted to copy you! Good luck in getting the credit you truly deserve!

  131. Shame on you Target! They did a crappy job on top of it. They didn’t paint the wall first before putting the wood on the walls. They painted all over the wood. Nice try Target, but no soup for you! They should have hired VintageRevivals to do it right.

    • I agree with you! they should have hired Mandy, or at least given her a heads up that they were replicating her design. It´s good that we all know who did it first

  132. I love Target too but wow, what I rip off! That’s pretty low for people who are PAID to be creative.

  133. You are one of the most talented people I’ve ever found online and now I also think you’re the smartest. I absolutely LOVE the way you handled this and I hope amazing things come out of it for you!

  134. I am a big fan of vintage revival.. You inspire so many people. Downright copying all the way to the tiny detail and not giving credit is insane, and not the good kind of insane.
    Keep creating, Love you to bits!!

  135. Target should be closed down. A true travesty.

  136. BTW your room is way better than the Target copy. Their honeycomb wall colors are too bright and too in your face. Know what I mean? Love your work Mandi. I’m so excited to watch you go places and get to say that I followed you when… Love your guts!

  137. I’m a little conflicted by the chain of comments. Most bloggers post side by side pics of knockoffs they purchase at Target. I see bloggers post pics on their Home Tours that looks like they copied the whole Pottery Barn Catalog. Most of us in one form or another copy ideas and try to make them better. Why the outpouring of hate emails to Target for doing the same thing?

    • She and everyone else was only upset that they STOLE her idea and didn’t give her any credit. In your example you said that DIY bloggers regularly COPY ideas they see and like you said they say “Hey look at this awesome idea I got from Pottery Barn” not “Hey look at this totally original idea I just had” and pretend like it was their own work.

  138. go Mandi! Copycatting is ok only when the original creator receives credit for the concept.

  139. I boo’ed Target on FB. I can’t believe they thought they would get away with this. They sure underestimated the loyalty of your fans.

    A friend sent me to this post today because Kourtney Kardashian ripped my photo and recipe and posted it on her blog this morning. She’s got nearly 3000 FB shares using MY photo. She links to me on her blog (not on FB), but there is no incentive to click because she posted the full recipe.

    I think you handled this with class. Thanks for helping me not to post a Kardashian hate letter on my blog. Although, I’m not planning on taking any naked selfies soon, so I won’t be reaching out to work with them like you did :) Keep on keepin on Mandi!

  140. AlisonB says:

    I’m kindof boycotting Target right now… which is very painful, because I love Target. What is the update here? I’m sickened by their lack of integrity… would love an update! I know they’ve “reached out to you” but what??? Really?


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