Simple (and Temporary!) Patterned Planters

Planter Week continues!


Hey all! It’s Jamie, if you’ve been a part of the Vintage Revival Newsletter we are already besties! If not, it’s not too late, we can totally be best friends over there and get all sorts of inspired.

Ok so Janae (my sister and lovely photographer) and I have decided to become crazy plant ladies. I blame Mandi, she has inspired us with her hanging leather and brass planter, planters covered in leather, and now this whole week of inspiring planters? You’re killing me smalls. Just kidding, I love it.

Our family of planters is growing at a rapid rate and we’ve named them. If you name your plants we are totally kindred spirits and you have to tell me what you’ve named yours!

So since our plants have names and personalities, we wanted to give them some personality that we could change up depending upon the mood.


You know Mandi’s amazing sharpie wall? Did you know they also make water based marker pens? I’m obsessed. They sell them at the craft store for around 4 bucks and I have been going crazy drawing on everything from windows to mirrors to planters.


For this tutorial, we have some clear plastic and glass holders for our plants. This one is Penelope and she wanted some flare to her pot.


Draw on your pattern, name of your plant, make it a gift and write to and from on there, draw yourself on there and make it a selfie, it really doesn’t matter cause you can always wipe it off!


Do you see what I am saying yet? It’s addicting. And kind of a problem. Along with leather, plants, and now, I am completely addicted. You should join me. I would love to see the patterns you guys come up with. I’m in need of some inspiration after drawing everything I can think of.


I also love your guts ;)



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  1. Planter week has been my favorite! I just bought some house plants to give my green thumb a test drive, so far so good, nothing dead yet! I especially love the height that the hanging planters give to a space.
    I do have a question though, how do you hang yours? Simply hooks from the ceiling? Is there a way that you’ve found is most visually appealing?

  2. This is my kind of project. Easy and fixable (if I draw poorly) and cheap. Even kid friendly!

  3. Yet another coal in the fire of my never ending Sharpie obsesh

  4. Ok, so I also have a succulent named Penelope… Too weird! There is also Marcelo the hibiscus, Eustace, Agnes, and Gertrude. I give my plants old school names. Cute planters!

  5. great idea for the planters. :)

  6. This. Is. A. Game. Changer.
    I NEED one of those pens. Love it!!!

  7. This is totally a diy project for those indecisive minds! Ha…lol. I am so loving it!

  8. These are really cute Mandi… love your ideas!

  9. Such a cool idea!


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