Orchid Dyed Macramé Planter

Today is like a double whammy of awesome.  First off we are still celebrating Planter Week (check out yesterdays project if you missed it!) and it is the Spring Color Challenge!!!  If you are new, the Color Challenge is the funnest of all challenges.  6 bloggers from 6 different genres all combine forces and descend on one color to completely inspire every aspect of your life.  Being the spring of 2014 our color was pretty much fated to be purple.  Pantone wrote it in our stars.


I am completely and utterly obsessed with Macramé right now.  It is really addicting guys.  So how about if we are all addicted together?  Deal.

One of the biggest things that I hear is that it just looks so hard.  To which I will reply,  do you think it was the art form that pretty much defined the 70’s and lived in every household because it was complicated?  Nope.  It is really really easy.  It just looks hard.

Orchid-Dyed-Macrame-Planter-DIY-vintagerevivals.com-3 (2)

To make this planter you will need:

1 package of 3/16’” cotton clothesline.  Listen and listen good.  You DO NOT want to get this at Lowes.  Their clothesline is super wonky and bulgy everywhere that is was folded.  The bulges are like cellulite, no matter how much you try and work it out, it just lives on.  Home Depot’s is the way to go.  (Lowes is on the top, Home Depot is on the bottom.)

How to tie a figure 8 knot vintagerevivals.com-11

1 Container for your cute little plants.  The one I used in this project was a simple $1.99 ramekin from Target.  You can’t go wrong with white ceramic and stripes.

1 Container of Purple Rit Dye

1 Container of Fuschia Rit Dye


Start by measuring 5 pieces that are 15 feet each.  Find the center of each of the pieces and knot them all together.  This is the top of your planter.

Orchid Dyed Macrame Planter DIY vintagerevivals.com

The knots in this planter are very simple figure 8’s.  Start by taking 2 pieces that are next to each other and fold it up, cross it under, bring it back over the top and pull it through.  Repeat this for all 10 pieces of rope that you have (you will have 5 knots)


Next move down your rope about 8 inches and repeat, but this time take a piece of rope from 2 different knots so that you are creating a net, and not just rows of knots.

Repeat this one more time.  You are totally a pro at this point in the game.

Next you are going to tie a square knot underneath each of the figure 8’s.  (not a macrame square knot, a boy scout square knot.  There is a difference.)

Gather all of your ends together and wrap one piece of rope around them a few times and secure it underneath.

Now is the fun part.  Dye!

How to tie a figure 8 knot vintagerevivals.com-10

I wanted my purple to be more Orchid than Lilac so I mixed 2 different colors of Rit Dye together.

The rope that we are using is cotton so you need to add salt to your dye mixture.  All of the mixing instructions are on the bottle.

Let the ends of the planter sit in the dye for 3-5 minutes.  The rope will soak up the dye and give it a gradiated ombre  effect.  Rinse with cool water and let dry.

Orchid-Dyed-Macrame-Planter-DIY-vintagerevivals.com-3 (1)


Plant it with your favorite little green guys and enjoy your newest addiction!

Orchid Dyed Macrame Planter DIY vintagerevivals.com-4

Orchid Dyed Macrame Planter DIY vintagerevivals.com


Make sure you go and check out everyone else’s amazing purple projects too!  I just cant get over how talented these girls are.

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  1. Mandi this is SO gorgeous!!! I’m not usually a fan of purple but i LOVE It like this!

  2. Love this collaboration! My mom got me a plant holder very similar to that one so I think I may have to try this out!

  3. Love love love it!
    I’ve been working on a radiant orchid project myself. Not as cool as yours though ;)

  4. So it appears you have a million plants in your house now- leather wrapped planters, hanging leather planters, macrame planters… what next? Industrial pipe planters?

  5. I am jealous that you have a Diana Dreamer! I have just the black and blue one but this one has my heart! I really need to try some macrame too. (:

  6. SArah Cioffi says:

    Do real succulents thrive in these planters or would you suggest simply artificials? Also, any recommendations on places to hang these and ways of hanging? Do you install a hook of sorts to your ceiling?


  7. Can you include a picture of the last step with the square knots? I’ve gotten to that point but think I’m doing something wrong because it’s not making a net to hold my planter! Thanks! I love this and it’s perfect for a spot in my master bedroom that I’ve been struggling with.

  8. Can you include a picture of the last step with the square knots? I got to this point but it isn’t making a net to hold the planter. I love this and it will be the perfect thing to fill a space in my master bedroom that I’ve been trying to figure out. Thanks!

  9. Hi there, can you please post a picture of the last step with the square nets and more specific instructions? I have to agree with Abby’s comment, I am not sure how to how to finish this so it holds the planter.

    Thanks so much!

  10. You inspired me to make some macrame of my own! I made some mini-plant hangers for succulents: http://www.novelbenedictions.com/nb/2014/09/macrame-succulent-plant-hangers/



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