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It’s Party Time!  Let do this!!

Every month we are celebrating clearing a project out of our stash of unfinished hopes and dreams pile.  Congrats to you and your hubby are in order.  I am so proud!

My project this month is more of an idea hoard, and not so much an actual hoard.  You know when you have an idea and it just hangs out, in your mind, resurfacing when you least expect it?  Yes.  It is one of those projects.

Meet the Pom Pom Pillow.  Literally.

Pom Pom Pillow Tutorial

I dug around in my fabric stash for something long forgotten.  Remember back in the day when I made an entire duvet cover from fabric scraps?  This pillow is made out of white vinyl, black felted wool and black yarn.

I freehanded the letters so that they were a little imperfect (because that kind of stuff just makes me so happy!)

Then I made a simple simple pillow cover using this tutorial.  If you can sew 4 straight lines, you can make this pillow.

Pom Pom Pillow


After I figured out the placement, I glued them on with Fabri-Tac.  That stuff is legit.

Pom Pom Pillow-2


I used this secret ninja technique for making giant pom poms and used upholstery thread to attach them to the pillow by stitching around the center of the pom.  It doesnt have to be pretty, it just has to be functional.

Pom Pom Pillow-3

I love that this is a 30 minute project, because lets face it,  sometimes you just need to accomplish something.  Unlike cleaning the house, this project stays done.  Warms my heart just thinking about it.

Pom Pom Pillow Tutorial

Pom Pom Pillow-5 Now it’s time to show off your #rockwhatyagotparty projects.  Please follow the rules below!

Rock What Ya Got Party

And just a humble reminder that we are in the final voting round of the Apartment Therapy Homies and would love your support!  xo

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