Pillow Talk (Not About Pillows!)

Hey guys!!  Hope you are having such a fantastic week!!

Today we are just chatting like the besties we are!  I hope that is ok!  Sometimes I just feel so detached from the world, sitting behind my computer talking about decorating all day.  Speaking of besties.  Court and I were leaving church on Sunday and talking to another couple.  The subject of having adult friends (or lack thereof) came up and Court said “Well,  Mandi has a bunch of invisible internet friends, and I have employees.”  How is that for honest…and a little disturbing?

I have found a new favorite snack.  Boom Chicka Pop Cheddar and Carmel Popcorn.  It is so fantastic I have been reliving my college days of living off of one type of food.   Court is not amused.

The funniest thing happened last week, it makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it.  Dylan still sleeps in our bed.  I know.  It is reeeeeeediculous.  But I sort of love having a cuddle buddy, and she is just growing up so fast!  Anyways.  It was 11:30ish and I was on the computer working.  Wallace our Boston Terrier (who is notorious for his horrible gas) was buried deep underneath the covers.  The covers started rustling and he sleepily walked out from underneath them,  farted, and then climbed back underneath (I mean, I cant blame him, I would NOT want to be trapped underneath there with that either.)  Then out of the blue, Dylan sits straight up and says “Ugh, Wallace! That was horrible!” then laid down and went back to sleep.  They were both instantly asleep and I was left stifling a laugh while simultaneously  gasping for air.

I hate the twinge of regret that comes after you pass something awesome up at the thrift store.  Believe it or not, this painting is what I am heartbroken about.


I know.  It is snort inducing.  I cant believe I didn’t get it.  I hope that whoever scooped it up loves him as much as we would have.

Do you ever have moments where it just hits you how big your kids are getting?  After a bath this week I was doing Dylan’s hair and she stuck her foot on the foggy bathroom mirror.  It took me be surprise how big her footprint was!  And then like 30 seconds later, Ivie walked in wearing one of my shirts and it sort of fit her.  WHY?!  It is breaking my heart!!

We have a new favorite family game in our lives.  It is THE BEST.  Period.  In this history of ever.  It’s called Telestrations and it is sort of like drawing Telephone, you start with a word or phrase and then draw a picture of it.  Then you pass your book and the person next to is only allowed to see the picture that you drew.  They write down what they think it is and pass the book.  The person next to them can only see what they have written and has to draw a picture of it.  You pass the booklet around to everyone playing, and trust me when I say, it is laugh so hard you cant make any noise funny.  Here is a link to the game on Amazon.  And just so you can get the idea here is one of our rounds:

 Telestrations Game

I will admit, this is one of the cleaner versions,  but it is seriously the funnest game of my life.

Ok now it’s your turn!  Tell me what is going on in your neck of the woods!

Love Your Guts


  • Jenn @ HomeStyleReport 05.02.2014 at 17:41

    Oh there’s nothing like a good fart story! I probably shouldn’t share mine…but I’m going to :) My hubs is also notorious for his “smell making abilities.” On one freezing night we were asleep and I had my head under the covers in an attempt to keep warm, when I’m woken up but “the smell.” I wish I could describe how bad it was but clearly it has the ability to wake people. So as I’m trying to ignore the smell and fall back asleep the mister wakes up (in disgust) and promptly blames it on me! What?!?! Men.

  • Leigh Anne 05.02.2014 at 17:53

    Where have I seen that painting before?!?! It seems so familiar. Did you post about it before now?

    • Rissa 06.02.2014 at 02:23

      She has it on instagram

  • Erin 05.02.2014 at 18:37

    My family LOVES telestrations! We bring it out every holiday and it gets wild and crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dad laugh that hard in my life. Always a crowd pleaser

  • terri 05.02.2014 at 18:39

    I know the ( heartbreak) (lol) of not picking up something and then regretting it, almost as well as picking up something and regretting it even more, because most the time it is at Goodwill and they don’t take things back, so you are out the money and stuck with the bad choice! ugh! Oh and you have to try to find a place to store it, and have to listen to your husband, tell you you shouldn’t have bought it anyway! We started playing a game called Apples to Apples, have you heard of it? It is hilarious to play to!

  • Kat Randall 05.02.2014 at 18:41

    We’ve been playing this game for awhile! but not bought at target, we call it “telepictionary” and we just cut up paper, so each person gets a numbered stack of papers the same amount as people playing. then each person write the phrase and passes to the left, and it continues. great for road trips!

  • Sandy 05.02.2014 at 18:58

    That game sounds totally hilarious! We are always looking for new games. Thanks for that! As for that picture you are mourning…yes, it is snort inducing but hey, if you love it then that’s all that matters. Art is so subjective and it’s important to surround yourself with things that speak to you. Too bad you didn’t snap him up.

  • Carolyn 05.02.2014 at 19:04

    Loved your update! I am looking for a new job after being at my old one for 7 yrs. It is very scary and very exciting at the same time. The world is so full of things I want to do…and so full of bills! I alternate between the rush of researching the heck out something new and sobbing hysterically. I haven’t told my family or friends yet–I wonder what they think of my crazy mood swings? It’s nice to read your posts everyday because I feel like some part of my life is solid, still, dependable, and happy. Thanks.

  • trichelle 05.02.2014 at 19:42

    Oh my heavens! First, I do read your posts and feel like we are friends…im afraid if I ever ran into you you’d be terrified because I would forget that you don’t know me. Next, love the picture, wish I was the one who took him home. He would have been well taken care of. Now let me explain what is going on for me today. I’m sitting in a business class at the U, and obviously taking care of more important things than learning about financial matters (reading your blog!!) when I got to the Wallace and Dylan story I couldn’t hold back the laughter. It escaped my lips like a fog horn. I had to excuse myself from the classroom to get myself together and try to present myself like a good young business professional! Thank you for that sunshine in my mundane afternoon. It was much needed, I’m sure some classmates of mine thank you too.

  • Natasha 05.02.2014 at 20:09

    Cincinnati is cold and covered in ice and snow. I should go chip my car out of it’s ice-tomb, but that requires leaving my warm apartment.

  • Patsy 05.02.2014 at 20:11

    That painting!!! Did you happen to notice the artist’s name?

  • Kathy@mishmashmom 05.02.2014 at 23:33

    I purchased a creepy old man portrait at DI a few years back that made me smile. Well, my husband hated it and eventually I gave in and painted over it. I have regretted it ever since. Anybody know of a good acrylic paint remover that wont take off the oil(?) underneath?

  • Erin 06.02.2014 at 01:55

    OMG Telestrations is the best game ever!!! My bro was given it as an Xmas gift one year, we played it and it was a riot! I have never laughed so hard playing a game as I have with that one. It’s ridiculously fun! Every member in my family now has that game so we play it whenever we’re together.

  • Pam @ over the big moon 06.02.2014 at 04:53

    We are total gamers in this house and that game looks like to much fun (and possibly trouble)! We play a game similar called Scribblish. It’s kind like the game “telephone” where something starts as one thing and some how turns into something totally different and usually so inappropriate! haha :)

    I’m feeling like a few of us blogger couples should totally have a game night! Plus, it would be fun to meet all the hubbies!

    P.S. Bummer you aren’t coming this weekend! We’ll miss ya!

  • McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam 06.02.2014 at 06:44

    I love posts like this. Maybe it is because I desperately need adult friends too! This invisible adult conversation that we just had was much needed!

  • Elisha @ Pneumatic Addict Furniture 06.02.2014 at 07:39

    How funny! We always played that game and it was called “Eat Poop You Cat”. Seriously. I didn’t know it had a real name.

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design 06.02.2014 at 12:08

    That game does sound like fun!
    And yes, it just hit me this past week looking at my 7 year old daughter when she came out of the shower how big she is getting. And what did I do? Burst out into tears!!! LOL! Well, that might also be because I’m having monthly issues but it totally touched me 😉

  • Michelle 06.02.2014 at 14:21

    Mandi! I love getting sneak peaks into other blogger’s lives. It makes my moments seem a little bit more normal. Thanks for the comedic break. I will have to invest in that game! It looks hysterical. :) I am currently freezing my tail off. (Spring is on it’s way….right?!) and ordering books for Bible studies. And needing more coffee. I hate winter. I think hibernating is a good idea. Also. I really need to wash my hair. It may officially be past the gross everyone out stage…

    Thanks for the smile your blog always puts on my face!

    Michelle from Michigan. :)

  • Jessica 06.02.2014 at 14:48

    Having invisible internet friends isn’t so bad, there are some very nice invisible people out there. It’s the quiet before the storm out here I suppose. I’m a self employed architectural designer and I’m taking classes to get my architect registration, just submitted my forms for another class and another semester, admittedly I’m already tired. I did get my office reno completed though, so now I have a nice place to work and do school without my mess descending upon the remainder of the house.

    Maybe because my kiddo is a pretty tiny three year old, I tend not to notice how big she is getting. Though yesterday I saw a newborn and all I could think was “no way, my kid was never that small”, even though she totally was.

  • pamela 06.02.2014 at 22:37

    Hi Mandi, I just started reading your blog and it is so funny you say “invisible bestie” because I called you that and my husband thought I was crazy lol! anyways love your blog, I went back and read as far as I could. your amazing!

  • Katherine Roberts 07.02.2014 at 00:17

    Personal posts are so fun to read. Its hard to find bloggers that do this now because I feel like it is all so much about advertising products. Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Mindy 07.02.2014 at 03:14

    I poled at the fart incident too… My kids make me laugh sometimes….

  • Sammie 07.02.2014 at 04:45

    I seriously LOVE Telestrations!!! It is outrageous and so much fun! Some of the best laughing to happen in a game! Love that you play it!

  • Kristin 08.02.2014 at 16:14

    Real. Life. I so appreciate your openness into your life – blogging sometimes can be such a one-way conversation, but know that you are making an impact! Thank you for sharing all that you do – it is much appreciated!

  • TaraLee 10.02.2014 at 01:20

    I love posts like these. Its like catching up with an old friend.


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