Creating With The Stars 2014: Be My Partner?

I thought that a Saturday post was in order to shout from the rooftops that Creating With The Stars is back for another round of competition!! 

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CWTS is a competition held over on East Coast Creative that pairs a contestant with a “Blog Star” we use that term very loosely around these parts.  The Stars help mentor and give advice on projects to their partner, and every week is a face off of epic proportions with huge crazy prizes.  Sounds awesome right!?

Want to know who the Stars are?  Of course you do!

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Kristin >>> The Hunted Interior

Jen >>> Tatertots & Jello

Michael >>> Inspired By Charm

Mandi >>> Vintage Revivals

Brooke >>> All Things Thrifty

Jamielyn >>> I Heart Naptime

Shelley >>> The House of Smiths

Katie >>> Bower Power

Kari >>> U Create

Beckie >>> Infarrantly Creative

Karianne >>> Thistlewood Farms

Kate >>> Centsational Girl


So what do you say?  Want to give it a go?

Lets have a brief nostalgic look back (cue soft music and fuzzy memory flashes)

When Vintage Revivals was 3 months (or so) old I entered what was then Crafting With The Stars and won.  It gave me a huge confidence boost for my little baby blog and got my name out there in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to.  You can see my CWTS projects here if you want a serious walk down memory lane. 

So if you are on the fence, DO IT!!  What have you got to lose?  And the best part is that we might be partners!  How fun would that be!!?

You can get all of the deets here,  over on EC2

Love Your Guts


  • monica East Coast Creative 22.02.2014 at 18:08

    We’re so excited to have you again Mandi!! Thanks for letting your readers know about CWTS- a VR Fan teamed up with you could be a deadly combo!! Let the Creativity Begin!!

  • Rachel 22.02.2014 at 18:40

    I totally remember you in this competition when you first started your blog. You’ve come a long way baby!

  • Jessica @ GG&G 22.02.2014 at 21:55

    I would literally give a kidney to be your partner in CWTS. I am SO stressed about work time and some after-school stuff I do with kids that I don’t know if I have the physical time to do it, but I WANT to do it so badly.

  • Katherine 22.02.2014 at 23:11

    I’m so excited to watch this season play out! I think I’ll enter a project just for fun. Now! Off to think of something mind blowing!

  • Mindy 23.02.2014 at 05:31

    Glad you got from contestant to star :). Interesting to see your fireplace project- is not your style anymore.

    • Mandi 23.02.2014 at 19:30

      It is so crazy right?!

  • Corey 23.02.2014 at 15:02

    Oh man! I want to be in this competition so badly! What an awesome idea. What kind of DIY projects are you all looking for as entries? How exciting :)

  • Jen @ decorsanity 24.02.2014 at 01:40

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this announcement, I always hear it from you first. I’ll give it a go, but couldn’t come at a worse time (I’m in the middle of a major kitchen/two bath remodel and taking on lots of projects m’self!) I made an attempt last year so why the heck not!! Then maybe I’d make it in, we could be paired together, we would be best friends, I would buy the house next to yours in St. George and we’d do everything together and all of my dreams would come true! Wait, did I just type that out loud? 😉

  • Trisha D. 24.02.2014 at 14:40

    I have been looking forward to the competition all year! Glad to see some Haven Maven faces in the all-star line-up this year! It’s going to be so much fun following along!! Good luck, hope your team wins!!

  • dee 24.02.2014 at 18:53

    Wow Congrats! I’ve never heard of this before. I’m excited to see what it is all about! Good luck to you and your team!



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