Organizing For The Creative Mind: The Case of the Travelling Circus

You know those people who just SO lucked out when it comes to genetics?  Like they got the best of everything that their parents literally have to offer?

Well.  When it comes to matters of the mind and basic life skills, I got the crap end of the gene pool.  (at least that is what I am blaming it on…)

The first problem is that I am creative (its a blessing or a curse, depending on if you are talking to me or Court.)  He even went so far as to tell his Grandpa that I have Project Diarrhea.  It never ends, there is no holding it back, and it effects everyone around me.  You are welcome for that visual.  Lovely.

The second problem is that I am a RAGING 7.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, take this personality quiz, it is my favorite one ever!  Being a Seven means that I love to have new exciting things going on at all times.  If its not exciting, I am not doing it.  It also means that and I quote “sevens have a tendency to be ungrounded; getting lost in plans or fantasies.”  There is no such thing as simply organizing a drawer.  We are going to organize EVERY drawer, cabinet, closet in the house, and while I’m at it, I am going to start going to the gym, reading and meditating every single morning before I check my email,  make a home cooked meal every night AND clean up after it,  start 3 new blogs,  train the dog and completely redesign my kitchen.  All because of a drawer that had too many tools in it.  Want to know how many of those things will actually happen?  Only the really fun one.

Today I am airing all my dirty laundry (literally).  Please don’t judge me.  I am so far from wonderful it is embarrassing.  Phew.  Here we go!

I know that I may be on the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to order and organizing (with my girl Jen on the complete opposite side, she is AMAZING!) but that doesn’t mean that I LIKE to live like this.  It in fact drives me insane.   I can never find anything that I need because everything goes everywhere.  Case in point.  A few days ago I couldn’t find a Philips head screwdriver anywhere.  Which is so lame, because we literally own 10 + about 30 interchangeables.  I mean, we have more screwdriver tips than Home Depot.  I searched everywhere for a good 20 minutes.  Guess where I found not 1, but 3?  The bathroom drawer.  Right next to the toothpaste and (wait for it) a butter knife.

I desperately needed to come up with a solution that could help me pull my crap together, without getting distracted.  I really don’t have ADD, I just want to do something enjoyable.  At all times.

Laser focus.  So here are a few things that I do or have started implementing in my life. 

The Travelling Bin Circus: 

I pulled out a few bins from the garage and labeled them:

I started in the kitchen.  Every drawer and cupboard was cleared out.  Everything that is supposed to live in the garage went in one bin.

Cluttered Cupboard

Everything that was crafting/project supplies when in a second bin.

Everything that was the girl’s went in a third bin.

Everything that was decor related went in a fourth bin.

I was SHOCKED at how much more storage I had when everything was separated.   

Organizing Tips-5-2

Then I toted my totes around every room in the house and left order and unicorn tears in my wake.  It was beautiful.


Catch All Permission Granted:

One of the other problems that I face is that I am always bringing things into the house for projects.  Tools/supplies/finds,  you know, the stuff that makes up Vintage Revivals.  I know myself.  I am not going to put things where they are supposed to be when I get home.  I needed a designated area to put things like this.  And I know that you are probably not bringing these specific types of treasures in your home on a daily basis, but this would totally work for the things that you frequently stack on the closest flat surface to the front door.

I went to Homegoods (of course I did) and bought this really great reed basket for $25.   This is literally my catch all.  Everything that is a blog related supply goes into the basket until I need it or have time to put them all away.  Doing this totally cuts down on my “I should be more on top of life” guilt, because it is supposed to be filled with stuff, that is why I bought it!  Hooorah!

Organizing Tips Catch All Basket


Once everything was clean, I did a quick run through with the Swiffer Steamboost and felt like I had actually accomplished something for the day.



These are just a few of my organizing ideas, P&G and The Home Depot have a whole site put together with more amazing tips, tricks, and projects, to make your 2014 bright and clean.  (Including a sneak peek at the projects I am talking about tomorrow!!)


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This post was in partnership with P&G and The Home Depot.  All opinions, ideas and clutter are completely my own.



  1. Everything has a home – everything should have a specific place to live, so to speak. Of course, most of the time I totally suck at this, but it’s a great tip. Haha.

  2. Take time cleaning a different room each day, even for ten minutes. Make a schedule, and the house stays miraculously cleaner. You also don’t feel like your entire weekend is sucked up by chores and organizing.

  3. I just don’t pretend that my home will be an organized show house at any moment. There is a place for everything, and I do a thorough house cleaning once a week and if things somehow crawl away from their home, so be it, it will eventually make its way back during the big cleaning adventure.

  4. I like the idea of having a specific drop zone for items that don’t belong in a room. I like that the baseket you have has a lid so that guests have no idea what clutter you have out and a about.

  5. The easiest way to get organized is to get rid of things you don’t need!!! Trash, recycle, goodwill, craigslist – they are all your organizing friends!

  6. Bins and Baskets for everything that doesn’t have a drawer or designated spot.

  7. I’m racking my brain and have no favorite tips :( I think that means it’s time for me to get organized myself! Everything in my house is “put away” out of sight, but I’m thinking of a couple closets/cupboards that could use some major organizing!

  8. Never walk naked! That means don’t go upstairs without carrying something that belongs upstairs with you. Never go out to the garage without bringing something that belongs in the garage out with you.

  9. i am the same way, i am creative and NOT organized and it makes me crazy!! if i have a mess (like on my dresser or my kitchen table) it makes me crazy, but yet not crazy enough to actually clean it up. like hello brain- either clean it or dont let it bother you. yeah, very frustrating. i just dont have the time or energy…..and it sucks!!!

  10. Best tip is to constantly be ridding my house of extras and un-needed things. You would think that my home is a sparse beauty, but alas, it is not.0

  11. I dont see a link for the personality test :(

  12. A place for everything and everything in its place! If things don’t have “homes” then you never know where to put them! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  13. Everything has a place and what doesn’t gets stuffed into a closet somewhere…lol!

  14. Nell Hernandez says:

    Every closet in my house has a bin of stuff that has no home :(

  15. A place for everything….in a perfect world not my world but I get the concept!

  16. Well of COURSE the butter knife was next to the screw drivers. What do you use if you can’t find a screw driver? A butter knife. I always use one to unscrew the light switch covers when I’m painting. Even if a screw driver is right there, haha. So of course it ended up with the other screw drivers – makes perfect sense to me!

    My favorite organizing tip is at the end of the day – sometimes before dinner or sometimes before bed – I make everyone spend 10 minutes cleaning the main level of the house. The kids know that it doesn’t matter who got what out, they had better be putting stuff away (in it’s right place) for 10 minutes. It always feels so great after, and then I don’t spend an hour cleaning up after everyone is in bed.

  17. drawer organizers!!

  18. My best organizing tip……purge, purge, purge baby!

  19. I wish everything had a place.

  20. In order to get excited about organizing, I need to have nice organizing supplies. Nice baskets, covered boxes, but bins, etc. all help me stay organized!

  21. Adrienne Nevin says:

    my favorite organizing tip is to label everything so you know where everything is supposed to go!

  22. I put everything away and empty my pockets as soon as I get in the door.

  23. I don’t really have a favorite tip, but I’ve found that I’m very particular on my organizing solutions–they must meet specific dimensions and usually be made out of specific materials in order for me to really be happy with how the space turns out, which means things take forever to organize :(

  24. Ashlei Moos says:

    My cleaning closet/room is SCREAMING to be cleaned out!

  25. Nicole Walters says:

    If it will take less than 5 minutes do it now not later..

  26. Labeling everything in the pantry so you know what it is :)

  27. Haha. Well at least you’re good at hiding your clutter in and behind things.

  28. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    I, like you, did NOT inherit the organizational gene. Or, if I did, I misplaced it – or have it in the box of things i am going to one day fix/sew/mend/glue back together/paint. I just found your blog and I am happy I did. As I read this post, I kept nodding: me…me…me…Good to know I am not alone! :)

  29. Do a little organizing every day and before you know it the job will be done!

  30. oh em gee… i need a catch-all!!!

  31. My mom always said, “don’t put it down put it away.” That is a good tip…if only I lived it!

  32. I always try to place my purse, cell phone and keys in a designated area every day so I always know where they are.

  33. Organizing your closet in rainbow order helps a ton with finding items. I even sort by pants, short sleeves, long sleeves and then rainbow each of those items.

  34. I’ve been organizing my home office like this too, with the whole put it bins for each category. Finding out what I need and have started a big list. Thx for the special give away. Really appreciate it.
    Connie @ http//:bradshawshouse(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  35. Kayley Maybe says:

    My favorite organizing tip is to spend 5 minutes every day putting things away. Little things make a big difference!

  36. Amanda Fry says:

    I struggle with keeping an organized home as well! It’s so hard! With a young family, it is an ever-growing task! Thanks for sharing honestly with us!

  37. Everything gets put away as soon as I’m done with it before I can start making excuses to put it off!

  38. I try to evaluate if it is worth the space, I clean out the junk to leave room for new treasures!

  39. Amanda C. says:

    What a great giveaway! I’m working, slowly but surely, to create organization in my home. Things run so much smoother that way, but it’s trial & error to figure out what works!

  40. Do a little bit every day and then KEEP it up so you don’t end up with a mess again!

  41. ugh…organizing. I organize, then have to re-organize every few months….nothing stays organized at our house for long!

  42. I try to take 15 minutes at the end of every day to organize and put away things that are places they don’t belong. It sounds silly, but I set a timer and see how far I can get in 15 minutes. It helps me not get distracted by other messes in other rooms….

  43. Jessi james says:

    With a small house, 4 boys(5 if I count the hubby), 4 cats , and a dog, being organized is nearly impossible around here. I guess my tip would be to just start small with the organizing and getting rid of the things that haven’t found a purpose in years

  44. I’m big on having boxes and shelves for everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not super organized, but it helps to have designated spots especially when they cover up all the crap.

  45. Just motivated me to do the same! Thanks!

  46. Organized. Sigh. Maybe someday?

  47. I don’t have an organizing tip, because there isn’t an organized cell in my body. No kidding, I had a screwdriver in my toothbrush holder for like a month. Why? Because that’s where it goes. Duh.

  48. Caitlin Johnson says:

    I am big fan of having a junk drawer/bin that collects everything I don’t want to deal with at the moment. Then about once a month I clear it out and put things away where they belong. It helps remove counter/dresser clutter and makes things look so much better.

  49. Organized whats that? My whole house is a hot mess, I found a coffee cup and flash light in our guest bedroom and nobodys stayed in there for the past 6 months. I cant wait to see what’s in store tomorrow.

  50. Getting started is the hard part. Just take a few minutes at the end of the day to put stuff away. Make it a challenge and see how long you can keep yourself organized!

  51. I love organizing with clear plastic tubs and mason jars so you can see what is inside. It’s helpful to label the outside so it takes seconds to grab what you need. Also- if you don’t use something for 3 months donate it! I call a donation pick up service every couple months, it’s so much easier to do that way. ~Tricia

  52. Okay, this is the way I am going to one day *become* organized, but I am far from there yet: A place for everything and everything in its place. There is clutter everywhere in my house because things don’t have a designated spot. If they do have a spot, I am much more likely to put it away. One of my goals for 2014 is to create a spot for EVERYTHING.

  53. I love being organized…if not it gives me anxiety

  54. Take time at least once a week to help everything find its home. I find when I designate time to do this each week, I’m more likely to keep on top of it the rest of the time!

  55. I don’t have a super organized house either. I try to keep a few baskets around the house as catch alls and when they get full I try to unload them and put things where they belong. It is not a perfect system but it works better than nothing.

  56. I surround myself with the things I love. When the end result of cleaning/organizing is a beautiful one, I am much more likely to keep it up.

  57. My husband needs a system like this… he never puts any tools away then yells at me when he cant find them!

  58. Brittany Dodgen says:

    i LOOOVE organizing. i am GOOD at organizing. i am NOT good at styling shelves, looking at strips of wood and thinking “wall of hexagons”, being brave enough to paint walls in my house black, or rocking a velvet couch. so don’t mind me while i’m over here envying your project diarrhea.

  59. I love organizing! Great idea with the bins. Did you label shelves so that you can put things back where they belong? I have found that helpful to keep things organized. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Great post!

  61. My favorite organizing tip is to make it fun and pretty! If I don’t have pretty little storage containers then putting things into them makes it not fun and I won’t do it. :)

  62. Apparently we live parallel lives. I spend more time looking for my tools and supplies than I do on actual projects. You’d think I would learn to put stuff away 😀 My entire entryway closet is one big catch all. Who needs room for coats? 😉 This post was hilarious!

  63. just start! pull everything out of the space, and bring it back piece by piece. also, dont hang onto junk you dont need anymore!

  64. Chelsea Nielsen says:

    I try to get organized and I do but it only lasts about a week. Then everything is a disaster again. Haha

  65. I also need help organizing. I guess my tip would be to take the time to just do it. I think the thought of how much time it might take keeps me from starting. I need to just get on it already!

  66. My tip would be to stay on top of it. If I let a fork linger in the sink because the dishwasher is clean but not emptied the fork spontaneously replicates and transforms until there are dishes spilling onto the counter and we have no more clean forks. Its not a tip… but… well. Life is hard sometimes.

  67. I love to get rid of things. Throw things away. Give it to a friend. Or actually use it! And nifty storage is a must!

  68. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite way to organize is to write all of my problem areas on ping-pong balls and then pick one and work on it until it’s finished. I have a hard time picking something and following through with it until it’s done but for some reason when I do it with the ping-pong balls it gets done.

  69. I love organizing! It is my favorite thing to do…I don’t clean or dust, I re-arrange and organize. I put a dot of paint on the top caps of the paint bottles…then store them in a tote…that way I can see the color of paint I am looking for. :) Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  70. My tip is to make sure you and whoever you live with (spouse/roomie/bf/gf) are all on the same page with the basics of the organization. It doesn’t work when i’m just on top of organizing and my boyfriend is not. I just feel like i’m picking up after him and nagging. So Now that we have a system in place it works so.much.better!

  71. My favorite organizing tip is to not hold onto items longer than 6 months. If i havent’ used/worn it in the past 6 months, I can tossing/donating it!

  72. I missed out mostly on the organized gene too. My hubby is pretty organized and I probably drive him crazy sometimes…but I like to think my artsy side complements his organized side…right?? : )

  73. Junk mail doesn’t even make it in the door. It goes straight from mailbox to recycling bin the garage before we step foot in the house. Cuts down on a pile of mail to “sort” sitting on the kitchen island. That’s where I put all my other junk….

  74. Sara Baker says:

    My best organizing tip is…don’t let the junk in! I drop my junk mail in the recycling bin before I even walk through the door. Often I even open up my non-junk mail and drop the recyclable bits that I don’t need in the bin at the same time. The less paper that enters our house, the better.

  75. Perhaps it’s because my home growing up was full of amazing, completely unorganized treasures, but my home now is meticulously organized… OCD organized. A piece of paper on the table will make me crazy unless it is put in its proper folder. I don’t know which is better. Perhaps a happy medium is the best alternative :)

    Good work starting the organization process! I know that an organized home is a happy home :)

  76. My favorite organizing tip is use baskets, baskets, baskets. That way it LOOKS organized, but people can’t see the crap stuffed in there.

  77. Karen Jerread says:

    I love to just throw stuff away. That is very satifying to me.

  78. I am so much the same way! I have project materials all over the house, but especially in my already too small kitchen. I followed along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure this month, and have made good progress. But, the fun projects got done way faster than the actual cleaning did. I have been doing the plastic container thing. My problem is then putting the stuff away once it gets to the correct room. Now I have plastic bins sitting around everywhere…

  79. I try to put things where they belong as soon as I bring them in the house. If I don’t they’ll languish somewhere (where they shouldn’t be) for-basically-ever.

  80. Chloe Joy says:

    I find peg boards (for hanging tools, etc) and baskets to be the most useful!

  81. I don’t just like this post – this post spoke to my soul. Seriously, I’m eating my macaroni & cheese for lunch while reading your blog, and I have to put my fork down. I’m overwhelmed by how much I relate. God blessed this creative girl with an amazing mom – one who happens to be an auctioneer. So, on top of my thrift store adventures, I’m working at auctions on the weekends: seeing all kinds of amazing “unwanted treasures”. God also blessed me with a husband who wants, no needs, the house clean & organized. Anyway, I could go on forever, but THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me permission to have a catch all. Why have I not been doing this? Homegoods & Home Depot: here I come! There’s a circus coming to town this weekend: a traveling bin circus… my house.

  82. There are probably so many things just hiding in the jumble that have been lost for so long, you’ll feel like they’re new again!

  83. Erin Mixon says:

    I scrapbook with project life and get monthly kits. I automatically remove all the baggies from the kit and separate sequins, wood pieces, etc into a jewelry beading container. Then I take my PL cards and put them into my organized by color card place. It’s so much easier to get it done now! Instead of digging through each month’s left overs in a kit box, I go to the color I need for the photos I am using on that spread….then the same with my embellishments. :)

  84. I don’t really have any tips. I’m an extremely organized person by nature. When I go to a close friend or family member’s house, I start organizing their crap. I spring clean my neighbors’ garages for them every year just for fun. I would rather organize crap than do anything else in life. When I’m stressed I start organizing my kids clothes and toys…and then my clothes…and then my husband’s drawers…and then his garage. I can tell you where everything I own is in my house right now. And if I couldn’t, it would stress me out. I’m not OCD about cleanliness, but the thing that upsets me more than anything in life is someone moving something I own so I can’t find it. I can literally remember every time my daughter or husband moved something of mine. I might have a problem. But I’ll be happy to come organize your entire house for free. Nothing, nothing makes me happier than a house fully organized. Yep, I think I have a problem.

  85. But in regards to tips, I’m all out of ideas! I may not be the most perfectly organized, but I have never had any trouble keeping organized. I wouldn’t be able to handle complete disarray, it drives me crazy.

  86. Stephanie Stough says:

    My master bedroom closet is an embarrassment!! I think pulling everything out and making a hefty Goodwill donation is a great start!

  87. Bins, bins, bins!

  88. I’m all about getting rid of stuff! Both my husband and I are “zen” like that, which is generally good… but sometimes regrettable, when we toss stuff and then need it later.

  89. Stephanie says:

    I keep boxes from costco that are stackable (for mandarin oranges, actually) and labeled them and put loose stuff in them and into my craft closet. I suppose you could pretty them up but meh… Free works for me.

  90. I always put things away where the go and reorganize often to keep clutter to a minimum. Mandy you are a mad genius! I would totally trade my type-A for your creativity.

  91. Laurie E. says:

    I should definitely not be the one to offer organizing tips…you should see my closets, drawers and cabinets! But, I always keep a donate box in my mudroom. When I find something that I can give up, it goes in the box and I feel a tiny bit of accomplishment. Also, I am a mean mom and sometimes I make my kids go find things in their rooms that they can get rid of. Like, no going to do something fun until you bring me 5 things to donate. And then when we are out doing fun, we will stop at the D.I.( because that is fun for mom)and we will buy 5 new things to hoard. It’s a constant battle.

  92. This is brilliant! I actually LOVE organizing because it’s so satisfying when you’re done, but I still struggle just like everyone else. Great ideas!

  93. My favorite way to organize? Everyone has a bin/bucket/basket with their name on it. If it’s theirs, I put it in their basket. My “Project” room has labels on drawers, so things are easy to find.

  94. I need to go to the Ikea this week and buy all kinds of bins and trays to organize my food cupboards and my bathroom stuff! It drives me nuts!

  95. Noelle G. says:

    I honestly have to just make myself when I get home to go hang my purse up instead of dumping it on the table… if I do this a few days in a row I have saved my table from piling up with stuff.

  96. Bins and tackle boxes!

  97. I try to put everything back after I use it. Not always successful, but it sure helps keep me organized!

  98. Clean up as you go. Even if you put one thing away as you pass through a room, it all adds up.

  99. I’m going to get some organizing done right now….thanks so much for the tips! Looking forward to more!

  100. My biggest tip, and I’m speaking to myself mostly, is organizing with function in mind. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the space is when you finish if you have to constantly move things and dig through or open boxes when you need something! Find a system that works for you, THEN figure out how to make it pretty.

  101. I need this kind of motivation! Thanks for the ideas!

  102. I am a neat freak who lives with a man who’s habits are also pretty neat in an under 900 sq/ft apartment. If we leave 2 day’s worth of socks on the floor it starts looking unbelievably messy to me. Our general rule is we pick up every day which helps us stay on top of things. I also instigate a purge every 6-9 months, I am blessed with an unsentimental heart, I don’t keep very many things because they have special meaning. Instead I try and stay cold and honest about decisions. “Do I need it?” “Is it functional?” “Does it need an upgrade?” If an item has no more use to me I set it free to find a new home (However, if I was a blogger I would hold on to everything so I could have projects to do for my blog!)

    How do you like your Swiffer Steamer? I’ve been considering getting one.

  103. Ummmmmmmmmmm……I’d like to think that I have a good organizing tip! I can’t think of one!

  104. I use baskets EVERYWHERE!

  105. My favorite organization tip is to label everything, that way other members of the household can contribute to the cleaning too! :)

  106. My go to organizing step is: if at all possible, put things away immediately!

  107. I dont have a special tip for organizing.. just trying to make less mess..(^-^;)
    Ah.. really important thing is you have to throw out or sell anything you dont need

  108. I deal with junk mail when I bring it in the house. no setting it in a pile to go through later!

  109. ashley hill-bodreau says:

    living in a 1.5 story house means stairs up and down: with a 6 month old, a puppy and a crazy busy husband & crafty moi we have a LOT of gear. My best tip would be to have ‘stair baskets’ – one at the top and one at the bottom. As our day progresses anything that should be up goes in the bottom basket and anything that should go down goes in the top basket. That way we just make one trip at the end of the day and 10 minutes later have things in their rightful places. This eliminates stuff piling up and makes our day go a bit more smoothly.

  110. I can totally relate. Drives me crazy not to be able to find things and when I do, I’m shocked at where they were left! Baskets and bins are life changing. :)

  111. I am THE MOST unorganized organized person. I have piles everywhere that make sense…to ME and no one else. Maybe if I put those piles into tubs or baskets it would help my organized mess??

  112. Megan Adams says:

    My organizing tip is a catch all room. Not a good tip as I could make this room something useful. I need to do better as this room is daunting to enter with all my “stuff” everywhere. Things that don’t have a proper place. Yikes!

  113. I love to use pegboard in the garage and the laundry room to hold household tools.

  114. my fav cleaning tip is to give your kids some damp cloths and have them wipe down every door and door frame :)

  115. To clean out a closet I start completely from scratch. Makes a big mess but it’s worth it in the end!

  116. Figure out how to categorize an item, then put it where such should go, but only if there’s room for it. Thanks for the give-away.

  117. Brianna henderson says:

    Drop zones and hiding places for things that don’t really have a great spot to go. Whenever it gets out of hand again I go through it all and re evaluate where would be the best place for things to go. It’s a never ending cycle to keep organized! Good tips today, I will have to give that a try too!

  118. Great job. Feels good, doesn’t it?

  119. Paper! That’s my biggest issue. Where to put it all?! The stuff that needs to be kept. Getting good at purging. :o) 2014 is my year of organization and simplicity.

  120. Kim Brooks says:

    I am definitely a bin person! :)

  121. Sheryl Geddings says:

    When I was a kid I was totally disorganized; stuff everywhere and always calling out to mom asking where so-and-so was. But as I got into my teens, something just clicked and I started picking up after myself and putting things away. I can be a little neurotic at times about certain pet peeves (a cluttered counter), but I have to say that I’m thankful for my neat tendencies now.

  122. My favorite organizing tip is to write everything down first. I always have to have a list. And then I need a list for my lists. It’s ridiculous, but it’s necessary for me!

  123. a place for everything and everything in it’s place
    ……, if only I had a place for everything.

  124. We have minimal furniture & storage doors in our home at this point. We moved from the west coast to the middle of nowhere (hahaha) & brought as little as we could. I’m a little overwhelmed by the new place we live, along with trying to organize what we have left. Life goes on & mail, bills, homework pages, etc keep coming into this house — I do believe organizing has to come first before buying any “new” furniture, though I do think if I had a couple of pieces of furniture (such as a buffet or dresser in the dining room) it would help the “organization” aspect around here. WOW I’m a nut job obviously! :)

  125. Love the idea of having a basket with a lid for the drop zone for the things that I do come home come home with and don’t put away right away! Thanks!

  126. Have a designated junk drawer. You’ll end up with one anyway!

  127. I try to spend 10 minutes a day just picking up stuff – and only 10 minutes. Otherwise, my new motto is ” do it now” cause I really like to procrastinate

  128. Glad you got organized. I am a neat freak myself, but I wasn’t always this way. Life is MUCH easier when you’re organized, so I did it. Plus I like no clutter.

  129. Betty Baez says:

    I love to use bins and label them for every season!

  130. Love this! My home could definitely use some bin organization.

  131. I love all the boxes and container choices out there. I’m putting up bookshelves and now I can have all my jewelry making and bookbinding materials organized and mixed in with all my books. It will look amazing!

    • I also tear out pages of the magazine that interest me and paste it into an inspiration book so I don’t have to keep the entire magazine. Paper is my biggest clutter problem. I love paper and books and stationary/office supplies. This has helped me clear stuff out while still keeping what I need.

  132. Mindi strong says:

    Spending a few minutes every night–even if you are tired–will make the next day much easier and keep things from piling up. When I have a few things to put away at night I do better than when there are piles of stuff everywhere because I’ve neglected things for a while. Once it reaches the multiple pile phase I’ll likely keep walking past it because diving in and cleaning it up seems like it will take too long so the obvious choice is to ignore it and let the pile get bigger :)

  133. Keep bins on the top shelf of closets to,store things in.

  134. I love to clean but never have time! Anything quick is definitely the best bet for me. We love our swiffer steam vac as well and one of our newest make-things-easier methods is to have simple cleaning supplies in the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms so that you can do a quick wipe down before you get distracted by something else that needs to get done on the way up or down the stairs while going to get the supplies! Sounds ridiculous, but it seriously works.

  135. Organizing/cleaning is best for me when I take it in small chunks – do something every single day instead of having a big cleaning day on the weekend!

  136. One of my favorite organizing tips is to CONTAINERIZE. Especially in my kids rooms. If they have a place to put something (if they actually DO!! 😉 then they’d be able to find their toys and play with them.

  137. Love containers, period. A weird obsession, I know!

  138. Thanks for keeping it real! I can totally relate to everything being everywhere. :)

    A few months ago, I switched rooms and suddenly had tons of room. It was a miracle…but I needed to be much better organized. So I bought lots of paperboard boxes at IKEA and then labeled them all. It has been a lifesaver. Everything has a place now. I can find everything. It looks so clean and organized—no clutter! My desk is actually clear and I have a place to work on projects. And its so pretty. Winner, winner… :)

  139. I think what has helped me the most is to KNOW MYSELF. I see incredibly organized spaces and try to implement the same systems, but different things work for different people. Knowing how I am and how I am most likely to act (like you with the catchall!) has helped me so much in planning out organizational systems that will work for ME.

  140. I try really hard to get rid of things that my family doesn’t use often. Clutter is my biggest nightmare.

  141. Christina M says:

    I love the travelling bin idea!

  142. My best organizing tip is to have a place for everything. I look around my (messy) living room and see that the neat sections are the sections where I’ve spent cash on organizational tools. I’m taking the hint.

  143. My husband and I have been on a kick to clear out all the unnecessary things. We decided to have our basement finished and that required clearing out the whole thing. It’s amazing the amount of stuff and especially the number of old boxes that you don’t need and forgot you had when you can just throw it all into a space that isn’t really used. I always try to keep a box around to throw things in for donating and another for selling, which definitely seems to help.

  144. Another bin to add to your collection: the donate bin! I’m always finding things to take to Goodwill, so I leave a large paper shopping bag in my hall closet and put things in there I want to donate. Once it’s full, I put it in my car trunk. Once I’ve filled a few bags (or I’m just tired of looking at them), I drop them at Goodwill.

  145. My favorite organizing tip is to fold a set of sheets inside the pillowcase that goes with it. No searching for matching sets. And honestly, this makes the folding part optional. 😉

  146. Well, according to that test I fall evenly between 1,4 & 5…. basically a dreamer with a penchant for risk, perfectionism and accomplishment. Or an identity crisis in the making, I’m unsure at this point.

    In terms of organization, I used to be so much like you it’s ridiculous! But working from home has really forced me to get my act together. We don’t have much for storage space, so every month we try to go through the items we use and don’t use and recycle or donate any of the items we really don’t use. I’ve also dedicated little wooden boxes to computer supplies, art supplies, etc. And I too have tubs for my crafty goods, one for models (architecture), one for fabric & sewing stuffs, etc, etc. I try to make one evening a week an “organize my shit” evening. which kind of helps that ridiculous build up of stuffs that tends to occur

  147. My organizing tip is to corral clutter: keep it in one or two places, then go through the clutter and do a final put-away every week or two. (That, and holler at the children to put their stuff away!)

  148. I’m an organized person at heart so I have baskets and crates everywhere to store things. I also purge my kid’s rooms a few times a year (especially before Christmas) and donate toys/books they haven’t touched in years. This makes room for new things coming in and keeps the clutter away. By the way, I love personality quizzes. I’m a 2 – The Helper.

  149. Love the idea of keeping a catch all by the front door, this is something I need to start!

  150. I am just like you. I have 2 boys and I am by far the messiest one in the house. I have no tips, just messes. When I finally get organized I will not let myself do any projects just so the house stays clean and organized. It makes my hubby crazy. My boys don’t seem to mind. :)

  151. I absolutely LOVE the catch-all idea. I’m always thrilled with my organizing ideas. . . until I start living with them. I inevitably come across something that doesn’t fit into my carefully crafted plan, and then the whole thing just goes to crap. This is a brilliant solution!

  152. Favorite organizing tip? I have the same problem you do. If my husband needs a tool, he looks in the last place I used it. My tip – put things back where they belong before you move onto the next project. I try. Really I do!

  153. Julie Kohler says:

    I do the bin thing, just like you. I am prone to stashing something wherever I happen to be in the house, so screwdriver tips next to the toothpaste doesn’t sound strange to me!!

  154. The best organizing tip I’ve ever received (and live by it) is that if you haven’t used it in 1 year, get rid of it. It has helped me stay clutter free (almost) in most of the areas of our home!

  155. Rhonda S. says:

    Can only dream of being organized, always have multiple projects going + life = unorganized! :-(

  156. Favorite organizing tip: lots of velcro cable wraps. All the charging cables, extension cords, etc. look so much more organized if they’re not all tied together in a big knot.

  157. I use a utinsel organizer in many drawers. Great for organizing many items!

  158. julie mcmillan says:

    I have 3 boys so I am in the same boat! I am ALWAYS picking up/cleaning!

  159. Throw Stuff Away! It’s easier to keep organized when you own less stuff. I try to get rid of things by donating, etc. that I no longer need or just honestly don’t ever use.

  160. Thanks for the great post and giveaway. It is a bit of a relief hearing someone else confess to the same sort of organizational dysfunction I live with and try to hide every day! I’m off to check out your personality test. Maybe it will provide further relief. Anything not to have to clean up that massive pile of magazines next to my bed!

  161. My favorite organizing tips are having a place for everything; getting all of my bills paperless and set up on an auto payment. I hate having mail lying around, and this cuts it down tremendously; and making the beds EVERY day. Plus, I really love to organize…like maybe too much, but that’s just me showing my OCD!

  162. I love it! You are totally speaking my language! I could for sure use more help with organization. :)

  163. I’m the same way! what a good idea to take the bins throughout the house and gather.

  164. Brittney Withers says:

    I can’t stand clutter! While organizing, I say to myself; ‘If I were moving, would this come with me?’…..If the answer is no, It gets thrown away or donated

  165. my favorite organizing tip is to throw stuff away! :) i am big on tossing things rather than letting them sit around (kids artwork that they bring home, things i “may need someday,” free toys they pick up at the doctor’s office and haircut place…) they ALL get tossed after a day or two of letting them sit around – and my kids rarely even notice

  166. OMG, I’m a 7, too! It’s my favorite–I did a workshop a couple of years ago and it was awesome. Remember to breathe when talking to others–otherwise they freak out. Unless they are other 7s because we LOVE each other!

  167. I love the catchall basket. We’ve tried it, but we used a little tray. It was too small and quickly became useless. I’m going to give it another go with a larger, lidded basket! Thanks!!

  168. STephanie says:

    I can keep organized only if everything has a designed space or home. That is key – if not…forget it. Clutter starts and doesn’t stop!

  169. Mary Happymommy says:

    Declutter every couple of months.

  170. Leah mulcahy says:

    I love your tip for seep rating bins by room!

  171. I’m a four… wow oh wow oh wow. boy did it describe me!!!!!

  172. grammygoodwill says:

    Declutter first. Then, put whatever I’ve used away as soon as I’ve finished. Now I’m off to take the quiz and fix supper and take a shower and go to bells and choir practice……

  173. I’d love the money to throw up some shelving in my NEW HOUSE! We are selling our little starter home and movin’ up! Hoping that we have our offer accepted tomorrow!

  174. Katie Nelson says:

    I love organization. way to go.

  175. Shara Aatsap says:

    At least once a day I try to walk through the house and gather things that are out of place and put it all away. If I don’t, we’ll, it just gets out of control!

  176. grammygoodwill says:

    I’m a 7 with 2 (helper) a close second. I was so anxious to take the test that I forgot to do the rafflecopter and had to come back to it!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  177. I love to have a really complete calendar. We use google calendar with helps keep all of the families schedules put together and organized!

  178. Fav tip is to clean as you go. Not very fun, but effective

  179. Brittany D says:

    There must be something in the air. I’m on a cleaning rampage right now, as well.

  180. I thought you were talking about me for a second. lol I need to take that quiz, maybe I am also a 7.

  181. Three screwdrivers and a butterknife. Love it.

  182. I use lots and lots of baskets and pretty dishes/bowls to hide all my clutter.

  183. Every single thing you’ve described sounds like my house, right down to the butter knife in the bathroom drawer…..because what better substitute for a screwdriver than a butter knife in a pinch?

  184. My favorite tip: Putting something away as soon as I’m done with it. Do I do ? NO! But, it is my favorite tip, and would work wonders if I did it :)

  185. I love getting little sections of my house organized. Good ideas :)

  186. Kara Harris says:

    we have been doing some organizing ourselves. your post reminds me to keep going!! good to unclutter cabinets, drawers, our minds!! thanks.

  187. Organized is my middle name. IHATE not being able to find something! I don’t have time to look a million places and with my scatter brained mind I won’t remember where it is unless it has a designated place to call home. I feel really uneasy if things are not where they should be so that keeps me in check to put things away.

  188. I don’t think I’m qualified to leave a tip, ha ha. Really my best advice is to stay on top of things. Don’t succumb to dropping x y and z on the counter if they shouldn’t be there! Just put it away!

  189. I’m working on a total organization overhaul right now at my house. I love the idea of allowing yourself to have a “catch-all” and be a little messy, I might have to try that out!

  190. I recently made a trip to TJMAXX and got some baskets for “crap” too!

  191. OMG! I need a basket in my life! I am a complete mess. Literally. My husband travels during the week and I live like an animal while he is gone, but then i try my hardest to hide that from him with an hour of picking up (notice that i didn’t say cleaning) before he gets home. A dumping basket would be life changing!

  192. very similar personality here too…thats why i like you, makes me feel normal

    • and i spaced the real answer to your question – my favorite motto is full hands in, full hands out (can you tell I used to wait tables??). I always try to grab junk from one area to put away in the area where it belongs.

  193. I allow myself one drawer in the kitchen that can stay unorganized. It is a catch all drawer to throw whatever I want in it. I found by allowing myself this one unorganized draw, the rest of the house stays organized. Then twice a year, I clean it out and start all over.

  194. We’re remodeling our main bath (almost done) and I am having new adjustable shelving installed in the linen closet in there, and looking forward to getting some of those cute canvas boxes to stow stuff in.

  195. Sorting immediately and putting away is my tip. Don’t even give it a chance to pile up, because it will if I let it.

  196. Love the basket idea! A great tip I got about a year ago: Never leave a room empty-handed. Always grab something out of place to put away/throw away. It does a lot to keep things tidy and organized.

  197. Instead of a basket, for mail & small items I use a big drawer. And my husband has one too! He is really bad about leaving things all over the house and never being able to find it. Since it drives me nuts that he will empty his pockets on every flat surface in the house and then never go back to it I can move his things as long as they go either a) where they belong or b) in his drawer. Now he never has to ask where I put anything as he already knows the answer and I don’t nag him for leaving things out.

  198. Canisters, bins, baskets, and drawer separators…you can never have enough! Every drawer/space/nook needs one…or two…or ten.

  199. Cassie Moore says:

    I’ve found I work best organizing in short bursts. I set a timer on my phone for one hour and I get as much done in that hour as I can. Last weekend I did the hall closet. Yesterday I did my bedroom. It’s funny, I yell at my son to clean his room but Mommy’s room is messier then his will ever be. I swear I need an intervention. Which actually my husband did yesterday, hence the fact I cleaned our room. I have the project d-word too. And when we bought our house in August it sent me into a DIY tailspin. I mean where do you start! Of course when something actually breaks I can never find the screw driver. So I can totally relate to this post and I will try this bin idea.

  200. Hey! I’m a hopeless creative too :) so my fave organizing tip is honestly yours, with the travelling bins… genius! This way I won’t have to make 823 trips up the stairs just to tidy up!

  201. At the end of the day, I make an effort to put things back where they belong. Helps me from getting overwhelmed with too many things to put back.

  202. Just doing a little at a time more often makes it seem to be less work all at once… but i just need to be sure to follow my own advice :)

  203. If you’re going to put it down, why not put it down where it goes? Do I do that, not as much as I should.
    I usually put everything in a basket and then have to go around the house putting things away. 😉

  204. Clean as I go! Less daunting at the end.

  205. I am fairly well organized but this past year we bought a second home near our grandkids and now I can’t remember what’s where. Every time I need something, I remember right where it is…in the other house. I will get balance, I will get balance, I will get balance back in my life.


  207. I love to use baskets. They are pretty, keep things hidden, and are easy for your husband to use 😉

  208. One room, 15 minutes, timer. Then move the heck on.

  209. Landing strip — I put my keys in the same place each time I get back to the house so I can always find them. Same goes for my jacket, hat, gloves and dog leashes.

  210. Landing strip — I put my keys, bag, jacket, hat, gloves, dog leashes, etc. back in the same place each time I get into the house so that I can find them again.

  211. I love filling the bins with the different catergories and then putting them away. Need to do this with our garage workshop.

  212. I actually do have ADD, so my best organizing tip is to take my medication – helps me immensely! :)

  213. i take one saturday a month to do a deeeep clean like everything from baseboards to celing fan blades.

  214. Only touch something once. I try and dedicate 30 minutes a day to cleaning. Once I pick something up I have to put it away in it’s proper place. This also helps me make sure i get in my steps for the day.

  215. Labels, labels, labels! The $30 I spent on my labelmaker years ago is one of my best-ever spends.

  216. Gayle Erwin says:

    My best tip is, if it is in your hand, put it away then. Don’t just move it, put it away.

  217. I liked you tip of using a basket for your stuff that gets brought in the house! Then you can find things and clean it out often! Plus it’s cute!

  218. I’m an obsessive labeler. If I have a labeled spot for something I have a harder time tossing it somewhere else. I use the Traveling Bin Circus method too, but then I end up with bins of stuff sitting around…. usually in the hallway.

  219. You sound a lot like me…

  220. Doing one load of laundry completely everyday!

  221. my favorite organizing tip is…probably to empty the space and get a clean slate. especially with closets/cabinets/drawers…but even in my bedroom, we pile it all on the bed so it *looks* clean and the i have a workable pile to organize. :)

  222. carol garcia says:

    Best cleaning tip is doing my best to vaccum each week. I do this in order to constantly have stuff off the floor, especially in the living room which prevents the oh crap people are coming over quick clean up.

  223. Containers for EVERYTHING and label the containers.

  224. If only I could bring myself to organize my kitchen cupboards!

  225. Organizing only happens when I’m procrastinating on a less fun project.

  226. My best tip would have to be to have your containers/dividers in your drawers. It makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for and to keep from throwing things in them that don’t belong

  227. Great giveaway! I have been wanted a steam cleaner.

  228. brittany c says:

    my fav organization tip is to get rid of things!!

  229. i don’t have one. I go through crazy OCD moments where my house has to be pristine for months… And then I just stop caring because no one else does…. for months.

  230. selma harris says:

    i do understand and can appreciate your honesty when it comes to home organization. it’s not easy but i am realizing once an area is completed, it feels amazing and is easier to keep tidy! thanks for the basket idea!

  231. Jenn Mitchell says:

    labels, labels, labels! and really pretty photo boxes :)

  232. my favorite way to organize is to make it into decorations i.e. using crates on my walls to display my scarves. They are so easy to get at, interesting to look at and are much more organized than they were before!

  233. put stuff away as soon as I finish with it…..or my cupboards end up like your’s :)

  234. Jamie Rowe says:

    Baskets and bins!!!!!!! I have them everywhere.

  235. Would love to win

  236. My favorite organizing tip is DO IT NOW. If there’s something that needs put away, or cleaned up, or taken out for recycling, or whatever- just do it NOW. Don’t put it off, because then it might not get done at all. (At least, that’s how it works at my house!)

  237. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn after a year.

  238. Use vertical surfaces as well as horizontal(shelves, hanging baskets, magazine racks, etc…).

  239. Candy Thayer says:

    I have a storage room in the back yard. I store all finished projects awaiting going to a sale in there…thus, keeping it out of the house and ready for transporting.

  240. Less is more – the smaller the amount of stuff you have, the less clutter you’ll have to organize!

  241. Have a place for everything! And always put things back where they belong.

  242. Seriously just spent the last 3 weeks purging and organizing all the kids’ stuff (and two horribly out of control junk drawers) and it was a PAIN but now I’m so glad I did it. It’s easier to stay neat and tidy once everything has a place. That big basket by the front door is genius.

  243. Whenever you leave a room, look around and see if there is anything you can bring with you that belongs in the room you where you are heading. This is simple, but was a really life changing concept for me!

  244. Do one load of laundry every day from start to finish. It’s the only way to keep clothes from taking over!

  245. Margaret Gibb says:

    I like to purge my stuff, not accumulating loads of stuff makes being organized a lot easier!

  246. i love this post. i totally feel your pain. we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and literally cannot put anything down without being unable to find it when we need it again 5 minutes later. i adore the big basket idea. contained chaos. that’s what it’s all about.

  247. Rebecca M says:

    I hoard baskets. I would love to win.

  248. I am one of those people who LOVE to organize. When I go to other people’s houses, I have a secret desire to look through their cabinets and re-organize their stuff!! I constantly get the itch to sort through a drawer or closet and organize it and get rid of stuff I don’t use, which is partly how I stay organized. I also know how much I like living in a calm, organized environment, so I’ve disciplined myself to spend a few minutes every day putting stuff back where it belongs. That’s SO MUCH EASIER than having to do hours of straightening up at once. I also use the Wunderlist iPhone app to make to-do lists for myself, which helps me to remember to put things away (or do other tasks) later when I don’t feel like doing it right now.

    Imagine how fun it is to be my husband. 😛

  249. My biggest organizing tip is one I don’t follow often enough: just put everything back where you found it. It shouldn’t be as hard as it is/I shouldn’t be as lazy as I am!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  250. Lindsay M says:

    I go through my closet about 3 times a year and do the whole donate, throw away, and keep piles.

  251. Christy Wilson says:

    Our house is about to go on the market so I’ve been crazy purging and cleaning the last little bit. My favorite tip is to get pretty containers to hide your junk in. Then no one will have to know you’re not as organized as you look.

  252. Oh how this inspires and frightens me. I think my favorite organization tip is to buy a bigger house… Or just purge purge purge. Suddenly organizing the stuff you have, that actually use, becomes much simpler. Need to do that…

  253. melanie cook says:

    cute + colorful bins + baskets AND i organize my clothes by color! it makes it easier to pick out my outfits, especially when i’m in a hurry. i also do an annual purge. i have 3 lovely girls (ages 5, 3, 1) so as you can imagine, we have toys on toys and clothes galore! i keep the favorite ones and sell or donate the others.

  254. Everything has it’s go to place and my project stuff has a counter!

  255. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to organizing, but my favorite tip for my less than organized kiddos is piles of what to keep, donate and toss then find a place that makes sense for everything, keeping like with like.

  256. Organize things the way you actually use them, not how you think you’re supposed to.

  257. I don’t have a lot of tips because I am exactly like you. If you get a chance, read “The Child Whisperer” (it’s supposed to help you parent your different types of children, but I’ve found it life-changing in understanding myself). If I am not mistaken, both you and I have a Type 1 energy type, and it explains so much. We just think differently than other people, which is what allows you to see all the possibilities and be so wildly creative, but makes mundane things really difficult for us. We actually NEED the fun, so what I am trying to do is figure out organizational systems that are FUN and work for the way MY brain functions rather than do what worked for my mom and everyone else. It is a process, but it is so nice to understand where it all comes from and not just feel like I am sorely deficient in some of the basic essentials of life that everyone else has seemed to master.

    Long comment! Miss you and all the fun you bring!

  258. I need to get going on organizing and purging! You have inspired me!

  259. Elizabeth says:

    My biggest source of clutter was always art supplies. Now I keep all of my art and crafting stuff in one room and only one room, and while that room is often a disaster, it makes it a lot easier to maintain the rest of the house.

  260. I wish i was better organized. A shoe and backpack basket has helped with after school clutter.

  261. sabrina lawrence says:

    I love baskets! and everything needs a place!

  262. Ah, sweet sweet organization! I should have stock in Homegoods baskets, yours included!! But I’ve run out of floor space. Boo.

  263. Laura Igram says:

    I try to put things away right away, rather than letting them sit out. And I rely heavily on my junk drawer and a catch all bowl in the kitchen!

  264. I am totally the same way! I am super messy but every few months I do a giant purge and organize phase. Creative=messy

  265. I could have written this blog post. My problem is clutter, and becoming overwhelmed with it, so much so that I actually avoid doing anything about it, which of course just exacerbates the problem. This is a great give-away, thank you for hosting it!

  266. I always try to put things back right when I’m done using them…now if I could just train my husband to do the same

  267. Melissa Arnold says:

    believe it or not, but I just did exactly the same thing in my home. I took off a week from work and de-cluttered every room in my house, room by room. It felt so great and it really does make you feel less bogged down.

  268. Frequent trips to donate things at the Thrift store helps me keep ahead of the game. I just have to resist the urge to shop while I am there.

  269. Such great ideas! The hardest part is KEEPING things organized!

  270. I like to make my bed each morning, clean my bathrooms after my morning routine, put things away as I use them, I do laundry daily at least 1 load, dry it, and put the clothing away, clean my kitchen after I cook, eat, and wash the dishes, sweep the floors, and a quick mop. My biggest tip is to remove your shoes when we come in the front door. Our house looks and smells clean. I clean and straighten a drawer or cabinet daily. I dust and vacuum the whole house by Thursday so we can enjoy our weekends . It makes my spring and fall housecleaning a breeze! This system works well for us:-).

  271. So funny! But I too go on a rampage trying to reorganize my whole life (usually the result of a week of sitting on the couch and doing nothing but reading or watching tv!). Ps–LOVE the big basket!!

  272. My favorite organizing tip is everything out if sight, minimal clutter. I like to buy small boxes or containers to put things into in drawers and cabinets. Everything in its place so you have a clutter free space!

  273. I love baskets! Use them for everything!

  274. I have a crap counter. I tried calling it a “command center” and then downgraded it to “work station”. I didn’t fool anyone. Even my toddler calls it my crap counter.

  275. Utilize your collections! I have a bathroom full of vintage flower pots that I love – but they take up all of my ‘storage’ space, so I started using them to house daily bathroom needs like q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, etc. Now they’re pretty and functional!

  276. Best tip out there: don’t have as much stuff! I’m constantly purging, donating, selling…. and then buying more stuff. It’s an endless cycle!

  277. Brooke Evans says:

    Jars . . . I use them to store everything from dry goods in the kitchen to rubber bands in the office.

  278. Jessie love says:


    I Love love LOVE your blog!! Thanks for sharing.

  279. staging my house to sell and this was just the motivation I needed to get organized, once and for all.

  280. Get rid of what you done need first. 15 minutes at a time gets it done without it being overwhelming.

  281. Jennifer Hall says:

    I just stocked up on some great baskets from my local thrift stores. I already organized my bathroom cabinets with them, and my craft supply closet is next on the list.

  282. I reuse jars and baskets for everything.

  283. Britny Kimbrell says:

    Mandi, you are seriously awesome! I love the “Catch all” idea and it seems like something that could actually work for me! I have the best of intentions, but Im like you… on to the next project in my head before I can finish the previous one much less clean up after it. Then I read Jen’s blog and feel completley guilty. haha!

  284. A place for everything, and lots of baskets!

  285. Do it a little bit at a time. It’s so much better than having to do a massive project before people come over.

  286. Store your bedsheets in pillow cases for uniformity and easy access!

  287. Getting organized is the!!! Way to go!

  288. Have a designated spot for everything in your home — it cuts down on confusion and leads to a clutter-free house and mind.

  289. I take 5-10 minutes each night to put things back where they belong, and I start each day feeling far more organized and less cluttered.

  290. Lindsay Columna says:

    Favorite Tip:

    If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss or donate!

  291. Court brown says:

    I thought that’s what doors were for- hiding everything?! I get drawers or closets organized and then my kids open them get one thing after another out and the ‘organized’ state disappears!

  292. Courtney C. says:

    One thing that helps me is donating one thing for every new thrift store purchase. It seems to reduce the clutter!

  293. My favorite organizing tip is using baskets and labels.

  294. I try to keep organizing simple so that my toddler can help. She loves to organize, as long as she understands how to do so!

  295. Don’t be afraid to purge!

  296. well… i’m not very organized to begin with but every once in a while i will get this random energy to organize everything! my tip is just to take it in small chunks. i am the same as you when i have to organize one drawer all of sudden i find myself reorganizing my whole house! i need to learn baby steps is the way to go before i overwhelm myself!

  297. Such a helpful post! Thanks for the ideas.

  298. A specified donation bin which resides in the trunk of the car helps keep clutter from building in our house.

  299. Pretty Bins and boxes are the best way to keep me organized! I love that basket I need one of those too, one with a top is a great idea to hide all the crap I come in with until I need it.

  300. I love baskets and plastic totes with lids. I couldn’t get anything organized without them.

  301. If nothing else, I do dishes every night and make the bed every morning.

  302. I like how you put like items into baskets. That is my problem. I put them into ‘like’ piles then never put them away from there!

  303. Jonelle l says:

    My favorite organizing tip is that functionality is a priority. It’s easy to make a space pretty or clean up a mess but it doesn’t solve a problem. You have to make sure you figure out why its a mess and how to give a home to things that found themselves there. Which is so much easier said than done.

  304. Makena K. says:

    Love the post and that basket is to die for!

  305. My favorite tip is to use baskets to store the clutter.

  306. It seems many of us can relate to that “organizing style”! I learned from Pixie Tips that I am a Smart Freedom and need OPEN bins for storage. Going to give it a go today!

  307. Try to put it right back and label where everything goes…that’s what I try to do at least! The labeling helps the whole family remember where it should go!

  308. Every item needs to have its own place, so when you’re cleaning it’s quick and stays organized.

  309. Carrie Eastman says:

    What works best for me is always cleaning up my mess right after Im done!

  310. My husband and I have a “bring-something-in-take-something-out” rule, where if we buy something new, we try to get rid of at least one item that we are ready to part with. Fortunately, Goodwill and the PTA Thrift Shop are both right around the corner from us and receive regular visits!

  311. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I love it when things feel cleaned up and put away.

  312. Leigh Anne says:

    I’m a bit type A but the rest of my family of 5 definitely are not. Makes things interesting around here.

  313. Andrea Garcia says:

    This isn’t rocket science, but I believe everything has its place. I have lots of little baskets and boxes organizing everything. I can find things much easier when I know where everything is, instead of tearing my hair out trying to look for a particular something. I also hate clutter, so I keep that to a minimal. I love to purge a couple times a year. It’s so freeing not to have a lot of “stuff.”

  314. Love to see your creative mind at work — really liked your bin idea and sorting things that way

  315. danielle m. says:

    If I am constantly picking it up, and its not put away, I throw it away haha!

  316. My tip is to label! Labels show where things should go! I love to label. 😉

  317. Kimberly s says:


  318. Maryellen says:

    I have no organizational skills whatsoever. Things are basically crammed into drawers and shelves at my house…but I do have all of our shoes stored in a Huggies box!

  319. YOU make me want to go clean my bathroom cabinets. My favorite tip is to have cleaning supplies and bags for trash in every bathroom.

  320. Just put it back where it belongs. So simple, but really changes one’s life! LOL

  321. Trying to stay on top of paper clutter. Sorting through the mail and all the papers that come home in my daughters’ backpacks. I also am loving having bins and baskets everywhere so things have a specific place to go. It has helped immensely!

  322. Getting organized is on my 2014 list!! My roommate is moving out in a month and after that I am overhauling every closet/drawer/cabinet in the house… ok, that might be extreme but I’m at least doing the bathroom! Thanks for this post!

  323. My favorite tip is to make the time to organize/reorganize a little each day or at least every weekend. I’m bad about not putting items back where they belong. Weeks of that makes a DISASTER! So I try to make myself put things back where they go at least once a week.

  324. Sylvia da costa says:

    If you don’t use it, lose it. My place is too small to keep much stuff for “maybe someday”

  325. Drawer dividers! Can’t get enough of them… kitchen, bath, craft center, office.

  326. This post could not come at a better time. I am in need of some organization inspiration! My favorite organization tip is the “catch-all basket!” I currently have one in my house called the Dining Room table; I really need to head to Home Goods and get a basket pronto. Thanks for the inspiration.

  327. I so my laundry the same way, put it in a bin for the room/storage area it belongs in!

  328. I like to use empty clear jars (peanut butter, mayo, coffee) to organize our tool ‘bag’, we had all the screws, hooks, eletrical stuff, etc in ziplock bags and they we couldn’t find anything. So put all the little things in a bunch of jars and labelled them. Much easier to find stuff now.

  329. I agree with you — injecting some DIY spirit into organizing really helps! I revamped a filing cabinet and it’s really helped me keep my desk area clean!

  330. Ivy Taylor says:

    I am absolutely feeling this way right now! We will be having our third baby and moving in June. I suddenly feel the need to declutter and clear everything out. Plus I’m still looking for new homes to store the gifts we got for Christmas. It’s never ending!

  331. Best tip I have is to teach the kids/husband to organize and ask for help doing it. One person cannot keep up on a whole family’s organizing. Love the ideas people have commented. Reading your post sounded all too familiar!

  332. My fav tip is to walk around the house once a month with a small trash can – and fill it. I don’t do it. But I think it’s a great tip!

  333. I’m glad I’m not the only one who lives in a perpetual state of semi-chaos!!

  334. THROW AWAY what you don’t need. I think the key to being organized is not holding on to things and regularly going throw your what you do have. I don’t practice this tip as often as I should – but I’m trying!

  335. andrea turnbow says:

    I love the tote idea and going through each room of the house. I might just implement the kids picking up their own stuff in totes each night.

  336. Purge often!! (I wish I followed my own advice a little more often.)

  337. I love organizing! So much so that I will let my space get messy just so that I can clean it up :)
    My mom taught me when it comes to organizing to do a little throughout your day, to keep it in check.

  338. Angela Stevens says:

    The most important thing when organizing is to have less stuff. Purge often. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you don’t need it.

  339. Wow! I am the same way with projects. I am inspired to work on my closets this year. I just need to focus. On closets.

  340. Stephanie says:

    Such a great reminder that everything needs a home — and similar items should be put in the same place! Sounds simple — yet can be hard if you don’t have the organizing gene :)

  341. I keep a LOT of shoe boxes. One for ornaments, one for cards and letters, one for cross-stitch supplies, one for scrap fabric, you name it!!

  342. I’m a bookcase nut – I have them in every room – even in the kitchen where I store extra large serving dishes and cookbooks on the shelves. There’s always a wall that benefits from a bookcase, and they’re decorative too! You can paint them the same color as the wall to blend in, or in a contrasting color, like a large piece of artwork. I also think they’re easier to move about for use in different rooms/houses than installing shelves on walls.

  343. I have bins everywhere. I don’t want toys under my coffee table but there are always toys under my coffee table, so I just put an empty bin there to collect the toys that show up. I don’t want kids books on my cute bookcase, but there are always kids books around so there is a cute bin on my bookcase for kids books.

  344. do one area at a time and you can use anything to organize, you don’t have to have all of the expensive organize products

  345. Start first thing in the morning, that is my best tip!

  346. A place for everything and everything in its place! Not that I actually DO that…

  347. I love this post! It is a breath of fresh air to see the reality of someones home. A year ago I really started organizing my house (after finding Jen’s blog!) and I am an addict. My go to for organizing would have to be clear containers (of any shape and size) and command hooks. The hooks work wonders and I have them in almost every cupboard and closet!

  348. More storage boxes, bins, baskets, containers!! There is no such thing as too many!!

  349. Dede jackson says:

    Simplify- get rid of what you don’t need and use baskets to store the rest!!!!

  350. I spent yesterday organizing the bookshelves in the house – brought 4 bags of books to a neighbor.
    Today I cleaned out the fridge and freezer, the spice drawer and the kitchen gadgets – about half of those went into the Goodwill pile. Once the organization bug hits, it feels really good to just keep going!

  351. I tend to get overwhelmed when cleaning, so my best tip is to do little sections of a room at a time. Seeing progress is the best encouragement!

  352. I am honestly still learning about the whole organizing thing. I love it, Can’t always understand it!

  353. Purging & organizing can feel soooo liberating! So happy you are feeling lighter!

  354. I love to take hot choc. packets, oatmeal packets, and granola bars out of their boxes and put them in matching canvas bins in the pantry! It takes up less space and looks neater.

  355. Organizing is my arch nemesis. Well, organization and laundry! Love all your easy ideas.

  356. Sort and purge would be the only tip I could offer…I am still working on my “organizational skills.” It’s an ongoing process!!

  357. I think always having a goodwill, store, trash bags going helps a lot! I try to take things to goodwill every few months to make sure things are cluttering the house! I am also really trying to embrace the philosophy that less is more!

  358. Love the basket idea!

  359. sHANNON bREy says:

    To do a 5 or 10 minute clean up every night! I don’t always do this but when I do I feel much more organized.

  360. I love having a ton of cute, decorative boxes around… I can use them to hide things I don’t necessarily want to put ‘away’.

  361. yay for organization! I am obsessed with baskets and totes.

  362. I have been working on organizing our house this year – easier said than done :)

  363. I’ve been organizing like crazy this is fabulous

  364. Rebecca C says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Mandi! I just cleaned my kids closets today. Definitely have the orgaization itch right now! Im sure it won’t last long though. Something way more fun will present itself tomorrow. If not sooner:)

  365. Susan Hahaj says:

    my favorite organizing tip is to have baskets, baskets with lots of room and ones with dividers!

  366. To clean out closets in one week, I put 7 grocery bags in the closet and each day fill 1 sack to donate. Then in 1 week the closet is cleared of unwanted clothes. And only takes minutes each day. Easy peasy

  367. One in, one out. Get rid of a shirt, when you get a new one. My local Goodwill LOVES me! Yep, I’m a tosser.

  368. thrivingthrifter says:

    My best tip is to have a home for things and then make sure the things are put in their place. Don’t just drop stuff wherever. Put dirty clothes in the hamper, dishes in the dishwasher, keys in their basket or on their hook, etc.

  369. Cleaning out your closets/cabinets, one step at a time!

  370. Yes, there is an organizing gene. My mother had it and one of my sons has it. I, unfortunately, do not. However, you had some really useful tips that even I could implement.

  371. i recycle cardboxes for storage and minimise buying plastic boxes to minimise clutter.

  372. The large reed basket for projects and the smaller totes to pick up the random bits from rooms

  373. I just bought that same basket at Home Goods a few weeks ago! Love it!

  374. I LOVE that basket from HomeGoods! It’s such a great idea to hide things in something that looks like nothing more than awesome decor but is also functional too!!

  375. Ahhh, this is my goal for this year, dejunk every corner, crevice, and cavity of this house!

  376. Nicole E. says:

    My favorite organizing tip is “a place for everything and everything in its place”. This is the way I function! I have to have a designated place for every category of my things, or they get dropped on the nearest flat surface and lie there until I feel like dealing with them (which may take weeks).

  377. I love ‘on the door storage’- wire racks from Walmart or Target that attached to the inside of doors. I use mine to store foil and plastic wrap, spices, cleaning supplies. I love them and they work anywhere.

  378. I love love love baskets! It’s like I collect them!

  379. cindy jones says:

    I would love to win this gift card to Home Depot, my Home away from home.

  380. I try to keep an eff-it spot where things can be out of sight for a bit while figure out what to do with them. When it’s full, I deal with it!

  381. I give my kids their own bathroom cups with their own tube of toothpaste stored inside. It has really cut down on all the cups they used to stash in the bathroom!

  382. Jennifer Larsen says:

    Baskets, baskets, baskets. They are my saving grace.

  383. Jennifer Larsen says:

    Baskets, baskets, baskets! They are my saving grace.

  384. I set a timer for 15 or 30 minuets and start from the door of the room and clean and de-clutter heading clockwise.

  385. Kristen Chapman says:

    I’m just like you… can’t seem to organize unless its the whole house, and then things just go back to where they were. Hopefully this will be the kick in my butt to do better.


  386. I actually really like organizing and cleaning (I know maybe I’m crazy or maybe I have a tiny tiny case of OCD) I make lots of lists and try and keep everything organized but I do have a drawer in the kitchen that I am a little scared to open. I put things in there that I don’t know where to put them or if I’m going to keep them but don’t know where to put them.

  387. janice mcelhone says:

    Baskets, baskets, baskets!

  388. I make sure to drink lots of coffee when I start to organize so I don’t quit mid way through,

  389. My closets just started quivering with fear!!!

  390. Thank you thank you for keeping it real. I try to stay pretty organized but my fiancé is a bit of a packrat so I’m going to try your tips so at least we can have organized chaos instead of just chaos! :)

  391. Favorite organizing tip: once you do the massive organizing overhaul, don’t get lazy! Take the extra 5 seconds to put things back where you found them – it’s worth it in the long run!

  392. I have the same issues and I love your idea about the bins, maybe I will try!

  393. I’m addicted to bins, but sometimes that can be a terrible addiction because then you forget about everything that you’ve thrown in them!

  394. Best tip I have is to always have a spot for everything.

  395. Angela M. says:

    Thank you for sharing some great organizational tips! A lot of our organizational projects seem daunting… we don’t have a garage (yikes!) so we need to work on being creative with our space. We use a lot of baskets. I’m thinking we need to address our closets in 2014.

  396. Everthing looks great.

  397. favorite organizing tip…always put items back that you are not using. That way things don’t get piled on on counters, in corners and on tables etc. :)

  398. I love binders! That, and having designated drawers and shelves for items and a certain way of folding them. Always a challenge but it looks so good when it’s finally done!

  399. The ONLY organizational tip that works for me is to find a home for it immediately. Otherwise, it will be a traveling object. Sigh… I wish I would do that more often. LOL.

  400. Just put things away! We all have those spots where things collect…mine is a corner of my kitchen island. If I put things away daily, the clutter doesn’t build up.

  401. I have to have a place for everything or there seems to be a place for nothing. Right now that is a problem living in a little apartment with my hubby and little girl with a baby boy on the way…

  402. Megan Wefald says:

    Favorite organizing tip: Label the spaces things below. This way its easier to put things in their home quickly

  403. This post is exactly how I am! I want to be an organized person!

  404. I wish I had an organizing tip to give you…let’s see…I like to hang my clothes in rainbow color order. I always struggle knowing where to put the browns.

  405. Purge as you go!

  406. Bernadette says:

    I think drop zones are very important! Otherwise all that junk is piled in your area for you put away!

  407. I like to do a “quick clean” of the bathroom before we leave in the morning: put up anything that doesn’t belong on the counter (i.e. brush, curling iron, etc…), wipe down the sink with my towel from the morning’s shower and put the towel in the hamper. it helps keep the bathroom tidy and makes actually cleaning it much easier!

  408. Baskets are great for organizing!

  409. My best organizing tip… 3M wall hooks! I use them for everything from organizing my scarf collection to hanging tools in the workshop.

  410. I love that basket.

  411. `Connie Crandall says:

    I’m totally feeling a little weefy sharing a tip about organizing, but the advice that I try to follow is that if it takes 2 minutes or less to do it (put something back where it belongs, etc.) you should never put it off. This is especially hard I’m trying to get a few things done and the youngest of my 4 kids is walking on the table pouring out all the water cups. A lot of destruction can happen in 2 minutes! :) You get the idea!

  412. Elizabeth says:

    Love the catch all basket

  413. My best organizing advice (that I don’t always follow, especially with 4 little ones under foot) is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” AKA put it back where it belongs when you finish using it… AKA don’t drop your stuff all over the floor, cough cough! haha

  414. Lindsay-Jean says:

    I keep spices in alphabetical order so I can grab the right one quickly!

  415. Michelle (aka mybelle101) says:

    Ahhh, Mandi, I love you. You so get me. I love to over-organize (“this is exactly how I’m going to have it ALL the time, and I’m going to keep it this way by doing these 50 steps every day!!”), but have a terrible problem with dropping things wherever is convenient at the time. Sigh. I have finally started dealing with the mail issue every. day. as. soon. as. it. comes. in….that makes a huge difference to my kitchen counters, but I think the rest of the fam sometimes takes that open space as a new location to stash their stuff. It’s a constant battle. I love the catch-all basket!! I think I’m going out tomorrow to get one for me! 😉

  416. Blair Donnelly says:

    I am obsessed with putting things in plastic containers or bins or baskets or boxes. A nice habit I picked up in the nesting phase of my first pregnancy. Hey, in my own defense, I was NOT the ONLY pregnant lady pushing a cart filled with $300 worth of plastic container at the Container Store.

  417. Purge on a regular basis! Live minimally.

  418. Baskets keeps everything in order

  419. I L.o.v.e. that you gave yourself permission to not put things away! I NEED a “stashing” basket!!

  420. I gotta do some organizing….you’d love to see our baement….i promise it wouldn’t disappoint. :-)

  421. I’m trying so hard to learn to be organized!! I’m finding that so far my new favorite thing to do is LABEL! Especially when putting things in storage boxes. I don’t know why I never labeled before, it’s such an obvious thing. It’s nice to be able to look at everything in storage and have it all labeled, knowing what is where, instead of just seeing a sea of boxes, no clue what’s inside each one!

  422. I must admit I am terrible at being organized but I have slightly improved lately and tried to by more baskets and bins for everything and tackle one space at a time. I just organized my pantry and It looks so much better just having separate bins for spices, oils, grains, etc.

  423. I tend to leave ‘trails’ throughout the house, leaving creative chaos in my wake. I get after my teenage son for the same thing–except it’s sports related stuff. A chip off the old block. Sigh. I’ve been looking at organizers and shelving units at the store trying to come up with a solution to contain the messiness. I hope I win. My husband will be so grateful.

  424. I would love to be organized. Organization is one of my downfall. I live in ciaos. And it drives me nuts. The basket is a cute and lovely idea. Having a unorganized 17 year old in the house does not help my organizational issue at all.

  425. Trish@ I love, love how you utilized inspiration to get an otherwise not so much fun like task done.

  426. Sorry, about the multiple posts. I posted my URL incorrectly.

  427. holly rice says:

    Your organization posts are inspiring me to do a little more around the house! Clean closets here I come!

  428. I am a work in progress…but before I got so ill…I tried to leave each room I entered a little nicer than it was when I entered it.

  429. When I come across something I no longer need or want, I put it in the donation bag. Once the bag is full I get it out of the house.

  430. I love the basket you used to organize. Baskets are perfect for organizing. I use them all the time!

  431. My husband hates me because I literally chuck everything. He says I have no sentiment whatsoever. I say better that than saving everything. That’s how I keep things organized.

  432. If you don’t use then you need to lose it. Whether it be trash or donate. There is no reason at 30 to still have your JR prom dress. Take a picture and then get rid of it.

  433. My only organizing tip is to try and stay on top of it! When I procrastinate tidying up it gets out I hand and way too scary to tackle!

  434. Amanda s. says:

    My tip is that I set aside at least an hour a week to organizing. That way it never gets too out of hand and my house stays relatively clutter free!

  435. Take it all out, declutter, then try to organize. Works for me, every time! :-)

  436. My favorite organizing tip is: using old toilet paper rolls to organize cords. Makes finding the right cord for the computer, camera, cell phone, etc. SO Much easier.

  437. Everything needs a home! If you know where every item should land when you’re done using it, cleaning is much faster and easier.

  438. I like to use small bowls and trays in drawers :)

  439. I will go with “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Now to convince the rest of the people who live in this house!!

  440. Organization? What the heck is that? :) You haven’t seen disorganization until you’ve seen my bedroom. Like, seriously. Luckily I don’t live there. It’s basically a storage facility at the moment. Look here:

  441. Rosemarie says:

    Ok true story so I found your blog doing a google search “how to re upholster a chair” and after reading thru many, many other blogs *yawn* and just as my phone battery is about to die…I found your blog ohhhhh noooooo. Just as I was starting to get excited reading thru all your fab diy’s kaput dead battery. But needless to say I came back to catch up. And hands down your blog is not only entertaining but equally useful.

  442. I use bins and baskets for everything. I’m pretty sure I have a bin for my baskets somewhere, too, because I’m a madwoman who lacks shame. It really helps keep the madness contained.

  443. My tip is to throw away all the packaging from products that you can, before you store them. You’d be surprised at how much room this saves!

  444. Benny Sequeira says:

    I love organizing, i believe in a place for everything, everything in place.

  445. Hooks! Our coat closet was a pile of coats waiting for me since the kiddos are too short to reach to hangers. Six command strip hooks later and they hang their own coats! Wonderful. We also keep a shoe pocket organizer on our closet door for all their hats and gloves and gear. I’m all about kiddo self sufficiency, one less job for mom and dad.

  446. This has inspired me to get to organizing my own bathroom!

  447. kimberlee says:

    hmm…i am the same way…and i’m also a raging seven!

  448. Fav organizing tip….hire someone else to do it…lol. You and I are more alike than I thought! I love it when bloggers post real live photos of what things actually look like. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy looking at pinterest worthy photos all the time. But it does make a girl feel…lacking…when all you see are picture perfect spaces. Glad to know you are normal. Like me. =)

  449. I cleaned out my laundry room that I haven’t done anything with for 2 years. I emptied a box that has been sitting on the counter since we moved in! Suddenly, the laundry room echoes… weird… :)

  450. Drawer dividers are a must for organizing!

  451. Suzanne s says:

    I need help with organizing. I have no tip. I like baskets and plastic bins to hide crap in.

  452. I like to use clear containers for organizing craft stuff, that way I can see what I have! I also recommend using binder clips to clean up computer wires.

  453. I am also a little too creative-minded for organizing. But I have found that limiting the number of project materials I keep around can free my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still have way more stuff than I will get to, but when I go through my sewing pile, for example, I only keep the stuff I am super excited about getting to. Maybe someday it will happen! (right now 4 kids and a busy husband are happening).

  454. One great way to organize is make sure you don’t have other people’s stuff living at your house! Return all borrowed items asap so they don’t languish on countertops

  455. Lots and lots of tiny baskets!

  456. anna byrd says:

    I think it is mostly important to clean the space you are planning to organize out. Otherwise you are only gaining stress.

    Hope I can win:-)

  457. Labeling and baskets are my favorite way of organizing! Thanks for the opportunity for this amazing giveaway!

  458. Oh dear organizing is not my strong point! Lately to try to get the general cleaning done better in my home, I found a cleaning schedule and I have it on the fridge so I look at it every day. Keeps me thinking about what I need to do next and I love having a clean house because of it! and I took the test and yup I’m a 7 as well …

  459. I’m organizing challenged, but I always try (TRY) to remember to put things back where they belong. I fail often.

  460. go through all your drawers in a different room each month and clean them out!

  461. Tasha beene says:

    We just moved into a new house, so this would be awesome!

  462. Heather N says:

    I keep a box in the corner of my closet and my laundry room for donations. When I decide I don’t want something I immediately toss it in there and my brain feels like it’s “gotten rid of something.” It’s like instant gratification for decluttering without actually having to leave the house.

  463. I am one of those people that love the idea of organization but never seem to be able to get it done. Big things often overwhelm me so I’m a big fan of tackling big projects one piece at a time.

  464. Don’t leave a room without grabbing something! I’m constantly putting things away as I go, which probably makes me look like a crazy woman. With a toddler though, it’s necessary for sanity!

  465. My very favorite organization tip is getting rid of the things I’m not using. Whenever I buy new clothes, products, etc. I always look through what I already have to see what old can go to make room for the new. It seems simple, but it does my heart good to send garbage bags full of donations to my local Salvation Army!

  466. Sounds stupid but my favorite organizing tip is ” don’t put it down put it away!” Yes my arms will be so full of crap I can’t see the bottom step sometimes but I am going to put the hammer and tape and extra fabric and extra Lego pieces and…. Away and not just down. It’s not always possible to do it, i managed most of the time since adopting this mantra 27 years ago when I had 4 kids under 4. If I didn’t have time in that moment I probably not have time later. Also as stuff comes in the house I do the “touch it once” rule. Deal with and be done. However I am a crafter and part time DIYer so crap happens so I frequently employ your bin method. Roam the home looking for lost items and collect and redistribute or toss them. ( I recently discovered we have 17 pairs of scissors and 8 hammers, sigh.) these are my organizing thoughts

  467. Lots and lots of tiny baskets and TRY to clean out closet and drawers every so often.

  468. My laundry/craft room is in dire need of organization! This would be awesome. and I really need a basket with a lid like that so that it no one sees the disaster inside!

  469. ASHLEY Ward says:

    I’m moving next month and I know these organization tips will come in handy! And so will that $200 gift card!

  470. The hubs and I are moving in a few months and I would love nothing more than to start out at our new place in a more organized fashion than we’re leaving our old place!!

  471. Best organizing tip: MOVE! makes you realize how much junk you have and that you don’t want to!!!

  472. Sarah Bartell says:

    I need to overcome my organizational inability too and get at least my bathroom drawers and closets organized! I have a stack of magazines I keep staring at wondering what is really keeping me from putting them in the recycling ~ maybe it’s in my genes, husband calls me an information hoarder!

  473. It is ridiculous for me to be giving any kind of organizing tip, but I will anyway, because since I’m not naturally organized, I read a LOT about it! I find you have to get the things you need….if you have lots of books, then bite the bullet and buy or make bookshelves. If you have an arty hobby, find yourself a corner where you can do that without having to haul everything from a different room. If you are a fashionista, then you need more dresser and closet space than most…so go ahead and have 2 dressers.

    I used to live in a home with no coat closet. We finally built one and it changed my life…I looked like a better housekeeper overnight. So this little house has no coat closet, and I’ve got a coat tree at the back door and a coat rack at the front door. It makes life easier if the things you use all the time have a home.

  474. My spouse feels I have no organizing tips. I have a desire, but the attention span of a kitten on crack. I rub my thrifted brass lamp daily waiting for a magic genie to appear. I’m still waiting.

  475. Have a spot for everything

  476. Best organizing tip: DONATE!

  477. I am just like you….I seriously relate to everything you have said, lol…..I have a basket “problem” my way of trying to trick myself into being organized is to put things in baskets….throw everything into a basket and shove it somewhere, so I don’t have to look at it or deal with it. Then when I get around to it, I take the one basket and start sorting that basket into other baskets designated for individual room which they go into….problem with this is that I almost never finish the job and go put everything away. So then I have more baskets full of stuff, which I add stuff to and move from one place to the next. It’s a sad situation. Right now I’m building a fireplace….and I have a basket of random tools and wood scraps, caulk, etc. just sitting in front of my garage door because I know I won’t go put it all away and it’s better than having all of that stuff scattered all over my work surface. Sigh…I’m a mess. Actually, I just posted about this last night…here: I mentioned a blog that I’m going to try and follow that is doing a 30 day step by step get organized process….it’s pretty awesome.

  478. My favorite cleaning tip is to do a little each day. If I wipe my counters down after washing my face & brushing my teeth (ensuring that I left a pile of rags under the sink for this purpose), it’s one less thing that I need to remember and the surface stays clean. When I don’t, I can’t find anything and there’s toothpaste and soap build up on my counter, not to mention my curling iron.

  479. I definitely need a catch all basket. There is a tiny peninsula in our kitchen that I end up piling stuff onto and then feel guilty about it. Great idea!

  480. Find a place for everything and get rid of everything else!

  481. A place for everything, and everything in its’ place.

  482. My number one organizing tip is to take 15 minutes each night to put stuff away before bed. Fifteen minutes doesn’t feel like a daunting amount of time, but it’s crazy how many little things you can sort and put away. I like to set the kitchen timer and make it a game. Plus, there’s something supremely satisfying (to me at least) about waking up to my couch pillows arranged and a clutter-free coffee table each morning.

  483. I live for catchall bins. I believe they have a great purpose and are beautiful decor at the same time!

  484. I like to use vertical space, hanging things on the side of the closet adds so much space.


  486. Buy furniture that doubles as storage. Coffee tables could be trunks, etc.

  487. I have a 30 second clean up every night in each room (sometimes less sometimes more) with my two girls, but everything must be put in the right place!

  488. Ha! I’m a raging 7 too. Comes as NO SURPRISE to me. Really, my main goal in life needs to be to finish what I’ve started!



    (Seen the movie “Up”?)


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