Geometric Himmeli Wreath 2.0

I have had SO many requests for this tutorial, I hope that you guys love it!

How to make a Modern Geometric Himmeli Wreath vintagerevivals

This design is a little more complicated than the first geometric himmeli wreath, and as I was shooting the pictures, there was just so much in the pictures, it was pretty confusing.  So I decided to only do this tutorial in video form (this is totally new for me!)

I also feel like I need to preface it by saying that the end is a little dark (it is so much easier to shoot during the summer, when it stays light until 9:00!) 


Let me know if you have any questions, and make sure that if you recreate this or any other Vintage Revivals project that you hashtag it on Instagram with #myvintagerevivals so that I can see it (and possibly feature it!)

How To make a Modern Geometric Wreath vintagerevivals

Modern Geometric Wreath

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Love Your Guts



  1. Gawwwwwwsh, I just LOVE it


    I hope this link works. I think this would be PERFECT for your sisters wedding!

  3. ivena dehl says:

    love the wreath, love the planter. love your guts. But the light cord, where? how? I thought I saw a tutorial on that here earlier in week, but can’t find. Maybe it’s just late and I have husband eyes (not finding anything in front of me) thanks for being awesome!

  4. ivena dehl says:

    disregard previous question. it is confirmed, had husband eyes and found previous post. you are still awesome. and I am going to spend quality time with my 18 yo son learning instagram so I can be part of your NEW world 😉

  5. Love having the video please keep making them!

  6. I love your wreath. Today I was browsing Etsy and found this planter. Thought of you and this post . Wouldn’t is be cool to have air plants in the wreath. Cheers!

  7. These geometric ornaments look great. Suitable for any interior :)

  8. Thanks for the feature in your newsletter, in the #myvintagerevivals section. I love the newsletter BTW, love the look and feel, and layout. Kudos to you and your designer. It’s a piece of email I enjoy getting!

  9. I love these wreaths! Are you still planning to do the work with what you have on the 3rd monday of every month?

  10. Im loving all this geo. Decor your doing and I also love your blog.

  11. So cool! I am in love with Geometric designs right now!!

  12. I love the geometric trend right now and those designs are gorgeous! Thanks for the video tutorial!

  13. Are you ever going to update? Geez

  14. First, I really enjoy this blog, your projects, your enthusiasm…all of it! Second, some constructive criticism of this particular tutorial. It would have been helpful to know at the beginning of the tutorial (not the final 10 seconds) that you made the initial wreath with 4″ straws, not 4.5″ as you do in this video. It becomes enormous! Also, it is quite difficult to see what you’re pointing to due to the dark shirt you’re wearing. (Maybe close ups with a light background?) After 2 days, I had to scrap my enormous twisted wreath attempt :( Still appreciate your willingness to share and your creativity is inspiring. Thanks!

  15. These are awesome tutorials! I was on the hunt for the cocktail straws and hasn’t having much luck (no target in Logan :(…) and finally found Sam’s Club, there were 5,000 for $10!

  16. Perfection. This wreath is brilliant! I can’t wait to make one of my own. Thanks for sharing, Mandi!!

  17. This is a cool wreath. Very trendy. I was thinking that this would be great to use as a base for a mirror. I am working on a sunburst mirror right now. And I had been racking my brain trying to come up with something unique. This would have been a great idea. I might try it later. I will try anything once.

  18. I love this wreath! What a great idea!

  19. Awesome! Going to try it tonight. How do I attach it to the wall?

  20. Hi! I love the geometric wreath! I tried and completed one wreath but on 3 parts of my wreath the straws bent/broke in half. Did I connect the straws too tightly? Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this for my next attempt? Thank you!

  21. Hi Mandi!
    I loved this tutorial so much that I blogged about it! You are such an inspiration for a newbie DIYer. Congrats on the BHG win!
    -Rita at

  22. xana cruz says:

    Hi Mandi! I really love your work! Congratulations!
    I made one of this piece for my home and it’s looks perfect. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  23. I thought this was such a cool diy! I had always like the looks of brass mobiles by HRUSKAA on Etsy, so I decided to apply your diy to a mobile. I loved the results! (

  24. I love these wreaths, but I’m getting frustrated! I get to the last step and my straws buckle. Not sure why? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  25. I love this wreath! Please make more Himmeli tutorials, they are very inspiring!

  26. Oh wow, I love these, I’m going to try and do some for my kitchen and patio.


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