Mandilicious Christmas: Giant Ombre Pom Pom Blanket

Last December I did a really fun week long series called It’s A Very Mandilicious Christmas.  It was full of DIY projects that made rockin gifts and were super budget friendly.  Well my internet besties, guess what?  Its back!! All this week I will be sharing really great DIYs that will be  “one for you, one for me”, gifting ideas. 

How To Make A Giant Pom Pom Throw vintagerevivals

Up first is a tutorial that I have been meaning to post for months.  Like since April.  Sometimes I fail at being a blogger.  But there is a good reason.

When I made the giant pom pom blanket for Dylan’s room, it was SO cute.  I loved it.  Then I started seeing pink yarn all over my house.  There was a problem,  the poms were molting. 

Pom Pom Problems

I really wanted to come up with a better solution before I shared the tutorial with you guys…then one thing lead to another and here we are…in December!

The really good news is that I have figured out a way to make the poms stay together so that the blanket is easier to wash, and so that you wont feel like you have a LaLaLoopsy that has alopecia living in your house.

There are a few different techniques to making pom poms and for the sake of YOUR sanity I have tried them all.  When you are making grapefruit sized poms you have to find a way to make it work (thanks for the motivation Tim Gunn!)

So this is what works best for me, if you have another technique by all means go with what you are comfortable with!

Typically pom templates are made out of cardboard.  That is great and all, but when you are making 10-15 giant poms then you are going to go through quite few templates (like a new one for every 2 poms).  All that wrapping breaks down the cardboard and it gets really floppy. So I needed something stronger than cardboard. 

The Easy Way To Make Giant Pom Poms vintagerevivals

It also needed to be easy to find.  As fun as it is to track things down from Amazon, when I want to do a project I want to do it NOW.  I know that a lot of you are like that too (this is why we get each other!  Awwwww! Group hug!!)

The best solution that I came up with is an embroidery hoop.  Well, the inside ring of an embroidery hoop to be exact.

Supplies you will need:

One 5” embroidery hoop

1 Skein of Yarn for every 2 pom poms (I use extra thick yarn because it looks really beautiful and expensive and less like a muppet.)  If you use thinner yarn you might get more poms out of it, but I honestly don’t know how many.  I made 10 pom poms so I used 5 skeins of yarn. (One dark, 2 medium and 2 light,  you can see the color pattern down lower!)

1 spool of Upholstery Thread

Good Scissors

Start by taking out the center of your embroidery hoop.  This is your template.

Pom Pom Template

Start by wrapping your yard around the hoop.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


After you have wrapped it around about 15 times, take a piece of your upholstery thread and wrap it around the center of your yarn a few times and then tie a tight knot.

Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Then start wrapping again.  It is ok if your upholstery thread gets lost in the mix, you will trim it when you are done!

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Keep wrapping until you have wrapped 20-25 times again.  Wrap your thread around and tie a knot.

Easy Way to Make Giant Pom Poms

Start wrapping again.  Wrap 20-25 times.  At this point (if you are using extra thick yarn) you have probably used about 1/2 of your skein.  That is the goal, to get 2 poms out of each one.  If you have used more that 1/2 unwind it a little and even out the amounts a little bit better.  Wrap your thread a few times and tie a knot.

***Make sure that each round of upholstery thread is TIGHT.  The molting pom situation,  is because the thread holding them all together was not tight enough!!

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

Isn’t it so chubs!

Now take a piece of yarn that is about 12” long.  Wrap it over your upholstery thread and tie a knot,  leaving as much as you can on one side of your yarn.  This is what you are going to use to connect it to your blanket.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

This is where the sharp scissors come into play.  It just makes things SO much easier if they are sharp.  Trust me, my Dollar Store ones were NOT doing the trick.

Cut along the fold in your yarn along the hoop.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


You might have to wiggle the yarn around a little to be able to fit your scissors underneath it.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Once you are done, cut along the other side.  (This one goes much faster because it isn’t tight against the hoop.  When you are finished you will notice that you don’t have a round pom pom.  Its more of an acorn shape.  Don’t stress, this is an easy fix.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Hold onto the longer pieces of yarn at the bottom of your pom (you will have to do this at the top too)

Channel your inner hair dresser and start hacking.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


You will notice that the yarn on the sides of the pom are perfect, it is just the top and bottom that need trimming.  Round it out so that they match the sides.  I like to spin it a little so I can see where it is lopsided.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Be careful when you are cutting the top that you don’t cut the long piece that is going to attach to the blanket!

Step By Step Tutorial for Making Giant Pom Poms


This is the part where you become a pom pom making machine.  (I made 10 pom poms for my blanket today, but you can use as may or as little as you want!

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

When you have made all of your pom poms it is time to attach them to your blanket.  I found this off white knit throw at Homegoods for $20.00.  This time of year is AMAZING for finding inexpensive throw blankets. 

They have some really good ones at Target too.  I am bound and determined to make one of these blankets using this $20 plaid throw and yellow pom poms!  So cute right?!

Attaching your pom is so simple.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Thread your yarn through one of the openings in the knit.  (I just used my fingers, but if you have a smaller knit or something that you have to poke a hole in I would use this paperclip technique!)

How To Make a Giant Pom Pom Blanket


Bring the end back underneath the knot you tied around the center of the pom pom.

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

Feed it through the hole in the blanket again.  And then tie it off at the knot in the middle of the pom pom.  (So there will be 2 loops going from the pom pom to the blanket)

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial


Trim the extra and you are done!!

DIY Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

I wanted my poms to be ombre in color but not so literal, so I did the medium color on the outside, the lightest inside that, and the darkest in the very middle.

Ombre Pom Pom Throw

Total cost for this project was $35.00 (make sure you use coupons when you buy your yarn!) and it looks like it was SO much more expensive than that!

How To Make Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

 How To Make A Giant Pom Poms Tutorial

If you need more gift ideas (for yourself or others…its ok, I wont judge!) make sure to tune into Vintage Revivals every day this week and check out last year’s projects!

pssst! The tutorial for the Geometric Wreath is right here!

pssst again!  Facebook has changed its algorithm and only a select few of you are seeing my updates!  Make sure to follow Vintage Revivals on Instagram or Pinterest to receive post updates!! (I am working on a few other options and will keep you updated!)

Love Your Guts



  1. christy palmer says:

    How big was the embroidery hoop you used to make your large pompoms?

  2. I LOVE those huge pompoms! I must not have noticed them the first time around (the pink ones) but I am officially obsessed! They are so good, and I love the colors you used.

    Also, just had to comment on that white planter your fiddle leaf fig is in – it’s fabulous!

  3. Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  4. Are you serious???? I just made 4 huge pom poms for a blanket last night and it took me forever doing it with the cardboard circles. FOREVER. You are a genius and I wish I had waited until I saw this!

  5. This is such a fun idea!

  6. Adorbs!! Can’t wait to start pom pomming away!

  7. Brayli Holt says:

    Ok.. im totally going to attempt this for my mother! but quick question.. how many poms are on each side of the blanket? hope that makes sense!

  8. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    This made me gasp. So fun! And I adore that planter too!

  9. i’m totally obsessed. this is a MUST DO IMMEDIATELY project. yes, you get me :)

  10. i am going to make just the pom poms in white to add to my tree – they will look like big snowballs – and every tree needs snowballs right????

  11. Thank you for the ingenious idea for making pom poms! I will now be making pom poms till my fingers bleed!!

  12. Gorgeous!

  13. i, too, am in love with that planter – could you tell me where i can find one? i will be dropping very obvious hints to the hubs on this one for a christmas gift idea! thanks!

  14. That pom pom blanket is ridiculously fun! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog.

  15. Melissa McIntyre says:

    Your pom-poms are AWESOME! Love it! And also, I LOVE that pillow you found at Target! I saw it the other day and loved it instantly, but I decided to wait on it :-)

  16. Oh my goodness! I love that tutorial. You make it look pretty darn easy. I’m loving all the pom poms I’m seeing lately.

  17. Adorable and looks warm and fuzzy. My babies would pull it apart in minutes. :)

  18. I LOVE this!!! Thank you for sharing!! You are amazing!! LOVE the planter also!;)

  19. I love this! I made a giant pom pom garland for our house using the pom pom maker, which was pretty easy- but I was trying to figure out how to make them even bigger! I need fluffy yarn…I don’t think I saw any from the craft store but I must have not been looking very good. Squeee!

  20. Love this so much I ran out and bought all needed materials. I just
    Made my first Pom Pom and it pulled right apart. I knotted as tight as
    I could with my fingers! I have thinner yarn so I had to do like 80 wraps
    On the last 2 wrap cycles. Any suggestions on tying it off?

  21. Perfect!!! I’ve always done it the odd other ways and they never come out that great. But this looks easy.
    Also, you have a wonderful name! LOL.

  22. Ooo, love the fluffiness of those pom poms. I just want to run my fingers through them! Good idea on using a hoop instead. Noticed you are possibly attending Cricut in Jan. Hopefully, we can meet!

  23. What brand of yarn did you use? I want to make this for my brother’s gf for christmas! The green is the exact color of the accents in their house! Thanks!!

  24. I discovered this kind of pom pom making method this year too (just the smaller ones on your fingers) I got so excited and showed my teenager daughter. We spent hours making a whole bagful and have put them on all our gifts this year, It’s great isn’t it? I love your blanket by the way.

  25. Love this… Pinning!

  26. Can I just say…I need you in my life!?!? I love your projects and I need a friend close by who does this with me! Its always so fun to bounce ideas!!!

  27. Made a version of your adorable throw (thanks!). It looks great, but am left wondering how or if I can wash it. I have two beastly boys who have been eying it up and I know it’s just a matter of time before it needs a good wash. Any strategies? I fear the washer will destroy the pom poms….

  28. Hi – what brand/type of yarn did you use? I’m finding a lot of lint coming off the wool yarn I used for this kind of project – any help would be appreciated! thanks

  29. Hi,
    Do you have any suggestions on the best way to wash these yarn pom poms? Will they fall apart if machine washed? You can pull the yarn pieces through sometimes so I wonder if it holds together?


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