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Merry Christmas to you!

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All you have to do is vote for your favorite Christmas Decor (I mean it, thats it!)  There are 10 amazing bloggers to choose from (yours truly included) and all you have to do is pick your fave!  (psst I would love it if you voted for Vintage Revivals, but only if you love it the most!)


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  1. Whitnee Tupe says:

    My tip would be to use up what you have around your house! Get your kids involved and have fun! Keep is simple and they way you want it!!!

  2. My favorite Holiday decorating tip: keep it simple!

  3. do it all in one day so you don”t lose steam

  4. Try to do a little at a time starting as soon as possible after thanksgiving of course!

  5. Mandie – of course I will vote yours! Loved your white christmas decorations this year!

  6. Keep it simple and elegant

  7. Victoria Wright says:

    Absolutely love the two types of christmas lights advice Mandy! Completely changed the look of my tree! Even the hubby commented on it. :)

  8. yes, money and a clean house. ill take it!!!

  9. Moving this week-we could use that gift card for a fridge :)

  10. Stephanie C. says:

    OOH, we love Home Depot. Pick me, pick me!!!

  11. Carrie Eastman says:

    My tip would be always wrap your lights around a wrapping paper cardboard tube when you are taking them off so there not knotted for next year!

  12. Love your website and love your Christmas decorations! Great work!!

  13. Just discovered your blog & I am already hooked! This is would be an awesome giveaway to win.

  14. My favorite decorating tip at Christmas time is hanging mirror bits on the Christmas tree to magnify the sparkle of the lights!

  15. my favorite holiday decorating tip is to keep it simple!

  16. sarah McGuire says:

    Totally voted for VR!!! It’s my favorite blog for sure!! I’d love to win!! Merry Christmas Friend!!

  17. Angela Watson says:

    Love your blog!

  18. Sara Simpson says:

    I would love to win this!

  19. Awesome giveaway!

  20. Leave lights on mini trees.

  21. Pick me!!!

  22. Aah I would love to win! I am just about to start decorating a nursery for my first little one! (Shh, we haven’t announced it yet!)

  23. We have a 2 year old and a baby due in February-could definitely use some help in the house cleaning department!!

    • Oops didn’t leave favorite decorating tip……right now I have lemon, rosemary, and vanilla extract simmering on the stove. Makes the house smell amazing even if it is a mess!!

      • You must be reading my mind Allison! I was just thinking I needed something amazing simmering on my stove! I am TOTALLY going to try that combo!


  24. My favourite holiday decorating tip? Let someone else string the lights for you on the Christmas tree so you don’t end up swearing at them and shoving them in the tree just to be done with it. LOL

  25. Favorite holiday decorating tip: don’t stress about it! (and get the kids involved- if you can)

  26. Caitlin H. says:

    get creative with garlands and swags! They’re not just for greenery anymore!

  27. I voted for you of course!!! Good luck (to both of us!)

  28. mckenzie s says:

    Looooove the wreath around the ram.

  29. Sweet. My husband and I are going to do some house work and $200 would come in real handy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. woo hoo! Mery Christmas!

  31. my favorite tip… being very selective with decor. It doesn’t have to look like Christmas threw up everywhere… use what you have as part of your normal decor. And it makes clean up so much easier.

  32. Oh, I’d love to win this! And I do heart your Christmas decor. I’m itching to try some of the Himmeli turoials as soon as the holiday madness is over. :)

  33. Don’t stress the small stuff. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

  34. I love to add lights and some sparkle to every room. whether its a string of christmas lights or a festive candle or some glittery mason jars, just a little light and shimmer to brighten up the holiday mood!

  35. I love to keep things simple and use as much natural items as possible! Also when I pack it away i flick in a few dryer sheets to keep everything smelling nice

  36. So excited! This is awesome!

  37. I was just reading a DIY on making your own ornament garland and wreaths. Great cost saver, so that’s my favorite tip this year!

  38. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite tip – buy your tree big, then trim it and use the greenery to decorate :)

  39. I’m not sure this counts as a decorating tip but I love to put a stick of cinnamon, orange slices and some whole cloves in a small pan on the stove on low. It makes my house smell like Christmas!

  40. My favorite decorating tip: Let the kids help!

  41. love collecting any christmasy items into bowls or vases – like ornaments, pinecones etc. quick and easy way to decorate!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  42. Favorite holiday decorating tip? Get someone else to do the work! 😉 Actually, I love to let the kids put the ornaments on the tree – it doesn’t make fore the most magazine worthy look, but I love the excitement they feel and the happiness it brings.

  43. I love love love the “old fashion” multicolor outdoor christmas lights. A great way to mix vintage and modern.

  44. My fave tip is to keep it simple!

  45. Love this giveaway!

  46. Favorite tip: less is more… especially when its time to put it all away

  47. Every time I try to enter the sweepstakes or vote for you, I get an error. Invalid Entry. I know how to fill out a form – I swear!

  48. For us what works is getting the house ready the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is just too busy after that!

  49. My holiday tip is to keep a Christmas book or running list on your phone for gifts. I used the notes feature on my phone this year. I put in everyone’s name that I need to shop for along with ideas for them. Then as I buy for them I note it along with what I spent and what I actually purchased. It helps keep me on track and from over spending.

  50. I always love a good contest! Merry Christmas!

  51. My favorite tip is letting my husband fluff the 9′ tree! Also you need a pair of earplugs to keep you from listening to all the swearing in the fluffing stage!

  52. I use those command hooks and strips… it doesn’t leave marks on my wall but I can add a lot of extra decor that I normally don’t. :)

  53. It sounds silly, but learning to string the lights back and forth instead of wrapping them around the tree pretty much was life changing for me!

  54. Karen Jerread says:

    I set the tree up and haul out all the decorations. Then I let the kids have at it. Funny, but they always do a great job.

  55. hillaryduysen says:

    My tip would be make it personal! It doesn’t have to look like a magazine shoot!

  56. Amanda Fry says:

    I LOVED your tip about two different sized Christmas lights for the tree! Ours looks so much better!

  57. For holiday decorating – I love tons and tons of poinsettias! I buy them on Black Friday every year at Home Depot for 99 cents – 12 of them!

  58. Sticking with a theme but including items that bring back memories (like homemade ornaments).

  59. Keep it simple and build traditions!

  60. Make homemade ornaments! I love taking ornaments out each year and reminiscing about how they were made and with whom.

  61. Iights inside!

  62. tip: remember that all of the holiday decorations you put up, you’ll have to take down. so, better to keep it simple!

  63. Post up your children’s school Christmas art projects around the house

  64. My tip is to find things you love – maybe that remind you of your childhood – and use them in unexpected places. You don’t have to cover the house – let your personality peek out here and there.

  65. Less is more! Don’t overload your house with knick knacks :)

    I am so voting for you! Your Christmas decor is my favorite!

  66. Color is wonderful. Just not all colors all at once!

  67. My favorite holiday decorating tip is just to have fun with it! There is no right or wrong as long as it makes you happy and spreads a little holiday cheer!

  68. Stacey Rhodes says:

    3M strips are my best fiend during the holidays. The more lights the better for me…..inside and out!!!

  69. Keep it fun, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

  70. Andrea @ theMFDre says:

    Love the ALL WHITE tip! looks so great!

  71. Two different sized light bulbs on the tree

  72. I like your style!

  73. This is epically awesome! We’re in the process of moving and cleaning supplies and a HD gift card would go a looonng way! Merry Christmas!

  74. Lots of lights on the tree!

  75. hmmm…I think using ornaments as other things. last year on after Christmas mega clearance I got a set of 3 landmark ornaments that are all sparkly and gold and fancy ish. I prop them up as travel décor items-you’d never know they were to be hung on a tree!

  76. I’m so in love with my tree this year because of your tip to use two different sized bulbs! I may never take my tree down!

  77. My favorite Christmas decorating tip is to remember that Christmas only comes once a year, so go all out crazy :) I’ll never forget how magical Christmas was as a child, and I want to share some of that magic with the little ones around me.

  78. Candace osborn says:

    we love home depot at our house

  79. Candace osborn says:

    Less is more at our house!

  80. My decorating tip would be to lay out everything you plan to use before you start. Getting a visual of everything helps so much!

  81. Girl!! Hands down you are clearly going to win this shizz!

  82. Less is more. I have found that editing my decorations to the most meaningful ones (ornaments made by my kids, family heirlooms etc) made me appreciate them more then when they got lost in the shuffle of the Xmas bonanza.

  83. Amy Peterson says:

    My favorite holiday tip is to keep it YOU! Even though its seasonal decor, it needs to reflect your life and style.

  84. Decorate as a family. I love to include my kids and talk about old decorations and where they came from.

  85. Jilian Sullivan says:

    Tip – Christmas comes once a year, leave the ‘paranoia of what the neighbors will think’ behind. If it makes your husband happy as a kid to put up an 8′ snowman in the yard, let him do it. Just claim the inside of the house as ‘YOUR’ decorating territory!!

  86. Gosh, do I have some projects to do. Pick me!! Christmas is about God becoming man for the salvation of the world. Everything else is just icing on the everlasting gloriousness of the cake! :)

  87. Tip: It doesn’t have to be perfect. Take time to enjoy what the season is all about.

  88. I love Undecorating my house and getting it back to normal!!!

  89. What a great givaway! My husband and I just bought our first house and all I want is for it to be clean! That would be a Christmas Miracle. :)

  90. Like Nike says…Just Do It!

  91. i am terrible at holiday decorating. but i like having a few key pieces that make me feel festive. i like to keep it simple. :]

  92. My boy friend LOVES your wreath and tree DIYs! I think it’s the first “homey” thing I’ve ever showed him where his enthusiasm matched mine! KEEP IT UP! You’re making my house a happy one! Happy Holidays! My tip: LISTEN TO MANDI!

  93. I honestly really do like Vintage Revivals Christmas decor- it just looks so clean and bright!
    My holiday decorating tip is to stop worrying about what day to put up the decor- who cares if it’s up on Thanksgiving! It’s a lot of work so enjoy it longer

  94. My tip would be to only decorate with what you LOOOOOOVE and only do the parts that make you happy, otherwise the holidays turn into a nightmare of obligations and crap you secretly hate. Like my Christmas village–total PITA, but I really do <3 it, so it doesn't seem like that much work to me. On the other hand, I could care less about decorating the front yard to look like Winter Wonderland, so the one time we did it, I cursed and sweated and had a miserable time and then muttered under my breath every. single. night when I went to turn on all the various crap out there. And I complained when we had to take it all down and put it away. The next year, I got smart and gave that junk away. SO much better!

  95. My favorite tip I actually learned from you! Use decor that you can recycle and keep year-round so it doesn’t end up sitting in a box for 11 months after Christmas is over :)

  96. Tip: When in doubt- bake some cookies to give people- they will never notice what decorations you have if you keep them occupied with cookies!

  97. Favorite tip: only turning on the Xmas lights means you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning!

  98. Tip: let the kids be in charge once in a while (staying up late on school nights watching Christmas movies, eating way too many Christmas goodies, oohing and ahhing over lights, counting down the days in a fun way, shaking the presents, ornament clusters on trees, etc.) Christmas is so much more fun through the eyes of a child.

  99. Best tip? You can never go wrong with red, green, and gold for Christmas. Adding pops of red to your home (even if it’s not considered Christmas decorations) is always cheery for the holidays!

  100. Tip : BREATHE!

  101. Marnie brian says:

    My favorite holiday decorating tip is to keep it simple!

  102. Your stuff was by far the best–totally voted for you! :-) As far as a tip, I’m actually moving in with my boyfriend soon, I have no kids or nieces or anything and we usually do Christmas at my folks, so not really a lot of personal tips to give out so far because my place doesn’t get decorated. I guess my best tip would be to skip the crowds and do as much online shopping as possible! Most places have free shipping and you don’t have to fight anyone over the last “Tickle Me Elmo”! 😉

  103. My favorite tip is… More lights!!

  104. Tip: Having fun while making is just as important as the finished product!

  105. Let the kids help decorate the tree and then spend the rest of the season rearranging it! :)

  106. Hope you win!! I love how original your holiday décor is!

  107. I’m all about simplicity, but I love it when my house smells like Christmas. I love using essential oils to do this!

  108. I thought the cleaning lady was a great Christmas present!

  109. Thanks, Mandi!

  110. JaimE Cooke says:

    I love how most of your Christmas decor is DIY!!!

  111. My favorite decorating tip would have to be glitter. It’s the only time of the year you can go overboard and no one can judge you. Bedazzle that sh!t.

  112. keep it simple. I tend to go overboard but this year I am cutting back and trying to enjoy the season more rather than spending all my time stressing to make everything perfect

  113. I love using fresh greens trimmed from the bottom of our tree and christmas bulbs for decorating!

  114. My favorite decorating tip is to remember that Christmas is about family and memories, not about how pretty you can make your house look for Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Etc.

  115. Adrienne B says:

    Use two different bulb sizes on the tree, always! It instantly makes I so much prettier. I love Ikea’s snowflake bulbs mych up with your standard LED strand.

  116. Don’t stress the cleaning!! pick up, straighten up and do a big clean up the weekend after the new year!

  117. brittany dodgen says:

    pick me pick me!! :)

  118. Candles, candles, candles!

  119. My favorite holiday tip: use whatever possible to avoid putting holes in your wall. Our home is made up completely of plaster walls, so this is especially important!

  120. love your christmas decor so much! next year i’m going to start early and spruce up our decor. happy holidays!!!

  121. Brianna henderson says:

    Don’t decorate the lower half of your Christmas tree, for little people will destroy it all. Oh wait! Maybe that was what I wish someone told me this year with my carazy 1 year old 😉

  122. This is awesome!! I love your dowl wreath!!

  123. My favorite holiday decorating tip is to use what’s available right outside your door. My husband and I hike and find gorgeous pine cones and boughs to use for garland and wreaths!

  124. Candles make any place- indoor or out, a cozy place to be! What a stellar giveaway that anyone would be pleased to win!

  125. This year with a newborn I decided less is more. The kids don’t care, so it works!

  126. Hands down yours wins, those geometric ornaments are AWESOME. I did one of my trees in all white hand made paper ornaments this year, thought it was great until I saw yours LOL I love your tree so much you did a fantastic job :)

  127. Ashley Outland says:

    My favorite holiday decorating tip is to look on Pinterest!! You can find the best ideas there!

  128. Love that you have this giveaway! I was just at Home Depot with the hubby and he pointed out “several” tools he wants!

  129. Awesome giveaway!!

  130. To hang a wreath or other decoration on a door, use a push pin with a flat head, and attach the wreath with a ribbon pinned to the top of the door. That way there is no nail hole in the door, and no glue residue leftover when you are done with the decor.

  131. Favorite holiday decorating trick is to pick up tree trimmings from the Xmas tree farm and disperse them liberally throughout the house!

  132. My best advice when you have kids, is to relax and enjoy the time WITH them rather than trying to make everything perfect FOR them. They will appreciate and remember the time you spend with them much more than the decorations…

  133. Thanks for the give away!

  134. Yay for Home D flow! We need some tools to finish the master bedroom.

  135. I wanna win!!!!

  136. Yay! Hope you win :)

  137. LINDSAY HALL says:


  138. My Fav Holiday Tip: Keep it simple and use what ya got!

  139. Caitlyn Kelly says:

    i loved your tip using two different sized bulbs on your tree, but when i went to look for the globe trees they were out. SO, i bought a big package of ping pong balls and cut small holes in them, then used them to cover a few strands of regular lights. It gives the same effect of the multiple sized lights, plus it was fairly inexpensive! :)

  140. Love love LOVE the different wreaths…especially the dowel. I’m definitely doing that for next year.

  141. My favorite tip would be something I’m working on this year – to not feel like you have to use some of your decor just because you always have or because it has some kind of sentimental value. Use what you love, and if you don’t love what you have, that’s ok! You can DIY something for very little cost, and be much happier about your home.

  142. Kristina A says:

    I don’t have any cleaning tips (my house is a mess) but it does smell good. I have cinnamon and vanilla simmering on the stove plus the fresh cut tree smell!

  143. I love to save my children’s Christmas art and put it out year after year!

  144. Amber Gardner says:

    Duh – two sizes of Christmas lights… care of YOURS TRULY! Hope I win! :)

  145. What a fantastic giveaway! My tip is to slow down and relax and don’t take things too seriously – keep your sense of humor! Marry Christmas!

  146. Ummm …. that’s Merry Christmas!

  147. Lisa Brown says:

    Use lots of non-flammable candles. They create a nice ambiance along with all the other decorations.

  148. Flippen sweet giveaway!! I totally need the Home Depot help in my sad master bath!!

  149. My tip is to slack a bit on the cleaning over the holidays and just relax and enjoy them!

  150. My favorite holiday tip: Remember to keep your Christmas spirit. The season flies by so quickly, and we’re rushing around trying to check everything off our list. I usually try to remind myself that what I’m frantically trying to buy this year, I may not even care about in less than two years. So, don’t freak if you don’t get everything on your list (or their list), it’s more important to spend Christmas with the ones you love.

  151. Heather Habermann says:

    My favorite Christmas decorating tip is: When adding ornaments to your tree, do it in layers. I start with all the ornaments that match. For instance: we put all the gold balls that match on the tree. Then, gold glitter balls, and so on. Last we put the “one of a kinds”, with the more “cosmetically challenged” ornaments to the hidden parts of the tree. LOVE your blog, and of course I voted for you!

  152. stick to your usual style when decorating for the holidays!

  153. I’m pretty sure your decor takes the cake! I love fun and funky home-style Christmas deco. Great giveaway!

  154. I love your decor so I’ll definitely vote for you.

  155. White lights always look classy!

  156. Keep it manageable or else you’ll just stress yourself out!

  157. My tip is for artificial trees. My parents wind the lights on each individual row of branches (from the front to the back of the branch almost like a zig zag pattern) before putting on the next row so the tree really looks like it’s real because it’s lit from the inside out. Everyone always thinks they have a real tree!


  158. Stay true to your own style when decorating for the holidays!

  159. I made some paper garlands this year with scrapbook paper, punches, and my sewing machine. Not inventing the wheel, I know, but I love how quick and easy they were and super cute. They kicked up the festive notch quite a bit with very little effort and even less $$! :-)


  161. Just do it, don’t procrastinate.

  162. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  163. If you didn’t use it decorating last year. Get rid of it. One item in, one item out.

  164. Anna Konsor says:

    This would be such a cool thing to win! I don’t even own a home, but my brother-in-law just bought one and I would definitely share (most) of this money with him :)

  165. I never decorate for the holidays because I’m a grinch, I guess. That will probably change when I have kids but until then, it’s just one more thing for the animals to get into!

  166. My favorite holiday decorating tip is to go for a walk and look for inspiration! I bundle up and grab a bag and while I’m on the tralis near my house I pick up pine cones that I can throw in a bowl on my console table, some sticks I can put in a vase on my mantle, and pieces of evergreens and holly that I can put in jars on my dining room table. It’s free, it’s simple and can stay up all season instead of just for Christmas, and it tires out my little puppy so that I can relax later! Win, win, WIN!

  167. Sue DeChant says:

    I’m a disaster at holiday decorating so I’m paying close attention to everyone else’s tips!

  168. My favorite holiday decorating tip is to fill in greenery with baby’s breath. It breaks up the monotony of all of that green and looks like a pretty dusting of snow. :-)

  169. How fun! Thanks for the chance!

  170. Michelle Ridd says:

    My favorite holiday decorating tip is to GO WILD! It’s only for a short period of time, and it’s supposed to be FUN, right? So – the crazier, the better…why not!

  171. Tip, don’t over do it. Use lots of fresh greens and supplement with some store bought berries and glass balls. I get my greens from the discarded tree bottom boughs from Home Depot, for free!! Save time to savor the family!

  172. I’m voting for your decor for sure!!!

  173. I love a mantel full of mini graham cracker gingerbread houses!

  174. Favorite tip is using fake garland and extra lights around the house. You don’t know what lights can do to a room.

  175. I use 3m command hooks to hang all of my Christmas decor and then I can take them down and store them with the decorations for next year without putting holes in my walls!

  176. I love using paper in different ways to keep costs low and I can reuse them from year to year or if I don’t want to, it was inexpensive so I don’t feel bad tossing it!

  177. I would love, love, love to win! Merry Christmas!

  178. Oh, and put all breakables waaaaayyyy up high. Damn those curious kids.

  179. I just love candles, the soft glow makes everything festive and cozy!

  180. Katherine Roberts says:

    My favorite holiday decor tip is to start with a blank canvas. It is so much easier to decorate for christmas without all of your regular decor out and making things look crowded.

  181. donnamarchlewski says:

    I love vintage Christmas items!

  182. I am trying to enter the contest and your site will not accept my email address.

  183. My favorite holiday decorating tip – I love holiday wreaths. I go to a goodwill/resale store and purchase all of the wreath forms with ugly decorations on it for very cheap (much cheaper than paying $40 for a nice wreath form at a craft store). Then I rip off the ugly decor and add my own!

  184. Garland hanging in doorways, on the mantle, and as a wreath is my way of getting out of all the other holiday clutter I’ve saved over the years. Hang the same bulbs on the garland that I use as filler on the tree and voila, pretty easy Christmas decor!

  185. I think yours is my fav because I have a stunning silver dear head much like the ram and would love to do something like the wreath you did.

  186. Holiday decorating tip: who am I kidding? I have no decorating “tips.” I use the same stuff year after year, in the same place year after year, because (1) I pay a lot of money for it, (2) it’s sentimental to me, and (3) I like what I like and I don’t change my mind too much about what I like. Every year I throw in one or two “updates” so the look doesn’t hearken back to the mid-90s when I started decorating on my own. My biggest “tips” have to do with packaging and organizing all of it correctly to keep it pristine for 20 years!!!

  187. Breakables up high. I have a 19 month old, a 3 year old, and a dog.

  188. I love repurposing candleholders to display ornaments!

  189. Holiday decorating tip? Wait until the kids are in bed.

  190. Thanks for all you do I love your blog!

  191. Less is more! And fresh greenery makes your house smell like Christmas.

  192. I can’t say I have a decorating tip, really, since I come to your blog for those. 😉 I guess I’m all about keeping it simple and classy but still modern and fresh. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  193. We hang garland along the long hallway and the main front room where the Christmas tree is. We leave the nails in the wall all year long so it is so easy to just drape the garland. They are small enough so you can’t see them the rest of the year. It has saved many hours on a step ladder as well as my sanity.

  194. Now that I’m decorating with a 2 year old, my decorating tip is to get them involved in the decorating so that hopefully they won’t be so interested in touching every single little thing!

  195. Don’t forget about good smells. If you have an artificial tree you can make the house smell great with a fresh pine wreath or garland. Also, throw some cinnamon sticks, orange peel, whole cloves, a sweet apple sliced in half (not granny smith), star anise and water in a small crockpot and let it simmer. Your house will smell great and festive!

  196. I love your approach to all of your decorating and designing, so it’s no surprise that I also love your Christmas decor this year!

  197. I love VR!!

  198. I keep my stocking hangers up on the mantle all year, they are on the underside with clear hangers and command strips! You can’t even see them!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  199. Would love to win.

  200. my fav tip… whay decorations you put out you also have to put away! :-)

  201. I like to always have a nativity set at the center of my decorating. Helps me remember the “Reason for the Season.”

  202. What a great giveaway!!

  203. MARY hAPPYMOMMY says:

    My favorite tip is to recycle old décor and make it look new.

  204. Christmas is for family. Keep it simple, make memories, and remember that perfect is only perfect for your family.

  205. This is fantastic!

  206. do what makes you happy!

  207. Crank up the Christmas music while you decorate!

  208. Brittany Hise says:

    Since we have an artificial tree I use Scentsy Warmers and Christmas scents to make my house smell like I have a real tree with a touch of cinnamon!

  209. I love looking at all the beautiful blogs this time of year, but can’t imagine changing my tree ornaments! These are our souvenirs from past travels and each year the kids get one that symbolizes something special to them that year (a tradition from my mom!). Decorating the tree brings back tons of memories and my kids are now old enough to ask about each ornament’s story!

  210. I love stringing tinsel around things that are up year round!

  211. The past few years I started going with themes for decorating the tree, sometimes with a color scheme, this year it’s a flora & fauna tree (all ornaments have some kind of plant or animal.) I decide on next year’s theme during the Christmas season this year, so when I pack the decorations away, I separate out a box that is just the ornaments I’ll use next year. (I’m already eyeballing all the ornaments that will work for next year’s metallic & white, stars & angels tree).

  212. My FAVE tip is putting two different sized Christmas lights on the tree!!

  213. My fave tip is putting two different sized lights on the tree!

  214. Christina M says:

    To play holiday music while we work!

  215. I love our collection of Santa photos. For years, I just crammed them in a drawer and never looked at them again. A few years, I bought inexpensive frames for each photo and now they line our mantle and console. My daughter is 10, so I promised this would be her last year doing a Santa pic – but I’m glad I have 10 years of her growing up!

  216. Anne Galindo says:

    Keep it simple! I do like lights though, lots of lights.

  217. My tip is to pick a simple color scheme

  218. Marry a Jewish man. We decorate inside but we are completely off the hook for outside decorations!

  219. Glitter is your best friend during the holidays and your enemy after.

  220. Don’t take it too seriously…have fun! Let the kids help!

  221. I love your plant holder. OMG!!! Darling.

  222. SO. Fricking. AWESOME. You, the sweepstakes and that it is only one week to Christmas! Yay! :)

  223. you’ve got my vote!!

  224. Susan hahaj says:

    Keep It simple is my best tip! Use what you have and make do and feel joy in that!

  225. We love to keep things personal. An ornament wreath made of great-grandma’s one off’s. Our tree is covered in fun ornaments from friends and family. We also keep an ornament wreath with our souvenirs of travels. So fun to pull everything out each year and remember the memories associated with each item.

  226. I use fresh greens cut from the bottom of the
    christmas tree to tuck all around the house.

  227. Use natural elements to decorate!

  228. I have an artificial Christmas tree that was always a pain to put up and take down. I now leave it put together all year long, leave it in the workshop covered by an old sheet until after Thanksgiving. I carry it in to the house all put together with the lights already on it. All I have to do is add the decorations. After Christmas, I take off the decoration (to avoid them being broke while moving) and take back out to the shop and cover again until next year. It saves me so much time but you have to have the room to do it.

  229. Laura igram says:

    The best Christmas decor in my house involves my grandma’s hand-me-down vintage shiny brite ornaments!

  230. Have fun! We always have a Christmas Tree Decorating Party w/cookies, punch, etc.

  231. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Home Depot is the best!

  232. Cindy Meisenheimer says:

    WOW! What a great give away! We haven’t even been able to put up a tree in the family room because we are replacing some windows with Home Depot! I love to repurpose and dress up what I already have out in the rooms to make it a little more glitzy and glamy. Plus I don’t have to put stuff away to put out Christmas stuff and then reverse it when the holidays are over!

  233. Can’t wait to win!

  234. My favorite holiday decorating tip is to use seasonal fruit to decorate. One example is stringing cranberries to hang on the Christmas tree.

  235. Watch Elf while decorating

  236. Tip: Lights, lights and more lights! So puts me in the holiday mood!

  237. My tip is to use the free decor nature gave ya! Go for a walk in the park to collect line ones and pine boughs. Free, and bonus…. The house smells super fresh

  238. I have been eyeing those Himmeli items in the Hruska shop on Etsy for so long and wanted to DIY it but never had any clue. Thanks go your post, that is the first project I’m going to tackle after Christmas. So, obviously I voted for you in the Home Depot giveaway.

    Merry Christmas:)

  239. I love your blog and would love to win!

  240. i always liked the idea of using leftover christmas cards to tape to the front of the christmas box just to keep things pretty.

  241. Andrea Garcia says:

    I have been coping your white Christmas! I adore all the white and modern!

  242. Bethany Williams says:

    Lots and lots of sparkle and shine for Christmas! Holiday decorating just can’t be too tacky for me, bring on the tinsel : )

  243. Loved your tip to put two kinds of lights on the tree!

  244. jen Bawden says:

    I love Home Depot and being able to get creative with the ideas I have or find on pinterest.

  245. I use what I have! I fill jars around the house with cheap things like jingle bells and candy canes. Pom poms and ornaments as well as ribbon are so easy to fill things and are affordable, especially if you reuse every year!

  246. I really want to get crafty next year and make a ton of decorations… hopefully I’ll have some extra money! Love your ideas!

  247. Keep it simple! Use vases and florals from other seasons. Vintage decor from family brings back magical childhood memories and saves money!

  248. My favorite holiday decorating tip this year is to use what you already own. This is my first year decorating for Christmas, and I have only spent $10 (it helps that my apartment is tiny)! I have repurposed some things I DIYed for my wedding (like a monogrammed wreath) and themed the Christmas color scheme accordingly.

    http://poshpurpose.blogspot.com/2013/12/diy-monogrammed-wreath.html and http://poshpurpose.blogspot.com/2013/12/low-budget-christmas-decor.html

  249. Favorite holiday tip is to keep it simple!
    Love your blog!

  250. Put the box in front of the hubby and let him have at it; he loves to do it, you have about a million other things to do…

  251. Ummm… Yes please to all of this!

  252. My favorite holiday decorating tip is, like you, to use things I will love all year. Also, lots of lights and fresh greens are musts!

  253. I started doing a “toy tree” with my little kids. I didn’t want to worry about them messing up the tree so I used plastic ornaments, and stuffed the tree with their toys. It turned out cute and colorful, and never looked the same from day to day, but I kept my sanity and had to say “NO” a whole lot less! :)

  254. Awesome giveaway! And my holiday decorating tip is similar to the “keep it simple” ones – aside from the tree and stockings, decorate for the season so that when Christmas is over, you don’t have to redecorate the whole place; just take down the tree and a couple of other things, then sit back and keep enjoying the view with minimal work. 😉

  255. I love to use unusual colors for decorating during the holidays and to re use “non holiday” items in a holiday way.

  256. White twinkle lights are my go-to lighting decoration. You can’t go wrong with soft white lights

  257. tip: mix big chunky colored lights with tiny twinkling white lights to add dimension to a tree

  258. sommer ledbetter says:

    My decorating tip is to just keep things simple. Too much of anything can ruin the whole look.

  259. My tip keep it simple!

  260. So Great! The Merry Maids service alone, I would just die! My holiday tip is really a more of a motto: You do you. I think you should just go with what you like, what works for your family, and call it a day. If that means you have special Christmas scatter rugs, soap pumps, and the like (Shout out to Mema!) you should rock it, no apologies. If you are feeling just a few touches here and there of whatever it is that says Christmas to you, awesome! And neither camp should be giving the other the Mean Girl look. Judgement free, holidays ya’ll! You do you.

  261. I try to keep things simple-I don’t go crazy, it’s less clean up! LOL! Merry Christmas!!

  262. erika lanham says:

    AH such an amazing and generous giveaway!

  263. hausfrauChelsea says:

    My favorite tip is to use Command strips/hooks for everything. Easy clean up, about the same cost as a nail and then the subsequent repair materials, but without having to actually take the time to repair any holes.

  264. Shannon Stephens says:

    Hey Mandilicious!

  265. My favorite holiday decorating tip: white lights, white lights, white lights.

  266. Michelle Short says:

    My tip is keep it simple and include the kids in your crafting and decorating. There is nothing more special than seeing my kids excited year after year by all the ornaments and such they have made in years past.

  267. I just voted for you!! I hope you win; I love your Christmas! I made one of your wreaths the other day and I’m totally hooked to!

  268. My favorite decorating tip fill your house with things you love!

  269. Shiny and colorful makes up for a multitude of sins….at least in my world 😉

  270. Favorite holiday tip…getting your tree up earlier than 7 days before Christmas really helps spread the Holiday Cheer….sadly, there have been very few years that I’ve actually managed to do follow this tip :(

  271. “Ho ho ho yo.” Love it, girl!!

  272. Corinna Bennett says:

    Tip: start early so you can enjoy the decorations for at least a few weeks! Use LED lights…brighter and energy efficient.

  273. holiday decorating comes down to 2 things for me: KISS (keep it simple, stupid), and use only items you love, rather than using something just “because I have it”. :)

  274. I love lit garlands- so easy and transform a room so beautifully!

  275. Its been said before, but its cause its true! Use stuff that can be used throughout the year. IE. Don’t go crazy with santa stuff. Use greenery and ribbons and other awesome things. So, yeah.

  276. Sparkle is always better.

  277. home Depot is my jam.

  278. Jordan Luthi says:

    The more lights the better in my Christmas decor! And lots of gold :)!

  279. I like to keep it simple. Do too much and things look cluttered (and visitors get overwhelmed trying to see everything).

  280. Gina lively says:

    Less is more…when in doubt add natural elements.

  281. I love getting the kids involved in the decorating process. The results may not always be “Pinterest-worthy” but it definitely makes the best memories!

  282. Lots of greenery, lights and sparkle!

  283. The only decorating I ever do is for the tree! :)

  284. Elizabeth G. says:

    Keep it simple!

  285. my favorite tip is to use natural things. I love a rustic feel, and pinecones, berries, antlers, and sprigs of herbs and ever greens really look festive when all put together…. and you get to throw most away (or compost!!!) so you dont need to store it each year…. soooo green

  286. all of them! ha!

  287. This would ROCK for our home renos…yes, I am sitting here, a mere 7 days before Christmas (where we will be hosting 24 people Christmas day) without a sink, faucet, and counter tops.., Lovely time for a renovation, right?!

  288. fave tip…don’t let it stress you out. Stay simple if it means less stress. I cannot imagine Jesus enjoying you getting stressed out over every last detail. Instead, focus on the meaning of the holiday!

  289. Get ideas now and hit the after Christmas sales!

  290. Dressing up items with a little Christmas cheer that are already part of my regular decor. Some bling here, ribbons/bows there. :o)

  291. My favorite decorating tip is using white lights all around the house to make the inside feel enchanted! PS I added those globe lights to my christmas tree this year and have gotten SO many compliments on it! THANK YOU!

  292. Love seeing all the different ways to pump up the holiday decor! Thanks for sharing!

  293. Decorating tip….there can never be too many lights!

  294. Jamie Rowe says:

    A clean house? I don’t even know what that looks like ha ha!!! A HD gift card would be the thing I need to jump start my kitchen update.

  295. I put up all my greenery and a lot of other decorations with command hooks, using green pipe cleaners or clear fishing line. It has really made things easier since now I do not have to put nails in the walls.

  296. Beautiful decorating tips! Thank you everyone. PS – I LOVE Pintrest for great ideas too!

  297. Voting for you was easy. I really liked Emily’s wreath, too, but yours had this softness to it which just drew me in.

  298. When your husband says that he can cut a Christmas tree down off of your own land, say that it is probably not a good idea. Otherwise you may end up with a large bush in the middle of your living room that turns a very ugly shade of brown/red, spreads out to twice its size and looses all of its needles in less than a week.
    My best decorating tip is to get a nice tree that will last more than a week and is actually a tree, not a bush.

  299. Tip: Keep it simple/meaningful. I put up things I know my family enjoys:)

  300. I’m a Scrooge when it comes to XMas decor.

  301. Thanks for the great giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  302. Best tip I know– don’t turn into a Holiday-zilla, lol! Let it be fun, even if it takes an adult beverage or two! 😉

  303. I’m so in love with the Ho Ho Ho Yo pictures that I copied from your site and put on my wall. Sassy + traditional – makes me smile every day!

  304. I love your Ho, Ho, Yo sign! so fun and unexpected!

  305. My tip is to use homemade decorations and have the kids help,, it adds a nice personal touch and brings back memories every year.

  306. Love all the giveaways. Tip for cleaning grout: oxyclean! I tried a million things and this worked the best with the least amount of scrubbing. I used 1-2 scoops in a pitcher of warm water and poured it over the lines of grout, let it sit for 30-60 minutes and then scrub away with a grout scrubber and it is clean. It lifts up the junk and floats around the water. Yuck! Just make sure to pour more of the mixture on during the waiting period if it starts to dry up in an area. It needs to stay wet.

  307. Best tip: Keep it simple and go with the color scheme of the decor you have…don’t fight it :)

  308. I need more garland, stat!

  309. Emily Miller says:

    Voted for you! Loved your decorations!

  310. Best Holiday decorating tip, turn the twinkle lights on, turn the overhead lights off, start up a fire, and break out the cocktails!

  311. I like to be casual and just have fun doing what you want. I think going against the grain is fun.

  312. Love your take on holiday decor!

  313. Best Tip – Use decorations that have been passed down from your parents. It always brings back great memories of celebrating Christmas as a kid.

  314. Sooo if I win any of this home depot goodness, I might just start trying every single project in your archives! Slightly obsessed :) in a totally not weird way… If that’s possible! Lol!

  315. Megan Kelly says:

    My favorite decorating tip is to pick a color and center your decorations around that. I LOVE your white, it’s so clean and crisp and since I live in AZ it would be a great way to bring in the typical winter, snowy Christmas that we never get to see. A few years ago I did purple and gold decor and I loved it. Gold ANYTHING is my favorite though! ps..Obviously I voted for you!

  316. I don’t usually decorate with red, so bringing it out at Christmas time makes it even more special!

  317. Decorate however makes you happy and helps you feel the Christmas spirit.

  318. Would soooo love to win this as we are, as I write, renovating our downstairs with new bathroom, floors, walls, kitchenette…….This could be quite handy (in more ways than one : )

  319. Favorite Christmas Decorating Tip: include some whimsy. Put a Santa hat on an animal figurine. Tuck something funny into the tree. Have fun!

  320. Would love this! Love the blog too.

  321. I like to use things I already have (bowls, baskets, trays, etc.) and fill them with natural things from my yard (greenery, pinecones, nuts and berries).

  322. Erika Romney says:

    This is our first Christmas in our own home and we’re definitely on a budget, so my holiday decorating tip is don’t feel like you have to do it all at once and DIY what you can! Our tree is burlap, silver, and white, which means we got to make a tons of holiday stuff around the house using just computer paper since, voila, its’ white! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  323. Use a mix of sentimental decorations and homemade. Love your xmas decor.

  324. mary wyatt says:

    I love using my family’s vintage ornaments!!

  325. Decorating tip: use command strips!!

  326. mary wyatt says:

    Mandilicious, you are my hero! Everything you do seems to be filled with such joy, I can’t help but smile.

  327. My favorite holiday decorating tip is simplicity. I rotate what I put out every year….keep it simple. Clutter stresses me out and I don’t need extra stress.

  328. YAY! So excited!

  329. Christmas decorating tip… Collect a few special ornaments each year for the tree and in a few years your tree will be full of happy history.

  330. Stephanie J says:

    I like to use simple items that can be left out through the entire winter so we can enjoy them longer!

  331. I love to decorate with a color story in mind. This year, I have metallics, red, and white, plus a bit of rustic charm with burlap and twine!

  332. Kristie McG says:

    My favorite holiday decorating tip is to stick with a limited number of colors and don’t feel like they need to be red and green! We have been using silver, gold, and green accents and just love it. Glamorous yet simple and warm. Happy holidays!

  333. I love the clean, classy look you did here, Mandi. Awesome as always!

  334. My tip is to make sure you include sentimental items in your decor. I was always so obsessed with having a department store worthy tree, but my husband’s grandmother gave us a box full of ornaments he had chosen from her tree over the years. At first I was reluctant to mix their varying styles in with our decor, but after putting her ornaments up I realized our tree is SO MUCH BETTER and 100% unique!

  335. Put little mirror tiles on the inside of your xmas tree! Really bounces the light around!

  336. Amber Langston says:

    Love all the simple, monochromatic schemes I’m seeing all over blogland this year. Very inspiring!!

  337. I would say my holiday decorating tip is to make your decorations your own. Infuse it your home decor style. Don’t just buy the tacky holiday decor. Its way more fun to get creative and spread some holiday cheer in a subtle way.

  338. keep it simple!

  339. TIP: Use command strips everywhere and anywhere that you can so you won’t have holes in your walls.

  340. TIP – read the holiday DIYS from the many wonderful blogs so that you can make your home a welcoming and more inexpensive for the holidays.

  341. Definitely would be a win win for me and my husband :)

    • Also my favorite tip is for artificial trees use old belts or thrift store belts to cinch of your tree for easy storage :)

  342. Use natural elements from the outdoors!

  343. Ahhhh! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. As far as my favorite idea goes, I love your straw ornaments! So simple, so clean, so cute!

  344. Decorate with pieces you love

  345. Chloe Poirot says:

    I love having lots of twinkling lights around the room :) Bright is nice.

  346. Winning would mean new kitchen cabinets for me!!! No more eating sawdust from the old ones I got now!!!!

  347. I love to put our tree across from a mirror…that way the twinkling gets magnified!

  348. I like to keep things clean & simple. :)

  349. Um, I’m Jewish, so I don’t celebrate or decorate for Christmas, but for Hannukah we hung up our 2.5 year old daughter’s school artwork all over the house. To watch it fall down 24 hours later. :)

  350. I love my decorations to flow throughout the house. I also use ornaments on the tree that I had on my tree as a kid and also that my husband had as a kid.

  351. Picking a color scheme and sticking with it. That way you won’t buy every adorable holiday thing you see in the stores…and you’ll save money!

  352. Love this post? Yeah, I do!

  353. Sarah Cioffi says:

    All I want for Christmas , Is…money to spruce up my home and for Mandi to win all the votes in the world.

  354. It would be amazing to win this giveaway…and unbelievable if I could win the sweepstakes! This interior design student is broke from art school, with lots of DIY projects with sadly waiting on her to-do list.

    My favorite Christmas decorating tip is to layer large and small items with different textures for a polished look while sticking to a single color scheme. Also, my dad always says, “fake tree, fake Christmas”, so there’s that!

  355. all I want for Christmas is a newly painted house! Home Depot pick me!

  356. Rita Pirkey says:

    have so much to fix….but water leaks fixed would be wonderful!

  357. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :)
    Good luck in your contest!

  358. This is a great giveaway during the Holiday Season!!!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  359. Just voted for you!! Hope you win:):) xo, amy

  360. Less is more!!

  361. Voted! And I love you site!

  362. Best tip? Command Strips. And lots of them.

  363. You always host the best giveaways! My favorite tip would be to not feel like your décor has to be ‘in’. Just decorate to your hearts content, whether it could be featured in a magazine or not.

  364. This would be perfect to finish off our nursery!

  365. There are so many things I could do with a Home Depot gift card! For me, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a real tree, decorated with collected ornaments for decades of past Christmases, so my tip? Get a real tree!

  366. Manette Gutterman says:

    My tip is to shop your house! You will be amazed at what you could put together with practically nothing. Believe me, I don’t have much $$ or decor but I’m good at being thrifty and making things look special.

  367. I love incorporating my kids artwork over the years into my holiday decorating. They get excited as well!

  368. Best tip? Sparkles! can never go wrong with some glitter :)

  369. You will win! Merry Christmas!

  370. Thanks so much!

  371. Marianne Warren says:

    I love to make sure I have some holiday decor that’s not so Christmas oriented. So much of winter follows the holidays and I like continue to make everything feel cozy. Lots of whites, winter throws, plaid, candles, a little bit of greenery.

  372. Buy your decorations after Christmas and throughout the year at yard sales and thrift stores!

  373. LOve hd so much!! I made thirty of your himmeli ornaments for a party last weekend! :)

  374. LOve hd so much!! I made thirty of your himmeli ornaments for a party last weekend! :) !!!

  375. My tip: Decorate with memories from your childhood and what makes you happy!

  376. Gosh, I don’t think I have any great decorating tips. I haven’t put up a single thing this year aside from the Advent wreath we purchased from church.

  377. My favorite tip is think long term… we all PLAN to take them down after/get around to it/ect and then it’s March and my wreath is still up… I like to gravitate towards ‘winter’ theme versus Christmas to encourage this long term without being tacky!

  378. Keep it simple and don’t stress (too much) that you didn’t do something you planned to do.

  379. Holly Rice says:

    IS anyone else having trouble entering the contest and voting on the HomeDepot website?

  380. holly rice says:

    Google Chrome for the win! That helped..

    Holiday decorating tip would be keep it fun and light. Use things you have around the home to make it personal!

  381. Only use what you love. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  383. I’m big on more is more – but take your holiday decor in phases! It is a much more enjoyable and thought out process when you take time (say a few Saturday afternoons) than giving yourself decor anxiety by rushing the whole process into one day!

  384. When decorating, I like to stick to two to three colors so the decorations in the house don’t look to distracting. This year i am all about red, silver and glitter white!

  385. My favorite tip is this: go for a walk! Pick up pretty things you would ordinarily step on! Or, go to the dog park, smile as the pups frolic and play, then since you’ve decompressed and see the world through more simplistic eyes, look around. Cones, berries, branches, moss…it’s all so beautiful and perfect for holiday decorating and beyond! Merry Christmas, happiest of New Years, and thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  386. My favourite decorating tip? Buy (or make) plenty of wintery neutrals like creams or greys, so they will carry you through any Christmas’s. Even if you change your complimentary colours!

  387. Use something from your childhood. Every time you see it, it brings back wonderful

  388. My holiday decorating tip isn’t rocket science ; ) I love creating an entire sensory experience, not only with decorations, but also with holiday scented candles and hand soaps, as well as Christmas music (Bing, Frank, She and Him). Throw in some yummy treats (like peppermint jo jo’s) and laughter with friends, and you’ve engaged all the senses. Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

  389. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I use decorations that have been handed down to me from my mother. I also put up the decor that my children made first! I make sure that they know that I am the MOST proud of it! Thank you for this chance! It would be a nice blessing for us.

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  390. Remember you can make something beautiful and transform the feel of a room with simple things you already have around the house – like strings of handmade snowflakes (paper, scissors, iron them out, and put them on a string) so lovely!

  391. totally voting for you! you are so incredibly talented and creative, thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

  392. Fresh plants, like live rosemary and cut eucalyptus make home smell good and look festive for the holidays!

  393. My favorite decorating tip is… it doesn’t have to be perfect. I let the kids decorate the tree and no not micro manage. Christmas is fun when you don’t let it overwhelm you. I figure my tree will not be pictured in a magazine, but my kids LOVE it. That is all that matters. Merry Christmas! LOVE YOUR GUTS, TOO

  394. Hailey Moore says:

    I use nature to inspire Christmas decorations inside our home!

  395. I love using big lights with the small lights on a christmas tree for an extra sparkly effect.

  396. Ooh! This will come in handy if I win!

  397. I love a homemade Christmas. It’s always a busy time of year, but we really try to put the personal touch on our Christmas decor — homemade garland, DIY gingerbread house, etc. My favorite piece is that we have made a penguin ornament every year, we try to think of a new material to make our creation with. It’s a small thing, but it is so fun to see our little penguin family grow each year!

  398. Love this giveaway!!! Thanks! :) Have a Merry Christmas!

  399. Bring as much of the outdoors in as you can………looks & smells Fab

  400. I love your decor this Christmas! So natural but also elegant!

  401. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your white christmas tree. totally inspired to stick to one color with mine this year!

  402. I say keep it simple and use things that you already have. I used to decorate the whole house with boatloads of Christmas crap. It looked like Father Christmas threw up all over our house. Now I just focus on the tree alone and then switch up how I have things styled around the house to give it a more holidayish feel.

  403. carol chew says:

    all things red and white!

  404. AMy Chavez says:

    Use fresh greenery on the mantle and on the table. I use a fake tree now because adding the lights to a real tree used to take me 8 hours! Now I use fresh greenery anywhere but the tree! Keepin’ it simple!

  405. Get everything up early so you can enjoy your decorations.

  406. Always get a tree out with some twinkle lights and ornaments! Nothing else says Christmas decor to me than the tree! Then build off of that if you’re inclined to do so!

  407. Kristin Corbin says:

    My fave holiday decorating tip is less is more! Some years when I go all out, that’s great, but years like this year where I’ve went simple, that’s okay too =)

  408. I love your white DIY décor.

  409. I love the tip for using both small and large lights on the tree.

  410. Try to get all your decor up early so you can enjoy them.

  411. Best decorating tip has to be putting away things grouped by location of decoration. That way you remember exactly where all those ornaments and random garland strands ended up!

  412. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  413. I love the simplicity of folding the pages down(2 folds each) in a magazine to make a fun , free, modern twist on a Christmas tree!

  414. Less is more when decorating.

  415. Don’t put up a tree if you have a new kitty! Yikes!!! Love your blog, I am quite the lurker here.

  416. wild orchid says:

    tip: nothing wrong with keeping the decor simple, so there is less clean-up!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  417. Oh, I could sooooooo use this!! So excited!

  418. I love the small and big light combo on the tree. I think it looks beautiful!

  419. You room is the most Christmas-y of all entrants. You get my vote!

  420. Stephanie m says:

    We put our tree up with just lights on Oct 31st! We’ve never done that before, but have enjoyed it so much! Don’t be afraid if putting up some simple decorations early!

  421. How am I just now finding your blog? It is Amazing!!

  422. My favorite holiday decorating tip: Mix it up with vintage ornaments, thrifting finds, and things from nature! Currently I’ve got a tiffany-style lamp next to a giant piece of tree bark from a pine tree that came down in my parent’s yard, paired with thrifted metallic tealite holders sitting on a shelf next to our vintage tree.

  423. Staci Torgerson says:

    Best decor tip: use what you have. Try to think of things your backyard might have. For instance, cut the dead limbs with round ends from crypt myrtles and spray paint silver or gold for tree and garland filler.

  424. Simplify and minimize.

  425. The odds are against me, but I can’t say I didn’t try! Love this and everything you do! Keep on Keepin’ on my good mam!

  426. Relax! Enjoy the holidays!

  427. Voted (for you of course). Man I could really use that gift card. Our house has a Home Depot right down the street, walking distance! We are there a couple times a week :)

  428. Holiday tip: simplify and use what you have.

  429. Let the kids join in the fun. Don’t worry so much if the tree doesn’t look like something out of a magazine. If the decorations are only for Mom, that’s a little lame.

  430. little white lights make a place cheery and happy :)

  431. If you have no time to decorate, throw some white lights around the room! (on the mantel or in a big glass vase) It feels cozy and Christmasy with pretty much no effort.

  432. I love using pre-lit Christmas Trees to save myself the hassle of untangling those awful stringed lights!

  433. Keep it simple, smartie.

  434. I love to heat oranges and cloves on the stove to make the house fragrant.

  435. Have fun while doing it!!!

  436. Keep decorations to two or three complementary colors

  437. Two holiday tips: (1) take time to spring clean first, this way you aren’t doing extra when you can decorate & you don’t stress about time delay due to cleaning (2) keep it fun, especially for the kids. We have all Disney ornaments on our tree with special ones sprinkled in. My daughter loves to play with the interactive ones every year. It’s great!

  438. Heather Spooner says:

    Keep it simple. Thanks!

  439. Jessica McArthur says:

    Yippee, so pretty but with moving little Xmas decorations have happened.

  440. it’s all about the lighting!

  441. Don’t strive for perfection and just have fun!

  442. Meghan Finley says:

    Classic decor never goes out of style

  443. The fun is in the creating! So enjoy your time making the project! Tips and projects on this blog will help!

  444. Forget about perfection. Keep it simple and meaningful.

  445. My favorite holiday decorating tip is one I just learned this year. Use scraps from a Christmas tree lot (or Home Depot!) to gussy up faux greenery in the house.

  446. Bert Karpinski says:

    I love the little unexpected touches of holiday decor in unexpected places.

  447. Wish I could vote in the sweepstakes but it looks like they’re not accepting entries from outside the USA. Rats!

  448. i love everything mandilicious. period.

  449. Let things be imperfect if the kids are involved! If they hang too many ornaments on one branch, the tree was just meant to be asymmetrical.

  450. i keep paper clips handy. they are great for twisting and using as ornament hooks, as wire to hold garlands , as hangers for wreaths and to hold strands of lights. i also keep them handy for cheese cube picks( especially the cute colored ones), and as money clips in cards.

  451. Awesome giveaway! We just bought our first house, and a Home Depot gift card would come in super handy! My tip: The kids don’t care if your decorations don’t make the house look like pottery barn! 😉

  452. My favorite decorating tip this year is lots of silver ball ornaments from the dollar store hanging all over the house.

  453. I love incorporating old/handmade craft ind of decorations with newer, trendier stuff for more meaning and memories behind the decor! Thanks for the giveaway mandi!

  454. Hmm, I’m not sure if I have any holiday decorating tips but there are some pretty good ones in the comments. Maybe just to follow your heart. You are the one thats going to live/enjoy the decorating. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

  455. Favorite holiday advice… well not sure its advice, but its the one time of year that I rearrange the living room to put the tree in a new location. I love mixing it up and the kids have fun making sure the tree is the focal point from all views!

  456. NO GLITTER! It never goes away. I love it, though!

  457. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  458. My favorite tip I’d to just go with whatever makes you happy. Every year I sort through storage boxes of Christmas stuff and decide what to use and how to use it. Some years I only use a small amount of my previous years decorations, other years k use it all! If you stay true to your decorating style you can’t help but be happy with the end results.

  459. this is an amazing give a way, thank you!

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