Confessions of a Pillow Addict: My Weird (and Surprisingly Efficient) Way To Sew An Envelope Pillow

Ok, I know I lost some of you at the swear word that is Sewing.  But hang tight.  I have a paper bag for you to breath into at all times and I promise that this is the SIMPLEST sewing tutorial you will ever have the pleasure of being inspired by.

First lets determine if you are actually ready to sew a pillow.  This is a very important test that everyone should take.

Do you feel like you are ready now?!  I feel like I should be wearing a sweat band and jumping around getting people excited about pillow making.

The way that I make envelope pillows is different that most people.  Mostly because I like to take shortcuts to save time.  That is a good thing…right?

**This is for a standard 19” full form down pillow.  If you are using a cotton insert,  or something that is sort of flat, you will need to take 1 1/2-2” off of the pillow cover size to “plump” your pillow up a little.

A Pillow Addicts Guide To Sewing An Awesome Pillow Cover

How To Sew A Simple Envelope Pillow Tutorial vintagerevivals
How To Sew A Pillow
How To Sew An Envelope Pillow
How To Sew A Standard Pillow Cover
Sew A Pillow
Tutorial for Sewing A Pillow Cover
How To Sew A Pillow CoverEasiest Way To Sew A Pillow
Basic Envelope Pillow Tutorial How To Make A Pillow
Tutorial for Making Pillows
Envelope Pillow Tutorial Step by Step Tutorial for Sewing Envelope Pillows
How To Sew A Simple Envelope Pillow Tutorial on
How To Sew A Simple Envelope Pillow Tutorial

(palm fabric & geometric fabric are both HGTV Home available at Joanns.  Stripe fabric tutorial is coming on Thursday!)
If you are feeling extra brave,  try this simple tutorial for sewing a zippered pillow cover.
The easiest way to sew a zipper into a pillow!  No skills required!!
A Pillow Addict's Confession To The World's Cheapest Pillow Inserts

Ok all you sewing-a-phobics are you feeling like this is a doable project?  Did anyone need the paper bag?
Love Your Guts


  • Dear Emmeline 13.08.2013 at 10:18

    I make mine the exact same way except I hadn't thought to seam the unsewn (top and bottom) ends. Great idea if you want it to have seams all around!

  • Sam 13.08.2013 at 10:19

    So simple! Thanks for the step by step! I love pillows so much, can't wait to get started!

    xo Sam

    DIY Huntress

  • adrianne lentine 13.08.2013 at 10:23

    You are a freaking rockstar. Not only do the pillows look great, but this is a really great tutorial! Are you using photoshop for all of your text and stuff on photos?
    Dream Book Design

  • bethany 13.08.2013 at 10:32

    Your flow chart is genius!

  • Gwen, The Makerista 13.08.2013 at 10:46

    Ok, Smarty. I've never done it this way because I never liked how it just had seams on 2 sides (so i've always cut 3 pieces) but you are a genius with the extra stitching! Get out!

  • Cjko 13.08.2013 at 10:46

    This is exactly how I do mine. So very easy and fast! Love the flow chart. Too funny!

  • Megan 13.08.2013 at 10:55

    Awesome and hilarious flow chart! :) I'm just getting ready to make new throw pillows for my bed so this week has been perfect timing for me! Thanks for being totes awesome!

  • Becca 13.08.2013 at 11:01

    Your flow chart is amazing. This looks like a super easy way to put a pillow cover together!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Suezi 13.08.2013 at 11:11

    That is freakin AWESOME!! Why didn't I think of that!!!?? Smarty pants fo' sure!

  • Devaney 13.08.2013 at 11:54

    Awesome! Started sewing classes last night so this week of pillow tutorials couldn't have come at a better time, thanks!! :)

  • Lauren Martin 13.08.2013 at 12:04

    YES! This is how I sew ALL of my pillows! It's the easiest and I actually love the look of it and it keeps them a little "flopp-ier" < --totes a real word. Great tutorial and amazing graphics. xx
    Lauren M

  • Lindsay 13.08.2013 at 12:05

    I never really thought it was that hard before, but now I can't imagine ever doing it the old way again. You're brilliant!

  • amy mayen 13.08.2013 at 12:13

    This tut is awesome! I sew clothing every day…but I'm sadly lacking in motivation to do any home decor. I have a stack of faded old pillows that have been needing new covers for at least a year. Now, maybe I'll get to it!!

  • Kelli @ Life at 818 13.08.2013 at 12:14

    oh gezzz! GTFlipO! What LIndsay said – you are brilliant. I'm still just sitting here going duuhhh, d-deuuewwh… *closing jaw with hand* loved your graphic to byw 😀

  • Kelli @ Life at 818 13.08.2013 at 12:14


  • Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage 13.08.2013 at 12:46

    Which size of pillow insert is this for?

  • Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade 13.08.2013 at 15:46

    Not weird at all… I've been sewing mine like this for years!

  • Jaclyn Finlinson 13.08.2013 at 16:07

    Wow. Why didn't I think of that? A gazillion trillion times easier than the way I've been doing it for years!

  • Elizabeth F 13.08.2013 at 18:29

    So great! I think these pillow covers are in my near future. I have lots of fabric, and after yesterday's post, I have inserts to hunt for! My pillows are so sad…
    Elizabeth @ Real Inspired

  • Trish 13.08.2013 at 19:37

    Do you ever find surprises from your kids in these pillow covers? I know I would. My daughter likes to hide her brothers' toys and anything important that my husband or I might need or want to use. Seriously, the things I find that she's hid & in the places I've found them… Or, if I put a zipper in one it would become my daughter's purse. Anyways, You've almost convinced me to start making some pretty pillows.

  • The Hojnackes 13.08.2013 at 19:46

    What size pillow is this for?

  • soitwasweekend 14.08.2013 at 07:34

    Mandi! I just LOVE the way you write! It's hilarious! And so much fun to read!
    Oh yeah, your tutorial is awesome as well, of course 😉

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  • Samantha 14.08.2013 at 08:54

    I'm a big fan of envelope pillows. I don't even hem the back flaps. I just fold them over and sew.

    Love that geometric fabric.

  • Renske 14.08.2013 at 15:15

    I have to give this a try, so awesome to make this myself!

  • aem 14.08.2013 at 17:45

    ahhhhh where were you two weeks ago?!?! i made pillows the old fashioned way and now can't switch out my covers. booooooo! oh well, now my guest room will have fancier pillows than my bedroom. only the best for the guests :)

  • Classy Clutter 14.08.2013 at 18:56

    Umm what the friggin genius!!!! Love love love this idea!

  • Holly T. 15.08.2013 at 07:42

    Great tutorial! I have this amazing decor fabric that I've just had sitting in a corner for like a freaking year. I got it with the intention of sewing cases for the pillows on my couch but I've just never done it. Sheeeesh, I need to get on it! Thanks for the motivation lady!!

  • Ragan Burkley 15.08.2013 at 12:56

    That's EXACTLY how I make my pillows! Great minds think alike… You go, girl :)

  • 16.08.2013 at 04:13

    I love your approach to encouraging people! I have included a link to this post in my blog – – do stop by and grab a button to show that you have been featured!

  • CathyMik 16.08.2013 at 19:38

    Hi there,
    Great tutorial! And, as always, you make everything seem so easy! I've been making my pillow covers this way for years. Would never have occurred to me to sew a narrow seam on the two sides that aren't cut – keeps the crease that way.
    I'm guessing your fabric is at least 48" wide.
    Take care and all the best. Have a great weekend!
    P.S. The flowchart is fabulous and so funny! CM

  • CathyMik 16.08.2013 at 19:40

    This is what Mandi says about the size of her pillow. She also gives a link for adjusting for other sizes.
    "**This is for a standard 19” full form down pillow. If you are using a cotton insert, or something that is sort of flat, you will need to take 1 1/2-2” off of the pillow cover size to “plump” your pillow up a little."

  • CathyMik 16.08.2013 at 19:41

    This is what Mandi says about the size of her pillow. She also gives a link for adjusting for other sizes.
    "**This is for a standard 19” full form down pillow. If you are using a cotton insert, or something that is sort of flat, you will need to take 1 1/2-2” off of the pillow cover size to “plump” your pillow up a little."

  • 19.08.2013 at 15:59

    Love the fabric on these pillow covers! I make all my pillows this way and think it's the best/ simplest, since I'm kind of ADD when it comes to long projects. The covers I made are posted here : .

    Now I will need to find cheap pillow inserts, using your post from yesterday, and make more pillow covers!

  • motherwho 19.08.2013 at 17:48

    I make mine like this too. Super easy! I didn't know there was any other way! Love the questionnaire at the top 😉

  • colleen 06.10.2013 at 23:31

    I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly!! First time using a sewing machine….not as scary as I thought.

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  • Alice 19.04.2014 at 12:24

    I love flow charts. Love, love, love flow charts. I am a nervous sewer. This post is perfect.

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  • karen 22.03.2015 at 15:16

    hi mandy

    thanks for simple yet awesome DIY pillow cover
    but do you have post about making a pillow cover for u shaped pillow
    i’ve been looking in internet but couldnt find it
    or if you didnt have, can you make one ? 😀

  • Kelli Fox 20.10.2015 at 00:51

    I finally used these instructions and made some pillows! Yay they turned out great! Thanks so much!


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