Wood Shim Stamped Curtains

I love when you are mindlessly wandering around the hardware store and you see something that triggers an idea that turns into an awesome project.  Enter the Wood Shim Stamped Curtains.

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain Tutorial vintagerevivals

Obviously I needed curtains in my bedroom (because they are just so pretty!) and the spaces on the sides of my bed are sort of huge and I need to be visually minimized a little.

Dark Green Wall

Ikea is my go to curtain source.  They have much longer lengths than most stores and their prices are fantastic.

When you are painting fabric you have a lot of different options depending on how you want the fabric to feel when you are finished.  I have tried a lot of different things and here is my recipe for the best durability and most softness.

How To Make Fabric Paint

To start this project you will need your paint mixture, wood shims, and Bounty Paper Towels.

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-3

Make sure to mix your paint in something that is big enough to fit your shim.

Dip your shim and start stamping!

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-5

Make sure to wipe off the build up that you will get on the sides as you go (probably every 3 dips or so) to prevent splatters.

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-9

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-8

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-11


Let your curtains dry for 48 hours.

Set the paint with heat for 30 seconds, and while you are at it iron out all of the wrinkles.

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain (2)


For my curtain rod I used a 1” copper pipe that I cut (just like this) to the right size.  I am still working on how to cap it.

Wood Shim Stamped Curtain-12



Have a happy and safe 4th of July friends!

Love Your Guts



  1. We painted our bathroom a BRIGHT teal blue with stripes of the same color but glossy and matte finishes. AWESOME! No link, no pictures. But still, AWESOME!

  2. We painted stripes in our upstairs hallway and we absolutely love them!!

  3. Um, can I say this curtain project is my fave? You are so inventive!

  4. These curtains are gorgeous!

    I haven't done a ton of paint projects since the place I'm living in now is the first place I've lived where I've even had the option, but I recently painted up a sock rack I got for real cheap and a garage sale and made it into a cute little wall hanging. You can check it out here: http://ladyfaceblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/diy-wall-hanging.html


  5. I am about to paint my entire entry and stairwell with chalkboard paint and I'm so excited! Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell them but I know it's going to rock.

  6. Painted the bathroom after taking down an ugly wall paper border…its so pretty now!

  7. I'm actually painting my girl's bedroom this weekend! so excited!

  8. We painted an old tin cabinet my grandma was going to throw away a bright shiny white, and now it lives in my kitchen. :)

  9. This is seriously genius. I desperately need to pretty up some plain white curtains for my bedroom, and this is just the idea I needed!

  10. My painted rug! I love the pattern on it. http://craftivitydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-painted-rug-for-entry-way.html

    Your curtains look great!
    – Lora @ Craftivity Designs

  11. My mom painted her bathroom bright orange once. I never thought of that color as good for a bathroom, but I loved it!

  12. I took a picture I had of my husband rock-climbing, used the "stamp" filter in Photoshop, printed that on a transparency, and projected it onto a canvas. Then painted it!

  13. We painted our bathroom orange and hated it, repainted with a grayish sort and now love it with orange accessories. maybe obnoxious colors are better in moderation.

  14. One of my favorite paint jobs was an old 1930's wardrobe we acquired. We painted it in an era green milk paint and distressed it. Here is a link to it.


  15. i love painting on canvas for gifts. here's a link to my very first piece of commissioned art! =) http://www.mykindaperfect.com/2013/05/art-inspired-by-music.html

  16. We painted half of my infant son's room orange last summer (the other half is light grey). When we got it mixed the paint technician was like, "Are you sure?" Ha ha! Everyone we tell about the orange room is skeptical, but everyone who sees it is in love. Definitely my most daring, and also my favorite painting adventure!

  17. Doesn't matter what the project is…I just LOVE the power of paint!

  18. I think my all time favorite painted piece is a old wooden kitchen table on casters that I refinished for myself then painted the legs. I've had it for YEARS (literally, 7 I think!) and I love it so much! Thanks for hosting such a neat giveaway!


  19. Love your curtains! I just finished some painted curtains too! Love the power of paint!

  20. I loooove painting!!!

    One of my favorites was a bookcase spunk-up :)


  21. Love the curtains! My favorite paint project was doing a Herringbone accent wall at the end of the hallway. It added so much to a usually dull space!

  22. we painted our kitchen the happiest green.

  23. I love the coffee table makeover that I did. I sanded and then painted! And yep, paint got all over my garage. :)

  24. Love the curtains! Oh, I have so many favorite paint projects! My roadside book shelf that I fixed, painted, and backed with a funky fabric! Love my stripes in my foyer, love the chalkboard wall in our playroom! Would love the Bounty products and Home Depot giftcard!

  25. We painted a chocolate brown accent wall in our family room that I love.

    Mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  26. My all white kitchen – walls, cabinets were painted.

  27. I'm in the middle of painting my master, it's the first time I've been able to paint a wall because this is our first house (as in why I NEED a home depot gift card, lol!) So since it's my first… it's by default my favorite.

  28. we took the playroom from a hideous shade of grungey lavender (previous owners….) to a cool gray, something I swore wouldn't happen, living in the NW. But I love it!

  29. When I was pregnant my husband and I bought a chest at a yard sale for a $1. We sanded it down and painted it and made it into a toybox for our now son.

  30. Mandi, you are a genius! Those curtains are fantastic! I'd say my favorite recent painting project was my master bath. Nothing elaborate or fancy, but the new color did so much to brighten and refresh the room.

  31. I love a graphic punch and your painted drapes are such a fresh modern contrast to the very rich and traditional "club green" walls. The way you mix styles and elements is just perfect. Here's a link to my favorite paint project so far, I like it because I did everything, walls and furniture, and honestly I kept saying to myself "remember you like what Mandy does because she does complete rooms not just a single piece so just keep going" …

    Would so love to win that Home Depot card!

    Happy and safe 4th y'all. Robin

  32. I made a frame wall and repainted them all after I had 2nd thoughts on my color scheme.

  33. Right now my favorite paint project is the the I'm working on. Painting over a dark maroon is a long process. After multiple coats of primer, and paint…I still need one last coat! BUt it will look great when it's done. I can use the gift card for more paint!!!

  34. I've painted more than my fair share of furniture but I do love my Crash Test Painted Cow Table, you can check it out here: http://charmbraceletdiva.blogspot.com/2012/05/crash-test-painted-cow.html. Love the curtains!

  35. My favorite paint projects are the fun t-shirts I do for my son and daughter you can see all the tutorials and styles here http://thecreativevault.blogspot.com/2012/06/school-tee.html The boy shirts are my most favorite. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. We bought an ugly metal desk with a fake wood top and spray painted it. (the top that is)

    the top is navy blue and the bottom is the orginal grey. then a vintage white swivel chair in front and it looks very cute

  37. I love this idea. I have been looking for new curtains for my twin girls room. This will work perfect and not too hard. Thanks for sharing. Can't weight to try it. My favorite painting project was painting a curly swash pattern on my girls bedroom walls to give a simple wall paper look without the wallpaper. Sorry no link but I could really use the gift card to paint my other rooms. And who doesn't need more paper towels. Love ya!

  38. I found this awesomely huge gold metal frame at a thrift store for $5 (glass included!), and took black paint to a white background and painted some abstract art for above our fireplace. Just the perfect large statement piece.

  39. I recently made some abstract art paintings and made a huge mess. And then my cat decided to join in the fun and walked right across my paintings while they were drying and got red acrylic paint paw prints all over the carpet.

  40. Favorite paint project is a mid century dresser I refinished in white and silver! Love it!

  41. I found a $10 campaign dresser at a flea market that just needed a little paint job and now it is proudly used as a tv stand!

  42. Thanks for the giveaway–the curtains look great! We just painted navy and white herringbone in one of our rooms: http://his-and-hers-blog.blogspot.com/2013/06/navy-white-herringbone-accent-wall.html

  43. Amazing curtains! For me (so far) getting brave and painting our cast concrete (and stained) fireplace was a pretty good painting project. http://livinganalog.com/2012/10/08/living-analogs-living-room-4th-paint-color-is-the-charm/
    Now I'm taking your advice and using that same concrete paint to do the floor in my basement craft/studio room. The "you don't need a paint tray" tip was genius! Cheers – CT

  44. I love the paint job we did on our back porch.

  45. Gosh, I haven't painted a lot. No walls (we rent) even! But I did find a credenza/dresser/whatever it is on our street and drug that baby home to re-do. We painted it a fun, bright green, and used your glazing technique. It now rests in our living room and it's fun! But the project I've been dreaming about is curtains. I have an idea and was scoping out IKEA curtains online the other day. Just need to go do it!

  46. My favorite paint project (although I have been procrastinating to no end with it) is the birch forest stencil wall mural in my living room.

  47. My favorite painting project was the chalk boards that my husband and I made together. It was the first project we ever did together (lets just say it was interesting and we have learned how to work a bit better with each other after a few years of practice). We still use the chalkboards to this day.

  48. We repainted literally two-thirds of our house just before moving – my very first ever painting experience. No pics, but now I'm eager to repaint some rooms in our new house.

  49. How creative! One of my most recent projects was painting an old footboard and then giving it a coat of chalkboard paint on the frony. Now I can write out messages or verses. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. My favorite on going one is our BEACH PARTY PHOTO BOOTH project

  51. I love paint for the quick, inexpensive change it can make. One of my recent favorite projects was painting my dining room chairs. I'd love to win the giveaway so I could buy more paint. http://charlieandjo.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/painted-dining-room-chairs-before-and-after/ Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  52. I scored an unbelievable deal on a china cabinet off of Craig's list. I took your advice on the paint sprayer and sprayed it a gorgeous shade of emerald green. I now happily store all of my fabric and craft supplies in it!

  53. I scored an unbelievable deal on a china cabinet off of Craig's list. I took your advice on the paint sprayer and sprayed it a gorgeous shade of emerald green. I now happily store all of my fabric and craft supplies in it!

  54. I painted one wall in the room that I use as my office with magnetic paint, then painted over it in regular latex paint a deep blue. It is like one giant inspiration wall and I love it.

  55. I cleaned up two second-hand wood end tables, painted the tops black and edged it with gold to add interest in my living room (among so many other things – paint is just such an excellent medium for transformation!)

    Love the textile pattern you created!

  56. I love this! I just ordered paint medium so I could get fresh with painting fabric! Thanks for the great fail proof tutorial and recipe for success! And, I could totally work with some extra project moolah and Bounty! Thanks for the giveaway chance! Can't wait to see how the room comes together!

  57. I have recently found out that shims are fantastic for so many things!! Here's a n instagram pic of a project that I'm working on using shims as well. And all my leftover paint. :) http://instagram.com/p/bKAFqVqt2s/

  58. My favorite (and worst) is my living room! We painted it teal when we firsy moved in and it looks amazing but took seven coats of paint before it wasn't streaky! We now know the "W" method. (no one told us you don't just paint up and down!)

  59. I just used paint from the Home Depot to stencil my front hall. Tons of work but I love the result. http://thelittleblackdoor.blogspot.com/2013/06/freshening-foyer-part-2.html

  60. I painted my living room and dining room, which doesn't sound all that exciting, but they were originally dusky rose-colored including the ceilings. It was such a satisfying before and after.

  61. My favorite painting project has been my master bathroom.
    The only thing that did NOT get painted or refinished somehow is the ceiling.

    Take a look-see here:

    I could put that gift card to very good use and finish off the bathroom, or one of the other piled up projects going on.

    Thanks!! :)

  62. My favorite project has to be my stenciled back splash in my kitchen! I.LOVE.IT! Check it out!

  63. I'm about to pain my ENTIRE first house – wish me luck!!

  64. My favorite paint project was when I painted a whole bunch of thrift store picture frames in the same color for my girls' room. I must have done at least thirty in all different shapes and mostly smaller sizes. (I think the biggest one was 5×7.) I then put all kinds of family photos in them, some of the girls' artwork (they were five and nine at the time), and some prints that had meaning for them. We've since moved, and don't have a wall like that one to do a big frame collage.

    Hmmmm . . . I think it's time to get creative with what I have so we can do that again. :o) Thanks for the inspiration, and the great giveaway! (I hope we win . . . )

  65. After remodeling my guest bathroom in vintage nautical, I could not find any rugs or shower curtains that were beige/tan and blue AND affordable. Everything I found was blue and white and/or very expensive. I'm too cheap. I made my own runner rug and curtain with a canvas (tan) drop cloth, Scotch Blue and the same paint I painted my wall with. It's a perfect match and I love that it's different and I created them!

  66. My favorite paint job will be my kitchen, when I finally paint it….
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. My favorite paint project at the moment is my foyer. I painted it a lovely medium/dark teal a week ago and LOVE it!

  68. I made a rolling play table for my son out of an old pallet. I painted the top dark brown and did a light blue wash of paint on the bottom with paint I already had. It's not fancy, but I loved the way it turned out and that I just used what I had on hand. Here's the link if you want to check it out. http://desertwillowlaneblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/pallet-play-table.html

    Thanks for the chance to win! I need me some new power tools!

  69. My favorite project so far is reverse stenciling my ugly kitchen table. It's a medium-dark wood, but it has so many heat marks and scratches on it that I decided to paint over it. Instead of doing a regular stencil I painted the majority of the table with a whitewash and left a floral stencil in the middle so there's a wood-colored print in the middle. It looks so much better!

  70. http://www.renewredo.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-12-06T16:47:00-05:00&max-results;=4
    loving these Gold, Silver, and Gilver… Furniture Inspiration AND Rub N' Buff!!! using metallic on wood furniture! Metallic paint on old wood furniture, instant glam!

  71. My favorite paint project was my outdoor bench that I painted bright yellow.

  72. My favorite painting project is starting this weekend-we're using REStore on our deck! I know, i know, it's not completed yet. But once our deck looks polished, I'm sure it's going to be an instant fave! :)

  73. Can't wait to repaint the bedroom!

  74. I recently painted inexpensive roman shades to coordinate with my n
    Bedroom wall color.

  75. I love the Metallic paint on furniture idea. I remember my mother doing the same thing to a coffee table when I was very young.

  76. This is a tough one … there are so many paint projects that I love! I love to paint mason jars. And I love to paint rooms. I love paint and painting in all it's forms — in fact, my other blog is http://www.itallstartedwithpaint.com

    Would love to win! I have kitchen cabinets that are beckoning for me to paint. Again … Oh, and a family room remodel that is getting "paintable" beadboard wallpaper!

    :) Linda

  77. My favorite painting project is an Ikea dresser- it keeps getting repainted becausecI keep moving it from room to room! The lines and hardware work great with any decor and I'm currently painting it vermillion red as an accent in my dining room!

  78. We refinished an old dresser in crisp white. It looked amazing after!

  79. Looking good!

  80. My favorite painting project would be my china cabinet. It's turquoise now, and distressed and funky. I love it!

  81. My favorite paint project is when I painted a dresser for my daughter and stenciled butterflies and bees onto it.


  82. Currently in the process of painting our kitchen/dining/family room area a beautiful, happy yellow. I can't wait for it to be finished!

    And those curtains rock! What a great idea!

  83. My favorite painting project was my coffee table and end table. They were both free, found at the side of the road. I painted them a marigold yellow and distressed the edges. Now my living room is so bright and lovely! :)

  84. We don't own a home, so we don't get a chance to paint rooms, but I do love painting on a canvas!

  85. I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to paint my bedroom the loveliest aqua/mint color! I can't wait because I know I'll love the outcome! :)

  86. Love the curtain project! My last painting project was a little kitchen for one of my Granddaughters for Christmas. http://stitchesandnails.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-kitchen-design.html

  87. Looks awesome! My favorite painting project I have done lately is restore and paint an old solid wood dresser from the 1950's for my soon to be baby boy!

  88. I painted a wall in an apartment with 1.5 ft square blocks of color for a patchwork look. I used six different colors, lilac, chocolate brown, bright orange, navy blue, deep red, and muted bright olive green…it turned out great and i loved that wall!

  89. My favorite paint project was a table and chair set I painted for a little girl (I have three boys). It was so much fun being girly for once!! LOng ago so I don't have a link. Happy 4th!

  90. My favorite painting project so far has been my daughter's new dresser. It has this great top that was so fun to paint and distress.

  91. I just did a little bistro table for my patio!! Thanks!

  92. Favorite paint project was my son's Kermit-green room before he was born. Recently I asked him if he wanted us to paint it a different color (he is now seven and into Legos, robots, and ninjas), and he said, "MOM! I LOVE my room! Promise me you won't ever paint it!"

  93. Awesome curtains. You truly inspire me! I had fun painting some small chairs, years ago.
    Sorry no pics. I just gave the chairs away recently, my kids have grown out of them.

  94. I painted the lyrics to our first dance song on a HUGE canvas to hang in our bedroom. I did it in black paint in a very freestyle font and the contrast against the white canvas is awesome!

  95. I painted the lyrics to our first dance song on a HUGE canvas to hang in our bedroom. I did it in black paint in a very freestyle font and the contrast against the white canvas is awesome!

  96. Great idea for the curtains! My favorite paint project (thus far) was my closet doors. It was a very simple thing, but I really like how they turned out. Here they are if you want to see them: http://lesspinningmoredoing.wordpress.com/2012/08/07/the-closet-door-makeover-youve-all-been-waiting-for/

  97. My favorite paint project is my desk.

  98. I meant to comment on here, haha.. I love these curtains! They came out great. Are they hung on a copper pipe? I love that idea 😀

  99. My favorite paint project is my china hutch. White chalk paint on the outside with a seaside aqua-y blue on the inside. Love it!

  100. Probably my kitchen cabinets. I painted them white and they turned out great.

  101. Our bedroom is my fave! The softest aqua blue/green colour – very dreamy!

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Love the dark green and curtains! You are so creative! My last paint project was a media stand made from an old dresser. :)

  104. my favorite project is my striped sunroom! I took it from awful awful awful wallpaper to fantastically striped… over the course of like a year because I kept getting distracted, lol


  105. My favorite paint project was when I repainted my bedroom from light green to dark blue. It looks great and I'm so proud of it!


  106. These are too cool! I love your style and you are so much braver than I am, so I'll just live vicariously through you instead :)

    I just finished making over a buffet with some paint and glaze: http://whimsyrenee.blogspot.com/2013/07/buffet-makeover.html

  107. I painted an ugly old dresser that someone left behind in one of my dad's U-Haul trucks. I took off all the ugly heavy accent wood on the front, sanded it down and painted it Tiffany blue. The before and after is so amazing… if I do so say myself 😉 Though I learned everything I know from YOU!

  108. I painted my son's bedroom wall into Argyle sweater pattern

  109. If it would ever stop raining, I would love to paint some flower pots.

  110. One of my favorite paint projects was a client's nursery. The inspiration came from a Kleenex box. It turned out very cute, and she loved it. Best part was, it only took an afternoon, but has a huge impact!

    Enjoy: http://artofdesignhome.com/nursery-mural/

  111. We painted stripes in our half bathroom, it looks so much better than the bright red the previous owners had!!

  112. I loved painting my baby's bedroom


  113. I love any paint project since it leaves such a huge impact for little cash!

  114. I am in the middle of painting my piano! I was terrified to do it, but am lovin how it is turning out!

  115. I have an entertainment center that is sitting in my living room staring at me right now, needing to be painted!

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  117. I'm a sucker for stripes, but one of my favorite painting projects,(when it was finished-kind of a bear during the process), was taking Ikea steel,gray curtains and painting 10 inch white stripes on them. Such a huge impact no matter what room I put them in!

  118. So far its actually my "Sharpie painting" copycat I did in our dining room based off our living room wall tutorial! Does that count??

  119. My favorite paint project so far is the one my daughter and I did on the first day of potty training two weeks ago. I haven't blogged about it yet but we each painted a canvas for our craft/playroom. Sitting on a plastic tarp for awhile was part of my plan 😉 but she did great! It was so much fun!

  120. My favorite paint projects are usually only my favorite long after I've forgotten the pain, sweat and tears (kind of like labor). But I think my favorite is a linen technique I did in my craft room. It's a color that I would never choose for another room but it works great in that space.

  121. I did a furniture set for my daughter when she was little, with a white base coat, and pink glaze rubbed into it to make soft swirls. Then I decoupaged pink roses over it. She loved it for years, then we passed it on to another little girl.

  122. Several years ago I painted 2 pairs of thrift store ginger jar lamps for guest rooms, very simple project. Still get compliments on them. About to do my first chalk paint project….bring on the Bounty!

  123. I recently painted our pantry door navy blue. I did it wrong probably four times, but the fifth coat turned out beautifully.

  124. My favorite paint project is the nightstands my husband and I refinished!

  125. Your curtains are fantastic…nice job! I have been painting more furniture lately than anything else…I just did a bench and used tape to make random lines on the seat part…it turned out super cute and so unexpected.

  126. My favorite paint project right now is the gray we chose for our living and dining room walls in our old 1920's home! Love it!

  127. Those are awesome, Mandi! One of my favorite projects was painting my great grandmother's dresser for our son's nursery. Loved having it in my room growing up, and love passing it on to him even more! Here's a look: http://intheblueroom.com/honeys-dresser/

  128. My favorite paint projects have to be frames and baskets. They are plentiful, cheap, and I can change them on a whim, and very quickly!

  129. The curtains look fabulous! I love how they go with the copper rod, can't wait to see what you cap it with. I'm working on several (maybe too many) bigger painting projects right now, but one of my favorite recent paint projects is these little bookmarks I made: http://jadeandfern.com/2013/04/04/c-is-for-color-block-bookmarks/

  130. Your curtains are great! My mom would probably be surprised to find out that one of my favorite paint projects ever, was one she did.Money was always tight in our large family, but she was determined to have a nice bedroom set, and she found a vanity, night stand & small dresser in similar styles, at garage sales. She brought them home, stared at them for a little while, then got busy with their transformation!

    First, she sanded them all down, then painted them a dark, forest green. With three pieces, she did them all in rotation, so it was easy to see the whole process. Once they were dry, she wiped a very dark stain on, then off each piece, in turn, buy she wasn't stopping there. She stared some more – something was missing. ASL of a sudden (you could almost see the lightbulb over her head!), she grabbed an old toothbrush & gave the final step a flick of her thumb over the stain-wet bristles, leaving a light smattering of tiny, random freckles. The result was spectacular!

  131. Love these curtains! I haven't yet, but I'm dying to try this wall pattern project when we move into our new place: http://www.designsponge.com/2012/09/diy-project-geometric-painted-wall.html

  132. Fun curtains!

    Could use the certificate to update my 12 year old sponge painted living room. So loved it at the time, but over it. Want something new.

  133. What cute curtains! I just splatter painted my living room clock. It was way past time for a new one, but I could never find one I liked. I just disassembled it, painted the whole thing black, then used a paintbrush to flick gold splatters on it. The new numbers are just a stick-on circle that matches perfectly. Such an easy project!

  134. We painted an inherited dresser a gorgeous lime green for my son's nursery. It pops really well off of the navy walls!

  135. That's super fun! You're the creative type alright. And you can see that you nurture and practice your creative side to keep the ideas flowing.

    I was thinking about what I've painted that's been awesome and the only thing that I could think of is a dresser that I painted a few years back. It's not a bright color or super original, but I still really like it. http://megityshandmade.blogspot.com/2011/06/painting-dresser.html Of course, her room looks much different now!

    Alrighty-roo. Have a great night!

  136. I'm getting ready to paint cabinet doors and drawers! I finished the bases, and now it on to those shelves, doors, and drawers that are going to take forever. What a great giveaway, and FAN-FREAKING-TABULOUS curtains btw.

  137. I'd love to win the gift card. I'm wanting to repaint my living room and dining room….and the back bathroom. Sure could use the $250 gift card.

  138. I have a lot of paint projects, but the way this wall turned out during my first time stenciling is one of my favorites. http://www.alwaysinwonder.com/2011/12/stenciling-our-dining-room-with-cutting.html
    (Even though I am ready for a change, I have to wait at least another 6 months or so before I paint another room, or my husband might try to hide my paint rollers and brushes. ;P)

  139. I love painting small things like frames and mirrors, but i think my favorite transformation was a hideous green dresser found next to the dumpster. A few coats of black spray paint and some pretty new knobs and I am still in love with it!

  140. I am in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets. So far, the time spent makes them my proudest painting achievement. I just hope I survive it…

  141. I am in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets. So far, the time spent makes them my proudest painting achievement. I just hope I survive it…

  142. I just painted a kids art table with free paint I got from Ace and it turned out great!

  143. I'm finishing up a cute vintage wall shelf. Next up is my pair of fugly golden oak bookcases!

  144. I have a giant abstract art piece in my son's room–it's my favorite thing that I've ever painted.

  145. Right now my favorite paint project is a Built-from-scratch Play Kitchen for my kids. It's taking much longer than I would like, but I'm too excited about this project to be frustrated just yet. I love it when a project really gets you excited. I can't wait to see your whole room project completed. This is fun to see it as it comes along. You are more fun and addicting than any TV show. :)

  146. I am planning to stencil one wall and Bounty would certainly be needed for cleanup.

  147. Btw, I forgot to mention, your curtains are just "AWESSSSSSSSSSSSSSOME"…. you think out of the box – Always!

  148. No pics, but for scenery in a play I used a scrunched up plastic bag dipped in white/grey/brown paint and created a faux marble staircase!

  149. I love how inventive you are! Your curtains look amazing. I've painted a LOT. Walls, furniture, curtains, accessories, the list goes on. I'm getting ready to paint my front door teal and I hope it will be my favorite. As of now I LOVE my BM symphony blue bedroom doors.

  150. Hi there! My favorite painting project so far was my sewing room chair. :) I redid the fabric on the chair, and painted it. It brightens up the room, and I love seeing something that I made when I walk in. Here is a link to it.


  151. My favorite painting project is the shelf unit in my sewing room: white exterior and beautiful agua-blue interior!

  152. I'm in the process of repainting/refinishing a pair of bunkbed stairs to be a dresser/shelf in my nursery.

  153. My favorite paint project was a quick floral design I painted at the end of our hall using a pearl glaze. You can't see it at all unless the light hits it just right and it turned out just how I wanted.

  154. I loved stenciling my nightstand drawers. Your IKEA curtains are very inspiring!

  155. Right now I'm in the midst of renovating our kitchen – painting it is next! Can't wait for my most used room to be finished and beautiful!

  156. I liked repainting my old wrought-iron and glass table that I have on my side yard.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  157. Very cool curtains!! Very creative idea…keep em coming!

  158. I've loved painting my 115 year old trim a beautiful creamy white. They had been chipped beige with green and grey underneath. With the new paint they look so beautiful, clean, and new!

  159. Wow, great idea, I pinned it! My fav is the yellow wall in my dining room. Makes me very happy.

  160. I painted my bathroom a black and I added glitter in it! I love it!

  161. I painted a large mirror frame in our living room a few years ago. I mixed some paints that were left over and then used a wood stain over it and rubbed off what I could. It was a simple project but still one of my favorites.

  162. Dig those curtains! Last year I painted my bedroom a dark spruce-y teal, based on nothing more than a picture of a door that I loved on Pinterest. This year, I learned to quilt and made a quilt to tie the teal in with the other colors in the room. It's been a fun learning experience!

  163. my favorite project is one that uses a dark background with metallic stencils!

  164. Love painting!! Just painted a canvas with my toddler son. We used his cars to make different treads in different colors! So much fun. Love the curtains too I might have to do this soon :)

  165. Hi Mandi, I would have never thought of using shims to paint the curtains. You're always thinking girl! One of my favorite paint projects was turning an old candle stick chandelier into a cupcake holder. You can see it here: http://cottonpickincute.blogspot.com/2011/09/diy-cupcake-candelabra-trash-to.html

    Have a fun 4th of July and stay safe!!!
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  166. I had the best time helping my friend paint her nursery for her twins!

  167. I love those curtains! So cute! My favorite paint project currently is my son's crib that I painted yellow using chalk paint. It was a pain to paint, but it turned out really well. I can't wait until he gets here in about 9 weeks.

  168. Well maybe I will make some curtains!!!!!! AMAZING curtains! Working on two bedrooms and the family room right now!!! Need more metal for my walls- maybe I could use your gift card;)?! Bounty towels will help me scrub some paint that spilled…….oops!

  169. Cool design on the curtains. Inspires me to try stamping my boring white (IKEA) curtains. My favorite painting projects are the painted furniture I have all over the house that has some of the wood too – love the juxtaposition of bright paint and natural wood.

  170. My favorite paint project was painting my son's bedroom walls to look like the beach – sands, waves and all

  171. My favorite paint project is my kitchen cabinets. Painting them totally transformed my kitchen!

  172. My favorite paint project is my dresser. It was a dated cherry wood (pretty but not my style). I painted it a high gloss black with satin white hardware. I love it!

  173. So far my favorite paint project is my freezer paper stenciled shirt. http://bit.ly/14UpU8V I just did it and now all I can think about the next freezer paper stenciling adventure. I love the idea of stamping too though. Those curtains look amazing!!! Thanks for the chance to win 😀

  174. My fave is the slightly crazy birch tree Forrest paint job I did in my studio. It's a bright yellow background with white stenciled on top. It would definitely be too much for any other room, but my studio is like my DIY mad scientist lab. Whenever I come up with some idea that my bf isn't in love with I just say, I'll just put it in my studio. Although most of the time he ends up liking the projects (paint by numbers of our cats, DIY cabinet doors for Ikea kitchen cabinets) and wants to bring them out to the rest of the house. Here's is my latest post about my studio, there's a good picture of the stencil towards the bottom. http://www.theambitiousprocrastinator.com/2013/05/feeling-little-loopy.html

    Nikki Kelly

  175. I love those stamped curtains! My favorite painting projects are all yet to come – we just moved into our first house one week ago (yay!) and lots of rooms need to be painted. We're renoing our kitchen as we speak!

    I may steal your idea for curtains for our bedroom. Just so you know. :) The most sincere form of flattery, right? :-)

  176. Recently, my favorite paint project, with some added whimsy of course, is painting& waxing vintage sewing drawers (they have been selling well in a very tiny local gallery-yea!) I paint them various colors, add some distressing and stain, and a clear wax…wrap it all up by adding vintage buttons and brooches (in place of the knob) stacked to resemble a bloom…I love them so much, that it's hard to part with them!

  177. I love the stripes in this bathroom:

  178. My favorite pain project? I have a lot. I love how paint can transform a room, a piece of furniture, or a decoration. I recently bought a small office drawer thingy at a yard sale. I immediately saw it as a homework organizational item in my classroom. I bought it for a dollar, got some paint and scrapbook paper and got to work. Now is a sunshine yellow and makes me smile.

  179. I'm crushing on these curtains! Might need to try this with a tire from a car for my little guys room!

  180. Your curtains are amazing! My favorite paint project I've done lately is painting two vintage bedside tables for our master. They don't match, but each is perfect for what we use them for, and the light blue-ish gray color makes them look like they go together.

  181. Love the curtains! My best painting project was a vintage Queen Anne chair. It's now black and distressed and I'm crazy about it.

  182. Fantastic curtain idea! My favorite paint project is spraying old lamps for cheap, vintage lighting!

  183. I've been pain.ting American Girl doll furnitire with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

  184. I bought large white poster boards for my son and daughters rooms. They painted & decorated them and put a hand print/date in a corner :)

    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  185. I painted my garage floor and it looks great!

  186. I'm currently painting my hallway to try to transform it from ugly duckling (picture ugly brown paneling on the bottom half of my super long hallway and white pain above…uck!)to charming. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me! christinealx at aol dot com Thanks for this great giveaway!

  187. Our house was recently painted so everything is finally the same color. Before it was a mix of reds and yellow.

  188. I just painted silver polka dots in my daughters room and love it!

  189. I got my first apartment while I was going to school for Interior Design, which turned out to be a really dangerous combo because, despite the landlord's NO PAINTING policy, my creative itch meant I HAD to paint each room a different color to "make the place my own."

    One baby blue kitchen, greyish-blue living room, mint green dining room, and apricot orange –think melted creamsicle– bedroom later, I was done.

    ….Thankfully the heavens shined on us when we moved and they said we didn't have to paint it all back!

  190. My stencilled purple wall in the master bedroom.

  191. I really love your tribal triangle wall, and would love to attempt something similar.

  192. Well we are repainting the back room for the girls and we are planning on adding designs to the edges

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  193. Fabulous curtains! One of my favorite paint projects is my Coral Colored Coffee Table. It's a great coral color and adds the perfect pop of summer color to the room.
    House on the Way

  194. I'm currently painting an old dresser!

  195. I painted old shutters to use as a mail station in my kitchen. Love them :)

  196. I have lots of paint projects I'm working on. I'm really looking forward to painting an old bookcase to create a dress-up wardrobe for my daughters!

  197. I painted then stenciled our bathroom with an all-over flourish stencil. It was a ton of work but I love it!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  198. Sigh… no painting allowed in our apartment. I'm working with lots of curtains right now though, and deliberating paint colors for my nightstand!

  199. I'm a little late to the "grey as a neutral" party, but we're painting our living room a beautiful light grey this holiday weekend!

  200. I don't have a favorite paint project, but I think the pattern on your curtains is really cool!!

  201. Interesting… we'll see how it all works out. I liked how you painted the red velvet headboard to white. I want to paint my brown couches white so I would use the money to buy paint!

  202. Interesting… we'll see how it all works out. I liked how you painted the red velvet headboard to white. I want to paint my brown couches white so I would use the money to buy paint!

  203. Ever since I heard about chalkboard paint I wanted it so bad so we'll be painting one of the game room walls with it.

  204. I just read something in HGTV magazine about spray painting old lawn furniture. I am inspired to try it!

    alittleumbrella (at) live (dot) com

  205. My favorite paint project was a china cabinet that I got at a garage sale. I sanded it down, painted it dark brown and then a sea blue over the brown. I aged it by sanding the edges and wiping a water/brown paint mixture over it. I LOVE this piece and it adds a lot of character to our dining room.

  206. It would have to be my master bathroom. I got inspired and painted it a tiffany blue. I still love it! Janice (jkempf1@hotmail.com)

  207. LOVE the curtains!!

    My favorite paint project was a "pallet" art piece I made from raw 1X4's. They started out completely raw from Home Depot, and after major distressing (taking a hammer to the ends), then layers of acrylic paints, I ended up with a great piece of DIY art. You can see it here:

  208. My fave paint project is the nearly black wall in our dining room. It looks awesome against the blonde Heywood Wakefield hutch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  209. Your curtains are very cool!
    We are in the midst of painting our retro, wood paneled basement. It is huge and I think we are approaching the 10 gallon mark! But aren't all the hard projects the best ones? Check out the progress: http://markandmarileyjohnson.blogspot.com/2013/07/freedom.html

  210. I have an old dresser that we have mostly stripped, but needs to be painted! It is going to look amazing once it is finally sanded, painted, and has new hardware.

  211. I love painting, better than going to the gym in my books. So far my favourite painting project is the dining room. We're not 100% done in there yet, but we painted it a great bold purple colour, and it looks great already! I also have a curtain project that will need to take place for the nursery, thanks for the great inspiration

    Here's what it looks like if you want to check it out… http://www.oakelm.blogspot.ca/2013/06/walkin-on-sunshine.html

  212. I painted our dining room dark red, which I love. More recently, I painted some craigslist side tables: http://visiblehousesoul.blogspot.com/2013/05/mirror-image-side-tables.html

  213. A Chippendale lowboy that I painted a gorg shade of aqua. I absolutely adore how it turned out!

  214. My favorite paint project so far is an old, wood hutch that I inherited from my in-laws that they got when they were 1st married. I painted it white and the inside tan. It really pops now with the mint blue walls in my dining room. I keep my white dishes in it, but love to add colorful accessories throughout the year.

    Nice curtain project, thanks for the pin-spiration!

  215. Your creativity is incredible! I recently finished painting the trim and walls in our newly decorated dine-in library!


    xo-Liz @life in projects

  216. I haven't done much more than your standard wall painting. However, I love to see the transformation that takes place when you paint a room that hasn't been painted in decades – especially updating the old, yellowed trim to a nice, crisp white.

  217. A fantastic idea, LOVE how they turned out! I used to be afraid of paint, we did not get along very well, unless a big mess was the goal. But I have overcome my fear by learning how to do it properly. Now I love to pick up beat up tables, chairs or anything that I can paint pretty colors and perch a plant on or in! I already have a "plant problem" now I have a "paint project problem" to match it!

    Thanks for all the inspiration and laughs!

  218. My great grandparents had a wrought iron bed frame that is at least 80 years old. We had it sandblasted then painted it gold for my daughter's room redo. It is beautiful!

  219. My great grandparents had a wrought iron bed frame that is at least 80 years old. We had it sandblasted then painted it gold for my daughter's room redo. It is beautiful!

  220. I painted an outdoor rug for a piece I did on the news about "decking out" your tailgate party. It turned out sooo good! Here is a link to the video:


  221. My favorite paint project is actually one of yours: your entryway ceiling. I showed it to my husband and told him I want to do our living room ceiling that way and he LOVES it! I'm sure it will be a while before we get to it (lots of other projects going on).

  222. My favorite paint project hasn't happened yet (apartment life) but I do have a favorite staining project. Last year I picked up a mid-century coffee table for just $10, bought all the refinishing ingredients, and redid that beauty all by myself. Woo-hoo!

    Cindy Aiton

  223. i love how we painted my sons room with chair railing and two toned walls

  224. I just repainted the top half of our den white (the bottom half is a dark paneling I can't do anything about b/c it's a parsonage), and it makes such a difference! The space is much lighter and cleaner.

  225. I LOVE THESE CURTAINS!!! I think I'm going to be doing some of my own painted curtains very shortly. I also am in the process of painting my bathroom. It's going to have three walls white, and one wall a dark, dark blue so it's almost black, but gets that tint of blue (like your green wall!) so we can brighten up our space but still allow for some drama. :)

  226. Painted my gross golden oak kitchen cabinets in a dark moody grey – so much better!

  227. My fav paint project would have to be when we decided to paint the dining room (carpet) one weekend and our 2 yr old ran into my husbands legs thinking he'd play a game. The paint was splattered all over the place! Luckily, he realized that was a no no and even tried to help us remove the paint. Overall, we had a mini heart attack but the dining room area turned out fabulously!

  228. Unfortunately, no photos or link, but we painted stripes in our half bath and they came out amazing! I thought it would look too much of a diy project, but it wasn't shabby at all.

  229. I used splatter paint on this fabric to make little boy hats! http://warfieldfamily.com/2013/04/baby-hat-gifts/

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  230. I loved painting my master bedroom gray!

  231. My favorite paint project was one I did on an old dresser I got from goodwill. We removed 6 of the drawers, and kept the middle set of 3, and created open shelves on the sides of the middle set of drawers. On the middle drawers I created a chevron pattern with 3 shades of pink. It's awesome and I love it every time I see it!

  232. My favorite paint project was when I created outdoor garden art using leftover wood, a stencil and some leftover paint! See it here: http://backriverranch.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/diying-stencil-style/
    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  233. Thanks for your recipe for the perfect fabric paint. I recently painted some curtains, and they just turned out too stiff. :( One of my favorite paint projects was a dresser I painted for my kids' room. Check it out here: http://persialou.blogspot.com/2013/05/ikea-tarva-hack-vintage-disneyland-room.html

  234. My favorite has been my living room/dining room. Before we even moved in I decided that I was going to paint the walls and ceilings all the same sagey green color. Quite a few people gave me funny looks or told me it would look awful. I did it anyway and it turned out great. We live in the woods, have a ton of windows, and some pretty woodwork so the outside ties in to the inside beautifully. We have received compliments from everyone that has visited, even the ones who thought that I was going to make my house ugly. :)

  235. My favorite paint project to date has been my stenciling of an accent wall for my entry! I can use the gift card to start on the bedroom!

  236. My favorite paint project is mixing 5 gallons of random leftover paint together to create the most perfect color for my entire common areas & stairwell & it didn't cost me a dime. People ask all the time what color it is. I love it. And it was freeeee.

  237. I have yet to start on any paint projects we have finally left the renting arena and now have a home we can do what we want to! I am in the middle of priming and painting the pepto bismol pink walls in the girlies' room, but I still have an entire house of projects to do as these people and a bad choice of colors and prep work.

  238. my newly finished paint / decoration project: we have moved into our new house a year ago… imagine blank off-white walls everywhere.. so I decided to spruce up the bedroom in green-woodsy style: painted bedroom nook in moss green, put together an oversized frame from some molding scraps (painted white) and added some accents: old driftwood branch found in the forest with candle lights in glass cups, birch ikea curtains with extra green background (painted myself) and ikea white picture frames with pictures taken during some recent walks… working on a lampshade from birch bark to finish it off. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200732319365401&set;=a.4491582162694.2156366.1084452437&type;=1

  239. My favorite paint project is simply a picture frame I painted that was just the right shade of turquoise! And I love the colors on your daughters colorful wall- just awesome!!

  240. Love our bright red bed frame! http://candyskitchen.blogspot.com/2011/05/guest-room-red-red-bed-frame.html

    about to move and have MANY more fun ideas to come….

  241. my favorite paint project so far is my daughters striped dresser.

  242. Hi,
    I painted my spare room bubble-gum pink. I had made dark green drapes and the cover for the day bed. It looked great! Everyone else covered their eyes but I liked it!
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  243. I painted the family room a rich mocha brown – am loving it.
    Marie d.

  244. I always have tons of painting projects but I completed my first ever metallic bronze/gold piece the other day and I loved it!

  245. They look awesome, Mandi!

  246. I made a rug for our new living room and I love it. Those paper towels would have been handy when the cat ran across the still-wet paint and left footprints throughout the house…


  247. I REALLY like this painted/high contrast ceiling!


    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  248. My favorite paint project was painting my sons room with a spiderman mural! angelgenius27(at)yahoo(dot)com

  249. A few years ago, we painted our living room wall a deep red…I know it's time to update it – but I must admit, it turned out pretty well. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  250. I'm painting the exterior of my house this summer and its a nightmare!!! But of course it will be worth it :)

  251. I painted a tv tray white with gold dipped legs to use as a plant stand. LOVE it! http://katiejosh.blogspot.com/2012/09/weekend-projects.html

  252. I'm in the middle of painting my bedroom emerald green. Love your site!

  253. I love painting, repainting, and then changing my mind and repainting again! :) My favorite project was painting over the crappy (literally!) brown color in our masterbath when we moved in.

  254. My favorite paint project (so far!!) has been painting our incredibly outdated, dark, ugly kitchen cabinets. We picked a bright white (we were moving in that week, and it was an "emergency", no time to think about colors!), painted the cabinets, and replaced the hardware with bright new handles and white hinges. It visually made the kitchen appear MUCH larger, and it's MUCH brighter in there now. The project itself wasn't a lot of fun, but the results were well worth it.

  255. I paint everything that can't run away from me (and even then, I will chase them down!).

    My favorite "quickie" paint job was in my old house – I had hung some navy curtains in my orange bathroom, but they were very blah. Inspiration struck, I carved a stamp out of a sponge, and used the same recipe as you to stamp an orange design around the outside of the curtains. Instant upgrade!

  256. Love this project! I would definitely put the Home Depot giftcard to good use by trying my hand at this project. Love, love, love the ease of bringing some artsy to my boring room. :)

  257. I love to buy interesting old furniture and repaint it with modern colors. I need to start a blog so that I can share my projects with people! Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome post :) jenpsht at gmail.com

  258. I am looking forward to painting my old coffee table when I move into my new house! There's nowhere to do it in my apt!

  259. I love to paint any piece of worn down furniture to give it new life & a fresh usually modern start!

  260. Definitely painting our kitchen cabinets white! Made a huge difference and I LOVE them!

    sarah8914 @ gmail dot com

  261. I don't really have a favorite paint project but I did paint our bathroom using leftover paint from my friends house but it turned out awful! There is all kinds of mismatched areas and not in a good way. If I won this I would definitely use some of your tips and paint the bathroom again but way better.

  262. I just love painting walls. There's just something so theraputic about it! And I love color!!

  263. Chalk painted kitchen cabinets!
    hef117(at) gmail(dot) com


  264. I loved spray painting my ladder which i got at an antique show!

  265. Wow — your curtain idea — amaze balls! I'm painting our former nursery-turned-mess/guest room this month. Thanks1

  266. We're about to paint two brick walls and a concrete floor in our sunroom! Thanks for your concrete floor tutorial!

  267. We recently remodeled our small bathroom. We painted the walls a creamy color. Here is a link–http://pinterest.com/pin/397301998347766867/

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  268. Just tore up the carpet on the stairs and will be patching and painting – the biggest project I've ever tried!

  269. Haven't lived anywhere we were allowed to PAINT walls or even had the space to allow a painting project for close to a decade until this summer! We just moved into a great single family OLD home (built in 1927) & I have a couple of furniture pieces that are great project pieces – two dressers for our 12 yr old daughter's room! LOVE the painted drapes, Mandi – super cool idea. Would be ecstatic if I win the Home Depot gift card — and who doesn't always need Bounty?!?

  270. This weekend I pained a wall in my bonus room a red chalkboard- it's not complete yet, but so exciting!

  271. I want to paint my desk

  272. My favorite project was painting my bathroom 2 different colors!

  273. Our patio is enclosed by a wall and we painted it a great, warm coffee with cream color when it used to be old and shabby. A little change but made a huge difference!

  274. My favorite paint project is a rip off of your sharpie wallpaper! It was so easy and looks incredibly awesome at the same time.

  275. I'm painting a bright green dresser. :)

  276. I'm painting letters I hung in my kitchen.


  277. we painted our spare bedroom a bright and happy blue and white. it was an awful circus of high gloss orange and teal – we painted the bottom a light blue and the top a bright white. it is amazing how much more light is in there now

  278. My fave project so far is a vanity that I painted for my bonus daughter :) She loved it!


    And I love this curtain idea… has me thinking that I could do something with the curtains I am making for the master bedroom…

  279. My favorite painting project was a dresser that I found on the side of the rode. I painted it bright blue! The top was beyond repair so I covered it with paisley printed fabric and topped it with glass. It is now my sewing desk!

  280. Definitely my daughter's bedroom!

  281. Favorite paint project – the birch tree wall in my sons room.

  282. I have an iron ore wall in my family room that I'm madly in love with…thanks for the color recommendation! My favorite is a quick spray paint project that requires no time – but creates a huge impact!

    PS I have one of those swirly headboards that I have been saving for my babies toddler bed – she's 2 and we are ready to change her nursery into her big girl room and I'm so excited to make mine into a toddler bed!

  283. Painting an old thrift store table!

  284. My favorite paint project was definitely redoing the dresser for my daughter's nursery!!

  285. I love painting baby shirts and giving them as gifts! This curtain idea is gorgeous and I will keep my eye out for plain curtains on sale!

  286. Our favorite painting project was our game room at our old house! It was something we put tons of thought into and had big plans for that room…before I decided I wanted to sell ours and buy a new house! I'm not sure who's crazier, me for wanting to do it or my husband for going along with it!

    Here's the last picture I have…before I sent us into house broke-ness!

    Hey…house poor just forces someone to get creative right?!

    jami @ whatthegraham.com

  287. My favorite one to date is a little end table that I re-painted turquoise and have a bright red pot with a flower in it sitting on top!

  288. I painted my half bath emerald green (inspired by you). It is such a great color.

  289. Tracey Graham says:

    Love paint, and the changes it can make to anything! Always buying used furniture and painting it, giving it new life. Most recently painted m kitchen cabinets a deep steel gray color, and my ways a mustard yellow, LOVE it!!!!

  290. Janelle Bess says:

    Mandi this is awesome. I love how unique this is and how much it helps a room. Next time I’m near an Ikea I will be picking up two blank curtains to try this project!!!!

  291. Amanda Scott says:

    Thank you so much! You’ve helped me in accepting the horrible pinky textured tiles in my kitchen. I’m using your ‘southwestern’ vibe from the living room, and I’m DIYing the curtains like this but with triangles (a la Ivie’s room). Which is a life saver because the only curtains I could find that worked would total $120 or more and that’s not happening. There may be a white resin deer skull in the mix too. I’m also going to use your uses for copper pipes all over my condo.THANK YOU!

  292. I paint everything! But I think my favorite was one time I painted a “rug” on the concrete floor just outside my garage door. People often thought it was real!

  293. I got a $5 cart at an estate sale, stripped off the beige paint, repainted it teal and added a wood top. Love it!

  294. carrie eastman says:

    My favorite paint project was when I painted a “rug” on the back deck. It was a greek key pattern. Loved it for one whole summer until the sun fried it and paint chipped off EVERYWHERE!!!!

  295. I just love to paint everything…or almost everything! I have painted my current house walls in Cork, Toasted Sesame seed, Eucalyptus Sprig, Blue Toile, Sage and Oyster.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  296. I painted thrift store lamps that are now in my living room!

  297. I took a canvas picture I bought from GW for $2.00 and painted over it with left over white paint. And then I put a plate I had in the middle of the canvas, and with left over black paint traced around it to make a circle. And then put some random black dashes. To make a black and white painting you see on all the blogs! For just $2.00!


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