Dylan’s Dream Room Bedroom Reveal

When I say that this is my favorite space that I have ever created, there is no exaggeration.  I thought that I was ready to dust my hands off and walk away after my living room reveal, but I mean, how Mandilicious is that?  Not Mandilicious at. all. folks.   As I have mentioned before, creating a kids room that you both will enjoy can be super hard.  If you let them be involved, you are guaranteed to end up with a few roadblocks…such as kangaroos (I mean, kangaroos? When she said that I giggled like an idiot for about 30 minutes.)  Here is the interview with Dylan, just so you guys who are new can see just how sparkly this little child is. (Just a warning, she is so sparkly that you will need sunscreen.)

When Sherwin Williams gave me the color Pink for National Painting Week the whole Dylan’s Dream Room process began.  And just because I cant get enough of showing you guys the HORRIBLE condition of the house when we bought it (this is the MLS listing) here is the BEFORE before.  Hope you have a tetanus shot.

Dylan Before[2]

Then the room went to this.   This was one of the first rooms that I redid when I started Vintage Revivals almost 3 years ago.

bed full

And THEN (sheesh this is like the song that never ends!) I painted everything white.  And it was great.  But there was none of Dylan’s flair for life in this room at.all.


So now that you are up to speed I am THRILLED to show you how the room turned out.  I worked for 3 weeks straight on this space (because I pretty much did it twice,  but that is another post for next week.) When you are creating a space for someone you love so much, its so easy to put your heart completely into it.  I showed you the color palette Dylan picked out, and this is how we incorporated so many colors into one space.

Citrus Spectrum Little Girls Room Palette

Honeycomb Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals-2

Each color was used on the far right hexagon and then diluted with white paint to ombre it out (pretend that is a legit term ok folks?)

Citrus Rainbow Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals

If you watched Dylan’s video you know that pink and puppies were the things that she talked about the very most.  So how could I not make a pink puppy feature wall?  We are hoping that with a guardian bulldog she will actually want to sleep in her room now…please pray.

Imaginative Girls Bedroom @vintage revivals

The perfect bubble gum pink is called Pink Moment and I absolutely love it.  The bulldog is carved out of thin cork board so that Miss Dyl has a memo board for all of her beautiful art projects.

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-70

The little vintage industrial desk was a $15 yard sale score and could not be more perfect.  Its nice and tiny,  has a Formica wipe able surface, and lots of storage.  It hits me about 4 inches above my knee, and I was a little concerned about finding a mini chair.  So of course I went into my garage to see what I have hoarded (I have a disease, read more about it here) and found this little stool that came out of an old bank.  The top cushion looked like it had been the shield for Michelangelo in his latest battle against his nemesis.  It was shredded. Get it!?  Shredder!!?  Sometimes I think I am funny.

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-14

The coat hooks were made from copper tubing and mounted to the wall.  Copper is such a great color and goes so well with this shade of pink.  They aren’t fighting each other, even thought the colors are similar,  its like they are long lost BFFs!

Copper Tubing Coat Rack Childs Room @ vintagerevivals.com

Copper Pipe Coat Rack @ Vintage Revivals

This is the part where I stop chit chatting and just show you the eye candy.  Please Enjoy.

Copper Pipe Coat Hanger Industrial Shelf @ Vintage Revivals

Kangaroo Pillow Pom Pom Blanket @vintage revivals

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-57

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-97

Little Girls Creative Bedroom @ Vintage Revivals

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-59

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-103

Rainbow HoneyComb Wall Little Girls Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals-2

Dylan's Dream Room Makeover-6

Little Girls Creative Bedroom @ Vintage Revivals

So what do you think, do you think this room matches sparkly Dylan?  Make sure you check back next week for a source post with all of the info you could ever need about this room and dont worry, the tutorials will begin next week too for all of the fun amazing projects!!

Huge thanks are in order to Sherwin Williams for giving me the kick in the butt that I needed to make this room a reality for Dyl.  National Painting Week is sort of like a holiday for a DIYer like me.  It is FULL of amazing inspiration.  Make sure to pop over to the fabulous Emily Henderson’s blog for her Pink project.  Tomorrow The Decorista and The City Sage are taking on Purple and I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves!

This is a sponsored project with Sherwin Williams National Painting Week, all opinions and projects are my own folks.

Make sure to check out the other posts in this series below!

Love Your Guts



  1. You are unreal! She must be absolutely thrilled! Love every single detail!

  2. You did a great job Mandi, as usual! Such a fun and inspiring space!

  3. So, so cute!! Fabulous job!

  4. You are so talented and creative! She’s a lucky little girl, I’m sure she loves it!

  5. Mandi, you are amazing! I am blown away. Ohemgee, that ombre-hexagon wall!!!! Your creativity is like no other.

  6. absolutely fabulous…..! you are inspiring all the way across the Atlantic to Ireland… your blog is the first I read each morning :-) love it! love it! finding my own style to transform my bland apt…

  7. I’m speechless…well almost! That the honeycomb wall is the bomb. It blew my mind! Really! My daughter wants me to redo her room and I can’t wait to show this to her. I seriously LOVE you 😉

  8. you are amazing!!! Seriously – in LOVE with that hexagonal wall treatment – LOVE!!

  9. Stinkin’ amazing, Mandi! The dog…oh, the dog. So glad Dylan requested puppies!

  10. GAAAAAHHHH!!!! *drooling

  11. That wall. That wall! That.Wall. THAT WALL! Okay, I cannot get over that wall!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT *inhales* LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I want a hexagon wall. You did a great job! What a fun, happy room. :)

  12. WOW! The walls are amazing, both! But mostly the honeycomb-idea!
    And the colors she choose are really great together, love it!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  13. SO neat! The puppy memo board…the kangaroo! Adorable! I hope you’ll do an exit interview with Dylan so we can get her thoughts!

  14. Absolutely amazing!

  15. I’m in utter disbelief at the shear magnitude of awesome that this room is. Would you come to my house and teach me everything you know!?!

  16. You’re unbelievable….in them most awesome way possible! I’ll just move in with Dylan now, ok? Even though I love all the big stuff….I think the pink kangaroo pillow is my absolute fave.

  17. Oh my word! I cannot handle how awesome that hexagon wall is. Serious talent inside of you!

  18. All of this is so great! But I must admit the ombre honeycomb wall steals my heart!

  19. I love how original your stuff is… I love everything about this room!!!

  20. great job!

  21. Totally amazing!! I love it! Was it hard to do the honeycomb wall? I’m hoping you’ll have a tutorial in a new post? :) Also, what type of flooring did you use? I love that it is white with what looks like a smooth finish.

  22. Soo cute!!! Perfect little girls room! It’s always special to do a room for your own kid and I think they’re a little more fun because you feel like you can go a little crazy and do all those fun things and use colours you might not want in your living room.

  23. would love to know the source of the blanket. Great job lady!!!

  24. I am in love with the HoneyComb wall. It is beautiful, perfect for a little girls room. I have a pattern drawn out using wood and three colors for my sons room. I hope it turns out just as cool.

  25. Wow!!!

  26. This is probably to coolest girl’s room I’ve ever seen. I love it! Especially the honeycomb wall, and the giant dog cork board. How do you come up with these things?!

  27. Okay, I will be taking notes when the tutorials come out. I pretty much want to do the exact same thing except with shades of blue and green for my little man. I am obsessed with that honeycomb wall. Obsessed.

  28. I sure hope there’s a tune coming for that wall! Seriously, AWESOME!

  29. Wow. And I was impressed with myself for simply painting my daughter’s room purple and grey.

    This space is amazing!

  30. Lucky kids to have such an amazingly talented mom! Seriously looks great!

  31. your family is so lucky to have you. seriously. i mean, they’re lucky for reasons other than your mad craft/remodel/thrifting/painting/creative skills. but i will tell you what – unless i somehow become super rich (which doesn’t look so likely…) my kids will not have half the super cool rooms that you make for yours. which is fine! but gee whiz, i do envy what you can do!

  32. i love the hexagons on the wall! You are so creative!

  33. also, did you cut that puppy out of the cork yourself!?

  34. I love your totally unique style! It just keeps getting better!

  35. I am almost speechless! I can’t even begin to tell you which part I love best as I think I gasped with each new photo as I scrolled down! Copper tubing= brilliant, corkboard puppy=awesome, that honeycomb wall=swoonworthy, pom poms on the bedding and as artwork display=adorable. Dylan is one lucky, lucky little girl!

  36. I am in love with your picture frame head board. Genius. Kudos to you girlie. U rock.

  37. What little (even adult!!) girl wouldn’t love that room. Love the colors, the hex wall, the cork puppy, and the hooks. And I’m seriously coveting all your gorgeous thrifted/vintage finds.

  38. Oh my gosh, you seriously outdid yourself this time! I was really wondering how you could possibly pull off that palette (and all that pink!) but stay true to your own style, but you totally did it. That honeycomb wall is TO.DIE.FOR. It’s all awesome. Great job!

  39. When I grow up I want to be just like you!! haha SIGH! But for reals, I love your work Mandi!! :)

    If you have a sec i’d love for you to check out my first EVER room makeover. So nervous!! http://sweetserendipitydesign.blogspot.com/2013/04/office-makeover.html

  40. BLOWN AWAY! That honeycomb wall is pure genius, and love that you stayed true to what Dylan wanted while putting your style twist on things. Love, love, love.

  41. it…. is…. PERFECT!!!! I pinned some pics for ideas for my daughters. thanks!

  42. Love it! From the ombre, honeycomb, copper…just all around amazingness!

  43. amazing! So bright and colorful!

  44. It rocks, and I’m totally going to start using “ombre it out” in real life!

  45. This is unreal!! I’m obsessed with it. Amazing job as always. I want you to adopt me so that I can have this room too.

  46. I LOVE that honeycomb wall, can’t wait to see how you put it all together!

  47. Amazing! Mom of the century award goes to you!

  48. HOLY CRAP!!!!! I’M OBSESSED!!!!

  49. I love love love what you did with that headboard! :)

  50. Shut up. Just shut the front door and the kitchen door and heck..the car door. That is freaking awesome! You’ve outdone yourself. I can honestly say this is my favorite from you YET, and I have alot of faves! I wanna be you when I grow up. Who cares if I’m already grown.

  51. That is amazing! Very well done!

  52. SO Cute!
    Inspires me to experiment with ombre

  53. This is my favorite room you have ever done. You have by far outdone yourself. Cannot wait for the tutorials to come. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  54. Amazing! I am in awe over that puppy face. You are so creative.

  55. Rockstar Awesome!!!!

  56. AMAZING!! I’ve loved all her rooms but this one is the best!
    Also, I’ve loved all of her bed frames and headboards! I’d take any of them in my house!

  57. Jaw dropped! My girls would die for a room like that, therefore I will not be showing them this. :)

  58. I think I just peed a little. Room = amazing.

  59. Wow! So beautifully done. Every element is so flippin perfect!

  60. Please, purty please, post a tutorial on how you did the puppy!

  61. You’re amazing, Mandi! Between the copper coat hooks, the honeycomb ombre wall, and that gorgeous headboard – I can’t get enough! I bet Dylan is over the moon with her new room :)

  62. that room is beyond awesome! out of control! I want to move in myself! :)

  63. Stunning – ABSOLUTELY stunning. What a lucky girl!

  64. Wow, that honeycomb wall! I think honeycomb is the next chevron, for realz. I loved it when I incorporated it into my blog header two years ago and I love it now! Those colors are great too.

  65. So cool! What was her reaction? I bet she is in love!

  66. This room is amazing! Your little girl is so lucky!

  67. The honeycomb was is amazing! That had to of taken forever to do. I am so in love with the bulldog wall that I have no words and that never happens. I want to be you when I grow up Mandi! You are an inspiration!

  68. Oh. My. God. The honeycomb! A dog made out of cork! The metal! UGH. I can’t even stand it. My brain is about to explode from the cuteness. This is AMAZING.

  69. Amazing!!! It is the perfect balance of youth, sophistication and FUN!! Awesome job turning your daughter’s dream into reality! :)

  70. I love it! You did good, girlfriend!



  71. Stunning! I absolutely love it!

  72. wow! this turned out fantastic. you are so talented and should be so proud. love the bulldog on the wall – sooooo cute!

  73. You knocked me out, Mandi! Super, super original. I think we will be seeing more honeycomb designs after this. That color melange on the left of the wall would make a beautiful, beautiful fabric, ala Spoonflower. Think about it. Ann

  74. AHHHHH! I love EVERYTHING about this room! Can’t wait for the individual tutorials! That wall is KILLER.

  75. I would like to request a video of Dylan’s response to her brand new, amazing room. :)

  76. Must. have. the. bulldog!

  77. I have to admit being a little nervous when you photographed Dylan in the paint store just picking colors out, no taping swatches to the wall and living with them, etc–you know what I mean! But you managed to use all those wild colors so well. Good job–Your Ombreness!

  78. Absolutely love the room! It has a youthfulness about it without being too childish. I would love that room now, at age 24!

  79. I don’t even know what to say. I’ve never seen anything like that wall and it’s amazing! I want one in my room. LOL

    You never cease to amaze me with your mad skills and your unique ideas. That’s why I love this blog.

  80. Speechless!

  81. Impressed!!! It looks like a little girl’s room without all the cheese that usually accompanies that age range. Love it!!!

    Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  82. LOVE!

  83. That is just crazy beautiful, ingenious and perfect!! Wow. Love!!

  84. This is fantastic! You are so creative it’s unbelievable. I can only imagine how much your daughter must love this :)


  85. Holy. Crap.

    It’s awesome.

  86. This is AMAZING!!! I am so in love with all of it! You are phenomenally talented!

  87. I just canNOT believe how awesome this room is! When you redid your living room, I thought, “This is my favorite room in all of DYI-land”….and then you showed us your metal/pipe kitchen table and I thought, “This is my favorite piece of furniture EVER”….and now you show us this….and I’m just speechless. I really just want to come live in your house. Simply gorgeous!

  88. This is the greatest room make over I have ever seen! You are amazing, Mandi!!

  89. i heart it so much! it is such a fun, inspiring, awesome room!!! great choices Dylan…awesome work Mandi!

  90. This look Amaze! SO girly & colorful!1

  91. Do you think I could put my dogs on my bedroom wall? Even though I am a grown up?

  92. Mandi, I am new to reading your blog but when I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to follow you!!! After reading through a bunch of your posts and your personal story I feel like we have SO MUCH in common and if we were located in the same place we would be for-real BFFs! I love your guts too! And this room!

  93. I just love you! Here I was racking my brain for ways to make my new apt kid friendly. I want them to be putting their own backpacks and jackets away, but the coat rack is too high for them to reach. They just end up with a designated chair to toss them on. I love the idea of creating your own hooks at floor level. This will work wonderful in my little coat closet, while still keeping the floor open for vacuum storage. Thank you, cute stuff!

  94. This ‘over the top in a good way’ room is beyond anything I’d ever have dreamed up! You rocked this, girl!

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  96. This is by far the best of her room makeovers and my fav! You’re such a clever lady!!! LOVE the dog/cork board for all her little notes & art…well done!!

  97. At the risk of sounding unoriginal…that hexagon was is so ORIGINAL! Truly amazing the way you took a crazy color palette and made it look surprisingly sophisiticated. Great job! Your little girl is lucky to have such a creative mom!

  98. This room made me so happy and giggly inside! Why don’t I have a little girl? I was amazed how you incorporated EVERYTHING Dylan wanted and yet stayed true to your Midlilicious style! Like so many others, I love this room!

  99. Kangaroo pillow!!!! Love that. The whole room looks phenomenal. The bulldog/cork board is so creative. very cool

  100. O. M. F. G. Mandy! I am literally crying I love this room so much! The wal!?!?! Are you kidding me? This room is not only perfectly Dylan, it’s perfectly Mandy, too! Cannot wait for the tutorials!!

  101. Found you via a pin of the honeycomb wall on pinterest. There are some wonderfully unique ideas in this room makeover. Refreshing! Thanks for sharing. You got skillz.

  102. Are you freaking KIDDING me?! I have decorator phobia, and I’m scared to try anything. Mostly because I feel like I have no good ideas. This is a.maze.ing.

  103. What a lucky little girl Dylan is! You have truly outdone yourself with this room Mandi. I absolutely love it! The hexagon wall is amazing but i think my favorite piece is the headboard. I hope you will be doing a tutorial soon!

  104. I am so in love with that hexagon. I hope that there is a tutorial in the near future… I don’t think I could have come up with this fantastic room ever… Awesome job!

  105. Gobsmacked

  106. That hexagonal wall is stunning! What a wonderful room for a little girl! I have a soft spot for pompoms. I so want a pompom throw now.

  107. Love the hexagon wall. What did you use to make the hexagon’s? I have a pre-teen/tween daughter and I’m thinking that this would be great or her wall.

  108. Holy moly!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE it all. That hexagon wall is unbelievable.

  109. I LOVE IT! I went pinning crazy 😉

  110. Wait a second…ombre it out isn’t a real term?! Nice job, and no Justin Beaver in sight!

  111. adorable! I’m a sucker for honeycomb. :)


  112. absolutely amazing. your are a creative genius! i wish i knew you and could have you over for tea.

  113. I absolutely LOVE this room. I can’t believe I didn’t discover this blog until last week. I truly feel so incredibly inspired by this blog (and your personality) to just BE MYSELF and GO FOR IT!! I am so excited to get started on re-dos for my kids’ rooms!!

  114. Awesome job on the room!!! I am truly inspired also and agree with the above comment about ‘just discovering this blog and loving it’! Would love to pick your brain about how you would design a ‘military’ family’s home (basically I move with my Army husband frequently, can’t paint walls, etc), but you still inspire me to want to improve decor & furniture. P.S. love the kangaroo pillow after your daughter mentioned kangaroos in the video, and totally agree with her dislike of the beaver. Awesome!!!

  115. That’s crazy awesome! I love it so much. What a great mind you have for design.

  116. This is really amazing! I’m sure Dylan is freaking out just a little!
    I can’t wait to see the pink puppy tutorial. That’s just so cool and really gives that wall a pop! The hexagon wall is brilliant, too, but looks like a LOT of hard work involved. Love it all!

  117. Great Post! But you might just want to try having the holidays in cork , it would be really interesting!

  118. So many great projects, and I have to say it captured a childs heart and a sophisticated design beautifully!!

  119. So many great projects, and I have to say it captured a childs heart and a sophisticated design beautifully!!

  120. OMG I am DYING of cuteness overload! Dylan and her video are absolutely amazeballs (and her room is totally awesome too, of course!)! I had to go back and watch her “No Justin Beavers” part about three times because my I think my two-year-old has a crush on her now 😉 Great job on the room, Mama! Loved meeting you at SNAP! :)

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  122. If there is a such thing as a room that is TOO good this is it. It’s really a shame to love a room so much and not be able to live in it.

  123. Amazing! Love it.

  124. Looove the honeycomb wall and all the colors! Way to go making the citrus spectrum work without overwhelming the room. You are so creative.

  125. Looove the honeycomb wall and all the colors! Way to go making the citrus spectrum work without overwhelming the room. You are so creative.

  126. I effing LOVE THIS. Everything about it is pure creative genius. You did a GREAT job!

  127. Very kewel…. love the pic of Dylan and the “paint guy” in the previous post. Too cute!!

  128. This is fabulous. I love every inch. So many ideas! Great job!

  129. I’m obsessed with the colors in this room! It’s so beautiful and it seriously makes me want to cry thinking of this sweet space you made for your daughter. xo

  130. It turned out SOOOOOOO good! I love that it looks like a little girl’s room, but it totally has your style still. Will you adopt me so you can decorate my room too?

  131. Her room is absolutely too cool for words! I love the wall and the pom pom blanket is awesome!
    Have a great day!
    House on the Way

  132. Ooooooohhhh my goodness, I am IN LOVE with the hex wall!! I adore it so much! Such an ingenious idea :) :) :) I love the way the color were designed to “ombre out”!! I love the bright and happy colors and the way that puppies, birds, and kangaroos were implemented into the design to make it uniquely “Dylan” :) BEAUTIFUL job!! Wow… Too amazing for words :) Keep up the stunning work! I love your blog!

  133. You never cease to amaze…you somehow top yourself every single time!!!???

  134. Wow you did it! You actually got kangaroo for her! 😀
    I love the colors and the big puppy on the wall a lot. You are truly amazing!

  135. Oh my, that wall is quite lovely. You have inspired me! Stunning work!

  136. Oh my dear heavenly host. I’m in love. (Is Dylan opposed to company??)

  137. Can you be my mom please??????

  138. This is easily the most amazing girl’s room makeover I have ever seen! You are crazy talented!!

  139. I’ve just followed a link here from A Girl and a Glue Gun and I am in AWE. You’re going straight to the top of my reading list, and I’m planning to read all your before and after makeovers asap. Your daughter must be absolutely thrilled with her new room!

    Katie x

  140. I lo lo love this sooo much. Can you come to my house and do something with my bedroom?

  141. I have been looking at this over and over again. I don’t even have children and I want this room. Love the dog! And, the Roo pillow.

  142. Mandi, absolutely-freaking love your room reveal. Just had to give you a shout out in our Fab Friday’s post today. Check it out if you get a chance (www.moxiedesignstudio.wordpress.com) and I’ll keep reading all the crazy stuff you come up with! Have a great weekend!

  143. I only could see part of the cork on the picture on your front page and thought “what the heck is that”? Then when I came to this page and I started to look around and thought there was no way you were pulling all of these elements together. I have to say I am in shock at your ability to make a room look absolutely flawless. It is eclectic, lived in, comfortable, unique yet new and so very special. I love it so much, it is beyond dreamy and wonderful. Excellent job!!!

  144. Oh this is just FANTASTIC!!! What kind of wood did you use to make the hexagons?? My little girl saw this and fell in LOVE, guess I’ll be figuring out how to managed this fantastic room soon myself LOL! Not only was it girly, but it reminded her of Soccer!! :) Which means I now have a girly soccer room to do :)

  145. Oh how did you ever do those hexagons??? My little girl has been wanting a soccer inspired room and this fits the bill beautifully! She gets the best of both worlds, a very girly soccer inspired room if I can figure out how to do this!

  146. This is perhaps one of the happiest rooms I have ever seen! It’s so wonderfully quirky, yet beautiful at the same time. I can’t believe the bulldog also doubles as a bulletin board. How do you think of that?!?

  147. This might be my favorite one ever. Amazing!

  148. That honeycomb wall is to. die. for.

  149. Adorable, and so is Dylan! Love how the pink is not too overpowering on the bulldog wall since you did another wall with the amazing hexagon project! Lovely colors!

  150. Jennie Geck says:

    I met at the church when you spoke with Te
    He sisters a couple of Saturdays ago. I want to know when you will be having your yard sell.

  151. Mandi, you’ve left me speechless! Splendid ideas!!! I would be more than happy to work with you, so just pop in and choose what you need. http://pixersize.com/

  152. I love love love this room!! So full of joy !!! She is one lucky girl!! xx

  153. Hi Mandi, do you mind telling me where you got the pom pom garlands for the hanging art?


  154. Joanna Banana says:

    Wow! This is magnificent. Too bad I’m 29 and married and my husband wouldn’t be up for a bedroom like this. My childhood was full of Rainbow Bright, Care Bears, My Little Ponies, and Punky Brewster, then my teen years were filled with Dylan’s Candy Bar and Urban Outfitters. So this is pretty much my dream bedroom. Lovely. *sigh*

  155. I love that ombre wall beyond words! How do you even come up with something like that?? Amazing!

  156. Hands down Dylan is the sparkliest kid every! My husband and I were in stitches watching that video. I especially like when she picked her nose like no one could see it. I also think that it is amazing that she helped design her own room! I had never thought to let a child help in that process until I saw this post, how empowering for a kid! You’re an awesome designer and an even better mom!

  157. STill the greatest bedroom I have ever seen on the internet!! I would love to copy this exactly!!


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  23. […] honeycomb pattern right now and wouldn’t this be beautiful as the backdrop to the cake table or ceremony? […]

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