Musical Lights

The lighting around my desk as been evolving since conception.  I mean, obviously you need lighting at a desk.  And this is legitimately my work desk so it has to be functional AND freaking awesome.

I started off by falling in love with the industrial farmhouse light that I gave away in November.  I loved the pop of color, I loved the industrial vibe it was giving and most of all I loved how it was off of the desk (freeing up more space!)

White and Mint Industrial LightModern Desk Large Map Industrial Light

But alas…it was never meant to be mine.

Next up was the Color Pop Cord Lamp.  I loved the exposed cord but the lamp was just too big for the desk,  I needed more space.

DIY Color Pop Cord Lamp

Moving on.

Most recently I had a old school desk lamp that I gold leaved a little (someone PLEASE take the gold leaf away from me before I have golden underwear)

Living Room Makeover @ Vintage Revivals-135

Loved the shape, but I actually love it MORE in Ivie’s room and just like me, it cant be in two places at once.

Yesterday I hit up the DI (Utah’s version of Goodwill) and found this:

(insert angels singing)


This lamp had everything I loved in each of the other lamps combined into one fabulous package.  Its like finding a man that looks like Ryan Gossling,  has the adoration and manners of Matthew Crowley,  the money of Bill Gates, and the personality of Jimmy Fallon.

Industrial Elbow Light @ Vintage Revivals

Industrial Elbow Light @ Vintage Revivals-9 Industrial Work Bench Light

Lets go over the happy checklist of perfection.  Industrial Style?  Check.  Off The Desk?  Check.  Exposed Cording?  Check.  Vintage Desk Lamp vibe?  Check.

Pretty fantastic find for $5.00 if I do say so myself!

Industrial Elbow Light @ Vintage Revivals-11

Do you play musical (fill in the blank) until you find perfection?  Or are you a “I am going to make this work regardless” type decorator?

Love Your Guts



  1. I am always playing musical chairs, literally. My living room loveseat used to be at the foot of my bed, my desk chair was pilfered from my guest room… I get bored looking at the same furniture arrangement day in and day out, so I’m always moving stuff around, trying to find that golden arrangement that makes the angels sing and the beams of light shine down from the interior design gods.

  2. The question now is… How are you going to jazz it up?

  3. I used to be the “make it work no matter what” but I have morphed into the musical chairs (sometimes literally with chairs:). Great find!

  4. Definitely musical (everything)! Perfect is a constantly shifting target.

  5. Musical everything!

  6. Musical everything. All day everyday. I seriously look forward to moving things around. In fact just today we moved our living room furniture around and put in a new entertainment center.. Keeps the blog exciting 😉

    Liz Marie

  7. $5.00? Are you kidding me!! I never find anything that great in my local GoodWill. I did find this old antique chair with awesome bones for 20 buckaroos I believe. It would’ve SO been mine if I could’ve fit it in my car. Love when stuff like that happens.

    Anywho, I don’t think I’ve quite discovered what type of decorator I am, given the fact that I’ve done like no decorating. But I’m getting there. Slow and steady.

    As someone else previously commented, what transformation are you going to give that thing?! :)

  8. It WILL be cool I am sure, but now it looks like a lamp you got from your dads garage.

  9. It WILL be cool I am sure, but now it looks like a lamp you got from your dads garage.

  10. It WILL be cool I am sure, but now it looks like a lamp you got from your dads garage.

  11. It WILL be cool I am sure, but now it looks like a lamp you got from your dads garage.

  12. I like it as is, to be honest! When everything else is so polished and looks so great, one rough item is fun! If everything was right-from-the-thrift-store, it would look junky…(does that make any sense? Haha) BUT, if you do anything to it, it will look amazing..

  13. I live the new old light!! How creative!!!

  14. Oh so fabulous!!!

  15. Gold-leaf it!

  16. Gold-leaf it!

  17. I play musical everything! Stuff gets shuffled from room to room on a daily basis. Is there a support group for our affliction?

  18. I have my honey’s MAGNIFYING screw-on desk lamp. What a wonderful item! I love it. But it surely would be better attached to the wall, as yours is…darn…..

    btw, what you call a desk is on the tiny side. What planet do you come from that you have so little STUFF on your desk? I’m so jealous I could turn green and you could call me Shamrock. No one wants to see my big old oak office desk…ever…I guarantee.

  19. I usually adore everything you come up with, but I’m not feeling this one. I love the lamp as it is. Don’t do a thing with it! It would look much better attached to the desk (on the side so it doesn’t take up working space), or, attached to the wall on the left side of the map with the cords going down. Now it just looks like it is out in the middle of no where. Just my observation of course. You got a deal for sure on this lamp!

  20. HIlarious…and I love it! And yes–I am right there with you. My analogy–you never just “try on” one outfit and purchase….I *need* to try some different furnishings too!

  21. I’m currently a little bit of a nothing decorator as my 4 kids and the laundry alone leave me absolutely exhausted most days. When I have time to decorate I’m a little bit of both. Try to make the best of what I have but if it just isn’t working hit goodwill and DIY something better. Every once in a while I splurge, meaning head to Homegoods, and get something new. If i were you I would see if there is something you can treat the lamp with to make it look like it has aged and rusted/patina-d over time. Or give it a little oiled bronze finish. The flat muddy brown isn’t working for me.

  22. You deserve golden underwear. xo

  23. Great buy for 5 bucks and love all your transformations Mandy! I’ve been lurking around your site (ok…lurking sounds creepy…lol) for weeks now and LOVE what I see! Great tut’s and your a lot of fun. Enjoy your day!

  24. I think it looks awesome! But I do have a question. Do you ever worry about using much older electric items and their wiring and such with how our electricity is now? Overheating and such seems like it would be a worry. Just curious.

  25. Gold leaf panties… now that is an idea. You crack me up!!!

  26. I think it’s funny that (but I also understand why) you got the lamp off the desk in order to have room for the big “X” on it! These things are hard to explain to husbands.

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  28. Gold leaf it. Do it. I double-dog-dare you.

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