SNAP! FREE Conference Pass Giveaway

Top o the mornin to ya today!!  (Apparently I woke up as  a leprechaun, who knew?!)  I am clearly excited about today’s post because it means that I get to meet one of YOU in real life!!!  (I just did a jig if you were wondering…) I am giving away a FULL CONFERENCE PASS to the sold out  SNAP! Conference.  This.Is.Huge.Folks.  SNAP! sold out in 30 minutes, its just that exciting.

SNAP Ticket Giveaway

For those that are new to this creative world, SNAP! is a creative blog conference being held April 19-21.  It is full of inspiring speakers, hands on handmade classes, and super yummy food.  It is held at Thanksgiving Point in American Fork, UT.  I can pretty much guarantee that most of your favorite creative bloggers will be there and you do not want to miss out!!  This giveaway is for one all inclusive conference pass, the hotel and travel is up to you.  This ticket is non-transferrable folks.

To enter leave a comment telling me WHY going to SNAP! would make your life.  (You must also enter through the Rafflecopter widget below!  There are also a few other entry options for extra chances!)  AND because we REEEEEALLY love you Miss Shelley @ The House of Smiths is giving away a ticket too!  Double chances holla!


The fine print:

    • Odds of winning are based on number of entries.
    • Winner chosen at random using Rafflecopter.
    • This giveaway begins 01/21/2013 and runs through 01/27/2013 at midnight MST


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also I am teaming up with Studio 5 for a fun new segment called “What Would Mandi Do?”   Are you in the Salt Lake area and have a piece that you are puzzled with and want some Mandilicious love for?!   Studio 5 is looking for a few viewers who have a piece of furniture that needs a new life and would be willing to take my advice and tackle the job. Send us a picture of the furniture piece and your brief story and I will pick my favorites to give a new life. Email us at or post yours on their facebook page.

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  2. I would love to win a ticket to SNAP! I’ve always been someone who hasn’t followed through, who has never networked in her entire life, who has never stepped out of her comfort zone to try something new. I love creating. I have been doing it since I was a child sitting with my grandma in her craft room. It would be amazing to take a chance and connect with others who share my love of creativity. I want to learn more about sharing what I make. It would be wonderful to get this opportunity.

  3. My creativity has been ignored, neglected and just plain forgotten. Life seemed to get in the way and I miss my creativity, I think SNAP would be a great place for my creativity and me to reconnect!

  4. I loved it last year, and that was with not even fully being able to focus because of a certain 6 month old tag along. I’d love the chance to learn, network, and hang out with lots of creative people without my baby this year!


  5. 3 days full of blogtastic inspiration?!?! Holy crap! I’d be on cloud 9. :)

  6. LOVED it last year and want a chance to re-energize my creative self this spring. (and not have to worry about a nursing baby this year!):) thanks for the chance, mandi!:)

  7. I deff need to go! You could call me a hott mess right now and this would make everything better :)

  8. I would LOVE to go! I just started blogging 6 mos ago and I am desperate for knowledge!I also know how important it is to network in order to grow your blog. At this point I know NOBODY. I have no one to ask questions to or help me understand things. I also would love to connect with people who do the same thing I do and can relate. Nobody but a fellow blogger knows what goes into owning a blog. Most of all I would love to go so I can meet you Mandi, my blogging hero!

  9. I learned so much last year! It kicked my blog butt in gear! I need another butt kicking this year!

  10. I live right down the road and was so sad I couldn’t make it last year (and again this year). Being able to attend SNAP would make my year!!

  11. I just moved to West Jordan, and with all this free time on my hands I’ve been creating a lot more with my daughter and for myself. SNAP would be a great motivator for me to keep going and to step up my creativity. Also, I’ve been blogging for years and have never attended a blog conference. It’s about time!


  12. oH this would be absolutely wonderful… hmm I wonder how much the hotel and airfare would cost? Just out of curiosity… is the conference April 18th-20th? or 19th-21st? The reason I asked is I noticed a discrepancy between the dates you have listed and the one on the SNAP site. ONe way or the other it sounds like an absolute blast!!!

  13. I would love to win a ticket to SNAP!

  14. i’ve only gotten into blogging the last few years, and i can use all the help/inspiration/guidance from all the big-wig bloggers i can get! plus i need something like this to push me out of my comfort zone. ya know?? plus i’m not so far away from american fork, so it just makes sense 😉 ohh i would love this!!

  15. I would just love to win!

  16. I would love to go as I am still trying to learn all about the blogging world and would love to get to know some great gals! Thanks for the chance.

  17. I would LOVE to go to SNAP to meet some of my favorite bloggers and learn how to make my blog be awesome..
    Thanks for the give away.

  18. Can I just say…five kids…one husband…zero crafty time (I try. My baby empties all my drawers while I’m sewing.) Grateful for them, but I sure would love some creative time!

  19. where is the rafflecopter widget? for some reason it isn’t showing up like on Shelly’s.

  20. I cannot wait to attend SNAP! I know it would really give me some extra creative energy :o) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. i would love to meet new people doing what i love and eat! heck yes to food! plus, it’s in utah so i have an excuse to come visit my bestie in provo. :)

  22. I don’t see the rafflecopter widget either.

  23. I just want to come to dance 😉
    For reals…

  24. It would be an honor to attend SNAP! I’ve been creating and privately blogging for years and years, but now that I’m in my twenties and living with severe chronic illnesses, I realize that this is something I truly am passionate about and would like to make more of a career (blog & shop) since it won’t compromise my health further.
    Because I’m primarily home-bound, blogging and creating has become a huge outlet for me! I want to reach out to others who might also have particular struggles or restrictions to show them there are ways to make life enjoyable! I also want to just inspire everyone to be a bit more crafty :) SNAP would provide me with the amazing knowledge I need to get my blog and shop off to the right start. PLUS! It would give me some new scenery; doctors offices and my living room aren’t nearly as lovely as Utah!

  25. I Would Love to win A snap Pass!! :) I have a million and twelve great ideas, that never seem to make it to my blog, and I am not sure why!! lol
    This is a sure fire way to help me get geared to really “do it” this time, as well as get a weekend without kids! (YeA!)
    Thanks so much for the great chance! 😀

  26. Sounds fun-I love to meet new people!

  27. I want to go to Snap to meet awesome bloggers like you! And be with other creative people.

  28. Mandi, did you know your blog is on PST?

  29. I’m super excited about a chance to connect with other talented ladies & to get inspired to continue creating!

  30. Going to SNAP! would make my life happy because: OH there are so many reasons, cause I’ve wanted to go since last year, it would refresh me, give me a chance to meet and just be my crazy self with a bunch of other ladies! Oh and I live like 10 minutes away from Thanksgiving point, so it would be something my MR. would be totally good with me going to. This would make my life SUPER HAPPY! :-)

  31. I would love to go to SNAP. I would love to be able to meet fellow bloggers like you! It would be really nice to learn some more about blogging as well! :)

  32. i need to learn more about blogging… i feel like i’m the worst writer ever and good use helpful tips 😉

  33. I am still really new to blogging and would love to learn and meet other bloggers. Help me navigate my way through this crazy blog life.

  34. I think to get to meet all of the writers of the blogs I read would be AMAZING!

  35. I think it would get my creative bug flowing for the new craft blog I started but have yet to introduce to the world til I get a few posts on it. I don’t live far from where SNAP conference is held and I’ve never been to a blog conference since starting my blog in 2007. Would just love the opportunity to win. My husband even agreed that we could celebrate our 2 year anniversary a week late or a week early so I could go to this if I win! This would make me so so happy!

  36. Because I would get to lern more about crafting!!!

  37. Winning a ticket to SNAP would be SOOOO awesome for so many reasons! Here’s a couple:
    1. One of my goals this year is to attend one conference.
    2. Meeting all my bloggy friends in real life WOULD ROOOOCK!
    3. oooohhh the stuff I could learn!

    hehe thank you!

  38. I would love to attend to meet some amazing ladies that could give me tips and tricks to launching a blog.

  39. After meeting Tauni at Haven last summer I know that this will be a great place for us to learn and grow as a blog!

  40. I would love to win a ticket to SNAP. Meeting all of my favorite bloggers would be a dream!! Not to mention the networking and blog knowledge I need to grow my blog.

  41. Let’s see; win a ticket to Snap, meet my bloggy heroes, bragging rights to winning it from the awesome Mandi…oh I don’t know, maybe I don’t really want to win it after all. JUST KIDDING! Would love to win this ticket!

  42. I feel like winning this ticket could be life changing for me. I have been stuck in a rut for years. I have been interested in blogging for at least 10 years and have had many blogs that never really worked out. This time I decided that I would do it right from the start. So I have been researching and planning blog posts and project ideas so that I can start my blog off with a bang and keep the interesting posts coming. Meeting you would be amazing as well. I absolutely LOVE your blog and I really relate to your story. Fingers crossed <3

  43. I really want to grow and improve my blog this year. Plus, it would be so awesome to meet all these bloggers I regularly read in real life!

  44. You are my hero!

  45. You are my hero!

  46. Would love to attend….thank you for this oppurtunity! I LOVE trying new creative & unique things in my home and feel this would be a marvelous way to grow and meet new friends who have the same interests as I do. (I also have a small online scrapbook store!)
    Amy S

  47. I would love to attend SNAP!

  48. I am planning on making a lot of positive changes in 2013 including fostering my creativity and starting a blog a way I plan to do that (just one of amny) This year I’ve been so inspired by your blog and others to just start things regardless of whether they are perfect. Thanks for the chance to attend such an awesome event. The opportunity to meet NEW PEOPLE and feel a sense of COMMUNITY and LEARN is a blessing in itself! Fingers crossed!

  49. I have never been to a blog conference and meeting other bloggers in person would really make the world of blogging more real, thus making me more happy.

  50. I’ve never been to a blog conference and this looks like so much fun! (I haven’t been to a dance in a long time either and I’m thinking that sounds equally as fun…I may even practice some moves!) I hope I win!

  51. I want to learn more about blogging, and I can’t think of a better place to learn! This looks like crazy amounts of awesomeness!

  52. I’ve never been to a blog conference but have always wanted to go – this would be fabulous for me! :)

  53. i would love to meet my favorite bloggers in person!!!

  54. My in laws/baby sitters are out of town the whole week so I can’t go to most of SNAP, just the evenings and SAT, and I can’t justify paying for it for only part of the conference, so my only chance of getting to spend time with my favorite bloggers is to WIN!!!! love you!

  55. I need this because I’m having a baby soon and I know by then I will need to be just ME and not just a mama. Ya know what I mean?

  56. Duh! To meet you! Seriously though. I just want to go and meet all of you fabulous ladies! I wanted to go last year and I felt like a total loner when my friend came back and told me all that I missed out on. NOT THIS YEAR, BABY!

  57. I have never been to a blogger conference before, it looks like a blast! Things that are creative, fun and help me grow always make me happy!

  58. I would love, love, love to go to the conference! I know that I could learn so much.

  59. I create and blog and create and blog and I need something to feed my creative, blogging soul.

  60. I would love to attend this amazing event! What a fantastic thing to surround yourself with so many creative like minded people – I would LOVE it!

  61. Because I’d get to meet you and all the awesome bloggers I read frequently!

  62. I am still working on my blog…in a massive way—and such awesome inspiration would be so helpful!

  63. i would love to go to this! i’ve been needing something to do for me and a grand day out like this would be superb! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  64. I would love to meet some of my blogger idols and absorb their creative inspiration…Plus I have heard SNAP is the ULTIMATE in creativity for bloggers!

  65. I would LOVE going to SNAP so I could finally meet all my online crafty friends and be inspired!!

  66. Two sisters crossing their fingers, just started, this would help us “soar” to new heights. Thanks!

  67. I’m brand new to blogging and am looking for some direction. This conference sounds amazing! It’s just what I need. I would love to learn, be inspired, and meet successful bloggers.

  68. My sister and I are just starting up our blog “Just Plane Cute” (@justplanecute) and this opportunity would be amazing to see how we could boost our blog to new heights and meet all you amazing bloggers. Good luck vibes all around! This would be surreal!

  69. I know Snap! would be a blast. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. I’ve been trying to go to SNAP for the last 3 years. but have had no luck :(. it would be an amazing opportunity to be part of one of the biggest blogger conferences with so many talented bloggers!!!

  71. I think this would be an amazing opportunity to help launch my dreams into reality. It would also be such an inspiring trip to meet and learn from all of these creative bloggers.

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  73. Winning an entry to the SNAP conference would honestly make my life! I am a relatively new blogger and the chance to be around some of the seasoned bloggers, to learn from them, to ask questions and be a part of something so huge almost seems like an impossible dream for me. I don’t usually have a lot of luck winning things but if the stars aligned and I was chosen to go to the conference (all the way from Canada!) I would never forget the experience and I would take in every moment with enthusiasm and thankfulness :)

  74. I am hoping to transition from a family blog to a “real” blog, and would love to learn as much as I can about how to effectively do that.

  75. It would be AMAZING to win this because I really, really, really need some creative time and some “this is just for me” time now that I’m a mama of three! (That would be one “really” per kid, lol). I adore my kids, but I feel like I have neglected myself for awhile. I would love the chance to do something like this, so I can remember that I must make time for myself, doing things that inspire me, as well.

  76. I want to attend snap because I think it would be the ultimate “creative juices flowing” experience! I want to meat you, the majestic like a unicorn Mandi, along with other crazy creative bloggers! I get my inspiration from innovative people, and it would be a dream come true! Not to mention, I am pretty fun to hang out with cough* cough*. Can’t wait to see you at SNAP!

  77. Winning an opportunity to attend SNAP would be awesome. It is like going to the Oscars where you get to watch the whos who of the creative blogging world and learn from them!

  78. Well, I’m going to BlogHer in July…. And Haven in August….what’s one more? (Totally awesome, that’s what!) I want to win!

  79. How would it change my life…’cuz I’m gonna meet you! That’s how. And maybe I’ll learn to be a better blogger, while I’m at it.

  80. I would love to attend and have this experience. I’m in the process of setting up a blog now, and need all the help I can get.

  81. This ticket would make my life because I need a group of women that get me. A group of friends that could talk about diy crafting until they turn blue in the face. It’s something that never happens in my group of friends. To be surrounded by so much inspiration would be a breathe of fresh air for me personally. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!


  82. Breath*

  83. Winning a ticket would be HUGE for me! I just started blogging year ago and have turned in to a Blog Stalker as a result. It would be so great to meet some of the creative forces (including you!) behind these blogs… it also wouldn’t be too shabby to get my creative on!!

  84. I’d love the ticket! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  85. My life would be happy because I would get to see you!!!

  86. I just last week found out about SNAP and all the tickets are sold out! I would love to go and meet everyone! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

  87. I would love to go to SNAP! because I’ve never been to a blog conference before!

  88. It amazes me that such a fantastic event is held right here in Utah. I’d love to go and rub shoulders with famous bloggers from around the country!

  89. If I could go to Snap I know I would finally find the motivation to get my online voice heard! Thanks for the chance!

    vbehymer at gmail

  90. Super! It would be so great to meet some friends who are creative and into blogging!

  91. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a very l o n g time. Maybe if I won and got to go to SNAP it would inspire me to finally do it. I’d be happy, for sure.

  92. I seriously need a creative kick in the pants! Since becoming a mommy, my house and hobbies have take a major pppthththffthhth! SNAP would certainly re-start my engines :)

  93. I am dying to go. I have wedding this year and need TONS of ideas and want to re-spark my blog into high gear! I’d LOVE to go!

  94. I would love to go to the snap conference. I love your blog and all things DIY:-)

  95. Mands!! I have been hoping, wishing, and praying to win one of these giveaways! As you know, I haven’t been to any blog conferences yet and want to go so bad! It’s not quite in the budget for me to go, so, winning is my only chance!! I know it’s so fun from what ive heard so I’m crossing my fingers to be a part of it this year!!

  96. i want to win because i NEED a break! 4 babies in 5 years is killing me right now 😉

  97. I want to experience a creativity overdose!!

  98. It would be an amazing opportunity to learn from so many!

  99. Hi Mandi and happy new year!
    For many, many years I did various crafts, did a bit of plumbing and electrical, tuned my car (when cars looked like cars under the hood – 30-35 years ago), reupholstered, you name it I did it. Wanted to take shop in grade nine (late 60s) but girls weren’t allowed and had to take Home Ec instead. Boo! Hiss! Then as time went on I did less and less, down to crafts at Christmas only. I’d help friends and family with anything they needed but not much else.
    Then my body got old (not me – just the body) and my hands weren’t much good anymore. Buuuuutttt….I started reading blogs about two years ago and more blogs and more blogs and more blogs. They started to whet my appetite and got my imagination hopping. Now I can’t wait to get going on some of the furniture I have here. SNAP would give me the confidence I need to get back at it; it would let me ask questions; it might even help me to “see” the object and be able to imagine what it could look like in this colour or that colour.
    All in all, there is nothing at SNAP that wouldn’t help me.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Mandi.
    All the best,

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  101. Having just moved away from Utah, getting to come back to visit friends and family AND go to SNAP! would make me VERY happy!

  102. We just bought our first home and I have no idea where to begin to make it feel like home. SNAP! would be just the ticket to get my creative juices going and to feel inspired. Besides, who doesn’t like a girl’s day?

  103. I’m already going to SNAP!, but my sister (and partner-in-blogging-crime!) can’t swing it financially this year. I’d LOVE to surprise her with a trip so that we can both experience it together! :)

  104. I would LOVE to go to SNAP… sounds SUPER fun!!!! Would LOVE to rub shoulders with amazing, creative, driven women!!!

  105. I would love to go to meet new people, network, learn, have fun, learn more…AND HAVE MORE FUN!!! This sounds like an amazing conference~!

  106. I would be so happy to meet some new awesome crafty friends! :)

  107. I would love to go to SNAP to get out of my “mom” rut and get energized about creating and blogging. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  108. I would LOVE to go! I’ve vowed to finally follow through and enter the blogging world this year, and I think this would be just the thing I need to keep that momentum and inspiration going. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! :)

  109. Going to SNAP would make me SO happy! I am going to be a Mom in 2013 and would love to meet crafty people!!

  110. Mandy, thanks for the chance to win a free ticket for SNAP. I’m very new to blogging (2 months) and know I would totally benefit from being at SNAP. Just being around all the creative energy sounds amazing! Thanks again!
    P.S. You look just like my sister (young and beautiful!). When my three young boys see you on Studio 5 they always say, “Hey, there’s Tania!” No matter how many times they see you, they still make the mistake.

  111. I’m local and would LOVE to attend this exciting event!

  112. I would love to go because apparently it’s the coolest conference ever! I have wanted to go for years but haven’t been able to. I will be crossing my fingers until the winner is announced. Good luck to who ever gets to go!!!

  113. Winning this ticket to SNAP would make me soooo happy because I’m dying to go and meet lots of fun bloggers and I know I’d learn SO much from all of the super talented speakers. And I would LOVE to meet you! :)
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  114. I’d love to win the ticket so I could meet all these fantastic people who make blogging and pinterest so addicting. I want to learn and get inspired 😉

  115. I have been a very full time student for a while now. It would be so nice to take some time to do something FUN!

  116. I’d love to connect to other creative bloggers in person!!

  117. need to win this! i’m a newer blogger and realize i just have! and would looove to meet everyone face to face too!

  118. I have been blogging for about a year. I need to be surrounded by other creative bloggers. My friends and family know nothing about blogging and don’t even follow blogs. Sometimes I feel like I am on another planet. I so want/need to go to SNAP.

  119. I would absolutely love to go to SNAP! I need a break from my kids and my husband. LOL. No really, it would mean a lot to me to spend some time doing something I would enjoy very much:)

  120. I would love to attend SNAP! I would love to meet tons of blogging friends that are attending in real life! That would be amazing! It is also such a great opportunity to learn how to grow my blog and become a better blogger!

  121. Ok I have been trying to win tickets to snap for 3 years now! 3rd times a charm?! Also I live in a house with a 2,3 and a 30 yr old boy… Isn’t that reason enough for some crafty girl time :)

  122. I have been trying to go FOREVER. They always sell out so fast!

  123. I would love to win a ticket to snap to meet and interact with bloggers I have learned so much from and would love to do a ton of networking for my small company.

  124. I would love to wing to meet some amazing people and learn all sorts of new things.

  125. I would love to go to SNAP because I’ve been a very neglectful blogger for a YEAR! I think the conference would allow me to channel my creative energy and start my networking

  126. I would love to be surrounded by all that creativity! What could be better?!

  127. With the blessings of a husband, three children, a home, college, a part time business and an 83 year old Mom to take care of, there is little creative time left for me. When I do have a moment, I spend it pouring over the pages of Artful Blogging and Where Woman Create magazines,inspired to start my own blog to connect with like minded souls, and dreaming of someday being in the pages of those publications.
    How wonderful it would be to have some “me time”, to be surrounded by creativity and inspiration, to learn about blogging, and to make new friends. Winning would put a “SNAP” in my step!

  128. It’s a chance to learn from the experts!

  129. I went to SNAP last year and came back feeling incredibly inspired. Inspired to be a better wife, mother, blogger. I can’t wait to attend again!

  130. Because its a chance to learn from great bloggers!

  131. I would LOVE a chance to go to SNAP. I’m a creative new-blogger and would love to learn from some amazing bloggers and be inspired to be more creative, to balance work & home life, to focus on my family & grow as a blogger.

  132. I would love to go. I’ve really been struggling to find my own identity again. I think I’ve been a mother and wife for so long and now that I’m finally in a career and having more time for me, I’m finding that I’m not even sure who I am and what I want in my life. I have been exploring art and collage, and it has definitely sparked something inside me. I think the conference would be a wonderful way to treat myself and to continue to explore my own interests and talents. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. I so would love this amazing experiance of inspiration and epic fun!

  134. I would love to go to SNAP! to meet other bloggers, network, feed my creative monster inside, and talk with other people who share similar goals/interests! Plus, I’ve never been to Utah!

  135. To meet people!


  136. I went last year and it was soooo fun! I loved it. I was so sad it sold out :( But I’m sure it’ll be even more amazing this year!!

  137. I was so jealous last year after seeing everyone’s recap. I would love to go and meet all the wonderfully creative bloggers that I’ve been blog-stalking!

  138. Oh, my bestie is going and it would be a dream to attend. Also, it would be great to make connections!

  139. I’m a beginner blogger and I NEED to learn!

  140. I really want to go this year. Last year I found out I was pregnant, due the week of snap…. After my husband already bought my ticket. Bummer. Hope I win so I can actually go this time!

  141. Oh awesome!! Going to SNAP would make me HAPPY because I it’s on my wishlist to attend and to be inspired! =) Thank you.

  142. I NEED inspiration!! The horrible weather and cold and air here in UT this winter has zapped my creativity. My writing has come to a stand still, my crafting has stopped, my house is looking as blah as the air outside. I NEED SNAP – STAT!

  143. I’d love to go to get some inspiration from great women and of course to meet you and fabulous blogging friends :)

  144. Going to SNAP would make my life happy because I could then get a way from my kids and be surrounded by creativity! Woo Hoo!

  145. Oh SNAP! 😉 What a great opportunity! I would love to come and connect with so many ladies whose blogs I follow and get so much inspiration from. I live far away and the only way I’d be able to come is by winning a ticket. Of course then I’d have to figure out a way to pay for airfare and maybe find someone local to the conference to house crash!

  146. Going to SNAP would be amazing and make me happy because I’m trying to build up my blogger relationships. I would love to meet more like minded ladies!!

  147. Pick me! I need some serious bloggy inspiration!

  148. I would love to meet some of my blogging friends in real actual life!

  149. I would love a chance to attend Snap ! I was currently let go from my job as a Staff Accountant for a private company. Since then I have decided to launch a vintage/antique DIY blog and have started an LLC. I hope to open my own vintage/ consignment store selling my own upcycled projects along with interesting vintage and antique pieces I find during my travels. Going to Snap would provide me with inspiration as well as make it possible to meet and network with like minded people.

  150. I’m a baby to blogging compared to so many. I’m overwhelmed by the talent and grateful for the impact that other women have made on my life through their blog. Unfortunately I can’t afford to get myself to the conference, but I hope it’s an opportunity I have in the future! Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!! Good luck everyone!

  151. I’ve never been to a blog conference and i’ve heard such wonderful things about snap – i’d LOVE to go!

  152. Would so love to attend SNAP!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  153. Since I started blogging one year ago I learned about SNAP six months later and how much fun people had and how much they learned. It would make me SO happy to go to learn from the best and know what to do next.

  154. I’d love to learn and be inspired by all the fantastic bloggers that I follow! Pick me, pick me….pretty please

  155. My goal (yes, so go ahead and make fun of me…one goal) was to actually attend a blogger conference. I never have and have been blogging close to two years now…awesome, I know.
    All I have been doing is researching which ones to attend. Snap, Alt, Haven and there was one more (I forget the name…did I sleep last night?) that are my top picks.
    I am dying to go 😉

  156. I would love to go to SNAP!! I have a handmade business & I am working at blogging more. I know I have so much to learn with both my blog & my business. I think it would be a good little push to inspire me to blog more & grow my business as well as get me out of my comfort zone & meet new friends! I’ve regretted not getting a ticket in time…Thanks for the chance to win:)

  157. I so need that kick in the pants from other creativistas! my blog has not been launched — yet, so this would be fabulous way to start!

  158. I would love to make new friends and meet the girls that I feel I know already irl! I also love to get some creative inspiration!!!

  159. I would love to go because I want to meet other bloggers in person, I love making new friends and I want to learn from those more wise than I am!

  160. I’ve been blogging for a few years and am dying to get my blog a more creative outlook. SNAP! would be such a good way to get my creativity flowing, learn from others, and form friendships with other bloggers like myself.

  161. I would love to go to SNAP! I’d love to meet other bloggers, especially my ‘tribe’ in person. I want to go and absorb all I can so I can learn grow my blog and brand, and let’s face it, I could use some time away! Thanks for hosting Mandi!

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