It’s Like Mascara For Your Windows!

Yo yo!  You guys, my living room is literally 98% done.  I have one small project to finish and then dun dun dun dun DONE!

So all you ladies out there know what a huge difference mascara makes to your over all finished makeup routine right?  (and even better than mascara are fake eyelashes)  This project is like that.  You don’t know what you are missing until you look naked (or your room looks naked) without it.

Today we are talking window trim, and more specifically black window trim.  I know it may seem a bit well, black, but it made the HUGEST difference in my living room.   Here is the before and after:

Black Trim on Windows

Amazing right?!!

This project LITERALLY took me one morning to do (because that is all the time I had!)  Its actually a fun story.  At 10:00 I got an email from Laura.  She co-owns Southern Utah Bride magazine, check it out if you need any sort of inspiration, they are so fantastic.  They were doing a mid century photo shoot the next day and their location had fallen through.  So naturally with my famous orange couch she thought of me.   There is nothing like a quick deadline to get me moving.  I had been playing around with the idea of framing out the windows since we took out that awful beam and put black moulding up in our hallway.  So my BFF Hailee came over and helped me get the job done.  I have no idea what I would do without that girl.  She is my Justin Beiber to a screaming teenager.   You can check out the photo shoot here.

And because of the crazy rush I didn’t take any pictures.  So if you are wanting a tutorial you will have to wait a bit (because I am doing it in my kitchen too!!)

Painting high contrast trim is such a great pick me up  if your room is feeling a little stagnant.   Its like the best set of falsies you can buy.

Love Your Guts



  1. Wow it looks great!! I would love to add trim around my windows, but our windows have sills and no trim.. so I’m not sure how to rip them out to add trim. Any ideas on that? :)

    Love how your living room is looking!

  2. Gorgeous! I just pinned a black window a few days ago and was going to paint the one over my kitchen sink but didn’t have enough black paint on hand. You know what i’ll be doing today! Love it!

  3. It turned out so well! I love lightening things up in my house, but I am a sucker for some good black contrast. This is perfect!

  4. SO Mandilicious. Swoontastic.

  5. i don’t think there could be a better analogy for this.

  6. Hilarious timing! I forgot my mascara at home this morning (I always put it on once I’m at work because the wind and cold make my eyes water)so I’ve been feeling naked all day! The trim looks amazing!

  7. Great post! I love high contrast trim and have never really understood the obsession with painting trim white.

    While we aren’t going black, we are stripping all the white paint off of our 100 year old fir trim and re-staining a dark gold/brown tone. One room stripped so far :)

  8. It looks amazing and your couch totally reminds me of the couch from the coffee shop in Friends :)

  9. It looks fantastic! I’ve been toying around with the idea of painting black trim around my front window, but my walls are gray and the baseboard is white and I think black around the window won’t look as good as if the walls were white too. What do you think?

  10. Wow what a difference that makes! It looks really great.

    I was completely drawn in by your title, and couldn’t agree more!!

  11. Or eyeliner! I love it.

  12. Super, crazy cool! Nice work, Mandi.

  13. Just checked out the shoot. LOVELY!!!!

  14. You are so awesome.

  15. Those pictures are awesome! Your living room looks amazing. Wish I had a fraction of your creativity. Yours is my favorite DIY blog I follow :)Congrats on having your house published!

  16. Oh it looks fantastic!! We had some windows that we added curtains to a while back – I didn’t think our room looked naked until we hung the curtains up. They looked so fantastic!! I had to take them down once and it just looked so bare. It’s amazing what just a little bit of detail can do.

  17. Your house was perfect for that photoshoot! wow! Very cool!

  18. Very Cute! Mascara for your windows!

  19. oooh awesome and easy – crazy how something simple like this can make such a big impact!!

  20. Looks great! Also noticed the light fixture!!! LOVE! (Please forgive me if it was shown earlier!!)

  21. Looks great!! Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  22. Wow – I’m loving this! Risky and bold design choices can really pay off. Great room!!

  23. It totally is like mascara. I thought the room looked amazing before but NOW…
    I didn’t even think it could look better! Awesome!

  24. Just like mascara does for me the black trimmed windows “wake up” the room!

  25. neat! and of course, you’d post about mascara on the day i came into work without putting any on…….it’s a scary, naked site. oh well. the windows (and the rest of the room) look great!

  26. So awesome. That is the ultimate compliment, to have your home featured in a photo shoot. It’s validation that, yes, I did a good job.

  27. gor-e-ous! just looks amazing!

  28. Do you have the tutorial for this yet?! So gorgeous!!

  29. What color/finish did you use for the trim?

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