Birds Of A Feather Thrift Store Art

Happy Monday!  Holy moly you guys have blown me away with all of the comments on Blog Puberty post!  I love you all and value your feedback more than you will ever know!!

If you remember last week I showed you an awesome thrift store art transformation with a vintage piece of Crewel Embroidery.  I also mentioned in that post that I scored 3 pieces, so here is project dos.

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-10

I fell in love with this picture of 2 birds that are 100% made of feathers. (!)

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-2-2

As you can see it was in pretty rough shape (one of the birds had even fallen off of its painted perch!)  But for $2.00 there was just SO much character in those little guys, I couldn’t leave them behind!

For this project you will need gold leaf, a basic mini Ribba frame ($1.99 at Ikea) and something awesome to put on it (insert birds here)

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-1

Spray spray adhesive on the back of your frame. (I used spray adhesive vs. gold leaf adhesive because it was easier and once framed the gold leaf isn’t going to be manhandled at all.)  If you want your gold leaf super smooth and you are leafing a flat surface the EZ Peel leafing is AWESOME.  I talk a little more about leafing here if you need more deets!

Gold Leaf Art

Then attach your awesome object.  I used a touch of hot glue to stick my birds to the leafing.

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-9

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-8

Thrift Store Art @ Vintage Revivals-10

So what do you think?  Do you love the feather birds or are they not your fave?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I found some birds just like that that I fell in love with. Each bird came in a round wood frame that I’ve been planning on painting but I can’t figure out what color to paint, since the paper is kind of yellowed and the birds seem a little too loud for a colored frame. Maybe I need to reframe! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love the birds! On the gold background!
    I feel like I’m on the same page with you. I just bought those white acorn containers and some white frames like yours over a week ago.

  3. gorgeous!

  4. You will get lots of “likes” validating your find :) I always like a little validation with my projects to make sure I’m keeping it real and not looking at things through rose colored glasses, haha. Have a productive week!

  5. I do “like”…. your mind never stops

  6. Wow! I need your thrift store…all mine has is velvet Elvis art!! Love the funkiness of the birds.

  7. Great find for a great restyled project. I did have to chuckle tho at the bird off it’s perch! Hilarious!

  8. So jealoous! If you find more feather birds send them my way! I LOVE them!

  9. Those turned out so cute! You have great creative vision!

  10. I LOVE bird feather art! I found a huge one at an estate sale and it is one of my favorite pieces of art in our house.

    Check it out here:

  11. LOVE! the gold leafing is great too. My thift stores never have neat stuff, it is all bad seascapes and Bob Ross trees.

  12. Beautiful work! What a score!

  13. i love them so much!!!!!

  14. LOVE. I want some! I’m thinking I need to move down to wherever you are. You have the best thrift stores!

  15. I would have never thought to do that! You are so creative!

  16. Love the birds! I think I need to step outside of the box with my decorating!

  17. Great! Good re-vamp. :)

  18. Those are awesome! :) What a great find and re-do!

  19. of course you would see the beauty in that old pix. the project turned out beautiful!

  20. I just read your puberty post and laughed my head off, seriously you are so freaking funny. Don’t get down on yourself – your blog is super de duper amazing – if Nate Berkus loves you so does the rest of the world and if his show was still going on I’m sure you’d be on it weekly! Boy oh boy do I admire you for telling your story about your family – one of the most amazing things someone with your platform can do (and yes you do have one) is bear your testimony and not be ashamed. Keep it up – you’re awesome.

    Brienne Poole (cousins w/ Staci Davies, we’ve emailed in the past)

  21. I loved the crewel/embroidery piece you redid. What a pop in your hallway! These pieces are awesome too. Great idea to stick with the vintage vibe and use the gold leaf. So 60’s.

  22. The feather birds are awesome. And I love the total concept for the piece. It makes me want to go search my local thrift store.

  23. Would you believe that I salvaged a set of feathered birds from my parents home. Now I know what to do with them. Thank you so much

  24. OMG, you are so talented!!

  25. Love, love, loooove

  26. Great Save Mandi! Thanks for treasuring trash and showing it’s true beauty.

  27. Mandi, what an awesome idea!!! Love those birds… :)

  28. Love the birds Mandi – adorable!

  29. Love those birdies! I love the gold, but also loved the aged drawing they were originally on (I’m into that, so would have reattached regardless of shabbiness)…but also totally appreciate reusing this nice “folk art” type bird art and modernizing it rather than letting it go!

  30. Wow this is really pretty!!

    Ergo – Blog

  31. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Nuff said.

  32. I love those birds on the gold background. Perfect

  33. This is so cool. I love your unique style!

    Stephanie @

  34. I have never been so addicted to a website as this one. It literally makes me antsy at work all day thinking of all the things I could be doing…like browsing the isles of DI and gluing them to gold leaf (How in the world does your genius mind come up with that?!)
    Anyway, it would save me a lot of antsy moments and a lot of Diet Dr Pepper if you just came to my house and did it for me.

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