Projects Projects EVERYWHERE. (They Can Shove It Today.)

You know that old saying, The Grass Is Always Greener?  Well sometimes that saying is real.

Right before I went to AZ to do Kelsey’s Epic Room Makeover I was in a majorly motivated spot.  I was getting projects done left and right,  I was SO excited.  I was all, “Mandilicious.  These suckers are going to last you through the end of the year!!  WAHOOO!” but then guess what?  Its not all its cracked up to be.    Its like all I have been doing are project posts.  And while I know some of you love that, I MISS YOU GUYS!   I have been feeling super disconnected the last little bit and I am OVER it!!

So how are you?!  Is your holiday going wonderfully?  Are you getting projects done and feeling like fantastic mothers?  Do you know just how much I adore you and am so grateful that you spend a few minutes of your day over here!?!  Cause its true.  You are my favorite.

So fill me in, what is going on in your world?

Love Your Guts, Mandi



  1. Ha! I never leave comments here, but I LOVE the projects you’ve been sharing. Once I get our Christmas decor whipped into shape (hopefully by the 25th, haha) I plan to start on a few of the gift ideas from last week. And they may or may not be intended for our house.

  2. Have enjoyed your projects! What we’re doing over here is dominated by my kids birthdays both the first week of Dec. We are having an old-fashioned kid bday party at home for my son but had to plan it on my daughter’s bday and then we are having a day at an outdoor (yes, in Canada with snow & all) aquatic centre (pools/slides/ropes/whirlpool) and then pizza/movie/sleepover for my daughter & her friends.
    We’ve had a ton of snow early this year but 2 days of warm weather and most of it is gone- need the white stuff back before christmas. Starting some decorating for the holidays and trying to get a few gift projects on the go, as well. It’s always a busy time with birthdays thrown in.
    But loving the projects you’ve been sharing.

  3. Mandi,

    I really like this post :-)

    For some reason it feels like the holidays are super duper rushed!!!!!! I spent all weekend decorating and I feel like I’m done but now it feels like there is barely time to enjoy them.

    I always try and get things done early so that I can “enjoy” the holidays but just end up burnt out. Any tips for relaxation and enjoying the holiday moments?

    Love you lady!

  4. my spray paint is tucked all snug on the shelf so i have more time to play elf on the shelf. K- not really,we’re not even doing elf on the shelf. the last project I did was a Christmas printable, but I’m loving life. We’re all relaxing this season at my house enjoying our new baby. I’m glad you’re taking a little break! December is my favorite so we should all sit back and enjoy the ride! And thank you for keeping up ewith your blog. I spend time here every time you post- because your projects are awesome and your writing makes me smile.

  5. I know how you feel. I’ve been so busy shopping, wrapping, and sewing aprons for presents, along with painting furniture, jewelery boxes, making jelly, and stockings to sell. I can’t even think about putting up the decorations yet. Oh well, it will get done when it gets done.

  6. Hi Mandi! I’ve never commented before, but wanted to let you know that I love you and the inspiration I get from your blog! I’m totally doing your book letter project for someone on my Christmas list, I just have to wait til we get to the in laws house so I can use their band saw :) It’s kinda nice to go out of town for Christmas, cause then I don’t feel like I can prepare as much, so I

  7. dang “smart” phone! Anyway, just saying that I’m enjoying this holiday season cause I’m letting go of the things that make it stressful and not worrying about it being perfect. btw, we moved to Washington City this year, and I met Brooke at a craft fair a few weeks ago, maybe I should meet you too someday, ya know, to round out my local celebrity meeting, haha. Cause I’m cool like that :)

  8. Well gosh, thanks for askin! I’m about to burst, I’m 35 weeks and trying to get things finished up before our little girl arrives. I can’t wait to meet her! Along with Christmas and New Year’s I’ve got a busy busy month!

  9. Christmas baking done, and hope to have shopping and wrapping done by the end of the week so I can truly enjoy the holidays with family as they arrive in town.
    It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house (despite no snow in Toronto)

  10. I’m starting up my Etsy shop again. Why now, the busiest time of the year? I don’t know :) {giggle}

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well Mandi…I have not done a thing…how pathetic is that..I look at all the cool projects you’ve done and think oh ya, I want to do that..but nope..havent even started..BUT, today is the day, if I ever get off this computer (lol) I’v got big plans just gotta get moving and ‘get er done’! No snow in Kingston either and I like it! lol Luv ya girl and our visits everyday…hugs xo

  12. This has been a year of fighting off all the things on my plate. Somedays I do better than others at feeling empowered vs. swamped. By 7:30 this morning this was my post of the day on my FB page;

    “There are the things you do. There are the things you wish you could do. There are things that are done and a lot of things left undone in a full life. I think based on my ‘undone’ list held over from last week, my life feels very full :) Pleased for the full… and that I have been given this week. There is so much to love about my life if I just quit comparing it against my stupid undone list, look at the opportunities instead, focusing on what I already have been given. After all, I make the list.

    I think I forget that life is not a past due assignment, but a long enduring and changing thesis to be gloriously discovered.

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  14. Hi Mandi! I just wanted to say that I’ve admired your creativity and style for a while now, but i fell head over heels when i saw the epic room makeover’s ombré-cube wall. I could actually hear my inner Veruca Salt whining, “I want it. NOW.” Will you still be sharing the tutorial someday? After the holiday craziness settles down, of course! Until then, I have lots of gifts to create…and then I can get back to my own selfish little home projects :-)

    Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!

  15. I’m knee deep in projects to decorate our first granddaughter’s nursery with!! I made the cutest owl mobile and have tons of other thrift store finds that I’ve revamped and made AWESOME!!! She’s due to arrive on Dec. 22! We couldn’t be more excited for the sweetest bundle of joy we’ve ever received for Christmas, although I feel waaaay too young to have a grandbaby!! 😉

  16. I love all your posts.Because of you, my son has no light in his room because I have been looking for the perfect object to turn into the perfect light fixture. 😉 You have inspired me to decorate how I want and not trying to copy everything I see on Pinterest. I have realized just because I love to look at all the Shabby Chic, all white decor, it is not my true style. I am more of a Vintage Glam kind of girl. I love that your style is so unique in the blog world.

  17. Anonymous says:

    hey Mandi, I never comment, what wanted to let you know…you are my favorite read of the day!!! You have serious talent!! Your style is like no one else’s and sometimes it’s not my favorite!!! but I can appreciate the work you put in and the fact that you practically make everything and are just not placing from items West Elm around your home, and calling it DIY.

  18. Hi Mandi,
    I am so excited to report that last night I found out my fiancé and I get to host the Family Christmas for the first time this year!! YEA!! Our little 900 square foot town home needs to be whipped into shape! I’ve been channeling my inner-liciousness. You have been inspiring me! We are going to set up the dinner table in our attached garage and fire up the heater. To create ambiance in a garage I’m going to use a red hula hoop and wrap cafe lights around for a faux chandelier. Our bathroom is tore apart so I’ve been waking up at 4:30 am every morning to remove wall paper & sand the vanity before I head off to work…seems like a story I would hear come from you! :) I am so freaking excited for Christmas this year!! I’ve learned from reading your blog that it is amazing what an excited and determined woman can accomplish! Sending you and your family a very Merry Christmas from Minnesota!!

  19. I went through a not wanting to do projects phase a few weeks ago. It’s weekend we put up a mantle that we made from a Beetle Kill Pine beam. Now I just want to fill it with Xmas stuff! It makes the fireplace so much more festive.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  20. Mindi

    You rock and I always enjoy stopping by.


  21. I’ve never left a comment before…so, you need to know I love you! :) Thank you! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness (is that a word?) and always being so open. I am going with the less is more approach this year and not feeling nearly as rushed. Trying to focus on the “Reason for the Season” and hoping that everything else falls into place. Besides if we have God, then what else do we need. I hope this is wonderfully blessed holiday season for you and your family! And thanks for being such an inspiration to me!

  22. I am just gonna go on and say it like it is: i freaking love you!! you are real, and fantastic, and REAL FANTASTIC. love everything that you do!! i am pretty great, by the way, since you asked and all… 😉

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