Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!

Happy Monday!!!

So you may or may not have heard the buzz surrounding the new Silhouette Portrait.  If you havent it goes a little like this.  Silhouette (the MASTER of all cutting machines) has just launched a brand new machine!  Meet the Portrait:


The Silhouette Portrait™ is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 8″ wide and 10 feet long. The machine also has the ability to register and cut printed materials.   You can cut any image or font on your computer, no cartridges necessary.

So here is the best part of todays post.  I am giving one away to one lucky reader!!!   All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.


  • Silhouette Portrait™ electronic cutting tool
  • Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP and higher, and Mac® OS X 10.6.8 and higher
  • 50 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 8″ cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • Basic Instruction Guide
    MSRP $199.99

There is also going to be a HUGE Black Friday Promo for The Cameo, The Portrait, and everything else in the Silhouette store!!  I will post it as soon as I am allowed (they have a mini gag order on me!)

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Love Your Guts, Mandi



  1. My favorite tradition is putting up the Christmas decorations the week I am off from work!

  2. I don’t really have a favorite tradition but I like entering contests.

  3. We don’t really have any family traditions for Thanksgiving but I think getting together and spending time with family is a great tradition in and of itself!

  4. Favorite tradition is definitely sitting on the couch with my husband and his family and my coffee and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  5. Spending time with my family…especially cooking with my mom and talking about the family recipes!

  6. would love one of these!!!

  7. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cousins playing together. Now that my generation of cousins are all grown with their own kids it’s fun to watch our children play together.

  8. My favorite tradition is everyone playing board games as a family!

  9. We are starting new thanksgiving traditions this year! We just welcomed our first child and so wanna start fresh with our new family.

  10. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Macy’s Parade with my sister, then cooking with her and my mom.

  11. Every year, our family has some time of small fire. The usual suspect is the marshmallow topping on the sweet potatoes, but a few years have found an errant hot pad on an element smoking up the joint. This year, Thanksgiving is at our house for the first time… I’m already praying… :)

  12. My favorite tradition is eating thanksgiving brunch with my parents then going to my grandmother’s house for thanksgiving dinner. I’m INSANELY full by the end of the day!

  13. Every year, our family has some time of small fire. The usual suspect is the marshmallow topping on the sweet potatoes, but a few years have found an errant hot pad on an element smoking up the joint. This year, Thanksgiving is at our house for the first time… I’m already praying… :)

  14. Just having all our children over at the same time and stuffing ourselves. lol Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is coffee, pie, and board games at the end of the day. =]

  16. I’d love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. We usually go to a movie after we eat Thanksgiving dinner! It is always fun to go because there are about 20 of us at the movie theater.

  18. Going to my grandmothers!

  19. My husband making our favorite pies!! We all pitch in

  20. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making pies with my mom and sister.

  21. Although I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving I still think showing gratitude is fantastic any time of year. My favourite Tradition is spending time with family and friends… it’s all about the company you keep! Happy Thanksgiving, and what a fantastic giveaway! Thanks Mandi!

  22. My favorite tradition is that right before we eat, before the prayer – each person takes a moment to say out loud something they are thankful for

  23. playing games with the family!!!

  24. I would love this to be able to put vinyl everywhere!

  25. Being with family and sharing blessings and recipes. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  26. I love being with family at this time of year. I was born on Thanksgiving as well, so it holds a special place for me and my family.

  27. Counting our blessings one by one around the table. Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Fred our Elf on the Shelf comes. My girls love all the family coming over, but when they wake up Thanksgiving morning their eyes are sparking and their smile is ear to ear.

  29. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cooking with my mom.

  30. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is going around the dinner table and hearing what everyone is thankful for.

  31. My favorite tradition is spending the whole day with my parents and my own family or couse and then going black friday shopping with my husband while my boys sleep over at grandmas. :)

  32. the macy’s thanksgiving day parade! i can hardly contain myself watching the broadway shows, floats and my favorite, the rockettes!!!

  33. My grandmas berry pie!

  34. Finding people who don’t have family nearby and inviting them for dinner!

  35. Woohoo! How awesomely fantastic!
    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is my grandparents pomegranate salad. Yes “food ” is my favorite part, but more because it is something special my grandparents have always done, and now that they’re older and it’s hard for them to peel all the pomegranates, I get to help them make it, which is a great blessing to me.

  36. Eating!

  37. I love getting together with my family.

  38. My favorite tradition – family! I love being together, celebrating our blessings, and eating until we are stuffed.

  39. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is my family sharing the day with close friends. Another family from our church gathers with ours around the table for lots of good food and wonderful conversation.

  40. Tradition of spending time with the family and feasting

  41. My favorite tradition is cooking our Turkey on the grill and hanging out with family.

  42. I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in our PJs while we start cooking our Thanksgiving meal.

  43. I love catching up with family over every pie flavor imaginable!

  44. Love cooking thanksgiving dinner with the kids – and eating it too!

  45. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition playing BINGO

  46. Spending relaxed time with family! …hardly ever seems to happen

  47. After all of the dishes are cleaned up, the ladies and any interested children do a simple but fun craft together. Such fun and laughs.

  48. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is eating that turkey!! and of course going through all the adds.

  49. Tradition: carrying my huge turkey home on my red wagon (it is too heavy to carry but is easy and fun and cute to pull my red wagon with style)! :) LOL 😉

  50. Honestly, it’s not so much a tradition but what I look most forward to every year it getting the families together and slowing down long enough to catch up with one another!

  51. Would love to win so I can get all my kitchen organizing done.

  52. Our thanksgiving tradition is looking at all the black friday ads and figuring out our strategy for the night.

  53. This is going to be a rough thanksgiving so I am trying hard to focus on all of things I am thankful for, and finding ways to teach my children that gratitude is all about attitude. Thanks Mandi for always being a good example!!

  54. My favorite thanks giving tradition is sitting around the table with family talking and eating

  55. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is being with family. I still haven’t had to host dinner yet–that still belongs to my Mom!

  56. Spending the day with family

  57. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the thankful books I make with my daughter. Every day we write something we are thankful for and it’s great to see when she gets really into it and wants to write 2, 3, or 6 things on a given day!

  58. My favorite tradition is baking pies!

  59. We spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws for lunch and then head to a friend’s for dinner. Eating the whole day has been a tradition since I got married.

  60. cranberry juice and sprite is my fav. food-ish thanksgiving tradition

  61. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is getting together to spend time with family to eat our same-every-year meal!

  62. Spending time with my family!

  63. My favorite tradition is making and eating pumpkin pie.

  64. Spending time with family

  65. This machine is amazing?!! Thanks for offering this stellar giveaway. :) My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the mother of all meals. 😉 I love the family recipes, the creative table decor, but especially being gathered around the table all together, enjoying the gift.

  66. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making my German-Russian grandma’s potato dressing!

    CINDY B on rafflecopter

  67. Watching a movie and taking home leftovers!

  68. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here…

  69. My favorite holiday tradition is the “family dinner”. My entire extended family comes together for a pot luck dinner/feast. It’s great to see everyone and eat a ton of great food!

  70. What a fabulous giveaway – I would love to have one to use with my cardmaking

  71. MY favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making pumpkin crunch and being with love ones.

  72. Spending time with family that we don’t see all the time.

  73. My favorite tradition is making my cousins’ new babies a dress every thanksgiving! I started it last year and hope to continue it every year from now on :]

  74. My favorite tradition is spending time with family while enjoying a great meal!

  75. Faovorite Tradition is meeting up at my sister’s house after respective inlaw thanksgiving celebrations to have cocktails and swap stories. :) Shhhhhh.

  76. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is meeting up at my sisters house Thanksgiving night after respective “in-law” celebrations for “who has the weirdest in-laws” stories. :) Shhhhhh.

  77. fav thanksgiving tradition- laughing and having a glass of wine with the ladies of the family over a delicious meal!

  78. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is meeting up with my sister and her family at her house that night after respective “in-law” Thanksgiving celebrations to relax and tell “who has the weirdest in-laws” stories. :) Shhhhhh.

  79. I like this post well explain How to place TV at fireplace. Love to suggest everyone just read this post before hiring anyone for shifting you TV at fireplace. Thanks

  80. Making homemade apple pie with my kiddos. I did it all growing up with my Dad, now I’m passing it onto my girls.

  81. My favorite holiday tradition is my sister does most of the cooking! The rest of us bring sides and my brother-in-law fries the turkey…YUM!

  82. My favorite tradition is having my family here and making the big turkey dinner together. Thanks so much.

  83. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and everything about it is tradition. I love preparing the meal with my Mother and spending time with my family. Oh and to be a little bit selfish, I love that we celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving!

  84. Favorite tradition- we play this awesome (and old) card game called Pit after dinner!

  85. My favorite tradition is after dinner is over we all go bowling!!!!

  86. I would love to make Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

  87. I love going a ing turkey craft with the kids!

  88. Football, the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie!

  89. Being with my whole family around the table.

  90. I have wanted one of these Cameo’s for a long time. What crafter doesn’t!

  91. We don’t really have a tradition, but just being together and remembering our blessings is special to me.

  92. Our tradition is to sit down for dinner, hold hands, and each person say one thing they’re thankful for. The last person says “Amen!”

  93. These little machines are popping up all over blogland…how fun would it be to win one?!!

  94. Hanging out with my family and our black friday adventures.

  95. My favorite thanksgiving tradition is after thanksgiving dinner is eaten and cleaned up, and after everyone has gone back to their homes, my mom and I would always start our Christmas decorating that night. It just always felt magical to me.

  96. Family and pecan pie!

  97. Ce que j’aime le plus faire c’est cuisiner pour ma famille, décorer la table et offrir des cartes !

  98. We combine Thanksgiving and Christmas due to my 5 sisters and I being scattered across the country so we end up at the family home in Kentucky for Chrisgiving! Thanksgiving Dinner late in the afternoon and then we go into Christmas mode with our gift exchange afterwards. Between kids, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and Grandma and Grandpa of course, there’s always between 20-28 people. It can get pretty loud but ALWAYS a great time!

  99. EATING and watching the Detroit Lions (even though they lose most times!)

  100. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is being with family and sharing great food, just being together.

  101. Hello, oh thank you so much for such a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting a Silhouette forever!


  102. I can’t wait to start using one of these machines!!

  103. I would love to have a silhouette to finish all of my projects for my kids.

  104. Must learn more about these machines!

  105. My favorite tradition is watching the Macy’s Day Parade!

  106. I would so really really love to win! Thanks! It would really make my Thanksgiving better as my whole family is down and out with the stomach flu!

  107. Love the giveaway! Soo many ideas…

  108. Soo many possibilities!! Love the giveaway

  109. Hoping to be the lucky one to win a portrait silhouette…good luck to all!

  110. Cooking!! And enjoying time with family, of course :-) xx

  111. This would make a wonderful gift–for me! :)

  112. If I don’t win one of these I think I will purchase one. It looks amazing.

  113. Great giveaway! Would love to win a Silhouette.

  114. I’m excited about the Silouhette! It will be a great new Thanksgiving tradition, craft Christmas cards while the family watches football. Creative juices are rolling :)

  115. Amazing giveaway!!!! :)

  116. I see everyone is posting favorite Thanksgiving traditions! Mine is our family reunion-Thanksgivings. I love my family!!

  117. My favorite family tradition is getting dressed up and taking a family picture, then sitting down to eat a YUMMY meal all together!

  118. Crossing my fingers for an early Christmas!

  119. Our tradition is to meet with the family. I also like to watch the Macy’s parade.

  120. Thanksgiving tradition, we take out this long white tablecloth each year and everyone writes what they are thankful for on it with a permanent marker. We even trace babies handprnts so we can remember how little they once were. Whoever has Thanksgiving Dinner at their house gets the tablecloth for their table. whole family enjoy’s it!

  121. Dinnertable Prayers is my favrite tradition

  122. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade w/ family :)

  123. Well We live in Canada BUT thanksgiving to me the last 2 years has meant tellin gour family ‘ Iam so thankful to be carrying a new lil baby due in 6 months!

  124. My favorite tradition is playing backyard football after eating the big meal.

  125. Charlotte Russe….our thanksgiving dessert!

  126. getting together with family!!!

  127. Getting together with all the family, eating a traditional dinner, making crafts, and going to a movie

  128. It’s a time to set aside differences and come together as a family

  129. Thank you for the chance to win one of these. Dont think Ill be getting one under my tree this year. 😀 Unless its from you

  130. I would make a card and give it to my friend telling her congrats on the new portrait.

  131. I love eating together with my family :)

  132. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,and I’d be ever so thankful to win one of these!

  133. I love getting together with my family. Laughing until your stomach hurts is the best

  134. family and pumpkin pie

  135. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cooking with my family!

  136. My favorite tradition is cuddling with all the Kiddies and watching the Parade on TV in the morning!

  137. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is FAMILY – My husband and I are expecting our first child in January – but we both live away from our families – so this year, it’s just us :(

  138. If I was the lucky winner, the first thing I would make would be a thank you card for my husband. After I had a stroke earlier this year at only age 43, he has been more than amazing, and today I am thankful for him.

  139. I love baking desserts for my family and friends! And I love the tradition of good quality time with them.

  140. my favorite thanksgiving tradition is everyone saying what they are thankful for!

  141. Eating a slice of pumpkin pie the next morning.

  142. Dinner with family is my favorite tradition giveawayjean

  143. I’d love to win a Portrait to cut out my wedding invitations!

  144. We don’t really have any family traditions, we just enjoy spending the time together.

  145. My mom has a big tablecloth where everyone traces their hands and writes two things they are grateful for. Then my mom stitches everything onto the cloth. The next year she pulls it out again and it’s fun to read it all again. This year my brother and his wife announced their pregnancy on it.

  146. I would like to make a quiet book or alphabet blocks for my daughter.

  147. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is simply being with my family. I can’t get enough of them!

  148. My Thanksgiving tradition is running the 5K Gobblers Run.

  149. playing games after dinner!

  150. My favorite tradition is spending time with family looking through old pictures.

  151. playing games after dinner

  152. The Macy’s Parade, the dog show, cooking dinner and football!

  153. OMG, I can think of so many things to do with this! Great giveaway!

  154. My favorite tradition is my husband doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving Day! 😉

  155. getting together with family and hanging out

  156. My favorite family tradition is eating all day long with family and friends!

  157. My favorite tradition is the Blue family football game! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  158. I have a college dorm room that needs deecorating and this would totally help!!

  159. My fave tradition would just be spending time with family! Food is always good too!

  160. Seeing all of my family that I haven’t seen in months. And food.

  161. Family traditions = Gobblers run.

  162. Thanksgiving meal at my sister’s house

  163. Watching the Macy’s parade and being with family. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  164. Cooking with my mom. 😀

  165. Definitely the stuffing! :)

  166. My favorite Turkey Day tradition is watching the parade in my pjs.

  167. Could really use one of these, just want to label everything!

  168. My favorite tradition is sitting down with all of my family together in one place. It’s pretty simple, but during the rest of the year it doesn’t happen much because we each have our own crazy schedules.

  169. I love to see all of my family at once!

  170. I love mini reunions and delicious meals! Yum yum!

  171. Being with the family!

  172. My favorite is the turkey!

  173. Spending the day with the family I love & fruit salad!

  174. Teresa Organ says:

    Spending time with my family :)

  175. Tiffany Weng says:

    Wish I can get one, so I can start making crafts during Winter break!:D

  176. My favorite tradition is cooking with my mother and grandmother every Thanksgiving.

  177. My favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition is eating turkey with the family (we usually only make it once a year), doing dishes with my mom, and then going through the Black Friday ads before the big shopping day. :)

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