Mandilicicous Christmas Project 5: Copper Leafed Concrete Candle Pillars


The holiday season is here and I can guarantee that 98% of us still have people that we need to find the perfect gift for. So here is where I come in. Every day this week I am showing you a project that you can make for someone you like/love/want to blow their socks off. The projects range from simple simple to a little less simple but still really doable. Can you feel the gift giving happiness oozing from my ears? Cause it is.

So bust out your holiday cheer and lets get to work!

Its Friday Friday Friday!  This week of Mandicilious Christmas presents has been SUCH a blast!  I hope you guys are a little more inspired and have a few less names on your shopping list!  Though it is true that I am a little obsessed with gold leafing I am equally as obsessed with copper leafing.   I also love when there is a huge juxtoposition in items, something that is as unfinished and rough as concrete paired with the glitz and shine of copper.  It makes my cold heart grow at least 3 sizes.

Copper Leafed Concrete Candle Pillar

You know those horrible water bottles that are ALL OVER your local thrift store?  Yes.  You will need a few of those.

Chop the tops off and mix your concrete.


Pour the concrete into your water bottles.


After it has cured for about 30 minutes take a glass votive holder and zip it in a ziplock bag.  Push the bag down into your concrete.  To get a rough top like I have place a few paper towels on top and press it into the concrete.  See how the concrete is oozing out of the top of it a little?  That is PERFECT!


Now its time to wait.  After 18 hours I pulled out the plastic bag with the votive in it and cut the water bottle to remove the pillar.  Just use a small razor blade, cut down one side and around the bottom and remove your bottle.

Concrete Candles

Once your pillars have completely cured its time to glam them up!

Start by taping off your line.  Then you are going to put your gold leaf adhesive down.  (YOu can see the kind that I use here)


Because the concrete is so absorbent I did a second coat of it, just to make sure it was nice and tacky.  Once it has dried (is no longer white) its leafing time!

You can buy your copper leafing at Michaels.  I love the rosy color, it makes me so happy!!  Rub your leaf gently to adhere it to your concrete.


Peel off your tape, and you are golden!  Or Copperen?  Hmmmm.  That is something to ponder.




Copper Leafed Concrete Candle Pillar

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Copper Leafed Concrete Candle Pillar

Love Your Guts, Mandi



  1. consider my mind BLOWN. they are gorgeous!

  2. This series is amazing!

  3. love this series!

  4. These are amazing!! THey look so elegant and expensive!! <3

  5. Love these and I see a few wrapped for friends, in my very near future :)

  6. It has been amazing seeing all of your creativity bust out this week! Five days of Mandiliciousness in a row… I am going to go through withdrawals when this is over!! You amaze me, yet again. And I feel like I could actually make all of these projects! Thanks friend :)

  7. Love the series…and your projects just keep getting better and better. Thanks for sharing your amazing imagination!

  8. Very cool idea. Rugged, yet polished. I like it!

  9. love this one! love the concrete+copper.:)

  10. A concrete candle! Girl, where do you come up with these ideas?! Beautiful, and positively inspired!

  11. Holy crap! I’m loving those concrete candles so much! Bookmarking this for future use. Thanks so much!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Loving the concrete/copper combination – just the thing for several people on my list. I think my workshop will be open next week after a trip to Michael’s. Thanks!!!

  13. Very cool candle!

  14. I was thinking of making my sisters some candles as gifts this year, and this is a great embellishment and adds a wonderful touch! It’s beautiful!

  15. oh, this is awesome!!! i think it would also look great with a neon dipped treatment- like neon yellow!! wow! very very cool!!!

  16. So cool! Love this idea!

  17. Just can’t get enough copper, it’s lovely!

  18. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and the rest of the site is extremely

  19. Could you leave these outside? Thx


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