How To Drill Through Glass (Video Tutorial!!)

Making lighting is one of my FAVORITE DIYs ever.  Especially when it involves making something amazing out of something totally unexpected.  The one project Kelsey requested in her Epic Room Makeover was hanging bedside lights.  Aaaaaand because those are one design choice that I think everyone should make in their Master Bedroom I happily obliged.

Using vases and drilling though glass is nothing new to me (my first project was my Anthro Inspired Teacup Lamp 2 years ago) and I have gotten more questions about the specifics of that tutorial than anything else on my site.  (People are scared to drill through glass!)  So guess what?!  I made a video and show you EXACTLY how to do it without breaking your glass.

How To Drill Through Glass Tutorial @ Vintage Revivals

I found my vases for $16.99 at Homegoods.  If you are looking for glass to drill Homegoods is such a great place to find it!  Glass elsewhere can be super pricey (even at places like Target) the glass from Homegoods is WAY cheaper and much more unique.  homegoods

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