Win A Custom Industrial Light I Brought Back From The Dead!!

Do you ever think if you were a celebrity what type of “line” you would come out with?  I have.  I am not interested in a perfume line (unless it smells like paint!),  a clothing line, or even a fabric line.  What I want is a line of lighting.  Stop laughing, I am serious!   Custom lighting can change a room faster that you can say thrift shop mama.   The thing with lighting is, people are sort of scared of it.

On another tangent.   Have you ever seen something awesome on this here blog and said “Dude.  Mandi finds ALL the good crap.  I hate her.”

BEST NEWS EVER!!  You don’t have to hate me anymore!!!  Because today I am combining both opening paragraph stories and giving away a custom light resurrected by yours truly!


I have been on the hunt for a month looking for the perfect piece to rehab and giveaway to one lucky reader, there were lots of things that were good-ish but nothing that rang my bell.  Until I was in AZ.  It’s a good thing that my girl Jilly is as big of a hoarder as I am.  She had a few of these beat up dirty industrial pendant lights hanging out in her garage without a home or a purpose.  If you remember I used one in Kelsey’s room (after a coat of yellow spray paint) and I saved one for you!

Industrial light

Amazing how something simple like a few coats of spray paint can change a piece so drastically right?!

White and Mint Industrial Light

I used Krylon Dual in White Satin and the perfect vibrant minty green is Rustoleum Green Apple.  (The electrical was also changed out so that it can plug into your wall and doesn’t need to be hard wired.)

So what do you think?  Do you have a home for this great light?

Industrial Light Giveaway @ Vintage Revivals

Enter below!  (If you are viewing via reader you will need to click over to enter! So click HERE!!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway is an inspiring and exciting partner, providing options, assistance and a helping hand to ease the stress of shopping for a home and living in your abode; an enjoyable experience for users to write their ʻhome storyʼ and achieve the American Dream.  Did you know that they regularly feature bloggers on their blog? (you can read my features here and here) and they have 2 of my favorite DIY/Home bloggers (Shelley and Beth) share great ideas weekly!  So jump over and say hi!

Love Your Guts,  Mandi

I teamed up with to sponsor this giveaway all project ideas, opinions and fabulousness are mine.  Entries are open until  Tues. October 23 at midnight EST.  WInner will be announced on this post Friday October 24.  The winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.



  1. Very Neat….I think with the white and Green it would look awesome in my little girls’ playroom!

  2. Love it! Your continued creativity and energy inspire as always!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Were going to remodel our living/dining room and kitchen this winter. I think I would put it in the front entry of our living room… Love it!

  4. I just re-did my hall bath and I think it would look awesome in there.

  5. Love it! Thansk for the giveaway!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let there be light …over my kitchen window💡

  7. So darn cute! Would be way CUTE over my kitchen sink!

  8. your light revival ROCKS! Love it!

  9. I would put it over the table in the sunroom! Rita Spratlen

  10. My bedroom for sure!

  11. Ahhhhh I want this soo bad! Will it help if I beg? Hahaha, but if I won this beautiful creation, I would deff. put it in my bedroom. It would fit right in with all my other Mandilicious inspired decor!

  12. this is so beautiful! i love how you are able to find something “ugly” and totally turn it around!

  13. Bridgette says:

    This is perfect for my laundry room

  14. I would love this over my work area in the kitchen. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Love it and want it! Pick me!

  16. Yes please! This would be amazing over my kitchen sink!

  17. I have been eyeballing vintage pendant lights for my eating area forever, and this one would be PERFECT!

  18. It’s fabulous! I would put it in my office. Or if I was feeling less selfish…my husband’s office. :)

  19. oh, like. it would be great in our master bedroom!

  20. So simple! I love the magic of spray paint! I’d put it in my office. :)

  21. I want this- love it!!!

  22. It would go right over my sewing machine.

  23. I would put it over my dining room table. So cute!

  24. Cool Pendant! I’d love to use it in my basement. It would look awesome!

  25. The color is perfect for my son’s room! Gorgeous piece!

  26. Are you kidding me? that is an awesome lamp! I want it!

  27. I love this! My dining chairs are already painted really close to that green color! This would go awesome in my kitchen!

  28. Love this !! Thanks for your continuing efforts to pull us along on your creative journey!

  29. Christina Reeve Owner of LeeLee says:

    This would have to go in my foyer! Somthing that brilliant would have to make the first impression….GO BIG OR GO HOME!

  30. i would totally put this beauty front and center over my sink in the kitchen window!

  31. Great prize!
    I would definitely put it in my kitchen!


  32. Over my kitchen sink! My 1967 rancher needs lighting in the worst way! Rhonda S. @

  33. This would ROCK in my kitchen!! Pretty pleaseee may I win it?? <3

  34. Pick me!!!!

  35. My bedroom NEEDS this!

  36. Awesome light! I’d love it in our playroom!

  37. That is amazing- I saw one at a garage sale loved it but I didn’t have the slightest clue what to do with it. I would put this in my kitchen.

  38. Definitely in my hallway. It would look amazing.

  39. Oh in my daughters room!! It would be her chandelier!!! SO COOL!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I would probably put this in our guest bathroom!
    Morgan Nedelka Thomas

  41. Anonymous says:

    loooooove it and the color – just finished a buffet for my dining room in this same green color :)))

  42. This would be amazing in my soon to be home office, the green actually would compliment the fabric I’m turning into wallpaper perfectly.

  43. I finally have my own office/library in our house and I am sooooo needing an excellent light like that! Pretty please!

  44. Love it. It would hang upstairs in my hallway

  45. My enrtyway for all who enter to see!

  46. Emily says:
    Would love to win this & put it in my room!

  47. This would be the most perfect light fixture for my kitchen!!!

  48. I would put it in my living room over my rescued wingback chair

  49. I would put it in my living room over my rescued wingback chair

  50. This is definitely a kitchen over the sink lamp!

  51. Beautiful. I’m thinking it will look swank in an updated bathroom.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. I would put this near my computer. It’s where I’m parked for a good chunk of my day! I would love to put a vintage style light bulb in it too.

  54. In my dining room!! Love Love! Thanks for the chance.

  55. That lamp would be perfect in our newly renovated kitchen! But would you send it all the way to Sweden…?

  56. I would love to put it in my laundry room.

  57. I would love to put it in the kitchen of my NEW HOUSE!! :)

  58. That is so different – like it a lot!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Over my kitchen table, I need some changin’. It would go perfectly.

  60. I need this light. I need it in my guest room like a fat kid needs a more nutritionally balanced diet.

  61. Oh I would love this for my art room and craft room!!!!

  62. in my (soon-to-be) office! looks great. you’re awesome.

  63. Love givng new life in old junk! Really adorable makeover!

  64. I would put this light over our kitchen bar table. Our current fixture sucks!

  65. I would love to put this in my kitchen above the sink – perfect for that space!

  66. I love this lamp. I would put it in my blue and green craft room. The same green that’s on the inside of the lamp. Who knew!
    Thanks for being so awesome.

  67. This is so cute! I’m going for a vintage modern look in my great room – my walls are outisde-of-a-lime green with bright white, medium grey, eggplant, mustard and apple green accents. This lamp would be perfect for my dining area!

  68. PoohPoohPillows says:

    Love this blog. Never miss it.

  69. awesome!

  70. I love the green color that you selected. Not sure where I would hang it yet…so many places in need of a little color pop.

  71. Love it!

  72. i would put this baby smack dab in the middle of my master bedroom! love it!! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  73. I would put it in my bedroom! Which would be a huge inspiration for my slowly coming bedroom style!! i LOVE industrial!

  74. I would use it in my walk in closet that you can see right when you walk into the stinkin room! I have organized and made it all color cordinated and gorgous but It needs a new light! This would be Perfect!

  75. This would look perfect in my kitchen!!

  76. Maybe in our kitchen, or as a bedside lamp in my sons room, would match the decor in there perfectly

  77. I love love this! It would be perfect in my bedroom. You are so talented!

  78. Awesome scrap-room addition:)

  79. Love this! I would proudly hang it over my kitchen table :)

  80. What can I say…hmmm…Mandi you save ANYTHING!! Your are SUPER GENIUS!!

  81. Oh and I would put it in my bedroom!

  82. how will you notify by email if I entered using facebook? sorry if that’s a stupid question.

  83. No longer accepting entries!!! I am crying.

  84. would love to find a spot in my house for this…um…I could already think of several!! Love your style…and p.s. I would have voted for the desk, btw!! Love it

  85. Love it! I would love to put it in my living room. It would look awesome with my white leather sofa!

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