The Desk That Goes Against Everything I Believe In.

Is there anything better in this world than a friend who understands you?  Last week Miss All Things Thrifty and I had a project day.  I showed up in my plaid pj’s from christmas 9 years ago and a DIYers signature no look messy bun.  We solved the worlds problems, ate pizza, and planned planned planned.  Then living in a smallish town, one thing lead to another and we found ourselves in a VERY uncomfortable situation.

Actually it was probably more uncomfortable for the other people shopping at Homegoods, considering our outfits.


You guys know how much I love this store,  it’s the hunt.  I love the hunt.

So back to the story.  We were walking and I was looking at something when Brooke comes up and says. “They have the most Mandilicious desk!”  I broke out into a full sprint, because when something is described as Mandilicious by your BFF you can bet your hoard that it DOES NOT get better than that.

I was INSTANTLY obsessed.


So I instagramed/FBed a pic and walked the store to kill time until the comments started coming in.   Because I really do care what you guys have to say!  (well usually, but we will get to that in a second.)

There was probably a 90/10 split for those against the desk.  And I was SUPER surprised!  (You guys are usually such enablers!)  This desk was awesome.  So I came to the conclusion that it was my picture, that you guys couldn’t tell how great it was.

And I bought it.

And I took it home.  And guess what?

It has a perfect spot.

Map Decor White Chest Wooden Bowls

Remember this post I just shared with you about that awkward space in my super long living room?  Well I filled it with a small white chest and map, and it seemed fine.  Until THE DESK moved in.  Then I could see just how wrong I was about that little chest.

Colorful Mid Century Wooden Desk

So I wanted to share how much this sweet desk has completed that lonely corner.

Mid Century Desk

I had hung the industrial light to photograph it for my giveaway post and I just love it, so now I am on the hunt for something to put there.


So could I have made this desk?  Probably

Could I have thrifted for the next 6 months to find something with the same vibe?  Probably.

Would I have died without it?  Probably.  Oh wait.  Probably not.

But I love it.

And sometimes you have to break your own rules.


Love Your Guts,  Mandi

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  1. i’m so glad you broke your own rules because it really is perfection!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that desk! It’s totally perfect for the space. Way to be a rule breaker!

  3. Mandi, I ADORE this desk! I would have told you “yes” a million times over…and again. Now I’m a wee bit jealous of your find – and I’m lying about the “wee”. :)

  4. It looks amazing, like usual Mandi. I love it. Isn’t that the giveaway lamp hanging above it though? Not regretting giving it away are you?

  5. I love it and I love that chair too. Actually I really really love that chair. Where did you find it?

  6. Mands, I missed that Instagram post, but I LOVE this desk. I am so glad you bought it!


  7. Oh you are right it is PERFECT under that map. I think the Snow White accessory just perfectly completes the look ;0)

  8. LOVE IT!!!

  9. I love love LOVE this desk…and your daughter’s outfit and expression on that last picture just makes me crack up.

  10. The desk is definitely “you.” It fits the space much better than the little white chest, I think. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  11. as long as you love it then that’s all that matters! I think it looks AWESOME right where it is.

  12. That desk is very Mandilicious! I’m glad you bought it because it fits the wall/space perfectly :)

  13. Good job splurging for this desk! It looks like it was always meant to fit in that space.

  14. is so mandilicious! and its about time you paid more than $15 for an item! hahahaha i was getting tooo jealous of all your scores!

  15. Don’t love it (sorry!), BUT I am glad you love it and don’t listen to nay-sayers.

  16. Don’t love it (sorry!), BUT I am glad you love it and don’t listen to nay-sayers.

  17. I was 100% for the desk and am shocked that anyone was against it. Your BFF knew what she was talking about..totally Mandilicious! Looks incredible in your space too. GREAT splurge. (:

  18. i’m an impulse purchaser, so i’m always glad when i see someone else do it! 😉

  19. I love it! It is a great addition to your beautiful home. Sometimes you have to splurge!!!!

  20. KIller desk, I don’t know how much you paid for it but is is fabulous. Making it? I would not even have tried…

  21. I think it looks great! I love the pop of red.

  22. Looks perfectly at home! When you first posted the picture of the map over the white chest, I thought it looked off-kilter but my good-girl persona wouldn’t let me say so. Love the new weightier/sassier look of the desk.

    The lesson is: when something speaks to you, speak back (or buy it. whatever).

  23. X marks the spot! Love it!

  24. So glad you got it. It looks amazing right there, and Snow White coloring makes it even better! I love how vintage it looks!

  25. I love the desk and was secretly hoping you would buy it when I saw you post it on Instagram! This is where this desk was born to go, it looks beautiful!

  26. Hi Mandi. I was one of those that though the desk was gorgeous but over priced. I’m SOOO glad you ignored us naysayers and got the desk. It is PERFECT in that spot and it totally matches your style. I recently got some dining room chairs from Home Goods that were absolutely perfect for the direction I want my living / dining room to go in. They were certainly more expensive than what I’d normally spend on chairs, but they were a heck of a lot cheaper than they would have been anywhere else and I LOVE them every time I look at them. It sounds like your desk is like that for you too, so I’m glad you have it!

  27. I love this desk. Looks great!

  28. Love the desk it looks Amazing!!! It shows how your style has changed and has become more you!

    question … what type of camera do you use?

  29. First of all…your daughter is adorable! Second, the desk looks amazing in that spot!

  30. it completes that space! love the desk!

  31. cute desk! sometimes something quick and easy from home goods is just the thing you need!

  32. absolutely perfect!!!

  33. Joss & Main has a very similar desk right now for $750, so I’d say you got a bargain! And it looks great in your home. Enjoy :)

  34. It is most def. MANDILICIOUS!!!

  35. Totally know what you mean. I’ve been on the hunt for just the right desk for cheap money. But time passes and I still needed a desk. So I did finally break down and buy one that I probably will leave as is. For now.

  36. I was on board from the get go! I love that desk!

  37. Am I the only one liking the little chest better? This desk IS so you, however, ehh. I’ve seen better from you. I love the chair though.

  38. i love the desk. :) the sad state of my checking account would have made the decision for me. $300 is high!!!! it looks really great under the map, the contrast b/t the light map and the dark desk screams your style. plus its got nice clean lines and an awesome pop of color!

  39. I’m soo glad you did it! It looks amazing … and being a rule breaker is always such a bad thing {obviosly}!!!

  40. That desk is awesome and your little girl is precious!!!

  41. I loved it from the moment I saw it. Just not the price. But in the space – it was so worth every penny. It is perfect and although I had no problem with the white chest – compared to the desk…well there just is NO comparison.

  42. I am going to have to follow you because I would have liked it a thousand times over. I think it’s amazing!

  43. love the desk, but the most pretty thing in the pic is the little girl. You have a lovely family! I love seeing your pics with your girls in it, because it makes everything so much more real to me.

  44. I think it’s a great find, and not that bad of a price considering I’ve found pillows close to 100.00 at Homegoods (and seen similar desks for much much more).

  45. That chair is what I’m in love with. I need you to teach me how to take risks especially when I love something!

  46. First, the desk is fabulous! Great find and much better option than the drawers. I just found this picture and immediately thought of you! This could be your lighting solution…

  47. It looks awesome! Do you know the manufacturer?! I’m scouring the web for a similar looking one but it seems like i’ll have to go with custom made. Congrats on finding the good find!

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