The Suckiest Suck Job EVER.

Lets just chat for a second.  I love all things DIY, all things but one.

Painting ceilings.

Gaaaaaah! I am pretty sure that job was created by Satan himself.  You know why?  Because it SUCKS.

And because it sucks SO hard I have ceilings in my house that have looked like this for the better part of a month…(or 2 but who’s counting?)

Painting Ceilings Sucks.

Just keepin it real folks.

What is your suckiest suck job?   Don’t worry that big white stripe goes from my living room right into my kitchen…its not noticeable at.all.  Please tell me I am not the only one that does this?!!?

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Love Your Non-Sucky Guts, Mandi



  1. Sanding wooden ceilings is for me the suckiest suck job. But it’s almost the same as yours 😉

  2. I agree. I have been redoing an entire little house from the turn of the century. It has not had any updates since the 50-60s so lots of work. I recently found a lifesaver at the paint store. Tinted ceiling paint. So far I have tried the purple tint and blue tint. IT IS AWESOME!! It is tinted for 24 hours then dries white! Makes it so much easier to see where you have been. I would highly recommend it.

  3. Throw in scraping popcorn off the ceiling then painting !!! 😱

  4. Definitely caulking for me. We recently did a remodel and got all new trim. It was so tedious and took FOREVER! (said in Sandlot fashion) My husband just walked by and said painting the ceilings broke him, lol. He painted them three times. About 1000 sqft worth.

  5. Painting (and repairing) ceilings are right up there {hehe, pun intended} with the worst back and neck breaking homeowner tasks. I’m an avid DIY’er but I will hire a professional painter for ceilings if I ever need to do them again.

  6. lol. definitely painting ceilings. i love your chevron ceiling but i dread just painting ceilings one colour, i can’t imagine having to tape, measure, and paint on top of the base layer!

  7. Ha! This is why I have not one regular painted ceiling in my house. So far I have got away with beadboard (which I painted before putting up), natural wood, and tin ceiling…

  8. Do you know in 22 years of marriage I have not painted a single ceiling? Yep that is how bad they scare me… We touch up tiny spots but that is IT! I like the idea of beadboard ceilings…. :)

  9. Yep, painting ceilings is the worst of the worst!! Although, texturing a ceiling is up there too. We recently overhauled our dining room and after texturing the ceiling it remained unpainted for about two months. So I’m totally with ya on that one! I actually just posted it on my blog yesterday, I would for you to stop by and check it out! I love everything you do! You are truly and inspiration, thanks for being you.


  10. So this probably isn’t going to be on your to-do list of whoever wins the room makeover?? lol!!!

    We actually won from an auction one year a free painted room of our choice…and we ended up having the guys paint just the ceilings of three rooms in our house!! lol we’re so lazy!

  11. The suck job at Crowder Manor is mudding-taping-sanding. BOO.

  12. Ceilings at THE WORST. We are redoing a closet. It is 23.5″ x 60″. It had a stupid hole in the ceiling – jaggedy and water damagey – around 8″x8″. It’s old house, hole was there when we bought and we haven’t dealt with because it’s not that big and in a closet.

    Between cutting away the old drywall, adding a patch, mudding it, sanding it, painting a zillion coats, realizing I needed oil-based Kilz (first I’d used a water based stain blocker), more paint coats and *I swear* 3 trips to Lowe’s/Home Depot, we have spent probably 10 hours this week on that dang ceiling. I swear – I have painted entire rooms in far less time than I have spent on this 10 square feet of ceiling.

    Oh and for some bizarre reason, the previous owners of our house used flat paint on all the walls (I prefer eggshell or satin, but okay) but used some sort of GLOSS on our ceilings. I’m glad we don’t have popcorn, but they ALL look like crap. All the time.

  13. yep. ceilings are the worst! is it just me or do your arms feel like they are goinf to fall off after like 3 seconds!?!

  14. I hate ceilings, but honestly, prepping and repainting kitchen cabinetry is the absolute worst for me. We’ve (meaning mostly “I”–hubs does the heavy lifting but there would be divorce or possibly even murder if I let him do the finesse work lol) are about 2/3s of the way through a complete facelift and remodel of our 2600 sq foot gorgeous mid-century, 90% of which we’ve done ourselves and we lived without kitchen cabinet doors for 8 months because the idea of repainting them fills me with such dread. The southwest threw up all over the entire house–not the cool southwest, but the ugly 80s pinky/taupey/greyish sand color with gold fixtures and smoked mirrors everywhere so the entire house was awash in a monochromatic mishmash of this ugh-liness. We call Home Depot my happy place.

    BTW–Laura and others who are considering scraping your popcorn ceilings yourself, you should really have them tested for asbestos before you do it and have it done by professional asbestos removers if it is positive. You don’t want to risk your lungs or your little one’s lungs just to get rid of the ugly ceiling.

  15. I’d have to agree! .. I never realized how awful painting ceilings was! .. I recently just repainted my bedroom ceiling white (used to be tan) and I got so irritated because it ended up needing two coats.. and where I did the trim, it looks darker than the ceiling itself! And I also did two coats trim.. grr.. OH wells, it doesn’t look TOO bad.. I just keep telling myself that so I do not have to repaint.. oops.

  16. Ceilings make my neck hurt. I mostly leave my ceilings alone.

  17. Yeah, ceilings suck. But I don’t like to mud and tape either. But my neck doesn’t usually hurt when I do that, so yeah, it’s ceilings.

    Are you going to do anything special on it – pattern maybe?

  18. hahaha yup painting ceiling suck, thats why I hav never painted the ceilings in my house either!

  19. I’ve been ignoring a BIG ceiling job for months now because of this. :) Smaller rooms don’t bother me too bad…but this one is giving me shivers. 😉

  20. I love painting, but I agree that sucks big monkey chunks!!

    Whatever a monkey chunk is…

  21. done it. in fact, i left the ceiling that goes from the kitchen into my family room & laundry room half painted for 6 months. and it wasn’t white- it’s a light blue. so that stuck out like a sore thumb! know what finally motivated me to do it (the horrible sucky sucky job)? remembering that i wanted to enjoy the look of a beautifully finished room before we put our house on the market! no, we’re not planning to move, but it would be even suckier to be rushing to finish painting the ceiling in order to sell. i love the finished look, and i’m super happy to enjoy it now that it’s done!

  22. Stripping down upholstery. With 1 million staples. And nasty stuff in the crevices. Totally the worst!

  23. I started painting my doors over a year ago. I hate it so much. I’ll come paint your ceiling if you finish the doors in my house. Deal?

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  24. Painting baseboards! Uuuughhhhhh and I have my whole house to do! I imagine ceilings suck too, just never done them.

  25. Been there, done that in my son’s room. Previous owners painted the walls AND ceiling the gagiest peach color. PEACH!! So, picture a 4 month pregnant lady with a long painting pole. There will be no peach in my home! NEVER!

  26. I don’t know that it’s the worst job, but I primed some patched spots in my living room, back in April, and they got painted about 2 weeks ago. :) Ya, tan walls with big white primer on them. It took me that long to get to the store to get the bucket of paint re-shook up. I’m lame.
    Amy @ The Happy Scraps

  27. Oh my gosh ya that is sucky! My suckiest job was sanding my dag blasted floors when we refinished them. Took FOR.EV.ER!!!!

  28. Okay – let me just say that this is possibly the funniest title ever for a blog post!

    And yes, painting ceilings sucks the big one… the only time I found it a little bit fun was when I used the Glidden paint that starts pink and then turns white. Made the job a little bit more bearable… have fun painting!

  29. I just tried paint-able wall paper – ummm that sucks!

  30. Pretty sure my entry way ceiling is worse..I moved into my new place last May, and while putting a fresh coat of paint on the entryway ceiling, the new paint was literally falling off minutes later..Still haven’t figured out why it happened, so there’s chunks of paint missing from my ceiling.

    But to answer your question, I would say a light fixture in my dining room..Still have nothing but a gaping hole where a fixture should be, lol.

  31. You are so stinkin’ FUNNY! And real. And really funny. Painting ceilings indeed SUCKS. [I have found an excellent solution is to sweet talk my 6’5″ brother into doing it.] Totally digging the pink-paint-that-turns-white tip (thank you Rhonda…thank thank you Rhonda). That said, refinishing hardwood floors ranks No.1 on my Suckiest Suck Jobs list.

  32. Yes, totally agree! Just finished (one coat) my ceilings last month and after starring at them realized I need to apply another coat….ugh…really? I will say though it does make a difference so I guess it’s worth the agony:).

  33. I know your pain. In our kitchen and LR combo we have vaulted pine wood. Its great but it was on the “to do” list when we moved in to sand and poly them. we did one side. we just now are doing the other and its def not my fav. the reason being that you get a kink in your neck always having to look up and paint (or sand/poly in my case) get in your face! yep. not a fan either. Good luck finishing! My husband’s a “get the job done” kinda guy so it’ll be soon checked off our list of “to do’s”!!

  34. I think that paneling that needs to be painted is the suckiest for me. Right now we have peeling paneling which you see righ as you walk in the door and up the stairs. The previous owners didnt treat the paneling correctly before they painted so the paint is like a skin which is EASILY peeling off. But of course not everywhere so it looks so bad. Close second is peeling off wallpaper. So far, i think I have counted at least 3 rooms which were wall papered and then painted. Can’t just paint over that mess. it makes what should be an easy change into a much more time consuming one!!

  35. I hate painting ceiling and all of our need painted. I have less then half of them done. make high ceiling not seem so nice when you are trying to paint them.

  36. The suckiest job for my is painting the spindles in my house. At one point I broke down in tears because I had been painting forever while my husband watched golf. So I am one fifth of the way done and it’s been 4 months since I started. I just can’t get myself to start again.

  37. Scraping and painting the trim on the entire outside of our house (that we don’t even own!) because the landlord painted it with interior paint and the cats were always covered in sheets of peeling paint.

  38. We just don’t get them done at all, lol. We have cathedral ceilings in the LR/DR and all bedrooms and the den/craft room. To make matters worse, the LR/DR and kitchen were sprayed sand texture HEAVILY about 25 years ago. It “snowed” especially when getting down cobwebs. I actually swept them to get some of the texture down. Took 4 gallons of water base KILZ to cover the LR/DR. Haven’t even done the others. It definitely doesn’t help hubs and I are both physically disabled. Actually disability is all that kept me from entering your contest; we can’t do a lot of work. :-( Janet

  39. Stripping old furniture pieces to reupholster. It’s so scary to stick your hand in a place you don’t know who is living there! And a billion little staples…that sucks too!

  40. Stripping old furniture pieces to reupholster. It’s so scary to stick your hand in a place you don’t know who is living there! And a billion little staples…that sucks too!

  41. I see a lot of agreement about ceiling painting being the suckiest job ever and you can count my hand as well. Painted my whole office and left the beamed ceiling for last – Have the beams taped off and one section has 3 coats of paint and a second section has one. I have 7 sections total. Didn’t know about the tinted paint until I just read it from one of your fans – WOW! Wish I had of known sooner because it is near impossible with white paint to see where I have already been in this room full of waxing and waning shadows. Nice to know I am not alone in my dislike of this project, but WE CAN and WILL DO IT! Right?
    Laurie AKA Idgie

  42. I agree on the painting ceiling things 1000%! In fact, we painted MOST of ours when we moved in, but there’s still one spot in our basement that looks something like this and has for 3 years because neither of us want to paint a freaking ceiling again!

  43. Oh yes, the ceilings in fact are the WORST things in the world to paint. I have painted all of ours, minus our bedroom (I entered, story of a room @ lailie lynn boutique.) But what sucks more is when they are extended and you are a short person. I can see him laughing now 😉

  44. Hands down, painting ceilings is the worst job there is (or at least, that I have ever done). I could imagine that sanding wood ceilings must be even worse. I will never ever do such a thing – pure insanity! 😉

  45. The worst is antique chairs that are so old and still have the original everything, but the upholstery is so grodie, its not even being touched without gloves and face mask..Get in there and find these teeny tiny headed tacks from the 1800’s..The darn things were hand forged so each one was a slightly different thickness with little rough edges on them and almost no heads to speak of…I had over 80 hours in pulling out tacks before I could even start the “real” work…If those chairs weren’t so old and so beautiful they would have take up residence on the side of the road..Pretty saved them but only by a hair..

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