I Like Big Maps and I Cannot Lie.

The never ending game of musical furniture that happens at this house is pretty epic.  I mean,  its so good its down right joyful.

I have this spot in my living room that is sort of hard (not like “CRAP! What am I going to do here!?”  hard  but you know, still a little complicated.)  My living room is twice as long as it is wide, which makes for interesting furniture placement.  I made you a little diagram of the way the furniture is placed so you can see what I am talking about.  The TV is mounted on the wall above Vicky.  There is no where else to move it.  So the furniture needs to be centered on that wall.

Living Room Layout

That leaves a really great space between the chair and the wall with windows that isn’t really used.

You have to sort of treat it like its own little area because anything that goes on that wall needs to be centered above the couch.  Does that make sense?  Cause it makes sense in my head.

So just like most of my good stories begin I was at the thrift store…(yes, I really do stop by most days.  And no, I don’t always find stuff).  I was making my rounds and stopped in the “big art” section and saw this incredible gallery wrapped map of Dixie National Forest.  The best part is that it was only $12.  Booyah.

Now back to the opening paragraph about musical furniture.

This little chest has lived in my hallway for the better part of a year.   But since that has been totally overhauled (reveal next week!) I found something else to live there.

White Chest

I love this little white guy because its not very deep, so it can sort of go anywhere.  And anywhere it went.  Right under the Dixie National Forest Map.

I love how its small enough that the map can drop down behind it and still be seen, but it doesn’t look strange.

Map Decor White Chest Wooden Bowls




Perfect fit!  (well, for now anyways….)

Are you a musical furniture type girl or do things have a home and live there eternally?


Love Your Guts, Mandi

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  1. Musical furniture, for sure! My stuff is always room hopping! 😉

  2. My living room is twice as long as it is wide too! Maybe even three times! At least you can watch tv on the wide wall. The only logical spot to put the tv in our house (as far as traffic flow around the couch) is to have it on the fireplace at one end. Oh and we have an awkward post kinda by the entrance about 5 feet behind the couch. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great space, very open and the fireplace is the whole reason we bought the place (it’s double sided to the dining room and you can walk all the way around it) but it sure does pose some challenges.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  3. I think I totally rapped your blog post title.

  4. My husband will come home to find furniture and things re-arranged and simply state “someone’s feeling unloved again”

  5. this is totally my room too and i make that one end its own little sitting area. i also move furniture and accessories daily/weekly. my hubs has learned to accept it now.

  6. I love it! BUT–PLEASE do the herringbone jean throw tutorial next. I’m DYING. I want to make one for my pending newborn’s room and I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. Pretty, pretty please!

  7. Does it bother anyone else that we always have to arrange our living rooms around the TV? I want to chuck it out the window and arrange my living room to be social and aesthetically pleasing WITHOUT taking the TV into account. I love big maps, too. I have a huge one over our couch (Christmas surprise from my husband–he built the frame) but I can’t seem to find a good picture of it. Maybe I’ll link to it another time.

  8. my house is always being re-arranged. furniture gets re-painted, and moved all. the. time.
    my awesome map project from last weekend, included a frame from my local scary thrift store, a world map from utah idaho supply, and some vinyl lettering applied on top of the map. wanna know what it says? “ooh baby, baby, it’s a wild world.” love me some cat stevens while i move my furniture.
    can not wait for the reveal!!!!

  9. I am seriously in love with that map:) Even my hubs would die!

  10. My furniture is so musical it has its own rhythm section.

  11. I move my furniture, curtains, lighting, multiple times a year. Otherwise it gets stale. I’m in love with the map! Headed out thrifting now, wish me luck.

  12. There was a running joke with my friends at our last duty station that EVERY time they came over my furniture was in a different place, LOL.

    Does that answer your question?

  13. This is great! My husband would flip over that map art, especially since you found it for $12! He is obsessed with maps. It goes great with that little white guy, too! 😉

  14. I love maps! I just did a post this morning on decoupaging maps to a crate for my boys’ room. I’m totally obsessed!

  15. Your map looks so great! Love the colors in it!! I just got a few nautical ones from my father in law and LOVE them. One is destined to become a humungous ottoman tray, and another is taped to my living room wall so I can ogle it. Can’t wait to frame it out this weekend.

  16. That map is AMAZING. I love it!

  17. I love the look of texture in that map! Now I’m going to have to hunt for one and figure out where the heck I can make it fit in my home. Does it ever bother you to think that hundreds of people are copying your ideas for their own homes, or is this another case of copy being the most sincere form of flattery?

  18. Love thissssss! Super cute! Now I wanna go find a map!

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  20. Musical Furniture all the way! Hence why I’m on here searching for inspiration!

  21. I move my furniture around all the time. I LOVEEEEEEEE your house!!

  22. was just saying today that my poor family cannot think of walking through our house during the night because they’ll certainly trip over furniture that’s now in a different place from the day before, or hours before. It took me 9.5 years to get it right in our last house, and then we moved. Now working out the kinks in our new place!

  23. I can’t thank you enough for this post! We went over 2 weeks ago to visit family and we went down (they hadn’t even heard of this place). furniture stores joplin mo The pictures don’t do it justice…I came home with 3 beautiful stained glass windows! :) :) :)

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