Color Blocked Family Silhouette Art with Scotch Duct Tape

I am SO excited with how todays project turned out!!  I am not huge into family signs and stuff in my décor.  But I am not heartless and I DO love my fam (most of the time….) so I thought this project was perfect!

Family Silhouette Art with Scotch Colors

This project is seriously simple.

First things first you need your hand silhouette.  Sit in front of a window and hold your hands up.  Make sure your camera is focused on your hands and not outside.


Then in your favorite photo editing program increase the contrast and exposure until you have a defined shape.  (It does not need to be perfectly black and white!)

Ivie's Hands

Print it out and you are done!

The supplies you need to finish the project are:

Scotch Colors Duct Tape (there are 26 colors and patterns so pretty much you will find something you love!!)

Wax Paper

Razor Blade (Exacto Knife)

Cutting Mat

Scotch Duct Tape Project

Lay your Scotch Colors out slightly overlapping on a piece of wax paper (you are essentially making a big sticker).

Position your silhouette so that it is centered and secure it with a piece of tape so it doesn’t shift with your cutting mat underneath.


Use your exacto knife to cut along the edges of your image.  Fill in the spots that are too bright (like the back of my hands)


I used foam core to make the center “box”.  You can use a piece of wood, or basically anything you have on hand.

Wrap it with your Duct Tape to cover, slightly overlapping.  I love the textural stripes that it adds.

Duct Tape Art

Then put your heart silhouette on and attach it to the back of your frame.

Heart Art

Seriously easy right?!!

Heart Silhouette Pictures

I think that Dylan’s is my fave (it’s the blue and pink one).  She was trying SO hard to make a heart.

Love Silhouette Art

And just so you can see how easy the process is I made a video! (My college BFF is the artist in the song, if you want more info about Lyndy you can check her out here!)


Scotch has the funnest quiz on their site (you guys know how much I love those things!!)  Click over and find out your Scotch style and the Duct Tape colors and patterns that are perfect for you! Scotch_Duct_Tape_LogoLove  Your  Guts,  Mandi

I have teamed up with Scotch to show some unique uses for their line of Duct Tape. The project idea and opinions expressed are 1000% Mandilicious.



  1. Amazing! Wow Mandy, you are so creative. This really turned out great. Loved the video! Your friend has a beautiful voice.

  2. Lovely project. Those are some great Scotch tape colors! May I ask where the frames came from? Are they Ikea Ribba frames? Thx.

  3. You are seriously soooo creative!!! Such a sweet idea, love them.

  4. So so clever! I love Duct Tape almost as much as I adore you!

  5. awesome, mandi. love, love, love these.:)

  6. You are very clever, but we already knew that. :) I don’t like “i love my family” decor stuff either. lmbo.

  7. Love this idea! And so glad to have found your blog. Lots of fun inspiration!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  8. so darn cute and creative, love it! And love using colored duck-T tape!

  9. Seriously love this! You are too stinkin’ creative. Love, LOVE this!

  10. Great idea! They turned out so cute!

  11. Great Post today! LOVE, LOVE!!!

  12. This is one of those times I wish I could buy ridiculously wide rolls of duct tape. If I did this project with regular duct tape I’d never get my lines perfect, so they would bother me.

  13. Too cute Mandi! I love the fun colors too!

  14. so fab. one day I hope you do a life sized silhouette of your wingspan XOXO -Aly

  15. i think ikea has the ribba shadowbox frames too, but only in one size.

  16. I think I could so handle this!! Loved the video, YOU rock as always!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love that your girls participated in making this lovely project. You said your little one had difficulties with the heart I thought it looked like a bunny and that you had done it on purpose. Keep up with the great ideas!

  18. awwwwwwwesome! So creative!!! (*pinning*)


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