$150 Guest Room Makeover Reveal

I have been in Salt Lake for a marathon makeover and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Studio 5 challenged me to makeover one readers room for only $150.  Can you believe this before and after?!!

$150 Before and After Room Makeover

This whole room was redone in basically 2 days, which is a miracle in and of itself.

Gray Wall

I should note that the carpet was not included in the $150,  BUT there was a huge rush to get it installed in time so I have to give a HUGE thank you to Lemco, Professional Flooring, and Shaw Contract Group, for pushing the order ahead oh, about 6 weeks.

$150 Room Makeover

The paint colors on the wall are Ultra White, and Iron Ore both by Sherwin Williams.


There are loads of tutorials coming on every element but let me break down where my budget went.

The upholstered tufted headboard was the most expensive element in the space, coming in at $69.00.

Tufted Headboard

The striped pillows were made with one yard of fabric from Ikea for $7.99

Striped Pillows 1


The dresser was a $10 thrifted treasure that was updated with a coat of spray paint and new handles made out of a thrifted leather belt, pink paint and hex screws.

Updated Dresser

The vases, books and fun figurines were either thrifted or found in Gritt’s house.

$150 Room Makeover

The hanging lantern was something I found in St. George probably 9 months ago and hadn’t found a home for, so I brought it up in hopes that we could use it in the room.  I love how it replaces the need for a table lamp and frees up the entire dresser top.

$10 Thrifted Lantern

The safe was a HUGE obstacle…literally.  It needed to stay in that spot and after running through a ton of ideas on ways to hide it, I decided that we just needed to embrace it and make it part of the room design.  So we striped the wall behind it and glammed it up with some decorating and now its not such an eyesore.

Safe Before and After

Once of my FAVORITE elements is the denim patchwork herringbone throw (remember when I wrote about it here?).  The room is so crisp and clean and I felt like it needed an element of grunge.

Denim Patchwork Herringbone Throw


And last but not least the clock art.  Sigh. Isn’t it just dreamy?

Color Blocked Clock

Check out the Studio 5 reveal segment FULL of tips and tricks to help you redo a space on a tiny budget:


And if you want to see what I am like behind the scenes watch the blooper reel:

And don’t forget there is only ONE WEEK left to enter your room for the Epic Room Makeover Giveaway and have me come to YOUR house and overhaul it for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!  If I can do this with $150, just think what kind of magic can happen with THOUSANDS!!  Serious magic people.  Serious magic. Click the image to learn more!

Vintage Revivals-Epic-Room-Makeover-Horizontal

All of the tutorials for Gritt’s room are coming over the next week or so, so stay tuned!

$150 Before and After Room Makeover

Love Your Guts, Mandi

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  1. Amazing, Mandi – as usual!

  2. So great! I am in LOVE with the dresser pulls!

  3. i love the belt! genius.

  4. I love it! Glad you mentioned the carpet…couldn’t figure it out watching the clip! Love what you did, totally inspired to finish my daughters room! :) Thanks!

  5. wow and wow.. I LOVE IT! And I love that you/they have the book by Jen Lancaster! She’s hilarious! Great wonderful fantastic job

  6. thunk! that was my jaw hitting the floor! such a dramatic improvement! colors are gorgeous. The light and dresser are my favorites! :)

  7. The BOMB you are. As Yoda would say. So cute. The room too 😉

  8. I love it-so fresh and fun! And I actually love the corner with the safe too!

  9. This is amazing! I love everything about it

  10. You rocked the socks out of that $150 makeover. It looks like a million bucks! You are a star!! Amazing!

  11. you are amazinggggggggggggggg! love it all!

  12. AMAZING!! Seriously amazing. I love love love the clock wall art, and the drawer pulls? GENIUS! Love the whole room….you have a gift Mandi!

  13. Love the transformation!!! Awesome work as usual!

  14. you are amazing Mandi!!! You did such a great job! Come see me now :)!!

  15. Mandi, this is absolutely incredible! I love. it. all. soooo much! You are so resourceful and bring such a whimsical and unique touch to everything you do! Kudos on a tight budget makeover that looks priceless!


  16. What a transformation. I love the pink paint in the inside of the leather belt pulls. Wish I would have thought of that when I did mine in my workshop. I should take them off that do that in bright yellow to match all my DeWalt tools. LOL Love all the elements and the budget. It’s hard to do much for $150 anymore. Great job.

  17. I actually really like the safe now! The striped wall seriously makes it awesome, you are so dang inspiring!

  18. It looks amazing! I really love the charcoal gray wall and bright accessories.

  19. omg, i’m glad you could work the safe in, i love it! i would die if i owned something like that.

  20. LOVE that nightstand!!! God has blessed you with such talent!! For real!

  21. Amazing! I can’t believe what just $150 and some creativity can do!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Okay I am in love with the Headboard!!! How did you do that?

  23. Holy flip! You are so amazingly talented! I sort of want a huge obnoxious pipe in my room now — you totally made it work in the space.

  24. this turned out so beautiful! I’d love for you to come give me some guidance!! P.S. how did you braid your hair.. it’s super cute!!

  25. i love the makeover you never disapoint. totally bummed you cant come to hawaii though!! :-(

  26. wow!! that looks amazing!!!! now i’m even more excited for you to come to atlanta to help me makeover my master! (too forward?) you have some serious talent, girlie, and i would love to learn from you!!

    ps—fetch? you are too cute. 😉

  27. It is really hard not to be jealous of your talent. I have to (try) to repent every time I see a makeover or project you do. It’s hard. I really wish I had your talent. I knew after your first couple of projects that I highlighted that you “had it.” I knew if you kept going, you would surpass the “big bloggers.” You’ve left them in the dust. Congrads on your success. Thank you for sharing yourself, your views, your perspective and talents with the world. DO you realize HOW you have literally changed the WORLD? People dream of what you have already done in just 2(?) years. You are amazing. (I’m on my husband’s computer. This is Michelle from Someday Crafts).

  28. Oh course I watched the blooper real first because that is how I roll. Amazing job and I can’t believe you did it for $150. Rock on with your thrifty lovin’ self.

  29. Amazing! It turned out fabulous!!!

  30. It looks awesome, especially for such a teeny budget. I think the safe is actually kind of great- especially with the accessories, etc.

  31. HO LY CRAP! That’s all I have to say.

  32. Great job on this room! Love the pops of color–you have such an eye for design!

  33. Oh my goodness! Mandi this is so cool! I can’t even decide what I like best. I love the pop of color, the awesome drawer handles, and lighting. What’s not to love in this room?!


  34. YOU ROCK! I love those leather handles and how you pulled it all together on a tight budget. And you are beautiful.

  35. A leather belt for drawer pulls? Is there anything you DON’T think of?! I marvel at the way your brain works. :)

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mandi it was so much fun seeing you and watching you work your magic on this room! Amazing that you did it for !50.98! The closet doors were totally transformed. Great makeover as always.


  37. Anonymous says:

    I hate when you see people say I did this on a budget…it costs 1,000 bucks! Now that’s a budget with results!

  38. Excellent job! The colors are fantastic, it’s relaxing and inspiring at the same time. What a great space!

  39. I love it! You are amazing. I was worried when you said you needed old jeans, but I love the quilt. Every element is so perfect. I really need to get my act together and enter the epic makeover b/c i really love everything you do.

  40. You deserve all the success you are reaping. You are an absolute breath of fresh air! I wish I had just a smidge of your confidence.

  41. Awesome girl!! This is fantastic, I especially love those drawer pulls.

  42. You did an awesome job on that tiny budget, Mandi! Wow!

  43. Wow, I didn’t expect that! You fully incorporated the air conditioning vent. Great job. These people have a gun safe in their guest room?Ann

  44. How did you make the headboard?

  45. WOW!! Amazing makeover – in awe!!

  46. Inspiring. I love the way you think outside the box and it works!

  47. LOVE LOVE LOVE – I think the safe is my favorite thing in the room (but I’m weird like that). I love the stripes behind it and how they play off the striped pillows in the room. And that lamp…. mmmmmmm mmmmmm good ;o) You are a genius!

  48. That was really great! Just like a perfect makeover, it fits my budget.

  49. What a fun project! I love the colors you chose, and the headboard is really great, too =) Most of the times, the budget isn’t the problem, but the lack of creativity, so that’s what you bring to the table!

  50. amazing for this budget!!so cool!!and what a LAMP!!

  51. Mandi, this room is amazing! I love all the little details you always put in your rooms.

  52. Ok, so you did an absolutely fabulous job. I’m totally stealing the leather belt upcycled to drawer pulls idea. Where do you come up with this stuff?! But what I really want to know is where did you get your purple jeans you’re wearing in the footage? I tried on a pair at H&M but they were a no go. My kids have been asking me for colored skinnies for back to school and it got me thinking that maybe I need to bust out a pair. I was leaning toward royal blue but now I’m digging red or purple. Any tips on where to find great fitting, not over priced colored jeans?

  53. I can’t wait to learn how you made the clock wall art! It’s gorgeous! The whole room is beautiful. I can’t believe how little you spent.

  54. you.are.awesome.
    I am obsessed with the leather handled dresser. I don’t even know how you think of this stuff!!

  55. NEED clock art info!!!!!!! Love. Love. Love.

  56. it’s so interesting to learn about your creative energies..how you work from identifying the problems to generating new ideas to implementing them on an extreme budget. i’d write more, but you have inspired me to get up out of this chair and start doing stuff!

  57. Is there a tutorial for the leather drawer pulls? And a source for the hex screws? I’ve been having trouble finding both.


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