How To Get Naked Furniture With a Heat Gun!

Did you know that there are other ways to strip paint other than using paint stripper? Its true!  If you are a long time Vintage Revivals reader you may remember Vicki. This is how Vicki looked when I found her for $50 at the DI.

Beautiful right?

Well at this point in my life/blog I felt like I HAD to do something to her.  I wanted to do something to her.  So I did. I painted her gray and added custom cut mirrors.

vicki 1

When the overhaul of my living room started Miss Vicki needed to not be gray anymore.  But when the daunting task of stripping a large piece of furniture lays ahead you put it off for as long as you can…

So while I was in my avoid and procrastinate mode I got an email from my friends at HomeRight (you might remember I painted my kitchen table with their CommandMax Sprayer) they had the perfect solution to my dilemma.  The Heat Pro Deluxe II.

And THIS is what Vicki looks like now…or again…well, you know what I mean.

Mid Century Modern Credenza 2

When it comes to stripping furniture I am pro.  I have done it quite a few times but I had never heard of using a heat gun to remove paint.

It works best on surfaces that have a few layers of paint.  (Vicki had a layer of Kilz primer and 3 or so layers of spray paint.  If you are unsure about what kind of paint was used and the piece is older I would recommend lead testing the paint before you use the heat gun.)

Turn your Heat Pro Deluxe to the recommended heat setting (mine was the highest.  With that setting its going to be 1000 degrees so be smart and don’t check to see if its working with your hand.)  Hold it about 4” away from the surface and watch like magic how the paint starts to bubble.  Moisture in the wood is being released because of the heat and it makes the paint bubble.

How To Strip Furniture Using A Heat Gun


Then scrape off the paint.  It will be really dry and flakey.

Strip Paint With A Heat Gun

Make sure that you don’t hold the heat gun in the same spot for too long because you can scorch the wood.  When you have your surface scrapped it will look like this:


Then you are going to put a thin layer of Paint Stripper down,  I prefer CitriStrip.  The remainder of the paint will come right off.

I was scared that the temperature of the heat gun would break the mirror on the fronts so I used CitriStrip on them and let me tell you, it was SO much cleaner using the Heat Pro.  The dry paint just swept up, the stripper is so much messier and takes 5x longer.

The wood on Miss Vicki is SO beautiful.  Its two tone and I wanted to make sure that you could see it so I used a natural stain to bring out the natural color of the wood.  (I always thought natural stain was just a light stain but that was because every time I used it I was using light wood.  On something like this piece that is *I think* Walnut and Mahogany it brought out the colors and they are AMAZING!!


To finish it off and protect it I used Danish Oil.

How to strip funiture with a heat gun

Refinish Wood Furniture

Mid Century Modern Credenza 2

I love how it turned out and I would use the Heat Pro again in a heart beat.

I know so many of you have projects that you need some help with so….I used my charm and good looks to line up a giveaway for a Heat Pro Deluxe II Kit!! (click over and read about all the AMAZING things this tool does!)


It comes with all of the tools that you could ever need to strip a piece of furniture.

Enter the giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love  Your  Guts,  Mandi



  1. I’d use it on a dresser that we had painted that I now regret!!

  2. You are probably going to be responsible for bringing BACK the non-painted wood trend. 😉 Vicki looks gorgeous!

  3. I just bought an antique buffet that is simply lovely, but the gal I got it from said she “hated” to paint it because the wood was laid so decoratively and I would LOVE to see what’s under there!

  4. Love this, what a great alternative to nasty chemicals.

  5. We have a kitchen table sitting in the basement just waiting to be stripped, I’m dreading the process so I have been procrastinatint

  6. That is so cool! I would love to win.

  7. I would use it to strip the house paint the previous owner painted on my basement floor.

  8. this piece is absolutely stunning!

  9. I have always used chemical strippers, and they ARE aweful! So so messy! I would use the heat pro on a dresser I’ve wanted to re-do for years.

  10. I’ve never stripped furniture. This makes it sound easier certainly.

  11. I would LOVE to try this on on the furniture that I do over and over and over again! Looks like fun!!

  12. Tabatha says:

    I want to use this on a great MCM dresser I bought off Craigslist that is painted all sorts of terrible colors. I’ve just been procrastinating bc I don’t want to strip it all!! :)

  13. i’m glad you stripped it! it looks so cute.

  14. I would use it on a hutch my Pepere built when I was a child… it has been painted multiple times and this would be perfect.

  15. Awesome giveaway!! Are Canadians valid?

  16. gotta have one of these heat guns Mandi!

    ohh, what a difference in your miss vicki!


  17. I liked the gray but the natural wood with the mirrors looks just gorgeous!
    Had to try this stripping method with my desk;)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Lovely greetings…

  18. I’ve been debating painting my step-mother’s old desk, and if I ever changed my mind, THAT is what I would use the heat gun for!

  19. I’ve never heard of this either. I have a ton of projects that I want to repaint. First, would be a dresser that I painted pink!!

  20. I needed this gun 3 weeks ago when it took me 4 days to get the latex paint off an old sewing craft table. I would repaint it all over again!!

  21. My kitchen cabinets have been “antiqued”…too heavily for my tastes…I would love to try the heat gun on them!

  22. I have some furniture I want to paint, but I’m to that and I would love to have this as a back up in case it doesn’t work!

  23. Wow! I never knew there was such a tool! That is amazing how well it worked!!

  24. I would use it on few tables I have.

  25. I would LOVE to strip an old dresser and stain it dark!

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  27. I have old doors with paint I’d love to strip!

  28. This is the tool that I’ve always wanted but never knew it! Awesome! I have an old painted chair that I’d strip!

  29. I could use it to strip a dresser that needs to be redone. Great giveaway!

  30. wowzers! that’s a sweet tool! i’d love one! p.s. I love the unpainted wood on your piece! looks great!

  31. Ohhhhh my! So I tried refinishing my kitchen table a couple of years ago (first piece I’ve done and it turned out like a big hunk of you-know-what…) I would use this on that table that’s been an eyesore since I decided to first get creative!

  32. I have to say that normally I adore painted furniture but in this case I love it so much more in its natural wood. The mirrors are the perfect touch though. It really is a fabulous piece.

  33. Vicki looks awesome!! You can’t tell you ever spray painted her. Wow! I would love to win this heat gun and strip paint off wooden closet doors that have been striped with 4 coats of paint stripper and still need more work.

  34. Wish I had this when I was sanding off old paint from our used cabinets! But definitely would need this for future projects. Great product, it looks like!

  35. so cool! I could always use more tools in my arsenal.

  36. I want that thing! I refinish furniture all the time! I have a Birdseye Maple Dresser that I stupidly painted white back in the day- totally ruining the wood! OR SO I THOUGHT! This would give me a chance at a “do over” so I can do right by that vintage piece!

  37. ahhhhh I have just the piece of furniture that needs this magic touch. Thanks for the tutorial.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I love soy-based stripper for stripping brick, but a gun would be so much easier inside. I need a heat gun to strip the white paint off the brick behind my fireplace.

  39. My kitchen table

  40. I have this ugly, for now, little cabinet that I would love to strip. My bf and I stripped and repainted our kitchen cabinets almost 3 years ago with the really toxic chemical stripper. It was terrible. This sounds much more pleasant.

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  41. Great tool to know about, would love to win one!

  42. I LOVE Vicky back in her “natural” state! Beautiful! I hate stripping, the heat gun looks awesome! I could use it on several projects, namely the nightstand I started stripping months ago….

  43. ooo, i would use it on anything!

  44. I’ve got a bench that I could certainly use the Heat Pro on. I’m all about getting things done FAST!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. The first thing I would use this on would be a kitchen door that appears to have at least 3 layers of paint. From there, maybe the trim on the windows …

  46. Vanessa :P says:

    I have a few projects and I have going on so I would use it to strip! (Furniture of course.)

  47. Vicki looks beautiful! I’m bugged that you have to have a Facebook account to enter the give away. I think facebook sucks. It almost destroyed my marriage so I refuse to have a Facebook account. I think it’s a little weird that you have all these contests through Facebook after all this time of you saying that you think Facebook is a bad idea & had made an agreement with your husband not to have Facebook accounts. I can see why you would have a Facebook account to promote your business/blog but why would you run all of your contests through Facebook requiring your readers to have Facebook accounts if you admitted that you thought Facebook accounts were not a good idea? Interesting…

  48. Oh man, if I don’t win this I may have to buy it. I have a few pieces of furniture I have painted and I wish I hadn’t…this would be perfect!

  49. Anonymous says:

    My best friend, mom, and I are starting a furniture flipping/crafted decor business and right now we’re in the process of collecting and revamping old pieces of furniture. We could DEFINITELY use this to beautify our crap!

    Brittany Dodgen –

  50. I have used chemical stripper a million times. I would love for the process to be easier and less messy!

  51. I would use it on a bench that’s been painted and needs a major overhaul!

  52. I would love to have this heat gun! Right now, I can’t bring home painted furniture to redo because hubby knows just how much I hate stripping furniture. With a heat gun like that, I’d automatically have a good excuse! And I truly need all the excuses I can get…I’m kind of a sicko when it comes to old furniture (which is partly why I love your blog:)

  53. My kitchen table is in desperate need of a makeover! My kids have totally ruined the finish and it needs to be re-dne, so I would for sure use it on that!

  54. This is seriously awesome! I’ve never heard of such a thing either, but it would be so handy. I have this TV console that my hubs and his friend CARRIED (yes, with their arms) from Goodwill to our apartment because it wouldn’t fit into either of their cars and they knew I wanted it. However, as much as I love the console, the colors it is painted doesn’t do it justice and I could never get rid of it–they’d kill me! :)

  55. I have an antique bakers table with awesome possum drawers. I use it as a changing table in my babys room. I painted it blue- but now it need to be red! I would love to use a heat gun!

  56. I want this so bad. I have some bookshelves I would love to strip.

  57. I have used paint stripper many times – worst part is how it stings if it touches your skin at all! ugh. This little baby would come in so handy

  58. I have doors that have been painted over and are beautiful wood underneath. This would help so much as there is layers of paint!

  59. I’d love this! I used citrastrip on old corbels from the architectural salvage shop… It took FOREVER! I have a vanity and dresser I’d love to refinish.

  60. pgoecken says:

    Wondering if it would work on hardwood floors that have been painted? I’ve got the front porch that I’m looking to strip a few layers of paint off, then stain.

  61. Girl….Home Right gave me one of these babies to try out and to give away on my blog, and it was a bit of a MESS! And it was just a small table–not a large sideboard/buffet like yours. Works if you have patience, and if you are careful about not scortching the wood. I found that I like the HeatPro best for removing caulking from my shower, and removing stickers that my kids put on the floor. But removing paint?? Nah–Use a sander, if you must, and THEN the stripper. You’ll save tons of time and headache!

    Thrift Diving

  62. Very cool!

  63. I have an old old old dresser that is painted black and white. I don’t like the paint, but I love the dresser. I’d use this to clean it up!

  64. would love to have this tool to make stripping easier, I have a couple dressers I want to refinish

  65. Would absolutely love to try this. Got a dresser sitting on my porch painted red that needs to be “necked”, so I can re-do her. I’ve been procrastinating because I dread stripping & sanding. :)

  66. I’d use it to strip the paint and stickers off a gorgeous bookshelf I found on the side of the road!

  67. I have an antique desk. It’s not very fancy – but it sat in my uncle’s farmhouse for years and the paint has turned black. Biggest problem is that it has 1000 grooves and curves and I haven’t figured out how to scrape or sand those areas!

  68. Oh man…I would love to do this to an old dresser I have!

  69. She looks beautiful! I love the reto look she has now! I would love to have this heat gun for a few projects sitting in my garage.

  70. This is my grandfather’s method — except he used a soldering torch, and he kept a water hose handy!

  71. Love it -so much better! I am not a fan of everything being painted, no offense. But when it has nice lines and is a good solid, vintage piece, painting devalues it. Advice to everyone – don’t ever paint or refinish until you know what you have!

  72. I have a few projects that need to be stripped, but how do I strip my dining room table? Just sand it????

  73. i have a couple tables i could use that for.

  74. Anonymous says:

    OOH! I would probably use it on more things than I should!

  75. Oh, that would be the greatest tool! Using a paint stripper is such a messy project. I have a couple tables and chairs in my shed I need to strip that the heat gun would be perfect for!

  76. I am totally afraid of hot things, but I would use this… or make the hubby use it. I have a dresser that has a ton of little spots that I have been putting off cause I don’t want to do it, but I would totally do it with this! Thanks!!

  77. I could really, really use this on my wooden windows in my downstairs half bath. I have an old heat gun but it is on its last legs.

  78. I would use it on these two etegeres that I have. I tried painting them and it’s not going well so I want to start over.

  79. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. I would use this on my night stands.

  80. I’d use it for a do over on some chairs I did a crappy paint job on.

  81. My hubby used a head gun on all the molding in our living room and has used his about a million times since then. But, I would definitely use it to tackle the pile of yard sale treasure building up in our spare bedroom!

  82. This would be awesome to have! Vicki looks great!

  83. Love the refinish of the piece, and the added mirror. If I had the heat gun I would get on Craigslist and find a new treasure. 😉

  84. Looks like a good tool to have.

  85. I would use it on the dresser that I spraypainted and ruined last week :) – ps, I e-mailed you about it, if you have any advice let me know!!!

  86. Heat guns are awesome! I used to have one that I used for stripping paint and art projects but loaned it and never saw it again :(

  87. An entertainment center that I have!

  88. I want to use the gun on my bathroom cabinets! I painted them black and now I want them to be back to their wood roots :)

  89. I would use it on refinishing my kitchen table and chairs.

  90. Awesome!!! I love the look of Vicki! I would use the heat gun on a night stand I picked up that has 1001 coats of paint on it!

  91. I would use it to fix my ugly night stands.

  92. Brooke d. says:

    I would use this on an old buffet that my grandmother painted white crackle! Thanks for the tip…hate stripper!

  93. I have a few backed up projects! Including a white changing table that is beautiful, but the bright pink doesn’t match.

  94. I wanna use it on furniture that came with my house so I can save money!

  95. Oh wow! I’d love to give it a try on any number of pieces that I do for TL! I like Citristrip, but I hate the messy gunk it leaves behind, fo sho!

  96. I would use it on some old lamps that I painted. Looks like an awesome system!

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. I would use it on my kiddo’s dresser, and about a million other projects I have planned!! And Vicki looks great BTW!

  99. I’d use it on a dresser that was painted years ago – even if the wood underneath is crappy, it can’t be as bad as the current paint job!

  100. I would used it on a dresser I painted awhile ago.

  101. I have a dresser I need to use it on!

  102. I love to redo furniture. This would definitely come in handy.

  103. Michele says:

    I’d use it on a white painted dresser I found on Craigslist. It’ll be a beauty down the road. :)

  104. I hope I win this! We have an ugly nightstand that is begging for a makeover and we have been avoiding stripping the paint.

  105. I need to strip my 30 year old armoire and stain it….I hate stripping furniture so this would be awesome!

  106. I bought this really awesome bookshelf from an estate sale almost a year ago but I just haven’t had the motivation to strip the insane amount of coats of paint on the thing. I think a heat gun would be perfect for stripping the paint off it!

  107. What wouldn’t I use it on? I have a dresser and some frames that could use a little TLC.

  108. I would love to solder some wood projects, see if its possible i have some skill handed down from my late Father? Also, my Husband could use it for swimming pools he works on when he installs new vinyl liners, he uses an old hair dryer of mine so this would work better I presume? Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all!!

  109. This would be so cool to use on something someone else painted or if I regret what I did!

  110. I would use it on a desk that I painted – and LOVE – but I ruined the top of it when I spilled another paint on it :(

  111. I just finished a project that I would have LOVED to use it on. Not sure which project is next. 😉

  112. I have foot upon foot of wonderful original 100 year old hardwood windows, doors and trim..that the previous owners painted white. My husband and I want to remove all the white paint and take that gorgeous wood back to what it was, the heat pro would be sooooo efficient and sooooo much cleaner than using stripper throughout the house!

  113. I would use it on a lovely dresser I just got that has to be stripped!

  114. I’d love to use it on a headboard for my guest bedroom :)

  115. who would have thought?!? I have an antique buggy bench that is been in the procrastinate pile for way to long now.

  116. I’d use it on all sorts of old junky furniture I find!

  117. I have a couple dressers with probably 5 layers of paint I’d LOVE to use it on!

  118. 100 yr old doors… that the citristrip has a hard time of getting through.

  119. Omg! I want to strip my dining room table and chairs that I painted & re do them!!!

  120. I would use it on a vintage iron bed we thrifted with a horrible paint job!

  121. Would love to try this out on several pieces I have to finish. Love your “Miss Vickie” – that is one awesome piece of furniture. Inserting mirrors on it was genius. Expensive to cut???

  122. I would start with a lingerie dresser I got at a garage sale that has the worst painted/ antiqued finish ever.

  123. I have a dresser I would love to strip down. But I could see lots of projects in my future!

  124. I believe the fiance would love to have this tool!

  125. SO many pieces I could strip with this! Never thought of using heat-BRILLIANT!!

  126. Past owner painted the mantle a faux marble (teal and mauve and black). I would love to bring it back to the original wood.

  127. I would use it on a dresser, a bedside stand, AND whatever I find resale shopping! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  128. This is awesome news…I too have the Command Max and LOVE IT! I was not aware they had a heat gun and this would work perfectly for a piece I have been putting off refinishing. HATE stripping old paint! Thanks for sharing!

  129. ohmygosh…..I have a hutch that needs to be stripped and I just keep pushing it down my “to do” list..I would LOVE to win this!!! Thanks!!!

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. I love what you have done with Vicki!

    What wouldn’t I use with the heat pro gun? I would start with a dresser that is dying to be revamped, and basically use it on everything else in my house. :)

  132. Oh I love this! I have a wardrobe that seriously has SOOO many freaking layers of paint, and I knew it would be too expensive and time consuming to strip with liquid stuff. This would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway chance! :)

  133. Cool. I picked up a drawerless dresser on the curb that needs to be stripped. And I’m sure that some day I’ll want to strip the dresser I just painted lavender.

  134. This would be awesome to use!!!

  135. Anonymous says:

    I would use it on some book shelves I painted a few years ago. I’ve changed my mind about the colors in my livingroom (imagine that), so it’s time for it to stipped and painted, ummmmmm off white, or raspberry, or catalina green….just not brown anymore.

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Oh…I don’t know….EVERYTHING!! Like you, Mandi, I’m feeling the need to let the wood breathe on all my previously painted projects. This heat gun looks like just the new little toy I need to add in my “toy box”! Love it!

  138. Oh my!! All those kitchen cabinet doors out in the garage (for the past 2 yrs!) that are just begging to be finished!

  139. my garage doors that I turned into a bench would love to be naked!

  140. I would use it on furniture. I live in a old home that I would live to remove the old paint and refinish woodwork to repair/repaint.

  141. Would love to add this to my arsenal!

  142. Gosh, where do i start…we have nightstands, coffee tables, chests, dressers, and a desk that all need to be stripped and stained or repainted…this would come in handy BIG TIME!!

  143. Have a pine hutch that needs a good strippin!

  144. I have a dresser that I would love to tackle with this.
    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  145. That is one AMAZING makeover. And I LOVE that you name your pieces!!

  146. Love the results!

  147. I have a vintage sewing machine cabinet that got polyurethaned when I had it refinished! Ugh! That stuff needs to go!!

  148. There are too many things to think of to use it on! One thing is to get paint off my banisters!

  149. Anonymous says:

    I would buy old furniture jut so I could use this! It looks so easy!

  150. This is amazing. I love everything you do. Wish I had the creative niche that you do!

  151. I would totally use it to strip all the old painted moldings in my house!!

  152. Weirdly enough hubby and I were just discussing heat guns last night! I am stripping old woodwork with noxious poisonous stuff. I wish I had one of these!!!!

  153. This looks beautiful natural! I am stripping a French Provincial dresser right now and its been a nightmare, especially removing the residue from the citristrip. It’s making me crazy! This looks like a really handy tool and I love how your project turned out!

  154. Weirdly enough hubby and I were just discussing heat guns last night! I am stripping old woodwork with noxious poisonous stuff. I wish I had one of these!!!!

  155. this is amazing! I love vicki au natural. I do a lot of painting but sometimes a piece screams out to be stripped down to it’s naked loveliness. The heat gun looks amazing.

  156. I would use it on a dresser that is sitting in my bedroom waiting to be stripped. I have never stripped before and have been really putting it off. Plus, I live in Texas and it is over 100 right now, and my workshop is not a/c! I could use the heat gun inside!!! Yes!
    By the way, what “natural stain” did you use? Can you tell us more about that? xoxox

  157. I have several pieces of furniture that have been waiting for something like this to come into their lives.

  158. Oh, yeah, I have a bedroom suit and some end tables I need to do. This would be great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  159. I’ve only ever used heat guns. I have a lovely dresser that needs a new paint job. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. I love the raw wood look i would strip the stain off of this side table i own.

  161. I bought their sprayer and I’d love to try this heat gun! What wouldn’t I use it on?!?!

  162. Anonymous says:

    I so want this heat gun! Have several projects that I could use it on! Thanks, Rhonda S. @

  163. I have an old wooden dining table that has several layers of paint that I would love to strip. This would make it really easy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. I would love to use this on my son’s dresser. I painted it pink and gray before he was born, since we were told he was going to be a she. Surprise!!! Doesn’t exactly go with his boyish room.

  165. An old desk I just got for $6. Without chemicals, I can do this in the basement!

  166. Anonymous says:

    WOW! What a great tool! I sure could put it to good use! Thanks for offering the giveaway.


  167. Cassidi says:

    This is an amazing tool!! There are so many times this would have come in handy! Awesome giveaway!! :) Thank you!

  168. Kids table & chairs

  169. I would first use it to try and remove a few tiles that have chipped in my bathroom so I can just replace 2-3 tiles, not the whole bathroom!

  170. I want to remove the green paint from my front door so I can sand and stain!

  171. I would use it on the trim on some of my doors and maybe even on some doors themselves. And I would have to find a piece of furniture at a thrift store to try it out on too! :)

  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. I would use it to fix up my hutch, which I have named Mandi :)

  174. Anonymous says:

    All the furniture in my garage and basement.

  175. Such a cool tool, I really want to do something with my table. It needs a new face lift!

  176. what a great idea. My kitchen table needs help!

  177. I was just researching heat guns this morning for applying “foil tape” for my stained glass projects. After seeing your blog post, it seems that this tool would be multi functional and so worth having! Thanks Mandi!
    Mary Stack

  178. DRTVrMoi says:

    I inherited a buffet with crackle paint. It is begging for an update.

  179. I have a beautiful yellow dresser that’s got big brass handles and brass corner pieces that I thrifted, with a matching small cubby that I keep bedding in. They’re both a little worse for the wear and could use a freshening up, which would be so much better with a stripping first than layering paint over.

    As a side note – I found your site through a beautiful posting on about the pvc dresser that you did – Hailee’s living room is to die for. Everything in there is a so inspirational and lovely.
    I’ve been having fun going through yoru site, and I absolutely LOVE this beautiful piece of yours (and that you named her)! We have a similar looking old stereo, but I could never dream of painting mine. Too scary!
    The mirrored effect with the natural wood looks just as gorgeous as the original, but gives it an awesome modern spin. So creative.


  180. i have a buffet that needs stripped and this tool would make the process a ton easier!

  181. I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! I have a piece of furniture that I need to strip and repaint and have been putting it off for a LONG while. This would be awesome to have!!! Thanks for all the great ideas – if I only had an ounce of your creativity . . . .

  182. I have a console table I would love to try this on. Vicki is awesome!!!!!

  183. I had no idea!!! I love that! Oh please, I hope I win! The credenza looks so beautiful, Mandi.

  184. I would love to win it :) I have old toy box that needs stripping :)

  185. I would love to win it :) I have old toy box that needs stripping :)

  186. Anonymous says:

    Shirley said:
    I have an old dresser that need some loving care. This would do the trick if I could win this giveaway.

  187. Mandi I’d use the heat gun to remove the bad paint and varnish coat I put on my dresser and then I’d start again!

  188. I would use it on my son’s dresser that I would like to refinish, but am dreading having to strip the paint.

  189. The dresser looks amazing, the heat gun looks like a fun tool to try!

  190. I have an antique library table that my husband used as a desk when he was child that needs a complete overhaul. Right now the legs and apron are hunter green (80’s struck this poor table) and the top is natural oak. I would love to strip her down and paint her cream with a stained top and put her in my sewing room.

  191. I’d use this on a table we inherited from my boyfriend’s grandfather.

  192. I’d love to try and use this tool to revive a kitchen table!

  193. Laura Priscott says:

    I’d love to use this on my bedroom dresser!

  194. I would love to give this product a try!

  195. Vicki looks AMAZING. I would like to bring an old bookcase back to life, but the thought off stripping the old way…crazy!

  196. I have an old bookcase that I would like to strip down!!

  197. I would use the Heat Pro Deluxe II Kit on a Headboard that I want to paint!!

  198. olleymae says:

    Rafflecopter wouldn’t let me leave my comment… but I would totally use this on my kitchen table and several other pieces of furniture I have sitting in my garage waiting for the day I feel energetic enough to strip the paint off lol.

  199. I would start with my Granddaughters dresser and work my way up from there. I have always dreaded doing stripping and when I attempted it I wasn’t very good at it. Thanks for the great ideas. Now I know why my SIL (which you met this past weekend and they are in 7th Heaven let me tell you what!)
    Vicki R

  200. Would love to strip my kitchen table! Thanks for the giveaway!


  201. I’d use it to strip down an old wooden frame I have!

  202. Would love to strip my china cabinet! Thanks, – Debora

  203. A french provincial nightstand that my old roommate had painted black.

  204. I would use it to strip a dresser I have!


  205. I would definitely use it on my bathroom cabinets!

  206. I would totes use it on my old vanity!!

  207. i would strip my mantle – it could be so lovely in naked wood

  208. I have a few projects that I’ve had a change of heart about colour-wise. The first of which would be a chair, night table, and bookshelf that need to be black instead of what they currently are for our spare bedroom renovation!

    la vie en fuchsia

  209. I would love to have one of these. I have alot of furniture I would like to redo. Just found your blog while watching craft wars, and am loving it!!!!!

  210. I have a dresser I’ve been wanting to strip and have been PROCRASTINATING like crazy!

  211. I would do my outdoor furniture!! We have amazing adirondak chairs begging for new paint:)

  212. I have a dresser that really could use this! Thanks for the giveaway!!!! :)

  213. This would be awesome for when you (read- *I*) mess up! LOL

  214. Rafflecopter wouldn’t let me comment as well (but still accepted my entry). I would use this on EVERYTHING!!! I love refinishing furniture but have never tried a heat gun. I would love to try it.

  215. I’ve got a terrific old dresser with several layers of paint I would love to strip.

  216. I had such a horrible time last week stripping my front door! I would have loved to use this on that project!! Now I could finish painting the rest of my doors!!

  217. LOVE the heat gun!
    I am super sensitive to chemicals and HIGHLY allergic to citrus, so all the wonderful chemical & eco friendly strippers out there kill me.
    We have 4 fireplaces that are getting heat gun stripped this fall (although w the heat wave we’ve been having, i could prolly throw them out on the porch for a couple days!)

  218. Well, I’d have to paint some things first…or buy painted things!!

  219. I love the Vicki has lived so many cool lives. :) And I’d love to win the heat gun too!

  220. Um, oops…forgot to read the entry question first. I don’t have any furniture I’m ready to strip right now, but I know my friend would love to do her dining room table!

  221. this would be amazing for my dining room table and a few other pieces of furniture that I have pushed off for long enough!!

  222. I would redo my entry buffet. It was my mother in laws and I’m excited to give it a new color.
    Thanks for the give away!

  223. This comment has been removed by the author.

  224. Wow, I’m impressed at how well that made even the primer come off! Great option to chemicals for preggo DIYers like me, too! I have a couple of huge cabinets in the new baby’s room-to-be that could definitely use work before he arrives.

  225. I would love to strip this ugly dresser we have!!

  226. I would love to strip the paint off all of the gorgeous wood on my 1920s oversized pocket door and get it looking amazing.

  227. I would use it on a KSL find that has an unfortunate paint job.

  228. I would strip my tv console and dresser.

  229. I have a table in my basement that I would like to strip.

  230. I’d use it to redo the platform rocker that belonged to my grandfather. Poor thing’s just been sitting in the basement for almost 30 years (the rocker, not my grandfather).

  231. Elizabeth Alford says:

    I would strip an old sofa table that my fabulous aunt Tessie found for me!

  232. I would use the heat gun to strip my coffee table and daughters dresser….one thing at a time.

  233. I’ve got some chairs that need to be refinished and paint stripper was not easy in the cracks and crevices. I think this would do the trick!

  234. This is super cool. What a great option to have instead of hours of chemical stripping! That is WAY awesome.

  235. The dining chairs and breakfast table I garage saled desperately need some help!

  236. I love that the same piece of furniture can be beautiful in so many different ways…can’t wait to give some of my furniture a second look!

  237. I would strip my classic bent good dining chairs I ha d painted a few years ago :-)

  238. I would strip my classic bent good dining chairs I ha d painted a few years ago :-)

  239. I used a heat gun to strip every door in my house. It worked very well. After the gun I apply stripper, wait a short time then rub the rest of the paint or varnish off with #3 steel wool. Repeat if needed. If repainting I apply two coats of primer then the finish coat of paint. If staining apply stain with a brush and even it out with a cloth. Then apply a sealer like polyurethane or deft either satin,semigloss or gloss. A second coat may help. Be careful not to scorch the wood with the heat gun.

  240. Mandy, I could kiss you right now! I’ve been a long time reader and I love your style and enthusiasm. I recently bought a piece at a swap meet that was just the right size for a media console in our room, solid wood, good lines, perfect. The only problem was that the ladies that sold it were on the Chalk paint wagon and had painted it emerald green. Not my style unfortunately. I still had to have it. Now I’ve been sanding that bugger for 2 days and dreading starting the drawers and I had no idea how I was going to get the hard to reach parts. Then I remembered you Vicki and that you had gone back to wood after paint. Thank you so much for posting how you did it!!! you are a life (and back, hands and knees) saver!

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