$250 HomeGoods GIVEAWAY!!

Holy Fetchballs.  Are you guys as excited for this post as I am!?!

If you have read my blog for longer than 5 seconds you know that HomeGoods is one of two places I shop (1. HomeGoods  2. Our local Thrift Store.  That’s it.)  I am there so often that the employees know my name or at least as “The Blogger”.

What can I say? I’m emotionally invested.  HOMEGOODS I LOVE YOU! (picture me saying that the way a 13 year old tween screeches at the Beibs.)

Whew.  Now that that is out of my system I wanted to take you on a walk along of my last Jackpot HomeGoods Trip.


One of the reasons that I love this store so much is because it is practically a new store every time you go in.  It is super important, nay CRUCIAL, for me to have things that are original and HomeGoods delivers on this EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I love that they dont have rows and rows of the same lamps and pillows, and as frustrating as it can be at times I love that you cant buy things online.  Its all about the hunt baby.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on their killer prices.

So I thought it would be fun to play a game today and see if you guys can pick out my favorite score from my last trip!

HomeGoods is always right on trend with the things that most stores are scrambling to get.  Take for example the whole Native/Ikat/Ethnic/Tribal/Southwesty patterns that are taking our world by storm and our hearts as crazed love slaves.

These are just a few of the things that I found in my local store that I am obsessed with:

The pattern and colors in this rug are perfect for anyone!  The browns and taupes are subtle and will hide lots of dirt (that is always HUGE on my list) and the bright orange adds an incredible amount of interest.   This rug is on clearance for $349.  INSANITY!

Homegoods Rug 1


I love this Aztec-y Chevron flat woven rug.  Can you see what that tag says?!  $99 freakin bucks!  And the best part is that because its flat woven its reversible!  Two-fer!!

Woven Chevron Homegoods Rug

If you have been at the St. George Homegoods in the last 2 weeks you have DIED over this next rug.  I have gotten numerous texts and phone calls about THE rug.  This is how the conversation tends to go.

“Have you been to Homegoods lately?”

“Yes!  Have you?!  Did you see IT?”

“YES!!!!  I am in love!  I even offered my first born to the manager as a down payment.”

“I offered to spit shine the floors for the next 34 years.”

“Wow, that is dedication…I will cut you.”

And FYI this amazing rug totally warrants all of those offerings/threats.Blue Ikat Rug

I love the inky purple and blue, it is SO plush and is a great price at $499.

And if those are a little out of your price range they have these for $15.00-$30.00…or they did…until I bought them all.  (Actually I didn’t buy them ALL,  just 3 of them.)

PicMonkey Collage


I love every single one of these pillows (especially the orange ones in the middle!)



Here are a few more favorite pieces of furniture2012-06-04

If you have the chance I recommend heading to HomeGoods sans kiddos.  I know that is hard sometimes but I love going there when I have no distractions so that my creativity can just run.

I would LOVE to make some Hanging Pendant Lights out of these urns:



Or do something with these beautiful teal glass vases, what a fun pop of color!  Cant you just picture 5 different shades of blue/green glass lined up on a kitchen table all ombre-fied?  Be still my gradient obsessed heart!


Now is the really fun part… THE GIVEAWAY!!

I have no problem telling Homegoods at they are my store soul mate.  And that is just what I did.

When I told them that you guys were as die hard as I am, they were SO excited to show you how much they love your guts back….to the tune of $250!

One lucky winner will receive a $250 gift card to use at their favorite HomeGoods store to spruce up their house!!

All you need to do to enter is guess which of these 3 rugs  I bought for my living room!  Remember my new (to me) orange couch?!  It now has a new BFF!  OR tell me your favorite HomeGoods find featured in this post.

Homegoods Collage

And because we are some of the best behaved ladies on the net (most of the time) I would love it if you jumped on Facebook or Twitter and told HomeGoods a big fat THANK YOU!  This type of giveaway is not something that they do very often and we want to show them some LOVE!!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Homegoods

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/HomeGoods


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Homegoods Giveaway at Vintage Revivals

Love  Your  Guts,  Mandi

I teamed up with HomeGoods to offer this giveaway to my readers.  All opinions are 10000% mine yo.



  1. Any of those rugs! ANY!!!!!

  2. Laura L. says:

    Inky Ikat!

  3. Those rugs need to COME TO MAMA!

  4. I think you chose the Aztec Chevron! I love that one!

  5. Love the blue one. The contrast with the orange couch would be awesome.

  6. Kelly D says:

    Oh my gosh – I would LOVE to have the Inky Ikat for my family room. GORGEOUS!!!

  7. I’m going to say you chose the inky blue and purple rug. Blue complements orange, right?

  8. I hope you bought the inky ikat!!

  9. I am off right now to hunt down that Inky Ikat!

  10. I think you loved their middle one- but with the orange velvet sofa- my guess was for the black and white graphic.
    Any are/would be great. My fav- the first one- but not in my space, unfortunately…
    THanks Mandi and Homegoods!
    xo Becca

  11. Amazing give away, and my bet is on the Aztec Chevron!

  12. Inky Ikay would be a total lover of your Orange Fab Couch!!! I LOVE Home Goods!!!

  13. I think you went with the orange one :)

    My favorite things in this post are the throw pillows! Gorgeous!

  14. I LOVE those orange pillows!! I want to go there now!!!

  15. My favorite Home Goods item in this post is the brown pillow on the top shelf above your fave orange ones. They would be snazzy on my red couch.

  16. Head spinning yumminess! I have been back and forth and to and fro and finally settled on Aztec Chevron (I think). CANNOT WAIT TO SEE!!! I know I have said it before but it bears repeating ;0)

  17. so much goodness in one post! i hope you went with the aztec chevron and i hope there is one waiting for me at my local home goods. its perfect!

  18. I’m guessing the Aztec Chevron rug would be your choice with your fab new couch! The contrast of those two colors (the orange and black) allows for so many other fun colors to be mixed in!

  19. I also think you bought inky ikat! I LOVE homegoods. We don’t have one where I live, but there is one where my mom lives (about 2 hours away) and I pop in a couple times a year when I visit. L O V E it.

  20. Im guessing the chevron? Love it.

  21. I’m thinking the Ethnic orange!

  22. Samantha says:

    I have my money (that is in the form of a home goods gift card), that it is either the first or the second rug…

  23. I choose the aztec cheverton rug would be your choice Cant go wrong with any of them!!

  24. I think you chose the orange rug to compliment your new sofa!!!

  25. I also thanked them on FB!

  26. I love the Orange Pillows!

  27. Ohhh, any would be a fabulous choice. I’m going to guess Inky Ikat because it’s a contrasting color. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Samantha says:

    Also i really LOVE those smaller rugs that you were lucky enough to grab! It makes me want to go to get some and then turn them into outdoor pillows!!! just sayin’!

  29. Im guessing the chevron? Love it.

  30. the black and white zig zag rug?? :))
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

  31. Danica H says:

    Ethnic Orange gets my vote!!!!

  32. I love the sofa with the high back.

  33. The blue one f

  34. I hope the black and white one! If you didn’t, I’m tempted to fly down there and buy it myself!

  35. The fab blue one! 100%!!!!


  36. I am D-I-E dying for the Inky ikat. I love it and I am guessing you do too!!

  37. I am loving those rugs…I would take any and all of them!

  38. Ethnic Orange!!!

  39. I’m going to guess you went with ethnic orange to match your velvet couch– but you are a bit of a wildcard so maybe that’s just the obvious choice :)

    ps- I used to work at a TJ Maxx/Homegoods. It was dangerous, very very dangerous.

  40. Well the obvious choice is the ethnic orange.. I mean orange and orange, right?! But I think you might have gone with the inky ikat..or the chevron. Oh heck I don’t know! They’re all gorgeous and any one of them would be fabulous with your new couch!! I live the idea of turning the bowls into pendant lights. Brilliant!

  41. I think the Inky Ikat would really compliment your orange beauty!

  42. Hmm… I don’t see you choosing the orange rug with the orange couch. The aztec chevron would be a good guess but for some reason that seems very neutral for you. 😉 I’m going to guess it’s the ikat rug because… well… I love orange and blue together and would be super thrilled to see that you got that! 😀

    BTW: I don’t have a homegoods near me, but for 250 bucks, I will make the 9 hour trek to Vegas! At least I have a free place to stay when I get there. lol.

  43. I love the rugs, I am not good at making big decisions, since it is something that I will see each day.

  44. Ethnic Orange!

  45. Well, I love everything on this post from Home Goods–and I think you choose the Inky Ikat rug…

  46. Ethnic Orange!! Love it!

  47. I’m going with the chevron! Thanks so much for and AWESOME giveaway…thanked them too on their FB page :)
    That inky blue ikat makes my heart stop!!! WOW!

  48. Definitely the Inky Ikat!!!!

  49. The Aztec-y chevron rug needs to be in my dining room!

  50. I love that love seat that you featured!

  51. Inky Ikat!

  52. oooh… i LOVE that blue/purple Ikat! i’d fight you for it… it would look great with your orange couch, though. did you get the ethnic orange one? thanks for the generous giveaway!

  53. I’m guessing you bought the blue and white rug, which is also my favorite item from the post.

  54. You can’t beat the price on that aztec chevron – my guess is you went with that!? But any of the three would look so funky with your couch :)

  55. My favorite from this post is the gray and yellow throw pillows … LOVE I need to see if I can track some down, they would go perfect on my window bench with yellow chevron striped cushion … swoon!

  56. I’m pulling for the inky ikat!

  57. Any and all of those pillows! Can they go outside? Thanks Mandy!

  58. ALL of those rugs are GORGEOUS! THe chevron would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g. in my nursery!!!!!

  59. Omg I love ALL of those rugs!!!

  60. Yup, you got the middle one.
    I love that last one with the blues. Wishing for Home Goods in our town. My kids have jobs to buy their own groceries, right? Ha.


  61. I think the orange rug ended up in your room :)

  62. I am loving the purple & yellow rug! And I bet you chose the chevron rug!

  63. I have always been a sucker for Home Goods. I’m guessing Inky Ikat! Thanks Mandy and Home Goods!

  64. My guess is the Aztec Chevron! Wow, would LOVE this giveaway!!

  65. I’m thinking you bought the chevron/aztec rug. It’s my favorite! I think I need to get down to my local HomeGoods right away… It’s my favorite store but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been there in a few weeks!

  66. I think you went with the Inky Ikat one!

  67. Hopefully you went with the Inky Ikat!

  68. Love the white coffee table!

  69. Wow! I never knew they had such fabulous rugs!! I am loving the inky ikat and hope you got it for your home! Can’t wait to check out their selection!

  70. I love that tufted loveseat! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I’d guess the Inky Ikat…

  72. The blue/inky ikat one!

  73. I think you bought the Aztec Chevron, but I don’t know why I’m thinking that.

  74. Aztec Chevron!

  75. Aztec Chevron!

  76. My guess is the Inky Ikat

  77. My guess is the Aztec Chevron, I think it compliments it well and it not matchy, but more of an awesome contrast.

  78. The orange pillows are amazing!

  79. First of all, I LOVE that tufted bench!!!

  80. I’m pulling for the Inky Ikat! With the contrast of the Orange couch it would look AWESOME!

  81. I think you chose the blue one! Although any of the 3 would look amazing with the orange couch

  82. I am going with the ikat rug as a pair up to your couch but I really love all of them.

  83. I love it all!

  84. I’m going to have to guess the aztec chevron. Love the contrast!!!

  85. I think you picked the orange ikat, I would have gotten the inky blue beauty. All three are great though.

  86. Inky Ikat. That’s my favorite and I think/hope you bought it!

  87. I think you bought the blue kist one, but I’m not 100% sure…

  88. I’m SERIOUSLY OBSESSED with that inky ikat rug! I live in Texas and saw it at our store a few weeks ago and swooned! And maybe drooled a bit as well… Embarassing I know. But yes, the only places I shop are Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Oh and vintage stores as well. Always nice to know there are others like me out there!! I can’t wait to see your new orange couch all set up. It’s going to look fabulous!! I’m betting you’ll pick the blue ikat rug;) I guess I’ll have to wait and see!!

  89. I want the orange pillows I’m doing orange in my room and that would be perfect!

  90. My first inclination was the orange one, given the orange couch, but at the last minute I am going with the blue rug!

  91. I think you picked the first one, inky ikat to be an awesome complement for your couch!

  92. I’m going to guess the inky rug, although my heart belongs to the chevron one!

  93. hmm, orange and blue is a good color combo, maybe you got that one…or the black zig zaggy one. i love that one rug you featured, it’s the one with the jewel tones on the left. i just got a new rug from mecca (that’s what i call hg) and i love it!

  94. KrissyV says:

    Aztec Chevron?!?! And that tufted bench is awesome!!

  95. I guess the inky ikat

  96. I am thinking you bought the Inky Ikat, I love blue and orange together! I liked all the rugs though!


  97. I would say you bought the blue inky one…my favorite would be the aztec/chevron one. It would be PERFECT in mi casa!!!

  98. i love the smaller chevron runner! and, because i am thinking orange it too easy, i a going to say you took home the black and white aztec rug.

  99. I suspect you went home with the black and white – although maybe I’m just hoping that’s what you did because I’m on my way to St George tomorrow and am dreaming of taking one of the others home with me.

  100. I love the inky ikat rug!!

  101. The rugs are all great, but I think my favorite is the one on the left (where you show the three in a row).

  102. I am going to go with the classic black and white rug. The blue would also be an excellent choice. But the black and white is much more of a neutral.

  103. I am guessing the Aztec Chevron! Based on your love for the Southwest :) Love all three rugs, can’t wait to see it all together! (PS I’m a first time commenter, LONG time reader!)

  104. I like the blue and white rug!

  105. OMG… the $599 couch/loveseat for SURE! d-r-o-o-l…

  106. I think you picked the Inky Ikat rug. And I love the couch!

  107. i love the green and white pillows

  108. Please say you bought all three and were just messing with us on having to pick just one?? 😉 I will throw out a guess of the blue Ikat. I am a little obsessed with it now.

  109. I’m thinking the aztec chevron since it’s the cheapest!

  110. btw – I’m going to say you went with the Ethnic Orange… though knowing you, you’ve got a surprise up your sleeve. Can’t wait to see!

  111. I love the pillows!

  112. I love ALL the rugs!

  113. I love the Aztec chevron!

  114. Haleigh says:

    Definitely Aztek Chevron! It’s beautiful

  115. Chevron!!!!

  116. hmmm that’s a tough one! They are all fantastic! I’m leaning towards Ikat tho… mostly because I want it!!!

  117. Since you have that beautiful orange sofa, I think you’d get the Ethnic Orange. Like you said, it hide a lot of dirt and it looks so pretty! And I’d get the urns so I can make the lights out of it as well! :)

  118. Those rugs were awesome! I need a runner…like a hallway rug…like that long chevron one!!! :) thanks for the giveaway chance! :) I hope I win!

  119. My vote is Aztec Chevron!

  120. Inky Ikat, all the way!

  121. I think you went with the aztec chevron… to connect with your southwest roots? What an amazing giveaway, thank you!

  122. Aztec Chevron. Headed to my Homegoods to see if they have one today!

  123. Loved the teal glass vases!

  124. I love the smaller blue Ikat rug! But seriously how can you really choose between those choices!

  125. ok…so…this is seriously the best giveaway ever. I love HomeGoods and I love the Aztec Chevron!

  126. I think you went with the inky ikat!

  127. I’m going with the aztec chevron (although I feel like surrrrrrely Inky the Ikat made its way home, too? ITS.SO.PRETTY.)

    As for my fave-a-fave, I’m totally digging those vases. Drool.

  128. Did you buy the ethnic orange one?

  129. Anonymous says:

    i love the aztec chevron rug! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  130. My guess is you bought the chevron rug, but only because I REALLY REALLY love it. Gah! So awesome!!

  131. Inky Ikat…..I love Orange & Blue together

  132. I love the couch and bench!

    nicole burris

  133. Black and white loveliness – I drool over these rugs!!!!!

  134. Aztec Chevron is the one you picked, I just know it!
    Home Goods gift card, come to momma! 😉

  135. Inky Ikat… I think it would look great with orange.

  136. i think you picked the orange one! :)

  137. I am guessing Aztec Chevron :)

  138. I’m thinkin Aztec Chevron!

  139. ORANGE! I love Homegoods!

  140. Um. I LOVE it alllllll!!! I love the three rugs you bought. I think you bought the aztec chevron… :)

  141. I’m going to guess the “Aztec-y Chevron flat woven rug”. Not that you can go wrong with the other two : ) I luuuuuv all your projects and can’t wait to see what you do with your living room.

  142. Aztec Chevron for the win!

  143. I think you picked the Aztechy Chevron.

  144. Inky Ikat!

  145. I’d be happy with ANY of the rugs….or pillows! LOVE Homegoods!

  146. I LOVE the black and white chevron print rug!

  147. I’m going with the Inky Ikat! :)

  148. Definitely the Aztec Chevron.

  149. i’d say inky ikat! WANT IT.

  150. I’m crazy for HomeGoods – I have two within driving distance – WAHOO! Love that beautiful sofa in your post. Thanks for a chance to win. Fingers are crossed!

    Warmly, Michelle

  151. The orange rug is my favorite!

  152. I think you went with the Aztec Chevron. I think the orange one is fun but would maybe be a little too much of the orange. Oh, and I am in love with that blue glassware!

  153. I am D-Y-I-N-G over the aztec chevron rug!

  154. probably the black and white aztec! i love the blue ikat! amazing!

  155. I’m thinking the Inky Ikat but I love the black and white rug.

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Inky Ikat. Blue and orange baby.

  158. I love them all! The orange is great, the blue is fantastic but I think you picked the Black and White chevron. It is the least expensive and most versatile…..

  159. I think you picked the chevron one!

    LOVE Home Goods!!!!!

    saw99a at yahoo dot com

  160. I’ve NEVER shopped at homegoods!!! I know, crazy, right? I don’t think there is one by me, but I’ll have to start shopping with them online because I’m obsessed with that black & white rug!!! And those pillows are to die for. Ok, I’m going to lurk on homegoods.com all day now, thanks Mandi!!! Awesome giveaway :) :) :)

  161. The black and white went home I just know it!

  162. I think the earthy rug would like nice next to the orange couch, but it might be too matchy-matchy, so I bet you went with the black and white. Actually, I hope you bought all three because I am OBSESSED with the inky blue. OBSESSED.

  163. Mindi Strong says:

    I think you picked the inky blue rug to compliment the couch because orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel making them complimentary colors. I LOVE that HomeGoods is like a different store every time you go in! You quickly learn that you have to buy things you like right away because they will most likely be gone the next week 😉

  164. I love the smaller rugs! Any of them! I think they would add a fun pop of color by the kitchen sink or the runner down the hall!

  165. My favorite is the gray loveseat!

  166. I am drooling over the teal vase!!

  167. I’m guessing you grabbed the earthy, southwestern-inspired rug, although the orange-on-orange could be kind of intense. I’m thinking you’re not afraid of intense though, so I’ll stick to my guns.

    I’m absolutely DYING over the navy ikat flatwoven rug & the navy & white chevron! I don’t know where this obsession with navy came from, but I’m full steam ahead!

  168. The black and white chevron is my fave–I think it could go in just about any room!

  169. I think you got the inky one- we just got our first home goods, so this would be awesome!

  170. The chevron rug – I want something similar for my kitchen. I also LOVED the luscious pillow colors! I need a couple for my living room couch and am thinking a Homegoods run is in order. :)

  171. blue contrast FTW! oh, homegoods. will you marry me?

  172. I almost said Ethnic Orange, but then that would be too matchy matchy for you. So I’ll say Inky Blue.

    (And now I’m going to go to Home Goods on my lunch hour and do some damage!)

  173. I think inky ikat!

  174. I think you chose the black and white one.

  175. I’m guessing you picked the Aztec chevron rug! You’ve been talking about your latest living room theme/remodel, so that’s what I’m guessin :)

  176. I’m guessing you picked the Aztec chevron rug! You’ve been talking about your latest living room theme/remodel, so that’s what I’m guessin :)

  177. The black and white went home with you. I love HomeGoods!

  178. I’m guessing… chevron!

  179. The answer to both questions is Aztec Chevron. It’s so cute!

  180. I’m guessing the black and white!

  181. I think it was Aztec Chevron! Love them all though!

  182. The ethnic orange rug!! If not, I want it then!

  183. I’m going to guess the ethnic orange but any of them would look great with that couch!

  184. The ethnic orange rug!! If not, I want it then!

  185. the orange one seems the obvious(and gorgeous) choice..but i’ll go with the black/white

  186. Amanda A says:

    Gahhhh! incredable inky ikat! Woah lady. That baby is just begging to be thrown on the floor cuddled and snuggled into love room harmony!

  187. The orange!!

  188. You chose the inky ikat. That’s my guess and I’m stickin to it. Together with the orange couch, it is perfect. The orange rug would be too matchy and the Aztec to halloweeny. (hee hee, I said weeny) So Inky Ikat it is.

  189. OMG…absolutely LOVE the inky ikat! This post has seriously inspired me to stop by HomeGoods on my way home from work tonight…I WANT THAT RUG.

  190. The ethnic orange rug!! If not, I want it then!

  191. Not sure. Don’t want to be too matchy matchy. Maybe the blue one since you liked the vase.

  192. I want every single one of those pillows!!

  193. ethnic orange!

  194. Anonymous says:

    I’d say the Ethnic orange but I know you don’t like to be too match match…the inky blue?
    Thanks for the giveaway, I shop Homegoods stores in Boise, SLC, St. George, Vegas…where ever I can!
    (I have even written the company to get them to add on to our TJMaxx and make it a Homegoods)


  195. Ooo would love a $250 gift card to HomeGoods. I loooove that place too!

    I’m going to guess that you bought the inky ikat rug to go with the your new orange couch :)

  196. I love those pillows and I have a feeling you went with the blue.

  197. I love those three small-ish flat weave rugs. I have bought some of those from HomeGoods myself (different patterns, though). Thanks for the chance to win!

  198. I think you went with the purple/blue rug. :)

  199. I love all 3 of those rugs but I’m thinking you might have chosen the aztec chevron. Hhmm….or the inky ikat! Dangit! Now I’m second guessing myself! Either way….all of them are thebomb.com!

  200. I think you went with the inky blue one. I love Homegoods was just there yesterday, it almost gives me a panic attack because I want so much! Can’t wait to see what you do….! Your cousin is so pretty, I hoped she would make it.

  201. Aztec Chevron…wonderful pattern, price is right!! LOVE love LOVE Homegoods!!

  202. Jennifer says:

    I love those pillows – all of them! Great patterns and the orange is so cheery!

  203. I would guess the inky ikat for some nice contrast! Love Home Goods!

  204. i think you picked the inky ikat! love homegoods!

  205. love the throw pillows… the orange ones are a great pop of color!

  206. Aztec Chevron

  207. I loved your logic about the orange one (hides dirt, etc.) but I think you went with the chevron one! Reaaaallllyyy hope I win- I’ve been eyeing some chairs at Home Goods, which are probably gone by now since everything is amazing and so affordable, but you know there will be more!!

  208. I’m really digging the orange pillows. And the black and white rug is awesome.

  209. I vote Aztec Chevron!

  210. I think the blue one! or maybe the one with orange..But probably the blue one!

  211. I love, love, LOVE those pillows!! And I think you went with the inky ikat!

  212. The Aztec Chevron would look awesome with your new, awesome couch. LOVE this giveaway!

  213. I think Ethnic Orange for sure :) I could pretty much buy anything from Homegoods at any given moment. This would be a total win!

  214. I think the inky Ikat.

  215. aztec chevron!

  216. I love the blue green vases and all 3 rugs!!! :) I think you picked the blue rug!

  217. Hmmmm………At first i thought Inky Ikat but my gut is telling me Aztec :)

  218. I am *sure* you picked Inky Ikat – love it!

  219. I love the black/cream chevron runner! It would be perfect for my entry/hallway!!

  220. RD Shugart says:

    I’m guessing the inky blue ikat!

  221. I’m thinkin you went with the black aztec chevron…I am loving all those rugs!

  222. My guess is the orange ethnic

  223. Inky Ikat for sure! Love me some Home Goods!

  224. RDShugart says:

    I’m guessing the inky blue ikat!

  225. inky ikat…great contrast with the orange couch! we don’t have a homegoods in my state! BUT only 19 days til the grand opening! i’m so so so excited!!!

  226. i would guess the ethnic orange – goes with the COUCH, and hides the dirt

  227. I would guess you purchased the chevron rug, but oh my heart throbs for the inky ikat! I would practically take anything you posted although I already have the white leather tufted bench (I couldn’t resist!) I die every time I go into that glorious treasure of a store!

  228. At first I would have guessed the orange ikat one, but upon further thinking I’m going with the Aztec chevron one. I always love going to home goods but I forget about it because there’s not one right next to my house. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll be making my way there sooner than later.

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  229. I think you went with the “Ethnic Organge” to bring your FAB new sofa into the present, without looking to vintagey!

  230. I love that padded coffee table or bench. Whichever it is I could use it!

  231. LOVE that blue ikat rug…I DIE, I NEED that rug for my house!!

  232. I love the inky ikat rug as my favorite find.

  233. I love the teal glass vases!

  234. I totally think you got the black and white aztecy one. I saw you on Studio 5 today and your segment just made me love you even more! Yay for color!

  235. Natalie Minniss says:

    Hmm I think you went with the Aztec Chevron! I know I would have, it’s sooo cute!!

  236. I love the ethnic orange rug!!! I NEEEED IT! :)

  237. c.harris says:

    I just LOVE the Aztec Cheveron rug!!!

  238. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aztec chevron rug and the inky ikat and the teal vases. I NEED THEM. so if you got them you bes put them in your next yard sale so I can snatch them up. They fit my living room and family room perfect. they even fit in with my feeling I chose for FFA

  239. I want that coffee table that has metal legs and a wooden top. I have been looking for something like that forever!

  240. The purple and blue inky ikat..

  241. I loooove me some Home Goods!!!

    I think you bought the inky ikat. What an awesome design!!


  242. Aztec chevron ended up in your room. I bought the same ones! How funny.

  243. Inky Ikat. It matches your wall 😉

  244. I think the inky kat! All these pictures make me want to go to home goods.. RIGHT NOW!

  245. I love the campaign-esque side table! Yum.

    • Also, I just bought 4 rugs at Homegoods myself! Including a small runner of the aztec/chevron. Too bad it has to go back. :( Just wasn’t working for me.

  246. I LOVE the teal glass vases!

  247. I LOVE the black and white zig zag rug!!

  248. i would pick ink blue and black rug…. it would be awesome with your orange couch. But the black and white would look awesome with my couch. I wish good things lasted at Home Goods, I am sure they are sold by now!!!!! thanks for the pictures always fun to shop with you!!!!!

  249. I LOVE the couch/love seat in the middle. I am coveting in fact. I’m also guessing you picked the black and white Aztec rug. Would look great with that couch. Bam.

  250. I love those tea glasses as well as the cute little grey ottoman. Home Goods is awesome!!

  251. I LOVE the zig zag runner rug! We just moved to a new apartment that actually has an entry way and I’ve been searching for a good rug to put there!

  252. Bernadette Iturriria says:

    My guess would be the flat woven black and white chevron rug!

  253. I totally think you bought the Aztec Chevron rug. That screams MANDI to me; especially with an orange couch. YUM! 😉

    I’ve tweeted, Facebook updated, pinned, shouted from the roof tops for this giveaway. It’s awesome & so you are! Fingers crossed I win!

  254. Definitely the blue/purple inky ikat. I need you to go shopping with me.

  255. My favorite thing, well there are too many! But we’ll stick with the dark orange pillow on the top shelf in your pic, oh, and the orange pillows in the front, the green ones…..you get the picture. Thanks Homegoods!! and Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  256. I can see why you love ALL of those rugs! I originally was going to say the Ethnic Orange because it matches your couch & fits into your southwesterny vibe…but now I’m thinking that you went with the Inky Ikat to compliment the orange sofa with the cool blues & purples.
    I also LOVE that tufted love seat & those coffee tables. Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. I like the green and white pillows, they look very beachy


  258. Anonymous says:

    Would love to win the HomeGoods giveaway!!! I bet you picked the Aztec Chevron rug!!! :)
    Brandi Zimmerman

  259. Love the Iky Ikat!

  260. Aztec Chevron for the win.

  261. I, too, love the inky ikat rug! Perfection!

  262. Mand, please, I’ve got to win! I still have my whole bedroom to decorate!! I Love all the rugs, especially the iMac looking ones!!

  263. Oops, I’m pretty sure I meant ikat not iMac!!!

  264. Love me some home goods – and I love your couch – and I love ALL of the rugs, but I especially think the inky ikat would be great in your room – did you choose it? Can’t wait to see.

  265. i love the aztec chevron rug and the orange pillows! A homegoods just opened 5 min from my house, I am so excited!

  266. Anonymous says:

    I am in love with the green pillows on the pillow display and the inky ikat rug!
    Loving it!
    Morgan Thomas

  267. The Inky Ikat would look great with your new orange sofa! Home Goods – where I spend all my money.

  268. I’m loving the inky ikat rug! And thank you so much for enlightening me to the rug section at HomeGoods! I’m there constantly and never check out the rug section – but I will be next time for some awesome throw rugs for my kitchen!

  269. The inky icat is by far my fave rug. Off to my local Homegoods to hunt it down!!!

  270. My guess it the ikat. That’s my preference at least.

  271. You bought that AZTEC CHEVRON rug! I know it.. 😉

  272. My guess is the inky ikat rug!

  273. My guess is the inky ikat. I just bought a rug I love from Homegoods!

  274. i LOVE the chevron rug sooo much!

  275. inky ikat! And I am in love with the colored glass jars… truly smitten!

  276. I think that you went with the Black and White Aztec-y Chevron….It would give such a run pop against your new orange couch. I too recently went to HomeGoods and purchased one of the rugs on your post.
    Check it out here! Kaleidoscope-Living.blogspot.com

    Love Ya, Mandi and HomeGoods!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  277. I guess e inky ikat at least I hope so because it is AMAZING!

  278. Aztec chevron all the way! Loves!

  279. I’m guessing your new baby is the black & white chevron! Would look so fun with your new couch. :)

    HomeGoods is one of my favorite places on earth. Thanks for the chance to win!


  280. Hard decision but I think I love the pillows the most!

  281. I love the reversible chevron rug! That baby could go in almost any room of my house and what a great price!

  282. I’m guessing the inky ikat.

  283. I could get lost in the sea of pillows -love. Thanks for the giveaway.

  284. I would love that inky ikat. The blue is amazing and would look great with your orange couch.

  285. My favorite find {and I hope the one you choose too} is the inky blue ikat rug … from the photo (could be different in real life) it looks as though it would offer great contrast to make that new to you orange sofa look even more amazing.

    Robin @ happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  286. I love, love, love the blue green glass. I totally want that!

  287. I’m guessing the Aztec Chevron rug. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  288. I’m guessing the Inky ikat. But I can’t wait to see!

  289. im thinking the black and white chevron. thats my guess! and i really wanna go shopping now, so thank you!

  290. I think you chose the inky blue rug. Never been to HomeGoods, but interested to try it out!

    delaney underscore carroll at yahoo.com

  291. You could of gone with any of those rugs! I just can’t guess which way that Mandylicious would go. All of them are fantastic and I’m pretty sure that you’ve been shopping at my Home Goods too because I’ve been several times in the past few weeks and have not found any good rugs!

  292. I am guessing the one with the orange but the blue would give a nice contrast. I love homegoods it is the best, I am dying over the black chevron runner!

  293. i would certainly hope you bought that inky ikat. it’s gorgeous, and definitely my favorite of them all!

  294. Wow!! I am in awe of this giveaway! I here the teal glass vases and the chevron runner!! So many beautiful things!!

  295. Chevron?! However the Inky Ikat would look fab!! Can’t wait for the reveal…

  296. I think you chose the inky ikat because even though it was the most $ it is the one I would have picked. I have an obsession with blue and turquoise right now and that rug is fantastic. My other favorite things were the teal vases. I’m so excited to see everything come together in your living room!

  297. My guess is Inky Ikat!

  298. The black and white, I hope. It’s what I would pick, especially to go with an orange couch.

  299. I Love those Throw Pillows!!

  300. inky ikat ,,,,i want one too

  301. My guess would be ethnic orange. They are all pretty cool though.

  302. I LOVE Homegoods too-it is my happy place!! Im guessing you bought the ethnic orange rug, but all are great!!

  303. I love the loveseat! It is so great with the high arms!!

  304. I LOVE Homegoods!!! Im guessing you choose the ethnic orange, but all 3 would lok great.

  305. I like the Aztec chevron rug but I also love the love seat couch! Want this gift card because we are in the process of buying a house!

  306. I bet you went for the super deal and got the aztec print!

  307. i would guess ethnic orange, but love them all!!

  308. You totally got the orange one!

  309. LOVE that aztec chevron rug!!!

  310. Love “the rug” also. Would love to redo my bedroom around it.

  311. i love all the rugs but i’m in the market for small rugs. and i love the ones in this post. but, you know, no other homegoods in utah compares to the one in st. g. and, unfortunatly, i live in lehi.

  312. I’m in love with all of those rugs and I’m going to guess you went with the inky ikat.

  313. I think you went with Aztec Chevron. It goes with the Santa Fe Brothel idea.

  314. I am going to say aztec chevron. I just cannot see you buying a rug that matches your couch.

  315. Inky Ikat!!!

  316. Aztec Chevron- Hooray for 99 bucks!
    PS The Navy Chartreuse Ikat is currently in my livingroom :) The Navy & White Chevron runner was hard to pass up!

  317. I am in love with the pillows!!

  318. I think Inky Ikat…. Love all of them!

  319. Blue and orange baby all the way! Oh tell me I am right and then let me pry that gift card out of your little paws! Love you and the blog!

  320. I want that coffee table!! It would be perfect in the living room…once I get the money to redo it so it looks like my Polyvore board! :) I know you love that blue ikat rug, but I’m having a hard time saying that you bought it because they all would look so good for such different reasons! I can’t wait to see what you actually bought. Thank you and HomeGoods for this giveaway!

  321. Love the inky blue rug!!

  322. i think the INKY IKAT; all three would look great with your couch! i love HomeGoods, my daughter and i just went to the newest one this past weekend!!!

  323. Holy Home Goods! I love this! MUST.HAVE.RUGS.
    Thank you so much for sharing the Home Goods love!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  324. Definitely would get one of the rugs… since I already have 4 in my home and gave a 5th away as a gift. OBSESSED with HG. PS – I think you got the black/white chevron.

  325. Aztec chevron!

  326. Anonymous says:

    Aztec Chevron!

  327. I love all of the lower cost rugs… because I have already purchased 4 for my house and gave a 5th away to a friend because she loved it so much (Hot Pink Ikat… sad I let go of it, actually).

    I think you took home the B/W rug.

  328. Holy Crap, 319 comments! How can you read all of this. LOL My guess for you is the 2nd tribal looking one. It’s perfect for the look you want in your living room and your orange sofa! I want that black & white one!

  329. I’d guess the Inky Ikat! It’s beautiful!!

  330. Corynn Flood says:

    Inky Ikat all the way!

  331. OF course I’d love a giftcard to Homegoods!! They are my fave shopping spot too & I will need lots of new things for my new house. YAY!

  332. I LOVE that white coffee table. Would look great in my living room!!

  333. I think the black and white chevron – I just got me one!

  334. I love EVERYTHING!I had no idea Homegoods was that cool!But I WANT WANT WANT the $500 bluish rug.With my gray walls..forget about it.Magic!

  335. Inky Ikat. You said something about denim a while back…

  336. I love that white ottoman/ bench! I need that for the end of my bed! I went to Homegoods for the 1st time last week. It was a dream come true.

  337. My favorite find is the teal glass vase! Absolutely adore!

  338. Anonymous says:

    can’t imagine how tough it will be to pick a winner!! My guess is the chevron! The couch and that rug together would be a gorgeous combination. Robin, Coppercloudranch@cox.net

  339. After changing my mind a dozen times, I’m going to say you went with the ethnic orange rug. And thanks for spreading the cheer!

  340. Michele B. says:

    I think the Aztec Chevron rug would compliment your awesome orange couch beautifully! Can’t wait to see your room completed!!

  341. Aztec Chevron rug

  342. I love the couch!

  343. I love the inky ikat rug but I know whatever is purchased at Home Goods is sure to look spectacular! I could get lost in that store for hours exploring. :)

  344. Anonymous says:

    I love the colored glass vases. I’m totally going against the popular vote on this one, but I’m hoping you DIDN’T get the ikat rug – I took one look at it an all I saw was Po from Kun-Fu panda. Once you see him, you won’t be able to UN-see him – and I have a hard time seeing Kung-fu Panda fitting in with your southwest/brothel living room… =)

  345. I love the Ethnic Orange!

  346. My guess is the ethnic orange. Seems a little “southwestern”, which seems to be your new direction.

  347. They’re all beautiful but I adore that blue one! I wish I had found it! I have to drive for an hour and half to get to a Home Goods…and I do it on a regular basis! The best store ever!!!!!!!! Wish they were a franchise!

  348. Melissa Lewis says:


  349. I like the Aztec chevron with your couch. I hope that’s what you chose!

  350. i love homegoods!!! it is a tough call but my guess is the aztec chevron…it just screams santa fe brothel and i have a nearly identical one in my home :)

  351. Aztec Chevron! Omg, I had no idea Homegoods had some ikat rugs. Must. get. there. NOW.

  352. My favorite thing in this post is the orange rug, and I almost want to say that’s the one you chose. But you’re not a “matchy-match” girl, so I’m leaning more towards your picking the blue and white rug!

  353. I think you went for the inky ikat because it would look awesome with your new sofa.

  354. I going to guess the Inky Ikat one. I LOVE it! And love HG too! :)

  355. The Aztec chevron would be awesome in my living room! I’m loving black and white right now!!

  356. I would guess the inky ikat, great choices! Love Homegoods so much, you’ve inspired me to stop by after work today!

  357. Inky Ikat!

  358. I think inky ikat because it would be the perfect contrast to your orange couch and you are stylish like that!

  359. I’m guessing the Aztec Chevron but I love that green rug that your pictured that was smaller. Love Home Goods!

  360. Sasha Gagnon says:

    Inky Ikat!

  361. Anonymous says:

    I’d say…..Aztec Chevron (at least i’m hoping so!) :)………stephenandrissa@gmail.com

  362. I really liked the blue/cream one. It’s beautiful!

  363. This comment has been removed by the author.

  364. I bet you bought the Aztec Chevron. Or at least I would have! :)

  365. I’m guessing the inky ikat

  366. inky ikat for sure!

  367. I am guessing the inky ikat

  368. Michelle Garbett says:

    Ethnic Orange! See you Sunday we are coming to visit St George!

  369. you totally hopped on the Chevron bandwagon (and made it your own!)

  370. The blue one!

  371. Aztec Chevron. Super fun giveaway!

  372. I love the inky ikat rug ! Thanks for the chance to win!

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  373. I love all the rugs, but my fave item is the teal glass vase! Those would be perfect in my new kitchen!! I see another trip to Home Goods in my near future :)

  374. I think all will look good but I’m guessing you didn’t go with the orange, maybe a different color from the couch. My guess is the inky ikat.

  375. I vote inky ikat!

  376. I am loving that little couch in your post… and I also think you went with the black and white rug to go with your orange couch… no?
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  377. Anonymous says:

    Aztec Chevron john mains johnmains10@yahoo.com

  378. i am totally guessing the inky ikat guy, but have to let you know that i would roll my naked body all over that ethnic orange number. gorgeous.
    i am in love with that little couch!!

  379. I LOVE the inky ikat rug! I hope you chose that one!

  380. For sure the ethnic orange, unless I’m crazy and don’t think I know you as much as I do. Oh, wait I really don’t know you ha, ha.

  381. Allison says:

    Aztec chevron :)

  382. I am so lame at guessing games…I can’t even bring myself to make a guess. But, oh, I love love love those orange throw pillows!

  383. Blue – complimentary of orange!

  384. I love the Inky Ikat!

  385. My favorite thing you featured is easily that gorgeous indigo ikat rug! And I hope it’s what you couldn’t live without…a perfect complement to that luscious orange velvet sofa!

  386. Aztec chevron!

  387. The inky purple!!

  388. I guess Ethnic orange but I think any one of them would look great with your fabulous orange couch!

  389. I’d guess the Aztec Chevron! It goes so well with your orange couch.

  390. Any, but love the chevron

  391. I think its the black and white aztec!

  392. i am guessing the aztec chevron ended up there…. with the orange couch…. shazam!

  393. Aztec chevron!

  394. The inky blue is in your living room now!

  395. BritWash says:

    My guess is that you bought the Aztec Chevron rug. And I’m loving the vases!

  396. I’m going with the Aztec Chevron…but I love them all…and I love HomeGoods!
    This post totally reminded me I haven’t been there in a few weeks…I’ll have to fix that!

  397. Kristin Valdez says:

    Those green pillows are so great!

  398. I love the pillows! I think you probably picked the beautiful rug with the orange in it! Love it!

  399. I really want the little gray sofa- I have the perfect spot for it in my empty front room. It would be perfect. I’m guessing that you went with the aztec chevron rug. Excited to see your new finished space.

  400. I would guess the rug with the orange in it… but I don’t know if you’d think it was too “matchy.” Love the pillows!!

  401. I am guessing the Aztec chevron.

  402. I’m thinkin Inky Ikat. Love them all though! Ahh I so need a rug!

  403. I love the black & white rug.

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  404. Anonymous says:

    I believe you probably picked the inky looking (blue/purple) one or the ikat looking one. But which ever one you picked will look awesome because everything you do looks sooooo awesome.

  405. Anonymous says:

    The ikat would be so amazing with your couch! I don’t have a local HomeGoods, so you SLAY me with these posts!!! However, with $250, I would gladly drive however far I had to! Big sloppy kiss to HomeGoods!

    Leigh (spencer -5 @ embarqmail.com)

  406. I shop at the HomeGoods stores in Vegas… and I guess tyou picked up the inky ikat for some nice contrast!

  407. It has to be the ethnic orange!!!!!

  408. I think you picked the black and white! I want to win this sooooo bad!

  409. I think you picked the black and white…would LOVE to win this!!!

  410. I love orange and blue together so my guess is the inky ikat.

  411. Love the inky purple and blue rug. Would look great in my family room.

  412. I think you got the Aztec Chevron rug, it is beeeautiful! Sooo wish there was a Home Goods store near my home!

  413. Initially i typed in the Aztec Chevron but now i’m kinda feeling the Ethnic Orange… To just pick one of my favorite finds at HomeGoods is impossible..being a college student i buy EVERYTHING there. I recently got the cutest Tommy Hilfiger bedspread for $25!! What a steal! And one time i went in and walked out with the cutest yellow polka dotted bowls, wall accents and a candle for about $10 (still dont know how that happened…)

  414. Teal jar, thank you very much :)

  415. Aztec chevron all the way, baby!

  416. My guess= inky ikat!

  417. I sure love Home Goods! My favorite thing in the post is the couch!!

  418. I’m going to guess the Aztec chevron rug. Im seriously in love with home goods. i could spend hours in that store, and all your finds are beautiful, basically everything i would sit and drool over too :)

  419. Love those ombre blue vases!


  420. DYING over the sofa!! I love HomeGoods… So many amazing pieces!

  421. I say the Inky Ikat. It would look so good with your awesome couch. And I like it best.

  422. I thinks that you picked the black and white. They are all TO DIE!

  423. I don’t think you could go wrong with ANY of those choices! Fingers crossed that I win because we recently moved into a new home and I am seriously lacking on the decorating front and I have had SEVERAL people Home Goods is the place to go! Have never been in before but will be heading up there soon…hopefully with some giveaway money!!!!!

  424. I am IN LOVE with the Inky Ikat!!!! And with your AWESOME orange couch…. AHHHH! What an amazzing combo!! :)

  425. I have been wanting to make a pendant light for awhile and those urns seem to be calling my name.

  426. Aztec Chevron rug is my FAV!!!

  427. I am guessing the Aztec Chevron (black and white) rug. It will look so hot with the orange couch!

  428. That tufted bench is gorgeous~

  429. Love Homegoods!! I think you went with the aztec-y chevron. Woop-woop. Loving your blog in good ole Tennessee!!! :)

  430. I would guess Ethnic Orange.

  431. I say Ikat!

  432. I love HomeGoods!! I think you went with the aztec-y chevron! Super cute! I am sending love from good ole Tennessee.

  433. The aztec chevron rug! LOVE home goods too!

  434. ethnic orange – gorgeous! and it hides dirt. hiding dirt means less cleaning and less cleaning means more time spent in homegoods/the good ol’ thrift store! durrr :)

  435. I’m going with ethnic orange. Love the pattern!

  436. I’m guessing Aztec Chevron!

  437. EEEK That blue rug is abso amazing!! In my new library?? I could totally picture it there… with a nice white tufted settee?? Anyhoo… i’m hoping that you bought the Orange Aztec to go with that couch! How POPPING would that be?!

  438. Umm how could you go wrong with this store. amazing!!!

  439. I’m guessing you went with the orange one to tie in your couch, but who knows you could make any of them work I’m sure!

  440. I am now in absolutely desperate need of that aztec chevron rug! $99!? BE STILL MY HEART!

  441. I think you may have picked the Inky Ikat as it would look awesome with your “new to you” sofa. You are a true inspiration. I really enjoy your blog!

  442. Ashley M says:

    I love those pillows! Also the teal glass vase is amazing :)

  443. Love the inky ikat rug and the pillows!

  444. Love Homegoods! I’m looking for new bedding right now and this could really help. Embarrassed to say I haven’t had new bedding in over twenty years! It’s time Momma had a new bedroom. I would guess the inky ikat. What a great rug!

  445. I love the Chevron print rug…Beautiful!

  446. I love Homegoods! I would guess the inky ikat. What a great rug. Would love to win this to help redo my bedroom. Thanks Homegoods!

  447. i love the aztec chevron!!! I also adore the vases with brown string wrapped around the top.
    :) gina at hiyaluv dot com

  448. i would guess that you went with the Aztec Chevron. I wish i’d found that rug before you, haha :) I saw you on Studio 5 thismorning for the first time and read your real life story here on your blog. I was in tears. You are amazing. Way to stick it out, and what a beautiful outcome. You are my new blog crush!! Keep up the great work! PS- I love Home Goods. AWESOME giveaway. Thanks!

  449. Inky Ikat for sure!

  450. That little white couch is amazing!!

  451. Aztec Chevron….LOVE!

  452. I love the paisley-looking ottoman!

  453. I just got home from homegoods! I guess the inky ikat, orange and blue go amazingly together. My favorite homegoods find was also a rug, 1200 marked down to 299, love that store!

  454. i say you went with the ethnic orange rug.. i LOVE that sofa!!!!!!

  455. I’m guessing the blue ikat rug!

  456. My guess is that you loved the inky ikat best, wanted the brown and orange for its complementarity and its dirt-hiding qualities, but bought the Aztec chevron because of its bold graphics and can’t-resist price tag.

  457. The Aztec Chevron! {I love me some Home Goods too! What a fabulously generous giveaway!}

  458. Melissa Wallisa says:

    I’m going to guess the Aztec Chevron. It would look great with the orange couch! I love all of them!

  459. It’s definitely the ikat rug. It’s gorgeous.

  460. I love the Aztec-y chevron rug.

  461. Inky Ikat for sure!!

  462. love the rugs an pillows, he colors really pop, love homegoods

  463. I really like that small (but long) chevron rug. Home Goods is pretty great! I definitely need to spend more time there!

  464. I love the inky ikat rug!

  465. I love the teal glass vases. I love homegoods. I have found the most awesome dishes, kids things and garden decor there

  466. I LOVE the 2 tone orange/white rug in the tip top of the 3 rug photo. It would look awesome in my living room!

  467. Aztec Chevron, no idea why I think that, but I do.

  468. I love all of those little rugs!

  469. I’m going to guess the chevron one! I heart Homegoods!

  470. My guess is that you bought the inky blue one. Can’t wait to see the final product! Love Homegoods :)

  471. I love that white bench mostly because of the mirrored legs.

  472. Inky ikat all the way!

  473. I’m thinking the Ikat went home with you. Love those vases!!!!

  474. Anonymous says:

    I love Home Goods and will travel 4 hours to go there! Love any of those rugs!! ANY OF THEM!


  475. Anonymous says:

    Love the pillows!

  476. I think the black & white rug would look awesome in your new living room! And my favorite HG item you showed off is the teal vase. I have them in 3 sizes in bright green!! Thanks for the fun giveaway! I LOVE HOME GOODS!!!!

  477. I love the ikat rug and te pillows!

  478. I think the black & white rug will look awesome in your new living room! And my favorite HG item you showed off is the teal vase. I have those in 3 sizes in bright green!! Thanks for the fun giveaway. I LOVE HOME GOODS!!!

  479. I’m going to say the aztec chevron black and white rug. Awesome giveaway. I’ve got a Home Goods about 4 miles from the house. Love it!

  480. Im gonna guess you picked out the Inky Ikat just from the conversations you have already had about it 😀 The nearest Home Goods to me is about 2 hours away but I will drive there in a heartbeat if I win the gift card!

  481. I think the black & white rug would look awesome in your new living room! Also, my favorite piece you showcased was the teal vase. I have it in 3 sizes in bright green! Thanks for the fun giveaway. I LOVE HOME GOODS!!!

  482. I think that you got the Aztec Chevron. I love Homegoods!

  483. Inky Ikat all the way

  484. I love the black and white chevron rug. I also LOVE Homegoods pillows!!!

  485. Anonymous says:

    I love the pillows!jillfroelich@yahoo.com

  486. I love the chevron rug and Homegoods pillows are always the best.

  487. i’m guessing the aztec chevron…i’d be my pick at least!

  488. Hmm That’s a tough one they all look awesome! I am going to say the Aztec Chevron since you are going Southwestern these days:)

  489. inky ikat for sure.

  490. Love the white bench! That Home Goods gets me every time!

  491. If I were you, I would go with the inky blue rub. Love Home Goods – I need to go there more often.

  492. I think you got the Aztec chevron. The black and white would look great with your awesome orange couch.

  493. I think you got the Ethinic Orange rug! All of them are amazing…love Home Goods!

  494. I definitely need ‘the rug’. I can already see it sitting in my bedroom, I really love how deep the colors are.

  495. I so love HomeGoods that I drive 2 1/2 hours to get to the closest store! Absolutely would not having trouble spending that gift card! Love, love the blue ikat.

  496. Oh gosh.. I’m going to have to go for the purple/blue ikat!

  497. Maybe the middle one? I love Home Goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  498. Love all of the rugs, but the inky ikat is probably my favorite!

  499. Maybe the middle one? I love Home Goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  500. I’m saying the orange one!

  501. Orange one all the way!

  502. Chevron!!! Love the chevron :-) I also love home goods because it’s where I get my pillow guts from, like you suggested! Greatest idea ever!!!!

  503. Any of those rugs would look great. And yes the Homegoods in St. George rock, much better than the one in SL.

  504. Love the Inki ikat!!!

  505. i will guess the aztec chevron. all three would be darling though!

  506. Love the rugs! I hope it was the ikat.

  507. I am guessing you went with the Ethnic Orange for your new living room! It would look awesome with your couch! You have such a good eye!

  508. aztec chevron fo sho

  509. I think you went with the Aztec Chevron…love that black and white! Thanks for the giveaway!

  510. Totally the inky ikat. It’s gorgeous!

  511. Karisse Hendrick says:

    I LOVE the coffee table on the lower right side of the furniture pics! They’re opening a few in Washington soon, I can’t wait!

  512. I have a MAJOR Home Goods obsession! I’m going with the Inky Ikat but I LOVE all of them! Come to Mama Home Goods 😉

  513. I’m guessing Inky Ikat, but maybe that’s because that’s the one I’m drooling for! Seriously Homegoods is THE BEST!

  514. I’m guessing Inky Ikat, but maybe that’s because that’s the one I’m drooling for! Seriously Homegoods is THE BEST!

  515. Aztec chevron is my favorite


  516. I think the Inky Ikat ended up in your living room! It would look great with your new orange couch… :)

  517. All of those rugs would looks so fab with your couch. I am going to say the inky ikat. It would look awesome. The chevron, however would be PERFECT in my house! Ah!

  518. I think the Inky Ikat ended up in your living room! It would look so awesome with your new orange couch!

  519. I am a lover of the pillows! Especially the orange ones, so fun!

  520. Ethnic Orange!

  521. Aztec Chevron- but I love them all! I have never been to HomeGoods but I’m really excited to go check it out!

  522. Hmm since you mentioned that your new sofa is orange I would normally go matchy match and say you purchased the middle rug with orange, but my eye keeps going back to the black and white chevron rug! I love it…is it the one you love the most, too?

  523. So I saw your post about these rugs on instagram and ran right over there. I am in desperate need of new rugs! Well, I totally missed out! I am super bummed! I think you bought the Ethnic Orange rug!

  524. Love Home Goods! I think you chose the b/w aztec-y one. LOVE all of them.

  525. The Aztec one. LOVE Home Goods!

  526. I am honestly wondering how you managed to not buy all three rugs?! I am guessing you went with the Aztec Chevron, $99 is a steal!

  527. I’m betting you decided on that blue inky rug. And if you didn’t, then I want it for myself. It’s my favorite find of yours. You’re not alone in your love for Home Goods. Mine is in the same mall as our pharmacy, so while picking up a prescription for my son today, I stopped in REAL QUICK and came away with a rug too, lol. I can’t resist that place…

  528. I think you choose AZTEC CHEVRON!

  529. Gorgeous! I’m gonna guess the aztec chevron :)

  530. i’m guessing the blue rug..and i am in love with home goods as well.:)

  531. Ethnic Orange…I love St. George Home Goods!

  532. Aztec Cheveron!!

  533. My guess is Aztec Chevron!!

  534. My guess would be that you picked the inky ikat rug – it’s ADORABLE and would be some nice contrast with that orange couch!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!

  535. I love the zig zag rug. I’m guessing you bought the black and white rug.

  536. i love love love Home Goods! I guess you bought the inky ikat!

  537. This is a tough one…but in going with the Aztec chevron.

  538. I think you picked the black and white rug to live happily ever after with the orange couch! I’ve already scooped up a few of those same throw rugs too…I don’t quite know where they’ll go yet, but we’ll worry about that later! I love them!

  539. Hi, I’m guessig the orange

  540. LOVE the inky ikat. I think I need that for my house!! I am guessing that is the one you chose. I love everything about it. (and everything about home goods)

  541. Aztec chevron is my pick

  542. Heather Roberts says:

    I’m goIng with inky ikat. Home Goods is the mother of all stores decor!!!! Love love love Home Goods!

  543. Anonymous says:

    Inky Ikat definitely. Love HomeGoods!

  544. I LOVE the tufted love seat. I also don’t think I would have been able to leave without the chevron runner! As far as which one you went with… I feel like it might have been the orange one.

  545. I love HomeGoods, I bet you went with the Aztec Chevron, or at least I would have.

  546. Inky Ikat all the way! Very sexy with the orange…and the name is sexy too, HAHA!

  547. I’m guessing the Aztec Chevron is in your house!

    CINDY B on rafflecopter

  548. I love this Aztec-y Chevron flat woven rug! So pretty

  549. i say the aztec chevron!

  550. Jeana Ball says:

    The orange one seems a little too obvious, so I’ll go with the inky blue…which I love!

  551. The inky Ikat would look phenomenal with an orangey couch, so I pick that one!

  552. The Chevron rug! Love it

  553. I am guessing the orange rug, looks beautiful!

  554. All three rugs are a perfect fit, hmmm, I think maybe you chose the inky ikat one? LOVE the swanky new Fanta-stic orange sofa – bloomin’ gorgeous! Already love your site and Home Goods. I can never just quickly pop in to either places – gotta check all the colorful eye candy out for at least an hour!

  555. I don’t think you would go with the same color rug….to matchy, so the orange is out.
    I am going with inky ikat, I think it would look great with an orange couch!

  556. I don’t think you would go matchy with the orange rug, so I am guessing the inky ikat, would look great with and orange couch. Although it is a bit more pricey

  557. Melissa Wallisa says:

    I’m going to guess the Aztec Chevron. It would make a nice contrast with the orange couch. But, I seriously love them all!

  558. Loved the aztecish chevron rug!

  559. I feel in love with the tailored tufted sofa – so lovely! Of course, it helps that I actually need one …. :)

  560. That Inky Ikat is gorgeous! That would be my pick.

  561. Thank you for this awesome generous giveaway! My guess is the Aztec Chevron…..

  562. It has to be inky ikat!

  563. I LOVE all the colorful pillows! I can’t wait for my next trip to homegoods

  564. I say you bought the Aztec chevron…cause it’s the cheapest!

  565. Jen Borba says:

    I love HomeGoods! I think you went with the Inky Blue Ikat. Whenever I am looking for new throw pillows or lamps I head to HomeGoods. They never let me down.

  566. gogothrift@etsy.com says:

    Hmmm…I’m thinking you bought the Aztec chevron but drooled all over the orange ethnic so they had to mark it down to $99.00

  567. I think you chose inky ikat- I would love to see that bad boy with an orange sofa!

  568. I would have to go with the majority here and say the ikat blue rug. If only because I WANT it also!!

  569. Oh man, how to CHOOSE? I do love the Aztec rug and hope you chose that one :)

  570. arlene miller says:

    I say you went with the orange rug, although that blue one would really make the orange in the couch pop:)

  571. I love the leather (looking) white ottoman!

  572. Anonymous says:

    I love the table on the top left! So pretty!

  573. Leticia A. says:

    I love the table on the top left! So pretty!

  574. Anonymous says:

    Aztec Chevron- great price and would look incredible with an orange sofa!

  575. That inky okay rug…. I can’t even. My heart skipped a beat or thirty!

  576. Love the urns

  577. LOVE the bedrooms decor!!!!

  578. I LOVE all of those pillows!! I NEED to go to homegoods and see if they have some like that in my store!! GOOD FINDS!
    I really hope I win the giftcard. I REALLY need it:)

  579. Hmm- I am guessing the inky ikat but they are all beautiful!! Home Goods is such a good place to find amazing pieces

  580. Debbie K says:

    Ethnic Orange???

  581. Debbie K says:

    Just moved and really could use an area rug for the family room, know Home Goods is just the place to find one!!

  582. My favorite is the Teal vase its my favorite type of glass! LOVE HOME GOODS!!!!

  583. I think you went with the Aztec Chevron. The pattern and color would give that vintagy look. They are all great rugs. I love everything in Home Goods and could probably buy out the whole store if I could.

  584. Kelly Campion says:

    The Aztec Chevron would look amazing!

  585. I’m thinking the black chevron :)

  586. I’m going with Inky Ikat…awesome!

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  587. Sharon Martin Orlando FL says:

    I would choose Inky Ikat.

  588. Ikat’!! Love it!!

  589. Inky Ikat!!

  590. I think you picked the Chevron Black and White one, It should go great with your orange couch.

  591. Inky Ikat. for sure.

  592. Alex, pflex@hotmail.com says:

    I’m guessing you went with the blue…or the orange??? Oh, I love Home Goods, this would be awesome!!

  593. Ok well now I’m (almost) as excited to see which rug you got as I am about the giveaway! I’m guessing the Aztec Chevron ended up next to the new couch.

  594. I love the green vase that is in the picture with the pillows.

  595. Inlove all the pillows! I need lots for my house!

  596. Mandy Ciacelli says:

    Inky Ikat

  597. I like the grey/blue chevron rug.

  598. I am thinking the Aztec Chevron is the one you chose. Although in my opinion any of the rugs would look great with that couch. Sandy C

  599. lovin’ that loveseat!

  600. My favorite find was that orange rug!!

  601. Oh wow!!! I want that chevron runner rug. It would be PERFECT down my long hallway. Thank you and THANK YOU Home Goods!

  602. Dear Miss America,
    i think you chose the inky ikat, and thanks for the giveaway!

  603. Corinne says:

    I love the chevron runner you found, that’s my favorite find! I think you went with the Ethnic Orange rug.

  604. I am going to guess the Chrevron for $99.Iit will look great with the orange couch!

  605. yep, Im going for those pillows but its the green ones :-) Thanks!!!

  606. Anonymous says:

    When I first saw the ethnic orange I thought “Oh, that is sooooo Mandi” but I think you went with the Blue Ikat and not the others because both the ethnic orange and chevron are a little more predictable and we know our Mandi is NOT predictable!! I also love Homegoods and would be thrilled to win the give away. cbtreasurehunter@comcast.net

  607. Aztec all the way I hope ! Second best is the inky guy.

  608. I love the vases and the couch! I’m loving the retro….

  609. I love the vases and the couch! I’m loving the retro….

  610. I think you bought the Aztec Chevron, but it could also be the Inky Ikat (my 1st choice!). My favorite Home Goods purchase ever was a curvy little vanity for my bedroom. It fit perfectly in the space I had and it was priced so low, I couldn’t resist it!

  611. i need that rug!

  612. I’m gonna guess the inky ikat….I think it would just make your couch POP!! Thank you so much for such a FANTASTIC giveaway!!

  613. Betsy M says:

    I think you chose the Ethnic Orange rug! Also, I LOVE those teal vases with their natural details…

  614. You went blue, tell me you went blue,I’m sure you went blue. Did you go blue????

  615. You went blue, tell me you went blue,I’m sure you went blue. Did you go blue????

  616. Of course you picked ethnic orange. It’s awesome. Wish I had it for my living room!

  617. I think you went with the blue one because you know blue and orange go great together!! I love the pillows and I LOVE HOME GOODS!!!

  618. i am thinking the inky ikat – i am in love with it. i did my office in navy and orange so i love the combo. i actually got one of the $30 rugs in the navy and white ikat style.

  619. Mary Spears says:

    Drooling over that chevron rug!

  620. I remember what you said about the direction you were going with this room so I thought the orange one and the I thought whoa this is Mandi so .. it must be the purple one. then you do have a thing for chevron Aztec stuff so… I do not know. Sorry but I think the grey and white stool in one of the pictures wants to come and live with me!!

  621. I’m gonna say you went with the inky ikat! Love the smaller rugs you snagged too!

  622. My guess is the aztec chevron… although I am in love with all three 😉

  623. Nicole Bennett says:

    The Inky Ikat! It would look perfect with our orange couch – which I am also super jealous of! Love this giveaway :)

  624. Loving me some Home Goods! I think you choose the inky ikat… it’s go-geous.

  625. Definitely the Inky Ikat!

  626. I think you chose the inky ikat. I think I need to make a trip to home goods because those pillows are calling my name!

  627. I think you bought the ethnic orange rug, which I love!

  628. I love the ethnic orange rug…my living room is green/orange if only I could get rid of my ugly carpet…

  629. I would guess you would select the large blue rug to have contrast with the orange. And those small rugs would really make a great splash on my patio!! Thanks for the this opportunity to win the HomeGoods gift. Will thank HomeGoods also.

  630. Love the Pillows!! Love Home Goods!!!

  631. I love all of the decorative pillows…I don’t have enough pillows in my house. 😉

  632. Wow Im swooning with drool every pic is paradise! The smaller rug with purple orange tan teal rust gold on the bottom left corner(whateva! the colors) I DIE!! All of these colors could totally work for your lovely new baby(couch) but I’m guessing the ethnic orange(beautiful) is too matchy-matchy for you so, I’ll say the Inky Ikat??? for great contrast and fun color pairings. Aztecy Chevron would be a party up against the orange couch…I’d even bring dessert!! But seriously, I cant wait to find out!!!!!

  633. Emily Easton says:

    At first I thought the ethnic orange– but then I remembered who’s room it was going in– so I think it was the inky ikat. It’s gorggggg! And will play very nice with your new couch.

    My fav find is that yummy tufted bench next to the couch. It would be perrfection at the end of my bed!

  634. I’m guessing the INKY IKAT!
    But I hope you chose the Ethnic Orange–and then play with color around that! The orange in the sofa AND rug will give you a bigger foundation/punch of color to work off of.

  635. Considering your thriftiness and your past comments on your new living room…. I’d say the Aztec Chevron. Oh, please let me win that gift card!! **Fingers crossed** :)

  636. Considering your thriftiness and your past comments on your new living room…. I’d say the Aztec Chevron. Oh, please let me win that gift card!! **Fingers crossed** :)

  637. I’m going to guess the blue one for contrast.

  638. I loved the love seat. I’m thinking about that for my bedroom. Problem is the closet HG’s is two hours away, but so well worth the drive.

  639. I’m thinking the Inky Ikat. Of course, you would do justice to any of those rugs with your awesome design ideas!

  640. Hmmmm this is hard. But I bet you did Aztec chevron.

  641. Melissa says:

    We have a Homegoods store in my town but I’ve NEVER been there! CRAZY! I’m going over my lunch hour TODAY! I loved Aztec Chevron rug–and the price! I hope that’s the one you picked for your couch :)

  642. Definitely the orange and green one. I DIED when I looked at it! It is absolutely perfect for my room :( Hopefully I can win this raffle and can go out and buy it for myself :3

  643. Aztec Chevron??

  644. Inky Ikat, for sure! The best things about HomeGoods is one this is perfectly priced and the next is even cheaper! LOVE it.

  645. I’m going to guess the blue inky ikat rug for what you chose! :) I’m also loving the colored glass vases.

  646. I love the teal glass vases! So lovely!

  647. I think you went with the inky Ikat rug, I think it would look fabulous with the orange couch!! I love Homegoods!! It’s the first outing I went on after being in the hospital for 6 months. It was sooo much fun! Thanks for the giveaway.


  648. I like the Aztec Chevron rug.

  649. I’m going with inky ikat because it’s so pretty! :)

  650. I think you got the middle rug with the orange to go with your couch.

  651. I think you chose the Inky Ikat rug!

  652. I absolutely love all that turquoise glass. And of course you chose the indigo rug . . . : )

  653. I think you chose the Inky Ikat rug!

  654. I love the teal vases. I think either of the rugs would look wonderful with the couch. Can’t wait to see pic/post of the one you chose with the couch.

  655. I’m going to go with the orange rug. Ann

  656. AS Maureen

    I like the wooden outdoor summer chairs at the first picture.

  657. siobhan says:

    I ONLY shop at Homegoods! My favorite hands down!

  658. I am going to guess the “AZTEC CHEVRON.” From following your blog, I think this is my best bet!
    Love them all though!!

  659. I would love to win the Home Goods gift card…. I LOVE THAT STORE and they finally put one in up in Davis County YEEHAAAAA. I am sure you would love contrast to your new fabulous couch but I am still going to go with the orange rug.

  660. I love those honey colored outdoor chairs in the first picture! We are buying a new home and those chairs would be awesome on our new patio!

  661. Inky ikat is amaz!!!!!!!

  662. Those beautiful glass vases really want to be with me!!!

  663. I love the third rug but I bet you went with the first. (but it is probably the second since I didn’t mention it! lol )

  664. Sarah Jimenez-Valdez says:

    I think you went with the Inky Ikat. I think it would go perfect with the new to you orange couch!

  665. I’m thinking the Chevron rug went home… the graphic black and white would play so well off the lush orange color of the couch!

  666. Inky Ikat for the comfort and the awesomeness next to the orange.

  667. I would guess the orange one!!!

  668. I think the Ethnic Orange rug ended up as the orange couch’s BFF.

  669. think you went with inky blue. Luuuuuvvvvv!

  670. My favorite would have to be the Inky Ikat since blue is my favorite color! By the way, I love your blog too!

  671. Anonymous says:

    I would guess Aztec Chevron, great price, easy to clean… but love them all! I wish I could buy out the store every time I go!


  672. I love love LOVE that blue rug! SO cute, I wish it was at my local home goods, it would look amazing in my living room!

  673. I love all those colorful pillows! They would definitely spice up my living room.

  674. Anonymous says:

    My guess is the Ethnic Orange. Lots of pizzaz!

    phall0106 at yahoo dot com

  675. I am guessing the middle one with the orange in it.

  676. I was thinking the orange one but I bet it is the blue one.

  677. Corinna Bennett says:

    I think that you purchased the Ethnic Orange. 😀 Although I love the other two.

  678. Aztec Chevron!! i wasn’t sure where to put my answer

  679. Definitely the Inky Ikat! I’m also an orange FREAK and I’d choose the blues for contrasting color!
    Love you Mandi, Love you Homegoods……

  680. I love all of the rugs!!! Makes me want to head down there right now!

  681. I’m guessing the inky ikat!

  682. I love the pillows ab=nd that small couch! i love the aztec chevron, it would look great with orange!

  683. Whoah, awesome giveaway!! I’d guess the Inky Ikat rug; I think it would look great with your new couch!

  684. The black chevron! I LOVEEEE HOME GOODS!

  685. Inky Ikat, for you for me for everyone!

  686. I love the upholstered ottoman you featured in the furniture section!

  687. Love Home Goods! I’ll say the Aztec chevron…but love them all!

  688. I LOVE the “Aztec Chevron”! I desperately need a new rug too. Good finds for you!

  689. Loving the teal vases…and the rugs…and the furniture. Do I have to pick just one??

  690. Amber R says:

    Aztec Chevron!

  691. First of all, any of those FAB rugs would be amazing with an orange couch! As if an orange couch is FABULOUS all in itself! But I think that you went with the black and white chevron/aztec rug! :-)

    I am loving chevron right now so LOVE the black and white chevron rug (will be making a trip to my HomeGoods to see if by chance they have it) *fingers crossed*

  692. I’m guessing Ethnic Orange!

  693. Love those pillows and vases!

  694. Chantay says:

    Girl, I think that Inky Ikat would be FABULOUS with your couch! WOW!!! That couch is the out of this world Gorgeous!!!! I’M so JEALOUS!!!:-)

  695. I love the small black chevron rug!!!

  696. Aztec Chevron!

  697. I love the chevron rug!

  698. Anonymous says:

    I would say either the blue or the black and white graphic, for sure not the orange….ok, ok, the BLACK & WHITE graphic rug! Rhonda S. @ ladybug2495@yahoo.com

  699. We just got a new HomeGoods in our neck of the woods – I’m SO FREAKIN’ excited! I’ve always envied the bloggers with their super hip/cool/in-style/one-of-a-kind HomeGoods purchases! Anywho – I digress. I think you may have chose the Ethnic Orange, but maybe you went all gothic/vogue and paired the black & white with your wonderful orange couch…??? My absolute, drool-over favorite item has to be that amazing couch. I’m seeing all kinds of sleek designed pillows and a vintage mirrored coffee and side tables on a pristine white shag area rug….Oh – that was in my dreams!!! 2 teens, a cat and a dog says NOT IN MY LIFETIME! Well – of to more blogs…have a wonderful Wednesday!

  700. savfromsb says:

    I love the beige nailhead trim tufted loveseat. so elegant and casual all at once. and it would look amazing with one of the graphic rugs you have there. thanks for doing this giveaway!

  701. The orange one, or chevron. Love the orange pillows too!

  702. I think the inky ikat one – at least that’s the one I’d like with the orange.

  703. I love the blue ikat for myself and think it would look great with the sofa.

  704. I think the inky ikat. I love it.

  705. inky ikat or the orange

  706. I guess you would have chosen the inky ikat. They are all beautiful though, and I think I need one of them pronto!

  707. The black & white one will look GREAT with your orange couch! You did a great job on Studio 5 yesterday!

  708. Those rugs are gorgeous!

  709. I’m going with Inky Ikat! Love your blog, Mandi!

  710. I think you’ll go with the inky ikat because blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel! And I love your blog, Mandi! Oh and I feel the same way as you about Homegoods, they are a part of my monthly budget plan :)

  711. The pillows are my favorite! You totally have me wanting to re-do my living room! Home goods rocks!!!!

  712. I think you picked the ethnic rug!

  713. you bought the black and white one – yo!

  714. I think you purchased the inky ikat. The orange and blue will look amazing together! It is so much fun to shop at home goods.

  715. I think you got the Inky Ikat. I’m sure of it! :)

  716. Inky Ikat is Fabulous!!!!! Love Home Goods and Love this Blog

  717. I guess the Inky Ikat, it would compliment the orange couch nicely. :)

  718. Well, there is no way I am going to win seeing that there are over 700 comments…BUT, you for sure had to get teh Aztec Chevron rug cause I am peeing my pants over it! If I lived in St. George I would be in my car right now speeding over there hoping they still had it!!!!!!!!!!!

  719. I love love love the cream couch you posted about. I also love love love Homegoods. Like you, I always seem to find something I love. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  720. Deanna G. says:

    I say Aztec Chevron! :)

    calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  721. The inky kist would be my vote

  722. Love Homegoods and wish they had that wood/metal coffee table at the store near my house!

  723. I am guessing the black & white chevron one. A Homegoods is finally opening in my neck of the woods in 2weeks. I am so excited!

  724. Your taste in rugs is total opposite from mine! The only one of those that I liked was the inky ikat. But I am TOTALLY with you on everything else (pillows, furniture, glass pieces, literally everything but the rugs lol). I have NEVER been to HomeGoods before, but I just moved to a new city less than a week ago and they have one! So having $250 to spend to help me decorate my new place would be amazing!!

  725. I guess Inky Ikat, it would compliment the orange couch nicely. :)
    Can’t wait to see!

  726. I love HOMEGOODS! i want everything in the store! I am guessing you bought the um what did you call it.. The Indian ish one with the orange :)

  727. i think you chose inky ikat!

  728. Okay, my guess is the Aztec orange just because of the couch but I’m sure you’ll do something unexpected and not go matchy matchy. Love you girl!

  729. I would have to say the Aztec/Chevron Print one. It would look great with an orange couch

  730. I’m guessing you went with the Aztec chevron! Looking forward to seeing the couch in its new home!

  731. I think you got the Inky Ikat. I love orange and blue together and LOVE Homegoods!

  732. Hmmm, Ethnic Orange?

  733. inky, I think

  734. Love all those rugs. This Mama loves a good deal
    and Homegoods rocks. The end.

  735. pillows!

  736. What a score! I, too, am a HomeGoods fangirl. Already liked and followed! 😀

    I’m going to guess THE rug was chosen – the Inky Ikat.

    I adore that large glass bowl/accent piece – so many possibilities. Hummm…I wonder if our HomeGoods is still open at this hour… ;D

  737. Margaret says:

    Love the gray patterned ottoman. Off to my local Home Goods tomorrow to see if they have a comparable treasure!

  738. I, too, love those glass vases. I’m a sucker for ANYTHING glass!

  739. I love the white clearance bench :)

  740. I love those vases! Love love love

  741. Kim Schadrack says:

    I’m betting on the inky ikat to compliment the orange sofa. A Home Goods is being built two minutes from my house!

  742. I am thinking the orange one but it might just be to matchy matchy. So I will go with the chevron one. I also love homegoods!

  743. Black and white??? I can’t wait for your living room reveal!

  744. Oh, Homegoods, you’re my hero… thank you for giving us things like that fabulous gray sofa!!

  745. love the inky purple and blue rug!!!

  746. I love the aztec chevron! Is that the one you chose? Great giveaway!

  747. I’m guessing aztec chevron but I have no idea because they would all work I think!
    We have one that just opened here, I can’t wait to check it out!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  748. I’m going with the inky ikat as a contrast to the orange too!

  749. I love all the rugs!

  750. I love the ink blot rug!!

  751. gotta be the ikat, it’s my favorite too!

  752. Love love love love LOVE the pillows!!!

  753. This comment has been removed by the author.

  754. I think you went with the Aztec Chevron rug. That would look striking with your orange couch!

  755. I am thinking the one with the orange in it to go with that fabulous couch..I love Home goods too..Their prices are awesome!!!Thanks for the giveaway..crossing my fingers!!!

  756. Ethnic orange but I do love all those pillows! Home goods is the BEST!

  757. i bet it was the orange! i personally love the blue ikat (just like everybody else it sounds like).

  758. Love the orange pillows!

  759. Holy Fetchballs is right! If I won, I could FINALLY do something about my super blah master bedroom. Cuz it really is blah to the blah. The find I love in this post is the teal glass vases with the twine. Love!

  760. Love the couch!

  761. Aztec Chevron for sure. In fact, I am super jealous about it right now because it’s amazing! And just as an extra side note for bonus points, my mom is coming to visit this weekend to help me redo my bedroom & bathroom while the mister is out of town, so I could definitely use some spending money for HomeGoods! Love you and your blog.

  762. I’m guessing the Inky Ikat rug, since you loved it so much, but I could also see you rockin’ the black and white Aztec one too….both would look amazing with your couch.

  763. I love that Inky Ikat rug! I want! They’re FINALLY putting a Home Goods in our city! Yay! I can’t wait!

  764. I love them all! I think the Chevron rug at $99 is too good to pass up! Plus it will work well with an orange couch!

  765. Kristin says:

    I’m going to say that you went with the Orange rug…but maybe you are going to shock us all and go for something contrasting! I can’t wait to see which one you choose and how it looks when the room is all put together!

  766. i want to say you bought ethnic orange rug… but then again i think that might be in there to throw us off… i think you actually bought the inky ikat! i hope i win! i would love some credit to homegoods to buy new house stuff!

  767. INKY IKAT!!

  768. Love all three! For my living room. I’d love the inky ikat, so I hope that is the one you got! Would love to win! Just bought our first house!!!!! Built in the twenties with hardwood throughout…need me some rugs:)

  769. the ikat for sure! and i love the three other small rugs- i need every last one!

  770. I’m guessing the Inky Ikat is what you chose. If so, I’m excited to see what it looks like with the orange couch!

  771. My vote is for the Aztec Chevron! :)
    All three are awesome though…..Gotta love Home Goods! My all time favorite store in the whole wide world!!!! :)

  772. My vote is for the Aztec Chevron! :)
    All three are awesome choices though…gotta love Home Goods! My all time favorite store in the whole wide world! :)

  773. The Aztec chevron!

  774. I guess the inky ikat, but I love them all, for different reasons!

  775. I guess the inky ikat, but I love them all, for different reasons…

  776. I love the Inky Ikat! Hope you picked that one! Can’t wait to see!!

  777. I am swooning over that tufted love seat. I love Homegoods so much, that I find myself just humming with joy, and feeling downright happy to be there.

  778. I’m going to guess on the inky ikat rug, and my fav thing I saw in the post is the couch, super cute! Home Goods Rocks!

  779. I’m going to guess the Aztec Chevron!

  780. I love every single one of those pillows in your post picture!

  781. I’m gonna go with the Aztec Chevron. I would say the orange rug, but I’m thinking that’s too much orange.

    Also- My favorite homegoods item is in the picture o’ pillows. I like the spring green ikat looking ones.

  782. The Chevron! So cute!

  783. Courtney says:

    Pillows! I so need pillows for my couch and I love Homegoods!

  784. I love those coffee tables…

    And the inky blue?

  785. I like the blue rope wrapped vase!

  786. I love the rugs with all the beautiful patterns actually I’m hoping to get one today for my dining room so We’ll see what happens.

  787. My guess is the black and white rug!

  788. I would guess the inky Ikat but love all three of them.

  789. I love the rugs and those pretty pillows!

  790. I’m guessing the blue one for contrast as well.

  791. Anonymous says:

    Loved all the rugs…but I’m guessing you went with the Aztec Chevron :)

  792. Amber (eyeheartart2010@yahoo.com) says:

    The blue/purple Ikat…it’s what I would have chosen anyhow

  793. I loved those pillows and also the great little foot stool. What a fun giveaway!

  794. Hmmm probably the black and white one because the orange one would match! :)

  795. Michele Double You says:

    I love, love, love Inky for many reasons, not the least of which is that the blue/purple coupled with your orange sofa would be magnifique together. Having said that, I’m going to guess you went with Chevy, instead: black and white in such a clean pattern packs a wallop of a punch, and still allows for a lot of pattern play and color. Then again, I’m totally new to your blog…so who knows?

  796. Hmmmmm pretty sure you went with the black and white, the orange one is more “your” style though….but it matches and that would be too obvious! :)

  797. so excited to see what you are doing to your front room! im thinking you went with the inky ikat! i love it! soooo cute!

  798. Hi Mandi!! I just started reading your blog and I am absolutely in love with everything you do. You are so inspiring! I think the inky ikat would is what’s under the couch. The blues and purples would look great with the orange.

  799. I’m going for the aztec chevron!

  800. Love the black & white rug

  801. I guess you picked the Aztec Cheveron!

  802. I heart the couch! We need a real couch…

  803. Aztec pattern for sure..

  804. Rachel Crowder says:

    Oooooh, the INKY IKAT is the PERFECT complement to your nap candy, tufted orange couch. It grounds those brass-balled feet with karmic balance. I, too, could set up residence in Home Goods. Hello, kindred spirit. {curtsey}

  805. I would guess the Inky Ikat…I simply love it :-)

  806. I’m guessing you picked the gorgeous ETHNIC ORANGE rug! How can you not for $99? I love it so much I ran to my local Home Goods store, but it was sold out. :(
    When you choose the lucky Winner of this giveaway, I’d love to see a pic of the rug & couch together! :)

  807. Courtney says:

    Love Home Goods, the Aztec Chevron is my favorite!

  808. love those pillows and rugs! and st george has the best home goods store, i got to visit last month!

    oh…and loved your video from your hoard sale…i was hyperventilating the whole time, i wish i could have been there!

  809. Lindsey Martins says:

    Inky Ikat! It would look fantabulous with your new couch!

  810. i’m gonna say you went with the inky ikat rug…orange and blue make great friends and look sooo good together!

  811. so many comments already, but i’ll still throw my name in the hat! can’t win if you don’t try, right? I’ll guess the inky ikat and also share that I’m loving that zig zag runner! So pretty!