Master Bedroom Before and After

My master bedroom has been “in the works” for a while.  I started stenciling it in June,  and installing board and batten in September.   One mistake that I think so many people do that  make things more complicated and frustrating is that they become so SET in a color palette or design scheme that they don’t let the room design flow organically.  This room makeover is the PERFECT example of that.

Master Bedroom Before and After

Master Bedroom Ideas


Are you ready for the ultimate before and after?!! Here is the Before Before…Like from the MLS listing when we bought our house…:

Sick Nasty, right?!

Master Bedroom Before

If you want to see more of the NASTY MLS listing that I fell in love with you can click here.

This is what it looked like after we moved in and how things are in my real life and fixed it up a little…and by fixed up I mean got rid of that diseased carpet.


Originally the room was going to be Coral and Navy and Gold.  That is it.  Nothing else.  I was struggling a little trying find fabric that matched the Coral Mirrored Dresser (Krylon Coral Isle).  I had an impossible time trying to find something that was Navy AND Coral.  Like IMPOSSIBLE.  There was none.

So what is a girl to do?  I went to the DI (Utah’s version of the Goodwill) and looked in the women’s clothing section.  Did you know that you can find some really great fabric at the Thrift Store?  Most long skirts or dresses have at least a yard or 2.

When I saw this skirt I KNEW it was perfect for the space.  No it was not Coral and Navy.  BUT it had Coral and Navy in it as well as a ton of other true bright colors.  It was exactly what I needed to bring more life to the room.



So I made it into pillows!

Eclectic Bedding

(All of the other fabric for the pillows is from Joann’s and the pillow forms are basically stolen they were so cheap.  The white duvet and fuchsia sheet are from Target.  The green throw is from Homegoods.

Using this fabric TOTALLY opened up my entire color scheme which I LOVE!!    The stencil is amazing right?!  You can see a full tutorial on how to stencil your walls here.  If you have a large space to fill lining large pictures up is a great way to fill the space.  And the coat of arms throws it off balance a little and makes it way more interesting.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas


Here is the before of that wall:



Did you notice that I spray painted my bed frame brass?  I used Krylon Metallic in Brass.

On the opposite wall I used the mirror that used to hang in my entryway.

Custom Bedding


You guys know that I am OBSESSED with awesome frames and buy them any time I see one.  I have accumulated quite the collection so I hung the board and batten so that I could show them off.  Its like a mixture of a gallery wall and specimen art of awesomeness.

Gallery Wall


Here is a before of that wall..


Mirrored Dresser


I used basic white curtains from Ikea and hung them really high on the wall.  This makes the windows seem much bigger.  Just make sure if you do this that your curtains are long enough to touch or puddle on the floor.  Personally, I love a good puddle.

I found the nightstands at Homegoods on clearance, and you can see the full tutorial on how to make the hanging pendant lights here.

And don’t you LOVE that giant horse head?! I found that at Homegoods also.

Bedroom Ideas


The before of this chair deserves an award.  Don’t you think?

Thrift Store Chair 015

Chair Reupolstery


Now for some fun shots.

Nate Berkus Makeover

Thrift Store Finds

How to Hang Curtains

Brass Vase

Brass Lamps

Wallpaper Stencil

How To Make A Glass Pendant Light

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas 003

Pretty fab.  Very colorful and COMPLETELY Mandilicious.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments,  hope you have a great weekend!

Love Your Guts



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  1. Wow! Love this! I strangely enough have the same theme going on in my master, coral, gold, navy or at least that is what I thought, same as you, can’t find coral and navy together for pillows. I have the same lampshades from Target as well. I LOVE the board and batten wall with mirrors and of course the fab dresser! Great bedroom!!!!!

  2. Holy crap! That is an amazing transformation! One of my favorite things is the wall grouping of different frames. Great job- as usual!!

  3. So fabulous–you are a crazy talented DIYer.You know how to transform your home and take risk that work. I love the one graphic wall making a statement, the frames placed in the wood detail, and the vintage yet elegant feel of the overall space. Amazing. I need to redo something now.

    Also, can I say, when I saw how long you’ve been a blogger I had to do a triple’re a pro-really good!! Much success! Oh- what camera do you use?? Nice photos.

  4. Wow, I wish I had an OUNCE of your creativity. Amazing job.

  5. I meant frames not mirrors, my bad.

  6. Oh my Gorgeous! You’re amazing Mandi! I love the whole room but I think my favorite part is the wall full of frames.

  7. WOW! You never cease to amaze me! What a transformation!

  8. You are just a decorating genius. How about you come to Cleveland and help me decorate my new apartment??

  9. I love the gold bed frame and the bedding and pillows. To me, they are and should be the STAR!!!

  10. Love the rug, the bed, and the wall of frames with that board and batten. Great job. jen

  11. WOW, great job!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  12. Hi, What curtains from ikea are you using? Do you have the model? I wish I had stencils in my bedroom but Im so afraid of it.. maybe one day.

  13. completely awesome!! i love it all. each and every detail.

  14. love love the gold frame wall!

  15. Holy crap!!! This room is amazing! I’ve loved all the projects that you’ve been teasing us with as you’ve worked on this room but to see it all put together is fantastic. I feel like this should be in a magazine or something. Just beautiful!

  16. Love it! especially all the touches of gold! great job!

  17. I just Love it…big L big O big V big E…I woul dnever thought about this color combination…these colors looks awesome…and the stencil if you didnt mention that I thought it is wallpaper ( im thinking about stenciling my bedroom wall but we are renting so I dont know :S ) but this room is just AMAZING…I envy you
    P.S: The wall of frames …like seriously??? you wanna kill me or what ???
    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  18. Love the transformation!! The CRAP pillow is awesome!! :)

  19. Amazing! So many good ideas in one little room. The colors are gorgeous together!

  20. Amazing job! I love how all your rooms show off your personality! Question: What type of hardwood floors do you have, and do you like having them in your master :)

  21. Mandi! Mandi! OMG……those gold frames! The stencil and board/batten is amazeballs, lady! Worth the wait and I agree about *organic* decorating….which is Dharmaese for “takes a reeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyy long time” :) You rock.

  22. Inspiring, just awesome! I think I have hopes of trying just about every one of your tutorials! I can’t thank you enough for sharing and sparking the creative cells in my brain! Actually I should say copy cells… Anyway It is amazing, thanks for all the pictures!

  23. Amazing! I have been wanting to redo parts of my house again, and this makes me want to even more!

  24. It turned out wonderful! Wow, you really persevered with the stenciling! That must have taken time! Looks amazing! I adore the “frame wall” too!

  25. This room is gorg! You are amazing:) I think the gold bed is my fave part!

  26. Love it! I am going to pin a couple of these pictures for my bedroom board. It’s *almost* done, on Pinterest anyway. 😉 Waiting to move to start it if I can wait that long.

  27. Wow! I am stunned. Really. That is magazine worthy.

  28. Wow, just beautiful! I’ve been waiting for this!great job, the highlight for me is the board and batten gallery wall.

  29. My mind is officially blown! WOW! Having done a little stenciling myself, I can’t believe you did all of that. I hated stenciling with a firery hate while doing it! The payoff for you is huge though. Kudos- it’s fabulous!

  30. Oh- and as for finding coral and navy fabric, if the budget allows, you can create it and have it printed on Spoonflower dot com.

  31. I love how this came out! That board and batten wall with the frames is totally fantastic. So is that pillow on your chair!

  32. Amazing what ca can of spray paint can do! Take a bow, you deserve it!

  33. It is BEAUTIFUL! Huge congratulations on a job well done. Call in a magazine!

  34. alright, come do mine now!!

  35. I love it! I love coral and navy and have had issues finding cordinating fabric as well. But never thought to look to clothing. Love the pillows. Fun fun! So inspiring ..

  36. Just amazing. I love everything about this room from the wall to the bed to the frames. Sweet.

  37. that is the best makeover i’ve seen in forever. the walls are gorgeous and the crap pillow hilarious. ps: i love the before shots of your bed/laundry center 😀

  38. um, WOW woman! Holy crap girl. Amazeballs.

  39. It is definitely Mandilicious! And your ceilings look twice as high.

  40. hiya mandi , what a great transformation , i love all the details in the room and cannot choose my fav thing its a toss up between the battening and the stencilled walls .ok so i uppose i will have to try both for myself
    tfs and happy new year

  41. I don’t know why you ripped out that carpet. It was so pretty!

    The room looks awesome!

  42. Wow! is not a good enough word! My jaw is dropping. Fabulous, fabulous job Mandi. I’m on the verge of a master makeover myself, so this is great inspiration to get going! I’m glad you got to do a project for yourself!

  43. the pillow in the chair says it all.

  44. I love it! I can’t wait to move into the house we plan on staying in so that I can do board and batten.

    You really did a great job.

  45. Wow. Just WOW. This is the first time I’ve come across your blog (thankyou twitter!) and I am already hooked. This room is fabulous, I love it (even though it falls outside of my normal style & design comfort zone, which only makes it that much more awesome).

    You’ve done such a great job, keep it up! :)

  46. Hi Mandi – This is just spectactular. I think my favorite is the contrast of all the colors, and they are not the typical, grey and white and blue. You picked some amazing colors.

    And I love th horse! And the frames and the stencil. OK, I love it all.

    Great job – congrats for getting it done :-)

  47. Anonymous says:

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  48. speechless! just absolutely one of the loveliest rooms ever! you are so creative and artistic. i love how you think outside the box and re-purpose things. you are wonderfully gifted. thanks for sharing.

  49. Absolutely fabulous and COMPLETELY Mandilicious! SUCH a makeover!! I love the stenciled wall. I still can’t get over that you paint things brass on purpose. 😉

  50. how could you even look past that carpet, yikes!
    im not into gold/brass but it all totally works! its mandilicious!!
    and yea that pillow says it all

  51. I’m speechless! This is so incredibly impressive. Love how the board and batten creates the perfect grid for the frames and also how you used the coat of arms to break up the pictures. You have truly been blessed with a gift for design.

  52. What an incredible transformation! You have a serious talent!

  53. Holy Hotdog!! That room is ridiculous! I imagine that it is a pleasure to walk into that every night! You are one talented woman!

  54. Man! I have been dying to see this reveal and it does not disappoint. You’ve just taught me a valuable lesson, don’t get stuck in a color palete rut – which is exactly what I did when redoing my dining room and it’s exactly why I hate the outcome. Love the skirt fabric pillows. Won’t make the same mistake with my bedroom.

    Btw, this isn’t the first lesson you taught me. After seeing what you did in your friend’s living room, I knew exactly what do with mine. Haven’t shown the reveal yet but here’s the Before and In-between if you care to take a look.

    I’m wondering though….did you completely get rid of the tv in your master br or is it cleverly hidden under the board and batten like that door is?!

  55. You. Are. Amazing! I can’t believe the transformation!! I so wish you lived closer and could help me do some of that magic. AWESOME!

  56. love it and love your work. just stumbled across your blog and am a follower now! thanks for you inspiration.

  57. You have got to be kidding me! Again, you pull off another amazing transformation! LOVE it, well done girl! I think stenciling that wall would have been enough make me jump out a window. Love the wall with the frames and the bedding :)

  58. WOW!!! Just WOW!! Mandy, you never cease to amaze me! This is absolutely beautiful, unique and a 1000000000000000000000000000000000X improvement from the original! Wow. :)

  59. Genius. That is all.

    Wait. That is not all. When are you coming up to do my house?!


  60. This before and after is AMAZING!! I love that you let the design flow as you went. It makes it much more inventive and interesting. You truly are gifted at design. Coral, navy, green, brass…they look fantastic!! Great vision!
    One question…how did you start? Walls? Furniture? Bedding? I have 7 rooms in my house (all of them) that need to be redone and I am paralyzed. I just don’t know where to start!

  61. Looks like a room straight out of a magazine!! Great job! I love the bed frame. It works so well with everything else.

  62. Holy crap! That space is awesome! I can’t believe the patience you have for the stenciling and where do you get the time?! I love, love, love it!

  63. I love the mood your colors created. Very rich and lovely!

  64. I’m in awe and totally inspired! You nailed it when you said people get stuck on a vision and have to roll with it. Happens to me ALL the time:). Everything is STUNNING! And I thought your CRAP throw pillow was hilarious.

    I just got back from lumber liquidators to research floors and noticed your floors looked similar to ones I was eyeing. Could you tell me what color/kind you did?

    Happy Friday!

  65. PS – love the painted bed frame too. Has a really big impact!

    Kim http://www.plumberrypie.blogspot

  66. Oh my heck, this is awesome! You rock Mandy!!!!!! I wish I had your skills!

  67. You are so FREAKING amazing. LOVE every bit of this room.:)

  68. I’m really in awe of how you’ve kind of grown this room organically from an initial idea to the finished product. I love the stencil and your bed, the chair, the collection of colours you’ve used. All amazing. I feel inspired :)

  69. LOVE … LOVE … LOVE!! Once again, your beyond amazing!! FABULOUS!!! Love everything about it!!! Great job!!! “Love your guts” Nicole

  70. It’s ridonkulously amazing! Love the frame wall, spray painted bed, bedding, everything. Great job

  71. Wow, that turned out so beautiful! I love everything about it, but mostly the boards up on the walls with the frames. It makes the ceilings look so high. Great job!

  72. Dear sweet baby Jerome, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!!!!

  73. Fantastic ideas=fantastic room!

  74. Where is the rug from? I’m doing a world map themed nursery and that rug would be an awesome extra touch!

  75. OMG!!! I love your room!! It looks amazing. Love the frame wall. And the “crap I’m awesome” pillow is well….awesome. I’m totally thinking of borrowing that idea. I can’t wait to get my room remodel going. Won’t be for a while so for now I’ll just have to daydream about yours :)

  76. Crap, you are awesome! Love the stencil and that green throw is fab and the board and batten gallery rocks my socks and well…You win the prize. I’ll scour D.I. For the appropriate trophy.

  77. Oh. Wow. It’s overwhelming how amazing this looks!!! I didn’t realize curtains came that long at Ikea?!? Were they expensive and can I order online?

  78. I am absolutely speachless! It is too fabulous for words!

  79. I could totally live in that room and be a very, very happy girl! You rocked it!

  80. *THUNK*

    That was me falling over with jaw open all the way to the floor. Imagine THAT visual!

    You’re amazing. Really. You pull off stuff I can’t even imagine. That wall is crazy!!!! I want the frame wall.


  81. Ok you are officially AMAZEBALLS!!!

  82. Will you just please come to my house and open your bag of awesomeness on it? I live like a mile from Disneyland and we kinda look alike so you could totally use my pass to get in ANYTIME you want. Is that enough incentive for you?? :)

  83. Awesome job, Mandi. It looks fabulous!!

  84. Freaking. Awesome.

  85. Wow! What a fantastic transformation! Love that you’re not afraid of color! We’re getting ready to move into a brand new house & I’ve decided that I don’t want to be afraid of color anymore! Off to watch the stenciling tutorial so I can learn to do that! Thanks for the inspiration & GREAT job!

  86. Love it! I think your little white owl missed the photo shoot;(

  87. I want to ditto every comment here! Absolutely amazing – love, love, love it all! Fantastic job!


  88. This is amazing. I love how your room turned out.

  89. You rock!! AMAZING room makeover. Love it so much :)

  90. Holy Crap Mandi! You are freaking awesome! That is the RADDEST bedroom I have ever seen! Can you come stencil my walls for me please! Oh my gosh, I have the immediate urge to actually do something with my room! I think I shall start tomorrow! Way to go awesome woman! =)

  91. Sweet-glorious-flippin-fantasticness!!! That’s it, I’ve gotta make my bedroom into something happy like this. Done and done. Thank you for the amazing inspiration!

  92. Wow, Mandi! You did an AWESOME job, girl! Beautiful transformation. I love every detail!

  93. Wow. That is all.

  94. Anonymous says:

    How do I find the crap pillow?

    Great redo. Keep up the good work

  95. LOVE the room! So awesome!

    Where do you find all of the amazing frames? Goodwill? And what color do you suggest to get that fantastic Gold?

    LOVE your work!

  96. Insanely awesome, like every square inch of it! Makes me wanna run out and buy a house right now just so I can play!

  97. IN LOVE!!!!! I am droooooling over that fame wall!!! MMEEE WANTYYY!! haha You never fail! EVERRR! And I’m loving that yummy green throw on your bed! Oh my! Just everything! Love it! Good work as always!

  98. Oh…P.S. I used to have that same bedding…the white orange and brown with birds! hee hee

  99. That is one dramatic wall – L.O.V.E. it!!! I have stenciled a wall maybe half the size of yours and that is about my limit. Your picture frame wall is pretty fabulous too!
    Jenn :)

  100. I love what you did! The walls are to die for! Where is your bed frame from? Everything looks perfect!

  101. I saw the thumb nail for this post on TT&J and right away I knew it was your room. It looks SO good. Total Awesomeness. I bet you are glad to finally have it done.

  102. very fun! I LOVE the stenciled wall…not sure if I’d have the patience for it though.

  103. HOLY COW. That thunk you just heard was my jaw dropping to the floor.

    I love it. I love it so much. I want to move into it.

    Great job, chica. Seriously.

  104. I LOVE the walls. I like that you did your bed frame in brass, it really makes it pop, normally I would have to say leave it black but good choice! And I love the chair. I bet you love walking in your bedroom now!

  105. I love love that wallpaper!!! and the chair makeover is fab too!!! I have a project party every weekend if you want to join here..
    Have a great day!

  106. Love the frame wall! I am a complete frame hoarder…this is awesome! Fantastic room! You never cease to amaze!

  107. You have done it again. I. Am. Speechless. Almost.

    You have so much vision and create totally interesting spaces that are super liveable and super unique.

    Seriously, your blog is my absolute favorite and you inspire me so much. You have way more comments than you can possibly read, but i wanted to thank you for being so awesome and daring, which reminds me to be more awesome and daring.
    Cannot wait to see what you do next!
    Rachel @

  108. Oh, Mandi…I just love you. Your talent just blows me away…I wish I had half the vision you have…thank you so much for inspiring me…

  109. What a gorgeous room! I’ve been struggling with the same color palette issue in my room, so this is helpful. My favorite thing is definitely the Crap I’m Awesome pillow!

  110. I would love to wake up in that room each day! Such a happy place. And CRAP, you are awesome! Have I mentioned my latest plan? It is for u to come to Evanston this summer and do ur next epic makeover here! We could paint the picture of the poor, hopeless small town girl, with no nearby resources, no energy (from shoveling took much snow all winter) and a bran new house with so many blank, boring walls, it causes the mind to draw a blank about what to do! I have so many rooms, especially a preschool room that I HAVE to get done this summer! I am in desperate need! You would have a ball in my blank canvas of a house! I would be in heaven with rooms as imaginative as yours. Sigh.

  111. Wowza! Major transformation!

  112. Syfuvjvklytewad!(stuttering) FANTABULOUS, Mandi! I really wanna come spend the night. We can put Court on the couch-atleast he’ll have the TV, lol. I have been so looking forward to the bedrm reveal every since that GAWJUS DRESSER. You have again, executed excellence. I appreciate your visions, dedication, creativeness, hardwork, loyalty, and love for all things metallic, beautiful, funky, chunky, cheap, colorful, refreshed, stencily, bright, and ofcourse vintage! You have preserved through all the trials of your life with much integrity. YOU are going places! Amen. Be blessed and keep em coming….Im loving it! (;

  113. Syfuvjvklytewad!(stuttering) FANTABULOUS, Mandi! I really wanna come spend the night. We can put Court on the couch-atleast he’ll have the TV, lol. I have been so looking forward to the bedrm reveal every since that GAWJUS DRESSER. You have again, executed excellence. I appreciate your visions, dedication, creativeness, hardwork, loyalty, and love for all things metallic, beautiful, funky, chunky, cheap, colorful, refreshed, stencily, bright, and ofcourse vintage! You have preserved through all the trials of your life with much integrity. YOU are going places! Amen. Be blessed and keep em coming….Im loving it! (;

  114. Mandi-
    You are shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully talented. Can you come over and decorate my house? I like your little details, and especially love the compass rug.


    I have always loved to decorate with Navy Blue, but with colors trending away from dark, I was losing hope for my Navy Blue!!
    You just gave me hope back!!
    I love it all – the wall – board and batten the frames – everything is just DELICIOUS!!

  116. Great job Mandi! It looks gorgeous, can you come decorate mine??
    Great inspiration, thank you.

  117. I find it really difficult to believe you’re not some fashion/design student extroidinaire. I’m in awe of your creativity and how you pull everything together in an affordable but very chic way. LOVE IT!

  118. Wow, wow, wow. I LOVE it. I love the stencil, the fact that your bed is now gold, the lights, the board and batten, and that little funny guy next to your vase of flowers. I’ve had trouble with finding fabrics with the colors I want in them too- great idea to go to the DI! So glad you found that dress! Anyway, beautiful job. It looks amazing.

  119. I am absolutely gobsmacked. This is stunning! I really want to copy :)

  120. All I can say, is “Wow”! From where you guys started to the creation your room is now is astounding. Really applaud your use of bold pattern and color!


  121. Love, love, love the makeover Mandi!! You are so freakin talented. Wish you could come to my house and makeover the entire place! 😉 Great job!!

  122. My favorite part is the frame gallery wall. Great job!

  123. I really don’t know what I like best… there are so many great little touches to your room! I love that board and batten seems so simple, but makes such a statement. Very dramatic upgrade for your bedroom! I bet you love to wake up every morning in there now.

  124. This is absolutely fabulous, I love every detail and how you put together the room. The board and batten, navy stenciled walls, it just goes!

  125. Just amazing… you are so truely talented. I hope you are or are considering offering your services sprofessionally.
    Just a warning – you should never leave your house cause if you do you may find I have moved in!

  126. I know the book on the bottom of your stack looks pretty, but it is a totally awesome poetry book. Crack that sucker open and read it to your kids.

    The room looks great.

  127. WOW!!!!!!!! What an amazing job!!! It must feel amazing to sleep in that room every night. I too am a homegoods girl. Congrats!!!

  128. The chair says it all: CRAP you’re awesome!

  129. You don’t miss that awesome carpet?? ; ) FABULOUS job!! The stenciled wall and bed are gorgeous, but I think the paneled frame wall steals my heart. Just beautiful!

  130. Don’t know if someone already asked but… I noticed on your stenciling pictures that you have textured walls. Did you leave them textured on the board and batten walls?

  131. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE your style and wish I had the GUTS to do something like this in my house. I used to love how my house is decorated now I’m completely bored with it. My is the most boring of all and wish that I could have you come decorate for me. Melanie W.

  132. Love it!!! Great job!!!!!!!!

  133. Wow! I can’t remember if I already commented but just to be sure….This is fabulous and I can’t believe you said (I think in a previous post) that you never really decorated before! Your a natural and I love your style!

  134. the stenciled wall and spray painted bed are sooo fantastic. very nice.

  135. SNAP!! You’re awesome!!

  136. You are awesome! I love the fun colors and the look of everything together. That stencil is great, but I’m sure it was a TON of work.

  137. yeah, thats an amazing bedroom!!! your style is what my aspires to be!! lol

  138. Love that wall…where did you find the stencil??

  139. Wow! I am a new reader (found you from YHL’s post about your entryway) and I am totally in awe of your vision. This is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want it ALL right NOW!

    How do you come up with your designs? Do you look at a lot of magazines? Scour Pinterest? Dream them up? We don’t own a house yet, but I don’t know where I’d begin decorating once we buy next year…

  140. is the canopy bed from if so, i have same one. i thought about spray painting it, but worried how it would hold up with use. how long has it been painted? how is it wearing?

  141. AHHHH-Mazing! You are so awesome Mandi!

  142. You are my house crush.

    That is all.


  143. This is such a great idea! Love it! We would love to have you come share this at our weekly link pary every Saturday! -The Sisters

  144. where did you get the “Crap! I’m Awesome.” Pillow? It’s awesome!!!

  145. I. Love. It. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I think this is the first comment I’ve left. Anyway, it looks so fresh and classy and sophisticated. The green throw and books and those paisley pillows are perfect, I totally agree. And I admire your dedication in stenciling! :)


  146. Christine says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I have been wondering what to do about window treatments in my mbr and just posted pics and asking for suggestions on today. I am truly inspired by your room and want to paint the stencil on both my long window wall and another as well. I cannot wait to follow your link to learn how. What did you do with the ceiling fan? We have one as well and I am considering a chandelier instead. Great job!

  147. How did you do the wall with the wood board pattern? Do you have instructions on that? Its awesome. Would you not recommend doing that on a wall that doesn’t have super high ceilings? I have standard 8 ft. ceilings in a one bedroom apartment. A no, or a go?

  148. Anonymous says:

    How long did it take you to stencil both walls? I am thinking about doing two of mine but with the angled ceilings, I just don’t know…………….
    Love, love, love what you did.

  149. Hotel worthy! Well done!!!!!

  150. WOW…this room is fantastic! I know you said the curtains are from Ikea but is there a chance you know an item number? I think they are the ones with multiple loops in the back for the rod? Thanks for all of your amzing designs!

  151. I love this room! Saw this a few months ago, and decided it was to be my master bedroom’s inspiration room, and then I saw you on Nate and I saw OH EM GEESH that’s the blogger that created my room!! Really love it, and hope to make my version of this someday soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Barbara @

  152. Mandi this room is fan-flippin-tastic! I’m loving your blog and am so grateful to have something creative to read when I’m up late with our baby. Anyhow, I followed your instructions for the board and batten and used it in our master. Came out pretty great. I’m not totally done but I’ve posted the pics on my blog. Hope you don’t mind that I posted on your blog (had to give you some props). Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas and letting me sponge off your creative genius. Your yard sale post had me laughing so hard I feel like we’d be good friends. Anyhow, here’s my blog with pics of my room update based on yours.

  153. Very pretty, I like a lot,
    Is there a wallpaper or stamped?
    Greeting Ani

  154. Cristina says:

    I can’t tell if the graphic wall is a stencil or wallpaper. I want to do some kind of stencil work on a wall. Where can I purchase hip stencils like this? Or what is the best material to use if making your own?

  155. Where did you purchase the compass rug? So cool!

  156. Seriously how clever are you……totally in A.W.E.!

  157. The stenciled wall is awesome. I also like the white wall with the frames, that is a really neat idea.


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