SNAP Full Conference Pass Giveaway!

Happy Monday!!  I have an awesome giveaway today!!  You might remember that I have talked about SNAP a few times (like here).    SNAP is a blog conference for the creatives!  You DO NOT need to be a blogger to attend.  It is being held in Salt Lake City April 19-21.

It is going to be AMAZING!  The SNAP team is giving away 12 conference passes from now until Dec. 22

Dec. 8     Tauni, SNAP!

Dec. 9     Mique, Thirty Handmade Days

Dec. 12   Me!

Dec. 13   Amy, The Idea Room

Dec. 14   Char, Crap I’ve Made

Dec. 15   Kendra, My Insanity

Dec. 16   Lara, Less Cake {More Frosting}

Dec. 19   Jen, Tatertots and Jello

Dec. 20   Shelley, House of Smiths

Dec. 21   Becca, Blue Cricket Design

Dec. 22   Brittany, One Charming Party

Dec. 22  Steph, The Daily Blarg, will give one ticket away during the #SNAPChat Twitter Party


To enter to win a Full Conference Pass just leave a comment on this post!

For an additional entry you can subscribe to the SNAP blog.

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  1. Hey Mandi! I am a huge fan and a fellow DIYer in Salt Lake City. I would love to attend the conference. Thanks! :)

  2. ok, so i could totally have a blast at this conference!!!

  3. I’d love, love, love to go to SNAP!! Never been to a conference. This would be my 1st!

  4. This Momma needs a VACATION! I wanna Win. Pick ME! Pick ME! I REALLY want to WIN!!!! ♥ DavesWife

  5. I subscribe to SNAP!

  6. I’d love to win! Always looking for inspiration.

  7. I would love to win! Crossing my fingers!!

  8. This would be so fun!

  9. I’d LOVE to go to this! Thanks for introducing me to the fun!

  10. I would love to win a ticket to SNAP! And of course see you again.

  11. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  12. I wanna go!!!

  13. BAAAH! Hillary and I have been dying to go!!! It’s just a little difficult living in AZ, with the cost of travel. Crossing our fingers!
    xo hillary & breann @

  14. Great giveaway.

  15. Pick me!!! I’d love to go!

  16. Oh this would be the best Christmas present ever!!!

  17. I’d love to attend SNAP and visit SLC!

  18. consider me entered.

  19. Pick me, Mandi! I have been saving for my airfare!!! And I would definitely love the opportunity to meet you in person!
    Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog
    mrsamandasdale at gmail dot com

  20. I subscribed to the SNAP blog!

  21. I would pee my pants to be able to go to such an awesome event!

  22. I would Looooooove to go and mingle with all you awesome chicas!

  23. This would be so fun! Pick Me!

  24. Oooh! A free pass might put me over the top on attending. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. DUDE! I want to WIN this! :)

  26. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!

  27. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! Sounds like an AMAZING time!!!

  28. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to SNAP! I just know if I have the opportunity to go it will get my creative juices flowing on overdrive!

  29. Pretty please pick me! I would love to attend :)
    Thanks for the chance.

  30. Not only would it be awesome to go to SNAP! but it would be awesome to have an excuse to go to Utah this spring!

  31. I would love to attend this conference- sounds like a blast!

  32. My sister and I have been talking about attending a blog conference. I would LOVE to win a pass! Merry Christmas!

  33. I’d LOVE to win!! :) What a fun Christmas present! :)

  34. Such a fabulous giveaway! I have this on my Christmas list – SNAP! is going to be amazing.

  35. I subscribe to SNAP!

  36. Pick Me!! 😀

  37. I would love to win this! Pleeease pick me!

  38. Aaah!! Mandi, I would LOVE to win this!!!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Of course I would love to win… thanks for the chance!

  41. This would be such fun!

  42. I would LOVE to go!!! Thank you for the chance to win….Brenda in

  43. I’d love to win! I’ve never been to Salt Lake,

  44. I want to go!!!

  45. I want to go!!!

  46. Oh I would SO LOVE to go! I hope I win!

  47. The conferences sounds like a lot of fun. It would be so awesome to win a pass.

  48. I’ve never been to SNAP but I’d love to attend since I can’t attend Blissdom this year because of my daughter’s b-day!

  49. oooooooh! that would be SO FUN! i wanna go!

  50. Okay, you should just pick me. :)

  51. Subscribed.

  52. I would love to attend the SNAP conference with a free pass!

  53. My mom lives right by Thanksgiving Point and I’d love to go with a free pass!

  54. This sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love a free pass.

  55. Sounds good to me.

  56. I would love to attend this!! What a great giveaway! :)

  57. Awesome!!!!!

  58. Oh PLEASE pick me so I can attend!!!! Thanks!

  59. Oh, SNAP! I would love to be a part of that conference! Fingers, toes, every body part crossed!

  60. I’d love to go!

  61. PLEASE PLEASE =) I’d love to go!!

  62. ooh! i really want to go tot this!

  63. Pick me please and thank you :)

  64. Such fun! I would LOVE to go!

  65. MemememememememememeMEEEEEEEE!

    I mean really. It needs to be me.

  66. A free ticket would be amazing!!! ooo pick me

  67. oh this would be SO MUCH FUN!! I would LOVE to come!!

  68. PLEASE PICK ME!! :) I love this blog, I love you, and I would love to go!!!!

  69. Sounds like a total blast!

  70. pick me pick me :) i want to go so bad!!!

  71. I would love to go to this. I always hear you ladies talking about this and it sounds EPIC!!

  72. I would love to go! Pick me!

  73. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! Pick me!!!

  74. I already subscribe to SNAP!

  75. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! It would be my first conference. Thanks so much for this opportunity.


  76. I subscribe to SNAP!

  77. Ooh…that would be amazing!!!

  78. Ooh…that would be amazing!!!

  79. I would love to win a pass! My sister and I are already attending, but I would be so happy to give a FREE pass to my other sister!

  80. Oooh, this is on my Christmas list! I would love to win a pass :)

  81. And I subscribe to the SNAP blog :)

  82. How fun, I wanna go!

  83. PIck me!! Pick me!!

  84. I subscribed to SNAP!

  85. Fun!

  86. Oh my am I excited for this conference, and to be directed to your blog. What a great way to discover your awesomeness. Fingers crossed

  87. I am a subscriber to SNAP’s blog.

  88. I would love to win and be able to attend the SNAP conference with soooo many amazingly talented ladies!!!

  89. I would love to go with my mom it would be such a great present for Christmas!!!

  90. Hello! I would love to win a chance to got to Snap!! AND hello again I met you a little over a month ago when you and your husband shared your story in our ward.

  91. Oh SNAP! Count me in!

  92. This would be totally AWESOME!!!

  93. I would love to go! Wish it wasn’t so much moolah.

  94. I would LOVE to go!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE TO!! :)

  95. I am subscribed to the Snap blog! :)

  96. I subscribed to the SNAP blog! :)

  97. How fun! I would love to attend!

  98. Pick me! pick me! pick me!

  99. Gotta give the girl a dream! Been wanting to do this and this would be the shove over the edge!

  100. wow..! i’m from wisconsin and have never heard about this! i’d love for a chance to win.

    btw, speaking of salt lake city.. i’m finding myself there in a couple of weeks, just because :) thanks for the chance at an awesome giveaway!


  101. i’m also now subscribed to SNAP… and WOW! ;D


  102. I would love to come!

  103. I’d love to attend Snap not only to share in the creativity but to meet new friends!

  104. I would love to win! Thanks for the chance :)

  105. heck ya, i want to win! fingers & toes are crossed.


  106. So want to go.

  107. I subscribe to SNAP!

  108. Oooooo I want to win one.

  109. how wonderful to win this!!!

  110. I would love to go! Thanks for the giveaway~!

  111. I’m a follower of the snap blog!

  112. While I would love to go myself, I would really like to win for my sister Erin. She is an amazing sister, mother to 4 crazy kids from age 7-15, and wife to a great guy, but lets face it, what would he do without her! This last year, she has had to go back to work for the first time in 15 years so she can carry the benefits for their family. She took a class and got her CNA license and is now working in a cath lab in Orem, plus maintaining a beautiful home. She could really use a weekend of girl time, doing the things that she loves. Plus its far enough in advance that I can make arrangements to go up and watch her kids for her. Please consider her! Thanks!

  113. I would so love to win! I am not a blogger-yet, but I have lots of fun reading everyone else’s.

  114. Oh yes please! I’m moving down to slc in just a couple of weeks too!

  115. I would love to go to the Snap Conference! I want to learn so much from you and the other talented women!

  116. I subscribe to the Snap Blog!!

  117. I hope its me!

  118. I subscribe!

  119. Would love to get Conference pass they are all amazing it would be so exciting ! Keeping my fingers crossed !!!

  120. wow! what a great giveaway. i would love to rub elbows with so many talented ladies at SNAP.

  121. Let’s win this!

  122. We have nothing like this in the area I live in… it would be so wonderful to attend SNAP! It would truly be a blessing.

    Take care, Mandi!

    -Jen K

  123. What a TREAT!!!!!!! I would be honored to have a chance to win this!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Carrie Corrigan says:

    I am a conference virgin! This woudl be a great xmas gift to me!!

  125. i would love to come to snap!! pick me!

  126. i follow snap’s blog!

  127. I would love to come to this! Thanks!

  128. I would love to attend…it sounds inspiring

  129. Count me IN!

  130. crossing my fingers! 😉

  131. I WANT TO GO TO THIS SO BAD!!! Sorry for *yelling*… haha! :)

  132. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!!!

  133. Yay! I’d love to win a pass!!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  134. I also follow SNAP’s blog via RSS!

  135. oh my gosh!!! I’d LOVE to win and attend!

  136. I have totally been subscribing to the SNAP blog!!!

  137. Oh! So headin’ to SNAPR right now!

  138. Have a fabulous time in NYC! Oh how I love that place! And I would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to go to the Snap conference so crossin my fingers that I win!

  139. I would LOVE to go! I can almost see Thanksgiving Point from my house. Pick me! Please!

  140. I am also a follower of the SNAP blog. Thanks!

  141. HELLO!!!! I would love to WIN!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  142. I subscribe to SNAP!

  143. i would love to go to snap

  144. I would love the chance to go! Representin’ the east coast baby! what! what!

  145. SNAP me up!

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. Dear random number generator/ karma/ old statistics teacher/ cosmic mojo – if there were any time you wanted to pick me as your RANDOM this would be IT! I would LOVE to do this.

  148. This is so so so so so amazing!! I would love the chance to go to the SNAP Conference!!

  149. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  150. Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. I would love to go to this conference!

  152. Well I just found you from the Snap Blog and can’t wait to discover more about you and your blog … it looks like I’m going to need to set aside some time … so fun!!

  153. I subscribe to the Snap blog. Can’t wait for April!!

  154. I would love to win a conference pass! I am ready to step up my blogging and i know I can learn so much at SNAP! Thanks!!

  155. Hi. Thanks for this opportunity…I actually tried to register for the conference a few days ago, but I couldn’t get the pay pal thing to work. So I turned it off and decided that it was a lot of money and that maybe this new hobby of mine to re-make new things out of some thing old is just a silly time-sucker. With 2 young kids and my obsession with not being able to stop a project once I have started, often presents a problem. But after finding this amazing opportunity, my faith has been rekindled! I really do love creating things and being inspired by every day events in life. Creating new things for me helps me to appreciate all things old and new, and has opened my eyes to diverse ideas (and people) in general. I love, love, love my new hobby-aka my new passion, and I would be completely honored if I was chosen to receive this conference ticket.

  156. I follow the snap blog!

  157. oh man – i would LOVE it …pick me pick me!

  158. OOHHH PICK ME!!! I’m dying to go to SNAP this year!!

  159. I’m a follower of the SNAP blog also :)

  160. I’d love to go to the SNAP conference!

  161. Thanks for the opportunity. This would be a wonderful gift of knowledge and girly fun!

  162. I am a follower of the SNAP blog! Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  163. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you!!

  164. I would love to win a ticket to the SNAP! conference.

  165. I am a follower of the SNAP! blog.

  166. I have my fingers crossed & a jar ready to collect pennies for travel costs. Thanks for the chance!

  167. I follow the SNAP blog.

  168. omg, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a ticket to this awesome conference!!! crossing my fingers!

  169. I would love, love to win a conference pass. So awesome!

  170. I would love this, squeal like a little girl and do a dance if I won this….

    so pretty please with sugar on top pick me.

  171. i follow the Snap blog!

  172. I would love love love to go to the snap conference!!

  173. I’m following the snap blog now

  174. I would love to be there!!

  175. This would be so much fun! Thanks for the chance!

  176. I follow the SNAP blog!

  177. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
    Please and thank you :)

  178. I’d love to attend! What an opportunity?!?

  179. I’m following the SNAP blog through Pinterest!

  180. Sweet!! I’ll be 8 months preggers when the conference is here, but if I win the ticket, I’m totally going!!

  181. Sounds like a wonderful event that I’d love to attend!

  182. Fingers & Toes are crossed!! :)

  183. I want to go!

  184. Oooh! Pick me!

  185. OH! I would absolutely love to go to SNAP!

  186. I subscribe to the SNAP blog

  187. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! I have a blog with my 5 sisters and we are all dying to go!….If only we could get our husbands on board. :) They couldn’t say no if it were free, right?! I’m crossing my fingers!

    p.s. Love your blog!

  188. I would love to win tickets to #snapconf!!!!!!! Lets go Jillian! @ihartjillian

  189. You DARLING DARLING Girl! Who wouldn’t want to go to SNAP?! And who wouldn’t want to win?! I know I for sure would!! I subscribe to SNAP, and you of course.
    P.S. I only live 20 mins from Lehi, but we are in St George all the time, we should plan a D.I. trip next time I come down :)

  190. I guess I get an additional entry since I subscribe! YIPEE

  191. I’d love to attend

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