Mermaid Rain Showerhead Aka Moen Twist Giveaway

So my whole life I have wanted a handheld showerhead. I am pretty sure that as a child I even asked for one for Christmas or my birthday. They are just so cool right?! My friends at Moen just released a genius showerhead, and I get to give one away!!

Introducing The Twist:



The Twist is a convertible handheld showerhead. There are 4 different spray patterns and all you have to do is twist the head to change it. Haha get it! That’s why its called the Twist!!


Now here is the best part. It is SOOOOOOO easy to install. Like you 100% can do this without your husband (and we know that EVERYONE appreciates those kinds of projects.)

First remove your existing showerhead. Not the whole pipe JUST the head. It will screw right off.

How to install a new showerhead

Then you are going to screw the end of the hose to the pipe coming out of the wall.

Moen Twist

And then you are done.

Moen Showerhead

Really, that is how easy it is.

Now for the fun part. I never thought I would talk about showering on Vintage Revivals (unless I am talking about the lack of it during crazy project weeks.)

The water pressure in our house for some reason sucks. I love high pressure showers and have never been able to have one in my house. But, with the Twist there are 2 high pressure settings and they are AWESOME!

My girls love the Immerse head because they say “It feels like Mermaid Rain.” So CLEARLY it is magical.

And it makes giving Agnes a bath 1,000,000x easier. Have I ever introduced you to Agnes? She is our English Bulldog that I threaten daily that we are going to sell. But now she will for sure get a bath more often so that makes EVERYONE happy. Now if it would only help with her stubbornness and gas.


You can buy the Twist at right now at Home Depot and at Lowes in January. I completely love Moen products because they are such great quality.

So do you want to win a Twist?! You should also know that the Twist is shipping from my house so…the winner will probably get something extra from me in there like a little Christmas present… Just sayin, its going to be AWESOME!

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us why you would be so excited to win a Twist.

Additional Entries:

Tweet the following and leave a comment with your twitter handle “I want to win the @moen Twist #giveaway @vintagerevivals! (1 entry)

And as always leave a comment about a Random Act of Kindness that you have performed. (1 entry)

This giveaway will be open until Thursday December 29 at midnight MST.

Good luck!

Love Your Guts

I have partnered with Moen for this post. The opinions expressed are mine and my children’s (cause lets face it I am not awesome enough to come up with Mermaid Rain.)



  1. Random act of kindness: Treated my boss to a soda at the vending machine today :)

  2. Oooh… that thing looks AWESOME! I want to win one so that I can take LUXURIOUS showers!!!

  3. I would love to win one because I live in an old apartment with an old showerhead! Would be such a nice little luxury!

  4. I hate to be so practical, but having a handheld shower head also makes it A LOT easier to clean the shower.

  5. I would LOVE to win because my shower head stinks…


  6. Random Act of Kindness: I carried a woman’s stroller on and off the bus this morning.

  7. I would LOVE to win one because our shower head is broken right now!

  8. I’ve always wanted a hand held also!!! This one looks very cool……

  9. i would love to have this because i am a shower whore. there…i said it. i am guilty every day of taking showers that are way too long and way too hot. an awesome shower head would make it that much better right?

  10. I have been dying for a handheld – it makes cleaning so much easier!

  11. This is awesome! We also have a smelly English Bulldog who could use more baths! I hate rinsing him off with cup fulls of water.

  12. i tweeted!

  13. I like MOEN on FB and thanked them for the giveaway!

  14. Random Act of Kindness: I dropped off a bunch of personal hygene products at our local homeless shelter. It’s nice to clean out our cabinets and give them to someone in need!

  15. fecebooked and thanked moen for their awesome giveaway!

  16. Oh man I would love a new shower head! we’ve been renting for a few years now and haven’t had a nice shower since we owned our last house!! I would love to have one to use in our rental and then a nice one for when we buy again!!!

  17. I left Moen a thank you on FB :)

  18. We so desperately need a new shower head in our master bathroom, this would be perfect!

    sumgym at gmail dot com

  19. Sent out the Tweet (@mymunozfamily)

    sumgym at gmail dot com

  20. Posted a thank you on their page!
    (Summer Munoz)

    sumgym at gmail dot com

  21. I made cookies for my co-workers today!

    sumgym at gmail dot com

  22. I would love to win because the cup-and-splash method just isnt cutting it any more. :)

  23. Oooh! Mermaid rain!?! :) ha ha what a fun giveaway! Who wouldn’t want a new shower head. The standard shower heads suck!

  24. Random act of kindness: stayed late at work and helped my boss finish closing. :)

  25. I would LOVE to win a twist! I just moved into a new place and my shower head is pitiful! This would be wonderful!!!!!

  26. omg i would love to have one of those! were moving into an apartment and I just already know our shower will suck.

  27. I would love to win this!! I am currently staying at my brothers while my husband is deployed, and I.can’t stand taking a shower there… So I leave and go to my parents… My brother has 2 dogs, an amazing wife, and two kids!! I would love to win this for them, and then I could actually shower there!!! Keeping my just pedicured toes crossed :)

  28. I’d love one because my current shower head is not terribly functional and is also quite ugly… an old plastic off-white job that has yellowed with age.

  29. We just had to have a new shower/bath installed and after that huge expense went with the cheapest shower head available. This would be a fabulous addition to the new tub/shower!

  30. I would love, love, love one because showering is one of the highlights of my day – no noise, no telephone, no distractions. If I had the Twist I would run my hot water tank dry!

  31. Ohhhhh we have crappy water pressure, too! Like, our shower head looks like yours, but with excessive grime built-up that I can’t seem to get off, and that makes our crappy water pressure even “better”. I WANT A NEW SHOWER HEAD!

  32. Tweeted @manygoatsclan

  33. RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS… I helped a kindergartener home when she ran off from here mom, who was watching her other kid at the park.

  34. This would be great to have when my grandkids come to visit us at the beach this summer.

  35. This is the second time in 2 weeks that I have helped an elderly woman find her car in a parking lot, this time it was at Sears!

  36. I too have terrible water pressure. would love to try it!!

  37. I let 3 people check out if front of me because they only had a couple of items each and I had more,

  38. I love handheld shower heads. I keep asking my husband for one, but now that I see how easy it is to install it myself, I might just have to go buy my own if I can’t win this one!

  39. I would love to win the Moen Twist! After the crazy holiday of crafting christmas gifts I need to shower off this sweat that I have worked up!

    This year my husband and I wanted to do the angel tree. We were too late so we decided to do it for a client of mine since she was going through some hard times. Bought her family christmas pajamas and lots of fun goodies and a christmas turkey. Also donated some cash to a family in desperate need due to the father being laid off of work and as a result fell behind in their mortgage payment.

    Merry Christmas!

  40. i would love this!!

    Random act of kindess… i paid for my mothers gas bill as a surprise

  41. Maybe winning this giveaway will jumpstart my bathroom update!

  42. Awesome giveaway!! I really need this thing. It’s hard enough to get an 11 year old boy to take daily showers. I think if we had an awesome shower head like this one, he could be more easily pursuaded. :)

  43. I could really use a new shower head in my bathroom ! I bought a cheep one not long ago and it stinks. That’s why I would like to win .

  44. I would love to win this! We hand a handheld shower growing up and it was awesome. This would definitely make bathing my two dogs easier as well.

  45. I could put this to good use. Now that I’m a grammie, I’ve got some arthritis type stuff setting in and nothing makes me feel better than a nice hot shower with good water pressure. this could help me keep up with my grandbabies!


  46. I would love to win the moen twist because it looks awesome and I know I would enjoy it! and and the kids might like it as well! :)

  47. Oh my gosh I would love to win this, it would be sooo much easier to give my doggie a bath with one of these, and our rental has a not-so-great shower-head right now. It’d be a great replacement that we could take with us when we move!

  48. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  49. I want to win because it would be awesome!

  50. Random act of kindness..we gave an extra big tip to our pizza delivery guy for Christmas!

  51. I want to win to surprise the hubs, he loves cool shower heads and ours just sucks. I’d also love it to help with cleaning the shower… I know, so boring, but cleaning my shower is the WORST job for me right now because we have no handheld shower to make it easier to clean. :)

  52. RAK was letting other drivers in this holiday traffic back out or go first. We all know Holiday traffic can be Ca-Razy!

  53. Would love to win. Like you we have crappy water pressure and my husband hates it, I’m not to fond of it either considering it takes FOREVER to rinse shampoo out of my hair!

  54. I would love to win because we are building a new house by ourselves. This would be great in our master bath, and make cleaning the shower that much easier!

  55. Woohoo!!! I would love to win one because we have been wanting to replace our shower head ever since we moved into our home! Our shower head is pretty janky! We would SO love this! 😀

  56. Thanks for the review Mandi!

  57. My Hubby probably won’t admit it in public, but he has ALWAYS wanted a hose shower head. This would make his…year?

    Merry Christmas!

  58. I would love one of these! We used to have a nice shower head until our old roommate broke it and replaced it with the cheapest thing he could find.

  59. I totally asked for a new shower head for Christmas!!!! I would love, love, love this!!!

  60. Random act of kindness. I passed out cupcakes to the homeless people during Lollapalooza Chicago this year. To see their faces light up over a cupcake is priceless and magical. The little things….

  61. I would love to have a fab showerhead since my own shower is broken and I havent been able to use MY own shower in months!!

  62. I would love to win this showerhead! Ours are old. Old! Hate to tell you, but I also really need this to bathe the dog!

  63. I would love to win this just for the experience of experience ‘mermaid rain’ because that does sound magical and because I really do NEED a new showerhead! Thanks for the giveaway Mandi!

  64. You really got me with the high pressure thing:) My house is 30 years old and I’m pretty sure the shower heads are too…I would LOVE to win this!

  65. I’ve always wanted a handheld-sprayer to make it easier to wash my kids’ hair 😉

  66. I’ve been delivering Christmas goodies today! Even to a few neighbors we don’t particularly get along with…I’m trying!

  67. We’d love a new shower head instead of our old, builder-grade, gross one!

  68. My craziest act of kindness was finding a $100 bill in a Walmart parking lot, tracking down the owner and returning it only to be given a $20 bill a a bank you. When we entered the Walmart, they had a Christmas charity table set up accepting donations so we dropped the $20 bill in the bucket!

  69. I would love to have this showerhead because it sounds awesome and it is better than the one I currently have.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  70. I cleaned out my closet and gave a good friend of mine two bags of clothes, a bag of shoes, purses and jewelry. Some of it was even new.
    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  71. yes! i want that! not only because i give my dog weekly baths because he gets so muddy, but showers are my most fave part of the day!

  72. Thanks,Mandi! Would love to win because ‘Soothe’ sounds like just the ticket for after holiday craziness!!

  73. Several years ago, we had a hand held shower head. My kids loved it, but I decided I had found a better shower head that they would like more. I changed it, threw out the other one. They still let me know that they LOVED the hand held so much more. So I would love to surprise them with this. That would be exciting.

  74. I really want to win this, our showerhead is so outdated and needs thrown out!

  75. I tweeted the giveaway.

  76. My co-workers and I collected food, clothing, and toys for 6 needy families in the local area to make sure they have a nice Christmas.

  77. I would love to win if only because they make cleaning the bathtub SO much easier!

  78. I would love to have a new shower head and make my shower feel more luxurious in the morning!

    Random Act of Kindness… sold something on craigslist and when they came to pick up; we gave it for free! Pretty neat!

  79. Oh this would be amazing in our master bath! My husband put in a “water saving” shower head a year or so ago and it is not the relaxing shower that I would like at the end of the day!! This would be great!

  80. Would love to win the shower head for my new house!!! :)

  81. My RAK: spending all afternoon helping my mom do Christmas Cards- all 205!!!!!

  82. I would love it because we can’t ever get high pressure with our current shower!

  83. My RAK is making a surprise nursery decoration for my sister.

  84. I would be totally excited because the house we recently bought was a foreclosure and almost everything needs to be replaced, this would be a bit of luxury and a big help while we try to fix up our mess! Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. I would love one of theses shower heads. I think in the past 7 years we have bout 4+ showerheads. They just don’t seem to last long enough or have not been made that well, this one looks pretty sturdy!

  86. Random act of kindness: a guy stopped his car and jumped out to chase down a shoplifter. Since she was fighting, he had to leave his car running and parked in front of the store. I stayed next to his car to let others know to go around since he caught a shop lifter. I also did not want to see anyone steal his car. :(

  87. looks better than what I have.

  88. I’d love one of these so I could bathe my little Corgi puppy easier! He’s such a good boy and tries to stand still, but you know how it goes – water everywhere. Not to mention, I’m really curious about what Mermaid Rain feels like!

  89. This would make giving my Layla (shes a boxer) a bath SOOO much easier. Not to mention, my showers so much more enjoyable!

  90. I’m a single mom of two special needs kids. I work full time go to school full time, and I’m the primary president. I NEED the twist!!! :)

  91. I have the most tiny shower ever! The water is constantly hitting me in the face because I can not back away from it. The Twist would be a Godsend.

  92. I would love to win a twist shower head because me mom visits from time to time and must sit on a shower chair in order to shower. The twist would make it so much easier! Hmmm…a random act of kindness…I took the CNA that helps with my mom out to lunch today.

  93. Oh, washing children’s hair! 3 heads each bath… this would be dreamy… the downside, my husband would pry never get out of the shower!

  94. I helped a couple pick out a cookbook at Barnes and Noble tonight. They just has such sad looks on their faces and were totally lost. Sarah to the rescue.

  95. We moved in July and haven’t got around to replacing our shower head. We had one in the last place we lived and I can’t tell you how much we used that thing. Love them and want one again!

  96. I bought my dad a killer showerhead for Christmas. Now I’m feeling left out. Hook me up, Mandi!!

  97. love this…I want to replace my whole bath tub shower, but this twist is a good place to start.

  98. RAK: I shoveled my neighbor’s sidewalk today after it snowed. AND I’m 7 months pregnant. I wasn’t looking for any recognition, but now that a sweet showerhead is on the line, I definitely deserve it! :)

  99. I would love to have the Moen showerhead! It would help with rinsing the kids hair and rinsing the tub after scrubbing it! Thank you, Mandi, for the sweet opportunity!

  100. I made dinner for a friend with a new baby and brought it to her and fed all her other children.

  101. This is such a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting one for so long, but it seems like a splurge that I haven’t been able to justify. Although, it would make giving my giant dog a bath MUCH easier! This would be a much appreciated surprise!

  102. My poor shower head needs to retire! This one would be awesome!!
    chelleulm at gmail dot com

  103. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and the Twist would be the PERFECT addition! Pretty please? :)

  104. Showers are this Mommies only quite time. I can depend on my husband to keep the dog and toddler outta our room for those 45 minutes. This would be a wonderful to have!!!

  105. This would be SO nice to use with my kiddos. They love showers. AND it might just be relaxing for me too! 😉

  106. Our shower head I can describe in four words: Cheap Hotel Sand Blaster.


  107. I would love to win this because we don’t even have a shower in the house right now. I am tired of treking out to the workshop to shower and this might light a fire under my hubby’s butt to call the darn tile guy and get us a shower! Kim

  108. We have the worlds worst water pressure in our 1950’s shower. I would die to have a mermaid rain shower!

  109. I need this bcz our new house doesn’t have hand-helds!

  110. retweeted … @jandkdelia on twitter. Thanks!

  111. My random act of kindness was to make my husband 3 breakfast burritos for his lunch this week and put them in the freezer. They’re his favorite.

  112. This awesome new showerhead would be great. I love a handheld, don’t know how people properly clean their “parts” without one.

  113. I would absolutely love it! We have a water saving shower head, which I hated at first, but am used to it now. I have a friend who LOVEs handheld shower heads, because it makes it super-easy to clean the shower.
    I have a friend who has the worst water pressure in the world. If I won, I would seriously consider being selfless and re-gifting it. (I think regifting is OK in this situation, no?)

  114. Random act of kindness….it wasn’t terribly random, but our community was hit by a flood earlier this fall. I donated personal care items, gallons of Clorox, etc. to those hit by the flood.

  115. My special needs child would certainly think its magical!

  116. I would LOVE to win that shower head, because I’ve always wanted one.

    Plus, we have 3 dogs and it would help with their baths too!

  117. Sharon Martin says:

    That would be wonderful to have, expecially since I have 4 dogs I wash in the shower and they sure get heavy when I hold them up to rinse them off!

  118. Mother of Pearl…that would be fantastic!! Pick me, pick me!! My husband would LOOOOVE this, he is 6’6″ and clearly has a hard time with getting ‘under’ the shower head in our current shower—SUPER cool. Plus, we have a 90lb. lab that would appreciate it as well :)

  119. Random act of kindness…….yesterday I was carrying a gift bag for Christmas I just bought to use. A co-worker came up to me and said he could really use it to send his gifts to someone….I handed it over, it totally made his day! :)

  120. I want to be able to give my dog a bath without filling up a cup 218641867 times to get him wet and then again to rinse!

  121. Random Act of Kindness…I work as a receptionist at a vet clinic. I told the kennel girl to take it easy and drink some coffee while I walked the boarding dogs this morning.

  122. I would love to win this shower head as, like you, my water pressure is bad. It would be so nice to be able to choose the different settings….and I would love a “Mermaid Shower”!

  123. Love this. Need one, want one, got to have one.. Merry Christmas.

  124. I try to do at least one random act of kindness every day. Something nice, a little gift, an unexpected dinner. It makes my life so full and happier.

  125. My Random Act of Kindness……I work at a grocery store where we do sell flowers. The other day a lovely couple came through my line. They mentioned that not only was that day their 51st wedding anniversary, but her 71st birthday was the day before. I bought them a holiday bouquet and was able to slip it into a bag while they went to get the car. Since I loaded the bags into their car (it was too cold for them to get out I insisted) they never knew about the extra bag…until they got home! What fun it would have been to see their faces!!

  126. Goodness I thought I was the only one who had those cheap tiny shower heads still! Would love to win

  127. Winning a Twist would be wonderful because we have a shower head that I am pretty sure is older than me and my hubby doesn’t understand why would we replace a functioning shower head. Men and their supposed rational thinking.

  128. Oh! I need the Twist because surely Mermaid Rain is magical and who doesn’t need some magic in their shower? I know I do!

  129. Sara Hudson says:

    Hi, Mandi! I would love the Twist showerhead. I, too, have a dog and she is terrified of the bath. This would make it so easy to keep her groomed and alleviate a ton of black hair on my wood floors. I also have a toddler that I am trying to introduce to the shower soon, and he LOVES TO SPRAY things. This would be great all around!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  130. To win the twist showerhead would be exciting so my husband won’t have to bend to get water under old showerhead. This item is perfect. Random act of kindness, I left gifts for c-worker and family anonymously knowing this was a hard year for them

  131. Winning this Twist wouldn’t make my Grandma being in the hospital any easier to handle, especially during the holidays, but it would give me a reason to smile for a while. Thanks so much!

  132. Random act of kindness: I let my husband’s family who are in town for the holidays control the remote, even though the last thing I wanted to watch was soccer!

  133. Ooh what showers I could take and its about time to replace my shower head

  134. I would be SUPER excited to win this because we too don’t have a lot of shower pressure and with 3 boys and 3 dogs…I need more pressure to knock the funk off of all them! LOL 😉

  135. I just tweeted ab the Moen giveaway…my handle is @tbenetz

  136. Random act of kindness: my husband and I were at a gas station filling our SUV on an extremely cold night when a gentleman came up to my husband and asked if he had $10 for gas. He told my husband that he and his wife lived in their car and he needed to run the car all night for heat. My hubby told him to pull the car over and instead of $10 in gas my hubby filled their car up.

  137. I just installed new showerheads so I won’t enter BUT, I wanted to say I KNEW you were my bloggy soul sister!!!

    We also have an English Bulldog, Molly. She’s a mess. And we threaten to send her to fat camp, daily. LOL Agnes is awesome. LOVE her.

    There’s a big picture of her on my FB timeline:



  138. You had me at “high pressure” setting. I would love that!

  139. I would love to win a twist because then I would be able to clean not only myself, but our whole shower/tub! :)

  140. I tweeted! Here:!/Itsahero/status/150243023282900993
    my twitter name is @itsahero

  141. This morning I paid for the woman’s coffee behind me at Starbucks!

  142. I’d love to win one to help with *my* dogs’ showers as well. They get too stinky! And lucky you….all smooshed-nose doggies have suuuuch gas. :) heehee

  143. ohmygoodness! I’ve been wanting a handheld shower head FOR.EV.ER.!!

  144. What a wonderful shower head! Would love to win it!

  145. I am moving into my dream apartment and have no furniture! This would be a great first piece in my house!

    Random Act of Kindness: A young mother’s grocery sack broke open in the parking lot at the store yesterday, and I helped her carry her groceries to her car.

  146. I didn’t realize that a hand held shower head could overcome low water pressure?!! Since that is so, I’d be pleased and excited to win this. :)

  147. I would so love to win this giveaway. A perfect shower!

  148. There is the amazing shower factor BUT the truth is I want it do it will make cleaning our shower easier and then it might be cleaned more often. Dollybenson at gmail dot com

  149. I must have one for I, too, have sucky water pressure!

  150. I would love to get a Twist because we also have less than ideal water pressure. And in our hall bathroom the fixture looks to be original to the house, making it 31 years old. High time for a new and improved shower head! Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. I Need a NEW *Twist* on life!! My showerhead experience has been lacking with water flying everywhichway and usually on the bathroom floor and ceiling more than on me!! Help!
    valgirlak at yahoo dot com

  152. I was watching an elderly woman try to make it around the side of her car to get some boxes to mail at the post office… Wasnt sure if she would be offended or not but I told her Id like to help her and she was wasnt offended but said she had been having a hard time getting around.. The thanked me with a huge smile…. made my day!
    valgirlak at yahoo dot com

  153. I did a random act of kindness. My kids delivered cookies I made to a neighbor we had never met and sang Christmas songs. So fun! Deanna from Saint George, UT

  154. I need a new shower head!!!

  155. I would love to win the twist because it would make it so much easier to bathe the dogs. They jump out before I get the pitcher filled with rinse water!

  156. Random act of kindness…I printed an extra coupon and gave it away in a the store, saving a man money for his dog’s food

  157. I would LOVE to win this Twist shower head because like you, our water pressure SUCKS!!! I have thick hair that takes sooooo long rinse with my current shower head

  158. I’ve never washed my hair before and this would really help!

  159. Beth D. says:

    How could I resist Mermaid Rain! My dog Dash also gets his baths in our shower!

  160. DH hates our current shower head. This one looks perfect!

  161. RAOK….gave to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer. :)

  162. i would love that shower head. Having a nice shower head like that would make showering so much quicker! Oh, and I’m SURE it would help when I need to give the cat a bath, which is usually a nightmare.

  163. Holy crap! You have a bullie? That’s funny, so do I. So yeah, having that shower head would make bathing Delilah a heck of a lot easier. Smelly beast.

  164. Donna Lynn says:

    Mermaid rain sounds exciting. Plus, it would be so much easier to bathe my four dogs.

  165. Because every bathroom should have a handheld shower in it.

  166. RAOK: Paid for the person’s order in the drive-thru behind me.

  167. @laterbetty tweeted about the contest!

  168. Sharon S

    With this busy season, I’m more than ready for this!

  169. My shower head sucks! I would love a new one.

  170. I would love a new shower head, especially a hand held one. I have a love/hate relationship with our 80 lb Lab. I like her clean and she loves to roll in the dirt. Please help :)

  171. Oh my, I’d love a Twist to help with bathing my two pups also. A cup in the bath tub just doesn’t cut it!!

  172. Random act of kindness: filling the last few empty kennels at my local animal shelter with kuranda beds so every dog is comfy while waiting for their furever home.

  173. This shower head seems like it could bring me some relief from a pinched nerve in my neck…ahhh! In my faith we believe a true act of generosity is done without receiving any credit. With that said, I find that it is easy to complete a random act of kindness on the check out lines. Best wishes to all for a joyous holiday.

  174. I would love this since I have pretty poor water pressure as well. It would be nice to be able to rinse my hair quickly for a change. :)

  175. I’d LOVE to win the TWIST!! It would be soooo handy for hosing off my 4 boys!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  176. Random act of kindness….getting up in the wee hours of the morning to sew the button back on my hubby’s hunting pants, so he could go bow hunting today while he’s still off of work.

  177. I want to win this fabulous showerhead simply because I’m selfish…I NEVER win ANYTHING…wouldn’t this be a great win to break my losing streak???

  178. Random act of kindness? Cashing my Social Security check and anonymously spreading the “wealth” to a needy friend.

  179. Like you, the water pressure in our house has always left much to be desired :( I would love to be able to take a great shower!

  180. Random act of kindness… last week I was in line behind a lady at a local thrift store. Her purchases did not equal the $10 minimum for a credit card purchase and she did not have enough cash to pay. So I paid for her items for her. She was so sweet and said that she would think of me every time she listened to the CD that was one of the items she bought. Even though monetarily it was a small amount, I was glad to help!

  181. I need a new shower head so bad!! This is awesome!

  182. It would be perfect to win this since we are re-doing our basement shower and it would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  183. RAK- gave candy to the checker at the store and a big thanks too.

  184. How apropos…just yesterday I was telling my husband how awesome it would be to have two shower heads in our shower (TMI??). I told him if he let me, I could totally do it. Although he doubts my plumbing skills and rarely let’s me do any big projects due to limited budgets, I think having this new shower head would be just the incentive so he’ll let me do it. Of course, I’d love to redo the whole bathroom while I’m at it; replace the cheap shower surround, repaint, put in a new sink, and actually install some towel racks. Please pick me!

  185. RAK: Donated bag of sweaters and coats to a homeless donation.

  186. I’d love to win a Twist showerhead, because we’re about to start building a house, and every little bit helps! We have already looked at the type of showerheads we want, and this one is at the top of our wish list!

  187. I would love to win this shower head because who doesn’t love a nice hot shower on a cold winter’s day :)

  188. I follow you via email.

  189. I love handheld showerheads! We have one now but it’s uh…quite old, and one of the super cheap ones, haha. A new (and better) one would be pretty awesome!

  190. Umm…. water pressure AND mermaid rain… sounds like HEAVEN!!

  191. I would love mermaid rain!!! My water pressure is awful also. Thanks for the opportunity.

  192. I would love to win this Showerhead.. so I know what it feels like to be in a “Mermaid Rain”.. :)

  193. I wrapped my grandmother’s gifts for her this year!

  194. My girls would love it, and so would I. Thanks,

  195. Teresa Marie says:

    I would LOVE to win the showerhead! I’m in a standard, cookie-cutter college-town apartment. I’m doing my best to make it creative and my own, but there’s only so much I can do about the fixtures!

  196. Ahhhhh….. just the ease of a handheld with washing/rinsing your hair when u decide u have to have a bath instead of shower!!!!


  197. Yesterday, I was heading to town and invited an elderly neighbor to go with. I know she doesn’t get out much, and she really enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the house!!!!


  198. I would be SO EXCITED to win because my shower head that I have now is terrible and I want to take mermaid rain showers!!

  199. the shower head we have now is old and we need a new one.. this one looks awesome..


  200. tweeted!/mommyluck13/status/152132830254739456

    Sha t

  201. since i haven’t left my house today due to my kiddies being off from school.. my act of kindness today was letting my sick little guy take a two hour nap on my chest ..


  202. That showerhead would be perfection

  203. My husband has been talking about a new showerhead for forever I was just telling him about it and he thought it looked awesome!!! So I would really like to win one for him :)

  204. Random Act of Kindness…I was shopping at Walmart and a lady knocked over something she said she could pick it up but I picked it up for her.

  205. We’d love the twist! My husband recently changed our shower head and took off the water saver. So unfortunately, our hot water is out in about 2 minutes. We need a new shower head!

  206. I would LOVE a Twist. I have lived w/o a functioning shower for over 2 years, and we just installed one. This would really improve our ONLY bathroom that the 4 of us share! Twitter name: JuNewMoore

  207. Random Act of Kindness: last night I drove a stranded motorist to a nearby gas station and purchased her a gas can and enough gas to get her home. :-)

  208. I am remodeling my bathroom and this would be the perfect replacement for the showerhead.

  209. Yes, I would love to win a nice shower head!

  210. I wrapped presents for all the family, In-laws, and hubby since they hate doing it!

  211. Ya! I could use it to wash my English Bulldog, Lola!

  212. My mom would love this! :)

  213. I tweeted about it! @MissChenray

  214. My family and I have tried to make as many friends as we can in our ward! :)

  215. I would love to win because I have a 15 year old builder grade showerhead. thanks, Lisa

  216. So who won?!

  217. I want one of these shower heads so bad!! We haven’t updated our bathroom in over 6 years!

  218. This would be awesome. I just moved into an apartment with a creepy bathroom. Really. There is a plywood-covered hole in the ceiling. But I think a new shower head would make it better.

  219. I would love this beautiful shower head to complete the shower that I built in my home. It would be a wonderful treat for my deserving wife!

  220. That would make pet bath time WAY more stylish and easy! Thanks!

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