Entryway Makeover Reveal

Do you think of your Entryway as a room in your house?  You should.  It is the FIRST thing that people see when they come in your front door, it sets the entire mood for the rest of your space.  I have spent the last week and 1/2 making over my Entryway and I am dying to show you!

Entryway Makeover Ideas 1[3]

This is what it looked like before the makeover:


I love it.

So let me give you the Mandilicious guided tour!

The hands down greatest thing in here is the tandem bicycle art.  Do you remember a few weeks ago when I shared my list of 6 of my favorite blogs?   Well on that list was Olson Ink.  Jonathan is SO insanely talented that I knew he was the man for the job.

All I did was tell him that I wanted a tandem old school bike in cobalt and white.  He came up with a 100% custom sketch (that I jumped for joy at!)  It was SO much better than anything that I could have dreamed up.

How to make Art[3]

He painted it on a 8’x4’x1” plywood with a wood veneer.  The wood was stained a light Honey Blonde color before he started painting.  Then when he was all done he cut it into 5 sections.

Isn’t he amazing?!  Crap.  I don’t use a lot of art in my house because it feels so impersonal but to have something like this painted by one of your friends?  Sheesh, it doesn’t get much better than that.  And when Jonathan becomes rich and famous I will forever have a custom piece painted by him.  (For those interested in having him paint something for you you can email him at jonathan.olson4 at hotmail dot com)

Tandem Bicycle[3]


The credenza was a find that my Mother In Law found about a year ago.  It was only $35.00 and she used it in my Sister in Law’s bedroom until we decided to change her room up.  It had been sitting in the garage the last few months and I knew that it needed to come and live at my house!  Not one thing has been changed on it,  sometimes you can really score a great piece that just needs a good wipe down!  Its probably from the 50’s and I had a really hard time capturing the vibrancy of it.  It is almost the exact same color as my kitchen table.  It is made out of metal so its really industrial but, helllllllo its teal.  Its like a combo made in mismatched heaven.

50's Credenza[3]


All of the books and odds and ends as well as the lamp were found thrifting.  The cute little stool was a $10.00 Craigslist find and it gives it the raw industrial push that the space needed.

Vintage Stool[4]


And then there is of course the Herringbone Ceiling.  Oh how I love it.  But it would not be as awesome without Octy the Purple Chandelier.  Ol’ Octy is still one of the best thrifting finds I have ever happened across.

How to paint a Herringbone Pattern[3]



50's Credenza[7]

How to make Art[7]

Entryway Makeover Ideas 1[7]

So what do you think?!


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  1. Such an amazing transformation! Oooh you are SO going to love coming home every day :)

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  2. LOOOVE the bike, it’s perfect with the credenza. And the ceiling… holy crap, awesome.

  3. Um, I AM DROOLING. WONDERFUL!!!!! If I stalk you down and that blue piece is missing, I didn’t take it. 😉

  4. love the lamp! where did you find the basket shade and that cool lighbulb?

  5. Love, love, love this! Congrats on another fab makeover!

  6. As always, you are awesome!

  7. Mandi, When you’re done with these amazing makeoves, do you just sit and look at them like you would with a sleeping newborn and beam with joy at what you just created? I would!! 😉

  8. I can’t get over how awesome it looks! I love it all. I love the ceiling, I love the bike, I love the chandelier… All of it.

  9. Gorgeous makeover!! I love the virbrant pops of colour (and teal, I love teal).

  10. These are so awesome, Mandi. You are super woman.

    p.s. Make sure you pin from your post’s permalink page so pinterest-users will be able to find your post later!

  11. Love it! It looks amazing :)

  12. That looks amazing!!!!!! You are so talented and awesome! :)

  13. You are Awesome! So Stinken creative…. I love how you brought this together, what a great addition to your house!

  14. I love how personal and “just so you” this space is. Excellent job :)

  15. I love how personal and “just so you” this space is. Excellent job :)

  16. Love it, Mandi!

    I think I’d like to paint my ceiling like that. hmmm

  17. You are the bees knees. This is gorgeous and it seems to be such a great reflection of your style. I love it.

  18. That painting…makes me weak in the knees. Holy moly! You have a way with color, your makeover is amazing!!!!

  19. Ah-freaking-mazing. Seriously, the ceiling, the credenza, that giant BIKE…Love it all!!! Such a great makeover Mandi!

  20. You’re right! It is absolutely awesome! Love it.

    Also, you don’t by chance have a bunch of random chandelier prisms you want to sell do you? Or know someone that might? We need about 220 for a Stake Young Womens Activity. I can buy new ones for a decent price, but I’d really rather have a great mismatched group of vintage ones with imperfections.

  21. Love it! You are so talented. I look at your blog everyday for inspiration! Love seeing you on Nate and I love all your ideas. It kills me how great they are!

  22. You killed it! I hope your husband gave you a great neck massage after tackling your ceiling.

  23. Seriously… I LOVE this make-over… it looks like a completely different place. And I was all “Hold up there, is that a herringbone ceiling???” LOVE IT!

  24. That looks amazing!

  25. Wow what a way to enter a house, this is fantastic. I am drooling over the bike artwork.

  26. I pretty much pin everything you do. So yeah- I LOVE it!
    :) crafty texas girls

  27. This is so awesome! You are like the most creative person ever!

  28. Simply amazing. I can’t believe that credenza was already that amazing color! What a find!

  29. I am in LOVE!

  30. This is amazing!! You are freaking brilliant! I think the may qualify as legendary in your epic projects!!

    Kari @ The Sunset Lane

  31. Fantastic–as always! Really great job!

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can’t say it enough times. The credenza is awesome and the bicycle art…incredible.

  33. Never a dull makeover with you! Love the credenza and the painting is super awesome also! Great job.

  34. holy smokes…. are we even in the same house?! what a transformation

  35. Gorgeous as always!! Nice work!

  36. An amazing transformation! I love that painting, and it’s so fun with the credenza!

  37. WOWZA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your entry way! That bike painting is seriously to die for :) Amazing job once again :) I think you need to teach me a few things ha 😉

  38. perfect.

  39. Whoot, Whoot!! Credenza – amazing. Love the art. Ceiling – dying. No fabric on that lampshade – cool. Stool (have the same one in cream)! Together – awesomeness!

  40. Beautiful! I love the teal sideboard with the painting! They were meant to be together. :)

  41. Of course it rocks, you did it! What I absolutely love about you is your uniqueness (I’m deeming that my own unique word) in that we can all ‘copy’ projects we see and love but you have the talent and guts to step outside the box and do something totally original and we all end up copying you. You’re one of a kind Mandi. Totally impressed.

  42. Wow! Looks fantastic! I love all the colour you have going on yet have achieved that perfect balance so that it does not look too busy (hard to do). Kudos. Great job!

  43. Oh my goodness. That bike is AMAZING. Seriously. I want to paint one in my room.

  44. You remind me of when “What Not To Wear” started. People were always questioning the new style that Clinton and Stacy told them to wear. They would say it doesn’t have to match, just “go”. And you do that in design beautifully! the stoll is pretty handy, you can sit and drool!

  45. I’m completely in love, impressed, and jealous in the best possible way. I can’t even decide which part is my favorite – I love it all so much!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  46. Crazy fun! Just out of curiosity Mandi, what is behind to hang it up? And how did you get them all lined up so perfectly?

  47. alsdjkfakls;dfkadfjf;jadsfj;aflsfjl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKIN AWESOME! I think..you’re a genius. LOVE LOVE LOVE it ALL! Props!

  48. What a great job! It looks fantastic :)

  49. Far out! I love your blog. You don’t post every day, but when you do, it’s something amazing. You have a talent.

  50. HoLy CrAp!
    I love it.
    One tiny missed detail- how did you decide on the tandem bike? I’d LOVE to do something like this, as well as have other art, but I feel like I have to make some sort of *statement*. It has to represent me or something big. But really, I just want something cool on my wall.
    So for you, something cool, or a deeper meaning?

  51. Love.

  52. Wow! Absolutely amazeballs!


  53. That is a great bike series. Very original. A nice use of the cabinet as well.

  54. I am in love!!! My hubby would die over that bike art! Excellent choice. The purple chancy is pretty awesome too!!

  55. Beautiful, Mandi! Girl, you really know how to think out of the box & it really comes out fantastic. Love that ceiling. You do some super neat stuff. Love this space!

  56. Good gravy, it’s beautiful!!!! I love your style, and your tutorials so you can share your wealth of knowledge will those of us striving to mimic your awesomeness!

    Very cool. I love it.

  57. Such a great transformation! It looked great before too but I’m in loooove with that bicycle painting!!

  58. Hey – nice tandem.

    {sounds totally dirty}

    {and I’m inspired}

    {to make some epic art, that is}

  59. So fun & whimsical. I love it!

    Warmly, Michelle

  60. Mandi – you are so blessed to have such an awesome gift!!! I LOVE what you did with your space!!! Your friends’ artwork is so cool!!!

  61. Yikes that’s amazing! I love the bike and I love your entryway more than before. It seems so much more fun and inviting; more ‘Mandi-ish’.

  62. I reallllly want that stool! Have been looking for those for my new kitchen. Congrats on another great room!

  63. Coolest bike picture ever!

  64. Holy. Freaking. Crap. I love EVERYTHING you do, but this is like a whole new level of awesome-ness! Seriously. I am dying over that wall art. I love cruiser bikes and that is just plain amaze balls!


  65. Everything about this makeover is totally amazing. I SERIOUSLY love the bike. Great job!!

  66. Oh my!!! Love love LOVE this!!! What a transformation! Completely different feel, and LOVE the color!!

    I hopped over from Young House Love and am instantly a fan and follower. Keep up the great work!

  67. Oh my!!! Love love LOVE this!!! What a transformation! Completely different feel, and LOVE the color!!

    I hopped over from Young House Love and am instantly a fan and follower. Keep up the great work!

  68. Oh wow. So beautiful and so much fun! Love it, and your blog!!

  69. Awesome make over! Can I have some deets on your beautiful front door please?!?!?!

  70. Hi, I’m here from YHL, and I just want to say how stunning your transformation is. Great job!

  71. Stopping by from YHL. Just love your entry makeover! I keep crossing paths with it around blogland …

  72. I want to live in your entryway :) Amazing job!

  73. Im a new follower! Im not going to lie, I’ve regifted before…once…and it was nice I promise:)

  74. Gorgeous entry way. I don’t have anywhere to put it, but I would give my left arm for that credenza. And chandelier. And the bike…

  75. I have a tandem bike that looks almost exactly like that one! We just bought a beach house where the bike now resides (and we’ll get more use from it!)
    I would love a painting like this one on the large wall over my couch in my beach house family room!!
    I love your makeover-good job!

  76. the bike art is really cool and not your average art piece find! i like it!


  77. I just died a little. Died because it is so awesome! The credenza? The tandem bike? The stool? Holy crap! I LOVE custom art like the bike. Super cool!

  78. This is incredible!!! I am in love with it! I need some inspiration for our entryway…this is awesome, did I say that?!!

  79. Oh my…..if this entry way had guts…I would love them! That is so amazing! And the ceiling???? WOWZA!!! That is frikkin amazing! Seriously….I NEEEEEED you at my house! Not just want….NEEEED! MMMmmkay! 😉

  80. I’m always late to the party…but had to tell you this is awesome!!

    You’re a design genius, girl. “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!!”



  81. Wow, you have some serious design skills!

  82. Um, this is the coolest entryway EVER!!! Love.

  83. That painting is to die for!

  84. Anonymous says:

    all I can say is “WOW”!!!

  85. Loving the tandem bike!

  86. That plywood wall art is gorgeous – oh my! I have this linked to my “plywood” post too today, for all home things plywood!

  87. Mandi! I have probably already commented on this post but I’m still obsessed with it and I made my own DIY version of the bicycle bc I HAD TO HAVE IT! Hope you’ll stop by and check it out! I linked to your gorgeous entry way post.


    Thanks for the amazing inspiration and I’m dying to see your kitchen! Hugs!!


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