$250 Homegoods Gift Card Giveaway, Merry Christmas to YOU!

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BONES YO!  I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about todays giveaway!!


Homegoods is hands down my favorite retail store to shop at.  I love how they always have such an eclectic mix of things and how its never the same store from day to day.  The best part about it though, is that there are limited quantities of stuff and so you are pretty much guaranteed that no one else will have the same awesome finds that you have.

Christmas came early to my house this year!!  I bought so many amazing things from Homegoods to finish up my Master Bedroom….want a sneak peek?!?



How about these amazing pendant lights that I made out of big glass urns?!  Tutorial is coming next week!!

How To Make A Glass Pendant Light


I DIED when I saw this amazing white ceramic horse head statue:

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas 075


And don’t you love these super cute nightstand tables?  Clearance.

How to Hang Curtains

So since Christmas is like…9 days away (GAH!) Homegoods conducted a really fun survey about re-gifting.  Did you know that 54% of people have re-gifted at least once?  And that 36% are frequent offenders.

And the people receiving the re-gift? 26% are co-workers!  Crazy!!  I love statistical stuff like this.  If you want to see the full results of the survey you can see that HERE.

Personally I am a gift card buyer.  And actually Homegoods is my go-to gift card.  Just ask the girls in my Bunco Group.

So now to the fun part!

Who wants to win $250.00 to Homegoods?!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Do you even know what you can get for $250?!  SO MUCH STUFF!

To enter:

Leave a comment telling us if you are a re-gifter.  And how you feel about it.

Please note that this is a giveaway for Vintage Revivals readers.  If you are not yet please subscribe via Google Friend Connect or RSS feed!

Additional Entries:

1. Tweet the following “@vintagerevivals PLEASE make me #homegoodshappy with a $250 @homegoods giftcard #giveaway!”  and leave a comment on this post with your twitter handle.

2. Facebook the giveaway with a link in your comment.

3.  Head over to the Homegoods FB page and give them a big fat THANK YOU!

4.  Perform a Random Act of Kindness and let us know about it!

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday Dec. 20 at midnight.  Good luck!


Love Your Guts



  1. I have to admit I am…I had a stash of wedding gifts I would take from for a couple years after our wedding. It was nice stuff I just didn’t need it. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as you remember not to give it to the person you got it from 😀 I too am obsessed with HomeGoods and I think I would probably have a heart attack if I won this but don’t let that stop you from giving it to ME! Thank you for all your amazing posts you are a genius!

  2. I re-gift all the time! Why not?

    rowlandamy90 at gmail dot come

  3. Does re-gifting packaging count? Like, ribbon..those little puzzle boxes you can put gift cards in to? If so, then yes, totally. I don’t feel bad about it either. Wrapping paper and ribbon can get expensive!

    p.s. LOVE the TJMaxx chain. I used to work for TJMaxx and let me tell you..It was hard to keep a paycheck.

  4. Completely a re-gifter – Love re-gifting! :)

  5. I’m not a serial re-gifter, but I have once or twice– when I knew it specifically was something that someone else would REALLY like. I try not to make a habit of it though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I’ve regifted giftcards before and I’m with Ruth Ann – I did have a small stash of wedding gifts that I regifted for a couple years. guilty!

  7. Thanked Homegoods for the giveaway on Facebook!

  8. left a THANK YOU over at Homegoods facebook page!

  9. I have re-gifted (blushing).

  10. My random act of kindness: buying books for all the kids in my son’s preschool class and having the teacher send them home anonymously.

  11. of course – if someone can use something that you can’t why not?

  12. I only regift if it’s something that’s perfect for the recipient, and something I would buy for them if I didn’t already have it handy to give. For other things, I’ll give them away, but not as gifts. If it were reversed and someone gave me a gift just b/c they didn’t want it and felt obligated to give me something, it wouldn’t feel very nice. I’d rather get just a card or a verbal “Happy Holidays!” that was heartfelt.

  13. i’m not a regifter, although i would do it if i had something that i hadn’t even opened and it would be a good fit for someone else!

  14. I love HomeGoods. Do you know how much damage I could do with $250? LOTS and LOTS. I am a regifter. I have a box under my bed of gifts that are worthy of regifting and I label who they were originally from so that I don’t regift into the same circle.

  15. I must admit that I am also guilty of regifting. I try not to do it often, but there are some things that you just do not want to keep. A light up singing Santa? Ummm….thanks? I think?

  16. Heck yeah, I regift! I think it’s a great way to eliminate waster if somebody gave you something that you don’t need/isn’t useful to you.

  17. random act of kindness: husband and i made a date night last night out of shopping for kids in need at the school i work at.

  18. I facebooked about it!

  19. i have not regifted…. i have sold new items at yard sales before but i wouldn’t pass it on as a gift i bought because i like to give gift receipts.

  20. My RAOK for this week is the $20 gift card to Harris Teeter that I donated to the Ronald McDonald House. They were our home away from home while my daughters were in the NICU and I will be eternally grateful to them for the help they provided us.

  21. I thanked HomeGoods on Facebook!

  22. Also, I retweeted (not that I really understand how to use Twitter). My handle is @ECUTwinMama.

  23. I have to admit I have regifted before! It’s like recycling!

  24. Regifting is totally encouraged at my office party!

  25. I do re-gift once in awhile. But it’s always stuff that is nice and not crap. :)

  26. I’m not a re-gift-er but I LOVE Home Goods!!

  27. I’m not a re-gifter, the thought never crosses my mind. Probably because the people usually giving me gifts give GREAT things!

  28. Yeppers, I am a self-admitted regifter. Maybe someone should start a site where we can all swap our unused stuff?!?!?

  29. I like HomeGoods on FB!

  30. I admit I regift baby gifts! I have two babies and received so much clothes and doubles on toys that I could never use everything! So with being a stay at home mom with a tiny budget I have a big box I pull from when someone has a new baby and I go visit! I feel bad sometimes but I figure it’s better than showing up empty handed!

  31. I definitely re-gift and feel no remorse. I’m a firm believer in recycling and if the gift is in perfect condition – what’s the big deal who paid for it?

  32. I have never re-gifted, but that’s just because I’ve always been able to return to the store or repurpose (so far!). There’s definitely nothing wrong with regifting!

  33. I tweeted this! @SarahBohlDesign

  34. My RAC? A friend on FB put a status update that she bumped into a friend she hadnt seen in awhile and she was having a tough time. She is a single mom, just out of an abusive relationship. So my friend put a message out there wondering if anyone would like to send some anonymous gift cards to her friend. I said, Of course! And so did lots of other rad people! Just imagine going to your mailbox everyday and getting lots of stranger love! awesome! :)

  35. I thanked Homegoods on Facebook!

  36. I don’t remember if I’ve ever re-gifted. I know I’ve donated unwanted gifts before or even returned/exchanged them if I knew where they came from. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think you should live with what you love, not because you don’t want to offend someone. After all if they gave you a gift, they must want you to be happy right?


  37. I have re-gifted, but I have a couple of rules…The item has to be in orignial packaging and look brand new. The gift must “match” the person I’m giving it to. Meaning, it must be something that, if I saw it in the store, I would think of that person. If an item doesn’t seem to match anyone I know, I give it to Goodwill or just ask friends if they would like the item. No use having the item sit around my house, unused, when someone else will appreciate it.

  38. Yep, regifting has its place….

  39. I’m not a regifter only because most people know how picky I am and just ask me what I want lol. But I do give things away a lot.

  40. I absolutely regift. Why not give something you don’t particularly like to someone who hopefully will. It’s the “green” thing to do man!

  41. Well, I would regift if I had anything to regift. I just don’t get a lot of gifts I guess. I do donate A LOT of stuff, so in a way that is re-gifting!! Also I’m making 2 of the Anthro lamps for xmas gifts, I want to keep them as gifts to myself, is that re-gifting??!! haha :)

  42. Of course I regift…That’s why I think gift cards are the best, you go and get what you like…no need to regift.

  43. And speaking of donating, it’s winter time and your local shelters and schools are looking for anything warm that you don’t want anymore!! Adults and kids!! What better time to clean out your closet than now, right when it’s the season of getting more.

  44. I have re-gifted for kids parties. I call it the prize closet. I think it’s fine! It’s very green! :)

  45. I have re-gifted once or twice… I would rather someone else enjoy something than it taking up space in my house!!

  46. I have regifted! Especially some wedding gifts!

  47. I have regifted, but usually I try to return stuff I don’t want/need–I’d rather have the store credit.

  48. I am a re-gifter. I think if I have something that I can use then I need to give it to someone who can use it. I also encourage my kids to do the same. We all have so much junk that we should share what we have.
    I love your blog.

  49. I am a re-gifter. I think if I have something that I can use then I need to give it to someone who can use it. I also encourage my kids to do the same. We all have so much junk that we should share what we have.
    I love your blog.

  50. oh man – i am not a re-gifter because i always feel bad … but there are plenty of things i’ve wanted to re-gift!!

  51. When I was young and first married I regifted. No problem! But now, I get so few presents! Everything is from someone I know WELL and we all know each other. So re-gifting doesn’t really work.

    sims.whitney at gmail.com

  52. When I got married I re-gifted items that we had duplicates of but couldn’t return… but I don’t think I have since.

    Funny story, when my husband and I were dating and Christmas came up I didn’t know if I should get him anything, didn’t want to scare him off, you know? But, I decided I would get him a fun gift anyway to surprise him. When I gave it to him, he said he had something for me too, but he had to go out to his car. He came back in with a tin of cookies that I later found out had been given to him that day by a co-worker! Good thing I loved him so much already! 11 years later we still laugh about it!

  53. I’m not a regifter since I usually never get gifts. But, if you are going to do it make sure the original gift giver and the one you gave it to will never meet.

  54. I’m not a regifter since I usually never get gifts. But, if you are going to do it make sure the original gift giver and the one you gave it to will never meet. hahaha Happy Holidays!

  55. No, I am not a regifter. If I get something is just not me….I pass it on to Goodwill. That is kind of regifting, though isn’t it?

    Great giveaway!

  56. Umm… I hate to say it, but yes. Actually I don’t know if I am a re-gifter or not? I really buy too much from year to year and save the stuff and end up handing it out the following year for exchanges and gifts. Hmm… I think I’m a semi re-gifter.

  57. I re-tweeted the giveaway – this is a fun one – thank you!

  58. I shared the giveaway on my FB page!

  59. yes yes yes! I love home goods, I always feel like my pulse has gone up 50 % just walking in the store.

    re-gifting can be okay. as long as it is clean and lovely and you don’t give it back to who ever gave it to you in the first place. eek!


  60. I visisted the Homegoods FB page and said thank you!

  61. sure, I regift. no qualms about it.

  62. I just left a Thank You and a Like on Home Goods Facebook Page.

  63. random acts of kindness – anonymous donations, and lending a helping hand whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  64. I made meals for the teachers to have during school conferences – they are stuck their all day. They loved having homemade food, it made me smile!

  65. Left a THANK YOU at HomeGoods FB page

  66. A) I love HomeGoods with all my heart.

    B) I am TOTALLY a re-gifter, but only with things that I haven’t used/opened. I look at it this way: I hate unnecessary STUFF in my house. And if I can send that stuff to a happy home where it will get lots of love? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  67. Yes, I regift. Heck! If all else fails they can regift it too. Maybe I’ll receive it back one day.

  68. I absolutely regift and I do not feel any guilt about it. I regift items that are represent a lot of meaning between a friend and myself. So it’s actually rarer that I regift to a coworker. Also, as a librarian I often receive free books and rather have those novels sit on my shelf, I much prefer to share them with the world!

  69. I regifted once, and got flat BUSTED. I will never do it again. It was ugly on so many levels. Imagine a very unique $250 cookie jar w/ no note being given back to the bride and groom who originally gave it. Yuck!

  70. I can’t recall that I have ever regifted, but I know that I have been a regiftee. For my wedding, a friend gave me a cake plate and in the box was a card addresssed to the person who gave it to me! That was kind of a slap in the face. I don’t think there is anything wrong with regifting, just make sure it’s not obvious!

    Leigh (spencer-5 @ embarqmail. com)

  71. You know…I can’t remember if I’ve ever re-gifted…I’m sure I have, I just can’t recall! I don’t think it’s a bad thing, though…if you can’t use something & someone else can, then why not? As long as it’s not already used…then that’s weird.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!!!

  72. I Tweeted! @MidwesternSGirl

  73. I normally don’t regift things because I usually love almost everything I receive, but, if I get something and I know it’s a perfect fit for someone else, I don’t have a problem regifting it! Someone might as well enjoy it!

  74. I “Liked” Home Goods & told them you sent me! Yay! (Maggie Wingstedt Massey)

  75. I tweeted! @oatmealocean

    Leigh (spencer-5 at embarqmail. com)

  76. I love Random Acts of Kindness…they make me feel awesome…recently I was in line at the grocery store and I had TONS of stuff. The guy behind me had like 4 or 5 things – so I grabbed his stuff, added it to mine, had the cashier ring it up right away and he was on his way. He was so surprised…it was awesome. He gave me a big hug…it was so cool. And I felt great for the rest of the day…

  77. As much as I hate it, I must confess to having regifted once or twice. Okay, maybe three times? But no more, I swear!

    Thank you dear, for this lovely give away. I promise not to regift this one :-)


  78. Yes, I have regifted.:)And have received regifts *wink* myself. Some people will get regifted Christmas gifts this year because of finances.

  79. I tweeted! at MrsT2

  80. Hi Mandi! My random act of kindness was yesterday…Man working at Target was telling a co-worker about losing his son in Iraq….yes, I was eavesdropping! Before I knew what I was doing, I was giving him a big hug, telling him how sorry I was for his loss and he and I both cried. He shared some memories and we prayed together. As with all kindness, I was so blessed to talk with this father and great American patriot.

  81. I’ve actually never regifted something. I DO return things though if I don’t like something. I think regifting is fine if you don’t have a receipt & actually think the person you are giving it to might like it.

  82. I tweeted!

  83. I’m TOTALLY a regifter. I mean, if I don’t love it, there has to be SOMEONE who will, right??

  84. Ok, Twitter handle: sdkramer76
    FB Handle: http://www.facebook.com/sdkramer76
    Wrote on and liked Homegoods FB.

    My random act of kindness: Things have been very tight here for a while. I’m the only one working and we have 3 boys. It’s been very rough. We wanted to do something for the holidays for a family, and we couldn’t afford to do much – so, I emptied the entire contents of my pantry – all of it, and took it all to a food drive at our school. I know it doesn’t seem like much – but for us it is.

    Thanks for putting together such an awesome giveaway!


  85. I tweeted! @LeahmPeck

  86. i am not a regifter. I don’t hang onto things long enough to gift them. They are either donated or shared with friends and family.

  87. I don’t think I’ve regifted before — to the best of my knowledge haha! But I do think certain things can be regifted without an issue — for instance a sealed bottle of Champagne or wine… perfect type of thing to regift. However in my house it’d never stay sealed long enough to hand off to someone else.

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  88. I have totally regifted! Regifting comes with the Holiday season right? 😉 I would love to win this Home Goods gift card! LOve, Love, Love them! I think I have more Home Goods receipts than DI receipts this year. I can think of so many more things I would get with that card!
    Act of kindness– My husband and I are in Real Estate and have been so blessed this year with all the work that we have been given. Because of that, we are helping a family in our neighborhood (ward) that needs help. They just bought a house and the husband lost his job soon after they moved in. We are getting all their 5 kids their gifts from Santa. We are loving it! <3

  89. Shout out of thanks to HomeGoods on FB!

  90. I’m a follower of Vintage Revivals – SO excited for that hurricane light tutorial ! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar with a bowl hurricane so will be great to see how you did it.

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  91. I am not a re-gifter, but also long as the gift is still in its original packaging I think it’s fine

  92. I shared about the giveaway via Twitter w/ the given link! Thanks for hosting.

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  93. I certainly re-gift…there are so many times when a gift may not be quite right for me but I know it will be perfect for someone else!

  94. I shared about the giveaway on my FB fan page!

    Hope I win

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  95. Homegoods is my favorite store to shop at, I never walk out of there without something. I like to save bad Christmas presents for next years Yankee Swaps :) Great way to get rid of things and save money at the same time.

  96. I liked HomeGoods on FB already but left some love that I came from VR!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. I’m totally a re-gifter..and NOT EVEN ASHAMED. I only re-gift if it’s something that would totally fit someone on my list. I love all gifts that I get…I’m NOT a ‘re-turner’. I love the thought behind gifts, but if there was not thought humpf…give ‘er away!

  99. I am not a habitual re-gifter but I have done it. Instead, if I get a gift I can’t or won’t use I will donate it. :)

  100. I have posted this link onto my Facebook account, facebook.com/jhousetawk
    (J House Tawk)

  101. I would have to say I find a use for everything. Being apart of the diy crew I take gifts that really are not me and make them into something I love. Or put them up in the closet :-)

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. My random act of kindness was I just ran around handing out hugs to everyone in my office. heheheh. I’ll continue to spread the kindness acts :)

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  104. I totally re-gifted this link on my FB page!!!

  105. I have regifted before, but I’m not someone that does it all the time. Usually I only regift if it’s a nice item and I know that the other person will really appreciate it. If not, the offending item goes to Goodwill! :)

  106. I have a shelf in a closet just for future regifts. Our family even has a gift exchange and you have to regift no new purchases allowed. It can totally be used or made – but no Dollars spent makes for lots of giggles and a cheap good time.

  107. I am a regifter…. and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I depends on the day… but no matter how I feel about it, I do regift- tactfully (aka no one realizes I’m regifting)

  108. I just tweeted! (@catie_joy)

  109. I am a re-gifter. Only if I do not like the item and I know that someone else will. If I dont like the bootle of wine or the scent of a candle.

  110. Occasionally I am, but only if it is something I think the person could actually use.

  111. I have, on a couple of occasions regifted. I usually try to regift between my family members in different countries so that there’s no potential for obvious regifting.

    One year, and this is terrible, I sold all the gifts from my in-laws that I didn’t like on eBay. Eek. I felt so terrible afterwards that I never did it again.

  112. I love HomeGoods! My most fav store. Yes I do regift but not often….

  113. I thanked Homegoods on Facebook

  114. I think I’ve re gifted once. I don’t think there is anything wrong with regifting but usually the gifts I get that are bad are SO bad that no one would enjoy them.

  115. I will only regift if I know that person will absolutely love the gift……

  116. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s only 54% who are re-gifted. My mom’s a big re-gifter since we never had a lot of money growing up. I see nothing wrong with it as long as you make sure to match the gift to the right person. I’ll donate something rather than re-gift it if it doesn’t suit any of my friends of family.

  117. My RAC- we had my hubby’s new boss over for dinner since his wife and kiddos are a thousand miles away and he’s living off of Healthy Choice frozen meals!

  118. I may or may not have re-gifted my brother and sister-in-law a blanket we got as a wedding gift. In my defense, we were seriously broke back then.

    Since then, I may spruce up an old gift and give it again. Guilty.

    This gift card would be A-MAZING timing. We are closing on our first home this weekend and I am so scared by how empty it’s gonna be!

  119. Random act of kindness: I offered to babysit my sisters kids so she and her hubby could have some alone time

  120. I do regift things but only if I feel it is absolutely perfect for the recipient. Otherwise, I love to buy something that they just can’t live without.

  121. I tweeted about it (@evil_lina).

  122. I can’t remember anything I have re-gifted but I know there are some things I have seen people get that I wouldn’t mind if they had re-gifted them to me…..

  123. I am a regifter, but only because my house is too small to keep most, not because I don’t like the gifts! In fact, I just re-gifted something last night because I had two of them! I think it’s totally ok as long as it is still in tact and fairly represents the person you are gifting it to!

  124. I tweeted! @ordyandjoon handle

  125. I thanked HomeGoods (Ordy and Joon fb page name!)

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Awesome giveaway!! I’m totally NOT a re-gifter haha. I love giving gifts too much not to pick them out myself! :)

  128. i always pay the toll for the person behind me- so that’s a lot of random acts- I should get more points! Jk

  129. I’ve thought about it but never went through with it. To each her own I guess.

  130. I tweeted about the giveaway @JHouseTawk

  131. I definitely re-gift! Mostly to neighbors or co-workers! Love Homegoods!!!

  132. Also tweeted it! @MrsEmilyB

  133. I have not regifted anything before. I’m not okay with it if you are regifting something you have already used or is total crap. Crap is appropriate for White Elephant parties, but not as an actual Christmas gift.

  134. I typically do not regift unless it is something I truly do not need, and I think that someone I know would appreciate it more. Well, I guess that mean I *am* a regifter. lol!!

  135. Tweeted!! @mmscrapshoppe

  136. I have never re-gifted, however I have bought gifts for people with giftcards I received :) .. I just know if I did regift, that people would secretly know I did lol, I couldn’t get away with it.

  137. I’m not a regifter but I know I’ve been the victim of such, and I really don’t mind. I LOVE HomeGoods and am so excited, my house could totally use some new updates!

  138. Visited Home Goods to say THANKS! :)

  139. Random act of kindness;;; My mother made a deal with me that if I clean out and rearrange her craft room, that I can keep whatever I would like 😉 Good deal of kindness on both sides, I think!
    JordnnNchl22@aol.com (Jordann)

  140. Random act of kindness- I am sending out random emails this week to friends and family that I don’t talk to often just to let them know I am thinking of them and love them. Not really random as they know who I am, but might brighten their days!

  141. RAK – told the guy parked down from me in the parking garage this morning that he left his lights on. Turns out they go off after a few minutes anyway. Ah well! :)

  142. bah! this giveaway is amazing! i would proudly re-gift if i had anything awesome enough to re-gift. ha. no shame here. i think i might have re-gifted a crock-pot or two after our wedding, but since then, i haven’t had anything awesome (or not awesome) enough to give away.

  143. hahaha! I’m definitely a re-gifter. I make sure to only regift things that I think someone else will like though, so I think it’s perfectly acceptable! Besides, it’s like recycling, just better!

  144. I love regifting! Home Goods is one f my favorite stores; you never know what you’ll find! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  145. Hi Mandi, we’re thrilled to be partnering with you on this giveaway. Have seen you on Nate and on Twitter. Your bedroom looks amazing! Will be back to see the tutorial on the glass pendant. Your friends at HomeGoods

  146. yes, I’ll regift; just because the gift wasn’t my taste doesn’t mean it won’t be someone elses! Awesome giveaway :)

  147. I’m actually not a re-gifter, mainly because I work with a bunch of engineers who’d never think of giving each other presents at all. :p Though I have no problem with re-gifting in general.

  148. Oh yes I regift. I like to think of it as recycling.

  149. I regifted once – and left the old gift receipt in the box. Oops. Felt like a heel! I learned my lesson and won’t regift EVER again! LOL

  150. I am sadly out of my re-gifting stash! Love your blog! Love your ideas. I think we would be friends if we lived close!

  151. Tweeted @peppermintses

  152. YES, I totally re-gift. It would be wasteful otherwise.

  153. I haven’t regifted in a while, but I’m not completely opposed to it. You have to know your boundaries.

  154. I like to surprise people that are having a bad day with sweets and we donate a bunch of fun kids gifts for the holiday. Gotta give back somehow.

  155. I’m not a regifter – but I *am* an avid returner. I like it better than regifting because I keep the cash value but still pick my own stuff!

  156. Commented on HomeGoods FB page! Shared on FB! And on Twitter ! http://twitter.com/#!/ericalea23

    And Yes I regift if I have something that is great and already have or dont need! I would love to be gifted something that I love!!:)

  157. I have regifted in the past but I don’t anymore. I feel like the person I am giving a gift to deserves something that I put some thought into. Thanks for the giveaway.

  158. I’m a regifter, but I mainly regift wine or candles. Just things I have that I think they will use or enjoy.

  159. I’m not really a re-gifter, except possibly in a white elephant exchange, when the original gift giver isn’t present. :)

  160. I helped a new mom who was struggling with a crying baby & getting the items out of her cart in the check out lane by placing her items in her cart on the conveyor belt so she could concentrate on the baby. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. I’m not a re-gifter. I’m not necessarily opposed to it as long as it’s a good re-gift and not something that nobody would want. I do prefer picking out new gifts for people though.

  162. I HAVE regifted before but it wasn’t very fun because I was feeling so guilty!

  163. My random act of kindness was bringing someone homemade fudge.

  164. I have definitely regifted once or twice, but only to a White Elephant exchange.

  165. In general, I don’t regift. I don’t have strong feelings about it either way, but I can’t think of a time when I did it. I guess if you get something that you don’t neccesarily need or want, but you think someone else might, why not?

  166. facebooked it!

  167. I am totally a regifter! Not that i just randomly regift but if I received something that I don’t care for and I know someone who will enjoy it, why shouldn’t I pass it on so it can be appreciated?

  168. I don’t have a problem with regifting. It’s a great way to make sure those awesome gifts go to the best home. And it can save a few dollars here and there.

  169. I’ve regifted maybe just a couple times. But I think it’s fine! If the other person likes that gift, then who cares??
    alicia9265 (at) hotmail.com

  170. I admit, I have regifted. Why should I keep something perfectly good when I know someone who would really want it?

  171. I’m a proud regifter. Especially with baby gifts.

  172. I have been known to re-gift–especially with our leftover wedding gifts!

  173. Yes, I have regifted and think it’s perfectly fine. As long as you don’t get caught. 😉 If someone else can use something that I won’t then I just saved myself some money and some clutter in my closets. :)

  174. I’m all for it. I already gave away a few gift cards to restaurants I received this season :)
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  175. I have never regifted.

  176. I have never regifted.

  177. I have re-gifted for kid birthday parties. Sometimes you get something your daughter/son won’t play with but you know other kids do like those toys (like Legos, for some reason my son doesn’t like them but other boys love them). So I save up those type of gifts and re-gift to other children or donate them.

  178. I don’t leave the house much so not a lot of opportunities for raok but I brought my husband dinner when he was stuck at work late, he wasn’t expecting it so it was random. :)

  179. I don’t do a lot of regifting~I do a lot of giving away! Is that the same thing? I don’t like pretending I got something for someone, when I really didn’t…but I won’t judge! And I am a huge TJMaxx and Home Goods customer/fan. I just wish they would let me have a ten thousand dollar limit on their charge card!

  180. I think I can only remember re-gifting just once. I usually put all the unwanted gifts in the “garage sale” pile.

  181. I just tweeted and follow you on Twitter too @dragonfly777:https://twitter.com/#!/dragonfly777/status/147340018871050240
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  182. I have never personally regifted but I really don’t see the problem with it! If you have something that is new and in good condition and you know someone that would actually use it then I say why not! There are some things that my my friends and family get that I think “man I wish she would regift that to me for my birthday” lol. So if you’re a regifter in the right way than good for you!! This pregnant mommy of 3 girls would looove to win this to take my girls shopping and to buy some new stuff for my new baby coming in June!!

  183. I just thanked Home Goods on FB
    Valerie C.
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  184. I have regifted. But I have a few rules….1. It has to be in its original packaging 2. It can’t be tacky, ugly, or junky 3. Never regift something in the same circle of people. Basicly no giving of a gift from coworker #1 to coworker #2

  185. Of course I’m a regifter! I kind of feel like a matchmaker when I give something I didn’t like to someone who I know will love it. It’s awesome, plus I save a bunch of money.

  186. I do re-gift, but I tell the person who gave it to me and the recipient. We’re all supposed to be big girls here.

  187. I just held the door at a local coffee shop for an elderly woman….then the next 2 people after her decided to scoot through too…lol I said “Merry Christmas” :)
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  188. My last RAOK was when I was comiing out of a thrift store I smiled at a woman who looked unhappy. She turned and said thanks, she’s had such a bad morning and by the way I lover your bag. I said, it’s yours. Dumped my stuff into a plastic bag and gave it to her. It was nice to see her relax and smile.

  189. To be honest….I’ve re-gifted before. It was years ago but I did do it! lol I guess it really depends on the item and situation, like if it’s brand new and you know someone else would get good use or love it. For me, I’d much rather have something come from my heart and not some junk laying around because let’s be honest, if you’re great enough for me to give you presents, I’m not going to give you junk! :-)


  190. I am a semi-regifter. If I get something that I know I can’t return and I know that someone I need to get a gift for would love it, I will give it to them!

  191. I went to the Post Office (which is totally nuts right now) and walked out the door. I saw an old woman walking up to the door so I turned around and was sure to get the door for her. She was excited to have someone serve her.

  192. I got a re-gifted wedding gift, and the person forgot to take the original card out of the box! I thought it was hilarious.

    A Home Goods store just opened less than 2 miles from my house. This would be a great excuse to go shopping!

  193. Sometimes I re-gift! I almost always gift items I won’t use or don’t like to my mother in law! lol 😀

  194. I facebook-ed about the AWESOME giveaway!! :)


  195. I haven’t had the opportunity to re-gift since I pretty much like the gifts I’ve received and I would be too scared of offending the giver. I thinks its fine to re-gift if you know that the recipient would enjoy the gift and the original giverxis OK with it. We FINALLY have a HomeGoods nearby. YAY!!

  196. I tweeted!!

  197. I went to their FB and gave them a BIG FAT THANK YOU! :)

  198. I am a definite re-gifter but on different levels and certain criteria. I do not give away things that have been made for my by family… I have given things that were unwrapped i.e.shoes a friend absolutely loved but never fit me properly and were no longer being made so one day I just gave them to her. They fit her perfectly and she wears them ALL the time! I wore them once…for about 10 minutes.

    I also will regift things we would never, ever use or duplicates but when they are given it is always to someone who I know it is the perfect gift for. We do not believe it giving out of obligation. The gift must be from the heart and something we would give them and something they would love!

  199. Tweeted it :) @ JennaTheWife.

  200. And performed a random act — Put all the grocery carts that were strewn around my stores parking lot back in the cart holder :)

    Love this giveaway! So awesome!!


  201. Well I don’t leave the house much (LOL) since I am a SAHM but a recent act of kindness I did was hand out a water bottle to a homeless person & smile at random people at Target, you never know if they’re having a bad day! :)

  202. I’ve never regifted, but I’m not entirely opposed to it either (as long as someone isn’t regifting junk).

  203. I tweeted as well

  204. I tweeted as well

  205. Yes, I’ve regifted! I see no problem with it, as long as it’s never been used and the person receiving it will enjoy it.

  206. Does it count as re-gifting when the item is something you bought for yourself but ended up not loving? If so, then I’m guilty!

  207. I ‘liked’ homegoods on fb!

  208. yep, I am a regifter!

  209. Left a message on HG’s FB page!

  210. Yep, I’m a re-gifter. If I give something to someone that I adore, and they don’t really like it and they have to spend their hard earned money to buy a gift for THEIR someone-I don’t have a problem at all if I can save them a few bucks by regifting the gift I gave them. Whew! that was a long run-on sentence!
    what a great giveaway! whoa, would LOVE to win this!

  211. sorry for the double tweet comment. That was supposed to be the answer to your question. I have regifted in the past, why not?!

  212. I tweeted too! @slenger

  213. Tweeted! @repurposedlife


    good luck to ME!

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  215. Gave HG a big Thank You

  216. not a big fan of regifting. i figure if i didn’t want the gift someone else probably won’t want it either.

  217. I am not a regifter. If I don’t like something I take it back or give it to charity.

  218. fb’d it! :) always makes me nervous about spreading the word, cause it lessens my chances.
    hope I win!

  219. I have never re-gifted…i think. I usually like what I get.But I wouldn’t mind doing ut if I knew the person getting the gift would enjoy it.
    And I would die for this gift card, I LOVE HomeGoods! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  220. i tweeted @onthe404

  221. If really necessary, I will donate instead of regifting, ALWAYS.
    ive Manhattan my love, I miss NY !

  222. left some love over at HomeGoods FB page!
    thanks for the chance to win Mandi!

  223. Yep, I have re-gifted before. I don’t really see anything wrong with it, but it does depend upon the situation. Anyway, I love your blog and enjoy reading it on a daily basis. You DO have terrific and innovative ideas!! I also ADORE Home Goods and so do most of my friends. Luckily we have scoped out the closest 5 stores so we can go to Home Goods every day of the week! Would love to win!!

  224. I posted the giveaway in FB!

  225. why not regift! one mans trash is another mans treasure :)

  226. I’m too chicken to be a re-gifter! But, I’m sure I’ve been the recipient of re-gifting many many times.

  227. I don’t do it often but I won’t lie and say I’ve never done it 😉

  228. I went over and thanked Home Goods, and liked their page!

  229. No re-gifting for me, thanks! I rather enjoy finding personalized gifts for the people I love. Luckily, Homegoods helps with most of it!

  230. I am a re-gifter, but mostly it’s candy (unopened) or bath products that I do regift. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I have way too much bath and body works junk. And yes, I normally regift yearly :)

  231. Stopped by and thanked HG on FB.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  232. I don’t re-gift often, but have in the past. There are just some gifts that would be more perfect for somebody else.

  233. Tweeted!


  234. I have to admit that I am a re-gifter!!!!!!!!!!! I do try to keep it for at least 6 months before I re-gift so that it isn’t so obvious! It’s not a bad thing as long as you think someone else would love it more than you would!!!!!!!!!!

  235. It feels weird sharing something nice I did, but I want the entry so I will do what I have to do. When I went to the bus stop this morning, some poor child wasn’t wearing a coat and was obviously cold so I pulled a blanket and let him use it till the bus came. It’s Wyoming and it’s cold!

  236. This comment has been removed by the author.

  237. ok, so I scrolled all the way to the bottom and totally forgot what I’m supposed to write, brb.

    ok, regifting! I guess my answer would be yes, because I’m about to regift a white elephant gift I got at, get this, another white elephant party. It’s only fitting right

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  238. My RAK is that I Christmas baked goodies for my colleagues,security,maintenance and housekeeping at work.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  239. I regifted once and felt horrible afterward!

  240. I thanked HomeGoods for this! :)

  241. You know, I’m trying to think if I have ever re-gifted and I honestly think I haven’t. I normally ask friends or family if they want the gift I don’t want.

  242. I tweeted!

  243. I haven’t re-gifted anything (yet) but I may. I think if I received something not so practical for myself but knew someone else who could use it, I’d re-gift it in a heartbeat. :)

  244. I’m a firm believer in using what you have, so yes I totally regift!

  245. I must admit I have regifted a gift or two over the years but try not to make a practice of it!

    New follower here!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  246. I don’t think i’ve ever re-gifted. I’m pretty easily pleased, so I’ve always liked what i’ve received and wanted to keep it!

  247. I said thank you on FB :)

  248. and I tweeted!

    Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator

  249. If I get something that I don’t like I will either regift it OR bring it to goodwill if I don’t have anyone to give it to.

  250. My Random act of kindness didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. Yesterday there was a homeless man standing outside the grocery store with a sign asking for money. I was trying to teach my kids to care about others, so when we were in the store we decided to buy him some food. Nice, right? But when we handed him the food he yelled because he asked for money – can’t we read?!!! and threw a loaf of bread at us… So I taught my kids a great lesson alright! Good job mommy! :)

  251. Tweeted! @SminkeyDinks

  252. I always revamp or add to it before I regift something…that makes it being thrift, right? 😉

  253. Yes I have re-gifted feeling fine about it at the time. Then after, for some reason I feel slightly slimy and hope they don’t find out, even if I know they love it. Inner turmoil. :)

  254. Tweeted! @SminkeyDinks

  255. My RAK? I gave Kleenex to a lady whose nose was starting to bleed!

  256. Yes I have re-gifted feeling fine about it at the time. Then after, for some reason I feel slightly slimy and hope they don’t find out, even if I know they love it. Inner turmoil. :)

  257. Shared a Link on FB!

    Merry Christmas! Santa, please pick me!

  258. I have regifted if I rec’d something that made me think of someone else. However, I never would regift something used, gross etc. I have been on the receiving end of that before…not cool!!

  259. My recent RAK was when I gave a friend of mine a ton of clothes for her daughter instead of selling them like I’d intended to. I could use the extra funds, but making sure her daughter was clothed was way more important!

  260. Re-gifting is fine by me :) No big deal!

  261. I wouldn’t mind getting a re-gift. I’m not sure I’ve re-gifted. I would though. This is an awesome giveaway!

  262. I am a regifter :) especially when it comes to chinese gift exchanges!

  263. I totally regift! If you can’t or won’t use it you should give it to someone who will!

  264. Doing a random act of kindness was one of our advent activities last week and it has really stuck. makes me feel all christmasy to do little nice things. this morning at the wally world I helped catch a runaway toddler for a mom with her hands full :)

  265. Dondra Pyle says:

    I have regifted a few times. My thing is, make sure it is perfect for that person and make it look different (if you can).

  266. I have re-gifted. Only if it is something that is simply not my taste, but I have someone that fits the gift just perfectly. I don’t mind as long as it is a thought about process and not an, “oh no I need a gift.”

  267. I was always OK with it (as long as it was something impersonal that I was not going to use, like candles or ornaments), but then it happened to me (the person left the card inside the picture frame box) and I think I am against it now! Verdict is still out :)

  268. I left a link on my FB status! Please oh please my bedroom needs this lol

  269. I thanked Home Goods in their FB page :)

  270. I posted the link on fb

  271. I helped a lady in a wheelchair reach items high up on the shelf. feel kind of petty having to say it for an entry though!!

  272. I don’t think I’ve ever regifted. I’m not opposed to it, as long as it’s a great gift for the recipient.

  273. There was a cute little boy in front of me at good ol Walmart buying a nerf gun. He was probably about ten and all by himself. The gun was a little more than he expecte and he was embarrassed because he didn’t have enough money. I gave him the difference that he needed to purchase his gun :)

  274. I have re-gifted before, but I don’t love doing it. I always have an unreasonable amount of guilt giving away that generic coffee mug someone gave me.

  275. I think I have re-gifted once or twice. I think it’s fine if you really think the receiver will love it and you don’t want it.

  276. i don’t think i have, but i don’t see anything wrong with it as long as you make sure the giver would never see it somewhere else (you don’t want to hurt their feelings)

  277. I rarely re-gift. Something about it just doesn’t seem right to this proper Southern girl!

  278. I tweeted! @madelynridgeway

  279. Here’s my Facebook link

  280. I am actually not a regifter. I send stuff to DI real quick when I don’t like it. I, too, like the gift card!

  281. I gave Home Goods Facebook a big ole Thank you!!!

  282. Oh… I would love this… I am a follower

  283. Yes, I’ll admit I am a “re-gifter”. I see no problem with it as long as the original giver doesn’t find out and there are clearly no signs that it has been re-gifted. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  284. I’m a follower on bloglovin’!

  285. I am a re gifter only when I tell people in advance that it’s a re gift.
    I did a random act of kindness…… neighbors garbage cans put away

  286. I just gave a needy family some cute home accessories for the holidays!

  287. AWWW!!! I’m so excited for this giveaway!! I’m pretty much a homegoodaholic..LOVE THIS STORE. Yes when I got married we got 6 crockpots…that’s right 6!!! But the worst part is we couldn’t take any of them back..so I am guilty of re-gifting them..sigh

  288. I am not a regifting junkie but I have regifted a few gifts in my time and see nothing wrong with it.

  289. I’m not much of a re-gifter. I like to make sure the gift fits the person.

  290. I love home goods! But regifting…not so much.

  291. Random act of kindness: gave a coupon to a store I was at to a stranger in line. They loved it!


  292. I regift sometimes. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it’s a gift that the receiver will like.

  293. I also thanked Homegoods on their facebook page!

  294. I am totally comfortable with the occasional re-gift. There are definite times when you get questionable gifts and definite people who you have no idea what to get for them. I consider myself the middle man.

  295. I’ve never regifted! But I’m pretty sure I’ve been the victim of it, a time or two…some gifts are just SO out of left field.

  296. I think I have re-gifted. I have nothing against it unless you’re trying to give something ugly/useless. Better to re-gift than to throw it out or pile it into a closet somewhere :)

  297. I am a regifter. I’d rather the gifts go to someone who will really need them and will actually use them instead of it just staying in my closet.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  298. OH MY!! this is one of my FAVORITE STORES!! and my house needs some major decorating….about regifting I’d say i do it occasionally, cuz i hate wasting good stuff that i wont use but others would, so I dont seee anyting wrong with it. I’m sooo excited about this givaway! maybe my home will actually look like christmas this year!


  299. I am a re-gifter. A gift ultimately comes from the heart. If it makes me think of someone, then it’s a perfect gift for that person, no matter where it came from.

    Love, VR…definetly a follower :) What a great giveaway.

  300. Love the blog and LOVE Home goods, I am heading to St george for a vaca in jan, so this would be great to be able to spend while the hubbs was in class!!

  301. put you on my face book: I am not really a regifter but i did catch my grandma re gifting to me(the gift still had a personalized card inside lol) still love her for sure

  302. I totally re-gift! (If it is unused/really good condition!) “One man’s trash is another man’d treasure!”

    Just because I couldn’t use it doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

  303. gave home goods a big fat thank you and a like on the ol FB

  304. I regift when I received something that I know someone else would love! There are just somethings that instantly remind you of someone!

  305. I thanked Homegoods on FB!

  306. I am not a re-gifter. No thoughts/feelings against it, but I generally don’t find myself doing it or really even having the thought do do so.

  307. Just thanked HomeGoods on FB(and liked them…how did I miss them before?!?!)

  308. …and FB’ed it, myself @beckymartinthornburg

  309. I am a regifter on rare occasions. Mostly with gift cards because I usually get them for places I don’t really like! But I’d LOVE a Homegoods gift card & I would never regift that!

  310. Left Homegoods a facebook comment!

  311. I do re-gift. Most of the time this happens when I didn’t plan ahead and I just grab an unused gift from my house. Then I do feel kinda bad because I know its a craptastic gift… oops. :)

  312. My random act of kindness was cleaning my mom’s entire house yesterday & baking cookies for them :)

  313. I haven’t regifted in awhile, but I’m totally not opposed to it 😉

  314. Every year I pick ornaments off the giving tree and buy a special present for each kid. I get more enjoyment out of this than all my other gift shopping combined and I know if makes a huge difference in that child’s life!

  315. I haven’t actually re-gifted anything…. yet. But I totally would! As long as it’s new..

  316. I have not regifted yet. I usually recieve great gifts or gift cards. Plus I am all about returning or trading in something that I didn’t want/like.

  317. I tweeted!


  318. Guilty of re-gifting. But hey…if I’m not gonna use it, give it to someone who will! Why not share the love?? :)

  319. I don’t think I am a regifter, but I am not opposed to the idea!!

  320. Left a ThankYOU on the HG’s FB page!

  321. I thanked Homegoods on FB!!


  322. Random act of kindness: Offered to design a Christmas card for a friend. Donated food to the food bank with the fam. :)

  323. Love regifting, if your not going to use it let someone else do it!

  324. I want to regift…but I’m too scared they’ll KNOW what I’ve done. :)

  325. I believe in re-gifting but only if it is actually a good gift for that person! Or if it’s for a white elephant.

  326. I tweeted! So excited about this giveaway!

  327. I Facebooked. :)

  328. Gave ’em a big thank you on thier FB page. :)

  329. I have never re-gifted in my life.

    Love Home Goods, hope I win! :)

  330. random act of kindness: giving a helping hand any opportunity i get (opening doors, carying heavy things, cleaning up/picking up garbage on groun & floor)


  331. listen, yes, i am a regifter. as long as it makes sense. for example, i just gave my friend my fave choc bar, a ceramic sign with a saying about calories, and a set of choc candles shaped like actual chocolate pieces(like you’d find in a gift box). the set of candles was given to my mom, who gave it to me to give to whomever, and i have been holding onto it for 4, count them, 4 stinking years! this was the perfect little gift pack, no?

  332. Heck yeah! Reduce, reuse, recycle! If I get a lovely gift that I know I won’t get good use out of, I put it in my generic “gifts” bin and it eventually finds itself to the right owner.

  333. random act of kindness, ok…today i held the door for a lady carrying loads of mail…and i told a patient i was working with that she was super smart for something she thought to do on her own.

  334. I actually don’t think I have ever re-gifted anything. I have some things that I probably should have. I guess my feeling is, if I didn’t like it, my friends/family won’t like it either, and I hate being a crappy gift-giver. Ahhh, I hope I win!!

  335. I am a re-gifter and am proud of it! I look at it as a way to “recycle” misfit toys/items/things that I know I won’t use but re-gift to someone who will find it useful. I also make a point of giving gifts to someone that I know they will like and at the same time, I would like in case it is ever re-gifted to me. Rule #1 in re-gifting: remember who gave it to you so you don’t re-gift back. My husband and I celebrated Christmas with my in-laws this past weekend. Interestingly enough, one of the gifts I received was something I gave to my mother in law last year! She forgot and I scored b/c I never give something I don’t like! :)

  336. I “liked” and thanked Home Goods on fb!

  337. I do actually regift on occasion. I just have so many baby gifts I received and so many friends having babies it works out well!

  338. I re-gift occasionally, if it’s something nice that I know I won’t use. Hate to waste something nice if I know someone else would love it!

  339. I am totally a re-gifter. I have a stash of gifts in my craft room, and just pull from it all year. :o)



  340. Yes of course I re-gift! As a recently married couple all the stuff that we didn’t want and couldn’t return went into our re-gift pile. I think its great! Now when we go to weddings I have a supply of things to hand out (we’re poor newlyweds/College student) That being said we could really use the money to help my decorating skills!!

  341. Goodness, it’s been forever since I’ve re-gifted! Not opposed to it at all though. 😉

  342. Well I re-gift all the time. Haha well not ALL the time, but I am a frequent offender. And I’m proud of it too. It saves me a lot of money and the things I don’t want get to feel wanted by someone else :)

  343. I’m sure I’ve regifted at some point but I don’t really make a habit of it. If it’s something nice and new though and I can’t use it, I think it’s fine!

  344. I too am not opposed to regifting, as long the person to whom I’m regifting could really use the item and/or would really like it more than I would.

  345. I always think I’m going to regift, but then I put the gifts somewhere and forget about them and by the time I find them again I usually give them away or bring them to Goodwill :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win! :)

  346. I just thanked them on their Facebook page!

  347. Ok, I am not opposed to re-gifting but it’s got to be within guidelines! Like if something already looks like it’s been regifted once, yah let Goodwill have it. If the item is in perfect condition with tags or at least still smells new then ok!! :)

  348. I shared on twitter @kateinparadise

  349. I tweeted! @KLeeFrederi

  350. I posted to my facebook and am now a fan!

  351. I am a regifter! Why not? If it is something nice that I won’t use or don’t care for I’m happy to pass it on to someone who will use it…or will pass it on!

  352. I actually did do a random act of kindness today. Every year my company gets about eight boxes of steaks and other meats from one of our consultants for Christmas. So we do a drawing for who in the office gets a box. I won last year and one of our receptionists hadn’t won yet (and her family has been struggling financially). So when I won again I gave her my steaks.

  353. I sent a big thank you Homegoods way! :)

  354. Thanked HomeGoods on FB

  355. I’m a re-gifter. That’s why White Elephant gift exchanges were created! :)

  356. I regift. No shame about it- if the gift is a better fit for someone else, let them have it!

  357. I thanked Home Goods on FB

  358. My RAK – I showed up at work today with a 2 lb bag of twizzlers to share with everyone. Does that count?

    I also am sure to make eye contact and say hi to everyone I meet in the hallway and on the sidewalk! Every day!

  359. My husband and I regifted stuff from our wedding that we didn’t want. It was great to get rid of stuff we didn’t want and have gifts for friends’ weddings that we didn’t have to buy. I think regifting is fine as long as the original gifter doesn’t know and the receiver doesn’t know. It’s better than letting something go to waste or just taking up space.

  360. I am not normally a regifter. Unless it’s something that we already have and someone needs more. Or if I’ve had it forever and we don’t use it it usually ends up as a white elephant gift.

  361. I have regifted but I always regifted to a different circle of friends, like a gift from a family member would go to a coworker. I would feel terrible if someone saw their gift at someone else’s house.

  362. I tweeted this giveaway!

  363. I’m not a re-gifter. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing…

  364. I follow on google reader.

  365. I facebooked about this giveaway

  366. I’m guilty…I re-gift! Love those lights and I can already tell I’m going to love your room makeover! Thanks for the giveaway! That much money can go a long way at that store. It’s one of my favorites!


  367. I have regifted before. They were mostly wedding gifts that I got. The year we got married we also had 15 of our close friends get married too and I am sure that we were not the only newly married couple that was on a tight budget. So I did what I had to do and I am sure my friends liked those crystal platters and vases…or they regifted them too.;)

  368. I have re-gifted a few times I guess… mostly for white elephant! If I don’t like something I Craigs List it!! Easier that way!

  369. I tweeted! @angelamhunt

  370. I don’t regift, just because with my luck, I’d give it to the person that had first given it to me haha !
    susiewalls at gmail dot com

  371. I’ve never re-gifted but hey…on these tough times I am considering it!:)

  372. I’m not really a fan of regifting because I prefer to give people something they will actually want. But I’m sure I could find a million pretty things at homegoods to give as gifts!

  373. I try to not regift….I like to pick something really personal if I decide to give a gift.

  374. Beth D. peddrbeth@aol.com says:

    Of course I’ll re-gift. I also recycle, re-use and re-purpose. Have been a consignment and thrift shopper for years(even before these words became common household terms).

  375. Facebooked you !

  376. I gave FB Homegoods page a big fat thank you!

  377. I do re-gift occasionally but I am big about trying to get the right present to the right person. If the gift doesn’t suit me I hold onto it until I feel it does for someone else and it’s always been nice to have gifts on hand. Random act of service, we gave flowers to my daughters teacher just because… yesterday so this works out perfect.

  378. The only “re-gifting” I’ve done is I’ve held onto all the horrible weddings gifts I was given and used them as white elephant gifts. Classic.

  379. I LOVE regifting…And I don’t mind when I get re gifted, especially if it is something good!

  380. I am a re-gifter….I confess. But only for those pesky $5 gift exchanges, or if it is something I am SURE someone else will love.

  381. I gave a big thank you on their fb page!

  382. I’m not above re-gifting :).

  383. Regift? You betcha! Of course only NICE stuff… and wrapping. I think of it as ‘sharing’… repurposing… Okay, sometimes I’m just in a pinch! Love your site Mandi!

  384. I have regifted before – it was back when we were married and we got several of one particular item. When our friends got married a month later, I gave some to them :) it was brand new, they never knew, and they were thrilled! No harm done!

  385. I thanked Home Goods on facebook – and I LOVE THEM!!! My favorite store for sure. Thanks Mandy.

  386. Random act of kindness: recently became friends with an older woman down the street. She is all alone and struggling through the holidays. I took my 18 month old to her house this morning to visit, and she said it made her day and was very happy. Made me feel good too :)

  387. Yes I’m a regifter and love it. One womens gift maybe anothers treasure. I’m a follower your blog is awesome.

  388. I can’t really think of a time when I have regifted, but I’m certainly not opposed to it!

  389. This is wonderful! So exciting!
    I don’t re-gift, but hey, it can work…

  390. I will if it is personal and makes someone feel special and loved!

  391. I do regift. :( But usually when it’s not from someone I’m close too…I’m a bad person. I know.

  392. I totally regift. Why on Earth would I let a lovely gift, that just happens to not be my cup of tea, languish in a back closet? I have a little gift bag in my bedroom closet with gifts I will not use. I put a sticky on each indicating who gave me the gift so as not to have anything show up in their friend’s home or under their own tree :)

  393. I am sbsolutely a regifter! LOL
    As long as you don’t get caught or it’s anything really sentimental to the person:)

  394. I am a re-gifter when necessary and don’t mind receiving re-gifts! Sometimes things find a better home with the folks they weren’t intended for.

  395. I tweeted!!! @FrancesHunt

  396. I am actually regifting a scarf I received in a gift exchange party this year. It’s beautiful, but I have one very similar.

  397. Tweeted – @egbindc
    Liked and thanked on the FB page!

    Thanks for offering this!

  398. I thanked Home Goods on their Facebook Page!

  399. Oh, and I am totally a re-gifter. I certainly take precautions not to offend the original giver, but waste not, want not!


  400. I’ve regifted, mostly children’s toys that we get duplicates of & have no idea where they came from. Also, i have regifted gifts from my boss to my sister because she’ll use the things more than i will.



  401. I have re-gifted but felt guilty doing it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  402. Yes, I have regifted once or twice but not often. I just went to HomeGoods for the first time last week. It’s a fun store.

  403. I found your nifty blog via a friend’s post on FB – love the word of mouth. I think I’m gonna love it here :) The re-do of your MBR is stunning. I have ours on tap for this winter – not a total re-do but a little “shudge” here and there to freshen the atmosphere and knock the hubby’s socks off ;P

    I am not a regular re-gifter for the most part. Occasionally, I will receive an odd thing or two and I get giddy trying to figure out to whom I should re-gift it or how I should re-make it or re-purpose it for someone else. That should tell ya how I feel about it – whoooo hoooo when I can do it and do it well :)

  404. I don’t think I’ve ever been a re-gifter. If I don’t like it, I give it to the goodwill or ask mom if she wants it. lol That doesn’t count does it?
    Oh boy, but I love Homegoods. Every time I go there, I see bed pillows I want but when I go back, & they are gone. :/

  405. I’m not much of a regifter. I usually just donate it to Goodwill after Christmas. This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  406. My random act was giving away a new 31 tote to my dad’s housekeeper. She was admiring it, so I offered it to her.

  407. I think regifting is appropriate when it’s thoughtful. I have regifted when I knew that the recipient would get more use and enjoyment out of an item than I would.

  408. I always re-gift when we do White Elephant gifts….I think they’re supposed to be like that, right? :) Love your blog!!

  409. Tweeted!!


  410. Yep, I’m a re-gifter and proud of it. Hehe. I think I may have received a re-gift a time or two also.

  411. I’ve never regifted but i do return!

  412. Random act–Had hot chocolate all ready for my daughter this morning when she woke up. Nice to see a big smile on her face.

  413. I posted the giveaway on FB, too!

  414. I just found your blog and am in love. Hoping to make some big changes in my home in 2012…

    I have re-gifted and I don’t feel guilty as all.

  415. I’m definitely not a re-gifter. I like to shop and find gifts for people, not just pull something out of a closet and re-wrap it.


  416. I’m not sure I’ve ever done it, but I have NO problem with re-gifting! I think it’s just smart!

  417. I’m not typically a re-gifter, but once I did get some earrings that were super cute – my ears aren’t pierced. /: I HAD to regift them – they couldn’t go to waste!

  418. Yep, I’ve re-gifted plenty … and there ain’t a thing wrong with it (as long as you don’t get caught). Hehee.

  419. I lead a moms’ group for our church and I just organized for a tray of home-baked Christmas goodies to be filled by the moms in the group. I then delivered to the local police department as a thank you from all of us moms for taking care of the kids in our community.

    It was so fun to see how grateful the receiving officer was for the treats! Times like that make me LOVE my little job :)

  420. Here’s my facebook link! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501025956

    I have never re-gifted unless it was for a White Elephant party. Those are so fun!

    I love doing random acts of kindness. Sometimes when I know that someone is having a hard day, I’ll attach a note with something nice about them on their car. Works every time. It’s nice to know that someone is appreciating them, and I love making someone feel special!

  421. Not a regifter, I think it’s tacky. My SIL is a regifter and I’m usually the one she regifts to!

  422. I re-gift things that I may not want as Dirty Santa gifts :) You have no idea who is going to get it and they get to decide if it is a “joke” or not. Makes dirty Santa more interesting!

  423. I posted a link on my homeroad facebook page.

  424. I liked Homegoods on FB

  425. I wish I had the guts to regift, but I’m too afraid of being caught! I KNOW I have been a recipient of re-gifted items though. All in good fun :) Thanks for the chance at an awesome giveaway!!

  426. I am definitely a regifter, not on a regular basis, but if it’s something i have that i like, but haven’t used for a while, or ever used then for sure i’ll regift!

  427. i thanked and liked homegoods

  428. I’m not a regifter but I really don’t think it’s a bad thing as long as you’re regifting things that people either love or will use!

  429. I “liked” the HG FB page and thanked them, too! This is fun – they had yet another contest going on there when I got to their wall! Yay!

  430. I’m definitely not a regifter. I would rather guy buy a heartfelt gift for my friends and family!

  431. I actually have never re-gifted I typically really like what I get! I guess i am just easy to shop for. Home good is is my absolute favorite place to shop for my home now!! I hope i win :)

  432. The only time I regifted was a wedding gift we didn’t want. 😉 I didn’t feel bad because we got 2 of the same thing!

  433. I don’t regift – but I am fine if other people do!!


  434. I tweeted about the giveaway


  435. I’m helping two friends decorate their new homes! A nursery for one friend who just had a baby girl, and a full-organization situation for a friend who can never seem to find her stuff! LOVE them both!!!

    oh ya… and the hubby and I randomly paid for a little boys snacks at the grocery store that he was trying to count out pennies and nickels to pay for. :) He was too cute and made us smile. We told him to just save the change for next time!

  436. No No No re-gifting! If it’s something I absolutely can’t/won’t use I’ll usually donate it or pass it on to someone who can appreciate it (not as a gift).

  437. Yes, I am a re-gifter! Just have to make sure you don’t re-gift that “special gift” to the original giver of the gift. HUGE fear of mine!


  438. I liked Home Goods and thanked them!!!

  439. Oh yes I am. I would love ppl to give me gift card, but when you get something that you dont want/like, why not re-gift it?

  440. Ok, I admit it, I have re-gifted a wedding gift of mine to one of my friends! It was WAY more her style than it was mine.. In fact I am pretty sure that when I received it, it was stashed away in her house for re-gifting purposes also!! Not a huge fan of re-gifting, unless its something fantastic:)
    Happy Holidays

  441. I’m not typically a re-gifter, but on occasions when I have been given something that I don’t need/already have or that isn’t quite my style, but I know someone else that could use it or would love it, sure I’ll regift! Why not? We both win.

    Awesome giveaway! Would so love to be the lucky recipient!!!

  442. i posted a “big fat thanks” on HomeGoods fb page!

  443. Does it count when you use an old frame you may have gotten for a gift, and repaint it and use it for a new project, and then give it away? I don’t know. Regifting doesn’t bother me. If you’re not going to use it, you might as well give it to somebody who might. I’ve never really “regifted” any particular item, but if someone would regift an item I gave them, I really wouldn’t care.

  444. I ADORE HomeGoods!
    Thanks for this giveaway.

    I am not much of a re-gifter but if I receive something that does not suit me or that I think someone else would like more, then I will just give it to them, not necessarily for any occasion. Just out of the kindness of my heart :)

  445. i posted a link to your giveaway on my fb page! thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  446. i’m a reader! seriously… if vintage revivals was a cult… i’d be in! thanks for a great giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  447. Just posted a link to the giveaway on my FB page…..


  448. I don’t ever re-gift… to scared that the original giver will find out. Love your blog!

  449. Here is my twitter post: https://twitter.com/#!/leilaviana

  450. I regift to my sister! and she usually knows about it! terynashleyjewelry@live.com

  451. This comment has been removed by the author.

  452. my random act of kindness was… borrowing a carry on suitcase to a friend in need! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  453. Act of Kindness – my sister is having her 4th baby RIGHT now!!!! Her sister-in-law who is single with no kids was going to watch her 3 other kids – well, she decided she didn’t want to – I told my sister to bring over her kids on her way to the hospital (she has c-sections) on Thursday and I will drop the kids back off at her house on Sunday after she gets home. I have 5 kids – what is 3 more:) I would do anything for her!!


  454. confession! i wont hesitate to re-gift! if i know someone else will get more use out of, or enjoy the thing more than i will… away it goes! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  455. Just thanked HomeGoods on their FB page for the giveaway.


  456. I usually won’t regift in the same holiday – but I have no shame doing it the next season!

  457. I tweeted about it! @TerynAshley

  458. I Liked Homegoods on FB! and thanked them! terynashleyjewelry@live.com

  459. I occasionally re-gift – but only if it is something good! :) I don’t mind re-gifting as long as the gift isn’t personalized. I don’t think someone named Sally wants a mug with the name Jennifer on it. :)

  460. Yes I regift on occasion. It seems fine for little gifts like hostess gifts. For special friends and family I would rather be more thoughtful by giving them something chosen specifically for them.

  461. Random Act of Kindness…I bought a homeless woman dinner. My kids and I delivered a hot pizza and a pepsi to her!

  462. I just started following! I am totally a fan of re-gifting, particularly when it is heart-felt and because you really think that someone else would appreciate the item more than you do.

  463. I’ve regifted once or twice, but don’t do it often. I don’t usually think that if I don’t like something I get as a gift that others would necessarily like it either.

  464. I am a regifter if it works out really well. A great cookbook from my great-grandma to a friend that will never know is perfectly fine!

  465. I think everyone is a regifter up to a certain point! I think I’ve done it once or twice, but the coworker bit is funny!

  466. The only time I ever re-gifted was after I got married. There were way too many things I couldn’t return or exchange, so why let them go to waste!

  467. I thanked Home Goods on FB!

  468. I don’t like the idea of re-gifting so I’ve never done it!

  469. I have only regifted a couple of items in the past. I guess it depends on the specific item and who the giftee is.

    But i do know i wouldn’t regift this potential prize!

  470. I LOVE this giveaway! HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores. I am totally a re-gifter….but only if the gift is in condition and I know that the person is better suited for the gift than I was!

  471. I’m sure I’ve rebuffed before. I think it’s ok as long as it’s not between people who would know about it – like refitting something from my mom to my brother. You know, I’d rather keep things secretive if it’s a regift :)

  472. I am not a re-gifter! I’m a give-to-DI-person with a side of guilt that i didn’t use it. Then I move on and buy something cool for myself. YAY!

  473. I tweeted!


  474. I thanked them on their Facebook page!

  475. I think I’m gona go digging around our place to see what I can regift-or go through my project bucket to see what I can make into a gift to same some bones this year! Pick me!! Pick me!!!! : )

  476. I would love to win this!!! I love home goods. I am not a regifter, however I see nothing wrong with it if you find someone that would enjoy the gift a little more than you would.

  477. i have re-gifted.. once?
    i would love to re-do my most boring bedroom. seriously.
    (pick me?)

  478. My name is Amanda and I am a regifter…I like to take things I get in white elephant exchanges and use them for my next exchange. There is a snowman cookie jar still floating around my family!

  479. My husband re-gifted to his grandmother. The first time he did, I thought it was horrible until she raved about the gift. It then became standard procedure for grandma. She loved it, and we saved money. Win. And win!

  480. I have regifted unopened items in our family Christmas exchange. Since we do a family game (like a white elephant), those gifts aren’t for a particular person, so it work to regift something nice that isn’t my style.

  481. I am actually re-gifting something today! Love it when it’s something I don’t like but I know someone else will love it!

  482. I don’t re-gift but if I had two of something then I would!! Awesome giveaway. I am obsessed with Home goods!


  483. I am not a re-gifter, but if you haven’t used it, I see no harm in giving it to someone else.

  484. I have never re-gifted anything! Thanks for the giveaway!

  485. We got 6 crock pots for our wedding and since I’m not i line to become the next betty crocker we’ve regifted all but one. ( Which is still in the box :))

  486. What a fun give away! I am a big fan of Home Goods and have been on the look out for a large mirror and some fun chairs!

  487. A family at our church house caught on fire. We gave them 2 dressers and a desk that we had refinished and are working on a kitchen table for them.

  488. Gave them a big thanks on FB!

  489. Absolutely, I am a re-gifter! If I cant use something, why not bless someone who can?

  490. I can be accused of regifting but it is usually containers or baskets and then I put a new gift inside. My problem is when a gift I don’t care for goes straight for the garage sale or donation pile.

  491. I linked the giveaway on my facebook…Doesn’t that hurt my chances of winning though? :)

  492. I like Homegoods on Facebook

  493. Random Act of Kindness-We are caring for the dog next door to help teach my oldest son responsibility. I guess my act of kindness is that I am seriously allergic to all pets but I am willing to clean up dog poop for my son.

  494. I am not a re-gifter but I don’t think it is a problem as long as the gift is decent and you think the person would like it (and not find out that it was re-gifted) :)

  495. I left a thank you comment on Homegoods’ Facebook Wall.

  496. It’s true! I have re-gifted things before. :) I have also received gifts that I KNOW were re-gifted. As long as it is something that the person would LOVE then why not.
    This is my favorite store of all time!! I need this win. :)
    hollibear_05 at hotmail dot com

  497. I’ve been guilty of re- gifting on occasion.

    But I will ALWAYS reuse gift bags, paper, & ribbons!

  498. not a regifter, but love to give gifts!

  499. Sadly, I may have inherited this “re-gifting” idea from my mother. She’s been a school teacher forever and she’d get a MILLION things from her students and other teachers. Little homeade treats or little lotions and soups, all wrapped individually. Every year my stocking had tons of these little treasures in it. I loved it until I got older, and figured it out. She totally still does it too now that I’m married. We’ll get little hand-knitted pot holders that I KNOW my mom did not make. So funny. I try to be a little more sneaky about it than she is. My random act of kindness will be to leave treats at my neighbors doors this week. :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  500. i am a re-gifter, yes. and encourage giving away gifts i’ve had no use for in hopes someone might! or… to keep re-gifting until it does find a home ;D no shame. eheh.


  501. I tend to be a re-gifter. I feel like if you think the other person would enjoy it more than you… pass it on!

  502. I tweeted! @kassarie

  503. I commented on their FB page!

  504. I have to admit, I am a re-gifter but only if it is something that I truly can’t use and thing someone else would actually enjoy it!

  505. Kendra Burgess says:

    Wow, a lot of competition here for the $250 Home Goods Giveaway!! I love Home Goods and shop there weekly, yes, weekly!! You never know what your going to find=) Now about this re-gifting! I have done so in the past, but only an item I already had and new someone who wanted one. For the most part, I don’t re-gift as I don;t want to give someone something I don’t really care for. So my unwanted gifts usually end up in the Goodwill, Salvation Army,or a good ole fashion yard sale!!! I would surely enjoy that $250 give away for one of my many shopping trips!

  506. I am a firm believer in re-gifting! My only rule is that there has to be a good chance the recipient will actually like it- you can’t just be “getting rid” of something!

  507. I’m not much of a regifter. I love giving so much (wow I sound like I’m being interviewed for Miss. America), but I do. I truly enjoy picking out a each special gift for family and friends.

  508. I have regifted when I know that we have too much. I figure it was a gift giving me something to be able to gift again. I wouldn’t be offended if someone did it with something I gave. I figure it shows that it was a good gift. (makes sense in my head) ha ha.

    alicenbateman at gmail dot com

  509. I regift all the time! But only nice, new classy items. Sometimes it’s a duplicate or it’s just not my ‘color’ or whatever. P.s. Love Homegoods & TJMaxx & Marshalls!

  510. I don’t re-gift. I just can’t bring myself to do it. If I really can’t use the item it goes to a charity or to the church yard sale…usually about 3 years later.

  511. just facebooked about the giveaway on my wall along with link! ;P


  512. I totally let someone in in traffic today…and I donated 3 liters of soda to the teacher’s Christmas lunch my daughter’s school was doing. random acts all over the place over here. 😉

    alicenbateman at gmail dot come

  513. I have totally regifted duplicate items we received from our wedding.

  514. I just thanked HomeGoods on their facebook page. (Alicen Lowe Bateman)

    alicenbateman at gmail dot com

  515. I recently gave an American Girl doll that my grandmother gave me when I was a child to my cousin’s little girl. I’m not sure it counts as re-gifting, though. It’s more like passing on an heirloom.

    I don’t tend to regift, but I don’t have a problem with it. Not everyone is great at choosing gifts, and I would rather someone end up enjoying the gift, rather than the recipient holding onto it out of guilt.

    A Home Goods gift certificate is certainly on my Christmas list, because I want home stuff, but I have very specific taste You can’t just tell someone to pick something up for you.

  516. i love your “perform a random act of kindness” idea! this morning, while thrifting… i picked up a coat for a STEAL! it was priced at $10 but unbeknownst to me, gold tags were all $.10! yes, a dime! so after i squealed in excitement, i offered to pay for the lady waiting behind me’s items. given it was just a few dollars, but it’s instances like those i would appreciate and remember :) i love it. and i am a firm believer in doing what you can to help. i don’t have a lot of money… but i do volunteer when i can (gift wrapping at our local mall this sat evening!) and taking the time to thank the salvation army red kettle bell ringers every chancce i get. etc!


  517. I facebook’d this giveway


  518. I thanked & liked Homegoods on FB.

  519. Random act of kindness….took a meal to a new friend with a new baby!

  520. I have re-gifted a few times and it is nice when money is tight. I do like giving homemade/personal gifts best though.

  521. I don’t regift, but I don’t care if other people do. Better give it to someone else than let it rot in a landfill.

  522. In line at a coffee shop today I bought someone’s coffee who frantically couldn’t find their wallet after a shopping spree.

  523. I regift… I have no shame. ALTHOUGH, my favorite gift that I was regifted was a big candle that had writing on the tag. It said, “Martha, thanks for being there for me in such times of need. You are a true friend.” hahahaha! My name is Lori and I got it from my wedding. I blame my husband. He invited Martha.

  524. I’m a follower of your blog and I’m not a chronic re-gifter but I have re-gifted before and I have no problem with it at all!

  525. Kendra Burgess says:

    Random act of Kindness…My husband and I do this every year. We contact a local church in our community and adopt a less fortunate family. They give us age, sex,sizes, and what they would most like for Christmas, we can’t always give them the exact item, but try too. Then we go out shopping for the family, deliver them to the church and the church gives to the family from us anonymously. I am Thankful for what we have and have been able to provide our family, So I Give Thanks and Then I GIVE to less fortunate. My mom raised me this way, she ran a program for 20 yrs. for less fortunate in our hometown of Missouri. There is no BETTER feeling than GIVING!!

  526. I commented on HomeGoods’ fb page!

  527. I posted about the giveaway on my fb page!

  528. i only regift bags. the ONLY way i’d regift is if it was something unopened that i wasn’t going to use. don’t want things to go to waste. otherwise, i’d rather shop and find something special!
    stephanie hines smith

  529. I do regift if I it’s not really obvious and I am sure the person did not give it to me (or the person I got it from wouldn’t somehow see it at their house). I don’t think there is anything wrong with it personally.

  530. I have re-gifted a couple times in the past, but I only do it if I know the person receiving it will use it. I don’t like to give things to people that are useless to them.

  531. I have regifted once. My husband and I received a gift certificate to a restaurant we don’t like. My mom’s birthday was 2 months later and she loves it, so we gave it to her for her birthday. I see nothing wrong with it if you put some thought into who you’re giving it to and if it will be something they will appreciate receiving.

    But I would NEVER regift a Homegoods giftcard!!!!

  532. I don’t re-gift but that’s because I’m a terrible gift giver in the first place!! I can never think of something to get anyone!

  533. I’ve never re-gifted before, but I’d do it in a heart beat if the circumstances were right!

  534. tweeted the giveaway!! http://twitter.com/#!/ValerieFoyston

  535. re-gifting Guilty as charged…I think it’s fine if you know someone else would love it

  536. i am a re-gifter and i am always nervous about whether they know or not….:))))

  537. i tweeted about this giveaway. :))

  538. i thanked homegoods on fb. :)

  539. i let someone go ahead of me in line b/c they had their hands full with kids and looked like they needed to get out of there! :))

  540. I have re-gifted before but I don’t do it all the time. If I get something I really can’t use, I appreciate it greatly but I don’t want stuff I don’t need cluttering up the house. So I pass it on to someone who will enjoy it or take it to a party gift exchange.

  541. I’m pretty sure I’ve never re-gifted anything, but I have so much stuff I don’t use that I should really give it a whirl. :)

  542. I am a definite regifter, especially when it comes to baby gifts.

  543. I have regifted wedding gifts. I have been on the receiving end of a regifted gift card. Thought there was $20.00 on in, but actually only $7. Since then I haven’t regifted.

  544. Today I donated a few dollars to a charity that a friend of mine is particularly attached to, in her name, anonymously. I hope it makes her day. And the Home Goods card would make mine!!!

  545. At my house we are chronic re-gifters. We have a box of stuff we got that we didn’t want or need under our bed and that is our go to place for things like wedding gifts. We’ve been trying to get into more giftcards, but as long as people are giving us stuff we don’t want/need that we can’t return we will keep re-gifting:) sydneyb@rocketmail.com

  546. YEP, I am a re-gifter. I have taking things back to the store, sometimes it is just easier to keep it and give it to someone that will love it.

  547. I am an occasional re-gifter, but only if it’s something that I know the recipient would really love! What a fantastic giveaway, thanks!

  548. I have only become a re-gifter since I married my husband. He would regift anything but I make sure that it is something nice, it just might not have worked for us. Or for those random, totally awkward gifts- we plan on using those for some of our white elephant gifts this year!

  549. Yes I am guilty. I regift all the time. And sometimes I really love the gift, I just need something in a hurry and grab what someone has already given me. I think it is perfectly Ok as long as you #1 don’t give it back to the person who gave it to you and #2 please make sure it is still new. Nothing used please!! No Home Goods store here, but that won’t stop me. I visit LA all the time for my Nanna fix so it will come in handy.

  550. I m not a re gifter, thank goodness.

  551. Facebooked your link!

  552. I actually helped an elderly woman find her car in the Stop and Shop parking lot today, and it really made my day!

  553. I have never re-gifted before. I guess I just rip the tags or plastic off as soon as I get a gift because I love it so much and am anxious to wear it or try it out. I think it is ok to if you don’t like it.


  554. My random act of kindness was giving a couple of people rides to the mall from Walmart because they walked to Walmart and I didn’t want them to have to walk back in the cold.


  555. Yup, I’m a re-gifter!

    Every year around the holidays the hubby and I seem to get random little things that we don’t want from places like holiday exchanges etc… I have a little stash of these gifts and will re-gift them the following year. I just make sure that I don’t re-gift at the same event!

  556. I don’t ever remember re-gifting anything. Don’t know why I haven’t. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. (my luck I would re-gift to the gift giver)

  557. I’m not really a regifter. At least, not at Xmas. If I regift something, it’s random throughout the year! :)

  558. Thanked HomeGoods on Facebook

  559. I Tweeted the Giveaway

  560. I posted the giveaway on Facebook

  561. Nope, not a re-gifter! At least not yet. 😉 However, I am a giver-to-Goodwill. Haha. Sometimes as much as 50% of what I get for Xmas ends up as a donation. So when I give gifts, I try to make sure it’s something the person wants, would like (with a 95% certainty), or I give them a gift card. Because we all deserve something we actually LIKE…and I don’t want them to end up a giver-to-Goodwill like me!

  562. Can my random act of kindness be giving my brother a gift card instead of a gift he doesn’t want for Christmas?! No? Ok, well how about volunteering at the food bank. :)

  563. At work we have banded together to collect food and gifts for needy families so that they have a Merry Christmas. and we have gathered supplies, gifts and food for the local womens shelter.

  564. Yep, I’m a re-gifter. But its more of a ‘stash it in the gift drawer until I have the perfect person for it’, as opposed to simply trying to ditch the gift with someone else. For instance, I got a reed diffuser as a gift; nice, but I have a toddler (read: spills!) and it wasn’t quite my scent. Fortunately, my colleague likes that scent and doesn’t have young kids. Voila!

  565. I think regifting is good for the environment (and our wallets)! So excited that Home Goods finally opened a location in Manhattan!

  566. I’ve only ever regifted one of kids’ toys. If he got a duplicate for a birthday, I’d save it (unopened) and use it for another kid’s birthday party!

  567. I tweeted!

  568. Definitely a re-gifter. Especially when it comes to white-elephant gift exchanges!

  569. RAOK: A young man in front of me at Walmart this week only had $20 cash and only wanted to buy two items: a tree skirt and a box of ornaments – but he was $2.00 short. He was about to have the checker take one item back when I told him to give me the $20 and I would put his items on my tab, thus covering the remaining $2.00. I couldn’t stand the thought of his tree going bare. But the truth is, this exchange may have blessed my heart even more than his. :) And isn’t that what Christmas is about?

  570. so far, i have yet to re-gift an item, but i’ll admit, if the opportunity came up, and it was a good fit for someone who may better use something i have on hand, i probably wouldn’t hesitate… (this is anonymous, right????) – kristinmik at gmail

  571. I’ve regifted once or twice.

  572. Tweeted!!! @JenSings

  573. I am NOT a regifter, actually. I have received some heinous gifts in my time, and I try to find creative ways to repurpose them, or I donate them to my local community theatre for props and decor.

  574. I hate to admit that I am a regifter! But only good stuff and only if I dont already own it :)

  575. W-O-W I can’t believe how many people have re-gifted things!! I’ve never done it but I usually don’t get gifts I don’t like.. I guess I got lucky :)

  576. Liked the HomeGoods FB page!

  577. I love Homegoods!

    I am not a regifter, unless it is worthy of a White Elephant Gift Exchange! If I can’t use the gift I usually donate it or put it in the yard sale pile.

  578. My random act of kindness: I work at a chain fabric store (i won’t say which) and I receive the mailers… but I also get an employee discount. I will donate my coupon to someone since it’s a better deal for me to use my employee discount 😀

  579. I am not a re-gifter but I don’t mind the practice and wouldn’t mind if I got a second hand gift as long as it was something I would like! I’m very frugal about present giving in general and think that re-gifting is a great way to stay both economical and environmentally friendly!


  580. I re-gift as long as its something they Ned!

  581. This comment has been removed by the author.

  582. I’m watching my neighbors kids so their mom can finish getting a fundraiser ready for our friends who were in a serious car accident

  583. OF COURSE I regift!!! Why not? After all, it’s the thought that counts. I had some wedding gifts that were just NOT me, but non-returnable. I found people and opportunities that fit! I don’t mind receiving regifts either…:)

  584. I’m pretty sure I’ve regifted at least once every year since I was twelve and discovered this amazing concept! Here’s my rules though… an item can only be regifted if I know the person will appreciate it AND I’m 100% confident I didn’t first receive it from the person I’m regifting it to [unless of course it’s being regifted for the purposes of a white elephant gift exchange… in which case, it’s free game!] Love your blog… :)

    D2.Lieberknecht {at} gmail {dot} com

  585. I don’t think I have ever regifted something. I pretty much like everything I get :)

  586. I re-gift things for white elephants. If it’s a cool gift I don’t care if I’m the reciever of the re-gift either. But I won’t be giving anything away when I win this Gift Card Baby!!!

  587. I’m personally not a re-gifter, unless there’s a specific gift exchange when we’re suppose to. But I have no problem with anyone wanting to re-gift something I give, or if they want to give me something they are re-gifting. I know it’s the heart behind the gift that matters! And I’m all for things getting extra use. :)

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks for letting me throw my name in the hat. I love HomeGoods!

  588. I’m a total regifter!! I’d regift more if all my friends didn’t know each other! Plus I’m bad because if I find a really cute Cynthia Rowley wine opener at HomeGoods I’ll buy 5 of them for gifts, but then I can never remember who I gave them to and give the same gift to the same person twice!

  589. and I tweeted!

  590. and I just did a RAK for my coworker and gave her some candy! 😉

  591. and gave a shoutout on the Homegoods FB page!

  592. Well, I will regift depending on the circumstance….it’s better than just keeping something in the closet!
    Home Goods rocks!

  593. I absolutely re-gift! I get some fabulous gifts that just might not be my style but are super perfect for somebody else!

  594. I do re-gift! As long as I think the person will be able to use the gift. I think it’s the thought that counts, not the amount you gift!

  595. I’ve only regifted as a white elephant gift. That’s fair game, right?

  596. I re-gift – it’s green!

  597. I haven’t ever regifted! I guess I’m afraid the person would find out and their feelings would be hurt. :)

  598. I haven’t ever regifted! I guess I’m afraid the person would find out and their feelings would be hurt. :)

  599. i re-gift every now and then, actually. it doesn’t bother me (and i wouldn’t mind getting regifts) as long as the item wasn’t used or too used. I want it to be in good condition.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  600. I think re-gifting is totally okay if the person will truly appreciate the gift! Using re-gifted items as white elephant gifts is fun, too. :)

    Already a follower and subscriber! :)

  601. Most of my re-gifting goes to a sister or goodwill! Could definitely put this gift certificate to good use.

  602. I think it’s okay if you think the other person will like it.

  603. We definitely re-gift things that are nice but not necessarily our style or taste. And I only regift things to people who I honestly think will like the gift.

  604. Posted the link on FB! :)

  605. Thanked HomeGood on FB, too.

  606. My husband encourages me to regift, however I pretty much despise it unless it is the perfect gift for the person. That isn’t to say I haven’t had to regift something in a last minute “I don’t have a gift” panic.

  607. I’m not a regifter, but I also don’t keep those kinds of things around. Anything I am given that I can’t use/don’t want is either passed on or donated. I need as much space as I can for crafting supplies!

  608. I am not a re-gifter; per say, more of a “if-I-don’t-need-it-I’ll-give-it-away-to-friends” type of girl.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love Homegoods too!

  609. I definitely regift. Usually it’s to someone who will enjoy the gift more than I will…and sometimes I regift to Goodwill. Ha!

  610. I liked the Home Goods Facebook page.

  611. I will admit I’ve re-gifted once.

  612. I re-gift all the time and don’t even fel bad about it….not even one bit.

    jaimie03 (at) gmail (dot) com

  613. I’ve never re-gifted anything before but I have thought about it!

    PS: I tweeted! @CaitlinKetcham https://twitter.com/#!/CaitlinKetcham/status/147495343699922944

  614. I am a proud re-gifter. I get gifts that do not suit my personality at all but I think, “Ah, this person will love it!” So while still in the original packaging, it is like a puzzle to match the right gift with the right person. Waste not, want not!

  615. Natalie Medina says:

    I always reuse gift bags. Reuse and Recycle! =) Ok I am a BIG fan of your blog and I read it and see if there is something new everyday but I just don’t know how to subscribe for this contest. If you could write me back and show me how i will. But I already liked and thanked the homegoods on FB and I gave away clothes to needy kids.

  616. I am not a re-gifter but I think it is okay if you make sure to do it with people that are sure not to cross paths.

  617. I rarely ever regift because I always feel too guilty! I just regifted for a tacky sweater party because I didn’t want to buy a pointless gift.

  618. Just posted about this on Facebook!


  619. I have regifted twice and I knew the person would never know. chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  620. I just thanked Homegoods on Facebook! :)


  621. I go by advice Colin Cowie gave on the Oprah show, if I receive something that is actually perfect for a friend, I regift it. But, I do not regift just to get rid of something I don’t like. That’s what thrift stores are for!

  622. wwwoooo hoooooo.. i was just in home good totally crushing on some stuff. LOVE that store. sure hope i win! if i dont.. good thing your in another state! bwwaahhaa.. just kiddin’ .. sorta

  623. I’ve regifted a few things. But I guess I’m not a serial regifter, so that makes it kind of okay. I think.

  624. Follow on GFC (charity/ccboobooy) Yes, I love re-gifting. However, it’s not always something that I didn’t want.

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  625. I thanked Home Goods on FB. chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  626. I said thanks on their FB page. Thanks!

  627. i just put the news alllllll over my facebook page!!! i forgot to mention in my earlier post.. i have re gifted once or twice. well… unless you count 12 years ago when i regifted 500 baby items i never got around to using! THAT was awesome

  628. I am a regifter- but I always make sure I’m regifting to a different group!

  629. I’m a re-gifter and proud of it. Why not give it to someone who would really appreciate it instead of letting it go to waste tucked away somewhere?

  630. I’m definitely a guilty party! But really, if its something that you’d never dream of using, or just doesn’t have a place in your home (and is still brand-new-in-the-package), I actually think its a good idea! Especially if you know someone who’d love it and the original gifter isn’t going to cross paths with it! Thanks so much Mandi, for the sweet opportunity! Seriously?!?! $250!!!!!

  631. K. just gave HG a big ole smooch on their wall on FB! eekk i realllly want this card!

  632. I made a pretty ruffle cake and brought it to my sweet friend and her family- just for nothing. She was pleased and so thankful! :)

  633. I’m a regifter, but I always disclose when something is a regift. I only do it if I feel someone else would enjoy the item more than me, so I tell them that when gifting. :-)

  634. I tweeted!

  635. I’m not a regifter. Well…not unless it is something I cannot return *wink*

  636. Yup…I’ve re-gifted a few times before. Mostly those generic candy towers that you get. Perfect gifts to re-give to neighbors or co-workers. Thanks for the chance to win this AWESOME gift card!!!

  637. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have re-gifted before and I try to find every opportunity to do it. It blesses me to see others happy and I love doing that with gifts. I think it shows lots of character to sacrifice something of your own and give unto others!

  638. I am not a fan of re-gifting. I have never done it personally but have been it’s victim many times.
    A couple of years back my Brother and Sister in-laws gave me an ice cream maker still wrapped in the wedding paper. I would have known anyway cause anyone that knows me would not think to get me an ice cream maker. I think they got 2 at their wedding.
    A few years before that a co-worker gave me an ornament that I gave her the year before. She even said she saw it and it reminded her of me. I wonder why.
    It just takes away from gift giving. You are supposed to select that gift for the receiver, and buy it cause you want to. Also, I hate acting excited when I open it.
    Sorry re-gifting people!

  639. I’m not a re-gifter, but I always get stuff every year that I neither want nor need (is it really so hard to just ask?), and it ends up going to Goodwill.

  640. i’m not a re-gifter, but i’m a fan of recycling and of editing, so i have no problem with thoughtful re-gifting! schwabsk(at)slu(dot)edu

  641. I’ve regifted once, but they lived out of state. But last year I got a gift from my mother in law….I gave it to her for christmas a couple years before. To top it off it was broken, she didn’t even open it to make sure it was worthy of regifting!!!
    I would die for this GC, I love Home goods!

  642. ugh I am SO TEMPTED to re-gift something that was given to me…but isn’t my style…but I know another friend would like!! I don’t know what to do!!

  643. I tweeted about it!! :) @christinasadven

  644. left them some love on FB!!!

  645. I dont usually regift, but I’m a big returner! Love home goods!

  646. Only re-gifted once, Felt guilty for days!
    chelle at gmail dot com

  647. I’ve re-gifted once or twice, but typically I’m to scared that the original “gifter” will somehow find out! :-)

  648. Snuck into my parents house and wrapped all the grandkids Christmas gifts for my mom.
    chelleulm at gmail dot com

  649. I’ve re-gifted a few times and see nothing wrong with it! It helps when you have stuff you don’t need/use, as well as make room when you’re ready for something new:)

  650. I am not a regifter, but I’m not opposed to it! I just found your blog and I love it!

  651. I don’t like to hang onto stuff if I’m not using it currently I DI or send it to a happy home. I’m generally not patient enough to wait for an opportunity to regift.

  652. I have regifted before. Recently I regifted an item I received two of. I didn’t feel so bad since I still had one… That’s how I justified it at least. :)

  653. I regifted a lot of our wedding gifts that we didn’t need. At least someone can use it!

  654. I love to regift. Hey if I can’t use it I am sore someone else can! Thanks for the giveaway!

  655. twitter handle: beccagater

  656. I am a regifter, but I do try to wait and make sure I’m really not going to use it :) Thanks for the chance to win. I posted on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/simpletreasures2u
    liked and thanked on Homegoods FB page and am going to tweet now @smpltreasures

  657. Its great fun having thngs on hand…just n case! It even helped us save money to adopt a child, now to save for the next one!

  658. Gave HG a big ol’ Thank You!

  659. I re-gifted a toilet once. It came me old and white – I re-gifted all nice and green for St. Pat’s day! 😉

  660. I just tweeted @wdrwoman11!Thanks

  661. RAoK are my favorite :)
    Took a friend and her family dinner. She had surgery and her hubby wasn’t sure when they’d be home. When they got home dinner was waiting for them :)

  662. re-gifting gets a bad wrap! i think if you can’t use something someone else should get the chance to put it to use!….or maybe i’m just justifying regifting because i do it ALL the time. whoops! :) I would love to win some HomeGoods goodies!

  663. I hang on to a gift for about a year and try to use it. Sometimes it works, if not, I don’t mind re-gifting to someone that may get use out of the item.

  664. I love your blog. You have such a unique and funky style. You totally inspire!

    I have re-gifted before…I don’t think it’s a big deal and wouldn’t care if someone re-gifted to me.

    Love Home Goods!!!

  665. Why yes I do…only when appropriate…ha I realize that doesn’t really make sense!!

  666. I have been known to regift – usually into some sort of white elephant exchange. I’d feel bad about it, but the stuff I regift always strikes me as stuff the person put absolutely no thought into.

  667. i don’t see anything wrong with regifting at all. Why let something sit in your closet and collect dust when you know someone that can really use it.

  668. I would totally regift if I had the right gift with still in the box condition. It’s my gift, heck yeah I can give it someone else!

  669. An older gentleman was having some trouble with his credit card at Starbucks this morning ,so I paid for his coffee with my card.

  670. I re-gift all the time. Isn’t part of being green? Someone else benefits from what you don’t need.

    s k 3 2 9 9 at hotmail dot com

  671. Not offended by the idea of re-gifting at all…. but haven’t re-wrapped a gift I’ve been given – just handed off a number of things to friends or people who could use something more than I needed it. (Like, um, the wedding gifts that remained in the box for a solid 7 years and what in the world were we doing with an extra popcorn maker?) 😉

  672. Regifting is great just keep track of who gave it to you!
    Jasnmelh at gmail dot com

  673. I am not a regifter unless you count a Goodwill find. I have been known to redo something at Goodwill as part of a present like maybe a vase as a part of a floral arrangement or something like that.

  674. I thanked them of fb!

  675. I am a re-gifter, but only if it isn’t worn or anything.

  676. I am a re-gifter. Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty about it, but I’m also immensely practical, so if a gift would fit another recipient better I have no problem passing it along.

  677. hi just registered ,, tina

  678. sometimes i regift, and i don’t feel bad about it. if someone i know wants something that i have more than i do…why not give it to them? i wouldn’t be offended if someone did the same to me!

  679. I am in that 54%. I definitely have regifted lots of my wedding gifts, Oh man! And of course white elephant gifts are always regifted gifts.

  680. I facebooked the giveaway!!

  681. I am a re grifter . I think it’s ok only of you do not give it back to the same person. Also if you have not opened the gift.

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  682. Tweet!


    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  683. When giving a gift, I generally try to find something that particular person would enjoy. In that case, I would definitely re-gift. Also, for people I don’t know very well, I tend to re-gift if I can. (I don’t think I’d give the mailman a basket of body lotions…)

  684. This comment has been removed by the author.

  685. Went to the site and thanked Homegoods. I really do love that store.

  686. I love Homegoods!! Yes, I re-gift. I am careful to check the gift for any damage, make sure I remove all gift tags and bits of paper and don’t give it to the person who gave it to me.

  687. Laura Major says:

    Definitely a re-gifter! But only good stuff. I won’t regift junk -only things I already have or have no need for. I won’t regift anything from a family member,even if I don’t like/want it.

  688. Favorite store= Home Goods. Thanks for sharing.

  689. Yup, I’m a loyal reader. And, yes, I will regift, but only if I think the recipient will like it.

    I know of a group of school teachers who regift to the the local old folks’ home. They ask that the ‘loot’ be given to those who don’t get visitors.

  690. Yup I am guilty of regifting!

  691. I am not a re-gifter! I am usually content with the gifts I receive!
    **crosses fingers for this giveaway**


  692. Yep-and am proud of it! :)

  693. I am such a re-gifter! I believe that it’s a part of recycling. The thoughts and kindness behind the gift will stay with you even when you send the gift on to someone who will actually us it.

  694. As long as the gift is in good condition, and I’m not giving it back to the previous gifter, why not?!

  695. I sometimes re-gift, if I don’t love the gift or someone else could use it more than I could.

  696. I don’t think I personally, have ever re-gifted but I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as the item has not been used…cuz’ that would not be cool!

  697. Let’s face it, we all re-gift at some point. The important thing is to only re-gift between people who will never cross paths!

  698. I am not a regifter as I like to put time into the likes and dislikes of a person before giving!!!

  699. I am a regifter and feel no shame in it!

  700. I gave a BIG THANKS to my favorite store HOMEGOODS!!!!

  701. Stephanie M. says:

    I’m afraid to regift things to those I know in case it would ever get back to the person who gave it to me. However, I do feel it’s okay to give things to goodwill for someone else to enjoy!

  702. Annie Hayes says:

    I do re-gift- ones that my kids get. They have 6 aunts on my husband’s side that spoil the heck out of them!! I love that they give so much but sometimes it is way too many toys for the kids ( One year my daughter didn’t want to open any more gifts she had so many from them). So we keep some and give some to our local charities.
    What an awesome give away for Home Goods!! Have a great time at the Nate show!!!

  703. I think I have regifted before…but it’s only happened maybe once…and I can’t remember what or to whom. I’m generally not for it, unless it’s something that the recipient will love! :)

  704. Ok re-gifting is like recycling!!!! There is always someone out there that will love or at least re-gift the gift you gave them….it would be interesting to know the re-gifting lifespan of a gift!!! Ha!! Alisonelyse@hotmail.com

  705. I shared this stupendous giveaway on my Facebook!!! Alisonelyse@hotmail.com

  706. My random act of kindness was telling my husband that I would take the empty Christmas storage boxes back out to the garage this morning, since I had asked him to take them out last night and he said he would do it this morning. I just gave him a break!!! And no the boxes haven’t been sitting there for weeks, I just finished decorating last night because our little spunky 19 mo. old son named Jack threw us for a loop this week with an allergic reaction to azythromyacin. Whew. Not fun!!!!!! Now we know!!! Alisonelyse@hotmail.com

  707. Thanked homegoods on Facebook!!

  708. Repeat re-gift offender! I’ve done it many a time!

  709. Yay!! Regifting is fine, as long as you won’t use it and the person who’ve you thought to give it to would love it. No reason for the gift to go to waste!

  710. Yes, totally re-gifted before but not really anymore. I think generic gifts like bath products and candles always seem to be most re-gifted items. Now whenever I get any of those, I always wonder….

  711. Gotta say…I’ve always thought about re-gifting…but never did it for fear of being found out!

  712. I’ll admit I’m a re-gifter, but its only the cute stuff that just isn’t really my style. I just don’t see why a good thing should go to waste! :)

  713. I liked the Homegoods facebook page! :)

  714. I’m totally a regifter! I mean why not? If I received it and have no need for it then I shall pass it on to someone who might use it!

  715. I’m going to send out thank you cards to all the people who have been kind and generous to us this s