Schoolhouse Light Fixture

Sometimes fun architectural details in your home are the hardest things to decorate.  I know when we were shopping for our house every nook and alcove I was immediately drawn to.  It adds character right?!  In the end though sometimes these spaces are really complicated to decorate.

In Hailee’s Living Room Makeover we encountered this exact situation. And this is what we did.

How to install a schoolhouse light

Schoolhouse Pendant Light

Before it was plain Jane.



The only thing going for it was that there was a can light inside.

“But Mandi…” you may be saying, “… I can’t change out a can light fixture, the hole is WAY too big for anything else to be able to fit there!”

The secret to getting a can light turned into a pedant light is SOOOO freakishly easy you might want to kiss me.

Did you know that you an buy a Can Light Convertor at Home Depot?  It is a kit that turns a can light into something else!

I don’t have during installment pictures seeing as how Hailee’s husband is an electrician and had it installed before I could get my camera…

But the after looks like this:

can light converter kit

Now on to the fixture.

Found it at the DI (Utah’s Version of Goodwill) for $5.00.  It was one of those heavens parting, angels singing type moments.

I knew that we wanted a schoolhouse light.

Home Depot only sells the globes. ($5.00 BTW!)

So, that meant that we had to find something that hung down and held the globe.  Which we could not find ANYWHERE.

So after hunting (and lets be honest, silently praying) we found this fellow in the back corner of the lighting shelves.  I think I might have screeched in excitement….

Ombre Lampshade 011


Clearly some DIYer had already gotten to it seeing as how it was painted and glazed.  So I started to paint it.  I used Tempo Teal from Sherwin-Williams (one of the 5 best teals ever…the other 4 are also from Sherwin-Williams #truestory) and then glazed it.

I LOVE how it fills the space without overwhelming it and I love how much character it gives with its vintage schoolhouse feel.

schoolhouse light

board and batten

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  • allenaim photography and design 18.11.2011 at 16:33

    absolutely love it! Perfect transformation!

  • BluBabesCreate 18.11.2011 at 16:54

    Turned out really great!

  • Jayna Rae 18.11.2011 at 17:46

    Cute!!!! You always do such a great job.

  • Christine 18.11.2011 at 18:06

    Love this! You are one talented lady!

  • Nat 18.11.2011 at 19:55

    Love this Mandi! Hey also, in your long list of blog tutorials to post…can you do a special segment on how to spray paint something ceramic…mine keep cracking no matter what! :)

  • Danee 18.11.2011 at 20:09

    this is by far one of my favorite pieces in the room. I love the color and I love the “surprise” element of it.

  • Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} 18.11.2011 at 21:17

    this is amazing. i never know what to do with those nooks and cutouts in the wall. great!

  • Mrs.B 19.11.2011 at 00:11

    I think it was kind of a fad to have one of those in your home, I have always thought there wasn’t much choice about what to do with that kind of space! You came up with a great way to make it look right! Great Job!!

  • One Purple Dandelion 19.11.2011 at 02:30

    Ya know, I love everything you did with the makeover, but this light fixture was my absolute favorite from the moment you did the big reveal. I love, love, love this light…..and, no, I didn’t know that you could buy a can light converter! I have two horrible “eyeball” can-type lights above my fireplace that I HATE (eyeballs…really?!?) But with a converter….maybe my options are bigger than I thought!

  • nelda 19.11.2011 at 17:09

    Wow, thanks for the great idea. We have a really tall nook and I have never known what to do with that space. Now I know just the thing to use and it has been sitting around just waiting for a home.

  • Christine 19.11.2011 at 18:17

    That light looks awesome! I would never have thought to hang one in a nook like that and it really brightens it up and brings attention to that space. Cute!

  • Jenna l Homeslice 21.11.2011 at 22:19

    I love the light hanging down in the nook! So many homes have funny little nooks like that now… What a great way to style it! We used a can-conversion kit for a pendant we hung, and you’re right. SO EASY! It’s like changing a light bulb!

  • Lisa - A Room with A View 22.11.2011 at 12:15

    That light fixture is the teal color. The piece transforms the nook. I would love for you to visit my site and take a look at a transformed light fixture

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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