Meet My New Kitchen Table and Command Max HVLP Sprayer Review/Giveaway

Holy moly.  Have I got an awesome post for you today.  I have been teasing my new kitchen table for like…ever.  And it is FINALLY done!  The dilemma that I was faced with when the idea for the table popped into my head is that I KNEW the color that I wanted.  And for the first time in my life Krylon didn’t have it.  So I sat on the idea for a month.  Then I got an email from Laura @ HomeRight.  She wanted to know if she could send me a Command Max HVLP paint sprayer.  It took me about 3 seconds to say yes.

Paint a table

Now for those that don’t know HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure.  This means that your paint comes out at a lower pressure and will make it super even without a lot of overspray.  As with most paint sprayers you do have to dilute your paint to use the Command Max but it was not that big of a deal, I promise.

The paint color that I used was Cote D’Azur by Sherwin Williams.  I LITERALLY spent so much time trying to find a teal that was bright enough and dark enough.  No other paint line had anything that was what I wanted.  Sherwin Williams had like 5 colors that I would have used.  Love those guys and their awesome paint guts.

I will save you the details of buying the wrong-turned perfect type of paint on this post but if you want to read the back story you can check it out here.  In the end, I very happily ended up with Latex Enamel in High Gloss.  And it is SUPER glossy.  I love it.

How to paint furniture

Ok so this is what the table looked like before:

how to refinish a table

Pretty great right?  I spent about $30 on it (after I resold the chairs that it came with).    I sanded the top and sides to remove the top coat but there was no way that I could get it off of all of the details so I used deglazer and it worked like a charm.  (You can get it at any home improvement or paint store).

Then I started spraying.  The technique that you use with a paint sprayer is a lot like using a can of spray paint.  Back and forth, slightly overlapping your strokes.  Check out the coverage:

How to use a paint sprayer

Pretty amazing right?

Here is the base finished with 1 coat:

HVLP sprayer reviews

I credit it to the sprayer and the paint.  It’s a winning combination.  Also, do you feel like you need sunglasses looking at that pic? I swear its not that bright or blue in real life….

After I ruined the original perfect paint job trying to execute my idea I switched from a Satin finish to High Gloss.  I used the same amount of water to dilute it that I did with the Satin, which turned out to be too much.  Womp womp.  But even with too much water it dried wonderfully.  (I only sprayed the top with it too heavily diluted.)  If you spray a vertical part like that you will get runs!)

HVLP Sprayer Tutorial

So that is what it looked like when it was wet.  I was SO worried it was going to dry with that texture but…..



No Texture.

No Stripes.

AMAZING coverage.

I also loved how you can adjust the spray pattern (horizontal, vertical, and circular depending on the job that you are doing.)  For example I used the vertical pattern when I was going across the top of the table for a wider paint path.  I used the horizontal pattern when I was spraying down the pedestal and the legs for even coverage.  And it adjusts SO easily.

I was really really nervous that I was going to screw something up by using normal paint as opposed to spray paint.  But the Command Max was super easy to use.  The other thing that I worried about was the clean up, because lets face it I am one of ‘those’ people that leaves things out when they should be washed and put away.  So here is my secret to keeping your sprayer useable between coats without having to take it apart and wash it….

Command Max Paint Sprayer

Plastic wrap around the nozzle to cover the hole.  Worked like a charm.  You can thank me later.

I love how the color looks with my Craigslist Chairs.

How to refinish a chair

If you want to get a Command Max Sprayer yourself (possibly from Santa) you can purchase one from Amazon here (it’s the best price you will find!)

I loved loved the Command Max…in fact I think that everyone should have one,

You know where this is going right?

Today, I get to give away not one, but TWO Command Max HVLP Sprayers! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

So here is how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling me why YOU should win a Command Max HVLP Sprayer.

For a few extra entries (totally optional)

Like HomeRight on FB to stay updated on products and deals.  And be a grateful contest participant and tell them thank you! (and come back an leave a comment)

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Facebook or Tweet the giveaway and leave a comment with the link

And as always perform a Random Act of Kindness and make this world a better place! (and tell me about it)

The 2 winners will be chosen via on Sunday Nov. 13 at Midnight MST

When entering giveaways please make sure that I have your info so that I can contact you if you are the winner!  Also this giveaway is only open to Vintage Revivals subscribers as a big fat thank you for reading.  If you are not already subscribed please take a second to do so!


Giveaway is now closed.

Love Your Guts



  1. I should win that lovely sprayer because I too am painting my kitchen table turquoise. I dream of that color in my sleep!

  2. OMG! I would absolutely loove to win this! I have a table almost exactly like yours and am having almost the same dillemma. I want to paint it this beautiful red color, but cannot find a spraypaint color that is just right, this would be just PERFECT for me!

  3. I should win because I love rescuing things from the landfill instead of the waste of creating new things, but I want them to look super modern. I’m constantly spray-painting treasures I’ve found in the alley, and my finger sure is cramped up. :)

  4. Hi Mandy,

    I love the color you picked for your new table paired with the apple green chairs. It’s so happy yet modern and cool all at the same time. I would love to win a Command Max HVLP Sprayer because I have a callous on both my index fingers from spray painting so much.

  5. You did a beautiful job and I am sure the right tools help.
    I am one who is famous for having all these great ideas but never getting around to doing them because of the work involved.
    This sprayer could make a doer out of a dreamer.
    Heading over to Facebook and Twitter too.

  6. Oh I should win because I am a spray paint addict and I have withdrawls if I don’t paint something at least once a week. Oh the possibilites with this thing… I need it in my life.

  7. I would love to win because I have ugly furniture that needs paint. :)

  8. I would love to win the Command Max! It would be so much fun and everything in my house may get a new coat of paint!

  9. Ooops your link to Facebook says page not found.

  10. I should win because I freakin’ stink at painting and this would make my life much, much easier.

  11. Oh my word Mandi, you have stolen my heart (again, for like the millionth time) with that table color, LOVE IT!!!
    I so need to win this because I have a gazillion projects in my head that would be so much easier to finish with a Command Max Sprayer!!

  12. I follow Home Right on Twitter!

  13. Gorgeous table! I should win the sprayer because I hate brush strokes. Really I need it, because I have an awful lot of 4 year old art work I need to cover up! :-)

  14. I like HomeRight on FB and thanked them!

  15. I should totally win a paint sprayer because I’m not a very good painter and I need all the help I can get. I end up with drips from spray paint EVERY time– and I know how to make that not happen, but I don’t have the patience for “really thin” coats. I want to see results NOW! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I have soooo much wood furniture that I need to paint because none of them match. It’s a big brown mess.

  17. WOW!!! Love the review! I just pinned it! Now, I need this sprayer because I’m constantly painting furniture and it would make my life easier!

  18. I totally need this. There are so many furniture projects I have been neglecting because I am dreading them, this would give me the extra push I need to get them done.

  19. I need one!!! How amazing it would be to spray instead of brush paint with the perfect color! I would definitely be painting and re painting all of my new and old finds! BTW- Your table is gorgeous! :)

  20. I like homeRight on FB!

  21. What a great giveaway! I would love to win because I have a few bedroom projects that need to be painted and I keep putting it of because I HATE using a paintbrush and the color I want doesn’t come in spraypaint :-(

  22. I also liked HomeRight on FB

  23. Tweeted and FBed! {Pick me! :-)}

  24. I would ADORE a paint sprayer because I have a piano, sewing table, giant table, 5 chairs and a quilt rack sitting in my garage dying for some non krylon colors. It is pure agony!

  25. I sooooooooooooooooo need this sprayer because i want to paint all my interior doors glossy black…my first attempt by hand has left a lot to be desired:(
    pick me pick me pick me pick me!!

  26. Liked on facebook

  27. I should win because maybe then I will quit procrastinating and get busy with everything in my little head of random projects.

  28. followed on twitter

  29. I will be the happiest girl alive if by some chance I can win this! Here’s my email: (not sure if that’s where I need to put my contact info???) Hopefully it is. :) Liked HomeRight and wrote them a thank you, shared it on facebook, and left my comment. Thanks Mandi! You are my fav!

  30. I should win because I am like you and leave things out that I shouldn’t which includes half finished projects and having this sprayer might help with that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I liked them on facebook and thanked them for the chance to win.

  32. Great coverage! The turquoise looks fantastic – my fav colour!

    I used a sprayer like that to paint my car, a long time ago. Was super handy.

  33. Me me me! I need it because I plan on moving soon an will have ugly furniture unless I have an easy way to make it cute! (I’ll spray paint whether I win or not, but I’m not very good at making even coats…)

  34. Great coverage! The turquoise looks fantastic – my fav colour!

    I used a sprayer like that to paint my car, a long time ago. Was super handy.

  35. SaWeet!!! I have sooo many painting projects on my list right now, so this would be fabulous!!!

  36. I would love to win because I’ve been wanting to paint my side tables & a couple other furniture pieces and winning this will motivate me to spray my entire house! lol :)

  37. Follow on twitter!

  38. I’d love to win a sprayer so that I can finally paint my house (we’ve only been here 3 years) and a table/chairs set and about a hundred other things.

  39. I should win because I too have the same table!!! I want to paint it a glossy black. I have been holding off but this will give me the push to go for it!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love this! Would I’ve got quite a few redo’s in my living room waiting for me to figure out how to paint well. This would do the trick!!

    restorativeliving at gmail dot come

    (sorry for the anonymous link…google messing up.)

  41. I liked them on FB! :)

  42. Mandi- I would love love love to win this giveaway!Our basement flooded during hurricane Irene and now I am re-doing the entire room! I have lots and lots of projects just waiting to be painted! Thanks for hosting! Angie

  43. I now follow them on Twitter.

  44. Random act of kindness: I actually made my husband an egg sandwich and served it to him in bed:)
    #2 took dinner to a neighbor last night:)

  45. I became a “fan,” liked Home Right on FB, and told them that you referred me!

  46. For my random act of kindness, I helped co-organize a canned food drive at work to donate to a local church pantry for the upcoming Holidays! Angie

  47. Oh I would love love love love love. Ok you get the picture. Pick me please.

  48. I am a follower on twitter for the sprayer

  49. Totally liked on FB

  50. I announced your giveaway on my FB

  51. I would LOVE to have a sprayer! We need to repaint all of the doors in our house and this would make it so much easier. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I have a kitchen table that I was gifted (free! holla!) and I never thought of painting it. It’s the exact finish as yours and a fun color would be so great in our home! We are trying to liven it up around here! Crossing my fingers…

  53. I’ve been researching sprayers for a while now and I’m glad you have recommended this one! I just bought my first house (major fixer-upper) and have a ton of newly-acquired furniture I’d love to paint! My dining room table is almost identical to the one you just finished. Looks amazing with those chairs. Love everything you do! Thanks for the giveaways!

  54. I should win this sprayer because I have been eyeing one for months and I am SO sick of using spray paint I can’t even see straight!!! PLEASE PICK ME!

  55. MANDI! I would love to win, because I am a newlywed trying to convince my husband to paint everything bright! (hard task). This way I could do it quick… perhaps while he’s at work.

  56. My random act of kindness is giving a homeless women lunch and inviting her to church. I saw her at my church the next weekend!

  57. So I have a 4 year old that is currently obsessed with all things pink, this would help feed her obsession. And it would help me change her furniture when pink is no longer cool.

  58. I am SO excited about this giveaway I could pee my pants! I need a sprayer in a bad way! I could list 5 ways I could use this right now… starting with my kitchen cabinets!

  59. I like HomeRight on Facebook! YEAH!

  60. I follow HomeRight on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  61. I SO need this! After years of living with orangey oak kitchen cabinets, I’ve finally convinced my husband to paint them white for my dream kitchen. This sprayer would make all that work SO much easier!
    Fingers crossed!

  62. I like them on Facebook and my random act of kindness to make to world a better place has been done! I gave away my pop tart to a coworker.

  63. I tweeted about the giveaway!/TheseNotions

  64. I like HomeRight on Facebook and thanked them for the giveaway!

  65. I shared your link on Facebook! Even though if one of my friends win I will be so mad!! Ha!

  66. I want to win the sprayer becuz…I desperately need to paint my kitchen table! I have one similar to yours and its plain wood! I have been researching how to do it becuz, lets face it, it needs to be painted! Thanks for the tutorial! If I win it will save my hubby some money!

  67. I should win one because I’m also painting my table. I have a stencil picked out and everything, I’ve just been waiting for the perfect way to do it to present itself! My hubby doesn’t want it to be all sticky on the top so this sounds like the best way to do it. so as you can see, I NEED ONE! help a girl out!!! your color is lovely by the way :)

  68. I would love to win a paint sprayer… I love how your table worked out, go bright or go home :)

  69. I really need, need, need this sprayer so I can update all my stuff!

  70. following them on twitter!

  71. Like them on facebook!

  72. I would be super-dee-duper over-the-top excited if I won this sprayer. I have several painting projects that I have been puting off because I don’t want to mess them up with brushes. I want to redo my french provicial end tables with black bottoms and stained tops and my daughter’s nightstands are in the garage because I haven’t painted them since I bought them at a thrift store. So please please please pick me… I’ll be your best friend!

  73. I would love to win this paint sprayer so I can create projects like this awesome one! :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  74. SQWEEEEE! I want a paint sprayer SO BAD! I have a lot of projects coming up as I’m redoing almost everything in my house. Painting by hand takes for-ev-er. This would be soooo wonderful to win! Thanks for hosting this! You make it look like it’s so easy :)

  75. Oh my goodness! I have soooo many things I could paint if I had this sprayer! I love spray paint, but being able to choose virtually any color to turn into a spray would be magnificent!

  76. I follow HomeRight on Twitter!

  77. I also liked HomeRight on facebook :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  78. I “liked” HomeRight on Facebook!

  79. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  80. I would love to win this for my darling hubby who is always making things for others and just deserves this! Thanks for the chance!!

  81. I should win because I would use the crap out of it! Revamping old stuff is my favorite thing to do!

  82. I also followed HomeRight on twitter :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries
    twitter username: bonniegetchell

  83. I would SO love to win this amazing sprayer! I’m a newlywed, and most of our apartment furniture comes from thrifting/garaging sale, or are hand-me-downs… which I’m totally o.k. with thanks to your fabulous blog and all the revamping furniture ideas! This sprayer would be SUCH a HUGE help- since some of our other efforts have failed! Plus super fun :)

  84. I should win, just because….I love to pain and freshen things up, but sometimes it is just so much work. This tool would definitely make things easier.

  85. For the love of all that is holy….please let me win one of these sprayers. The hoard….oh the hoard.

  86. I gave them my like thumbs up on facebook!

  87. I so desperately need this because I either have to a.) get a heavy duty rebreather b.)switch to low or no V.O.C paints or c.) give up using spray paint because it is kicking my asthma/allergies off in a big way! And ya know I really do like to breathe! I’m kinda funny that way, ha ha!

  88. I posted your contest on my Facebook page:

  89. Oh my gosh, I am so excited about this giveaway! Our furniture, (bedroom in particular) is old, we bought it off craigslist when we first got married. It’s high quality stuff, but as our realtor said while selling our last place “very retro” (not in a good way, mind you). My hubs and I are both students which = no mula. So the plan has been to paint the suckas. I’ve been putting it off because the whole bedroom set will take foreverrr. My son’s bedroom furniture is also in need of an update. The poor guy’s headboard has rose decals sloppily glued on (also a craigslist find). Anyway, a paint sprayer would be the miracle of the century in this house!

  90. Love the table! The color is perfect! I need to paint my piano and this sprayer would work wonders!!

  91. I have been dreaming about a sprayer for a while now…I would love to win this as I am sure everyone else would….love that color combo of the green white and teal….U know that is ur gift ….u can really place colors well together. keep up the amazing work…xoxoxo danyelle

  92. OMG. Mandi! That is the SAME exact table that I have. I need the command max because I attempted to paint mine a few months ago & I do NOT like how it turned out. I guess I need to strip it & start over :( I need that magical sprayer so I don’t ruin it a 2nd time!!!! Yours turned out gorgeous!!!

  93. I liked HomeRight on FB & thanked them :)

  94. For my random act of kindness I am volunteering at a veterans day program at my boys school on Friday.

  95. I liked Home right on facebook and gave them a shout out 😉

  96. the random act of kindness is an on-going thing in our house… creating custom stationary for a friend who sold all except her most loved artwork when she moved into an assisted living complex. Reusing, repurposing, curbing and thrifting so we can be debt free instead of running to Pier 1 (after living in the boonies for 5 years.)

  97. I should win this because then i could finally paint my old Ikea Billy’s. Can you imagine silver cabinets in a bathroom with a brown and beige tiled floor?? It’s super ugly!

  98. I would love to win this sprayer, because I love to build and paint/stain furniture! This would make the process soooo much easier!

  99. I would love to win one of these to paint my kitchen table!! Yours turned out so amazing :)

  100. I have two dressers and an old sewing table that I am dying to revamp. I would love having the Command Max to do them with!!

  101. I liked on FB!

  102. I followed on twitter :)

  103. I would really like to win this because… I have a pile of furniture in my garage waiting and taking up space. (I’d like to park in there this winter :)

  104. I would love to win the Command Max sprayer because I have had one too many furniture painting projects go bad with regular spray paint. I borrowed one of these once to paint lockers red for my son’s room, and it worked like a charm. I still look at those lockers and wish everyday that I had that sprayer back!!!

  105. This sprayer would add so much to my addiction of painting all things! I would love it!

    Kari @ The Sunset Lane

  106. OK, I liked HomeRight on Facebook. I seriously NEED that sprayer!! I forgot to tell you, your table and chairs look great! You always have fun, meaty posts and I love that! 😀

  107. I should win b/c I my wrist hurt from all of the painting I’ve been doing lately and have so much more to do for the upcoming holidays!

  108. I would love to win the sprayer because I plan on refinishing my boys bedroom furniture here pretty soon. This would make it so much easier.

  109. For my random act of kindness we are serving a meal at the Ruth Thomas Home ( a shelter for batter women and their children) <3

  110. I like HomeRight on Facebook and I told them you referred me.

  111. I liked HomeRight on Facebook

  112. Let’s see, I have three dressers, one table, four chairs and two butcher blocks waiting for a revamp (don’t tell my husband, he’s a wood snob). Oh, and the outside of the garage could use a new coat of paint come spring. It’s snowing here right now.

    Thank you!

  113. Mandi, you’ll totally agree with this… as a mom we willingly perform random acts of kindness everyday… and hope our children make the world a better place!

  114. I also shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  115. I follow HomeRight on Twitter.

  116. random act of kindness….I am helping out the shine project this Christmas…with change for change… to raise money for underfunded schools and scholarships..also Their is a diy movement for habitat for humanity…i will try to get the link for u…they are asking us diy to re-hab a piece to donate to one of their new houses they have built…love that idea…and that charity….xoxoox danyelle…from loveletterstoeandg

  117. I “liked” and made a comment on homeright’s facebook page

  118. I posted about the giveaway on facebook!

  119. I follow HomeRight on Twitter

  120. I should win the sprayer because my garage is literally FULL of projects that need to be painted, and painted well to see in our new store! I hate using the big ole’ sprayer on fun colors, like red or TEAL :) Thanks for offering such a great giveaway, boy would it make my life easier!!

  121. I am following HomeRight on Twitter!

  122. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love to win this sprayer because occasionally, I too have the problem of not being able to find the exact right shade of spray paint. Like hot pink.

    Brittney @

  123. My random act of kindness was vacuuming my mother’s entire house & cleaning her bathroom for her yesterday while I was visiting :)

  124. Not sure if we’re supposed to tell you if we posted about the giveaway but I did.. I wanna win it! Thanks for all the effort you put in!

  125. “liked” HomeRight on FB

  126. I Liked HomeRight and of course used my manners by saying thanks for the wonderful giveaway on your blog!!

  127. I tweeted the giveaway! Woo to the Hoo!

  128. I should totally win that because yesterday my husband and I got in a “tiff” about me using his sprayer…cause apparently I don’t know how to operate it lol! I need one to call my own!

  129. I linked the awesone giveaway on my FB page:!/profile.php?id=677922306

  130. My 1952 house needs some paint love. It would be amazing to finally finish all of the projects I have been avoiding!

  131. Awesome giveaway on VIntage Revival! Paint Sprayer – whoot -who!@HomeRight

    Following HomeRight on Twitter!

  132. I LOVE your kitchen table. Someday I am going to have a table like that! I would love to have a paint sprayer. I have been wanting to try one for a couple of years now, but there isn’t extra room in the budget for that kind of experiment. I do have furniture that I’d paint with it, starting with my son’s bookshelf.

  133. I’m making dinner and cutie cupcakes for my good friends sister who is a single mom of 4 great kids and just had surgery. She needs to rest NOT cook :) I love making meals for families who need it, I think I like doing it more than they like receiving it :)

  134. I now follow homeright on Twitter!

  135. I LOVE how the color of the table looks with the bright green chairs!!
    I would love to win that awesome sprayer so that come spring I can get back to tackling some projects!

  136. Oh, man, so awesome! I need this puppy for all the furniture projects I have up my sleeves!

  137. I reshared your link on my facebook page! Pick meeee!

  138. i should win because my garage is full of projects waiting for a fresh face – and i need to be able to park in there this winter! :)

  139. I am repainting a lot of trim and shuttered doors in my house. I used 6 cans of spray paint last Saturday and still have numbness in my index finger!

    I NEED that paint sprayer so bad!!!

  140. I would love this sprayer because I have a very similar dining table that I’ve been dying to paint.This would make the job so much easier.
    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  141. Please pick me! My house needs a makeover!!!

  142. I would love one of those for painting a table i just bought

  143. I really like this table. I wonder how you coated to top, or did you? I painted my table, but the paint is not standing up as well as I would like. Perhaps the HVLP Command Sprayer is what I need. Thanks for the great post! Donna @ Chaos, Cookies & Laundry

  144. I have a ton of things that need a’sprayin. Fingers crossed!

  145. I love the convenience of spray paint but hate the limiting availability of colors. It would be fab to be able to use a spray to paint in any color!!

  146. I’m taking on a MAJOR dining room makeover that will involve painting a very similar table, four chairs, a side-table, and a microwave stand. It’s a lot of work and I’m a mother of two with a full time job and an hour and 20 min commute each direction, so I could really use all the help I can get!

  147. I’m following HomeRight on Twitter.

  148. I would love to win the sprayer for three little words: burnt peanut red
    I have a bedroom I want to redo and a dresser and nightstand and (hopefully) new closet doors!! This would be a great help and I would soooo let you use my beginner room re-do on your site!!

  149. Looks AWESOME, Mandi! You know me, I’ll never turn down anything paint-related!

  150. I should win because I love to paint!!

  151. I NEED this desperately!! I have two pieces I need to paint for my daughters big girl room before the baby gets here! A roll top desk and dresser!

  152. I ‘like” HR on FB!

  153. I have so many projects around the house that are just waiting to be spray painted! I would love to win this!

  154. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bookcase, dresser, nightstands and a sofa table are WAITING for the day I can give them a great makeover using a Command Max…I would love to have one!

  155. would love to win the Command Max because my trigger finger has got a major cramp in it from using cans of spray paint. love ya.

  156. I would LOVE to win, I have many pieces of furniture I have been putting off painting. This would be wonderful!

  157. I am now following HomeRight on twitter.

  158. ooh ooh oooh! gorgous! and I dont even like blue, ok ok its teal so technically it aint blue.
    love how it looks with those chairs too

  159. I want, I want, I NEED! I have huge makeovers coming up and this would make life so much easier!

  160. I liked HomeRight on FB.

  161. I’m following Home Right on Twitter.

  162. I would love to win this sprayer because a) I’ve been sportin’ the worst colored table and and chairs in my kitchen for years now b) my coffee tables really need to be painted c) a dresser is dying for a makeover and d) I’m b-roke and can’t afford it for myself! It would be really fun to win this and put it under the tree!

  163. I would love to have this sprayer because I have so many projects to accomplish for my new home. Plus, I’m terrible with a paint brush!

  164. Two hands in the air, jumping up and down, I NEED this sprayer!!! Six interior doors, eight (or more!) chairs,a sofa table, a coffee table…I’m surrounded by things in need of the kind of awesomeness a paint sprayer can give. You rock! Your blog is one of my very favorites!!!!

  165. ME ME ME! oh mandi- my dining room table is like your table’s big sister- same style, but rectangle and ginormous. i got it on craig’s list & tried to refinish it myself. it literally has mosquito bodies stuck in the finish (because i didn’t have a Command Max HVLP Sprayer, right?)! it so needs a remake in the image of your table… : )
    thanks for the giveaway- so generous! and your table looks beautiful, especially with those chairs!

  166. I seriously NEED this paint sprayer as I always used to do everything myself, but now find it hard to hold brushes and cans etc, but….I realise, living in England is proberbly a no go anyway, so I just want to thankyou for bringing it to the attention of someone who would not otherwise have known about it, maybe Santa will bring me one, which will give me some decorating independence back…lol….good luck to all.xx

  167. Pretty! I need to win because I bought a really ugly house and it still needs a lot of paint!

  168. I liked HomeRight on facebook.

  169. Following on Twitter. Saw your comments and Centsational Girls.

  170. Showed my gratitude on FB.

  171. Ooh. I should win one, because I was so excited to tell you that I LOVED the color of the table that I forgot to read the rest of the post and skipped straight to writing a comment. It was only then that I realized you were giving away one of the sprayers! In summary, I obviously loved what it did without an ulterior motive.

  172. I “liked” HomeRight on Facebook and thanked them!

  173. I need that sprayer! I painted my kitchen table and chairs without it! (Only my table is off white and my chairs are turquoise!) I thought my pointy finger was going to fall off by the end and I even used the handy little trigger attachment thingie! I have been DYING to paint my girls’ dressers, but just can’t face that much spray paint again!!!

  174. I Facebooked about the giveaway, but I’m not sure how to leave a link. To what? My profile?

  175. mandi,
    i would love to win this spray painter because i’m a brand new little newlywed wife and i’m trying to make our house cute with diy junk to beautiful projects! :) thank you for posting this giveaway!

  176. Liked and thanked HR on Facebook.

  177. i liked HomeRight on fb and left them a love comment :)

  178. Oh! I would LOVE to win this!! I do a lot of painting furniture…mostly curbside finds that I love, but just need some updating. I am constantly finding more things to paint and this would make it so much faster to do!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  179. following their tweets!

  180. shared the link on twitter and mentioned both vintage revivals and home right :) thanks again!!!

  181. I want a Command Max Sprayer so I paint the bi-gibbers otta somethin’! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! You’re awesome, Mandi!

  182. I should win the sprayer because I have an entire house filled with Oak cabinets, oak trim, oak doors and I want to paint it gone, gone, gone…sigh. Deb

  183. “I belong to Patty, I belong to Patty”… What my future beautiful little ‘Command Max HVLP Sprayer’ did you say?
    You want to come home with me.
    Well I want you to come home with me tooooo!!!
    We could do so many fun things like paint my dining room chairs, my outdoor furniture, and my crazy yellow chandeliers (yes 2 of them). We could paint the town red together. :)

  184. I just liked Home Right and professed my gratitude for the giveaway! Deb

  185. Liking on Facebook too for an extra chance to win.

  186. I would use this for SOOO many projects! I have a chandelier for my mom, a dresser to paint in an olive green color, my kitchen table and chairs! So many things I could do with this!

    Thanks Mandi!

  187. Your table looks amazing! At 62 I am a recent widow and on my own for the first time in my life. I would love to update my new home to start a new life.

  188. I LOVE the table color. And I agree, Sherwin Williams has the best selection.

    I should win the paint sprayer because I have a ton of DIY projects in my head and on Pinterest. I need to get busy. :)

  189. We are getting a new house in febuary and i’ve already starting hoarding furniture to redo in our already full little condo garage! Need this!

  190. Liked and thanked HR on Facebook.

  191. I want to win!!!!!! Because I usually spray paint things (thanks to you) but I also need some other colors outside of krylon….. please oh please! :)
    steph_sims at hotmail dot com

  192. I should win because my husband sold “his” paint sprayer when we moved from Hawaii (as if that’s not sad enough)…((soft violin starts in background)).


  193. I need to paint my dining room table as well. getting ready for Thanksgiving!

  194. I knew you would make a fabulous table to go with your crazy chairs! I love it, teal and lime, yes please. I would love a paint sprayer that actually works for all my projects! And it would be just in time to make some christmas presents!




  195. After seeing that table I kindof hated your guts, but not really 😉 you are so stinkin’ talented and I love your blog and read it every day you post. I think you should pick me because I have too been trying to decide what color I want to paint my dining table and might I add it looks almost identical to this table. I really could have used this for my other projects I’ve tackled! Happy blogging and again pick me! Love your guts Mandi. Ruth-paintsprayerless Olson

  196. Random act of kindness? You are so sweet. :) Mine was that I gave my hobby lobby coupon to a lady in front of me in the line.

  197. I would love to win so I can paint my dining room table, too. I want mine to look as good as yours.

  198. I should win the paint sprayer because I paint EVERYTHING and it would be so, so helpful!

  199. I have a house full of hand-me-down furniture that looks pretty drab but would be amazing with a coat of paint!

  200. I have an appointment to donate blood in two hours! I hate it but I always imagine the person who desperately needs it and the life I’m saving.

  201. I would love to win this paint sprayer because we are moving to a new house in the spring and I could really use it to spruce up furniture among other things for our new space!

  202. i need this badly for all of our white doors in our house!!! the painters who painted our house used water down paint and after 3 years of living in it- it looks like crap!! deff. need this!

  203. I really really really need to win this! I have a dresser and hutch and secretary and chairs and kitchen table and and and…. just waiting for a loving painted touch! Please, please,please pick me. :)

  204. Anonymous says:

    Oh how fun, great table color too! Having one of these would really help all the dresser and nightstand repainting projects I have been putting off!! – Lindsey
    genielin at gmail dot com

  205. I have so many projects that require painting. Chairs, tables, desks. I can’t imagine buying several cans of paint that isn’t in the exact shade that I envision. I need the sprayer because I can buy the paint color I want and not have to worry about brush or roller marks. I want an even coating and I want it to look professional.

  206. I like HomeRight on FB!


  207. I have a kitchen table that looks pretty darn close to the “before” version of yours. I’ve been wanting a new dining set forever! Think a “beginner” could paint one like you did? With the sprayer? I’d love to try!

  208. I have so many ideas for how I would use that paint sprayer!!!! Thank you for featuring it because it’s one of those things that you just can’t be sure about buying without a recommendation from someone who has used it. This is awesome!

  209. And I’m following their tweets.

    Aaaannnddd…I may have to Pin it just for good luck. 😉


  210. Shared the link on Facebook! Yes- I want to win that badly!

  211. I have this exact table!! It was the first furniture my hubby and I bought after getting married 24 yrs ago!

    I should win the sprayer because you love my guts!! teehee!

  212. Michelle S says:

    I would LOVE to win for these reasons:

    1. I am a brush painter only, because I haven’t been able to perfect spray-paint-in-a-can. :-( I’m sure I’m the only person in America that can’t get it right. This sprayer looks pretty foolproof and would make a believer out of me.

    2. My husband believes no good thing comes from spray. (He’s a brush purist)

    3. My random act of kindness is taking cookies to my sewer lining crew, who have worked so hard the last eight weeks in the heat and now in the cold to keep our city’s facilities running trouble-free. You don’t think about your sewer line until something bad happens, and these guys work in the worst conditions (with the nastiest stuff) to make sure average people NEVER have to think about theirs. :-)

    LOVE your blog and never miss a day!

  213. I am following HomeRight on twitter.

  214. I would love to win it to paint everything I see it would save the world all the spray paint cans I
    go though.

  215. Does giving other people in line at the store coupons for item they are buying count as a RAK? I so I do that all the time.

  216. I liked HomeRight on facebook – thanks for the chance for a FREE one!

  217. I LOVE the new color, by the way!:)
    Random act of kindness: buying a pair of size 5 toddler jeans at the Goodwill for my friend’s grandson and surprising her with it on Sun.

  218. I would love to win this beacuse my husband has been a professional painter for about 30 years and I cannot get him to do any of my projects. I have to take matters into my own hands!

  219. I really need this sprayer! I just bought a fixer-upper and need it badly! Thanks again for the opportunity. I LOVE your design taste!

  220. LOVE your table! I would love to have this sprayer…we belong together. :) I have so many things to paint and not enough time! This sprayer would make it so much easier. Plus my bestie would love it too! 😉

  221. I like Home Right on Facebook and left them a comment!

  222. I follow HomeRight on Twitter @Lealee33

  223. As for random acts of kindness, I make charity quilts and donate them to Project Linus!

  224. I should win because….I have a bunch of projects to finish and hopefully a new REALLY BIG yet secret still because I am crossing my fingers it works out, coming up.

  225. I should totally win it because i have a bajillion of things I want to paint 😉

  226. not entering… just wanted to say your table looks fabulous!! and I have this sprayer and us it ALL the time! LOVE it!
    glad you got to review and giveaway two! :)

  227. says:

    Love your color choices on the table, looks great! As a spray tan technician, I know exactly what HVLP means…’s such a time saver and solution/paint saver! High Volumn Low Pressure BABY, I’d love to win the command max HVLP machine! I could get my crafts done in half the time…..hope I WIN,

  228. I should win because I have a table & chairs & vintage high chair to make over! Not to mention bathroom vanities, dressers….I need that sprayer!

  229. I should win the paint sprayer because I decorate my home with thrift store finds and because I never win anything. Seriously, I almost didn’t bother posting a comment because I really never win anything! So, it would be awesome if I got this, in more than one way.

  230. Anonymous says:

    PICK ME!!! i would love to win:)


  231. This paint sprayer would make my life so much easier! Between running a non-profit organization for the troops ( and trying to start my own little business so I can work from home and provide for my child…every little bit can help!

  232. I want to win because I have a kitchen table and a dresser that seriously need to be painted and this would make the process so much better!!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  233. I would LOVE this sprayer, I know coveting is bad, so I am trying not too…..I have several (too many to count on one hand!) projects that need painting. With my six kids it would be awesome to do it faster with the Command Max Sprayer. I need it to keep me sane and still get all I want done! Thanks for all your awesome posts and tutorials, I am a big fan!

  234. I think I should win the sprayer because I want to do my table just like that!!! You are awesome!

  235. I would just love to have the table! Everytime I mention painting furniture my husband runs the other way!

  236. I made a point to go over and talk to a lady at work that looked down and I think it might have made her day better, atleast a little. Thanks!

  237. Liked and shared the link on FB!

  238. First of all, THANK YOU for hosting a giveaway!!! Why I need a Command Max paint sprayer? We don’t have a lot of money but DESPERATELY want to do a little something to our basement to make it more livable. We want to paint all the beams, and this would be a PERFECT solution to an overwhelming job!

  239. I liked HomeRight on Facebook, and thanked them! By the way I love how the table turned out, it is beautiful! I love the color!

  240. Table looks amazing! Love the color and the high gloss you picked. I’m not afraid of color but have always been hesitant to paint furniture. Thanks for giving me some confidence in that!

  241. I should win the sprayer to give my husband a break! We’ve been non-stop remodeling this house since we moved in 17 months ago. All of the woodwork and doors needed to be replaced but they are sitting here in primer needing to be painted. Someday…

  242. I am now following HomeRight on twitter! Thanks again for the chance at a sprayer!

  243. I’d love to win this to help my house go from drab neutrals to some awesome pops of color.


  244. I tweeted about your give away!!/
    I am not sure if that is the right link. I really don’t know what I am doing! But I really want a sprayer!!! Tons and tons and tons! Thanks again Mandi, and I love that you spell your name with an i at the end. I do to!
    Thanks, Mindi

  245. I would put that sprayer to good use!!

  246. I should win this because 1) My LVLP sprayer that I picked up at Harbor Freight…not so great. In fact, just sprayed paint EVERYWHERE and made a disastrous mess- wasted tons of my ASCP, and made me want to throw it out the window… and 2) I just opened a booth where I focus on furniture and my wrist is KILLING me from all the painting I do! So, that’s that. Pick me. You know you want to. 😉

  247. Oh wow. I was just telling my friends today that the thought of painting is keeping me from doing so much in my house. But this would help me make quick work of those walls, right?

  248. I also followed HomeRight on Facebook.

  249. i would love to win one so i could possibly, maybe, attempt to be as awesome as you are.
    (but let’s face it, that is a looooong shot.)
    love the color. i see that in my bedroom. maybe i really will!

  250. And on Twitter!

  251. I liked HomeRight on FB, and left a comment for them, just for kicks.

  252. Random act of kindness: dropped off a bag of nice teen boy clothes at Goodwill today…you know, the kind that someone will get really excited to happen upon in a Goodwill.

  253. I would love this. I have a load of DIY furniture re-do’s before my first baby comes. This would make it sooo much easier!

  254. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because my garage is full of stuff waiting to be painted and I want to get it painted and out of there so I can park my car in the garage this winter.

  255. My oh goodness what a wonderful giveaway! I am in the process of selling at a repurposed/vintage store and this would make the upcycling process so much easier! Would love to help my college daughter out with her college debt so here’s Moms attempt at it! Blessings

  256. I would love to win the sprayer because I have 7 pieces of a pine bedroom set that are stained an orange color. They are in desperate need of some tlc!

  257. I love painting furniture, and since we are moving into our first house on Tuesday (eek!) I have so many remodel projects to do. This sprayer would work wonders. I just bought bed on craig’s list I need to paint, help me out Mandi!

  258. I would love to win and I think that I should because then I could have one more reason to convince my husband that our table can be painted. Love the table makeover.

  259. I really need this sprayer because i still have a beautiful sideboard to paint & it has a lot of detail on it!

  260. I NEEEEEEEEEED one because I have GOT to finish my kitchen cabinets that I started in …ahem…. JULY! Gah!

    Pick me pick me pick me!

    Mallorynikolaus (at) gmail (dot) com

  261. Oh I would love love love this!I have purchased my paint for my whole upstairs and this would be so very helpful. Expecially for the cabinets!!

  262. I “Like’ them on FB!

    Mallorynikolaus (at) gmail (dot) com

  263. I should win because I want to redo all our patio furniture. This would make the process so much easier!!

  264. One of these puppies would be a divine Christmas gift to myself, wink wink wink.

    I’d LOVE one!

  265. I like Homeright on FB and thanked them!!

  266. Just got divorced at age 59! Am painting my china cabinet, my table and chairs, my dresser, side table and front porch rocker. This sprayer would make my life easier! Thanks.

  267. Amanda Sanders says:

    I liked them on FB!

  268. I would love to win because I am SO hopelessly BAD at painting furniture! Seriously–I ruined a chair this summer and had to throw it away. And then I just painted my china cabinet and did a horrible job (but I’m keeping it anyway!). I’ve come to realize that a sprayer is really the only way to go for painting furniture. also, I want to paint my kitchen cabs and I think a sprayer is the only way to get the results I want!

  269. I am following you on Twitter.

  270. Sometimes you just need to be able to mix your own colors and spray them on!

  271. I also liked them on fb!

  272. I am following you on Facebook.

  273. Me and spray paint don’t get along. Me and a sprayer? Match made in heaven!

  274. Oh apparently it didn’t get my first comment! I need the sprayer to finish a beautiful sideboard that I have had for more than a year now!

  275. I liked them on fb!

  276. I “like”d HomeRight on Facebook.

  277. Mandi I NEED this magic paint machine! I have a kitchen full of dark oak cabinets that need a revamp quick – I am thinking a fun aqua or my favorite — white. Help a girl out!

  278. I am not capable of painting with a paint brush so I have a table, chairs, bookshelves, and entertainment center that need re-painting. I’m sure I have more furniture that need repainting as well. Can you use this on walls? My children have colored on the walls in various places that not even a magic eraser will take off – I bet I could touch up the walls in a jiffy!!

  279. That table is gorgeous and the color completely fabulous! I could really use this sprayer to help me finish all the DIY projects in my head and on my list…freebie bookshelves in unfinished wood, vintage end tables I inherited that need some love and maybe it’s time to find a dining room table of my own to make beautiful!

  280. I liked HomeRight on FB.

    shellybelly24 @ gmail . com

  281. I paint…like ALL of my furniture and I usually use spray paint! So this would save my muscles in my hand/fingers/arm so much!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  282. random act of kindness – paid for the person’s order that was behind me in the drive through!

  283. Your table looks amazing! The sprayer did such a good job. I love that you can see the wood texture but still have such great coverage! I’d love a sprayer to speed up painting all the thrifted furniture I have stored in our garage (much to my husband’s chagrin)!

  284. I would love to have this painter…I love to do home projects for me and my two daughters who have homes…they find the junk and bring it to me to make it pretty :)

  285. I have table just like yours that I bought, so ashamed, a year ago to redo and yes it’s still sitting in the garage. How easy it would be to complete this project with the sprayer!

  286. I would LOOOVE this sprayer… I would paint all the craigslist furniture I have sitting in storage :) Thanks for a great giveaway! Your table is amazing BTW. Love it!

  287. I LOVE that teal color. The home improvement store has the worst selection of spray paints ever. No fun colors. If I win this, I’d be able to break out of the boring colors b/c i’d be able to have them mix me some. I don’t think i’ve ever been so excited about a giveaway before!

  288. I am sooooooo excited to have discovered your blog today! I love it! I love your projects! You’re a genius! :) I was just discussing with my husband my immense need for a paint sprayer. I really, really need one. I mean, bad. So I’m raising my hand as high as it will go and yelling, “me, me, me…pick me!” :)

  289. I liked them and left a message on fb!

  290. I love spray painting and yesterday i spray painted a planter in the same lagoon color as your table! It’s coming up on my blog tomorrow (so the proof DOES exist lol!). I spray paint about 2-3 times a week for various event decor projects and I could definitely use a sprayer.

    love the color contrast in your kitchen dining area!


  291. Main reason I want one? My husband won’t let me use his!

  292. I need one so bad! I’ve got millions of projects waiting in the garage for a nice coat of paint.

  293. Oh my goodness I wish santa would bring me one of these. I need one to cover all the furniture I’ve hoarded with beautiful colors! It would make my life a million times easier and I’d blast everything with paint!

  294. I just liked HomeRight on FB

  295. Please oh please oh please!!

  296. PLEASE let me win the HVLP Sprayer!!!! I want to spray everything I own and you can make that possible since my wallet can’t. Thanks for the chance!

  297. Posted on my Facebook page

    Thanks, Dara

  298. My husband wants one of these more than I do…so that says alot!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!! Oh ya :)

  299. Robyn Saunders says:

    I liked on Facebook!

  300. I followed on Twitter!

  301. I liked on Facebook!

  302. Anonymous says:

    I need it! I’m working on daughter and son-in-law’s house. I must get some of the craigslist furniture I pick up PAINTED. They are losing faith in me. The sprayer can save me.

  303. Love it! I’ve got a couple of bookcases that I could do some serious damage on! Yahoo!

  304. Liked on Facebook, too!

  305. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win the sprayer. I would like to spray an old buffet a frenchy gray and distress the heck out of it. Thanks!

  306. Oh my! LOVE your table! I am still contemplating painting my table turq or just restain the top darker and keep the other parts white. Either way I would love this sprayer to help me accomplish my project!

  307. I liked HomeRight on FB!

  308. I love, Love, LOVE your blog! You’re the best! And I hope, Hope, HOPE I win the CommandMax HVLP!! It would be so awesome if I could do my next piece with a sprayer instead of my handy-dandy paint brush and foam roller. I just made a shelf out of a king sized footboard (I know right!) Totally would’ve been awesome to have the CommandMax Sprayer =)

  309. I would love to win! Thank you for trying this out for us and letting us know how it worked. I can never seem to find the right color of spray paint and I don’t like brush strokes so this would be wonderful!!

  310. I need a sprayer because I have a set of 6 slat back dining chairs that need painted. 6! That’s a good reason, right?!

  311. I should win because I have been told to not even LOOK at spray paint. I am always trying to find the perfect color and you just can’t in spray paint. Love how your table turned out.

  312. Gave up my date night to babysit for the wonderful girl I visit teach

  313. DOUBLE liked it on FB!!!=)

  314. Love the table. Love the paint sprayer. Love (or liked) HR on facebook. You rock! Period.

  315. I would LOVE this! I redo furniture and this would be soooo helpful!

  316. Great giveaway!! I’m always painting, all.the.time. And I’m always looking for better, faster ways to do so, so I’d love to give this sprayer a try!! Pick me!! 😉

  317. I liked their FB page.

  318. I need this sprayer! I’ve been putting off painting my bedroom furniture and dining table (with 6 chairs) for YEARS because the thought of painting them with a brush gives me the dry heaves. I love the smooth finish on your table.

  319. I follow Home Right on Twitter.

  320. I tweeted the giveaway @SuzyCucumber.

  321. Oh, oh! Pick me! Because… I love paint. And I would paint more and do more crazy awesome projects if I had a sprayer! And more importantly, I love you!

  322. I should totally win the paint sprayer because my husband and I just moved into a new house… a house with the MOST brass chandeliers ever… we’re talking one in every room– even one that is semi-flush mount in the hallway. Needless to say, I have LOTS of work to do! :)

  323. Because I need one for all my crazy projects! Ha ha. Xoxo. Your table is fabulous.

  324. I want to win because I have a million projects I want to do but don’t have a good excuse to actually do them. LOL. Having this would be a great excuse!

    marinsoup at gmail dot com

  325. I liked and thanked HR on FB, too!

  326. Since joining Pinterest a few months ago (not to mention following your blog), I now have approximately 4 bazillion project ideas. This paint sprayer looks like an awesome way to accomplish about half of them!

  327. I should totally win it because I have 5 kids 8 and under and, let’s face it… lots of my furniture needs repainting… often. :)

  328. I REAALLLLLY wanna win this!! OMGSH every thing in my house needs to be painted! Including the kitchen cabinets! 😉

  329. Oh I need that paint sprayer to save my fingers from holding down the spray paint nob. Please oh please!

  330. Oh I need that paint sprayer to save my fingers from holding down the spray paint nob. Please oh please!

  331. I’m in the market for a sprayer and would love this one!!

  332. LIKEd on FB :)

  333. PERFECT! I too have a heavy oak table that would love to be transformed into a my favorite shade of blue!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mcclusks at bellsouth dot net

  334. Love the color you chose -it looks amazing with your funky green chairs! I need to win this so I can be awesome like you and finally paint my fifteen projects in waiting so they are done and my husband won’t divorce me for hoarding thrift finds! Love your guts too!

  335. I would love to win the sprayer! I bought my first condo all on my own this year. As a gal on a budget, I’m doing a lot of projects on my own too! it would be a great addition to my growing tool box and skill set. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  336. I NEED this paint sprayer because I always get paint in my hair from bending at strange angles to paint something. (and then not knowing it and going to the store looking like Cruella DeVille!)

  337. I would love to win a sprayer for all my DIY projects. I have dressers, tables, play kitchens, etc. that all need a new paint job!

  338. omg…so excited about this giveaway!!! OK…so here’s why I should win. I have about 5000 things that I need to paint (go look at all those unpainted frames on my blog)and I’m totally dying to get a sprayer. But my mean ol’ husband keeps saying ‘NO WAY!’ Even though I’m SUPER NICE to him. So…I really really need to WIN a sprayer so that I can prove my mad painting skills to him. Whew! Thanks for listening! :)

  339. I thanked the folks at HomeRight – and thanks again to you!

  340. i should win because i love to paint. in my house the motto is ‘if it isn’t moving it can be painted’ and almost everything has.

  341. i liked home right on facebook!

  342. Thank you so much for this exciting giveaway! I should win this because at our house there is a never ending parade of items in need of paint to make them presentable!


  343. Ooo… this giveaway would be awesome to help me refinish my master bedrooms ancient furniture :)

  344. Oh OH I want I want! I would use it to paint this crib that has all these spindles and would suck to paint by hand!

  345. I need that sprayer because I am finally ready to paint my kitchen cabinets – eek! There is no way I’m doing that task the old-fashioned brush and roller way. No way, Jose!

  346. I would love to win this. I am just jumping on the painting furniture bandwagon and this would be so helpful!

  347. Definitely Following them on Twitter! Now follow me:!/WeightLossViZN

  348. This could be the tool that gets me out of my diy funk and back to finishing all those projects I started (or stockpiled on in my garage)! Thanks again for another great giveaway! My email is

  349. Of course I shared your giveaway link on Facebook :) Who wouldn’t want this sprayer.

  350. I think I should win because my son is in an intensive feeding program right now learning how to eat. He’s been on a feeding tube since birth and we have VERY negative memories associated with our current kitchen table trying to get him to eat before this program. I was JUST saying I wanted to purchase a new table off craig’s list and chairs and re-vamp them. He is now 100% off his feeding tube and eating pureed food!! We still have 3 weeks left before we get to leave the hospital but I am so proud and this would be a great gift to win!

  351. I should win because we are military that moves and average of once a year and I live with white walls because it so much trouble for just a year. But with this sprayer, it would take no time flat! and TWO sprayers? wow.

  352. My Act of kindness is: I do what I can to inspire and help people LOSE WEIGHT and GAIN the ENERGY they need to work out and become healthier. My husband has lost 36 pounds in 9 weeks. Wa Hooo!!

  353. I’d LOVE to win a sprayer! I have so many paint projects on hold because I don’t have the right tools. This would be a wonderful prize! :)

  354. Too funny. I hand painted my dining table..which looks very similar to yours, claw feet and all…a similar color last year. I used Behr’s Caribe and it only lasted 4 months before we scratched the top of it deeply enough that the table got moved to the basement until we could deal with repainting it in the summer:

    We never dealt with it this summer. We ended up getting a new dining room table, refinished a settee for seating and repainted some old chairs in a similar blue. Our dining room is blue and green just like yours, and I love it!

    Your chairs are AMAZING! And the table finish is AMAZING!

    And someday I want to refinish my basement blue table so it looks even more like yours, and that’s why I should win the sprayer giveaway:)!!

  355. I should get this sprayer because I have a kitchen table, chairs and bookshelves that need to be painted and with an 18 month old, I need something quick and easy!

  356. I like HomeRight on FB!

  357. My act of kindness…Today I sewed some crib sheets for an orphanage in Romania! Totally legit, I swear. :)

  358. I sure why I “should” win, but I sure would like to.

  359. I advertised the giveaway on FB!

  360. i should win b/c I just spent six weeks re-doing my kitchen cabinets and have no more drive to do the rest of them in my house!! :)

  361. Please, please, please let me win! I have been painting a chair and a dresser, but I think that it would look so much better if I used a sprayer rather than the brushes I have used so far.

  362. i like home right on fb

  363. i tweeted about this giveaway. :)!/erincyoung

  364. i am following home right on twitter

  365. my random act of kindness today was small – I let the little old lady go ahead of me at the store.

  366. Mandi,

    I should win because I’m pregnant with our FOURTH BABY (totally don’t know how that happened!) and I have a ton of home-improvement projects to do before the baby is born… that I guess Hubs is going to have to do instead. This would really make him more apt to actually DO them!

  367. I liked HomeRight on FB.

    I should seriously win this.

    I’m early-pregnant and feel like utter crap. So this would make my life more enjoyable!

  368. Why I should win this sprayer…well, in addition to helping me actually complete a project or 20, I will walk around my house pretending it’s a real gun saying, “Stick ’em up!” because I’m kinda ridiculous that way.

  369. I would love to win this paint sprayer. We are building a house and this would be a huge help with some of the furniture projects I want to do.

  370. I follow Home Right on facebook.

  371. I totally need one of these!! This would make all of my DIY projects SOOOO much easier!!!

  372. I need one of these to spray a chinese stool that is way too white for my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

    terilybb at aol dot com

  373. I would love to win this sprayer because I have some beat furniture that needs some paint!

  374. I have only been following your blog for a few months and you have motivated me to basically paint everything. lol I was just telling my husband how I would love to get a sprayer to paint furniture! I can’t always find the colors I want in spray paint! I love your table and the color is amazing! I am looking for the perfect turquoise/blue right now. I will go check out Sherwin Williams! I can be contacted on my blog:

  375. I would so love this. My finace and I just learned we were pregnant with our first child, and like you, I’m a die hard spray painter. Until now. With the overwhelming smells, I’m now forced to use a sprayer to reduce my fumes! This would be the perfect x-mas gift!!

  376. There are SO many projects that I do where I find myself thinking about how much I would love a sprayer like this. Also, I should win because I am awesome. Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  377. I just “liked” HomeRight on facebook.


  378. I sure could have fun with a paint sprayer. I like to find things at the Goodwill and re-do them into fun things for my friends, kids and grandkids.

    I’ve always got a project going on. my favorite combo is Ikea fabrics with bright colored paint!


  379. I now follow Home Right (and you) on Twitter!


  380. And I tweeted about the giveaway.

    Ooh, that’s 4 entries! <3

  381. your table is ah-mazing! i too have been battleing(and painting many sample squares in my bathroom)to find the right shade of teal.
    I would be just about the happiest person on the planet if i won the spayer! it would save me a ton of money not having to buy so much spray paint!

  382. i like them on FB!

  383. I need this sprayer because I have always thought that with enough paint I could rule the world!! With a Command Max sprayer I can be a painting supreme overlord!! Nothing is safe from my Krylon grasp. Now I can expand my kingdom. Love your blog and thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  384. Ooo I am a new follower! I am totally diy challenged. I am jumping into the pond and I am going to make like a Nike commercial and “Just do It” Your generous giveaway might give me a fighting chance! Thanks for letting me have a go at the prize!

  385. Mandi I would LOVE the sprayer! I’m a spray paint addict, but sometimes you just can’t find the right color. This would make my life so much easier :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. I “like” HomeRight on facebook!

  387. I have so many projects that are just waiting for a sprayer. (Love your green chairs!)

  388. I follow HomeRight on Twitter (@LovelyCrafty)

  389. Oh my oh my oh my! I have some kitchen cabinets that so need talc, and they need to be sprayed. I can’t seem to get off my butt to rent something since I know I need it for a while. This would totally solve my current updating dilemma and that the house has to go on the market. Did I say I could so use this. That would just be the start of the projects though! You did a fabulous job on your table I love it

  390. I liked on fb

  391. I should win a sprayer because I spent all day today painting my laundry room and cabinets with a roller and my body hurts! Please pick me, pick me!

  392. I’d love to win one… I’ve got a new to me table and benches that scream for a new paint job! Thanks Mandi! :)

  393. Loved HomeRight on facebook…hope they return the love! :)

  394. I think I should win because my house looks like a dude ranch just pull your horse right on up and tie him to the gate!!! My home needs some serious cuteness going on I need some color to offset my ORANGE FLOOR!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!! NASTY! Oh please Oh please sprayer let it be my lucky day I can’t handle the drabness of this orange floor. PS: I live in a room?house it’s less than 200 square feet total so if you have any tips on how to make it a bright happy space let me know.
    I love your blog it puts a smile on my face.
    PLEASE!!!! Stay around for a long time to come.

  395. I brought homemade Chicken Noodle soup to a sick friend… nothing makes someone feel better then soup! :)

  396. I’ve ruined far too many projects this year using spray paint. ARGH! I’d LOVE one of these bad boys. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  397. I should win one because my sister bought a “project house” that needs all the doorknob plates and furnace grates repainted!

  398. I took another little girl to dance who has the lesson right after my daughter’s 😉

  399. I paint in my sleep that is how much I need this sprayer! It will save me so much time and let me stay home with my kids if I won it!Then I could paint furniture fulltime. Win-Win situation!

  400. I NEED one of these to paint a bed my husband built me!!! The table looks awesome!

    JBurgess412 at

  401. I have never painted anything but a wall so I would love to learn with this bad boy.

  402. We should win the sprayer because I have 5 daughters and they need to be surrounded with beautiful things :) And we went to your craptastic garage sell, that should be worth something too :)

  403. Facebooked it (is that a verb?)

  404. Twittered it

  405. I would love this because I have been dying to spruce up our kitchen table and our old crib! What an awesome giveaway!

  406. Published a Facebook post about the giveaway

  407. My daughters and I took some treats to their friend who is in the hospital!

  408. Random act of kindness – helped an older lady I didn’t know to fix her computer

  409. I would absolutely love to win that sprayer so I can give my carpal tunnel a break. :)

  410. I can think of four projects that I could use this spray paint on. But I’m also a great sharer, so I think my friends would love it too if I won!

  411. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  412. All of my friends have me help them with all of their unloved furniture. This would really help me do more.

  413. Why? Because I have a basement full of furniture projects that my husband has been hounding me about and we just moved into our first home of which the bank (a foreclosure) decided to paint all of the walls yellow! Thanks for the chance!!

  414. Holy! Moly! I would love to win that. I’m dying to paint my dining room chairs and that would make it SO much easier!!

  415. I need one because I have a whole house full of items I’d love to redo with a bit of paint. :) Fingers crossed!!

  416. If I won, I would spray paint everything that wasn’t nailed down. Um…maybe those things too.

  417. I like HomeRight on Facebook

  418. I follow HomeRight on Twitter

  419. I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  420. I picked up a neighbor’s flower pots that had blown over on this gusty fall day. :)

  421. oh I would LOVE to win this!! I am making centerpieces for my church’s Christmas brunch and I need to use a LOT of spraypaint…it’s taking so many cans!! This would REALLY be great to win!!

  422. I like them in FB now…and said thanks on their wall :)

  423. I follow them on Twitter now!!

  424. I tweeted about it too!! :) @christinasadven

  425. I am going through color selection with some dining room chairs I am redoing, and this is the answer, I think! Please enter me to win!

    Thank you!

  426. RAK for the day-

    I paid the extra change for the lady behind me who was trying to dig through her wallet while holding an active toddler.

    I like that you give another entry for these RAKS- thank you!

  427. Seriously, I would DIE if I won this! Ive been salivating looking at these for a while and just don’t have it in my budget to buy one at the moment. I have LOTS of furniture to paint ASAP!


  428. I would love to win to finally be able to finish my projects without a trip to the store to buy more paint. Those pesky little spray paint cans don’t ever hold enough paint. What a great product!

  429. I like HomeRight on FB.

  430. I follow HomeRight on Twitter.

  431. Okay, I’m following on HomeRight on twitter… here’s to hoping doesn’t choose one of the first 20 entries as always 😉

  432. I re-tweeted the giveaway!

  433. AND last but not least, my random act of kindness was to make a “blessings” Thanksgiving banner for a neighbor. Figured we could all use a little holiday cheer :)

  434. I would love love love to win.

  435. I have so many things to paint! And I am soooooo tired of brush strokes. A sprayer would be totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  436. I’m going to tackle my hideous kitchen cabinets and a sprayer would make it so much easier/prettier/smoother!

  437. I NEEEEEED it because I HATE painting. :)

  438. The most fabulous wet bar cabinet thingy with quatrefoil detail cut-outs is just dying for me to paint it, but I refuse to begin until a sprayer lands in my hands, so I should probably win. For sure.

  439. I would LOVE to win one of these babies. I have so much furniture that I could get done, a coffee table to sell, some dressers, side tables. I need to build a bunch of stuff too… Like I said I’d love this thing like a third child.

    babyblue1772003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  440. Called some dear friends who have lost loved ones. That wasn’t really random, pretty intentional but I think it helps make their world a slightly better place.
    I do feel slightly immoral using this as a comment to win a paint sprayer but I’m drawing a blank on anything other than holding doors open, giving directions, and keeping my kids from mauling people(JK).

    babyblue1772003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  441. I liked HomeRight on Facebook!

    babyblue1772003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  442. I follow Home Right on Twitter.

    babyblue1772003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  443. wow would this be fun, I have a night stand waiting for paint!

  444. Tweeted about the giveaway. Heres my attempt to link to twitter. Hope it works!!/babyblue1772003

    babyblue1772003 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  445. Oh Mandi’s Guts,

    Please pick-me-pick-me! I have just started my own business, trying to get out of my great but unfulfilling F-T job. One of the things I plan to do is repurpose furniture and make it funky! A great tool like this would be such a timesaver!

    Help me follow my passion!! xo

  446. Hmm. Well, I am doing choreography for our kids’ musical at church. I am kind to the squirrely kids there. Does that count? haha xo

  447. Mandi, I just “liked” and commented on HomeRight’s FB page. Thank you!! xo

  448. I love that color doesn’t scare you. You choices are always a little unexpected but then I think “oh, right”…perfect. Thanks for showing that color can be terrific because I too love color.

  449. I have to have this sprayer, because…I have been staring at my kitchen table wondering what to do with it for two years. I keep telling people that, no really I am going to give it a makeover…I think that they have lost faith in me. The poor table has great bones and chairs, but with 3 kids (4th on the way) it (and the chairs) need a makeover and bad. Hope to win!! Thanks for the chance!

  450. I liked HomeRight on FB and left them a nice, grateful comment. :)

  451. Called my sister (we don’t as often as we should) to offer some encouragement to her. She is having a tough time (life). Random Acts of Kindness always make one feel better. Thanks again for a chance at winning the sprayer! :)

  452. I “liked” HR on FB!

  453. I would use this to take a risk and go for it! Now THATS my motivation!!
    Cheers to the breaking out of builder beige!!!

  454. hooray for paint sprayers! i’d love to have one because i have a ton of furniture i need of some love.

  455. I would love this sprayer to expand my color pallet and try to get as creative as you Mandi!Would love it!

  456. This comment has been removed by the author.

  457. I think that I should win because I now live in Wyoming. I deserve something good in my life! 😉

  458. I follow homeright on twitter

  459. I would love it! It would be some inspiration to finally finish all of my half-finished projects.

  460. Oh gosh I have been in love with that color for the last 6 years and use it in every quilt I make! Really! I NEED a good sprayer because I have these gorgeous (cough cough) kitchen cupboards I need to paint – they are original to my 1960’s house. Yeah they’re THAT awesome. I know you’re jealous, right? Right? Right….lol!

  461. Ok, here I go….
    I am new to the world of thrifting/crafting/DIYing, but since I got started in October of last year I HAVE NOT BE ABLE TO STOP! Once I realized that I had the ability to create the things I coveted in stores, magazines, and design blogs, something inside me came alive…. I discovered a passion I never knew I had! I love the hunt! The thrill that comes over you when you discover a diamond in the rough and see it’s potential shining through! The sense of pride that swells up inside me when I can step back and admire finished product. It’s incredible! Sadly, when it comes to painting and refinishing my project pile only seems to grow… Living in a tiny apartment with 2 small children and limited time and funds has severely impacted my ability to tackle the painting projects I desperately yearn to complete! I know my tiny little apartment could be a oasis in the chaos of my hectic urban life, if only I had the time and equipment to allow me to finish my projects and put it all together. Please help me create that oasis!

    Also, I feel I should mention that one of my painting projects is my 17 month old baby’s antique crib…. It’s been disassembled for 4 months now awaiting it’s new paint job while my daughter has been sleeping in her Pack and Play. Terrible, I know… But if I reassemble it before it’s painted I just know it’ll never get done :/

  462. I don’t have Twitter, but I liked you on Facebook! :)

  463. As a random act of kindness I regularly provide free child care for the moms (and a few dads) who participate in the boot camps my husband runs for his non profit organization PTA Fit Club which raises money for local schools through fitness boot camps.

  464. I have been wanting a good sprayer for months! I have read reviews but still wasn’t sure which one to buy. I would LOVE to win! Plus I still have to buy a compressor, so it would be a huge help to win the sprayer. :)

  465. I’m following HomeRight on Twitter! As Lemon Jitters.

  466. I would love to win so I could paint a mirror frame, wine rack, basement laundry table, coat rack……..and the list goes on! Kim
    ikik0702 at

  467. It was already on my Christmas list to Santa…fate, right???

  468. Gimme Gimme Gimme! I should win the sprayer because I have three fabulous pieces of bamboo furniture which were just given to me and they desperately need a fresh coat of paint to wake them up.

  469. my rak: today, I tried to take a friends baby. earlier on facebook, she posted how she worked the night shift and wasn’t going to get any sleep b/c of her baby.

  470. I’d love to have one of these! I am about to buy a new house and EVERY door needs to be painted, this would be so time saving!!

  471. made sure the folks at homeright via facebook know that I like them and boy, am I excited that they are letting you have this giveaway

  472. Wow! Alright,I should win a command sprayer because I think they are totally awesome and it really sucks painting all my furniture with a brush when I am 51/2 months pregnant!
    Your follower truly

  473. I should win the paint sprayer because I would so love to redo a few pieces of furniture for a young family that lost everything in a house fire last week. They were renting and didn’t have insurance to help replace the items that they lost. I cannot afford to buy new furniture for them but, thanks to my stalking the thrift stores I can purchase a few things and make them “new”. I will do this for them whether or not I win the sprayer but, the sprayer sure would make the job easier!!! Thanks so much!

  474. I would love a paint sprayer because my right index finger is permanently bent from using spray cans. I live in anticipation of being able to straighten it again! :)

    Robyne at

  475. I would love to win this because i have been dying to start projects like yours for quite some time and this would completely help some of my furniture at home.

  476. Because I want to you this for my DIY clothing projects. I know…that’s a bit of a stretch but it’ll be fun.


  477. This sprayer did a wonderful job for you on your table. I’d love one too as I’m just getting started in this furniture painting world.

  478. So excited for this— just bought my first piece of furniture on craigslist and it needs some tlc!

  479. I would love to win! My current Harbor Freight sprayer is dying a slow death!

  480. I liked them on facebook

  481. My random act of kindness was helping an elderly woman who was checking out in front of me, through the doors to the store, to her car and returned her cart :) I just did it to be nice, but now I can use it for an entry too. That is good karma :)

  482. Picked up a dropped item for a stranger today!

  483. I liked Homeright on FB!

  484. I really need this! I’m in northern utah where it is no longer spray paint season!! (you know what I’m talking about) and this product seriously looks like it could be used indoors! Please please please!

  485. I would LOVE to win a sprayer! It’s perfect for all my big projects, because the spray paint isn’t cutting it and I suffer from a severely sore thumb. SO for the love of my poor thumbs, please pick me!

  486. Where to start? I would be more confident to take on more projects with something like that. Ash_sidd(at)hotmail(dot)com

  487. Liked HR, and most importantly LOVE you!!
    I would love to get a sprayer… it would help me finish the 12 chairs I have piling up in my garage!! Love you girl, you are the best!

  488. I need it because…I love to paint…but I’d love to paint more it it was quick and FUN!!

  489. Woohoo! I would love to win a paint sprayer! It’s on my long list of need to buy items. I have the exact same table as you, my parents gave it to me several years ago, so I think it’s now 17-20 years old. I have been planning on painting it once I chose a color scheme for the dining area and now it’s time! :)

  490. I liked HomeRight on FB and left a comment there too.

  491. I am following HomeRight on twitter now @alwaysnwonder

  492. I normally don’t like publicizing acts of kindness that I do, but if it gives me an extra entry I will… I have been helping a woman who left an abusive situation. Don’t want to go into details, but she’s got a long fight ahead of her and she’s got little help. So I am trying my best to help her.

  493. I’ve been dying to do my own kitchen table! This would totally motivate me. I hope I win!!

  494. Oh goodness, I would love to win this because we are buying our first home and there are so many projects that I could use it on!! By the way…LOVE the table and chairs. They turned out great.

  495. I would love a sprayer!

  496. I should win so I can be awesome too!

  497. I Like HomeRight on FB
    Alyssa Spencer McVey

  498. Following HomeRight on Twitter

  499. I made cookies for my neighbors who just moved in.

  500. I absolutely love your table and chairs. They are the colors I currently have in my house. I need this sprayer so I can repaint/paint my kitchen table & chairs, daughters bed, shelves…the list goes on.

  501. My RAK for today is I am helping my overwhelmed friend plan our ward Christmas party. She has a 1 month old & just put into RS presidency last week. Her committee is too busy to help out.

  502. I really love how your table came out! and the color…love it too!!
    I really think I should win a sprayer because…I have a playhouse to paint, inside and out, need to paint our deck enclosure, have furniture to paint, 3 storage sheds to paint…need I go on??

  503. I liked HomeRight on FB and left a comment.

  504. I am Following HomeRight on Twitter.

  505. Put a link on facebook:

  506. I stalk your blog. i am desperate for a paint sprayer. i have an antique chairs I want to spray.

  507. I would love to have a paint sprayer because I want to paint my kitchen cabinets and feel spraying would not only be faster but look much better than a roller and a brush.

  508. I should win this awesome sprayer because I have tons of furniture to paint. The brush method is just not for me and I hate dealing with spray paint that doesn’t always work like it should. I need it. Badly.

  509. I spent the whole summer re-doing the upstairs of our home but now find myself pressed for time because I started law school this fall. A paint sprayer would mean that I could make some of the projects on my list a reality and relax and have fun in the process!

  510. I should win because a. I am a super poor grad student who cannot afford the proper tools. And b. I spray painted a table teal with a non-krylon spray paint and even blogged about the terrible time i had. Also, your table looks AWESOME espec with those chairs! Rachel @

  511. I would do alot more projects with this. Thanks so much,

  512. I follow homerite on twitter. Thanks,

  513. Who couldn’t use a cool sprayer…I would love to win!

  514. I am a HomeRight follower via Twitter

  515. I’m the only female in a house with six guys….like living in a frat house! All my hard earned money goes to feed them and school tuition payments; thus furniture budget is reduced to creative repurposing and Craigslist bargains needing love. Winning this sprayer would top last year’s gift of my new staple gun from Santa by far! Love YOUR guts, Mandi!

  516. Of all the contest I’d love to win…this has to be the best! I’d love to win this ‘cuz it would really help me out saving the planet. That’s right, I revive old furniture with paint, so I’m saving the planet one piece at a time! This way I could do it faster!!!!

  517. I’m not sure if it counts as a random act of kindness but I have been taking care of a stray dog for the last week. She and my dog love to wrestle and play leading me to start yelling things like “NO WRESTLING IN THE HOUSE!” and “TAKE IT OUTSIDE!” and has led my husband to question my ability to handle having kids one day. TMI for a RAK?

  518. I am so busy with school and work and the youth volunteer organization I advise, I need all the things that save me time. This would be a huge improvement!!!!

  519. I reshared the contest link on my facebook page.

  520. Because I just painted my round kitchen table a cream color and that sprayer would have made my life so much easier!

  521. I should win because I have been dreaming of getting one. It would open up doors of color for me because I usually spray paint everything.

  522. Followed on twitter.

  523. I liked HomeRight on Facebook and left a message in the recommendations.

  524. I soooo need this sprayer…if I don’t get my thrift store finds out of the shed and painted soon, my husband may leave me:)

  525. I liked HomeRight on facebook and left them a comment!!!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!!

  526. This would be AWESOME to have. I have a garage full of furniture that has been waiting to be painted. And, my husband is threatening to get rid of some pieces unless they are completed! This would be a dream to have! Thanks!

  527. For my random act of kindness I gave a homeless man $5 and a granola bar. I always keep some sort of granola bar in my car to give out to those in need.

  528. This comment has been removed by the author.

  529. Wowowowow……I super love that table! I would really love to have a Command Max of my own so I could be like my favorite blogger!!!! (no brown nosing here!)

  530. I should win this sprayer because my husband will not agree to buying one as all purchases over 50 have to be approved by both of us :( I have a crap load of furniture to paint too.

    PS. Awesome giveaway!!!

  531. What gorgeous color combos, love your table & chairs. My daughter & I could use a paint sprayer we have many projects in the works. Liked/followed/commented/thanked on FB and twitter. Thank you as well for this opportunity to win such an awesome giveway. :-)

  532. OH man we’re about to paint a nasty old fridge for our garage — this could TOTALLY make that job super easy.

  533. I liked HomeRight on FB 😀

  534. I would love to win the Command Max HVLP Sprayer. We just moved and are planning on painting after the New Year. The house came fully furnished, and it’s HUGE. There are so many projects I’m dying to get started on and this sprayer would make my life a heck of a lot easier!

  535. I should win this because I have so much to paint for my house!! Is that a good enough reason?! 😀
    Thanks for the opportunity Mandi!!

  536. My random act of kindness this week was I (randomly) made dinner for my neighbors. Just because. :)

  537. It would make my life so much easier and all of my paint projects (piled up in the garage)would actually get done. I would probably even tackle the kitchen cabinets!!

  538. I recently bought a 1970’s house, every room needs painted (and wall paper removed)and I have NO money for anything new! I NEED this sprayer!!!

  539. I liked HomeRight on Facebook & expressed thanks. :)

  540. umm yessss please! I would love love love to win one of these bad boys. I would use it on everything! My hand has been cramping with the old paint brush I use on furniture so I have been considering making the switch to a sprayer. thanks!


  541. I LOVE your table and the color!!! I need the sprayer to help my husband not get grumpy while helping me with my projects! :)

  542. yeah, i totally need, weeeellll want one of these. i do a ton of art on canvas and paint furniture and this would make it so much easier!!!

  543. I should win the paint sprayer because I have a lot to paint! I have a lot of boring wood furniture that could use a bright color, like your table! I’ve been inspired and I’m looking around my house trying to imagine what color I should paint everything.

  544. I followed your directions to the T, because I want this thing sooooo bad! I linked on my Facebook, tweeted from #Driscoll62, ‘Liked’ Home Right on FB, and I even bought someone a coffee in line at the coffee shop this morning, for my random act of kindness!

  545. I’ve been restyling vintage pieces for a while now & just delivered an awesome buffet/server to a cute specialty shop to sell on consignment. I’m so excited about that! I put a lot of time in that piece and would love to have the hvlp sprayer to speed up my restyling process so I can continue to add to this cute shop. Keep up the great work. Love your blog!

    Owner of Do-Over: A new beginning for vintage finds.

  546. Oh! Also, I want to win because I too am going to be re-doing my dinette set and I think the Command Max would help me get that and so many more projects done much faster!

  547. Why I could use one? Because I refinished my kitchen table last year with spray paint and after hours of work I’m still not thrilled with how it turned out:(

  548. Because I have a ton of 80’s oak that needs covered in beautiful glossy paint!;)

  549. Because a blue table rocks and I want to be just like you!!

  550. I could paint up a storm with a new Command Max Sprayer. I am obsessed with Pinterest and I could love this tool to complete some projects I’ve had my eye on.

    p.s. I recently subscribed to your blog and have been enjoying the posts and pictures! Thank you for your creativity!

  551. I liked them on FB.

  552. I should win this because I have a thousand furniture items I want to paint, and have been too scared to try. This will motivate me!

  553. I am following.

  554. I tweeted.

  555. I follow Home Right on Twitter!

  556. Just liked HomeRight on FB. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Owner of Do-Over: A new beginning for vintage finds.

  557. I like HomeRight on FB! (And I left them some love!)

  558. I’ve got several pieces of craptastic furniture that are waiting to be awoken….they could see the light sooner if the command max HVLP sprayer was mine!! :-)


  559. k. i NEED to win this. i have that EXACT same table sitting in my garage waiting to be painted! i need it out of there so i can actually park my car in there now that we’re getting snow!!!

  560. Oh my goodness. I would love this paint sprayer because I am getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets and this is WAY too daunting a task to do without one!

  561. I liked home right on facebook!!!

  562. I would love to win it would be awesome i would paint everything!!

  563. I tweeted the giveaway!!/Hey_Homeslice

  564. I am now following them on FB. Thanks!

  565. I have 6 piece of furniture sitting in my basement. They were either throwaways or cheap yard sales fines and I have great plans for them. I live in the east and do most of my painting inside by brush. There is only a small window because of our weather to paint outdoor. Having one of these sprayers would make painting project very fasts.

  566. I seriously need to win this! We are buying our first house, and it will aid in painting EVERYTHING!!

  567. OH how i need this paint sprayer…it will save my MARRIAGE! My husband will get his garage back when i get all my PROJECTS sprayed and put inside the house!! Win Win here!! Here’s hoping I WIN:)

  568. This would be a terrific help! I lost my job of 19 years and have started to redo furniture as a way to support my family.


  569. I would love, LOVE to win one of these because I am currently undertaking a remodel of my girls’ room. This includes painting (sweet chevrons) on the walls, building and painting a RAD bunk bed, and finishing up (aka painting) their play kitchen set for Christmas! After that it’s on to redoing our master bedroom, the living room…. you get the idea. Thanks for the sweet review and giveaway!!

  570. I “liked” HomeRight on Facebook!


  571. This comment has been removed by the author.

  572. TiaChapman says:

    I would love to win this sprayer! Why you ask? Because I’m in the process of painting a wall in my bedroom with GLITTER PAINT (yes, glitter paint!) and my armoire and nightstands need to be updated (or should I say painted – hint hint) to match my new wall. Thanks!!

    -Tia C.

  573. I also bought some scholastic books for a friend’s kids just for them to have some extra love!


  574. Um…let me just start off with saying,I have been DREAMING and begging and plotting to get one (the husb won’t let me spend the moolah, boo!) I want one…I NEED one and thanks to you I could possibly live happily ever after with one. Thanks for the great giveaway! you are a rockstar!

  575. OMG!!! I LOVE what you did to your table…and the way it goes with those chairs is poetry!!! If I won the sprayer, I would paint my piano the same color! Thanks for the chance at such a cool giveaway!

  576. Would love to win it!! I have so many things to paint- my walls and a big hutch!

  577. I just must win . . . that’s all there is to it! I have a large table just like yours just waiting for a coat of beautiful paint!

  578. I would LOOOOVE this HVLP Sprayer! I’m just starting my own interior design business specializing in recycled products and this sprayer is just wat the Doctor ordered!

  579. I would LOOOOVE this HVLP Sprayer! I’m just starting my own interior design business specializing in recycled products and this sprayer is just wat the Doctor ordered!

  580. I want this SO bad! I’ve been DYING to have a paint sprayer, but can’t find one that’s Latex approved AND within budget. Now I have a play kitchen I just built for my friend’s little one and I would LOVE to spray it, rather then brush into all of those tiny corners :)

  581. I liked them on fb!

  582. I love the blue and green- one of my favorite combinations of color. I paint and sell furniture and seriously, I hate getting out the huge air compressor and messing around with my complicated gun. I would love to win this thing!! Looks awesome and way easy to use.

  583. I liked HR on FB!

  584. and I’m following them on twitter!

  585. found out a family in the neighborhood was sort of struggling financially so I boxed up a bunch of the kids old clothes and sent them their way! Not sure if that is random- but I feel great inside.

  586. I have so many projects that I could use this sprayer on!!! Awesome!

  587. Tweeted about your giveaway and about HR

  588. rhrjewelry Mary Jo Vick
    Meet My New Kitchen Table and Command Max HVLP Sprayer Review/Giveaway via @AddThis

  589. Following HR on Tweeter…

  590. I’ve had my eye on this paint sprayer for the past several weeks, almost a month!! I soooo want one!!!!

  591. I “Liked” HomeRight on FB!

  592. oh man oh man! I would love to have this fab sprayer! I just picked up 2 chairs to redo and this would come in super handy! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  593. Following you on Twitter and I tweeted! (name is under ttrox)

  594. I love the color you used on the table with the chairs. I need one of these sprayers because I think my right index finger is permanently cramped into the spray can position and I still have many projects to go.

  595. “Liked” you on Facebook

  596. Love the table! I totally need a sprayer. I could kick my addiction for painting furniture into overdrive… more power, more projects! I’m sure my husband will absolutely l o v e for me to win. (not)

  597. Um yes, I would like one, please. I HATE to paint. Can I have one??

  598. Oh, I soooo Need one of these! I love to make over things, but find that more often than not I can’t find the “perfect” color of spray paint. This would totally solve the problem!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  599. I totally need to win that because my basement is full of furniture that wants painting!
    Love that turquoise too! Maybe something in my basement wants that color :)
    dragonflyu (at) verizon (dot) net

  600. Liked HomeRight AND Vintagerevivals on Facebook and Twitter and tweeted about you both!

  601. Random act, or not so random…
    We are sending some holiday joy to a family with 5 kids including newborn twins that just lost their momma.


  602. Love your color combo! I definitely need this sprayer! I will call it “husband” as I will get more use out it painting than trying to get him to help me! I have furniture, kitchen walls, & bathroom walls just waiting for “husband”! :)

  603. I am following HomeRight on Twitter! :)

  604. I need this sprayer! I have that same table in black and I’ve been wanting to paint it turquoise. My husband said no, but I’m sure I could talk him into it if I had a sprayer.

  605. ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I should win because then I would have to sand my painting mistakes a LOT less!! Thanks!

  606. I follow HomeRight on facebook

  607. I followed HomeRight on twitter.

  608. I tweeted about the giveaway on twitter:!/MariahMcMasters

  609. I have never redone any furniture, so I would LOVE to have one for my very first project!!! :) What a great giveaway! :)

  610. Because I have tons of crap that needs to be painted!


  611. I liked HomeRight on FB and I left a comment for them! :)

  612. I’m following HomeRight on Twitter! :)



  613. I facebooked about the giveaway! :)

  614. I need to win this because I have been looking at hvlp sprayers for a while and am afraid to take the step! I love me some (all) cans of spray paint… this would make it ok to move on!

  615. Umm, I should win this spray gun because I could totally rock out some crazy awesome projects with it including some large scale bookcases that I have been loathing to paint, but this would make it a ton easier . . . how’s that for a run on sentence?
    mrsamandasdale at gmail dot com

  616. Random act of kindness:
    Driving out the wedding decor for my bride today as a surprise. Saving her the trip and the time!

    mrsamandasdale at gmail dot com

  617. told they homeright peeps they were super for making this possible!

  618. I need to win this because I have been looking at hvlp sprayers for a while and am afraid to take the step! I love me some (all) cans of spray paint… this would make it ok to move on!

  619. amazing! looks gorgeous! I want one because I’d use it all the time doing my projects!!!

  620. I would LOVE to win this paint sprayer! Um why? Because I have so many projects in the garage just waiting to be sprayed painted as beautiful as your kitchen table! Thanks for offering this!!

  621. I want to win this! I totally need to paint a ton of furniture I have ASAP! This would make it super easy!

  622. And I liked HomeRight and VintageRevivals on Facebook!


  623. I would LOVE to win this awesome sprayer!

    Christina (your biggest fan!)

  624. I would love a paint sprayer. I love painting furniture and sat and watched an infomercial for a paint sprayer, forever, last weekend. I even started looking at Amazon for a good one. Now I know which one. :) Thanks!! Pick me :)

  625. Megan Goodin says:

    I would love to win the paint sprayer. Not only am I am in the middle of major repainting in my house, but I am so sick of painting that the sprayer would make the job much easier and quicker! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Megan Goodin

  626. I would LOVE to win! we are moving to a smaller house and I have to get a bunch of “new” furniture that will fit into our new space. A paint sprayer would be AWESOME! Pick me!
    thegemini2 at yahoo dot com

  627. Your table is Fab-U-lous! I also just wanted to say I watched you on Nate… you’re adorable & I love your taste.

    I often watch DIY shows & home decor shows & watch how designers get their thrifty furniture sprayed. I ALWAYS ask my husband, “Where can I find someone do spray my furniture for me?”

    Problem solved! I can win a paint sprayer & do it myself! The perfect solution if I do say so myself. :)

    my email is:

  628. I would love love love to have a paint sprayer becuase I have two pieces of furniture just waiting for a DIY moment to hit me.

  629. I’d LOVE to win this sprayer. Then I’d really have NO EXCUSE to avoid painting several projects that have been waiting far too long!

  630. I have a garage full of “projects” that need paint!

  631. GAH! Would love love love this tool! For one, I love spray painting but not the carpal tunnel syndrome. For two, I have so many random cans of paint I can’t bear to throw away that they could be repurposed into spray paint. (duh). *crossing fingers*

  632. We just bought our first home. I am sooo exited about decorating it. But my husband doesn’t encourage me to do any projects :(. I can convince him if I win and how easy it is to paint with the tools like these.

  633. Pretty please I want a Comman Max HVLP Sprayer so that I can exactly copy your table. I’ve already spotted its twin on Craigslist… Thank you!

  634. Thanks for the chane to win this sparyer! I would love to see all of my 40+ cans of Spray paint to more manageable number. Husband would too. I alos have so many DI and Yard sale finds that need new life. and a new color would do the trick. :)
    Like HomeRight On FB. Kudos to them.
    RAK- so this is my kids doing but since Im their mom, I get some credit right? At wally world, and my 13 old son and 16 old daughter help a wheelchair bound lady put her groceries onto the belt and then place the bags in her cart. Then my son asks her if she needs help to her car. Teenagers surprise you sometimes!
    Thanks again for the chanceto win. Love your blog. You have inspired me!

  635. your blog – that’s why I should win! But seriously, I am painting everything these days. Just bought 5 pieces of furniture from an estate sale and this would save me big time…and I just like new toys :)

  636. Awesome! I have a garage full of projects and winning this sprayer would help me get them done in no time!!

  637. I liked HR on facebook.

  638. I love your table and the chairs go with it fabulously! I have wanted a paint sprayer for years. A friend sprayed some old bookshelves for me a few years ago. The paint sprayer made it so easy and they turned out perfectly! SO, I would love one to call my own. Love the blog!

    Emily Morgan

  639. This comment has been removed by the author.

  640. Little girls dresser. Jasnmelh at gmail dot com

  641. I paint everything and would loooove a sprayer!

  642. That table is GORGEOUS! Love the color.

    I desperately need a paint sprayer to do a bench and some carved chairs that I want to paint. I was looking at them this morning and was a bit overwhelmed thinking about how many cans of spray paint it would take. My poor trigger finger! Painting with a brush doesn’t seem like a good solution, either… but a sprayer would be perfect!

  643. Just posted a thank you on their Facebook page.

  644. I would love to win a sprayer because I seriously love repainting things and have wanted a sprayer but simply can’t afford it! That’s why I thrift-shop for the ugly furniture I have!

  645. I am in LOVE with that color, that table, those chairs! Good eye, Mandi!

  646. Holy Johnnies – am I comment 655? That has to be a lucky number. I have visited your blog for months, I find you amazeballs. LOVE all your projects and envy your hutzpah for refinishing furniture (you heard me, hutzpah).

    Why do I need a HVLP Sprayer? A myriad of reasons, really. My husband and I are remodeling our home and just finished a complete kitchen overhaul. I bought a buffet/sideboard almost a year ago with plans to paint it teal to go lovely with my apple green walls. I want the buffet to look marvy and glossy when it’s all done, and a sprayer would help me achieve that! So…please bless I win.

  647. I have a table to paint too! I need a sprayer! ahhhhh!

  648. I would love to win this so I could paint my kitchen cabinets. They need it so badly and I have been putting it off, wishing I had a sprayer to make it easier. Thanks for the chance.

  649. I could use one to finish trim pieces and furniture, which includes a 72 drawer card catalog.

  650. I need one of these! After primering and painting the inside and outside of a dark hutch THREE times, I decided a sprayer would have been much easier! Talk about burn out.

  651. Liked and commented on facebook.

  652. I have projects piling up and the sprayer would make it a bazillion times easier to get them done, and quick! Pick me!

  653. I have projects piling up and the sprayer would make it a bazillion times easier to get them done, and quick! Pick me!

  654. i NEED a paint sprayer so that i can try to be as cool as you and do awesome projects! :)

  655. Ooooo I would love one of these sprayers! I’m planning to spray paint two of my mom’s dressers for her guest room and this would be perfect to have!!

  656. I have a piles of spray cans… is a little embarrassing! I have 15 cans just on top of my freezer:) I would LOVE to be able to use a sprayer! My laundry room cupboard is full of them too! My husband would really appreciate the extra space it would free up! Side note……I LOVE your style! It has given me the courage to do projects – and express myself in my home! THANK YOU!

  657. Amy Fitzgerald says:

    I need this sprayer because I finally found the perfect hutch/tv/dresser thingy! This is THE exact tool I need to make it the perfect color..which is yet to be determined!

  658. Amy Fitzgerald says:

    I did a random act of kindness..offered free counseling to a cute little lady who is having trouble with her son :)

  659. I should win this because my spray painting skills are marginally better than my basketball skills (which are non-existent) but I just know that with the right equipment and enough practice I too could turn out less pitiful projects and avoid more shame.

  660. I tweeted, I facebooked,I commented, I did it all!
    Now why do I need that sprayer?
    Because after spray painting a wicker dresser my pointer finger went numb for like three weeks.
    I hate my bedroom furniture and it all needs to be red! Okay, not all that would a little much, but the bedside tables have it coming.
    Aaaaaand, I get bored with the limited supply of paint colors in spray paint. I’ve settled for a few colors I know aren’t right.
    Aaaaand isn’t a HVLP sprayer more green? I think so.

  661. Oh my goodness! I’m not sure it’s possible to love this table and chairs anymore than I do! They are PERFECT! I would love love love to win this spray gun. I have 3 end tables, a desk, a dresser, and a bookshelf all waiting to be given some love. This would come in so handy! I tried a Wagner gun before but had to thin the paint out so much that it just caused the paint to run all over the place and made an awful mess. I’ve been looking for something better for quite some time. I might have to buy this gun even if I don’t win…but come on, winning would be pretty awesome!

  662. I liked HomeRight on Facebook and gave them a big thank you!

  663. I started following HomeRight on Twitter!

  664. Posted a shout out about the give away with a link to your post!

  665. Does reuniting a 15 year old Lhaso Apso with it’s owner count for my random act of kindness? Hope so, if not I’ll find something else to do. :) You are AWESOME and such an inspiration!

  666. What an AWESOME giveaway! I would love to win this sprayer because I’m constantly redoing vintage pieces, and it would seriously come in handy to solve the common overspray problem for those odd-angled pieces! My boyfriend is in law school and I’m a freelance writer, so we’re always on a budget. We thrift and garage sale for all of our furniture and we’re always looking for our next fun project! Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the awesome blog!

  667. I would love to win the sprayer because I’m a DIY junkie and love painting thrift store finds!

  668. I totally NEED this sprayer! I have a nasty green swing on my porch that desperately needs to be re-painted. My can of spray paint will not cut it! Also, a random act of kindness – I took some lunch to my hubby today.

  669. wow…I have that table (exactly) in the before state! Help me make it the perfect after picture! Love your guts Candice

  670. For the past 2 months (after I found Pinterest) I have been going crazy redoing my house and taking on new projects. This would make my life so much easier!!

  671. I would be so grateful to win this sprayer because I’m trying to update a bunch of furniture pieces around my house by painting them, and this would make my life so much easier and cost effective to do so. My master bed would be the first to be revived :)

  672. Liked HomeRight on fb and left a comment. thanks!

  673. Liked HomeRight on fb and left a comment. thanks!

  674. liked HomeRight on fb and commented. Thank you!

  675. I need the sprayer bcz I’m buying our new home next week and I need to refurbish some old furniture!

  676. I tweeted too!

  677. I liked HomeRight on Twitter and retweeted.

  678. Liked you on fb!

  679. my Random Act of Kindness was courteous driving today. In my town, that’s hardly ever seen anymore!

  680. Oh my goodness I would LOVE one of those babies!! Pick me because I could come pick it up and then you wouldn’t have to mail it! I know your husband…ok I know your picking at “random” but I would LOVE it!!! I have 3 giant pieces of furniture sitting in the garage waiting for it :)

  681. Went and thanked HomeRight for the contributions to your giveaways!!!

  682. Shared your giveaway with all my friends on Facebook. Hopefully some will come and see how awesome you are.

  683. Today I turned in the rest of the money that I helped lead my campus to earn for UNICEF Project Eliminate.

  684. What a great job!! And thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

    Following HomeRight on FB

  685. Following Homeright on Twitter @notperfectwife

  686. Shared this giveaway on my FB page :-)

  687. We’re trying to refinish furniture to sell to make ends meet so this would help SOOOO MUCH!! *fingers crossed* :)

  688. I just recently started working in Walmart as an outside vendor with the books and movies.
    I LOVE helping the older customers find the books and or movies they are looking for. Love it!

  689. I liked them on FB!!!

  690. Liked & thanked Home Right on FB 😉

  691. I should win this because I know the perfect set of ladies to bless it to for their shop 😉 (ahhh snap & there’s my random act of kindness too!)

  692. Ohh, I should win because I”m hosting Thanksgiving at my house this Thanksgiving and just bought a house and have no kitchen table. I’m hoping to find and refinish one soon and a paint sprayer would make the painting go so much faster.

  693. i would love to win that sprayer, i’ve repainted smaller item’s, but i would be able to do large furniture with that one. love your table.

  694. That is just fantastic (as usual)!!! I bought a sprayer a couple months ago, tried to use it that day and never picked it up again. I just dripped and splattered paint everywhere. I probably should have read the reviews first. Your post has inspired me to try it again. I scratched my dining table and would love to redo it and the chairs.

  695. LOVE LOVE your table! I just painted a lamp a similar color (I’m in love with that color!)I would love the sprayer as we are in the process of remodeling a foreclosure that we bought, and it would certainly come in handy with a TON of project!!

  696. Oh my gOsh I would llllloooooovvvvveeee this!!!!! I have a whole garage full of things that need painting and I have always wanted one!!!!! This would be awesome!!!! You rock:) Stephanie…..

  697. Breanna T. says:

    I would love to win this sprayer. My husband was laid off a few months ago so to earn some extra money we started refinishing furniture and selling it. I need a new sprayer desperately!! Pick me, pick me! By the way, I love your guts!

  698. liked Homeright on facebook


  699. Breanna T. says:

    My random act of kindness was a few days ago when I called a neighbor and told her she needed a break and to send her child over so she could get stuff done.

  700. following on twitter

    jan.nuttall (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  701. I’d like to win this so I can get my wife to clear her junk out of my garage so I could fit my car in this winter.

  702. following their twitter

  703. I want to win the sprayer because i would LOVE to redo my kitchen table!

  704. liked homeright on facebook

  705. I should win the sprayer because I love your guts!!!


  706. U are awesome..I would love to have a paint would be so much easier on my arthritic hands…

  707. following Home Right on fb….and left comment

  708. O YES! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the Command Max Sprayer! I NEED, NEED, NEED the Command Max Sprayer! 😉 I am always redoing and refurbing furniture and this would make my jobs so much easier! I love how your kitchen table turned out and now you got my wheels turning about my kitchen table. :)

  709. I am Following Home Right on Twitter now and just tweeted about the giveaway! tbenetz is my twitter name….

  710. I would love to win so that I can actually pant the stash of stuff in the garage! I love the coverage that it gives! Besides I am a huge fan that tells anyone who listens and even those who don’t your blog is A.MAZ.ING!!!

  711. I want this so bad. at least once a week i break out a can of paint and a paint brush on paint something this would save me so much time. my kids might start remembering who i am

  712. I “liked” Home Right” on Facebook and left a comment on their wall. 😉

  713. I liked them on facebook!

  714. My random act of kindness was letting the lady with the fussy baby have my place in line! Mom’s need all the breaks they can get!!

  715. This would really help me finish painting my furniture!

  716. I liked HomeRight on FB and I left a comment.

  717. I really need this! I have several paint projects waiting for me when I finish school in May!
    jennbridwell at hotmail dot com

  718. My random act of kindness is that I am am dog sitting a co-workers little dog for the next 2 weeks!

  719. I should have one because I have several pieces waiting to be painted and would love to not have to brush! (love those chairs)

  720. I would love to win because i am slowly trying to redo my boring bedroom. i have already made an awesome tea pot lamp with your help :) i have a lame desk that i would love to try to jazz up a bit and make it look super cool! money is tight so i’m try to fix up the furniture i already have. crossing my fingers :)))

  721. I should win this because I’m a great grandmother, but I’m not too old to learn to paint with this wonderful tool and I still have stuff to paint!

    Louise in Oklahoma

    “Oklahoma Rocks” (as in earthquakes)

  722. I would love to win the sprayer to paint my kitchen cabinets (they are salmon pink….help a girl out here LOL). I also would love to paint my kitchen table now that you have shown how fabulous a new colors can look.

  723. My random act of kindness….My neighbor texted me at 10:30 last night to see if I could pick up and watch her boys after school (they got out early and she had to work late).

  724. I, like, NEED this sprayer!! I just started a store and this would be the perfect option to replace pricey spray paint!! :)

  725. I like them on FB!

  726. For my random act of kindness I gave my friend the bigger piece of pie;) It was a sacrifice.

  727. I posted the giveaway on FB!

  728. I just bought my first house!! So this would be perfect:)

  729. I would love to win the sprayer because I have a crapload of old furniture in the garage that my husband wants me to fix up already and get it out of there! :0)

  730. I should totally win this because I have a half-finished dresser sitting in my room that NEEDS to get finished and this would make it oh so much easier. Crossing fingers!!!

    alicenbateman at gmail dot com

  731. liked and commented on facebook page of homeright