Scandalous Silhouette Tutorial and Lamp Linky!

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So I am not awesome at knowing what day of the week it is.  Its sort of a gift I think…except the bad kind. Today is the day I was asked to post about my fah-reakin awesome Silhouette project and pass the savings along to my loverly readers. Not yesterday like I announced.  It must be the spray paint fumes…

The product highlight this month is pretty much my fave product that Silhouette has. Fuzzy Heat Transfer Vinyl!  To be honest the first time I tried it I hated it….cause I didn’t follow the directions very well (isn’t that usually how it works out?) So I was glad to have the chance to try it again and find that it was 100% user error. Yep, I am awesome.

So are you excited to see this project?


Also, I am sort of obsessed with the Leg Lamp this week apparently.


And it has a secret…(thanks for the idea Anthro)

Major Award light

You know you want a Silhouette just so you can make this lampshade right?

Here is how I did it.

I found my image online and my friend Mique tweeted me this link on how to make any online image work on your Silhouette.

Once I had my image formatted I loaded my Flocked (fuzzy) Heat Transfer Vinyl and cut it out.

Then I “weeded” my image.  This is what it looked like before (after I weeded the outer layer and the foot) and after:





If you are doing detailed designs like this the Picker Tool is a MUST.  Seriously, just trust.

Then you follow the instructions on the package to transfer your image…DO NOT TRY AND RUSH THE PROCESS BY STEAMING IT. FYI.  Cause I tried that.  And it didn’t work.  At all.  The End.



Find an old lampshade that you don’t have any emotional attachment to and spray it with your fave spray adhesive:



Then smooth your fabric around the shade.  I also hot glued the edges around the top and bottom.



For the surprise inside I just cut out of dark cardstock my words put spray adhesive on the front of them and stuck them inside my shade. (You could also use dark vinyl just make sure you mirror your image!)


And there you go!  Pretty much the coolest lampshade on the planet.


Silhouette is running a special for all Vintage Revivals readers that pretty much guarantees you can make this awesome shade and your hubs will think that you are practically a superhero and not care that you bought a Silhouette. Win win if you ask me.

Here’s the dealio

A Silhouette + heat transfer bundle for only $219.

That is an awesome deal — more than $120 off!!

Included in the bundle:

1 Silhouette SD machine
1 package white flocked heat transfer material
1 package teal smooth heat transfer material
1 package dark pink smooth heat transfer

Use the magical code VINTAGE to save a crapload.

Plus if you already have a Silhouette you can bust out the same code and get 25% off your Heat Transfer Vinyl orders!

The promo runs from now to Wednesday, May 25th.

And now for the LINKY!!!

This is a lamps only linky (and chandys too)

Please do not link up any projects that are not lighting!

On Thursday I will be highlighting some of my FAVES!  You can link up as many as you want, and please go and visit the 3 links ahead of you (as well as your faves) and leave a comment! That’s how you make friends people. And friends are friendly.  Profound.  Did I mention that I am writing this post at 2:32 in the morning?!


  • {northern cottage} 17.05.2011 at 14:56

    look at those gams! lovely graphic project & so much fun! go girlie!

  • ~PJ 17.05.2011 at 15:18



    This is such a great project, the hidden portion is my favorite.

  • Emily [On the V Side] 17.05.2011 at 15:26

    This? This is hilarious. And AWESOME. :)

  • Serendipity Chic Design 17.05.2011 at 15:51

    Nothing like adding something sexy to your decor…So fun and whimsical…

  • ker 17.05.2011 at 16:37

    I’m pretty much in L.O.V.E with this project. And I’m pretty much giddy that you used the word “dealio” cuz it’s my fav word (thanks P!nk)and I use it like crazy. And I’m pretty much considering adding a Madonna to my collection of crapola. Um, I don’t think the hubs would mind another seldom used machine in the office… maybe? no?

  • cleverlyinspired 17.05.2011 at 17:44

    This linky party is truely enlightening— yes too many paint fumes here too 😉

  • Nat 17.05.2011 at 17:47

    I love it! Bet your husband loves the soft glow of electric sex too! Classic! I must make a leg lamp! :) What a fun lighting party…so many great ideas! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness!

  • ccoffey 17.05.2011 at 18:02

    Thanks for hosting!

    Following you!


  • Tanya 17.05.2011 at 19:32

    Ha ha, my boys have dismantled every lamp I used to have in my house. Will have to bookmark this post for a couple years down the road when I can have un-assaulted accent lighting again.

  • Erika 17.05.2011 at 21:04

    So, did you know that my dad is totally obssesed with A Christmas Story? Ya, I think I might need you to make him one of your awesome “major award” lamps for father’s day. He would love it! And, you already know my obssesion with lamps, so I hope you don’t mind that I linked up 45 of my projects.

  • Melissa 17.05.2011 at 23:08

    Everyone’s lamps look amazing! I really wish I could afford a Silhouette! :(

  • Patti 18.05.2011 at 02:15

    HMMMM… me thinks I shall be creative and come up with something fab to send you…. = ) and The Christmas Story… ain’t nothing better! I think you should have a pink bunny costume contest! lol

  • Decorchick! 18.05.2011 at 02:57

    I don’t have an awesome lamp to link up or anything, but had to pop in and say your post cracked me up as I was reading in my reader. I love your honesty with the silhouette stuff. I had THE hardest time when I got my machine a while back and let the world know too. LOL! And ps–did I tell you yet how much I am in love with your coral dresser?? Oh dear.

  • TisforTonya 18.05.2011 at 04:10

    I just got a beyond cool idea for a lamp I want to make SO BADLY… but since I’ve never even tried one before it’s going to take me awhile… especially since I’m going to have to visit DI a few times to pick up all the necessities! Next time… really :)


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