3 Lamp Shade Tutorials, and Savings Out The Wazoo.

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First I need to say thanks to everyone who participated in Lamp Week.  It has been so fun to see all of your creativity!

So you may hate me when I tell you this. I just bought my very first glue gun, its shameful.  I needed it to make these awesome lampshades…

Ba Bam


Lamp 2


Seriously one of the easiest ways to add character to décor is to jazz it up with a bit of funkification.

So here are 3 simple tutorials for how to jazz your crap.

For this striped one I used felted wool.



Cut your wool into 3” strips. Then you are going to press them in 1/2 hot dog style.



Start by pulling down a line of glue.  Curl your edge in so that its not all wonky sticking off your shade.



Then you are just going to stick it to the shade wavish like.  You can separate it with your finger while sticking it down to give it a fuller look.



Just keep gluing it back and forth until you are out of fabric.



Pretty simple right?

So to make this lamp you are going to use the same technique but first you are going to ruffle the burlap.  Ruffling burlap is cake.  You are just going to find the middle string and ruffle it by pulling on it.

Lamp 2

We all know and love Anthro.  When I saw this baby I was all “dude.  You could totally make that.”


So I started with iron on transfer paper that you print on.  Its was super cute.  See?


But when you turned on the light you couldn’t see the frame at all.


So what did I do?  I busted out my crafting sister wife Madonna. (Actually I was already in SLC so I called Tam and she came to my rescue)

I found this image on Silhouettes site and printed it on heat transfer vinyl.  Then following the instructions I ironed it on.




Once your image is ironed on spray your shade with spray adhesive and smooth your fabric over it.



Trim and glue.

Then center your secret image in the frame and you are donezo!


Yes, that is a unicorn.

Now for some savings.

Right now Michaels is running a 40% off deal. I used it for my SAWEEET glue gun.  So click over and print off a crapload.



And don’t forget that you have 5 more days to use the code VINTAGE at Silhouette’s site to get all of this for $219.00

Or to save 25% on all your heat transfer needs.

I will post the Studio 5 clip asap!

Love Your Guts



  1. oooh, I need to pick up a new cake pan at Michael’s – perfect timing!!!

    and I’ll have you know – I picked up a lamp for $5 at DI… I’m going to get this done someday… and then I’ll let you see it :) ManofTheHouse is afraid you may have created a monster…

  2. All three shades are fabulous. Love them. You did a great job on all of them. Hugs, marty

  3. Mandi, you are soo darling!! It was super fun meeting you last night:) I’m so glad I did b/c I love your blog and am your newest follower!! And I’m stalking you on twitter now too… (heehee) Come say hi sometime!

  4. Oh these are too stinkin cool! I can’t pick a favorite! And oh no thank you really no on the Michaels coupon. NOT!!!! Never leave home without one!

  5. Caroline says:

    Holy cow…or, should I say, Holy Unicorns you haven’t owned a glue gun yet? Now all of the rest of us craft rejects will have nothing to live for knowing you will be out-glue-gunnin’ us.

    ps. gotta love “hot dog style”

  6. Wow! Awesome lampshades! (Even the unicorn.)

  7. i love you. love your lamps. love you more. i have forgiven you for the none glue gun but as is well now that you have one.

  8. I love those ruffles! And I love the hidden image. I am SO doing that!

  9. I just discovered your blog, well a few hours ago now, ha. It is amazing and I just got done reading your story, you truly have a wonderful testimony and I admire you for sharing it and your life so openly. I live in STG too maybe I’ll bump into you at the DI sometime 😉

  10. Unicorns? Frick I love you. Best lamp shade. Ever.

  11. i lovelovelove the felt ruffles! tried it on a massive lampshade FAIL, but it was beyond saving. will be my go-to for my next one! thanks. I showed off yours here:

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