How To Sew A Pillow (EASY!!)

I love pillows.  I hate that pillows cost a crapload.  I know its not an EPIC project but I have something cooking that is heart stopping amazing. So today I am going to show you the easiest pillow tutorial ever.

So as much as I love pillows I hate when kids(or husbands) wipe their faces on them and they aren’t removable.  Spot Clean Only translated in my language is “I will look like crap in 5 minutes”

So the first rule is that it must be removable.

It must be washable.

They must be cute.

How to make a pillow


Start off with a piece of fabric that is 19” long and cut selvage to selvage.  (Basically the entire width of the fabric.) In the pic it is folded in 1/2 still from the bolt.



Then on one end sew a hem.




Next you are going to fold it up about 14” (it doesn’t have to be exact) with the inside of the hem on the outside. (Right sides together.)

How To Make A Pillow 009


Then you are going to stitch down each side, reinforcing the ends. And along the top (where it is folded).

How To Make A Pillow 013


Fold one of the top corners down to the opposite bottom corner to find where it is square.

How To Make A Pillow 015


Fold it over there and stitch along the bottom



Then measure about 15” down and trim.

How To Make A Pillow 019


Next you want to hem this edge.  Make sure that you are hemming it so the inside of the hem is on the top of the pillow.

How To Make A Pillow 023


Then just like before you are going to stitch down each side securing the ends really well.

How To Make A Pillow 026


Clip your corners so that they are sharp when its right side out

How To Make A Pillow 027


And then flip it right side out!! Hooray!  You made my crazy easy removable zipper free pillow!!

How to make a pillow

How To Make A Pillow Back

A few tips:

The fabric that I used is Duck Cloth.  It is a heavy weight canvas material,  I love it because it holds its shape.

You can see how I put the words on with my Silhouette here.

The Pillow size that I used was 19”.  The reason that I cut the fabric at 19” is so that it fills it firmly.  It goes back to having it hold its shape….

Love Your Guts





  1. Love your pillow…I should makes me some new pillows for my couch.

  2. I love that pillow. Thanks for the super easy tutorial. I keep meaning to make some pillows, now I have no excuse not to. :-)

  3. I think I could even handle this! And I think JoAnn’s has duck cloth on sale this week…darn! I’m so sad I might have to go there :)

  4. Love this! I wanted to make one, but am not to handy with the sewing machine. I think I can handle this.

  5. I swear, one of these days I’m going to learn how to sew! Your pillow is craptastically awesome!

  6. Great tutorial. I love to make pillows, too, but sometimes they’re kinda tricky. This makes it look easy.

  7. You so rock my sock drawer!
    I need a pillow that says that. My MIL would die laughing.

  8. crap you’re awesome.

  9. Oh you are just the most amazing person ever. :) I finally watched you on Nate Berkus and you were amazing! LOVED it all.

  10. Oh…


    That was easy.

    I wonder why I havent tried that yet.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  11. I’m about to make a huge fool of myself because I’m a sewing MORON, but you lost me at “Fold one of the top corners down to the opposite bottom corner to find where it is square.” I actually get that part, it’s the next step that left me going “HUH??!??!???” You said, “Fold it over there and stitch along the bottom.” My question is fold WHAT over WHERE and stitch along the bottom of what? I feel like the biggest IDIOT! I just can’t make sense of that. HEEEEEELP! PRETTY PLEASE!

  12. I am so glad I found your BLOG!! Enjoy reading it and can relate to 99.9% of the things you talk about!!

  13. Crap, you are awesome! Love your guts, love your blog, love that you visited me at
    Thankyou, and The pillow is fab!

  14. So question about the Silhouette…Is it better than the Cricut Expression? The only concern I have is the Silhouette not cutting 12×12 paper. Is that an issue?

  15. I think that is right bout that. Nice info and thanks. Need to get in google feed.


  16. I went out on a limb…bought a bunch of fabric to make pillow covers for my sons nursery then I got home, put the fabric in the closet and thought ‘who am I kidding I can’t sew a pillow cover!’ Luckily I remembered reading this tutorial a while back and now, after reading it again am ready to tackle these covers. THANK YOU!

  17. Love the pillows you created and I can agree I hate that they cost a crap load! I’m new to sewing so I was just trying to get some tips and tricks when I stumbled across your blog. Thank you for setting me straight!


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